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Special Bargains at Fullers
During the Holiday Season,
Ladies' Suits, Coats, Misses and Children's
Coats, Boys' Clothing, Furs
and Millinery.
A look at our stock will convince yon that we have the
goods at the right prices.
Fuller Brothers
Big Stono Gap. Virginia.
ruMmhod Every Wednenday by the
OILBURT N. KNU3HT. - Bdltor.
On? Yonr,
Pix Month,,
ThrHo Moitthp,
? SO
Kntcro.1 ?ri-orillnir to imiM.,1 regulation
at the |k?t-oft1.'c< at Dig Stone Gap as ?n
fuiit-rl*M m?tt<-r
SUBSCRllllikS are earnestly re
quested to observe the date
printed on their add rosa Blips,
which will keep them at all
times posted as to the 'late
of the expiration of their sub
?oription, Prompt and timely
attention to thin request will
save all parties a great deal of
annov anoo,
A merry Christmas to every
You are a little late it yen
haven't done your Christinas
shopping yet.
Rig Stone Gap morohants are
having a tine holiday trade this
It is becoming quite fashion.
abl(< now to roast the meat
About time for you to get
your New Year resolutions in
It costs a lot to lu' a "good
fellow," but it costs nothing to
be a good man
Congress and the President
are busy again trying to put
each other in a hole.
"When it comes to Christmas
gifts," observes the Baltimore
Sun. "potatoes at four dollars n
Stick are not to be sneered at "
While you are having a good
time and enjoying Ohristmat
do not forget the poor ami
needy. Help some one and it
may be that you will enjoy the
occasion better yourself.
The amount of coal mined in
the United States in 1910, ac?
cording to tlgures of the l ulled
States Geological Survey, was
greater by 10,000,000 tons than
the total tonnage which had
been mined up to the close of
the year 1871.
The board of viaitors of the
new State normal school to be
located at Radford, met iuat
week in Richmond and passed
on the plans for the new build?
ings. There will soon be $25,.
000 available for beginning the
work, and the board hopes to
gut matters in shape for an ear?
ly starting of the work.
Wo take pleasure in announc?
ing that any of our readers can
secure a pretty vest pocket notgj
book aud calendar by sending
four one-cent stamps to D.
Swift. & Co s Patent Lawyers, I
Washington, D. 0. In addi
tion, tho 41 Malik pages for
memoranda, it bontamH calen?
dars for 1012 and 1!M3, gives
; the |i pulation of the 000 cities,
according to tho census of 1010,
tie population ml urea of each
stall', tho number of electoral
votes each presidential candi?
date received fnun e..eh Ntnte|
in lf)08, the number ol Ilehio
erat? and Republicans elected
to Congress by ??ach stale in
ll>08 and 1910, a chapter of use?
ful) household information, and
a chapter of useful law points!
for every day ubo.
Virginia, the mother of Ken?
tucky, has set her child a good
example in the BDCOtly trial,
conviction and execution of
young Boattie, the wife-mur
|derer. He was proven guilty,
and after everything that mon?
ey or influence could cb> to save
him bad not availed, he con?
fessed his crime. His execution
goes to show thai men of wealth
ami social standing can be pun?
ished if jurors are unbiased!
and olltcials are Willing to keep I
I the oaths they take to uphold j
the law.?Shell" Record.
t'oal mining in Virginia has
made important increases with-1
in the past gl lit ration. Al?
though not a gr< ??' co -.1 State,
Virginia produi lid '\ er six and
half million toes m 1910 The
State is one ef i he earliest pro?
ducers, the ligur. i the United
States Geological Surv?y show?
ing a small output as far back
as 1823. In 1850 the production
wan 310,000 tons, and at that
that time only t wo States -<???.:'.
above Virginia While other
States wero forging ahead, the
increase in Virginia was slowl
until nl.out IK'i.*., when 1,308,324]
tons wereproduced In 1000tho
production was 2,393,75t tons,
in 1905 it was 4,275,271 tons;
and in 1910 it was 0,607,997
short tons, the greatest in tho
For Stuart in the Southwest.
