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WEDNESDAY. NOV. 0, 191*2
Fabuohe?! Every Wednesday by the
Ona Yaar,
Six Months,
Thres Month*.
Eutered accorillin; t<> postal regulations
at tbe poat office at lllg Stone (lap mwv
ond-claaa matter
SUBSCRIBERS uro earnestly re?
quested to observe the <lute
printed on their address slips,
which will keep thetn at all
times posted as to the date
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save nil parties a great tleul of
The uttention of the citizens
of Richmond Magisterial Dis?
trict ia called to the notice of
E. J. Prescott, supervisor for
this district, appearing else?
where in this issue of the Post,
requesting them to meet in the
town hall at this place on next
Saturday afternoon at B:30
o'clock for the purpose of dis?
cussing the advisability of is?
suing district bonds for the
completion of the macadam on
the roads already graded In the
district. It is desired that
every one who can will conn
out to this meeting prepared to
express their views on the sub?
ject If the sentiment is in
favor of bonds it is the inten?
tion of petitioning the courts to
order nn election to be held
some time in December, At
least two of tho other districts
in the county will vote on bonds
and it is desired to have the
elections in the various districts
held at the same time. The
Richmond district can well af?
ford to issue bonds BUfHcieht to
complete all our roads, and
every one who can should come
out Saturday afternoon and
discuss and hear discussed the
plans to be proposed and de
cide on the amount necessary
to do tili? work, liood roads
has already done a great deal
for this district and it would be
folly not to complete at least
those that have been graded.
Eating lunch every day in
ten minutes is another form of
speed mania that is responsible
for many deaths.
Explorers in New Mexico re?
cently have found a prehisto?
ric Hat, hut even the janitor
had become extinct.
There is a shortage in the
cranborry crop, but thus far no
shortage in the turkey crop has
been reported.
Scientists claim I hoy have
discovered the germ of measles
by experience on apes. Rut
{neustes is not a thingto monkey
A Pennsylvania woman suing
for divorce charged that she
has had but two new dresses in
twelve years. N o stronger
case of extreme cruelty was
over made out.
Some men are born liars,
some have to lie for a living,
and some 1 i e because their
wives iro too inquisitive.
A Pennsylvania man died at
a bull game while rooting for
the winning team. From a
'?fun's" view he died at the
summit of earthly bliss.
Kaiser Wilhelm is afflicted
with rheumatism, which hurts
quite as badly in t'crmun, we
are informed, an it does in Eng?
The New York commissioner
of police had his pocket picked.
Under present conditions in
that city this seems like adding
insult to injury.
???. -~
Another Fatal Automobile
While taking a load ol pas?
sengers from the Monte Vista
Hotel to the L. & N. depot,
about 8 o'clock Friday night.
0. 0. Long's lG-passenger au?
tomobile overturned when it
struck a mud hole in a treach?
erous, narrow place in the road
near the depot, resulting in
slight injuries to I'. A. Kidd,
of Knoxvillc, Term., and Mr.
Long, and fatal injuries to
Joseph Amos, the colored por?
ter at the.hotel who lived until
about .'? o'clock Monday morn?
ing. All of the passengers were
more or less shaken up and
The dummy was out of com?
mission on account of a derail?
ed car blocking the track on
Fast Fifth street, hence the
auto was called into service
and had made ono trip with
trunks and returned for the |
passengers w h o wore those
mentioned above and 0, F.
Willmot, of Cincinnati, Mana?
gerand Mrs. K. L. Parks, of
the Monte Vista und L. T. Win?
ston. The place where the ac?
cident occurred is generally
considered dangerous and we
learn that Mr. Long, who was
going comparatively slow, pro?
bably .s or lo miles an hour
tried to regain the road but
could not and car slowed head
foremost over the bank where
it turned on its side pinning
Mr. Kidd and the porter under
it. Mr. Long, who is known as
n careful driver stayed at the
steering wheel until the car
quit rolling, and the other pas?
sengers remained in the car ex?
cept Amos who. some think,
jumped, und in the direction of
rather than away from the
overturning car.
Amos was unconscious and
remained so until his death.
He was liked by his employer
because of his faithfulness and
numbered among his friends
the traveling public and citizens
of Big Stone Gap, because of
his ability to scatter sunshine
and at the same time keep in u
darkies place, His remains
wore prepared for burial by \V.
\V. Taylor and sons and sent to
Brooklyn, tin., where his peo?
ple live, for burial.
V. I. C. & C. Company
Makes Coal Record.
TllO Virginia Iron, Coal and
Coke Company in October
broke all previous coal output,
having mined a total of l.l?,
833 tons. The Toms Creek
Mines alone run 110,171 tons us
against their previous record of
101,183 tons.
The fact that these latter
mines are served by three lines
of railway has helped materi?
ally on car supply, as the lost
time on this account, during
the period mentioned amounted
to but about three whole days.
(?f the coal shipped from
Toms Creek, G3,fifil gross ions
were dumped over Lnmberts
Point piers into steamers ami
vessels on account of their Bos?
ton und .Maine rail road con?
tract. ?Roanoko Times.
