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The Big Stone Gap Post.
VOL XX _ _ ??_
' - ' B,G ST0NE GAP. WISE COUNTY. VA.. WEDNESDAYTTl?Wi^Eir^?i^ No745~~,
[Wilson The Nation's Choice
Cuni?irssiiiiin Sli-ui|i KM-h-HiM, Over General
Ayers For Congress,
Will Carry Hie Ninth District of Virginia by Probably a
Thousand Majority.
I - ;
? In yesterday's election (iov.
Hi-ruor Wood row Wilson^ of New
? Jersey, ami a native son nf Vir
B^iuia, tlu> democratic candidate
? for president of tho United
? States was elected by a large
Hpluarity over Koosovdlt and
? Tuft, und is thought will curry
R Hire ???fourths of the State-..
? With several states to hear
| from only Smith Dakota, Mich
B i.' in, Pennsylvania and ('mi
I a ei-t leu t had gone fur KooBevelt,
H and Vermont almie for Tuft.
I Shortly before midnight the
following message was sent
out from New Y ork to Govern?
or Wilson by Colonel Ito ?suvolt:
"The American people by a
great pludrity have conferred
upon you the highest honor In
their gift 1 congratulate yon;
In the race for congress in
the Ninth Virginia district, the
Republican candidate, t' ingress
I H Slemp was reelocltfd to
congress by from sou to tOOl)
majority, estimated oil an lib
officio,) vote of tb.unties
with not all the precincts heard
from and based oh Mio follow?
ing figures:
Cnunticii Slemp Uii>
Itiisseli. ((2
Uristol (City i. -Jo:; I
Washington 252 |
bland ltd
la/ewell i:.o
I'ulaski 220
Wythe 100
IMckonson. 75
Ntnythe. Iftfl
Buchanan not heard from.
The vote in l?g Stone ( lap
precinct was heavy, lo:> votes
in .ill, and gave General Ayers
a majority of nine. Ayers re
COived 195; Slemp, lb''.: (Ira
The Democratic Candidate in the Ninth Congressional
District Election Tuesday.
dicated thut they could not
possibly make any material in
roail on tbt? National outcome
und further that the democratic
electoral vote, would stand 350
or more.
The people's eagerness for
nowfl of tlie outcome of the
presidential candidates over?
shadowed tin- minor olliees
in the slates where they
were to be voted on and no
reliable news of consequence
exeept that Hooper had won as
governor of Tennessee and the
winde democratic ticket in
Ohio hod carried, could bo ob?
tained lit the time we go to
Republican Candidate Re-elected to Congress in Ninth
Congressional District.
ham, U, ami the rcmaindor were
thrown out. The precinct also
guvo Wilson i! majority.
At the time tho patrons of
I the leased "wires" loft oarly
this morning nothing had boon
board from West Virginia and
some of tl.Xtreme Western
stales, tliotlgh bulletins from
tho (?(Hees of the New York
ami St. I.ouis daily tinners in
In Memory Of Jacob Casper.
The passing of J. B. Cnspor
w as fell as deeply by the oiti
zeus of Norton, us any man
who could have been taken at
this time. We would not if we
[could pay any sort of highly
colored eulogy to his memory,
i for such would hot be npprecia
; ted by him if lie could !)<? aware
'of it, nor would it. apply in his
ease. Plain, unassuming, bom
est, conscientious, kind; a good
neighbor. His entiro life was
a summary, ami an irhporisha
ble record of all the noble ??bar
acteristics that k<> '?> make up a
splendid manhood.
In Ins home life he was a
model; No kinder father h?r
tender husband ever ruled over
a home. Iiis sons were always
?'his boys." und companions.
His wife through all the years
found him the same attentive,
lielpful ami devoted husband.
In ins wide circle of acquunt
auces Im had not .1 Bingle ene?
my. All who knew him re?
spected him. He was a chris
11.in of "simple faith", and if
us tho good book says, "thut
the faith of the just man is us
a shilling light whicb grows
brighter and brighter to the
end," then the end of .1. B.
1 lasper's life must have been a
very bright one.
More could he said, h 11 t
enough. May this brief refer
etice bo only a reminded of his
noble virtues us the years go
by. Kiml friend, good neigh
bor, splendid citizen farewell,
well done! T. P. S.
Norton, Vu., Oct. 81.
Mrs. .1. It. Dougherty and
daughter wore in town Fri?
day returning to their home at
Mi"; Stone (lap, after a visit of
two weeks at Hales Mill. They
were accompanied to town by
Mr. 11. VV. Dougherty.?
tiiito City Herald.
Northern Mon?
ey Moving
To South
New Industries Being Pro?
jected All Over Dixie
Backed by Outside
Baltimore, October 31. ?
Among the many Southern in?
dustrial and other development?
al enterprises reported in this
week's issue of the manufac?
turers' Record are the follow?
