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The Big Stone Gap Post.
Railroad Deal
Interstate Railroal has Pur?
chased the Wise Ter?
Tho Interstate Railroad ('nin
nuny, operating r road between
Stonegn, It od a, Appulttchiu and
Norton, bus, >vo understand,
purchased tho Wise Terminal;
11 road extending from Nor?
ton to Glamorgan, a distance
of about six miles.
Details regarding this pur?
chase has not been made pub?
lic yet, but this road will add
un important link to the pros?
perous und enterprising Inter
Lynchbiirg Foundry Compa?
ny Awards Contract for
5150,000 Industry,
The Virginia Bridge <v Iron
Company have been awarded
the contract for the construc?
tion of the main building of the
Lynchburg Pipe & Foundry
Company, the 160,000 industry
recently located there by the
,Vuniston (Ala) Chamber of
remitieren, a.inline, to an an?
nouncement given out by II. F,.
Me Wane, president , who was
in AhhislOU for liie purpose of
inspecting the!site selected for
the plant. The Virginia Bridge
,V Iron Company Will also have
Charge of the structural steel
work for the cranes.
Work will he started on the
grading for the plant and rail?
way tracts at once. Mr. Mc
U ane says, although, due to
the fact that all the mills and
factories of the country are
overcrowded with work, he
lys that there has been a cer?
tain delay ill securing tho steel.
However, all the equipment is
b?ihg rapidly turned out at the
Und ford (Vn.,) and Lynch burg
Va i plants of the Hume com?
pany, ami will he on hand as
-non us the steel arrives. The
pits for the foundry will be
libill of concrete, and the plant
will be ojieratc'd by electricity
from direct motors.- Kinanci.il
.I Business Review.
Chiefly Earnings of Working
Men, Comptroller of Cur?
rency Murray An?
Washington, Nov. |<;.?He
ports to t 'oinptroiler of the < 'ur
roncy Murray on the saving
Ilttnlc8 of lllO I'nited States
shows record deposits and the
greatest number of depositors
in history, according to an?
nouncement made today. On
1 itly l i, the date of the compila?
tion, there were 1,925 savings
banks holding aggregate de
! osits ?f ?4,460,822 022 for U',
1 depositors, the average
depositors account being .* 111 .
lit. While the number of banks,
its compared to 1911, increased
only forty one, yet the deposits
increased by over 216,000, and
an average of deposits per ac?
count increase of $11 66. The
1" r capita savings in the I'nited
States computed from savings
banks accounts was $4(162 the
highest on record. Mr. Murray
wlio reco'ved these reports
largely from state superintend I
i nts of hanks, says they are of |
special interest as the deposits!
ire chieily those of working
Wireless Is Heard Over 2,
000 Miles.
Washington, Nov. IB.?Communlca
tlon between the naval wireless station it
Mare Island, near San Francisco, and
the monster new station at Arlington,
? i . was. established unlay for the llrst ]
time. The points are 8,117 miles apart; |
The armored crualor Tennessee, now !
"ii Its way to Turkish waters with the
'?miser Montana, al.so was heard from'
Arlington today reporting herself about
fl miles out (nun New York.
Fresh butter and eggs receiv-l
ed every week at llorlon's.? j
Convention I
Of Tlic Southern Appalachian,
Good Roads Association
Ono of the features of the
Southern Appalachian Couvon
tion which in to be held in At?
lanta,,November'SO and 21, is
the discussion of certain inter?
state highways n b w being
inappod out and conHtructed.
