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rnlilmhcd livery Wednesday l>y Ibc |
Orni Yonr. - $I O()
Six Months. - .SO
Three Months, - .125
Entered seoordlng la j?>st;i! regulations
st Ihn |M>st ofllrr nl lllj; Stum' <i.ip ns mt
oinl-ctus* nuttier.
stiBSCRlliUKS are earnestly re?
quested to observe tho dato
printed on thoir nddross slips,
which will koop them at nil
times posted as to the ilnte
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt ami timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
The Sunday Question,
Editor Cost:
[f you and your readers will
permit another voice to he heard
on the "Sunday Question", I
should like to express what
seems to mo to be the' correct
principle underlying all ques?
tions of Sunday observance.
The basis for any distinction
between the mode of living
through the seven days of the
week, in nil Christian countries,
is the Fourth Commandment
of God, spoken by his prophet,
Moses. This is an injunction,
no lOBS direct and positive than
the othor commandments, thai
we ''remember tho Sabbath day
to keep it holy." In particular,
wo are to labor forsix day s, and
are md to labor on the seventh, |
for the reason that the Lord
rested on the seventh day, and
blessed and hallowed il. The
substance of thacommandmont,
however, is in Its positive direc?
tion to keep the seventh day
holy , and is hv no means limited
to Dm negative requirement
that we shall do no work.
If, then, we are commanded
to keep the Sabbath holy, are
we fulfilling ils entire duty hv
merely refraining on that day
from the pursuit of wealth or
fame in tho daily vocation, or ov?
en by seeking what we conceive
to he the necessary rest or re.
creation (by means however in?
nocent of wrongdoing,' to store
up energy for the next six days
labor: This might comply with
that part of the law which di?
rects thai we do no work, lint
is surely no fulfilment of tho
broader duty n commands.
Does not "to keep ihn Sab?
bath holy," mean lo devote
that day lo holy thoughts and
d.Is to devote om 's liino and
energies to the reverse of the
six day's occupation of pursuit
of Hellish gam and pleasure! If
this should he I he l rue const i no.
lion, it is incompatible w ith the
idea either of sitting the day
through with folded hands in
idleness, or following the bent
of one's personal inclinations
in game or sport. Though :i
paradox, it might well require
a day of the hardest labor and
tho least rest. We know it
would require faith inGodj and
mercy and charity to men, and
that the day could he dutifully
consecrated to thoughts and
actions having those impulses.
Indeed, the method of obey iu^'
the divine law for the day
could bo as different as tho in?
dividual; but most men have
the guidance of the lessons of
their childhood, ami tho teach?
ings and examples given in the
Bible, besides the living exam?
ples of noble characters they
have known The divine ser?
vice of Christian churches is
an education in itself in this
respect. Even the passing of
the plate for a voluntary offer?
ing for tho poor, conveys n les?
son of tho same purport, though
we frequently associate it with
a beggar's hand. "The poor we
havo always With us;'- yes,
and the sick, and the needy of
help, bodily and spiritually.
Tho human laws of all Chris?
tian peoples on tho subject of
Monday observance have their
origin in the Fourth Command?
ment, though perhaps varying
to meet dlfforont constructions
of time and place. The con?
struction I have here attempt?
ed to outline, would seem to be
practical, and in conformity
with both llu- letter und spirit
of that law.
Mayo Caiiki.i..
Home Mission Meeting.
The rogular monthly meeting
Of the Woman's Home .Mission
Society of tho M. K. Church,
South, was hold at the homo of
Mrs. Q. N. Knight Thursday,
May 2nd, the president in the
Tho meeting opened by sing
lllg hymn No. '.Ms, "Come Thou
Almighty King." Scripture
lesson was read from the Sth
chapter of St. Matthew, l.'l-ls
verses. The president then led
in prayer. Mrs. J. S. Hamiden
then read some items from the
Monthly Bulletin. Tho subject
for the meeting was negroes.
