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lib UiG STOlMh, UAt' I'UST,
Published Every Wednesday by th?
Ult-BERT N. KNIGHT, - Editor.
Ono V??r,
Six Months.
Thron Months
Entered arrordlni; to jxntal regulations
at tho post-office at IIIr Stone (lap as wo
iind-chiaa matter
surscribT:Rs are earnestly re?
quested to obsorvo tho date
printed on their nddress slips,
which will keep them at nil
times posted its to tho date
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to Huh request will
Bavo all parties a great d?al of
Reform, like charity, should
begin at homo.
It iH better to bo honest from
force of circumstances than not
at all.
Some folks may not be helped
by going to church, but they
certainly won't be hurt.
A man's politioial affiliations
in these trying days is often
merely u question of salary.
Folks who expect to take
their money with them when
they leave this earth must have
money to burn.
It's lots easier to show enthus?
iasm when there is no need for
it than when there is work to
Wise County is one of the
richest counties in the Old Do?
minion, ami her people are the
best in the world.
President-elect Wilson will
convene congress in extra ses?
sion on or about tho ISlli of
next April.
Labor is not always paid bel?
ter here than in Kurope. The
czar gets |25.000 a day for lin?
ing what President Taft does
for $274.
Gout is not always caused by
eating too rich foods, A man
who has recently been at (acted
by tilt* disease says ho has
boarded at hotels for lifty
Send your friends tin* Post
for a Christinas present. We
can guarantee they will think
of you lifty-lwo times next
Only twenty-one days more
until Christmas About time
for you to commence your
t llirislmas shopping.
When a man is down on his
knees in a fruitless search for
a misguided collar billion be
seldom associates bis position
with prayer.
A man feels as if he is mak?
ing a record for self denial
when be dosen't smoke all da\
because bis throat is so sore ho
Good roads increases the
value of property faster than
anything, and UO one objects to
their properly increasing in val?
A man who buys his sweet?
heart presents on long credit is
not yet in condition to become
a good provider.
A Chicago man dropped dead
in u department store while
shopping with his wife. Wom?
en who love their hubbies will
take duo warning therefrom,
You pan roach ttio people
when you advertise in the Pig
Stone Gap Post. You can
scarcely find u homo within u
radius of ten miles of tho Gap
where it is not a weekly visitor.
Aii exchange sayu that all
American girls are born willi
voices. It is not probable that
anyone will contradict the
If men want to beat woman's
suffrage they should put a pro?
vision In the law that in order
to oxercise the privilege of vot?
ing the woman must lake an
oath to being over 26.
Tho statement that four
months from the day President
elect Wilson is inaugurated
half the hanks in this count ry
will he cdosed may seem si range
until you think that it will then
be the Fouth of July.
The good roads have greatly
benofitted Pig Stone (lap. and
the same is true of every town
ill Wise County. When all the
roads are macadamized tho
towns as well as the rural dis?
tricts will all be bonotitted a
great deal more.
Tho Post sent to your friends
during lOlO would make a
mighty nice Christmas presont,
mid one that would bo appreci?
ated. You can send it the en?
tire year for only liftv cents.
See announcement elsewhere in
this issue.
Unique Entertainment.
The Pig stone (lap Chapter
of the United Daughters of the
Confederacy will give a very
Ulliqile entertainment at the
AmilEU Theatre Friday eve?
ning, December Oth, at 7:30
The program will consist of
the usual three reels of moving
picturoB, which inuagurates a
series of pictures from a new
exchange all n o w subjects.
The reels will be interspersed
with "laving Tabeaux," which
will be posed by thomosl prom?
inent society people u f the
town. "T h e Bachelor's
Dream-' will he a special fen.
tare, posed by a most charming
bacholor and a bevy of beauti?
ful girls, ranging from school
room to honeymoon.
The moving picture reels w ill
he "Too much wooing of hand
Borne comedy; 'An unexpecl
ed fortune drama"; "iUajorie's
Diamond King Comedy."
Admission, 5, lOahd 25 cents.
Shoe Repair Shop.
1 am prepared to do all kinds
of shoe repairing in first class
and up-to-date stylo. M\ shop
is on Wood Avenue, in the
Wolfe Building, ami I solicit
your patronage. ml v.
W. II. Lawson.
.Miss Kmma Duncan, of
JOllOBVille, is visiting her sister.
Mrs. W. A. Baker in the (lap.
Cox To Be Arraigned On Mur?
der Charge Today.
(late ( Uty, \ a., Nov. l'x. 10,
M. Cox Who On Saturday shot
and killed his brother in law',
.1 nines Flannery, has surrender?
ed to the authorities and will
he given a preliininery hearing
tomorrow, Ho claims self de?
A few months ago Cox was
tried for th.order of William
Burke, hut was acquitted on a
plea of self defense. He is a
member of a prominent Scott
county family.
SUM) Reward SlOO
Mi,- routers of thU paper ?iil be pleas.
.??1 to learn that there i-, at las) one dread?
ed disease that sclenoo has been able to
eure In all II? stages, ami thai I? Catarrh
Hall's Catarrh Cure la the ouly positive
t ine now known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional disease, re?
quire* a ooustltuUonal treatment. Hull's
Catarrh Cure la taken luternally, acting
dlrec?y h|k?ii the idissl ami mucous sur
facesofthc system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, ami giving
the patient strength by building up the
Constitution ami assisting nature in do?
ing its work, l'he proprietors have so
much fallt, in its curative powers that
they ulTei One Hundred Dollars for any
cajte Ilia: it fails to eure. Send for list of
Address K -i CHENEY A CO., To.
ledo, Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists. 73c.
