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Pul>!i*lusl Krary Wcln?s?lsy liy the
C U.Hl I: I N. KNI?HT. - Rdltor.
Ort? Vd.lr,
Six Month*.
Threo Month*.
Kntered nccoriliu? to postal regulation*
?t the no?;-oulcu ?t 1)1? Stone <i?l> a* wc
oml-ola&a matter.
SUBSCRIBERS aro earnestly re?
quested to observe the dato
printed on their address slips,
which will koop thorn at till
timos posted as to tho dnte
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
ntlontion to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
Athletic Association
Tho Huso Hall feature of the
Celebration on .Inly 3rd and Ith
is progressing nicely. Six loams
have orgnnized it league, viz:
Norton, Doroheitor, Stonega,
Wise, Keokeo and Big Stone
Gap, the series of games start?
ing on Saturday May 25th,
A tournament feature has ah o
been arranged, ten entries hav?
ing sent iu their names lo A. k.
Morisou. Chairman.
The Field Sports committee
bus completed its plans. The
High School teams entering
this contest have begun prac?
tice for all df theovoulA, Prizes
pffored in this contest amounts
to Fifty dollars iu cash.
Arrangements are als., being
made for u Tennis Tournament,
not only for local teams but for
teams from surrounding towns.
'Those interested in tho Tennis
Tournament will communicate
with Josh tin Hit t, Jr . who has
charge of this feature. rCntries
in the Tennis Tournament Will
necossarily have to he made at
. The mine Rescue contest will
give additional interest to those
attending the celebration, as
"the Director of the Bureau of
Mines,Dr, Holmes, has assured
us that the Mine Rescue car
will be here on July 4th to act
as Referee in the contest,' and
to materially assist in making
this feature a success.
Arrangements for more grand
stand seats-have been oomplel
od. Soven n e w sections o f
bleacher seats ami 160 addition?
al grand stand seats will be
completed by July 4th
The Horse Show committee
reports that great progress hat;
been made by them, and wo
cap look for some very Interest?
ing competition in saddle rings,
and driving rings, due to en?
tries from out of town. Full
arrangements for the horse
show have not been completed,
and cannot be fully arranged
until data relative to the Caval?
ry maneuver is secured A com?
mit too from the Athletic Arso
ciulion have gone to Fort Ogle
thorpe, Un., to confer with
Captain Hawaii? of the nth
Cavalry as to details for the
drill und maneuver. As soon
us these details are learned
plans for the horse show can be
The amusements features are
being given attention by tbo
Amusement Committee, and we
figure we will have some rare
treats along Ibis line. The
Atblotic Sports, bicycle races,
automobile show, ami golf fea?
tures aro being actively bandied
by their respective Committees.
Arrangements f o r taking
care of the pidpto from a rosfu
rant standpoint will be handled
by the Association, w h i 0 h
means that ample preparations
will bo meide to oaro for an
enormous crowd on July 3rd
and 4th.
Arrangement on several fea?
tures, that the Executive Com?
mittee has been tigering on,
uro not yet perfected, and we
wilt not be iu position to make
anilOUViCellten! Until we see
further advancement along the
line of present endeavor.
Tho Base Ball feature this
year, wo feel satisiiod in i.uying
will bo one of great interest on
accotiut of the number of teams
that have entered the contest.
Precautiou Taken at Joncs
villc Against Feared
Repetition of Hills
villc Tragedy.
Jonesville, Va., May 20. ?
In view or anonymous throats
Indicating that in tlnjovont the
election bribery trials in this
(Leo County), should result in
jail sentences for .certain of
those under indictment, a repe?
tition of tho llillsvilte cotirl
room tragedy of March 11th,
might be expected, Judge
Sic eon. of the circuit court,
when tie convened court here
this morning, deputized four
men. M. 1). anil 0. 10 Denny
and ?. R and W. I'. Sprinkle,
to search every person who
entered the court room, to as?
certain whether or not anybody
was armed. The search was
made, and nobody in the large
crowd that entered the court
room escaped it. Hut no re?
volvers were found.
