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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, July 03, 1912, Image 1

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The Big Stone Gap Post.
XX, _ BIG STONE GAP. WISE COUNTY. VA?^EDNE^D^^})}'Y_3tl?^ _ _L_^L^L^
PR OH RA K/P |0C^?^^&beata^-lHi^ri^ H?TpT= **" ?
0. 17 i IEdward J- Schembri Agent of
Dig rOUrtll Of Jllly Cele~| Interoational Mercantile
K~~4.- ~ Marine Company, Talks
Permit Issued for Burial of
Washington. Juno 28
MA CiliUH.
July 3rd.
m._Q?te? of Park open.
I, m._F1n?U or Tennis Tournament
jobiuHin Oily v?. Big Btoo?'G?p.
joto 10:40?. m.?RkWblMdn Drill, by
Troop U. Ulli Cavdrj, Commanded
t,, l aptalii M. W. Kawell. Illustra?
tive of home training, unrscmaiiship
.ml liKoof ?rinn Mounted. Behtlni?
.Oll a. m,?Tournament.? Ten entries
repreneiiling k nljjhln of old. I'riro,
winner crow in tlie queen of the Ger?
man July Ith. 'three trials fur
eaeh riilcr; lime, nix ?ecoiul? from
In -i to third polo, UreatMl number
of rings, winner,
I3HK) in.?Klclil SporU; Krinning high
jump: 100 yard aauk race, iVOO yard
relay race; running I.I jump.
(ill loot auu cavalry ciiargo.
60s to. ? Running nice?'? mile?
Preliminary race of .Inly Itrtl to ilu
lerniilM tltrce fastest horses to rnec
un July 4th.
? ni ?Packing contest by United
States Qoyarumeni Pack Train under
command of Pack master Mine, a vct
cranof the plains. This will be very
Interesting ami will surprise moun?
tain people iu tbe mountain cargo
ability. Details will Ih> announced
? ii |(rounda as details of list are nol
completed at time program goes to
St -field Sports.- bicycle race
840 Yard dash.
ISO Ysrd Hurdle race.
1'iitatue race.
:30 p. m.?Ball Oatne- Troop IV of lltb
Csvslry vs. Crane Nest's best team
prize <4!i.??.
Up m - .lumping contest 'U. 8.Cay
airy. Klvo contestants over steeple
cIism; course. form and jkcrforui
tnce only to aonnt. 1st prlzo 10.00,
'.'ml prize, ?3.00.
:S4p. ui_.Rescue Hsce?I!. S. t'avalty.
1 teams of two men, one to bu mount
i '. ut scratch, tbo other 400 yards to
bli front dismounted. Tim one iu
limit at signal fire live shots with his
ritte TM competitor at scratch w ill
tide forward, tiring live shots with
revolver, picks up dismounted
nun Slid returns with him to m iu? h,
both men retaining their arms. 1st
prite, t&.OO; 4ml price, ?:i.00.
lip in Romau racedwo horrea]?U,
8 rivalry. Two entries: eaob colli
pelltorto ride Roman stylo, ?tui!
(rum scratch. 1'rizc l&.oo.
;l6p in -Tug of War?Two teams,
Captains ami eight men to each team
1 tare-back uud watering bridles:
horses not to be grasped around
neck and manes not to be tone hod.
I'rite, ftl.UO
IWp in.?Mounted NY resiling. Four
umpetltora, grasping inane of riders
" Mi liorsu or mane or ruins of oppo
i,, uts not permitted, boot on ground
disqualifies. 1st prize, *?.0o; 2nd
prize, |8.00
!0 p in.?Field Sjxut*.
.'?? p ni.?Mounted fencing,?4 entries,
2 rosetta On helmet and one on left
shoulder. Removal of roaetta lo?cai
I'rite, *r,.0o.
14 p ui ?Finals llolf driving contest,?
9 ladles and :i gentlemen. Prize.
July 4th.
i?:iu p. m.?cavalry chargo and drill.
1:0o p. in.?I'otatou nice (United Slates
Cavalry)?4 contestants; bucket*
with it) potatoeaat ?uu point;competI
tors with sharp sticks secure p. it a
toon from bucket and tiy to ride and
phc< It in tlioir own bucket ninety
feet disl.iut. Striking opponents
stick allowed, 1st price. (11.00; Und
prize, (2.1)0.
1:1G p m - Mounted fenrlng?Same as
July 8rd.
