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One of Mr. and Mrs. George
Jenkins' daughters has been
quite sick the past week.
Miss Nettie Sontcr, Koni it
McConnell's attractive assist?
ant in the millinery department
spent Saturday with friends in
A special over the Interstate
Saturday evening brought an
enthusiastic crowd of Demo
cruts down to hear Gen. Ayers
and It. T. Irvine expound cam?
paign iBHties so satisfactorily
thnt even the most hide-bound
republican present joined in the
repeated rounds O f applause
which swept t h e crowded
school auditorium where the
speaking was held.
Hov. J. II. Wagner, a most
absent-minded man, amused
his many friends at the Pa?
tron's Day exercises a t the
schoolbuilding Friday evening
by offering Up a petition for
the restoration to health of Vice
President Sherman, when that
lamented public official was
already under the sod.
Miss Stella Head, of It i g
Stone Gap, spent Saturday in
Appulachia shopping, to the
depletion of her worthy father's
bank account. We notice it is
a very common ocouronco for
Somebody's poekotbook to suf?
fer from a stat(> of depression
afti'r the "wimminfplks" have
been on a shopping expedition
to Appalachia.
Mi??? (iravelv was down from
TStoffegn Saturday mingling
with her many friends and ad?
mirers in Appulachia.
J. IS, Montgomery, the youth?
ful Principal of the school al
T?in'S Creek, spent the week
end, as usual, with friends in
Little Emma L o u .lame
who has been quite ill with dip
therja, is convalescent.
Hugh Hurd, a Third < i rado
pupil, had Ins ankle severe!)
sprained on the playground
Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Hilly Sickles,
At Big Stone Gap, were seen in
Appalachia Monday
Mrs Ii. 1). linker and Sarah
Oochrun drove up from the i lap
during the week and spent the
ufturnoon shopping in Appal.i
Mrs. A. Alexander has as
bei guest Mrs. u. Heuser, of
Miss .Minnie llarlowe came
over from East Stone Cap Sat?
urday for t h o Democratic
J.S. McConholl spent Mon?
day in Coeburn on business fori
his flrih.
Dr. J. ?,?. Jay no, the l 0. S.
man, wan seen in Appalachia!
Mrs J, p. BUlIitt wits in town
Miss Margaret Bullltl and
MisH Elizabeth Everett wore
shopping at Ford and Mel'on.
iieii's Monday afternoon.
Mrs. .1. S. McConnoll enter?
tained a few intimate friends
Halloween night in honor of
her siHter, Miss Bertha Woods,
of Baltimore Candles set in
apples lighted a table Btrewn
with autumn leaves among
which wore hidden nuts and
Arc you going
Id let your family
tto without a
Piano another
Keroembcr you promiied your
wile and daughter* Ihr) should
hate * piano Ihi? Halt. Uu nol
ditappoiul them, think ol ihr
min) looj dreary days and night?
they will hate to alay in doors
thlt winter, and lion a Stieff
Piano will nol onl) help ihem to
pau ihr lime pleasantly, but will
cstl>?n your evenings and make
your borne Ihr most plea-ant place
oo earth.
Buy one now. Write u? today
tor price* and lermn.
Chas. M. Stieff,
Kaetnry branch Wureroom?
71?. Malu Ml.. I.yucliburs, Vi
('. W. Wmitmokk, Mauajrrr.
candies. Brauches of guyly
hued loaves and candelabra ad?
ded to tho attractive decora?
tions of Mrs. McConi.oll's room.
Punch, cake, candy nud nuts
wore Berved, and many delight-1
tul Halloween games indulged
in. Those present wore Misses
Bertha Woods, of Baltimore,
Nettie Senior, Mary Warren
and Katherine Cloek, of this
place, and Messrs. Floyd Oleek,
L. P. Witt, S. J, Montgomery,
I. Peony and John Hurt.
Mrs. It. 1). Morrison, Miss
Katherine fleck, Miss Hertha
Woods, S. J. Montgomery and
Floyd <'leek were greatly dis
appointed Sunday morning not
to tie able to get n car to Big
Stone flap to attend services at
Christ Episcopal Uhurch,
Patrons' Pay was appropri?
ately observed by the Appulu
chia High School. The lower
grades rendered a very enjoya?
ble program of songs, recita?
tions and dialogues in the fore?
noon, and in the evening the|
higher grades delighted a large
audience with the following
I 9ong. Come, Thou Almlghtj King,
9, Prayei Itov. J It IVngnoi
3, Song.?lioni?o lllno Klag. School.
i Music llcrtle Use Miifliuii
, Song ? Hoya inay Whistle, l>ut tilrls
May Sine.'
