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Prof. J. P. Brahe attended
the meeting of the Principal? of
the county schools at Norton
Thursday evening.
Prof! J. L. Blake, of the High
School, has boon elected Super?
intendent of thoSouthern Meth?
odist Sunday school to succeed
Prof. J. P. Brahe,
Rov. J. W. Wagner preached
Sunday morning to on interest?
ed audience in the Sunday
school room of the uutinished
M. K. Ohurch, South, followed
in tho afternoon by Rov. Smith
the Presbytoriun minister.
A. K. Maun, who recently re
turned from a visit to his sister
in Utah, was up from BigStono
Gap Saturday.
Little Eleanor Cross, the four
year old daughter of an era
ployee of tho V. & 8. W. living
in Appulachla, died Thursday
ufternoon after an illness of
only iive hours. The child hud
nn attack of acute indigestion
while playing down o n tho
street about nine o'clock in the
forenoon, a n d immediately
wont into convulsions from
which ohe died in a few hours.
IL C. Bailey, traveling repre?
sentative of the wholesale und
retail feed supply hoU8u-at Lan?
caster, Ky., of which he, him?
self, is tho owner, was in Appu?
lachla Saturday looking after
his business interest inj this
Mrs. J, 10. Bunn and attrac?
tive daughters, Misses Marga?
ret and Mary, of Big Stone (lap
spent. Saturday afternoon Shop?
ping in Appalachia, Mrs. Buna
has been quite ill for several
weeks of heart trouble, mid her
friends in Appalachia were
ghul to see her out again.
Mrs. J. L. Bostwick and
handsome daughter, Miss (leor
?iu, wore up from the (lap Fri?
lly to seo Dr. Thomas F. Stu
ley, the Bristol specialist.
(hi account of the abuse of
the spigot kindly provided last
year bv Foreman Under, of the
V. * S". W., for the use of tlio
school, the privilege of using
the water piped across the river
hns been Withdrawn, causing
many little children to sutTer
greatly from thirst at tho school
building these long lint duvs
Mr. and Mrs. McCotinoll and
Miss Kutherine ('leek returned
Sunday night from Now York
City where they have been bin -
ing for Ford & Met'on noil's
fall and winter trade.
Misses .nib Bullitt and Mar?
garet Pettit, of Big Stone (lap,
wero shopping in Appalachia
Saturday. Miss Bullitt will
enter Hollins Institute this
year, while Miss Pettit oxpocts
to enter shool at Winston-Su
lem, N. C.
Mesdumes L. (). Pettit and J.
K. Tuggart were up from the
( lap during the week shopping.
Prominent Assyrians Wed.
Populnr interest in Appala?
chia bus been centered the past
week in the approaching mnr
riage of Miss Hannah Wnkin
und Joseph C. Isaac well known
Miss Hannah is one of rov oral
handsome brunette daughters
of Mr. and Mrs. George Wnkin,
Why You
Should Hare a
In Your Home
BECAUSE Mi . ?. .-. i
BECAUSE Mutti: h ? Inno
CCUt amilM'lllrlll lint ki?j>a
youug Im)? ami f-'irl? amne
UECAUSE alualo attract* run
Crnlal uo'k'ty
BECAUSE M ualc Ufte thought*
above .laity caret, and inu ami
refrushe? the aplrlt.
BECAUSE Mumo inomotea
llMUHioy III llx< I!.
Chas. M. Stieff,
Factory Itiauch Wateiwm*
?!? Malu Ht., I.yucbVurK, Va
0. W. WUITUUBK, Mo.?,;.-l.
who live in the Blondell arldi
t ion. Mies Hannah's father is of
the firm of Wakin, Farmer
andZine, while Mr. Isaac has
also been in the rnerchantile
business in Appalacbia for sev?
eral years.
The marriage, herald by sev?
eral hundred invitations hand?
somely engraved in white end
gold issued during the past
week, occurred Sunday after?
noon at three thirty at the home
of the bride. Practicnlly every?
body in Appalachia was pres?
ent, the house, porches and
yardB being packed almost to
Promptly at throo thirty, an
aisle was clearod through the
pached hall for the approach of
the bridal party.