Mrs. Wooil read i) leaflet on
PaitlO Annex Schools. II Vinn
227, "< -uide Me t >, Thou (Iroat
Jehovah," was then sung.
Mis. Orr read a paper, ontl-1
(led "i Ipportunitios for services
among t h o negroes." Then
followed the business part of
the meeting, Roll ball; four
i du members responded. Minu?
tes of the lust meeting were
road and with slight correction
approved. Then tiie treasurer's
report was read and $2.00'duo
collected. The Vice-president
gave her report, us follows: 20
visiles made, six delicacies,
four Mowers, four garments,
one shut in cheered, eight in?
vited to church and prayor
The pastor, Rov, K K Suth?
erland, then closed the moot- |
ing with pray or.
The next regular meet ine; '
will be held at the home of Mrs.
I). II. Bruce
The hostess Iben served very
refreshing refreshments, which
we all enjoyed.
Supt. Prosa Work.
Citizens Ticke 1 Named,
At a mass meeting of the cit?
izens of Norton, hold hist week,
the following ticket ?\as placed
in t ho held to ho voted for al
the June (lorporaiive election
For Mayor, John Roberts,
For Treas. J. i i. Stoho.
For Recorder, elms. Hall.
For t loiincilmon:
Kas! Ward II, K. Hyatt, R.
P. ('ai r ami Joe Porter.
West Ward li. A. Smith, II.
I. Qilly, A. F. Snodgrnss.
South Ward J. P. Jones, c.
P. Addison, Jno. Jenkins.
An enjoyable event >>f Tues?
day was the afternoon rook p;y/-'
ty with which Mrs. Paul llarrell
charmingly entertained a num?
ber of friends, complimentary to
her sister, Mrs. .1. I. llarrell,
who is spending a few weeks in
Bristol. Book was played nt
seven tables and in counting
up the scores it was found that
Mrs. Sam Mitchell had made
the greatest number, and her
reward was a lovely potted hy?
After the game, linens were
placi d -in the small tables and
a two course menu served
Bristol Herald Courier.
Changes Made,
By request of those appointed
chairman of the following
committees for Fourth of July
celebration, the following
ohntigci nave been made.
Tennis Committee. ?. A. C.
Anderson, as chairman, chang?
ed tn -lush Bullitt, Jr.
Base Ball Committee. II
Rj Pox, chairman, changed to
Dr. W. (1. Painter.
Mr. Anderson and Mr. Fox
will, however, remain on the
committees, and assist in the
At this season of the year
contracts for wiring residences
lire usually deferred until later.
To keep that department busy,
we will furnish
Pr?c Light* For One Munlh
to nil residences wired by this
company during the months of
March and April, 1913.
Powtll Vtllry Ll?&t fc Powrr Co.
The Norton Nowh hit tho nail
square on the head when it said
that liquor will got a follow
sooner or later; always gets him
sooner than he expects. And
also when it said that after all,
the mountains of Virginia
make a mighty good poor
man's home and are free from
raging Hoods and ronring cy?
Calvin Purdco, of Pennsylva?
nia, a wealthy coal and iron
mine owner, was a visitor in
Bristol Thursday. He is in
Virginia looking after his coal
properties. A few years ago
.Mr. I'ardcc purchased a large
tract of valuable coal land in
Wise county, Virginia He and
his associates built the Kast
Tennessee and Western North
Carolina railroad, h e t w e e n
Johnson city and Cranberry,
N. C, and own extensive iron
ore properties in tin? region of
('rauhen \ .- -Bristol Courier.
You can't make a Sunday
School out of any town by or
dinaneo, Public morals are
born of education and all
written laws on the subject 'ire
as a tinkling cymbal or sound?
ing brass. A wideopon town,
its wideopon as consistent with
good public morals, is prefer
able to a sham Sunday closing
regulation as now existing in
the municipal code of the
Town of Norton.? Norton News i
Revival Meeting at Christian
- Church.