JUdge Skeen called the case
of "Hock" Bnrkctt, ono of two
hundred or more who are under
indictment charged with hav?
ing been involved in election
It was decided last week, as
the result of a conference be?
tween d udge Skeen ami mem?
bers of the Lee counny bar, to
make a test of this case, in
ordor to determine whether or
not under the olectlon bribery
statue a person can be compell?
ed to testify that he bought
VOtl s.
t'. R, Flnnnry, the tirst wit
ness called in this case, refused
Co answer to the question as to
whether he bought in the elec?
tion last fall. Judge Skeen
imposed upon Mr. Klanary a
line of |26 for his refusal to
testify, and an appeal was
The case will now go |? (|,t.
Supremo Court as a means of
testing the point involved'.
The defendant wll| be repre?
sented by M (l. Ely, former
commonwealth's attorney, tiud
former State Senator John (.'.
Noel. Judge K. W. Penning
ton was designated by Judge
Skeen to represent the prose?
Tho court ad journed pending
the hearing Iii tho Court of .\p
peals, and will not meet to
hear the election cases until
August 10th,
Base Ball.
Schedule of Games for The
Big Stone Gap Athletic
Association Cup tor
MAY S.Mli.
Norton v* lllg Stono (lap, at Norton
DorchcMcr v? Wife, ..i iWrchcalci
Kcokce \? BtOnega, at Blonoga
JUNE 1st
Itig stono Cap v? Dorcheater, at tlig
Stone Hap.
Stonega vt Norton, at Stouoga.
Wis<- va Kcokce, at Wiae.
JUNE 8th.
lllg Stone Cap va Stonoga, at Itig
Stono < lap
Kookoe\h llorelu'Mcr. ai Kcolic*
Norton r? Wise, at Norton,
JUNE l.'.th.
WIm \? itig Stone (lap. at wise
Dorokettcr ri Btonega, at IJorchontei
Kcokeeva Notion at Kookeo.
JUNE ?and.
Itig SI,.iu- (lap vt. Kwikw. at lllg Stone
Stonega vk \\ I?, ,| stoneca
Porclu-ater, va Norton, at Norton.
Judge William F. Rhen,
member of corporation com?
mission of Virginia, returned
to Bristol Wednesday evening
in.ni Sneers Perry, where he
spent Wednesday in conference
with officials of the Virginia
and Southwestern and C. C. it
O. in regard to tho matter of n
union depot at that point. The
people of Speers Ferry and
Hint section are anxious for a
station and applied to the State
corporation commission, asking
that the railroads be required to
build it. ?(iate City Herald.
A special car olT the Carolina,
( linchiiehl and Ohio arrived in
tho city la?t nigiit from John?
son City over the Clinch Valley,
by way of St Paul. The car
bore forty one old soldiers from
the Old Soldier:,' Homo at John?
son City cnroiite to the north
where they will spend (he sum
iner Bluefield Telegraph,
May i.'r.
(C'oiitimictl from )?go 1)
siblo presented the modal to
Miss Pettit:
Tho evening's program was
Interspersed by several musi?
cal numbers, a dut-t by Miss
I Mabel Willis and Jessie Mc
iCorklo, "Witches' Flight", and
a loft handed piano hoIo, "Ro?
mance," by Peter Wolfe, which
was superior to much that some
performers are ever able to ac?
complish with both bands, and
another pretty duet, '.'On Bloom
inj.; MeadOWS," by .Misses Mary
Skeen and Margaret Pettit,
while the committee was com
ing to its decision.
Baccalaureate Sermon.
Sunday evening, a crowded
auditorium listened with keou
pleasure to a masterly address
to the student hotly by Dr.
.lohn.I. Lloyd, the rector of
Christ Episcopal church at this
Preceding the opening prayer
by Rev. .1. B. (traft, was a so
lection by u quartette composed
of Mrs. 1. 0. Taylor, Miss Hal
Perry and Messrs. Crawford
ami Ma the ws, which was great?
ly enjoyed by the audience.
Another selection was sung by
the same quartette following
the scripture roading by Rov.
('. B. Livesay,
Rov, K. K. Sutherland pro?
nounced the benediction after
the close of Dr. Lloyd's ad
Debating Contest.