Virginia Tower Company,
Charleston, VV, Va., recently
reported incorporated, is cap
tali zed at |2?.000,000, and it be?
ing financed in New York; it
will construct an cuxilinry
sti am power station on Great
Kanawhu River, at the coal
mines, twelve miles from Char?
leston, to devolop 16,000 kilo
wutls, it's further plans pro?
vide for building about 200
nub s of transmission lines for
furnishing electricity through?
out the Kanawhu and New
Kivcr district to coal operators,
it being estimated that more
than 100,000 horsepower is re?
quired; com puny has begun
constructing a 1,400 i>y 125 foot
dam at Hull Shoal, where 100,.
000 kilowatts are available, ami
will develop three other water
powers; those three are at Blue
stone with 126,000 kilowatts
available, Richmond with 16,000
kilowatts available and < lauley
Junction with 30,t> kilowatts
available; construction has be
gun ul t'ubin t'n-ek and Hull
shoal; Charles, <>. Lun/., of
New York, is the company's
chief engineer.
Louisiana Interstate Mineral
Cothynny, I.aural, Miss , recent
ly incorporated with $3,1100,000
capital stock, has organized to
develop 15,0(X) acres of land in
Smith and Jasper Count los;will
mine marl limestone, etc., quttr
ry biueslone, manufacture fer?
tilizer, construct hydroulectrie
plant developing 10,11110 horse?
power, build railway connect?
ing Natchez and Meridian, etc.
The Kdwin M. Knowles China
Company. Iv.ist Liverpool,Ohio
and Chester, \V. Va., increas?
ed capital stock to : .-.00,0110 and
will build plant at Newell, VV,
Va., will erect 700 by 285 fool
building with fifteen ware kilns
and twelve decorating kilns, of
fireproof construction, etc, will
operate by electric power, cost
The Homer Laughlin China
Company, ?ust Liverpool, (thio
will build additional plunt at
Newell, VV. Va., proposes llf
teen-kiln pottery for chinaware
requiring one a n ?1 two-story
>.oo by 300 foot building, cost?
ing about (200,000, and machin?
ery costing about ?50,000
The Tobacco Products Cor?
poration, Richmond, Va., was
chartered with $60,000,000 capi?
tal stock to manufacture ci
Town Creek Alfalfa Compa
ny, West Point, Mis- , was in?
corporated with $1,000,000 capi?
tal stock to cultivate alfalfa in
Clay County.
The National Cast-Iron Pike
and Foundry Company, Hoyles,
Ala., will be organized to build
plant, reported to cost ?260,000
for manufacturing pipe for
water, gas, etc.
The International Agricul?
tural Corporation, New York
and Atlantic, purchased fifteen
acres of land at Tit'ton, Q?.,
ami will build acidulating and
fertilizer plant; main building
I GO by 340 feet, costing $100,000
shipping capacity for first sea?
son will be 1.car loads.
The Williams Cbnsoldated
Slate Company, Showden, Va.,
was incorporated with $15U,0U0
capital stock to develop slate
Red Shale Brick Company,
Asheville, N. C, was incorpo
rated with $26,000 capital stock
to manufacture bricks.
Southern Hardwood Lumber
Company. Richmond, was in?
corporated with $50,001) capital
stock to manufacture lumber.
Cespe Kanawhu Coal Compa?
ny, Bream, VV, Va., recently
incorporated with $50,u(H> cupi
tal stock, acqu'red existing
coal plant with l.uoo tons duily
cupacity and will increase to
2,50h tons.
Liberty Orchards Company,
Hrookneal. Va., recently incur
porated with *?'>",000 capital
stock, will develop 100 acres'
of land for apple and other
I fruit growing; will install can
nery and cold storage system.]
R. K. Wood Lumber Compa?
ny, Kontana, tf. C, will build'
saw mill with daily capacity:
30,000 feet of lumber.
Southmere Karins and Fruit
Company, Philadelphia, Pa.,
recently incorporated with
$500,000 caoital stock, will de?
velop UA.OOti acres of truck and
fruit land in Krevard County.
Chucky River Hydroelectric
plant on Xolachucky River.
James Schookraft Sherman.
The grim shadow has once
more fallen across our national
life, and on the eve of election,
the country mourns the death
of tho Vice President, ,1 times
Sehonlcraft Sherman. Men of
all parties and of all faiths will
feel his going as a loss. The
office of Vice-President 's. de?
spite light jests, a grave and
responsible position, and t->
have its holder removed swiftly
from an active and useful life
is a catlsu for sincere regret.
However widely political ilifTcr
ences may carry the people of
the United States apart, they
have joined in admiration for
the gentle good nature and
pleasant friendliness of this
statesman whose smile won for
him from a laughter loving tin
litre, tin- title of "Sunny Jim."
I le appealed to l hem as a man
whose heart was sound anil
Whose view of life was simple
ami wholesome lie cared for
what the average man cures
for, and while gieater states?
men may hn\ e tilled t lit! \ ice
presidential chair, WO doubt
whether any of them ever won
a liner title to respect thai! this
seemingly irreverent nickname.