I H i p. in -Wall scaling mutest.?Kour
teams each, 1 mm commissioned otll
cer.iind four mounted men. Teaiua
?tartat Mratob, ride* to vaclulty uf
wall. dismounts to tight On foot,
horse* return to scratch by horse hol
der. First man on top to lire live
allots from top, reiiiaiulug men to
lire live thuts each on arriving a(
linish line 20 feet beyond wall, 'l ime
taken fiom leratoh to laat nhot. lat
prize, ?4.00; '.'ml price, ?3.00.
. ill p. in. ? Reaching contest, luur
competitors cap at aft yards, revol
ver at 100 yards, saber at 124 yards
I?ach competitor starts at scratch,
picks upand replaces article" and re?
turns to scratch. 1st prize, ID.00;
and price, ?9.00,
S tift p in.?Tug of War?Sumo as llrd
I .20 p. in. - Uorae abow?Kntries must
be on ground when riug is called.
Cannot allow for delays. Single road
Bteni, speed, 111; P. A: S. a0; sound?
ness, a0; bltablencss, aO, pi i/o, whip.
(Sailed Siddlc Horse,- (Ladles rid?
ing) walk, r,; trot, r>; running walk,
10, aliic> tmt, 10; canter or loop, 10.
soundness, SO; F.& 8., SO; bitablo
ncss, 20. Prize, whip.
Sbiw mule race.?To be ridden with?
out whipor spur, OOUrae '.. mile, last
mule to cross line wins prise. Own
erai'haii);u mules, Mules must be
sound, >gc not considered. Prize,
Tft.00 to w tuner.
Draft horses.? No contest in pulling,
prize to l.o awarded to best team;
Judges(O fix grade points. Prize,
( 10.00 If three or more entries, ?4.00
if two entries.
1:30 p. in. ?Hall game fur champioiiahip
Of the Coal fields lluse Hall league,
two leading teams playing for tho
Atbletk Association cup. Tho
Kcokivand Btoiuega teams w ill play
this game.
i;30 to O.-OOp: in.?Cavalry Kcuturc.s;?
Mounting wrestling, juiiipiiig cm
teat, etc
Pack Train With Cavalry
i III?-1.. .1 |)?U(I. Mi K. man
I from electric wire atandiug; rescue
Ulan from wir? ou ground; in*u
?town; give l?st man artificial respiru
lion. 6th ? First aid to man with dis- ]
located hip, carry htm 20 yards; first ]
aid to man with broken right thigh (
M"l left leg. Carry last man on im- I
pruvlaed stretcher. Cth.?Kescue J
man from gaa ami drag him 20 yards
coal three feet. 7th.?-Helmet drill t
ami rescue work, l'rize to winning i
team silver cup, given by the Wig t
Stona Uap Athletic Aasociatlou and t
fifteen dollars lu each, ottered by tho
Provident IJfe ami Accident Insur?
ance Company. I
. - . i
Notice to Teachers.
The ?iimmer State Teachers' J
Examination will bo held at c
3ig Stone ?ap, Va., July 111,
iud Auf;. 2nd and 3rd., liegiii
ling at 9 o'clock, Thursday,
luly :ilat.
'J'eachers who do not attend I
ho Normal will ploauo notify <
ne 10 days in advance, if they i
ix pect to tuko this oxamina- 2
ton. c
Hf-spectfully, t
J N. Hilluan, i
3iyisioo Supt. Wine Co. Schools
'illo und Nushville bus impor- ,
ant connections in tlio coal
iolds on tin; Virginia side of
ho lino.
Mr. Sohombri has traveled
vidoly and bus had much ox
terienoo in mining districts.
Le had boon urouud tho globt>
??rteou times. Ho Hays: "If
bin BOOtiuh wunts to ooril6 to
ho front in mining, like North
iru and Western Pennsylvaina,
A/eat Virginia und at present
Uubama, it must, welcome the
breign laborer. There should
to no prejudice or antagonism
owurd him becuuse he is
issentiul to tho development of
he vast natural resources of
his section. The Hungarians,
Slavs, l'oles und ltaliuns are
obor, peuceuble people. The
lyrains and Greeks are tine
nerchunts und ull of these us a
tile muko gooti citizens. It is
mportunt to keep out others
vho prey upon these plain,
t?nest people."
'ostal Savings Depository.
The post oflice at this place
vas designated a saving do
lository on July 1st and depos
ts are now being rocoived. It
s to bo hoped that our people
vill take advantage of this op
lortunity to lay away nest eggs
or the future. Spending is a
lubit: so is saving. The habit
mco formed abides usuully
hrongh life and helps in a
arge way to dovelop a safe,
:ouservative and useful citizen.