J "Of whatever shade of politi
ical opinion, the Democrats of
the Ninth district are unani?
mous in giving to Henry C.
Stuart most of the credit for the
vnstly improved conditions of
party utfairs in that section,*'
Haul A. 11. Williams, of Wythe
ville, at Murphy's last night.
"Up to the time of his nomina?
tion for congress the party was
defeated, disorganized, demor?
alised, Tho organization which
j he effected has put new life into
the situation, heartened every
Democrat, and resulted in tho
tiue showing made at the recent
general election, when the dis?
trict wont Democratic by a
large majority.
VI am safe in saying," con?
tinued Mr. Williams, "tli.u the
Democrats of the Ninth are as
unanimous in their choice of
Mr. Stuart for governor ttb they
were i m Mnrtin and Swanson
in the late primary, which is
Baying II great deal. No one
speaks put there of a possibility
of Iiis defeat, and I am satisfied
that he could poll ninety of ov?
ary 100 votes east, no matter
who might he bis oppose iit."
Personally, Mr, Williams
thinks tlie liest solution of the
rcdistricting problem would be
to put .Smyth county into the
Fifth district, taking it from
the Ninth. Then he would put
Halifax also in the Fifth, mak?
ing that district Democratic
and evening up the population,
Richmond Tiriies-Dispafch
The unusually abundant
yield of apples along the moun?
tain ranges in Host Tennessee
and Western North Carolina
this year has opened the eyes
of the people of this section as
never before touching the pos
Aibilites of raising marketable
apples. It is believed that there
is not a better climate for this
industry in the winde country.
The apple crop could be made a
SOU TCO of great wealth to the
Until within recent years lit?
tle was known among the
people of this region pi the im?
portance of svsteiuatii care for
fruit trees It has been demon?
strated that orchard cull \\ ati?n
and the spraying of fr ni trees,
which will take up bid little
time, are essential in ?1 ?? grow?
ing of commercial U| -. and
that without this cue il is
hardly possible to grow market?
able fruit.
The planting of orchards is
being undertaken by some of
the farmers, but as yt>( there
are lei large commercial orch?
ards in this section. The bump?
er crop of the present yeiir, to?
gether with the khowletlue of
spraying and orchard cultiva?
tion., .should encourage the
farmers of this region t? enter
into fruit cultivation. It in
hoped that the noil few years
will prove a revelation from
this standpoint. It will certain
iy do much to increase the
wealth of the farmer:', if tin y
take advantage of the oppor?
tunity:?Bristol Herald Courier.
Seattle, Wash., Dec. 15.?
The "Hack Home" movement
to the South is much discussed
in this city and in all the cities
and towns of the Far West.
Everywhere in the dubs,
hotels and railroad trains you
hear argument about it. It is
the general opinion (hat the
movement will turn a tide of
home seekers towards the
South which heretofore, lias
overrun the West and [inured
over into Canada. A newly
completed Western railroad is
trying to draw upon the con?
gestion of homeseekers on the
Pacific const for settlers to go
upon the barren territory along
its lines in Idaho, Montana ami
sections east of here,
Western Commercial Clubs,
although they detain the South?
ern "Rack Home" movement,
are nevertheless redoubling
their efforts to continue the
movement of this W es torn
country. The high officials of
railroads Hay nothing about it,
but from subordinate, it is
learned that they are seeking
to develop a plan to counteract
the "Back Homo" call and the,
demoralising effect it is having;
on Immigration from the South.
The dwelling of W. H. Audis
wan destroyed "7 'UHt night. |
No one was in the house, except:
Mr. Audis. The origin of the
fire is not known When dis
covered the tire had gained such
headway that it was impossihh
to do anything towards saving
the house or anvtning that was
in it. Mr. Audis, who was in
the house, escaped by leaping
through a window.?Jouosvilh
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Wnde,
Jr., of Big Stone Gap, Va , will
come to Bristol to spend the
Christmas holidays with Mrs.
