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%iw.\i uXi putfl.
rniitinliod Every Wednesday i>y the
UILBKUT N. KNtOHT, - Kdllor.
Unn Yoar, - tl.OO
Six Month*. - .BO
Thruti Months. - .25
KnUred according to jMistal regulations
at tho pott-Office at lllg BtOne (lap as hoc
oud-claaa matter
SUBSCRIBERS uro earnestly re?
quested to obsorvo the date
printed on their address slips,
which will keep them at all
times posted as to the date
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties n great deal of
Tho election called for the
:llst of December to nssortain
the wishes of tho citizens of
the Richmond Magisterial Dis?
trict in regard to the] proposed
issue of district bonds to the
amount of ?* 100.000 for the com
pletion of public roads in the
district will unquestionably
carry by a large majority, lu
fact, the vote will be practical?
ly unanimous for the bond is?
sue. The pooplo realize that it
would he worst- than folly to
allow the roads, practically all
of which have been graded, to
go unfluish?d, and are deter?
mined that the Richmond Dis?
trict shall have one of the best
systems of roads of tiny section
in the t Hd I lomihiou.
The report that has been cir?
culated in portions of the dis?
trict to the effect that Pig Stone
(Jap WOUld vote against the is?
sue is entirely erroneous and
without foundation. There was
it little stir here some days ago
about certain streets in the
town that wore to be macada?
mized out of the proposed issue
in return for tin* mncadmizing
the town had done on the road
leading to the Virginia and
Southwestern dopot, but oppo
bitioil in this mailer was not in
opposition to the bond issue.
The vole against the issue in
Big Stone Gap will not be near
ho great as in some of the other
towns in the district.
We can assure our friends in
tin- district outside the town,
who have become excited at
the opposition here, ami have
even acCUBod us of being un
progressive, (hat they have
nothing to four; that Big Stone
Gap will roll up a big majority
for tint bond issue, and that she
will continue to take the lead
in all progressive matters not
only for the good of th'edlstrict,
but the entire county as well
What all the advocates of
the proposed issue should to do
is to get solidly together and
carry the district as near unan?
imous for the issue as is possi?
ble. We have as supervisor in
this district a man whose lion
CBty and integrity is absolute?
ly unassailable, ami who will
administer the funds derived
from the proposed issue to the
bcHt interests of the people of
the entire district,
The amount proposed to be
issued will be ample to com?
plete all the roads, and then we
will have something wo can
look on with pride, and boast
that no section in the south has
u bijKer system of public mails
Had ypu thought about doing
your Christmas shopping early
this year?
Despite the latest invention
of smokeless a n d noiseless
powder, Cupid still sticks to
the bow and arrow.
An Iowa girl secured a hus?
band by a message written on
au ugg. Kven matrimony is
becoming somewhat of a shell
To keep it in a healthy condi
lion oharity needs to be exer?
cised daily, but it need not be
done in public.
Good luck sometimes goes
after a man with a search war
runt, but the bustler is usually
the man it is looking for.
One great trouble with the
morals of this country is that
there are too many jails and
not enough happy homes.
The goose that laid the gold?
en egg is u buck number when
compared to the American hen
with her annual output worth
three billion dollars.
While some say congress docs
not do its duty, there urn some
duties that the public BOOin to
be willing to have congressmen
(Joele Sam proposes using
slot machines for the selling of
stamps. They will be like all
other slot machines in that it
will l)e impossible for the pub?
lic to heat them.
Some delvers intotho mysteries
of the evolution of man now
claim that the human race orig
nally began life in the form of
trees. There are a few "sticks*
left lo bear out the theory.
Approximately 11,000 1'resi
dential appointments to Feder?
al positions were placed direct?
ly in the band of President elect
Wilson by thovotors of the coun?
try in tho recent presidential
election. Added to this there
will be 100,000 minor positions
throughout the United States
outside of civil service olassifl
cation at the disposal of the vic?
torious Democratic party dur?
ing tin' next four years. When
President Wilson steps into the
White llbus?, he will have the
authority to till Sllfi positions of
responsibility in the Depart?
ment of Stute; 730 in the Trees
pry department; six in the War
Department; 1,220 in the De?
partment of Justice; 7,:<:<a in
tho Post-oftlce department; it
in the Navy department; 310 in
(he lntorior department: three
in the Agricultural department
30 in tlie Department of Com?
merce anil Labor; live in the
Civ il Service Commission, seven
in the Interstate Commission
and one each in the ( |o\01 n
ment printing oflicu and library
of i lOugross.
It is reported that Charles K.
Ilagan is contemplating plain
ing n large commercial fruit
orchard on the High Knob,
which is owned by his father.