The postal depository pro
?idea ready means whereby
lersous over 10 years of ago
?.an lay by sums of from 10 cents
o $100, with tho guarunteo of
once," declared an olllcial of
he Slate Health Department,
n discussing the case yoster
lay,''that the llrst, death of
vhich we have receivod official
lotitlculiou should be one that
mphasiaed the importance of
be precautions taken in the
tatute. Heretofore, persons
vho died without physicians
kttendance in country districts
,nd in many towns, could he
niried without a permit o r
without an investigation of any
ort. The death might huve
leou due to natural causes or it
night have been tho result of
'ioloiiee, but in neither case
lid the State have any macbin
ry except the coroner for the
ascertaining tho facta. The
leath reported by Squire Heath
vns clearly accidental, but hud
t been duo to violence, the
ocal registrar, in carrying out
he provisions of the law, would
lertainly have uscorlainud that
act. This new statute will be
if great service to the civil law
md to the individual, und it
vill undoubtedly be of value in
letecting deaths due to vio
Broad Tires.
Counties like Wise and Tnze
vell which aro spending largo
urns of money on their high
vayB cannot afford to havo
h e m destroyed by narrow
ires of the vehicle now in gen
iral use. Bread tires aro being
.dopted in eastern counties and
ither states by the noossary
egal action, and will consorvo
ather than destroy roads. In
ome localities tho people who
tay the taxes aud own the
cvo? um? HUB wunesxeil 1110 III'
<imiini: of the removal of a
liatoric land mark from
Hotol. For more than half a '
:entury it has housed famous '
neu of this country. J. Pior- '
)ont Morgan at one timo kept a '
mite of rooms constantly en- 1
raged there, and it is related '
;hul during the Cleveland ad
ninistrutiou the negotiations '
?y which the Morgan syndicate 1
leqnired uu entire issue of 1
(overnmout bonds authorized '
>y tho last Democratic prosi- 1
lent wero conductod under the '
ihelter of the Arlington Hotel, 1
n the rooms of tho financial 1
nagunto. 1
The old hotel has boon sold 1
ind will be removed to bo re- '
>laced by a new structure, one '
>f tho moBt costly over orected '
n this city of wonderful public 1
iiiilditiKS. When complete it '
s estimatod that tho tho now <
mild im: will cost over three 1
nillion dollars. The furuish
ngs and ornaments havo been
m sale at auction for many '
lays, and scores of men and
vomen whoso names are fum t
liar to the public have been <
niyiiiK brie n-brac, rare vases |
ind pictures. At times the .
uictiou room rosombled a social |
unction, mid some fabulous
trices were paid for articles j
laving little intrinsic value but
unions for their associations.
To Prevent Flie9 From
Screen stables if possible.
Remove the manuro at least !
,wice a week.
Keep the manure, while it is
n the stable, in a closed bin or
Kvory time the stalls are
lledned, und the manure placed
n the pit or bin, sprinkle it
vith dry plaster (powder gyp
mm) or slaked lime.
Me sure thut you sprinkle the
tracks and crevices of the bin
>r pit, us well us tho cracks be
ween the plunking of tho stull
If tlies begin to breed in stored
nanure they may he killed by
boroughly spraying i t with
teroseno or Paris green, and
hon pouring on enough water
0 wash the oil or poison well
The objection to the usu of
ceroseno is that it ruins the
nanure for fertili/.iug purposes.
V solution of iron sulphate (ono
lotted to a gallon) applied at
he rate of one gallon a day in
1 stable where one horse is kept
vill kill all tho maggots. It
losls about $1 per hundred
lOUudB; so thut the cost in keep
ng (lies from brooding in a ouo
lorse stublo is about one cent a
It is well to abolish old-fash -
oned outhouses where possible
iVbero this cannot bo done u
iberal amount of lime sliouid
ie used, applied in small
imounts daily. Chloride o f
irae is better than slaked lime,
>ut slaked lime is better than
tone at nil.
Garbage cans should be
horoughly cleanod after empty -
ug, and tho contents should bo
iprinkled with crude oil, limo
ir kerosene oil.