0 MuaIc Mao Dl?ket'uton?
7. The NcetU of mir School.?Prof,
.lohn I. Illake,
s Sen,; I".. 'J'lie Woodland .Uli mill
mil Gradca
!i Musi, ?Alma I'lutl.HV.
in Debate. Iteeolved, That Waablng
ton is eonaldercd l?y the Worhl a j
Oroatei Man than Columbus.
A III i matlve--Henry Siplnr. lip Polly.
Kilon i'iess
Negative ?Maxie Young, Key Kit
bourn. Savannah Cress,
111. Music?Katherine Horner.
I'J Sonc;.?John Brown's llisly.?ttth
ami Tth
ill, UcoUniatlou.?Tl|e Power nflmlta
Hon.?Tin Polly
it Musi,- ?Kllrabeth Bulltvan
I.. lb-citation i onllo'a Surrendel
Conllo Kverage
in Musi,- Ucorgia Hale
17. Play The Pressing down High
School Pupil*
118. Song.?America.?School.
More Than Four Thousand
Persons Treated In Dis?
pensaries of Four
Itiohmond, Vn., Oct. HO,
Virginia has recently passed
through an epoch in its public
health work and health officers
are rubbing their eyes to con?
vince themselves that the re?
port ol Assistant Commissioner
Allen W. Freeman can be true
when be stated that in four
mountain counties of Virginia,
two hookworm inspectors ex?
amined more than twelve thous?
and persons f o r hookworm
disease and treated more than
four thousand who were found
to be infected.
These startling lignres, how
ever, are borne out in the Offi
oial quarterly report of Dr.
Freeman, which covers the op?
eration of hookwoorm dispon-l
saries in the counties of Bed?
ford, Franklin, Henry and Pat
rick during the past three
months. Carefully checking
up every patient's record. Dr.
Freeman finds that the state's
agents examined mioroscopi- 1
cully specimens from 12,301
persons and gave treatment to
4,134 infected persons.
In some of the counties, roc
lords have been made which ox
Iceed the fondest dreams of:
heulth oflicors. Crowds ap-!
poured daily at the dispensa- j
ries, entire families came fori
treatment, winde neighbor-|
hoods adjourned to consul I the
physician in charge. At Buf-|
falo Itidge, Patrick County,
during the course of a single
day, 430 persons came for ex?
amination and all were given
full attention before the dispen?
sary closed. This sets a new
standard in Virginia and is re?
garded as the largest single
day's work ever done by a sin?
gle inspector in the South.
The percentage of infection
disclosed by thesdexaminations
is also arousing much interest
in public health circles While
the State Board of Health has
never encouraged the view,
there has been a belief that
Virginia did not face us Berious
a problem in dealing with the
hookworm us did some of the
other Southern States. "It is
quite true," said Dr. Freman
yesterday, when asked for in?
formation on this point, that
we are not as heavily infected
us North Carolina and certain
sections of the fur south, yet
the dispensary records disclose
very serious conditions.
In Patrick county, for ex
ample, our inspector examined
:i,770 porsons and found 1,000 to
Uo infected. This is 44.il of the
total number examined. Of
course, n majority of those who
were examined suspected that
they hud the disease and, in
consequence ligures based on
these examinations will not in?
dicate the true infection of the
county. Yet the record is by
no means reassuring. In many
counties of the State we must
conduct an extensive and de?
tailed campaign if we are to
treat all thdSO infected."
"Kven when we have treated
'every positive case, "Dr. Free?
man continued,*' the problem
is not solved, for those who do
not take precautions are almost
certain to become reinfected.
The real solution of the hook?
worm problem lies in prevent?
ing soil pollution, Not until
all the people erect and con?
sistently use sanitary outbuild-'
ings can wo hope to rid Virgin?
ia of this distressing scourge."
The State Board of Health is
loud in its praises of Drs. \V. |
A. BrumficTd and It. K. Millor,
who were in charge of the ills
pensarios in these fourcounties.
