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vVEDNESDAY, MAY l. \:~:.
rnMiihi-d Kverr Wednesday lie tho
Oll.OCRT N. KNIGHT. - Bditor.
Ono V?ar, - ?1.00
Six Months, - .SO
Throe Months. - .25
Kntered aeeordliu; to postal ;< gul itlons
it tlio posl-offieo nt 111).' Stoiu- t.'.ij. sr.
ond elasn matter
SUBSCRIBERS are earnestly re?
quested to observe the date
printed on their address slips.
Which will keep theni at all
times posted ns to the date
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this roquost will
snvo nil partieH n great deal of
Some Questions Answered.
This article is intended to
fully answer about three ques?
tions that are being naked all
over Wise County at the pres.
ent time.
Here are the questions:
(1.1 What's the matter with
(2.) Whv is everything so
(3.) Why does a man have
to spend everything he makes
for something to eat.
Here are the answers
The Excelsior Supply Com
puny, of Norton, (only one of
the six or eight grocery stores
in that town) have sold I I.KVF.N I
itUNDKKD pounds ,,f creamer)
butter at tOc per pound since'
the tirst of last November. That
money goes to Ohio and Ken
lueky dairies ami wo III VOr see
it any more. It goes nut of
circulation so far us we are
I >no of t It e merchandise
brokers at Norton, during the
month of Kohi nary, Bold it i
CAIt LOADS of coi n -other things
in proportion That mono)
goi-s to the fanners of the Mid?
dle West, and it's good bye
Brother Watkins Ever) few
days the wholesale houses al
Norton gi t in a car load of no
tatoes. Other vegetable of ov
ery description are being ship
ped into this Count) bj tons
every week. That money is
sent out to various parts of the
eountrv , and i t s good bye
How do you 0Xp< ci ail) B?C
tion to prosper under such - ?
ditionsr No matter if wo do
send out coal by the train load;
No mutter if we do have large
pay-rollH. It takes the biggest
part of that money to feed III
An outsider put it very aply, if
profanely, some time ago when
he Said: "You are acting the
d - ? ? ? d fool why don't J nil
fence up these lands and make
thorn produce something}1"
Of course we can not compete
with other parts of the country
in raising wheat. We cuu af?
ford to buy our Hour. But there
is absolutely no use for a single
potato, n single bushel of corn,
a single pound of butter, a
Mingle tomato, bean, cabbage,
or apple or pound of hay being
shipped into this County. They
ought to be raised hen-.
And murk the prediction,
people uro going to wake up to
ibis fact bet?re long. With po?
tatoes $2 a bushel, with corn
$1.20 per bushel, with haj at
$3.1 per ton and expected to
reu.eh .fto, with every conceiva?
ble thing that goes on the table
or is lined to feed stock soaring
at the highest prices known,
something is going 10 happen,
and that pretty soon Wise
V irginlan.
The indications are line for
the largest fruit crop this year
this country has ever known.
Tho farmers are getting busy
now with their spring plowing
and crops, and in a short time
corn planting"will be the order
of the day.
School Notes.
(Edited by tho rVnlor OUtf.)
Field Day.
Remembor Field Day is to be
held at Big Stone Gap Athele
tic Park on Saturday, May 11,
l!M2. Ki(!l<l events at 10 a. in.
Championship games in huso
ball and basket ball in tho af?
In addition to tho Ball gnmi b
some of the Field events are oh
follows: 100 J ard dash, <">ooyard
n lay race hy three boys, one
half" mile run, running broad
jump, running high jump, base?
ball throwing, throwing 12
pound hammer, putting 12
pound shot, hurdle raees, &e.
Field Kay is one of the most
interesting days of the entire
Bchool year. Everybody should
turn out ami Bhow their colors.
VVo are planning to make both
of those occasions, the literary
con tost and tho fiold day exor?
cises, tho most interesting we
have over had in the county;
let every body lend a helping
hand. Our aim is to please as
many of you us possible und at
the "same time give you full
value for your money spent.
In addition to our previous
agroomon! with the Wise Coun?
ty High School Athletic Board
to allow all school pupils and
teachers in free, with the privi?
lege of Occupying the grand
stand if they no desire, our
school athletic association has
agreed to allow nil children in
Wiso COUnly not in school and I
not over twelve years old in]
free. The general admission for]
ovdrybody, not admitted free,
as stated, will he only "Ja cents.
Admission to grand stand, 2f>c.
