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The Big Stone Gap post. (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, November 20, 1912, Image 2

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Three Days of Special Interest at Our Store, i
Extra bargains on Ladies' Suits, Dresses, Coats, Skirts and Millinery.
We arc making the following cut prices to move stock quickly in order tu take care of our holiday goods that will reach
our store next week. Remember the following tut prices arc good for three days onl)
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 21, 22 and 23
Don't miss this opportunity to save n-ney. Buy vom THANKSGIVING wearing apparel now.
Ladies' Charmeuse Messalme and
Serge dresses, in all colors.
S12.5o-S15.oo Charmeuse dress - $9.75
9.00- 10.00 " " - 7.75
8.00- 10.00 Serge dress - - 6.75
5.00- 6.00 " " - - 3.95
Special Skirt bargains in Serge. Pan?
ama, Voil and Whip Cords in brown,
black, blue, gray, tan and mixtures.
$4.oo Skirt - - - Special $2.95
5.oo " ... " 3.95
n.oo and S/.oo Skirt " 4.75
S.oo and lo.oo " " 6.75
Every line, curve and effect
is abounding in rare beauty,
rich grace and popular favor.
Discriminating taste and
great care were applied in
the selection of our stock.
Favorable comment and
liberal purchases by delight?
ed and appreciative custom?
ers a most natural result.
Now is tho time to buy your
Thanksgiving Suit or Coat at
an extraordinary saving
$25.OO Suits and
Coats special
$20.00 to $22.SO
Suits and Coats
$15.OO to $18.OO
Suits and Coats
$12.50 Suits and vI'Q OF
Coats special ipO.VJO
$10.00 Suits and ihn nr
Coats special $0,95
Ladies' Hats,large black shape, beautiful
Willow pluirte and Rhinestone buckle,
$25.00 value .... for only $16.95
harm; shape* purple color, trimmed with
extra large foreign bird-wing, all white,
with band of black Paon-vclvet, s 10.00 ^r- np
value.for only $5.95
Large bla< k and white hat, imported design
wltti two large roses, black and white;
with beautiful moire trimmings, $13.50
$10.00 Hats,
for only $6.95
now $5.95
3.00 and $4.00 values 1.95
Shapes of all latest styles and colors
reduced accordingly Ribbons. \ civets
and Feathers included.
JBSSG STONE ?5ijF^TF** 1 1 J*I i
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 20, 1012
ruMulnil Ktvry Wnlnvulay liy the
QILUliRT N. KNIGMT, - Kdltor.
OrlU Ypor,
SU Month!!.
Threo Months,
rSilerr.1 ncTordlni; to postal regulation*
?t th? pott office ?t His Stone i)ap assoo
nu>l i'i&u matter.
suBSCRiuiiKS are earnestly re?
quested to observe the date
printed on their address slips,
which will keen them at all
times posted as to the date
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt ami timely
attention to this reimest will
save all parties a great deal of
1'he things men do for spite
are seldom worth doing.
It is not difficult to toll the
truth; the difficulty is to get the
truth, believed.
President elect Wilson bus
gone on a vacation of it couple
of weeks toJtheBormudtt Islands.
There is no use wasting sym?
pathy on a man who can't be
happy with gootl health, good
meals antl gootl weather
It seems to be the opinion of
many that President-elect Wil?
son will make lion. W. J. Kry
an, the great democratic ore
to, one of his cabinet officials,
and it is not unlikely that he
will be made Secretary of State.
The coal and coke business
is tine in this section this fall,
and both commodities are
bringing a good price in fact
coke is higher now than it has
been in live years, and the de
muttd is good.
Bond Election December 31.
Tbc election t u determine
I whether or not the citizens of
Richmond Magisterial District
[are in favor of issuing bonds
in the amount of $130,000 to
Complete the macadam on the
roads in the district will be
held on 1 lecember ;ti.
With this amount the dis?
trict can Complete in fust class
style all the roads that wore
laid out under the original
county bond issue of BOven hint
dred thousand dollars, practi?
cally all of which have been
graded and a portion macada?
The indications are the elec?
tion to he held on Dooefnbor '.ist
will he practically unanimous,
as the people have already 80011
the great benoflt good roads are
to our county, and are deter
mined that nothing shall stund
in the way of having them
completed in good style.
Norton, Va? Nov. Is \
quiet hut beautiful home wed
ding took place Nov. 1 -Itli at
Glamorgan, Vn., when Mrs.