Excelling all records previously
made in Virginia, these inspec?
tors often worked twelve hoursI
ajday to oxamiho the multitudes
that came for treatment. "We
are proud of the rucord made
by Drs. Brumfiold and Miller,"
said Dr. Freeman, ami we feel'
that they have performed a
very great public mtv ice.
Their work was most exacting,
ami t lit-conditions of their la-j
hor were hard, hut they made
a notable success where failure
would have been OXCUSablo.
Dr. Miller will open a dispen?
sary soon in Caroline County j
and Dr. Brumllold is preparing
for work in Die extrem.- South?
western counties."
In view of lie- discussion'
among our people as to whether
or not bonds should he voted in
this district to complete and
macadamise roads already be?
gun, and do other building, I
hereby Call a public meeting of
all iIn- voters of iIn- Richmond
Magisterial District to in- held
at the Tow n Hall, in Rig Stone
Gap, Saturday, November nth,
at I!:.',<) p. 111. Ill order to );ol the
sentiment of our citizens as to
whether or not the Court should
he now asked t.d.-r an elec?
tion, and, if so, what amounts '
of bonds and what work should
be set forih in such order,
K. .1. I'hkso n i.
Superv isor.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured i
by Iix jiI npplif lit ions, as they rann.it
reai-li tin- iIIsomh-iI |?irtloil of the e.ir. '
Then- !?? out\ ..in- way to ciire tteaftu -
:>inl that is l?y i-niiHtllutlonitl roinediox ,
lioafhlCM hi - in-. .1 by au Inf laincil ttouitl I
lion or the mucoii? lining of tin- Etista-1
i-hUn Tube. WIii-ii llils tills- i- Inflamed
you Iiiivo a rumbling aduiitl oi ltit|icrfcot
hearing, anil when a is cntlrcl) closet)
!>,?., In.-.-s is tin- (i? nit. ami iinleaa tbo in
fliumuatioii can be taken out ami tliisj
tills- roatorotl to its uoruiitl condition,
lienring will In- il.-stmy.-.l Inn-irr; inn.
?-.U.i-S out ti-ii an- cauactl by catarrh,
which is nothing hut an Inflamed condi?
tion of tbo mucous aurfacea.
Wo wllleivcOno Ihtnilteil Dollarn fori
any oi I u-afu.-ss caused by catarrh)
llial cannot ho cured by Hall's i'at.-irili
t'nro. tivml for circulars, free.
Vi J. tiliKM \. a Co . Toledo, i Ihio.
Sold bv I Ouci-isls, 7."h-.
Tnko Hall's Family t'llla for conati
Great Murder Mystery.
A young Spaniard was mur?
dered ami found dead upon the
moor. Sherlock Holmes, (he
greatest detective character
ever created in fiction was as?
signed to the case. Needless
to say In- solved the my story in
his usual masterly fashion.
The name of the stoiy is "The
Singular Kxperionci of Mr. .1.
Scott Kccles." It was written
by Sir A. Conan Doyle :im| will
bo printed in next Sunday's
New Vorlc World. By all
means read this remarkable
story .
New Jersey holds the chiv?
alry championship. T h 0 r 0
women uro girls until they are
That electricity can cure hun?
ger lias been demonstrated by
many a man who has mingled
with a live wire
The new $l00 bill is said to
hear Alexander Hamilton's
portrait, but we fear we shall
have to take somebody's word
for it.
Piano given away by
100 voten with every dollar
purchase, und 200 votes on old
accounts. With every dollar
naid on subscription to The Hit:
Stone < lap Post 1000 votes will
be given.
Contest Closes April 30, 1913.
Standing ?f Candidates. November I
Miss Malinda Will 189,050
Mrs. <;. W. King . Ilil.OOO
Mis- Verllfl Till, i . U'.M'H)
M iss \ lolcl Thompson 119,700
Miss Malinda Hull' . 1,200
Miss Malinda Morris 10,800
Mis. N.nic Monis . 11.1Oil
Mra T V. Itobbliu ls,lfld
Mrs Nellie Manure. 17,090
Miss Maude Kl.r 21,030
Mrs. T. N. Lcgg 17,090
Mrs. tieprgc Gibson 3,100
.Miss Edith Cochran U.10C
Miss Nein,. Fletcher 11 UM
Mrs. .l?llll IMens 3,90
Miss Ithaua. .Ioiicj . 5,79C
Miss Hellen Palmei . SO IM
Miss Ktlicl Munis ll.ivx
Miss Mary I'ratci t9,!IOC
Mrs Nellie Urin? Mo'',
Miss KUlCl Helle? .'.-.'.I'.'