Instead of receiving a bonus I
from the (own, as we hud to
last year, in order to carry out
our plans for our teams, and to
meet field day expenses, we I
havo decided to run the lunch
stands on the grounds. The
athletic board having granted
the permit, an euerjetic com
milieu, consisting of Julo Bui
litt, chairman, Bessie Voting,
Byron Ithoads, Zollio Palmer
and John Gilly, havo been up-1
pointed to make detail plans
lor securing and serving tin1
good things to eat for the day.
There appears to he a fine spirit
among i lie members of the
[school athletic association in
regard to their new adventure
and we predict a reasonable
All we have said is for the
good of our schools, so let us
each and every one show the
cooperative spirit and help on
the good work. Lot us bo chair,
itnble and whole heat led in out
common cause, and if you can't
ho,el don't kick. However, we
believe you are with us,
Of Interest to Parents.
Realizing a little uneasiness
and anxious feeling on the part
of many of our patrons in re
glird to what will he done at
the opening of the next
scholastic year with those
pupils w ho were in the primary
department this year when thai
department had to he closed
the last four weeks of school
on account of measles, we
wish to make the following
As there will be an adjust?
ment ol the present system of
promotions, namely: change
from semi-annual to annual as
recommended hy tin- teachers
of Wise county in annual ses?
sion, the loss of one month's
work will not effect the '! boo,
lions at nil, as they must start
at the beginning of the year's
work they had begun. As to
the A ?tetions, which ii does
affect, we wish to say that all
pupils in the A sections will he
given one mouth's trial in the
upper grade, and if they make
[good they will lie allowed to go
right on. If they do not make
good they must go back to the
lower grade. The first part of
every grade iK to a degree a ro
view of the latter part of the
lower grade, thus with com?
petent teachers our few weeks
loss can he largely adjusted.
We wish to assure you that
every fair means and method
will bo used to nude out w hat
i? bent and right to all concern?
May wo not siiggcnt that, if
possible, you give your child,
espcccially if in A. section, a
month's coaching on the work
ho lacked in bis grade. Incase
there in a private School started
by any of the teachers in the
primary department for the
specific purpose of helping j,u_
pils and giving them a chance
'to round out their year's work,
wo heartily recbmniehd it to
you. It would lie two dollars
well spout. Further, it will in?
crease those pupils' chances for
making* good at the opening of
next session.
It looks now as though Mr.
Roosevelt is going to win the
republican nomination for the
presidency, und the indications
lire that he will be nominated
(in the first hallo*.
That there is some uneasiness
and considerable speculation
as to what will be the outcome
of the failure of the last Gett
oral Assembly to re-district the
tho State for members of the
General' Assembly, there is no
questioni says the Abingdon
Virginian. Nu one cares to ven?
ture what will be the result.
There are some lawyers of con?
siderable reputation who say if
there is not an extra session
there will he an attack on every
act of the next legislature,
holding that the constitution
of Virginia i< mandatory in
directing that the State shall
be ri districted. Then it being
held that the legislature hiiv
ling hod the mutter up and fail?
ed to dispose of the question,
has placed itself in such posi?
tion that, the old lines will re?
main. Hut here is the nice
question: The law directing
the managing of the boundaries
is explicit and as the matter of
Cqueul representation is invol?
ved the claim is made that this
provision should have been!
complied with. Governor
Mann declares that he will not |
as:.nine responsibility for tbo|
oxp'onso of an extra session*
holding thai the legislature,
should have known its duty
and have disposed of the mut?
Moving pictures have certain-1
ly had t he center of the t-tage in
Washington lately and tllej
result will probably be seen in
every hamlet of tho country
before many days ure passed.
Speaker Clark. immediately
after his return from Kentucky
recently was the central figure
I ill the firs! "reel" of lilllls ever
exposed in the Hall of the]
I House of Representatives. The
patrons of picture shows will]
now have an opportunity to Bee
how to "catch the Speaker's!
lOye", how the Speaker pounds
the desk wh.-u he undertakes to
restore order and what the
process is which all Speakers
adopt when they desire a stroki
of official blindness so as to
avoid allowing their eye to be
caught. In fact the first pro
I duct ion Of the counterfeit pre
I sent men t of the presiding of?
ficer of the House of Represen?
tatives will exhibit that official
in every possible pose. It will
show him as he is to he soon
every day between 12 o'clock j
noon and the succeeding hall
hour, but tin re was no disordet :
the reproduction will lack the
dramatic interest which centers
in the Speaker during au ex
citing debate w it h its inevitable
Road to Blue Springs will
he Macadamized.