<>n the fourth Lord's l>ay in
May, Frank Thompson will he
gin a revival meeting at Chris?
tinn Church, assisted by his
wife, and C. B. Livesnv.
A hearty co operation of all
Christians of the town is asked.
Brother Thompson was to
have commenced this meeting
tho second Lord's Day in April,
but on account of Hood in Mis?
sissippi Valley, could not come.
0. B. Livr.sAY
Real Estate for Sale.
One two story brick store
house, live good rooms and hall
up stairs. One eight room
frame d welling.
C. I.. II A Mill.KN,
Big Stone t iap, Va
In order to promote the
general use of out Coupon Ice
Books, we will give away
li ce, during lite next ten days,
one Needle Point Ice Pick to
each purchaser of our 1000
pound Coupon Books.
Our delivcryman will he
supplied with these Picks,
and on account of having a
limited supply urge that you
get one al once.
Painting Season
is now here. There is noth?
ing as pretty as a newly paint?
ed house. Wc guarantee per?
fect satisfaction.
T. T. Tucker & Son,
s it. ? and Contract lluihler o(
Concrete Blocks
and Tiles.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Yard in flat i- near llumni) lino.
mi iJn
Nobody would piek out l.yun. Ma
a illy wllh n population los? (bull
luo.ouo?ns liming Ilia largest grocer?
umi provision store under one owuoi
ship In (he United HUtei, but It In if
fiiii nevertheless.
'riii- owner or this great establish
mon( mi in Hh frankly unit one ot in"
reasons why Iii? grocery im<i pro
vision st?re is so large und successful
is because of th? newspaper advertis?
ing that be was persuaded to do by
the owner of the l.ynn Item.
The owner of the store always tie
lleved lu advertising, tint at the stnn
ho used ralher Indifferent copy. 1
space was large enough, tor bo used I
six Inches single column, but It was
the ordinary kind of advertising, thai |
did not say very much except nuote
prices, and did not Interest the rend
The publisher counseled the owner |
to uro enough apace 10 tell the people
or Lynn and vicinity nil about the
store and Its facilities for serving |
them Well. This was done.
One adv?rilsetnoht, for instance
would refer lu their cracker deport
mont, which by itself 1? as large
ninny entire grocery stores. In this
department every know n cracker o( |
merit eon be found. They could tell,
and did tell, n very Interesting atory
about tiiis department, nnd that is the
way they did with all the other
partmenta of the store.
After a while the owner pot Into tile
spiiii of advertising?realized what n|
Kreut thing II was to him lu his bust
in s.-; so when It canto around to an |
anniversary dale ho used u full pngc?
an unusual thing tor a country store
to do.
The success of that advertisement I
w as Instantaneous. The crow d I hat ]
responded so great Unit the shh
I walks were blockaded and extra |?
lice were called to take care ol Un?
people. They have been userti of
newspaper space ever since.
Grocery advertising, like every otic
er kind, creates more Interest If a
story is (old and not too much stress
laid upon a mere price list of nrUclcs
The owner of this partlculai store
makes his advertising of general In-1
(orcat, and all at Hie people of t.vnn
and vicinity respond to ii generously
with the reaull (hat iho business u
very successful
Biiurit (?) Scheme of Parisians to]
Teach Parrots to Call Out Wares j
in Public Places.
Word concerning n new Idea lu tid
Vertlsllig has Jusi eoine from I'nrla
'the scheme Is to teach parrots to os
Blsil In the extension of commerce by
silting upon perches and croaking:
"Try Crusbcni's Corsets," or "Say
Wattles," or "Hureku llnzor," o-s the
ease may he. Tho (raining ot Iho par?
rots, according In the promoters ol
the new scheme, Is to be a simple
matter. A phonograph Is to be placed
I In u room liiinl up for the purisise
ami the Instrument will grind out.