Lois M Stevenson was united
in marriage :<> Prof, Nathan 11
Sah er, of Big Stone (lap The
ceremony was performed by
Rev, 1.eland \V. Smith, pastor
of the Norton Baptist Church,
at the home0l the bride s sister,
Mrs. \V. 11. Mullins. The bride,
'a daughter of Wm. Vormillion
of Wbitesburg, Ky., had been n
I widow for about seven years,
'having been married to a Pres?
byterian Minister, Rev, Kdward
Stevenson. For about a year
she has been the very popular
Postmistress] at Glamorgan
The groom is a son of Mi. K S
Salyer, a prominent farmer in
Kussel! county, lie has taught
in the public schools of Russell
for seven years and is now the
Principal of the Southern Com
inereial School at Big Stone
'1 he happy couple left on the
west hound train from Norton
for Lexington, Georgetown,
Richmond and other points in
I Kentucky. They will he at
home at Big Stone Clap, Decem?
ber 1st.
Renew your subscription to
he Post.
Quiet Wedding.
Suppose that the pike road
front horn i"> Norton was owned
by a private corporation, that
I ho old road was there n>< be?
fore, anil t hat tho public hud {
its choice of traveling the old |
road for nothing or paying toll
to travel tho now ono, how
much revenue would tho hovv
rond bring in annually: That
is tho way to calculate what
macadam roads are worth. Tho
r6ntnl value of niiytliing?i
whether ii be n pike road, busi?
ness house or ;t steamship
forms the basis of value. Tho
Wise-Norton road cost approxi?
mately Ji30,000, and most of ns
think it com too much, hut
what is il worth what Would
it rent for??Wise Virginian.
In any direction you go >'i
the Richmond Magisterial his-1
trict will hoover macadamized
roads when her line system of
highways are completed next
On Thursday afternoon ami
evening, Deo. |2. the Ladies of
the M K Ohurcll, South, are
to llttVO their holiday sub1, con
sisting of linens, Christinas '
novelties, aprons, ami fancy '
articles. Ice cream, cake and j
home made candies sold also.
The residence of .1. .1. Plana"
ry, n prominent i armor lining
near hiydeii, was burned about
noon Tuosdav. The fire start?
ed from sparks falling on the
Liquid Poultry Remedy 25c
"S*vrsTHf Sick"
K..rC..,f??, While I>i
n.O.r.., k,.i.|SI.lml*l
Ilf.k anil all l-oulltv
.No Cuic
wort, white
REX i; '
itta k. finer i dUlnftc
l-nl for hou.e. \Ul.le
I hrn huiiK. HV MAll. )0C
4ox Vtnnt
HIE 8E\ CHEMICAL CO.. Newport. K>.
SOI.U ftv
Kelly Drug Company.
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles' A.
Midloburg ami Mr. W. T, Don
uetl. of f Ihnrleston. W. VT? ,
ami Mr. anil Mrsi Stewart \.
Howard, o f Lynchburg, ore
spending 11 vacation of a cou;
j>lo of works in iho Qap play?
ing golf ami seeing the sights
in ami around the metropolis ol
llie mountains. Thby lire guests
at the popular Monte Vista.
Hair Specialty.
T.. Whom ti May Ooiicerii
'i in is- in certify thai Mis- Nm > r.
I'atton, Iiis been ilulv appointed ligoul
for Madams Walker ami Crawlont?
ii Mit sna l \i.tii> mid ?he lian re
eelved llie iiecoasiir) Inatruvtloiin to cus
hlu her to care Cor the hail anil scalp bj
oin methods. We heartllj recommend
her to nil persons lo ? horn sin- mav luve
occasion to oiler lior sei. I< e
Qlv< n under our hands ami seals tili?
l uli <! i\ of Kovembei. tOIS
Madaim. Walker ami Crawford.
ill1.* Rast Vine Avenue.
huosvillc. Tennessee
i; Per D w. OiiAwnnu?, M, n.
Interstate Finance & Trust Co,
Bid Stone Gap, Va.
apital $50,000.00. Surplus $60,000.00.
Mils blink, under neu manoKcmcnl, will continue Ihc business upoi:
conservative lines.
SAFETV: Diu Hollo, SECURITY: Our Pass-word,
?merest I'alil on Time Deposits.
II. ?. MOIIKON*, C. s. OARTK.iiii
A. K MOItlSOK. .1. S. II AM lit.RK,
W, Wi I \ V I.OK, .1. \V. KKI.I.Y.
W. if. SI.KM I'.
Safety Deposit BcxesTor Rent.
H See And Compare It mi
With ALL Others
. nu D\...
; d{ complete
transaction. If yon
factloii?don't buy
tiia Gnat Majmttie compare it
bl 1er raneo made. Only when yon
Urning a range 1
would ho Absolutely t..
Irotn printed desci lit
]v>int tor point with at.; .-. .... ?.. -,
have d..ne this can you lmy intelligently and be sure of a
range that lasts a In'.'unit?the
Great Majestic
Char cor** F^en
Ou':<ven:r3 Threo Crdiriary Rrmges
.nantlct nr
c.r? Irc:nl only 11 fit
jf.'lVt. Alt d
t'nj of A pan ???9nti
nerenta ttwut iu-a
Hamblen Brothers
ild Be Im

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