Miss Kosa Pridemoro at tho
organ sounded the opening
notes of Lohengrin's Hridul
Chorus, and tho bride and
groom-to-be entered the parlor
preceded first by the little rib?
bon girls, Misses Hutli Quntner
and Mabel Peuke, followed by
the matron of honor, a sister of
the bride, with the best man,
.John Wakin, of Norton, n
cousin of the bride.
The ceremony was performed
under a pretty ureh of pink mid
white, the provuiliug color
Boheme. Rev. J, W. Wagner.)
of the M. K. Church, South,
The bride wore a handsome
gowu of cream silk heavily
embroidered in gold, and cam
ed a bouquet of white equa?
tions and bride's roses, a long
voil fastened with orange bios
soms, und the groom K'Hs, a
u very expensive pair of heavy
gold bracelets, and other oxpeu
sive jewelry completed her cos?
After the ceremony, the wed?
ding party led the ?vuy into the
dinning room, also decorated
in pink and white.
At the bride's table were
seatod the following guests:
Rev. and Mrs. Wagner, Mrs.
U. 1). Morrison, Mrs. Qreen
wood, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Rroyles, Mrs. Miller, Mrs
Smith, Mrs. Crizor, Mrs. Mc
Council, Miss Katherine Cleek,
the best man, John Wakin, of
Norton, the matron of honor,
and the bride and ({room.
Elaborate refreshments of all
kinds of fruit, meats, salads,
desserts and a lavish supply of
"drinkables" were served, the
latter mostly from tubs of
oraeked ice in the back porch
to the masculine contingent.
Mr. and Mrs. lsauc wore tho
recipients of many handsome
and expensive gifts from a
largu circle of friends and rela?
tives in Appaluchin anil nearby
The couple will continue to
make their home in Appala?
State Hoard of Health Ready
to Distribute Great Dip
theria Remedy.
Richmond, Vtt., Sept. 7. ? In?
asmuch as dlptheria is already
being reported from various
parts of the Stste, the Board of
Health today announced that
the previous rules for the dis?
tribution of antitoxin will be
maintained this winter.
Ry special arrungement with
the manufacturers of antitoxin,
the Hoard of Health keeps in
stock a large supply of antitox?
in which it sells ut prime cost,
less than one third of tho retail
price. Antitoxin may be or?
dered at any time and will be
sout from Richmond by the
first carriage. Kill for the an?
titoxin will bo rendered by the
As these arrangements for
the distribution of tho great
diptlieriu remedy place anti?
toxin in the hands of those who
need it at a minimum cost, the
Uoard Of Health will tine every
effort during the comitig dip
theria season to have thfserum
widely distributed.
Congressman 0> R. Slemp of
tho Ninth Virginia district is
in town looking as cool und
quiet as a cucumber. The He
publican nomination for Con?
gress in his district was hand?
ed him a few days ago and ho
think'- there i s hardly any
doubt of his ro-olectioii. Kx
Attorney Ueueral Avers, of
Hig Stone Cap, is his Demo?
cratic oppouont. ? Whitesburg
t.Ky.,) Kagle.
K. W, It. Kwing, a former
In county boy, who now re
sides in Alexandria, is getting
data for a history of the early
settlement of Loo county. The.
work is expected to be publish?
ed early next year.
Births and Deaths Being Well
Reported from Many
Parts of State.
Richmond, Va., Sept. 7.?
That the people of Virginia ure
anxious to secure the legal pro?
tection given by a proper record
of births and deaths became
obvious today when the first
roturns under the new vital
staticticB law were labuluted at
the Stale Health Department.
Following a lengthy cam?
paign of publicity, tho new law
for the registration of all births
and deaths in the State became
effective on Juno 14, at which
time the registrars appointed
under the statute began the dis?
charge o f their duties. The
first reports filed by them were
received on July 10 anil covered
the latter half of June. These
reports have now been roughly
tabulated and the results are
declared most encourgiug.