It is usually conceded that
.ho editor of a newspaper gets
ill that is coming to him. As
Iii* is usually criticism of one
lort or another, a little word
)f praise goes a long way with
js. For instance, wo wero
.eld by a lady of this town one
lay last week that she felt that
?ve deserved a compliment for
.he clean, wholesome write-uos
?marked to her friends that!
ur accounts of tho Rociall
rfaira in our town compared to!
ur credit with those of tho city
apers. As the lady, herself,
i very prominent socially, and ?
;ems concerning herself and
unity are eagerly chronicled 5
y more newspapers than the J
'list and by considerably big?
er ones, we felt quite proud of
he compliment. :
a new ?uuetin.
The Stut,? Department of
Agriculture is now sending out
the June Monthly Bulletin.
This issue goes to about 6U,00O
farmors, who are scattered in
L>very one of the ouo hundred
Counties in thin State. These
Monthly Bulletins are fresh
and practical for tho Beason
in which they uro issued. The
Juno Hullotin contains a very
pactical and instructive article
[>n Why Wo Cultivate Tho 8olt.
Many peoplo think tho soil is
cultivated simply to kill the
weeds, but this Bulletin shows
Ihoro aro moro important
reasons than to kill weeds. It
says tho soil is cultivated to
lousen it, to lot the air in. that
iho plant roots need air, as
well as man. The loose soil nU
*o lots in heat to warm up the
loll and hasten plant growth,
ind cultivation loosens the soil
to allow the tiny roots to push
jut in their growth and lastly
the cultivation is to kill the
woods. The article fully ex?
plains the importance of theso
important results that are ob?
tained through cu'civati?n of
.ho crops.
Jutlook Bright In Coal Fields
Charles W. Hondurant, a coal
monitor of the Leo county,
Virginia tiolds, was a visitor
jore Tuesday, Mr. Hondurant
itates that things aro looking
brighter in the coal Holds.
After a long siege of dullness
imong tho coke oven operators,
i largo number of ovens in
Wise county have recently re?
turned, indicating a uow aud
more hopeful demand, with
iiiightor prospects for tho iron
business, -Bristol iioraid Cour
Statement of the Financial Condition
of tub
Interstate Finance & Trust Go.
Located at Big Stone dap, la the County
ol Wise, Stale ol Virginia, al Ike
clone ol business, June It, 1912, made
to the Slate Corporation Commission.
Loans and Discounts.t 81,1?!! 11
Jverdrfls, scoured. |2a7.WS
lvordrafta, unsecured,. 780.7-1
llon.ls, Securities, etc., owned
Including premium on
same .,. 118.480 00
Purnlture and Kiaturu?. 1,010.6:1
Exchanges mid t hecks for
next day's clearings . 370.00
Ither cash Itema. 18 00
Due from National Banks ... 11,MV83
Hue from Slate llsuka, Private
Hankers, a n d 'I'rust
Companies. 1,121.St
Paper currency . 11,0114.00
'raclloual paper currency,
nickels and cents. ilAO.lrt
lold coin. &87.1H)
Silver coin . ? ?97.08
Soles llitarantecd. 8,200.00
Total, (828,92?. 28
iplUI Slock paid lu. < ?1,000.00
Surplus lund. 8n.M3.50
Undivided prcflla, leas amount
paid for interest, expen?
ses and tales. 10,1.01
Individual deposits. 60,068.0)
rime certificates of deposit 57,1*8.98
Certified ohecka. 189.08
Qashler's chcoks outstanding 54.88
Due to Stale Banks, Private
Bankers aud Trust Com?
panies. 8,881.98
Notee and bills re-dlscounted . 9.100.00
Bills payable, lucludlog cer?
tificates of depoalt rep?
resenting money bor?
rowed. 8,600.00
Contingent Liability. 8,800.00
Total. $323388.48
I, H. I'. Ilatrou. Cashier, do solanui
ly swear that tbe above is a true state?
ment of the financial couditlou of tbe lu
i-i '.?- t-'lnauce and Trmi Company, lo?
cated at Big Stone Gap. lu the County of
Wise, Btato of Virginia, at tba cloa* of
imaluesa on the 14th day of Juna
1012. to the best of iut knowledge and
R. 1*. Makros, Caebier.
O. 8. tUnrtix. )
W. T. Ooodloc V Dlreetot?.
J. ?". Hah?i.kn,)
rATtc or Viroihia, County of Wise,
-.,.n to md iubacrlbe<] be for* rca by
. 1'. Barren, CaahUsr, IbU -J4th day of
uu*. lt<W.
HOOU ti. tlUEKP,
Notary Fnblle.
ly Cossmiwiou expires July -*7ih, Wi

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