Miss Ruby Kemper,thoprotty
ami popular little Senior from
flu? slate of Kotutcky, whose
cleverness ami i tl t o 1 I i go nee
makes it a matter of regret to
her class that she is not a na
tive of Wise, presided at Ilm
debating contest Monday night
which was certainly spirited
enough to suit the most exact?
ing of the large audience pres?
'The exorcises opened a little
behind time with a musical se?
lection by Miss,-.-, Margaret Pet?
tit ami Kuth Proscotl, "Paust
Waltz" which was played with
the sureness of touch ami artis?
tic expression which character?
izes the playing of all Miss
Blake's pupils.
I 'The debate open,si with the
speech of Miss Olcssie Hilly,
I tin- Hral on the affirmative, the
subject being " Resolved: That
Virginia is the Greatest Statt:
in the Union." Miss Glessie?
being a (Iilly?made hot only a
bright ami entertaining, but
such an evidently convincing
argument that the committee
could not see its way dear to
tlo anything eist: but award her
the "Professional Men's Med?
'The committee was composed
of Messrs .1. M. I lodge, II. E,
VoxLaud 0 S. Carter, ami the
laiter mailt- the presentation
speech, the members of the
committee, as Mr. Carter ex
plained, being too young ami
bashful to ''appear in public on
the stage."
Miss /.oll i e Palmor und
Jerome Wells supported Miss
Hilly brilliantly, in fact. Miss
Ralmei'8 delivery was so nearly ,
perfect that many of tin- audi?
ence wore positive that the
medal would surely go to this
favorite high school pupil.
Tim negative side, represent?
ed by Peter Wolfe, Put Ham
mends and John Allen Goodloe
bad a strong array of points to
present iu support of their side
of the question, but lacked the
convincing delivery of their op?
ponents. Peter Wolfe the tils!
on the negative had an OSpOci
ally good paper, but a number
of his good points were lost
through his not being able to
present his arguments without
recourse t" his manuscript.
While the committee was in
session, Rev. .1. B. Craft on i
tertained the audience with a
characteristic talk nuoul school
matters in general, with an
amusing description of tho"0.ld
Field School" of his own boy?
hood days.
Out of the most entertaining
numbers of the entile com?
mencement exercises, however,
was an exceedingly funny vo?
cal duel entitled "Mr. ami Mrs.
Snibhs" by two of the pupils of
the high School department
who are musically inclined,
Mies Mabel W illis und Byron
Rbonds,which brought a round
of amused applause from the
Immediately preceding tho
Real Estate for Sale.
Ouo two story brick ?tore
hon-o. live good root.... und hall
up stairs. One eight .oom
frame tl welling.
C. L. H a.mw.kn,
Big Stone Cap, Va.
Friday, May 24.
Every able-bodied man who
loves his town and wants to
see it grow, please meet Civic
League Committee at Kelly's
Drug Store corner at
2 p. m. May 24th,
and bring with you all the tools
available for cleaning up work.
Yours for our City Beautiful,
Wenaus Civic League,.
presentation of tho modal to
Miss (iilly, a chords of sweet |
voices, belonging (<> a half
dozen young indies of the high!
school, sang with much ox pros
sinn Hubenstein"* " Voices of
the Woods."
Graduating Exercises.
Prof. 11. Ii. Young presided
at the graduating exercises
Tuosday night and made One of
his characteristic educational'
talks. 'i'ht> senior class olllcers
this year are as follows: Samuel
Nickels, president; Kuby Kem?
per, L{:V'cc.president; Qlossiel
(iilly, secretary and treasurer.
Henry McCormick would have
graduated with honor in this,
class but was kept away from;
school on account of measles, i
a matter of keen regret to
Henry as well as to his class?
After r> song of greeting,
Samuel Nickels delivered the
salutatory, and was followed
by a song, "The Soldier' Cho?
rus." Sam is quite an excep?
tionally tine young man, and
interested friends and school
males expect great things of
him at college next year.
Miss t llessie (iilly, the medal
winner of the night before,
read an excellent essay on Ed?
gar Allen PoO, the talented
Virginian, and was followed by
another number by (he chorus,
that old glee club favorite,
"Kentucky Habe."
Miss ? >Hie M. Kelly, a bright
young lady of Cadet, who has
made an excellent record from
the primary up, read the history
and prophecy of tho class of "12.