"In many parts of the State"
said Health Commissioner Wil
Hams yestorday, "tho law is hi -
ing so well enforced that prac?
tically all the births and deaths
are being reported. In other
counties, our off or Is have not
yet brought satisfactory results,
but taking the State as a whole,
the showing for the first weeks
is most encouraging. On the
basis of tho showing already
made, we feid confident that
within the next few months the
great majority of all deaths and
births will he registered, and
we believe public sentiment
will soon be strong enough to
guarantee a certificate and a
burial permit as a regular part
of interments. "Much credit
for this good showing is due
local registrars who, under the
provisions of the law, are justi?
ces of the peace in the counties
ami the local health officers in
the cities. Many of the rural
justices have shown a keen in?
terest in the work and are for?
warding their certificates in ex?
cellent shape. As they receive
smalt pay for this work, they
deserve the heartiest thanks of
tho people.
"An interesting aspect of the
now law is tho readiness with
which the Virginia people have
reported births. In other States
it has generally been easier to
get a record of deaths than of
births and sometimes it has
been necessary to postpone the
reports of births until the sys?
tem for t h e registration of
deaths was in working order.
In Virginia, we have had little
trouble on this account. Our
people fully realize the impor
tanco of registering all births
to avoid legal difficulties and,
at this time, a r o report ing
births more generally than
they report deaths."
"As soon as the July figures
are tubulated, we hope to pub?
lish tin exact statement of the
number of births and deaths
Eleven Foot Coal In Wise.
While a great deal has been
said in the press of the country
about the wonderful develop?
ment of coal in the mountains
of eastern Kentucky, it must
not be overlooked that some
thing has been doing along near
Kentucky state lino and the
Virginia side. The Purdue peo?
ple are the largest developers
on this side of the Pluck Moun?
tains. During the past eight
teen months this company
known as the Rlaekwood Oottl
Co., has opened up the thickest
Ream of coal perhaps ever open?
ed in this entire belt. The vein
measures eleven feet clean coal.
Through this vein the company
is tunnelling Black Mountain
and when through will bring
coal and lumber back from their
large tracts of coal and timber
lands over on the Kentucky
side. They h a v e built the
Roaring Pork brunch line from
Black wood to Pardeo, about
twelve or fourteen miles t o
Black Mountain. Above the
eleven foot seam some two hun?
dred feet they have opened a
five foot vein of splint coal to
be used for domestic purposes.
The company is also mining
coal at Roaring Fork to bo
burned into coke at Black woodi
whore they have 282 ovens.
They have a new bund mill
near the Pluck Mountain which
has a capacity of ?lo.Ooo feet per
day.? Cooburn Journal.
A number of of tuen workiug
at imboden und adjoining
towns are living in Big St.me
Uap and use the automobiles
to go to nud from their work.
?njegant $350Jano FREE
FOUR more Grand Prizes AI QOfl flf)
aggregating $980. Total, yl.UuU-UU
Besides the special prizes offered in connec?
tion with this contest.
With every one dollar purchase at
E. M. Cooper & Sons' General Merchandise Store,
at Keokee, Virginia,
loo voles will he given, and on old accounts 200 votes will be
given. Candidates are invited to call and ?et full particulars
of the contest and examine the piano and other prizes.
With every dollar paid to The Big Stone Gap Post on
back subscription ?60 votes will be given. With every dollar
paid on subscription in advance or new subscription 1000
votes will be given;
Contest Closes April 30th, 1913.