The Bristol-to- Washington
Highway, which is u continua?
tion of thd Memphis to-Bristol
Highway, is One <>t' especial in
tores) i b Unstern Tennessee,
Western North Carolina, and
Virginia, inasmuch as tourists
from sections of these states
can taker advantage ot portions
of this highway in making
tours in Washington and other
northern points
In connection with this high?
way there was organized u
Bristol-to - Washington High?
way Association in August,
mil. OfHeors of this associa?
tion weru duly elected und u
very active executive commit?
tee was unpointed, which very
sunn worked up a tremendous
amount of interest in every
(??unity from Bristol to Wash-1
ingtou along the proposed routo. j
L'bd "Old State Tike" running
west from Roauoke to Seven
Mile Kord, within '?'?'> miles of
Bristol, was found to In- in u
tair Htuto ol preservation,and a
movement wuS started by this
association t o re surface this
great highway, winch the State
ot Virginia had built at a cost
ol more than one million tlol
lars previous to the construc?
tion ol the Norfolk >v WuBlern
Railway. Three advertising
und boosting cars were started
from Bristol to Washington in
October, lull, containing be
sides the olllcials of the asso?
ciation prominent good roads
men and the highway engineer
of Virginia. At every station
hetweeii Bristol and Roanoko
speeches \verb made to large
Crowds and the interest aroused
was ipiickened to enthusiasm,
The net results to day of the
campaign waged by this nBSO
uluiiou are ad lollows: Over
j 11 ooin ibts are employed build?
ing a lock road from Bristol to
Ahittgdpn, I I mili s, connecting
with (ho rock road at that, point,
und extending to the Smyth
County line. Bedford County
i- getting ready to liiuku good
herlink; Buluski County has
just voted tt targe bond issue lo
re-surface the road from the
Wyth to tliu Montgomery bor?
der; Wyth;Oi)unty has already
htiill a long section of this road
und is building more: Smyth
County will vote this month
for a boi|d issue suilicient to
re-rock an old pike from Wash
nigton County to Wythj Mont?
gomery County is the only one
where the people have Hol risen
lo the occasion and begun toad
improvement with vigor,
I'be Norfolk <V Western Uail
way Company have recognized
He- possibilities of this national
highway ami have cooperated
with the olllcials of this high?
way in putting all crossings
Another interstate road in
this SoUtnom Appalachian re
gion is one front Bluofleld,West
Virginia, through Tnzewell,
Russell, Wise ami Leo counties,
Virginia, to (Cumberland Gap,
L'eunossee, where it is hoped
there will before long bp a con
nection with the good roads of
Kentucky by way ot Middles
boro, und Uli outlet to the north
ofjit thruoghjoneor two counties
ot W est Virginia to the White
Stilphu; Springs.
The Crest of the Blue Ridge
Highway of North Carolina,
which when completed will ex?
tend from Marion, Virginia, to
Talluluh Palls, Georgia, will
connect with the Bristol-to
Wushingtoti Highway and af?
ford an outlet lo the people o(
(ieorgia, South Carolina, und
North Carolina to this highway
leading to the National Capital.
The Highways from Spartan-1
burg,Columbia, ami Greenville,
South Carolina, will tup thei
Crest of the Blue Ridge High?
way at Ashville; and the Ash j
v i 11 Knoxville Highway will
bring the people from Hast
Tennessee into this route, and
thus give them an outlet to the
highways mentioned above.
It will thus be seen that these
Southern Appalachian States!
arc all vitally Interested in pro?
moting a system of improved
roads which will attact the I
tourist, tin-capitalist, and the
traveler from other states and'
com.tries Into this region, which
has so much to offer in the "Way
of natural resources, climate,
scenery, and people.
It is hoped that every citizen
living in this Southern Appala?
chian region who is interested
in seeing the accomplishment
of the purposes of this Associa?
tion will make an effort to at?
tend the Annual Convention at
Atlanta and take part in its
proceedings. Special rates have
been given by the railroads
and the hotels in Atlanta. Any
information in regard to ac
connotations can h e had by
writing to Mr \V, (' Cooper,
Secretary of the Chamber of
Commorco, Atlanta, ? leorgia.
Fritzi Scheff
Given A Warm Welcome in
Lexington, Ky.