M iss Arltte ? lark 7.'.">.
Miss Kppjc. Moni? KM
Miss Amin:, King 11,151
Miss Mary Coujier I i,tl>
Mrs. K. Tc?giio 11
Mis., Motile l.ane
Miss Martha IVin ?
Mra. Olms. Snackri !|,U8<
Mrs ,I.|) Olay i.v..
Miss liaxel Itlcvlus h;.i.m
Miss Anna May ('leek lt.40
Miss lir.ue Shepherd 2,(101
Miss S?..i,. I . ij
Mrs It. I. i ulbertanii
Miss Ilarrlctte, Diitson r .., ??
Miss Mj nie IIa)
Miss sieii., i.lbson S| .,,?
k ?k i:i:. VA it r n
Miss IIua Collier
Miss Ma?do Ijinnlrigliniii 11,901
Miss Allee Itohlm r.OOi
Mis Heul,., Colllii?\vorth He
Piano Contest.
'I' b e following candidates
hay.tiered it.itesl for
the Piano given away by' S, A.
Horton ,v Company and the
liig Stone Quu Post, full par?
ticulars of wlllCli appears else?
where in this issue, and at the
counting of the votes Monday
received the following!
Itlti STONE OA1?.
Miss Itlauch Kill.in . 1.i.ii.u
Mis, Comic (lilliani r..
Mis .1. A. Munis :,[?>];,
Miss It,,*, Sproles S7 ?;..?,
Mis II M Kdciw vi;'.;-i,
Mi-s Kittle Horton ln.l in
Miss Vtrgio Masters .... v;o..",r,
Miss t'len Sworil III. 17s
Miss Kllen Wax i-i ,;os
Miss Lizzie Horton 21,881
Miss Ora Click ls.7or.
Miss Ah,-,. An he. is
Miss Itessi, I'atlllOl ?,?00
Miss Until .lones 12 900
Mis- t-'aiinie Johnson . HI ,"iOo
Mt.s. 'I'. K Stuigill 18,1 'i
Miss i .na t'olvard 19,91?
Mis- virglu .lorn- is,ioo
Miss Ethel Herren u ;,;*?
Mi-.- Aliuiilila I.mil., n ; . .m
1110 STONK OA I'- It I'. I) So I
Miss Irnogiite Iteainau 1(1 -,?,
M i-s 11 , n ii Kavier !! 1,1811
Mrs VVill II.num..i. Is 2l,tl|.*i
Mrs 11 P Mason lii sus
lilt: STONK HAI' II P 11 No, .'
I Miss Ootava Parsons Ill.tHHl
(Ali ET
Mrs n I Howls 7,(1:1,5
Mis w \l Plpphu gl on,
Miss Myrtle Smltli UifiV
Miss pearl t owan 23.811
Tho Onn Oily Col i Corn.
I'or cold in lh? head ami sort Ihroat in* Kn
metis Ch.Kuiaii? i,,\aiu. ouiulur, iu* " uu
u*. Curs ?
Atlornuy-at- Law
?ilico in Sk.nn> Buddln?
Big Stone Cap, Va.
Attorney at Law,
Internionl lihlg. 111(1 ST0NE/IAP, v.v
D. F. ORR,
< "thee in Polly Building.
OiUce Root*?iU? 12a n,i I to fi p. m.
How Woukl tliis Lonk in Your Home
We paid $350 for it. Yours for nothing. Wnnt this nian?} I
tl belongs to the person receiving the greatest number of votej
$1330 in Prizes Five Piano Prizes.
FIRST PRIZE io the person receiving the highest mnnbor
of votes, ti l.yoii-TiiylnrUpright I'lnno, worth f.'S.io.flli.
SECON D PRIZE?n duri bill for$200,011 to apply as payment
on a I .yon Tit) lor I'lnno.
THIRD PRIZE?n due bill for *250 00 to apply as nbove
FOURTH PRIZE a duo lull for $240.00 to apply as'aWni,
FIFTH PRIZE a due bill for $2:i|.to apply ns als.v.