Standing of Candidates September 7th:
Miss Etliol Hcrron 18,950
Miss Ariele i llark n.OOCj
Miss Kpple Murrlii .. 2,1041
Miss Amina King ft,ISO
Mis* Mary t'.H>|s>r . . 11,1(00
Mrs. K, Teaguo . Ijlt.tOO
Miss Molllo Iaiio. lo.u.'iO
Miss Martha Dean. 8,560
Mrs. rims. Swacker . :i,it5o
Mr*. ,1, Ii. Clay . 4,080
Miss Hard lllOTlns . 10,050
Miss Anna MayClcek . 2,700
Mist tlraoe BhcphesD . 3,000
Miss Susie i.e.,'!; ;i7,70il
Miss It. K. Culbertson / 8,700
Miss llarrlotte Dotson. 3,200
Miss Una Collier 1,700
Miss Maude Lannlnglinin . 0,500
Mlsa Alleo Robins 7,000
Miss Bertha CalllnswortU 4,700
MIkh Mallnila Win 811,150
Mrs. <;. W. King . ?0,850
Mis, Vorliu Tiller . 18.000
Miss Violet Thompson 1,300
Miss Miillnda Hull .... |,900
Miss Mallnila Morris. 111,000
Mia* Nettle Morris. 7,n00
Mrs. T. K. Itobbins. . [11,400
Mrs Nellie Manure . . Ifi.nOU
Miss Maude Kleehor. 10,850
Mrs. T. N. litKK 11,100
Mrs. George tiilis.ui li.iOO
Miss Kditli Coahran 6,650
Miss .Nellie Kleleher . 80.000
Mis. John Kdene; . .s,:.o,>
Miss Ithoda Jone* . 1050
Miss Hellen Palmer.14,050
Mlaa Bthel Morris . 8,200
Miss Msry Prater 18,100
Mrs. Nellie l.avlns 87.360
(). C. Hyatt.
Raier Coal A Coke Co.
Thomas Andrews A Co.
Ksaer Coal A Coke Co.
I'u the Creditor* <>f Iba K?ser Coal ami
< '<ikc t jompahy
Vou are hereby notified that, pursuant
to a deoree of Uta lion it a \V/. ski-.ii,
Judge of llic Circuit Court of Wise
County, Virginia, rendered in vacation
on the 28th day of May, inf.'. in the
above styled causes pending in said
court, a convention of tin- oreditoru of
the TCseer Coal and. Coke Company will
be held in'tba office'of the nndendgnetl,
special Coiiiiii!?aioucr, In tin- liitcrinout
Building, In the town of Ulg stun,- (lap,
WIho County. Virginia, on Friday, the
18th day of September, IBM, at in
o'clock a. in., at which time the said
Special Commissioner will proceed to
tiike an account of the debtaand liens of
the Kaid cotnpnny. and their order of
priority, ami will receive evidence as to
the rtecelver's cosuy ami charges herein,
?ml the tabor lieu of ThOruas Andrews A
Company, and the lease of Sept IMth.
IDOo, from fatrick I lagan ami T Q.
Wells to the Ksser Coal and Ccki) Com
parry, the amount of eoal mined there
under, and Hie royalit.- paid on aocotlllt
of Haid lease: ami will further hear evi?
dence on the asKOts of the said K.sser
Coal mid Coke Company, and such Other
mattem as are referred to him by the
terms of aald decree.
This K'th day of August, 1910.
MAYO (A III.1.1.,
Special Commissioner.
Aug 11 :u tfi
Bik Stona (jap. Va.
Wagon and Buggy wort A specialty
1 have an Up-to-date Machine for putting
on Rubber Tires. I am assiated by .1. (!.
Nvnl, an esprit In Itubher Tire and \\ug.
^y work. All work ....... prompt attcu
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
f/KAVK NORTON -7M a. in. for
Lynchburg and Intermedi?re sla
lions. Pullman sleeper Kluefleld to
Philadelphia vi.t flagcratQwn, and
Pullman sleeper ttoanoke to Rich
mond aud Norfolk. Alaoconnection*
at UlucQold with trains Westbound.
Pullman aleeper to Cincinnati and
I.KAVK NORTON 3:80 p. ra. for point*
North, Kaat ami West.
LEAVE I1HISTOL?Dally, B:I5 a. m.I
for K.ttst iiailfoiil, Koanoke, Lynch
burg, Petersburg, Itlobfuond mid
Norfolk, Pullman 1'arlor Car to
Klchmoud, l ai,' Car Roanoke and
llagcrstow'.i. Pullman shvper Itoa
itoke i" New Vork vlsi llageratown
and llarrlnburg.
r>:tr> p. in. for Norfolk and interim dlate
|wiiuts, Pullman Sli*e|iers lo Norfolk
1:88?. m and.7:35 p. in. (limited.) Solid
trains with pullmanoleeperato Wash?
ington, Baltimore. Philadelphia und
Now Vork via Lynohbiirg. Doeauol
make local slop*.