Lexington, Ky., Not 15. Lexington
anil the nine Grass paid Impressive tri
buto to the attractive wife of lohn Kox,
Jr., when one of the most brilliant sutll
oncea of the season assembled at the
0|ient:Ilouso Monday tilgttt to witness
the rendering, hy the light opera siar and
her supporting company, of her latest
offering, 'The Love Wager
I' i it.'i Soiled has always liecn popular
in Lexington, having captured
Central Kentucky folk lahei "Madamol
seile Modiste," by long odds the liest
thine, she has ever essay.'.1 in her chosen
(told; and each returning season, her pop.
?larity has grown, partly l>y reason of
hei art ami partly by reason or the fact
that she is personally known to so many
Kuntucklaua and loved bj >|iiite as many
? I ii. little devil of conilo opera" is by
no in. an- as largo a "little devil" as Lex?
ington folk have been wont to know her.
her petite tlgurc having niil'crcd the loss
ol* many pie. ions pounds since last we
saw her, but for all that she Is the more
sjlph like, the more graceful, ami the ill
.? iutiOOl eye WOlllll lie l.il to suspect that
it caught ah added element of rytlim in
the movement of her dancing numbers
"The Love Wager" I* ailapteil from
the Hungarian comedy, "The Sven
Sisters," bill the piece Millers somewhat
by the metaniorphoals from comedy Into
light opera, though tin* producer* ami
composers have given lac play tin..ugh
out rieh accessories anil ambitious eon
cepiions in its musical elaboration.
Ill hei acting Miss Schell i- superb
throughout the opera and her comedy
touches arc deftly and tellingly done,
while in the closing act her art sounds an
emotional note that is sincere, due l and
truthful. Indeed MIssHChcft' admirably
rellects this same depth of passion to
memorable degree in her most important
song number, the dramatic aria, w hich
follows the lullaby prelude in Hie lirst
scene ..I the third act. Here, and parllc
iiltirly in the final phaseiof the number,
the star acquitted herself with high cred
The chorus work Is well done and the
orchestra is so well balanced ami handles
its work so well ihat frequently, when
MIhh SehefTs voice did Hot seem to ring
so true as it should the orchestra craftly
covcrcil the defect.
There is a number of voices in the
chorus, among these the sonorous bass of
C, II liallaher, as llaron liadvlany; the
tenor of Ilorace Wright, as Lieutenant
Sadorfl'y, and the soprano of Hazel Oox,
ns Kalinka, eldest of Hie seven flyurfco
vi.v sisters, Harold II. forde played the
part of Lieutenant ilorkoy very much
l.ettci than he sang it. and he became a
prime favorite with Ihn audience. Mr.
Gallagher's singing of',' I An a Marti?
net" was a rotislngly fine ac ieveim lit
and Mr. Wright sang "Dark Kycs.' with
ail thcofTcctlvcueaa of rowitic light opera.
The orchestra greatly distinguished
IUolf ami, as a consequence, gave sincere
plea.-ure to such as are ?is.-ly prone to
pay attention to instrumental achieve?
ment In musical offering* of the higher
Among the players who won favor for
competent work in addition t<> thorn al?
ready named, were Mildred lingers, as
Mi- Gnyrkovicz; WtllUm 11. Philbrtoar,
as tho irresistibly absind Toni Teleki, a
student-cousin of the seven sisters; Sam?
uel Ash, as the young llaron Itadviauy,
ami Rene Dietrich, Inc. Hauer. Cecil
Remind ami little Dorothy and Constant
Wolfe as the remaining sisters of the ho
amply daiightercd (ilyurkovie/. family
The staging and costuming of the pIOCO
were absolutely Ilawies?
While it must be said that "The Lot/0
Wager" is not destined te occupy a lofty
niche in the temple of light opera fuine,
it is, nevertheless, sweet, clean happy in
story and chaste in the telling thereof, I
I but .Miss .Scheff is hardly likely to show
so little discrimination xi to risk her rcp
> utatlon in so fragile a vehicle another
Civic League Meeting.