Mr. Antony Foster died of
old age at his home five miles
east of town Friday evening.
The burial took place Sunday.
He is survived by bis wife and
several children. We are in?
formed that Mr. Foster was
eighty-six years old. He lived
a quiet, peaceful life und was
esteemed as a good man by his
neighbors and acquaintances,
Qate City Herald.
Bed apples may produce red
pheeks, us u fruit grower says, |
but green apples make a little
boy blue.
We' one) t>ii? Hundred Dollars Re
ward for uuy (MM <>f t Atairh tli.il cannot
Is- curist l>y flail's Catarrh ? lurei
r s 0HKNKY A CO , Toledo, fl
We, tin- undersigned, have kiu'Hii V
J. Cheney for the fast 16 .M?rs, ?t?l
Heye tili? perfectly honorable In all busi?
ness transaction* and financially utile to
<-?rry out obligation! Iiuulo by Ills llrm
Toledo, u
Hull's Catarrh Cure I* taken Internally
ar.Ung directly upon the Mood mid mu
cons am luce* of ihr system 'fcstlroo.
mIuIa sent frv*\ Price To ?Tilts per lieltl.
Sold by all Druggists
Take Hall's Family Pill* fpi cotistlpa
tton ? ?<lv
Shoe Repair Shop.
1 am prepared to do all kinds
of shoe repairing in first class
and up-to-date style. My shop
is on Fast Fifth Street in the
old Senter stand, and 1 solicit
your patronage. adv.
W. 11. L.AWSON.
A Delightful Halloween Party
Misses Fannie Johnson and
.Mary Barron wore the charm?
ing hostesses at a delightful
Progressive Halloween Part}
on last Thursday evening. The
guests assembled ot Miss Bar?
ren's ut eight o'clock and were
met at the gate by two witches
who te 1 them to (he parlor,
which was profusely decorated
with leaves, pumpkins a n <i
jack-o-lantems. There o 1 d
time games were indulged in.
such as bobbing for apples,
whirling the plate and punch?
ing for fortunes which were in
peanut shells.
At ten thirty the guests wen
led by the witches across the
street to Miss Johnson's. The
house was decorated in autumn
leaves, jack o-lanterus. strings
of corn and shocks of fodder.
In the dinning room the myste?
ries of the future were unfold?
ed to the delighted guests by a
witch, who was consoalod in a
booth m a d e of fodder. At
twelve o'clock the guests were
served with delicious refresh?
ments consisting of sandwiches,
piekels, pumpkin pie, hot choc
nlato, cake and coffee'.
Those present were. Misses'
Fannie and I .on.-IIa Johnson,
Mary Barron, Hannah Kibler, I
Manie Brown, Lillian Head,
Gladys Lyle, Ifidnn Catron, I
Tholind and Mary Baker, Kath?
leen Knight. Mary SkeOi) and j
Mrs. Prank Kibler. Messers
John Johnson, Jerome a n d ]
Poliert Wells, Henderson ttors-I
ley, Willie Baker, Charles i
Voting, Charles Fowler, Her?
bert Brown, Peter Wolfe. Biltie
MathoWB, James Kelly, Walt- r
Nickels and John (iilly.
House Burned.
Tony Nurd, a prosperous
Italian furnu r living in the
Wild Cat Valley, m ar Oreton,
had tlie misfortune of getting
his dwelling house and all his
household offeots burned on
last Wednesday night. The
loss also included about j 3If.
ill money that he had saved up.
and was expecting to deposit
in the bank in a few days It
is not known how the house
caught tire, but there is some
suspicion that it was of an ill
ciudiary origin.
No Wonder Zcmo Is Guaran?
teed to Slop Itching, and
Docs It.
A row applicationsol ZK.Ml) tin- re?
markable new remedy foi -.kin atuictlonn
arid awa) go llui terrible itching anil
pain of ecxehia and eenohia tores, piiu
plca, blotches prickly heat, i iah
Ii given relief Instant!) in no irritated
iiilliiiiii-d or raw skin. Its soothing ef
reel is almost heavenly. 5CK.Mll i- a
liipiid. Von apply It in a moment! It
sinks rii;lit in and Us werk begins; Ii
cannot I-.- equaled by Anything in this
world for sunburn or reddened skin Use
it oh tho children for prickly heat, on
any sore* bite* or Mings /.KMO is
absolutely salu Duiidrull absolutely
,lis.,|i|s ;is iftoi using itK.Ml1
It will coat yoil only So penis in tr)
/.KMO llrst and prove it
ZKMO is Kolil in W-rcnl and tl bottles
or sent dlrool on receipt of price, by K.
W Uom ModlcinoCn . Si Louis, M.>.
I'ho tl liottiea contains si\ times much
us thii SA-ccnt bottle.
Sold and guaranteed Iii lllg Sloii* Clap, I
by the Kelly Drug ' nmiiany and in Ap-1
luilai-hla bv the liilerinont lirug Coin!