[ hour after hour, the cry that tho par
' rots are lo repeat. The birds mean j
while will be established on conven- j
lent perches where they may hear the
two or three wonts that are to he j
used in pushing Hu- commodity of the
ndverlladr, nnd the solemn business
will proceed until I he parrots take up
Hi- crj of tin- phonograph,
tt has been established that a parrot,
once It has leurnrl to sny a certain j
thing, will repeal (lint thing a thousand
times a day for a hundred years, bar?
ring accidents or plots, and the facts is
emphasized b> the projectors or the
new method or advertising. Thej ox<
pect Shortly to have their parrots on
duty in all the big shops and in every
public plan-, so that the wares they
are employed to praise may be contin?
uously called In the attention ot the
There Is a well-grounded bellet that*
It pays to advertise, but It does not
pay to annoy the public. We reserve
'.he right to he skeptical, says the Chi?
cago ltecord Herald, and venture to
express the hopo thut some friend of
humanity will at once get busy u|ion
the problem of discovering a way In
nhlch parrots may bo put to death
fnickly, surreptitiously and with as
lUle anuoyance to tho birds as pus
. la.'*.
60,000 Tomato plants, all the
new ami popular varieties.
Cabbage plants frost proof
Qoraniums, &'<.'., at
Colonial Qkkrkiiousk,
17.10 Dooloy, Vn.
jOfflco First Floor Intormont Building, 'BIG STONE GAP, VA
Oorr/e?pondenoe Solicited.
Tri-State Fair Gmunds,
MAY 24=5=
Other Big Attractions on These Dates.
Walter E. Johnson with a Thon
Headless Biplane will make daily Rights?
above dates between I? and 5 o'clock p
Don't forget the dates, as you w ant to s
one of the most successful aviators in
country fly.
This is the first Flying Man i<> visit
section of the country, and you want to con
and bring your family with you to eel
greatest exhibition ?l the age.
Reduced Kates on all Railroads Loading in:
tVUddlcsboro lor a radius of LOO miles.
anil oilier
Big Races Daily r
POSITIVELY (his will be the Biggest Attractionci
pulled off in Southeastern Kentucky Sights you havehu
of and have always longed to see. NOW IS YOUR CHAW
The show will be on for 3 days, giving everybody a chai
The management has gone to great expense to j;
Middlesboro a Great Show and we want you to coi
MAY 24-5-6
SSIMI lorkllurc by IlinJIcs- ItlpUuc Co. II Wrd.ip (? not In Mlddlcshoro <.u lit
Plans, Specifications %/Details Furnishf
i havo also, a first clnss ropnlr shop, with enpal
Charge to contract your work of any kind; enrpenti
painting, plastering, plumbing, comont work, otc.
Am salos ngont for budding material, motnl roof mg,?
mg, atdlrig.eto. can savi; you MONEY.
Offico, Hoom 13. Polly Building,
Shop, East Gti? St. ami Railway Avo.
At the present time the mails of Bio Stone Gap li
g flooded with magazine cut rate circulars.
Don't srml your subscription to some Agency, \V<1
mish your magazines and out of town newspapers at
tile prices.
Remember we will duplicate any oiler you have Irot
liable Agency or publishing house.
Magazine Subscription A ..-.<
Stationery and Office Supplie
We carry at all times a complete stock of tin
lines, at reasonable prices, and p,ive careful
attention to 'phone and mail orders. We solicit
your business for any of the following:
Box Papers,
Pound Papers,
Writino Tablets,
School Tablets.
Legal Papers.
Letter biles,
Invoice Files,
Ledgers ami Day Books,
Order and Time Book
Memorandum Bi >ki
Pens and Pencils.
Inks ami Erasers,
Fountain Pens,
Paper Clips and Fasti
and various other artit
in a stationery store.
Ics k<
We are aooitts for all kinds of engraved work,
such as visiting cards, invitations, letter head
envelopes, etc,

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