The Woman's Ctvkj League held ita
regular monthly meeting at the homo of
the President, Mrs K K. Goodloe, Fri?
day afternoon, November sth. Mr*.
Goodloe reported the work of pulntlug
the Cemetery gatea completed, and pre
jiehted 1>HU covering the eatne, amount?
ing to tt'.SO.
The committee for awarding the prizes
to the beat kept premise* of our colored
citizens made iln report, and the fortun
ate oik's this year are:
Melissa Martin, 1st prize, i.I.eO.
Janlg Fennlson, 2nd price, 12.00.
A |>rl/e of t.l.OO was ottered laut spring
t" the . I is, who would grow the be-t
bed of Dowers In the school garden. Miss
hula M?Ore, who was appointed liy the
League to ove rsee this work, rvported
that in. the same seeal were used, those
that our generous Congreaaman provided
us with and the IhmIs were all e<|iially
pretty, it is Impossible to give the prize
10 any one otasa. Those children show
in;; the must Interest and doing the beat
work were Sophia Benedlct,Miut hCarnos
and Florence McCoiintck and deaerte
honorable mention; also Mis.sl.nla Moote
who worked s.i faithfully. After dlsouas
iiis- the matter, the League decided to
torn the 10.00 over to the Junior League
to spend in spring bulba, roses, ami
hardy hydrangeas for the school bods,
and we hope this will .satisfy the chil?
I'lan and specifications lor the concrete
work On the fountains for the Cemetery
were brought, in, Mr Robert Bruce
having very kindly put them in prop
or sha|M' for us. ami they are now ready
for bids on the work.
Quito a heated discussion over the un?
sightly condition of our business section
was again brought up. It was determined
to form a committee to get infticient evl
deneo on tho violators of our town ordi?
nances ami io prosecute the offenders to
the lull extent of tin- law.
The treasurer. Mrs. It. II. Al.sover, re
Balance in Treasury, (?ct. Ith, {.VUI?
Kxpendltiires from Oct. I to Nov.7 20.10
Balance in Treasury to dato. f :is '.'O
Recording Secretary
Whereas, it lias pleased our Heavenly
Father in his mysterious providence to
call from earth to Heaven our beloved
brother, tho Kev. .1. t> Btraloy, who
brought Ills wile hero a bride and who
was our pastor for four years Ills un?
tiring effort ami energy was the gloat
meana of building our church here;
therefore be it
Resolved 1. I'hat in his death the
Conference haalost one of it.s strongest
and most earnest workers, whose roll
gloirs, moral and social tiualltiea cum
inaml die esteem of all who know him.
Resolved 3 ?That while we deeply de?
plore the l..ss of "lie s.. well i|iialifted by
nature and Christian grace, to shed light
and truth along his pathway, our hearts
lind comfort in the sweet assurance that
be is now rejoining in hopes realized.
Resolved :l.--Thal we extend our lov?
ing sympathy as individuals, and as an
nffloial body of the Woman* Home
i Mission Society, to the bereaved wife
' ami family, ami bid them remember that
the circle broken by death can only be
reunited In that homo abovo where part?
ing shall Iks no more.
Resolved 4.?Thai W? will ever cherish
hin memory fresh in our hearts and strive
to eiiiul.it.? !:is ? hristian example; that wo
too, may hear the welcome, "Well dorn?
thou good and faithful servant enter thou
into the joj ol" thy Lord "
Resolved 5.?That a copy of these reso?
lutions be sprcsd upon the pages of our
Secretary's book following the minutes
of our next meeting, and a copy he sent
to the Big Stone Gap I'ost- for publica?
tion, also a copy be sunt to the hereaved
,\lu- W. It. Km.not
Mils. .! M, Youxo,
M it-. MiM'iin Smith.
The 1012 city taxes are ready
for collection. Five per cent
penalty after December 1st.
P. H. Barron, Treasurer.
adv. 2t.