Following our usual custom, we
will print this in a later issue,
as the scattered members of the
class in its earlier years always
found it interesting to make
The well-trained chorus gave
another selection following the
delivery of the history ami
prophecy of the class, after
which Miss Kuby Kemper de?
livered the valedictory in her
usual charming manner. A
literary career has inauy times
been prophesied for Miss Kem?
per since she became a member
of the class, since her facile
pen has been tho admiration
and despair of less gifted pupils
to whom composition writing
was n horror, the necessity for
which at stutcil intervals took
all the pleasure out of life.
J. P. Wulfe, chairman of tin
school hoard, presented the
certificates to the graduates in
tho grammar grades in a neat
little speech, and the delivery
of the diplomas to the grndii
ates in the high school depart?
ment was made by Superinten?
dent J. N. Hillman, who being
a past master iu the diflieult
art of making graceful and
polished presentation speeches,
did not disappoint either the
class or the audience on the
present occasion. ?
Prof. 11. H. Voting then do
livered the medal which caused
no little suspense since the be?
ginning of the Anal exercises
Miss Blake's medal for the
greatest improvement in instru
mental m u s i c. Miss Eula
Taokett, a seventh grade pupil,
who entered school at the be?
ginning of the term, her family
having moved to this place from
Peunington (lap lust fall, was
the fortunate winnerof the med?
al, which meant hard work, ami
was an honor that would have1
delighted any member of Miss
Blake's large class.
Another prize awarded by !
I'rof. Young was a great sur?
prise not only to the student
body but tO tho audience as i
well. This was the prize given
by Dr Karl Stoehr to the pupil
who, throughout the year, hud
shown, without the knowledge
or expectation of reward, the
greatest zeal and perseverence
in the prococution of her stud?
ies. This prize, a handsome
gold necklace, was awarded to
MissOllieM. Kelly of tho sail;
ior class
Finally, with the singing of
I "God Bo With You Till We
Meet Again,".another prosper?
ous year.ended.
Alumni Banquet and Recp
The annual alumni banquet
and reception was held in the
reading room. The olllcers of
the association aro: president,
Grace tlruham; vice-president,
Gladys Wolfe; secretary ami
'treasurer, Mrs. Juliet Mnthews
1 The reading room tables, the
latter in the form of a Greek
cross . wore decorated in an
exquisite color scheme of green
ami gold, yellow rose? and
ferns being used in profusion.
The loastnuisler was Lester
Shiolds Parson of the class of
1?05. The toasts were respond?
ed to by the following guests
at the banquet: To Wise Coun?
ty and Education by Bupt.
Hillman; To School Board l>v
J. P. Wolfe; To Otuss of 1912
by Sam Nickels; To Faculty by
Miss Irma Orr; To Holl bj
Classes by Secretary; To Alum?
ni by Myrtle Caw.opdjTo Our
School by 11. H. Voting.
The delicious menu served by
colored waiters consisted of
tomatoes with mayonnaise,
chicken salad,pimento and but?
ter sandwiches, deviled eggs,
?dives, pickles, ice cream in m--,
dividual molds in the form of
callaliles ami pineapples, two
kinds of cake, nuts and candy
The roll call of the alumni
anil other invited gin-sts pres?
ent at the banquet was as fol?
lows: Lester Shilils Parson-. .
Eliza Fleenor Bolts, Flora
Bruce, Juliet Mathewa Taylor,
Margaret Bullitt, Helta Thomp
son, Josh Bullitt, Gladys
Wolfe, Myrtle Cawood, Olga
Horton, Sain Nickels, Rub)
Kemper, (Hessin Gilly, Olli?
Kelly, Henry McCormick;
Misses Orr, Carter, Morris,
Sauuders and Pierce of the
faculty, Prof, nnd Mrs. H. H.
Young, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
H. Header, Supt. J. N. Hillman,
Miss Pearl Mann, Mr. M?con
and Dr. Bell.
There were no poles discov?
ered in our early youth, but it
gladdens us to retlect that the
kids of. today have more geo?
graphy to study than wo had.?
I Norton New?. k ?
In. ? - -
Painting Season
! is now here. There is noth
' ing as pretty as a newly pain 1
;ed house. We guarantee pet -
fee i satisfaction.

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