The road to Hlue Springs
will he macadamized this
spring and summer, and work
on it will be commenced at
once. Arrangements between
the tow n and the county has
been perfected, whereby the
county will grade the' road
within the corporation limits
and the town will lay the mac?
adam. The county prisoners
will be used in doing this work.
With the macadamizing of
this piece of road there will be
n continuous mncadized road
from the Lee county line into
Norton and Wise, and points
Real Estate for Sale.
One two story brick store
house, live good rooms und hull
up stairs. One eight room
frame dwelling.
G. L. Haublkn,
1 Big Stone Gup, Va.
Lecture at Christian Church.
Mrs George Oliver, of Lynch
burg, Va., State .Missionary for
the) Ohriatian Woman's Boatd
of .Missions, lectured at the
Christian Church at this place
Monday morning at eleven
o'clock. Though the attend
nnee was not large in view of
tin-fact that it was not gener?
ally known that Mrs. Oliver
would he present, yet her lec?
ture was enjoyed exceedingly
by those present.
In the afternoon Mrs. Oliver
wont to Appalachia. aCUOUlU .
nied by Mrs. M It. McOorklo
and Revs. fj. B. Livcsay ami
Mitchell, (thedattera Christian
Minister of Pittsburg, Pa , who
begun a series of meetings at
Appaiaelua Monday night.)
A (!. W I'.. M. of fourteen
members was organized at the
Christ ian Church at A ppalaehia
Monday afternoon which will
he the hetuhpiarters for the
Missionary activity in this Im?
mediate section.
Mondav morning, Mrs. Oliver
and Mrs.' MeCorklo left for bee
county where they organized
Missionary hoards at Gihsou's
Station, Kose Hill, Periliington
(lap and Dot.
High School Scries
Owing to rain Saturday the
baseball and basket hall game.-,
betweou Appalachia and 06?
burn, to he played at Cooburil
were postponed until today.
Tho gumos between Wise and
Norton at Norton, resulted:
Hase Basket
Norton. ... ..S 'JS
Wise .7 I
Tin- basket hall game bet ween
Big Stone Gap and East Stone
Gap on the hitler's grounds re?
sulted in a score of ;> to C inj
favor of Hast Stone Cap.
Next Saturday 'sgumos w hich
close tin- prolominnry schedule
will he play ed: Big Stone Gap
al Goeburn; Appalachia at Wim-;
and Kast Stone Gap!at Norton :
cture at Baptist Church.
Mrs. Kopp, a lecturer for the
W. C. T. U., will give a highly
instructive and culertaiiiing
lecturo oil the temperance work
in the state at tho Baptist
i Ihurbh on Tuesday evening,
May 7th.
Rev. Craft, the pastor, hopes
iluti a good audience will he
presold to bear Mrs. Kopp on
this occasion, in order that a
hotter idea may hi' gained of
what this Organization is ac
complishing in Virginia.
To day at Pinoville will be
gathered a number of rapreson
tain es of Bell County for the
purpose of conferring with the
Fiscal Court relative to calling
nn election on the question of
voting'bonds of the eoun'.y for
the const ruction of "Q 0,0 d
Bonds", and advising with the
court us the citizens might
think proper concerning the
location of the highway to he
built ? Middleeboro News lb c
From April 2Btli to May 5th,
No. I Mrs. Bettic Brown,
" '_' Mr. Waller Miller,
il Mr. Mojsija Balic 10c
" I Mr. Clevingor, (Regis?
tered 1
Persons calling for the above
jetters please state they are ad?
vertised giving the dote and
number of letters.
Yours Respectfully,
c. G. Duffy, j
Post master, Stoncgn.
Laughter the Best Medicine.
Yo? hear a lot about "mind
cure," which any physician
will tell you is a mighty fine
thing, but which consists only
of diverting the mind front
worry, imaginary illness, fee.
The theatre and similar amuse?
ments drive Dull Care away,
hut cost money and are hut
transitory curatives. The six?
teen pages of jests, funny pic
lures, humorous stories, riddles,
tricks, puzzles, <\rc, which go
to make up the Weekly ,h.ke
Hook given FREE with ever)
copy of next Sunday's New
York World will not onlyjmake
glad the heart but will last a
Ii ig time. Order next Sunday's
World in advance.