How to Obtain Votes.
With evety '?1 '"' purchnse i()0 votes will bo given, and with
every tloilai paid on old hecou.nl 20(1 voles will he given. With
every dolhu paid to The Big Slono Cap Post on siibacrip;
tioli loon votes will he given.
rvi iE:i=5<z:i-i/vr*J'"i^iS?.
Everything Carried in a First Class Sinn
Men's and Ladies' Suits a Specially.
sbijt?rian Church.
Big Stonu Gup. Va.
Ref ract ionist.
I rcai> discosea bl ihc Eye, Bar; Ni.se
and rhro?il
Big Stoho (Jap. Virginia.
Aklerson &, Kilgore.
Wise, Virginia.
i Mliccs. Ii....ins T nxl S. Keco?ll llool . ill III.
i wnumiii Schcduln in Effect
IlkAVK MI1ITII N ; mi a. in for
] Lynohburg iiiul Intermediate sta-|
I Ihm? Pullman sl. ep. r lllllelielll In
I Philadelphia via lliigiiMnvvii ami
Pullmiu Hloo|l*r Itonmnic In Bich,
inonil ami Norfolk Aliuiconnections
?t Bluellchl with IraiiiH Westbound
J Pullman sleeper Iii < "uicuui.it t and
I I.K.W K MOB l'ON 2:!IOp in tor points
Sort Ii, K?st iiml Wert
LEAVE ItUISTOL?Daily, 0:10 ?; m.
f?r K?st ltailfold, Boanokc, I > n. Ii
b?rg, l'ct?rnbnirg, ttichniond nnd
Norfolk. I'iillniaii l'arlnr < i.r to
llii In....nil tale t'.ii Itoailoko 1.111i
j llagoratowii Plillman sleeper Itoa
noko Ui New; York via llagerstqwn
I ami llarrrabiirg
|5tl(S p. iri for N'oii.,Ik intermediate
points. Pullman Sleepers to Norfolk
1 ;32 p 111 ami 7 .-S-"> |>. Ill, (limited.) Soliil
trains with pilllinan?Ictepors loYVaali
jiigtoh, Baltimore. Philadelphia ami
Nmv Voik via Lyuchburg. lines not
make local stops
12:10 p; in dull} roi all point* between
Briatol and Lynchburg Cbitucota.al
Walton .1! ? hi 5, in with (he Si
l.onis Kxproaa for ill |<otnti weal aiwl
uortlin est.
If yon are thinking of taking a trip
Y?1 want i|iiotuli>.ns, cheapest laic, re?
liable ami coiiect inibnualloi! as Id
routes, tram schedules, the iie.si eoiiifort
able ami .pinkest way. Write and the
Information is youra for Ihu i-k.-.u;, with
one of our complete Mup Kolllera
|a;\V 1! Iii vn 1 . i. 1'. A.
w 1 Sai \.
Asst GeU'l Pass. Act.,
Itoanoke, Va.
Big Stono (Jap, Va
i liavi b.11 I )? -1<? -< 1:.(?? Mnvlilii i.i i.mllu?
..? It?hlirr Tirt's. I iiin
Noel; ai: export in Kubhcr Tin' mil Hug.
Civil ami Mining Engineer,
Poll) Uiiiluiii);. Klli SI I'M lid'. SA\
livnininaliniis and Report*, Suite)-.
Plans ami Design?,
Eye, Ear, Nose and
Eyoa Examined lor Glasses,
(Who: i'llo Hid over Mllloi II
Big Stone Cap, vim..'")
< mice in Tolly liniltlitij
i?KKICK Ilm us -!i I,, 12; I lo V
C. R. McCORKLt:.
Attorney at Law,
Polly llullding
Ui? Stono Gap, Virginia
Notary Public.
Trouti. [>luu?ti(,K or llito
Eye, Kar. Nuse and Tliroat.
vVill bo in Applaachia Tlord
Friday in Each Month
Civil and Mining Englneei
Big Stone Cap. Va. Harlan.Ky
Kcpnrts and csliinati-s on t o d anil I
l?er Lands. I It-sign and IMaiM oft-'??!'?u'
Coko Plant?, Und, Itailroad ami ?"u
Engineering, Kloctria llliic Printing
Office on l .r-i Kit.nr interment lluil.lt?!
Big Stono Gap, Virginia

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