CIA MINERS wanted by
*J" Stonegap Colliery Com
jpany, Glamorgan, V'a. Stoady*
work, Highest price per ton
paid in the district, Healthy
camp. Kxcellent water. School
land church facilities.
Stonegap Colliery Co.
'30. J. S. CtiEYNRV, Gen'l Supt.
State Wins Unique Victory',
After Four Years' War
on "White Terror of
Itlchmnml. V?., Nov. IS ?ThoStale's
remarkable triumph over typhoid Cover
list summer baa l.nvn duplicated during
the Raoal rear just eudisl by a unique
record in a reduced mortality fn>m ? 111? iv
them, aooording to full atatiatles just
announced at the officers or tho State
Hoard of Health
lly 'he general distribution of antitoxin
and liy a campaign of popular education,
the number of deaths from the "White
terror of childhood'' has been materially
reduced during the last four years, hut
this reduction, strangely enough, ha*
been accompanied hy a slight Increase
In the total number ol cases The viru?
lence of diphtheria has thus boon lesseucd
by antitoxin but the disease has been
more widely spread by neglect of prccati
lions and proper quarantine.
During the first year of its reorganised
Hoard of Health, the Slate received from
rural communities rc|K>rl of 8710 ease- of
diphtheria with a mortality ol" S09 or
: 09] During that year, tun's. t|,o State
perfected arrangements lor the distribu?
tion of diphtheria antitoxin at a low Ilg?
ens ami began a campaign against the
disease. During the fiscal year ending
September HO, 1919, tho numbei of case*
reported from rural districts was HMO,
but tho total number of reported deaths
was 181, showing a mortality tale :'. .1
Thus, It Is pointed out, while the mortal?
ity has been rut in half and where hut
OHO Child dies whore two died font years
ago, the actual number 6f cases has in?
Sanitarians who have seen the Statistics
at Hie Offices of the State Hoard of
Health are much Interested in this unique
record and oiler several explanations for|
the anomaly of an increased morbidity
ami a decreased mortality. It is general?
ly recognized that diphtheria varies much
aud that "gissl" years aru often followed
by "bad" yens without any apparent
relation, but Ibis Is not regarded as a full
explanation of the ease
"Undoubtedly", said a well known
sanitarian yesterday, the widespread use
of antitoxin in responsible for Iba reduced
mortality Were this great remedy Im?
mediately used in every ease, the iiinrtuli.
ty might be still further reduced to ail
absolute minimum, Hut the liiorbaso in
the number of cases is probably due lo
number of factors. Our |>oople have less
precautions. In addition, the habit of
giving Immunizing doses antitoxin to all
exposed children certainly prevents
many cases but probably gives us a mint
her of carriers w ho show no symtom of
the disease. The other casCS can be at
tributed to tho neglect of qiiarautihe, to
linrccogntsod case-, of the disease and to
the very reprehensible custom of dismiss?
ing a patient from quarantine without
being sure that the germs have disap?
peared from the throat Tho State Is
naturally proud to note that the mortality
la but three and a half percent where
once it was till) live, but we hope further
education and the observance of full pie
cautious will wipe the disease from the
Buy Maming; Theatre at
Middlesboro, Ky.
Tito Middlesboro News-Rec?
ord contained tin- following in
its last issue:
"Considerable Impetus was
given tin) roa! estate market
tlii? week when R. I,. Brown,
of Big Stone Gap, Va., anil his
son, Otto Brown, of this city,
the manager o f the Amuzu
theatre, purchased Tuesday
from Messrs. Storchi & Manring,
the Manring Theatre anil the
two story briek business house
connecting. The new owners
took charge of the rentals the
1st of November, ami will as
sumo control of the theatre on
the l?th of November; the lease
of the present managers, M essrs.
Hess tic iMigan expiring on this
Mr. Brown, w h o recently
opened up a moving picture
theatre at Corbin with such
success, will also continue with
that house.