We believe that an orchard on
the Knob would be a paying
investment; that ill I kinds of
fruit could be grown there every
We have every reason to be?
lieve that Big Stone (Jap is on
tho eve of developments that
will make it one of the best
towns in the entire country in
every wuy. It has always been
the best town in Southwest
V. (I. Venry, who lives near
the Lee County line below town,
is another one of our farmers
who takes an interest in fruit
oUlture. He brought to this
office Saturday some tine sped
mens of the different verities
of apples he raises, and said
that his crop was unusually
large this year. He has a large
young orchard and lakes goo,I
care of the trees and raises tine
fruit. Great interest has been
aroused among the fruit grow
ers in thin section by the arti
des appearing in this paper
from time to time, and next
year the Post is going to offer
a prize for the best fruit raised
in this section, which wo be?
lieve is one of the best in tho
South for fruit growing.
Railroad Deal.
Will Do Much Towards De-|
vcloping Wise County.
The pure-hunt; of the Wist'
Terminal road, extending from
Norton to Qlumorguu, a <lis
lance of six miles by the Inter
state Railroad Company, men
(ion of which was made in the
last issue of this paper, will, no
doubt, do a great deal towards
the development Of Wise Colin
ty. , ,
Tho Interstate has acquired
all the bonds and securities of
tho Wise Terminal and for tho
present will operate it under
the old name, but it is thought
that us soon as the Interstate
is g i v en permission to go
through Norton it will connect
with the Wise Terminal and the
two roads will l.pe ruled us
one road tho Interstate. A
case is now pending before the
State Corporation Commission
in which the Interstate is ask
ing permission to condemn cor
tain railroad property in order
to extend its road through the
town to a point near the N. &
W. and I,. ,V N . depot, and if
this is allowed, which in all
probability will he, then the
two roads can hi- connected.
The Wise Terminal already
extends Into a very important
coal Held; and should it be ex?
tended on towards Pound Gap
one of the richest coal Melds in
the county could be developed.
The general offices of the
Wise Terminal an- now located
at this place and the road is Ill?
ing ofUcinllyoporatod from here
The same officials have charge
of both toads.
Major /.ion P. Smyth is exca?
vating for nii addition to his
properly in the west end of Ap
pnluctliu ami will, when finish?
ed, convert the entire tipper
Floors into a hotel, having the
dinning room and kitchon loca?
ted on the ground Moor of the
new addition.
II. I'. High ley, who has just
finished Ins plumbing contract
on the government building at
this pi,ice, .in.l family loft last
week for their home in Phila?
delphia. Mr. Ilighley, in ad?
dition to his largo plumbing!
business, is interested with Ins
brother in an extensive rail?
road con traut in the Keystone
Mrs. Harry Torheit and baby
returned last week from Han
over, I'.t . and is stopping with
her husband nl the Monte Vista, '
The) wilfreturh to the Pehn
sy\\ an in oily wheuMriTorbell's
jwork here .1-. superintendent
on the Pcderul building is rjom
plete, and remain until a sinn
lar building there is tinislnd.
Ii. W. Morgan was tried and
sentenced to four \onrs in the
penitential \ at Wise, forsljool
tug policeman 0. C. PI Unary,
at Preacher last spring. It
will In- remembered that the
shooting of Plenary led lip id
the killing of deputy sheriff
Blair, of Whitesburg, Ivy . for
which latter murder Morgan
was tried and acquitted.
Thanksgiving si rvice, nil the
pastors and churches in town
uniting. Tho service will be
held at ii a. m. on Thursday,
in the Baptist Church, Rev.
Morelaud, of t h e Methodist
Church, will deliver t he sermon.
Let every business place in the
city close for tins service, ami
let tile people collie ill great
numbers to thank the giver of
all good for His great blessings
upon us during the past year.
Be sure to Collie.
Saturday was pay-day again
on Toms Creek and General
Superintendent II. I-'. White
head informs Us that his plant
is running on full time,. All the
coke ovens and mines are in full
operutioil ami some of the mines
are being double shifted in ord?
er to take care of their orders.
Many improvements are still be?
ing made at this big operation.
A number of new houses are be?
ing erected and Other oxtoi sive
improvements are planned by
Supt. Whilehead. The men in
this section need have no fear
about dull run as tue Co., has
ample orders to keep the plant,
going for four veins. The Bos
ton ?V Maine Railroad contract
calls for five years, and this
alone assures the plant work.
We are reliably informed that
the Midtilesboro furnace is lo
be pui into Ida<t at once und
this will keep all the coke ovens
going. No. :;. battery is now in
full blast, in fact all the] coke
ovens on Toms Creek are now
in full blast. Co?bttrn Journal.
' The Bjgjfg Fullers' for Winter^
j^rchandise is Still Goinj]Qir~
Thousands of customers have been pleased with our selec?
tion of fall and winter merchandise, and we can please you.
we ask is that you let us show you our stock of
Ladies' Suits, Coats, Dresses, Rain Coats,
Kimonas, Gowns, Corsets, Underwear, Hos?
iery, Gloves, Ribbons, Jewelry, Novelties,
Dress Goods, Trimming, Shoes and Millinery.