\v. (!. Goutts, of this place
(has secured two large jobs of
; plumbing ut Harlan Court
House, Ky., for this summer.
One is in a Presby terian church
which will also ho equipped as
a Y. M. 0, A., with gymnasium
etc, at cost of about $14,OK).
The other is the heating plant
in n store ami office building
that is to cost about $26,000. R.
L. Brown of this pla.ce was the
successful bidder for the erec?
tion of the latter building:
Judge s. c. Graham of this
place announces tb,; ( ngage
men I <>f his daughter, Miss
?lean" McDonald, to Professor
Clinton Manning Kilby, Ph. D.
of Randolph Mucon worin n's
College, Lynchburg, Va . tint
marriage to take place in .lute .
The announcement, w hile nol
unexpected, will come as a
pleasant surprise to the many
friends of the young couple;
and Prof0880r kilby is to bit
congratulated on having won
?he hand of one of Ta/.ewell's
fairest daughters. ?? TazeweU
Land Bargains.
I have for sale a largo build?
ing, store room ?0x40 and 10
room dwelling a t Sulphor
Springs, near depot. A good
stand for merchandise. Also
10 acres of land w ith heu.se and
good orchard, good water, close
!i> school and church, and oho
piece, about 16 acres, in woods,
with plenty of good water. All
for sale, going at bargain, for
cash, or good notes.
If you want to buy write ui
K D. Sl'HlNKliK,
10 17 Bon IJur, Va.
The iadii s Of Hie Itnmo Mis?
sion Sori t v of the M.K Church,
South,'are now rendv to lake
orders for plain ami fancy sew?
ing. Any om- wanting work
I done will please let the presi?
dent; Mi n, !? i ? ?? mid it
[will be attended to with neat?
ness and dispatch.
Notice of Stockholders
Hig Stone Gap, Va'., April iM
To the Stockholders of ihn Bit?
Stone Gap Land Ci inparj)
The regular annual Stock:hold!
crs meeting of this ei mpany
will he held at the office of thi
company in the town <>f Bio
Stone (Jap, Virginia, Wedne*
day Mav 1st, 1012. Stock
transfer books will be closed
two weeks prior to that .! ito
I'.ig Stone Gap Laud < v
by dx<>. W. Chai.ki p.y
11-17 Secretary
50,000 Tomato plants, all tlin
new and popular varieties
Cabbage plants frost proof
(lorauiums, Sec.. ai
i7-i'.i Dooley, Va.
Painting Season
is now here. There is noth?
ing; as pretty as a newly paint?
ed house. We guarantee per?
fect satisfaction.
T. T. Tucker & Son,
Maker and Contract (luildrr n(
Concrete Blocks
and Tiles.
Big Sloiis Gap. Va.
Yard in Plat 3, near Dunum line.
l^iii^oi* ?te "Witt,
Office First Floor Ihterm?iU Building, 'Uir. STONE CAP, va
c>?"?*>?indenpo Solloitecl.
Plans, Specifications ^Details Furnished
I havo also, a first class repair shop, with capablo men in
pliarge to contract your work of any kind; cnrpentory,
painting, plastering, plumbing, cement work, otc.
Am sales agent for building material, metal ropfing, coil?
ing, siding, otc. CAN SAVE YOU MONEY.
Offico. Room 13. Polly Building,
Shop, F.nst 5th St. arid Hallway Avo.
At the present lime the mails of Big Stone Gap arc be?
ing flooded with htagazirie cut rate circulars;
Dont send your subscription to some Agency. We will
furnish your magazines arid out ?>{ town newspapers at the
same prices.
Remember vvc w ill duplicate any offer .you have from a
reliable Agency 6r publishing house.
Magazine Subscription Agency.
Stationery arid Office Supplies.
We carry at all times a complete slock of these
lines, at reasonable prices, and give careful
attention to 'phone and mail orders. We solicit
your business for any of the following:
Box Papers, Order and Time Books,
Pound Papers, Memorandum Books,
Envelopes, pCns and Pencils.
Writing Tablets, ' , . ...
? , , ? . . Inks and Erasers,
bchool tablets, j ?
Legal Papers, \ Foimta,? Pcris
Letter Files, P?P?* Clips and Fasteners.
Invoice Files. and various other articles kq>
Ledgers and Day Books, in a stationery store.
Wc are agents for all kinds of engraved work,
such as visiting cards, invitations, letter heads,
envelopes, etc,

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