The Manring Theatre aud an?
nex: is regarded as being the
most valuable pieces of real es
tat? in the city, and in the pur
chase of this property the Mes
srs. Brown have displayed good
business foresight as well as
confidence in the future of
Dr. S. L. Robertson, of Mid?
dlesboro, was in tho Cap last
? Thursday on professional busi
, noes.
Virginia & Southwestern.
Tho fourteenth annual report
of Virginia &? Southwestern
Railway, a subsidiary of tho
Southern Railway, covers the
year ended Jtne 30, 1912, and
shows gross operating revenues
$1,757 '.'21, increase as compared
with the next preceding year
(304,470; total operating expen?
ses $i,i 12,722, increase 1203,580;
net operating revenue $615,201,
increase $160,805; operating in?
come after payment of taxes,
$077,983, iucrease 1107,303; total
available income .Jr.",.12.1, in?
crease 103,825, balance of in.
como over charges $200,031, in?
crease 167,003; balance curried
to credit of prolit and loss, $02,
?'???2. increase jd.'>4,72*; total bal?
ance to credit of profit and loss
$010,816 increase $173,712.
There was received during
the year 7 Mikado locomotives.
B00 steel double ilropbottom
gondola curs and 06 steel un
derframe box cars under equip?
ment trust arrangements.
The Laurel Kork Railway Co.
bus completed and put in oper?
ation about eight miles of line
from Kllsabethton, Tenn., on
Virginia & Southwestern Kail
way, to Hampton, Tenn., ami
it also has under construction a
line |nto large bodies of timber
in farter county, Tennessee.
The general balance-sheet
shows the total assets of the
Virginia & Southwestern Rail
was at $10,643,929, which in?
cludes the ro.ul ami equipment
at $0,672,710 net.
More Fin? Fruit.
Mr. Krank Graham, wh o
lives below town neat the Lee
County line, is another one of
our progressive farmers und
fruit growers. Mr. (Irahum
has a line ton acre Orchard and
gathered u large quantity of
fruit this year, t >n Friday eve
nine; i,,. brought us some tim<
specimens of tho apples he ruis
6d Ibis year und we have them
on display in this otheo, and
our friends are cordially Invit?
ed to cull and see them. Dur?
ing tho past toil days hundreds
of people have called ut this
oflloo to see the specimens of
frUit we have on display taken
from orchards in this section.
The specimens from Mr. Gra?
ham's orchard are line ones
and --hows that he is taking
gooil care of his trees.
As we have said before, with
a hub' effort on the purt of our
people this can be made one of
the greatest fruit producing
sections in the entire south.
Big Stone Gap Boy Is Mak?
ing Good.
The many friends of T. B.
Goodloe i well known in this
section us Tav,) son of .1. M.
Goodloe, of this place, will be
pleased t o learn of another
promotion given him by his
present employers, the united
States Tire Company. Last
week advices were received of
hi^ advancement to the position
of Manager of the Southern
District, with headquarters at
Atlanta, liu. The brauch olli
ces located at Charlotte, N. C,
Savannah, Ga., Jacksonville,
Klu., Atlanta ami Birmingham
will be under his supervision
and report to him direct at At?
His rise with tho United
Slules Tire Company has been
rapid. In tin: spring of iui i he
resigned from the Genoral Klec
trie. Company to accept posi?
tion with the Tire Company as
traveling representative for the
State of Virginia. Six months
later the company opened a
branch ollice in Richmond, and
in addition to his other duties,
he was placed in charge of that.
Now, ono year later, ho is put
in charge of tho whole south -
ern district as Manager.
Tav bus u host of udmiring
I [ lends in Big Stone Gap, as
well as in other purU'. of the
State, who will be glad to loam
I of bis promotion and wish him
i success in his now field.
Shoe Repair Shop.
I am prepared to do all kinds
of shoe repairing in first class
and up-to-date style. My shop
is on Wood Avenuo, in tho
Wolfe Building, and I eolicit
.' your patronage. adv.
W. H. Lawson.

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