Pi'.lAp. m, daily lor all (KiinU between
llrlstol and Lynchburg Connects at
Walton at -Vti? p, 111 with the Nt.
Louis Kx press for all point* west, and
If you are thinking of, taking a trip
YQtj want quotations, clirapcht fare, re
liable and correct Information, as to
routes, train schedules, the moat comfort
able and quickest way. Write and the
information is yours for the asking, w ith
one of our complete .Map Folders.
W. B, B?VIIJ, O. P. A.
W. C S\lM>l.ll-.,
I Asst. Qen'l Pass. Agt.,
lloancku, V*.
State of Ohio, city ntTowT"
Lucas County,
rraplrj. Cheney rraki, o?iw
Is scmor partner of p j <?i
doing hnsliiess in tho (' h. ?7 i
County and Sute .rorw/w ' !|
Mid firm will
DREI? I).,!.. Al
case of Catarrh that cannot L ^
the use or BALL'S I ATAHiM F*
Sworn to heforo me ?m ?1
In my presence, this 6th dir nf
ber, A. I). 1880. 3 '
Hall s Catarrh Cure iMak? u?1"
and acta directly upon ti,? u<xA^.
coua surfaces ol the sy*teni sHj
testimonials, free.
F. J. CIIF.SF.Y A CO, Tok*
Sold by all Druggists, Jfo ?
Take Hall's Family Pili, fM
Tho One Dny Coi-l Cun.
For cold In the hta-i.: . .Mh. .? ,
loll'. CiMro-.il... I. . IT.!?"*?.?? I
Head or Public School S.utratf
Cnllcge, Graduate. Law, V;
to deserving students. HotlOtwroiL
costs to Virginia stmli n' ,t, t>(. ^Jl
uiic Departments Semi fur ctuk?3
HOWARD WIN'sTtiN. ?.peJc
Unlvcr-llt, Vi.
Civil ami Mining Knglr.eervl
Big Stone Cap. Va. H.-irlaii,K)|
Reporta and estimates on Coal wiTa
her l.aiidH, Dc?lc,ii ami l'laiisi.f fialt,
1'oke Plauts, I .and. Railroad tad lb
Engineering, Electric Blue I'rintitg.
Attorney at Law,
Intermoiit Itldg. 1110 STONBOAP.Tj
Judge T. M. Alderson, M Im, V?
.ludge 0. \V. KUgore, Wist, Til
Alderson & Kilgore,|
Wise, Virginia.
1 ifiiecs. Rooms 7 and 8, second Hoor, u,?*1
IXii. opposite the Court House
' Office on First Floor iuternio?t Bnlldisj
Big Stono Gap, Virginia.
0I*M Att.Mloo to Collrrlluni ?oJ Frunol an*.
Ref ractlonist.
I Treats diseases of the Etc, E?r.
and Throat.
Will lie In Appalachia FIRST FMIU\|
in each month until n I'. M.
i>i^ivxAis'r. I
Office 111 Polly Building
OIBce Hours?s to l?a. m.; 1 t?aB.m.
11. T. IRV1NK. KYI.K HOW801
Otlleo 11 Ihtermonl Building.
Big Stono Gap. Virginia.
Civil and Mining Engineer.
Polly Itiiildlng. BIO STOMi OftP, * <?
l:\aminatliTus and ReporK Sitvtjl,
Plans and Ii -.
Utflcu In BkacVn Building
Big Stone. Cap, Va.
Eye, Ear, Nose and
Th roat.
Eyes Examined for Classes.
Office: Pile Hid. over Minor ? Drug Store
BigSionoGap, ?? Virginia.
Office in Polly Building.
Uphck Houiih- a to 12; 1 to 5.
Attorney at Law,
Polly liuildlng
Big Stone Cap, Virginia
_Notary Public. _
Treats Dloeasos of the
Bye, Ear, Hose and Throat,
Will bo Irt Applaachla Third
Friday In Eaoh Month.

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