In the District Court of the liuhed
States lor tin- Weatcni District Of Vir?
ginia. In Itajikruptcy
In the inatlei nf
11 M. Matcher.
IN IIANKltl I'll V
T? tho Creditors of 0. M. llai.-lu-r, of
Attnataohla, Virginia, Iii ?It.- County or
Win and district aforesaid; a bankrtipl.
Notice is hereby glveji thai on Ha- 8nd I
day oi November, A l)? IPI9, tlie said
l , M llalfh.'l was duly adjudicated!
bankrupt, and tho liist meeting ??! ih<
erediton ,\-.ll Is- held at Iii? Stone
liap. Vlrgltiia.iri tin- I nitisi States Court
lion.the loth dav of November,
l> . 1012, al two o'clock Iii tl?
afternoon, al which time the said!
stedltors may attend, prove their claims
la|i)a>mt a trustee, examine the bankrupt,
and transact auch other unslneai as may
jpro|.i-riy come before said meeting.
.M ?vn < 'auv.i.i ,
Roferee In Bankruptcy,
N'nvombei Mb tin-.'
.Liquid Poultry Remedy25c
?'Savi s tMr Sick"
i-.-r n?|>?, While l>i
anhtoa Mi.iiisl.lmt-?,
t.- ? k and ?i! Poultry
? . Cm.- No
Dikl while
d..y*f7i7lir: ?t<J. hm l.ou.e. BV MAIL, j.,'
Kelly Drti? Gornpany.
uits and Coats
at Fullers'
Not ;i single style is shown but the latest style for
fall and winter, 1912, and not a style but what is worth
more than the price we ask.
Many Suits, in all colors, at - - $25.00
We can give you a splendid Suit at - 18.00
Excellent Suits for - - $10.00 and 1 2.50
We have just received a number of Chin
chilli and Crepe coats, in all the new
_colors, at - _~__$8.50 to 1 6.00
Our stocks arc complete in each department, con?
sisting of: Patrician Shoes for women, Buster Brown
Shot s for children. American Lady Corsets, $1.00 to
$3.50; Nemo Corsets, S?.no to $4.00. Silk Petticoats, in
all colors; Gowns, Kimmonas, Hosiery; Alerode Under?
wear for women and children. Silk and Sci^e Dresses,
at $5,00 to $15.00. A big line of Rain Coats for ladies
and children the best styles and quality. Jewelry nov?
elties in Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins, etc.; Diamond Rings,
$15.00 to $25.00. A big line of All-Leather Hand Bags,
from 5<> cents t<> $4.50. Colgate's Talc Powder. Soaps.
Cold Cream and Toilet Water. Dress Goods, Silks,
( orduroy Velvets, Serges, etc.
W e ask that you make an early visit to our store
where you will lind main new novelties in lall merchau
Under New Management.
IMiono NoV . 1 ami iheriifter
for your groceries. A com?
plete line will In' kept no hand
with the liest possible service
given. Prompt deliveries and
Fair dealings guaranteed.
Your patronage and interest
K. V. lit i:..t
At M I !, rustic's old stand .
What's more used (or
kbnssd ) than a pocket
knife? Aiut wo don't
know of a pocket knife
that's used moro than
the ritlMHI.B?nor cue
tHftt Witt Ktaiul more
abuse. Wo dou't know
of a knife?the world
over?that has bettor
[ blade-quality, edge-ret?lulng?
I quality than the PKIMM.K.
the knife of good servioo
I and lone service.
The handles art* secure.
Blatlea are perfectly fitted.
The spring action is depend'
able and tho blades do not
work looso and wabble aft. r
constant use, nor will they pro?
ject and catch in your l>ockot.
The PRIMBLE bl.de I?
' forged tram best English steel,
' and your ptotrctloo lies In Ibe
I PRIMBLE shield (etched
on blade ) which marks It ss genulae.
Don't you think it would be well to
I provide yourself with u really good
pocket knife?ill fact, the best
SSSf to be had? Our line of
"PlIMBlt" tnchidea the pat?
tern and si:o you prefer.
iHamblen Bros.
Hardware and Groceries.
TAJL desire to call the attention of the buying1 public
of Bit; Stone Gap and vicinity to our store on
East Fifth Street (YV. W.Taylor's old stand), when we
have just opened for business with a full, new line of
Staple and Fancy (Iroceries, Fresli
Heals, Country Produce and Feed,
Our meat department is in charge of J. W. Willis,
who will lake pleasure in filling your orders promptly
Oui aim is to supply our customers with first class
meats, groceries and produce at all times.
Phone 117-3 rings. BIG STONE GAP. VA.
\\/K seryc party lunches lor dances, theatre parties, or it
your home mi short notice and at reasonable prices.
All cooking guaranteed to he strictly clean and first class
Our che! l-.as cooked on dining cars over the N. & W. R)'?
for the past live years,
A. L. GAZO, Proprietor.
Meals a la Carte?Oysters. Steal is, Chops. Chicken,
I'ish, Pies, Cakes, and seasonable foods at all times.
New Line
W. L. Douglas' Ladies Shoes
Don't miss seeing these new styles
hetore buying,
J. M. Willis & Company

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