We arc receiving daily all the latest novelties for the holi?
day rush.
l 5 i <i Stone <:ni>. mul ..Yi>|>itliioliif i, "Vn.
A croWof artists from the
American Scenery Company is
hero tliis wick painting and
installing n complete outfit for
the stage of the new Amur.ii
Theatre. This work will include
a grand drapery front curtain.:
finished in the center with a|
good local scene; an especially i
arranged picture screen in the
form of a heavily draped gold]
flaute; a s a complete set;
for parlor, streets, garden, and I
kitchen scenes, finished along
lines now in vogue in the lead?
ing city theatres
Hair Specially.
To Whom It Mity t'oncorp:
Thl las to certify thai Miss Naiicy K.
ration, has lii'en ilulv appointed Kgetil
for Marlainfi Walkci and Orawford'?
IIAIRSI'Kt l\I.TIi:s ami she haa re
eeive.l the lie. essary iiistrintions In en.i
hlo her to care for thu lialr anil s. alp by
our methods. \\*c heartily recommend
hei to ..II persons to ?hon, "she may have
occasion to oder hi r scrrlco.
lilvctt under our hands aiiil seals thin
lillll il.iv of November, IMS,
nfathtm* \\ alkdr ami Grow fohl,
?IIU Kaat Vine Avenue
t; Per O \V CitvwKiiui, M. I), i
No Wonder Zcmo Is Guaran?
teed to Slop Itching, and
Docs It.
A few applications or /.KMO, the rb
marksbic tien remedy for akin nllllotloiis
anil away go the terrible itching unit
paluiof ecaeiii? and eeaenia porea jihn
pl. s, blotches, prickly heat, i iah
It glvea relief InatanUj to any irritated
inflamed 01 raw skin It? soothing ef?
fect is almost heavenly ZK.MO I? n
li<iuld "i on apply It in a moment. It
Inks right Iii and its ?>>rk begins. It
anuol he equaled by anything in the
lorhl for aiinburn or reddened skin Use
it on'the children for prickly heat on
.un sores biles or slings Zl Mn In
absolutely sate Dandruff absolutely
illaappi ire after using ZK.MO
It will eost you only Bfi conl* to try
ZKMO tlrst and prbVii it
/.KMO is told III r . nil and *J hollies
or sent direct bh receipt o( price, by K
\\ liose Medicine I to . SI I onta, Mo .
I'lie > 1 t.olt'.es .-out.litis ,m\ tlllle> lllllell
.e the ?d-cent bottle.
s.ii.l and guaranteed Iii Itig rVtouc flap,
bj the Kelly I'rug Company and In Ap
iialachla by the Intermoni limu (tompa
Dries in 10 Minutes
II It noshing like *n ciumel. but Ii v<ry 1Mb
? n.l >.'!> Mack.
S-S-4 "uhUup" rust hk water does
? sit.
Sold by
Hamblen Bros.
no *>gU.,| . n% m
lite, miteumt Krim Lit
In. 11.-. I ? .... i.
?lock. Ploeit dUlnftc
tset fur house.stable
BV MAIl, jo. "
soi.n r>.v
Keily Drug Company.
Interstate Finance & Trust Co.
Big Stone Gap. Va.
Capital $50.000.00. Surplus $60,000.00.
This bank, under new management, will continue the business upon
conservative lines.
SAI BTY: Our Motto. STiCURlTV: Our Pass-word.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
It. 0. U0KIS0N, 0. P, OARTBH.i
a. K ilORlSOK. J. S. IIAMIlbKS.
\V \V. TAYLOll, J. W. KKI.l.Y.
W. M. S I.KM I'.
Safely Deposit Boxes for Rent
Christmas Specials.
We wish to call your attention and invite you
to come and examine our Christmas lines of
Toilet arid Manicure Sots, in tripple plated
Silver ami Ebony' Bronze Jewel Boxes,
Watches, Chains, Fobs, Bracelets,
and a full line of Novelties in
seasonable Small Jewelry.
Musical Instruments and Supplies.
Jewelry from our store engraved free of charge
East Third St. and Wood Ave. BIG STONE GAP, VA.
Special for Christmas Month
Among the most sensible gifts for the hol?
idays is something serviceable that will give
comfort and pleasure at the same time.
1 am showing a line of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Notions,
Shoes, Sweaters and
Aviation Caps.
Candies, Fruits and Nuts,
Free Silverware and Watch!
/ its to pa)
cash we are going to give'to the person trading the most with
us .for CASH in December, a beautiful 30-piece Silvei Set
absolutely free. Also a ?old watch to the person holding the
lucky nuinber among a dozen that we are going to give with
12 select men's shirts. Ask at our store for full information
concerning these valuable free goods.
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

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