Mr, Sherman has served tin
country for a long lei in of years.
In Congress he was the friend
of Thomas It. Reed, and his
personal popularity has been
not a whit less real among
Democrats than Republicans.
That he held tin- respect and
confidence of Iiis home district
was proved by the unanimity
Of his re-elections as Congress
man nine times. His deeds
have been attacked, but i n
every case his record remained
unstained. He was a conser?
vative by nature and environ
ment. He believed that the
old ways were best, und his
own abilities defended bis con?
victions. Hut all his public
achievements will be forgot
ten long before the people In
served will forget that lie was
a sunshiny and lovable man.?
Richmond Times Dispatch.
Great Educational Conference
in Capital City Thanksgiving
Richmond, Va., October 31.?
School officials and teachers all
over tho State will be glad to
learn that the next session of
the Virginia Educational Con?
ference will be held in this City.
November 'Jii-*2!l. It will he a
great meeting, and Richmond
is making preparations to enter?
tain royally all who attend.
The Educational Conference
of Virginia is composed of the
following bodies: StatoTeach?
ers' Association, Co-operative
Education Association, Trus?
tees' Association, and the l)i
visionSuperiotendents, The dis- j
cussions at these annual meet-1
ings have done much to create
the great interest in better
The ofllcers of the Conference
nre:P rofessor J. I*. McL'onnoll,
Emory, Va.. President, und J.
11. Binford, Richmond, Secre?
tary. Write to them fur furth?
er information.
Over Five Thousand in
Schools Every Day
Tho school reports of Wise
county for the month of Sop
tember show u much larger en?
rollment ami average attend?
ance over the same month of
lust year. Prof. J. X. Hitlman,
district superintendent, has
made up his report for Septem?
ber and has also just completed
a full and complete itemized
and tubulutod report showing
What was done in Wise county
during the year ending with
the beginning of tho present
The total enrollment for Sep?
tember shows that 5,516 pupils
enrolled in tie- county with an
average daily attendance o f
5,125 as against a total enroll?
ment in September, 1911, of
? and an average daily at?
tendance of 4,'jso. There are
three independent school dis?
tricts in the county -Big Stone
tiuli, Norton ami Wise. The
enrollment in these indopeut
dent district schools is: Pig
Stone Gap, 512: Norton, 405,
and Wise, llii. L'oeburn is not
mi independent district, but the
town has a district high school.
The enrollment in the Coeburn
school was IT7. The 1911 en?
rollment for September was as
follows: Big Stone Hap, 477;
Norton. 378 Wise, :it','j und Coe?
burn, 149, Tin? daily average
attendance In September, 1911,
was- Big Stone (Jap, 435: Nor?
ton, 841; Wise 338,andOoeburn
During the year ending Sep?
tember I, six new school houses
wore erected in the county and
additions were made to two of
the old buildings. The location
and cost of the new buildings
is as follows: lmboden and Di?
rnau at a cost of $2,000 each,
I'ardee, Marshall and Collins,
11,0.iaob and t Daily Fork,
$1,105 Four-room additions
Wore made at Fast Stone Hup
at a cost of 13,000 and at Appa
lachia at a cost of $2,500.
Two new buildings are being
planned. One will bo erected
on Uuest mountain, about
midway between Coeburn and
Wise, to be four rooms and cost
jO,(too. ,\t present the Slullard,
Fruley and Smith schools ure
located near the proposed site
of the le w building and when
the new school is established it
will do away with the three
present schools ami the new
school will be a graded school.
There is also a new building
to be erected at Dig Stone (lap
for colored children. This will
be a two room building with
t w o large basement rooms
which can be used for school
purpose.-, and the building will
i'ost about fl.txiound will be
i.Btructed of brick.
The total cost of the main?
tenance o f schools, erection
and repairs of school building
und to cover all school expen?
ditures for the 1911-12 school
year totaled $110,646.91.
Tho number of teachers em?
ployed during the year was 159
I ami there were ?7 schools in
the county. At present there
me I'll teachers and 77 schools
in the county.
The enrollment for October
is much larger than that for
Se ptember and all the schools
will show an increased enroll?
ment and daily average attend?
ance for October over Septem?
ber.?! Jooburn Journal.
Womans Dome Mission So?
ciety will meet Thursduy after?
noon at three o'clock at the
home of Mrs. J. W. Kelly on
Poplar Hill.
You should not fail to seo
Heinz's demonstration at the
Nickels Orocory Company ou
the 20th iust. See full particu?
lars in next week's paper. ?Adv
MINERS wanted by
Stonegap Colliery Com?
pany, Glamorgan, V'a. Steady
work. Highest price per ton
paid in the district. Healthy
camp. F.xcellent water. School
and church facilities.
Stonegap Colliery Co.
! 30, J. 5>. CHEYNEY, Qm'I Supt.

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