Wade's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Marshal L. Thomas, on the Sul?
phur Springs pike.? Bristol
Herald-I 'ourier.
The Nickels Grocery Co. is
particularly attractive these
days with the Yulotide decora?
tions of holly and evergreens,
framing all the windows with
their pleasing arrangement of
fruits and groceries. The Nick?
els Grocery Company is "right
up to now."
Ilofault havingboon made In Ilia pay.
mi nt of tho sun) <if (500.00 due October
i, lull, and Monriil by tin- deed or truiit
hereinafter named, wo rIw.II atthoroiiiictt
I of the holden of the bond" scoured in
1 Mill doctl <>f trust, otTor for Bate ?I public
auction on tho proiuisea i>n Jauuary v
' 1019, at It) tWcTolock p. in . Um properly
I known ?.* NOKMAI. IIOTKI, In Big
jSiouo Gap, Wise County, V.,.. said hotel
being ultuatod oil i ot* 7 und H of ilioek
ihb'wu upon tbo plat of tho property
[ of the Hi;; stem- r,.\\t Improvement 1 qtn
, pany. U|iori tho Haid property laaltuatod a
I modern, up-to-date hotel ?f moat .it
Itraolivo dcalgti ami appointment* Tbo
deed of trait above mentioned i- dated
'October i, 11*011, ami la recorded in the
ii t.-rk ? Office of tViao L'ouutj in Deed
, bi-ik w, page am
Terms of Sale.
' V ASH. us to fi.rty five hundred dollars
I (f4A0U.OO) and intrnwi thereon from Octo
I tier i. Hill, and tli.st? of a aud |bi
balance, If any, uj->:i a urtilti of >.iv ami
t wet vo months
K. S KlRKPATIItck, I n.
p. ii ii.n, um i Tru,lcos'
dec 13-50-01
For All Children:
Dear Children:
1 have a mail box at
IGoodloe Brothers Store
for you to write for anything in
the windows.
Yours truly,
It is not our purpose, in placing this advertisement before tin
public, to brau- thai ours is the only, or Largest store in the Statt
or section: neither to dwell on lief icons statements of any kind ii
order to get your trade, A plain statement of facts is what vye
shall make, as we want to hold your trade, once you patronize us,
and prefer to acceOmplsh our aim by giving full value for your
money, prompt service and courteous treatment. We are very
careful to see that our goods are as represented and that our stock
is always new and fresh. We name below some of our goods to
illustrate our assertion that we handle everything in Groceries and
also a full line of Meats:
Can nod Goods
Waldorf; Premier, W.
N. Clark, I iershie,
Williams. Goodwin's
lines embracing
1 leaches
Apples, etc.
AIbo condiments:
Sweet Pickles
Sour Pickles
Chow Chow
( 'atnUp
Peanut Butter
t Irangcs
Concord Grapes
Malaga t Irapes
? Irapofruit
Cream N uts
English Walnuts
Black Walnuts
Mixed Nuts
j Almonds, etc.
Cream and Switzer
Breakfast Foods
We h?Veeverything
in Breakfast foods,in?
i )af Meal
Post Tonsties
Puffed Rice
Toasted Cord Flakes
Puffed Wheat
Saratoga Chips
Home Grown and
Forest Grove X e w
I lrleans Malanses.
Salt Rising
Flavoring Extracts
I dive Oil
Baking Powder
Laundry Soap
Evaporated Fruits
Ptill line of Mixed
Penny and
Stick Candies
Fruit Coke Supplies
We handle Swift's Fresh, Salt and Cured Meats, Breakfast
Bacon, Premium Cooked and Boneless Mams, etc
We will have sonic nicely assorted Fruit Baskets for Christmas.
We solicit a share of your trade. Call at our store, Littrel
building, corner Wyandotte Ave. and East Fifth St. Phone No. 3.
Nickels Grocery Company,
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
Open from 5 a. m. to 10 jl m. Free and Prompt Delivery.

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