Take Hall s r-'amily Pills lor coimtipa
Ufflcu In Skoun UoiUtln?
Big Stone (jap, Va.
Attorney at Law,
lotcrmoat llldg ft I ? STONE GAP, V a
Celebrates 12th Wedding
On Wednesday evening. No
v.ber 27th, .Mr. and and Mrs.
\Y. T. Alsover gave a dinner, 1
celebrating their 12th Wedding
Anniversary. Those present
were Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Bur?
gess, Rev and Mrs. J. M,
Smith, and Mr. and Mrs. U. It.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. ami Mrs. .lehn M. Willis
has announced the engugemont
and approaching marriage of
their daughter,Miss Vorn F.thel,
to l)r. lienry Hudson Naif, of
Knoxville, Tennessee. 'The
dato of the wedding has not
been made public.
Mrs. (I. ('. Jeffors spent Fri?
day in Appalnchiti shopping.
.Miss Janet Bailoy, who is
teaching.school at Blackwood,
Bpen) Thanksgiving day with
home folks.
Miss Rosalie l'ridemore, tho
music teacher in the Appalu
cliia High School, and a friend
Wei,-visitors in the (lap last
II. 0. Wagers, of Cincinnati,
has accepted a position as clerk
with the Kelly Drug Company
and entered upon his duties as
such Monday.
J. S. MuConnell, of the Ford
and McConnel store at Appal a
chiu, was in town Friday look?
ing after the placing of tho
firms udvertiseihenl on the new
opero house curtain.
Mrs. Mayo Cabell and chil?
dren, returned Friday night
from Philadelphia where she
was called on account of the
illness ami death of her uncle,
Dr. Richard Clornau.
The Ladies Guild, of Christ
F.pisci'pal Clilirch, will have
their annual P>n/.aar in t h o
lobby of the Monte Vista Hotel
on Saturday afternoon. Decem?
ber 7. from three until six
o'clock. The Guild will meet
with Mrs. It. L, Parkson Thurs?
day afternoon al three o'clock
and all the ladies will please
bring their work finished.
A young sister of Mrs II A.
Hogs, was operated on last
week for an nbcoss on the lung
following an attack of pneumo?
nia, nt Benimm, Ky. Mr. Huge
and his family formerly lived
hen-lint have been in the Ken?
tucky town for about two years,
where he is employed by the
Wisconsin Steel Company.
F.ikiumh Collier has bought
ami moved into tho property
formerly owned by C. F.. Wade
on K;ist Fiftli street Mrs
Tackett, who occupied the
property has moved into the,I.
C. Moore residence noar tho
plaining mill, which was vaca?
ted by?). S. Benmati who moved
into another house near the V,
& s. w. depot.
AT THIS SEASON of the year most people arel
planning and some actually worry about the|
selection of gifts for friends?a thing wholly
unnecssary in this ape with practical, serviceable
presents all the rage. You can please the most
fastidious with a selection from our store ? we have
Manicure Sets,
Kitchen Sets,
Sewing Sets,
Pocket Knives,
Riding Whips,
Ice Skakes,
Carving Sets.
Scissors, all kinds.
Safety Razors.
Lap Robes.
Toy Wagons,
Roller Skates,
and a full and complete line of hardware espec?
ially suited as gifts because of its quality, which
gives long life of service to the article selected and
thereby welds an everlasting link of friendship be
twoen the parties interested.
Hamblen Bros.
I The jig Bnsh at Fullers' for WintiiP
Merchandise is Still Going On.
Thousands of customers have been pleased with our selec?
tion of fall and winter merchandise, and we can please you.
we ask is that von let us show you our stock of
Ladies' Suits, Coats, Dresses, Rain Coats,
Kimonas, Gowns, Corsets, Underwear, Hos?
iery, Gloves, Ribbons, Jewelry, Novelties,
Dress Goods, Trimming, Shoes and Millinery.
We arc receiving daily all the latest novelties for tin" holi?
day rush.
j- Itili Stone <:?i|). und AppuliKdiia. "Vi?.
Lots For Sale.
So trio of Hie moat desirable
lota in Big Stone (lap an
cated in Imboden Addition,!
1'lnt'-, arid dr.e now on tho mar
kcl at very low prices, and lib?
eral terms. For particulars see
er address t he undersigned at
Hig Stone Gap. 10 1
\V. S. Bkvrki.Y, Agent.
Saturday January 4th, 1913,
between tho hourd of l p, ni. nntl ' p. in .
un the premises I shall proceed to toll to
tholilgtical ami boat bidder POll i '\su
in hand l,OT 84, <?K IH.OCK II, Kl V
S'l'ONl tiOAt, d> IKOK < OMt'ANY'tJ
PI.AT No. lj of the toWti <?( A ITA
I. vi ill A. Virginia, excepting and re
Mining tlif coal and other mineral*
tborouudor, under ?ml burtuabt to the
terms of a deed of trust front I A
Ii.kl aiid S. S tin...ks Id C. V. Itlan
., Trustee, dated Maroli nth. 1010, re.
eenle.1 in Wise County Deed nook 101,
pagO S84, Helen nee is here made I.. said
deed s.> of record t..r my authority to
in ike Mid aalc
0 l ill.ANTOK, ini mi i
do* kennel and lirn liuuic. BV Man. j..'
Uli REX CHEMICAL CO., Newport, Kyi
.si it.i> r?v
Kelly Drug Company,
R. T. I KV INK, Pros. \V. T. GOOIH.OB, Vic* Pres. A Bee'y. R. P. tUIIKOS Trta
Bi(-? Stone Cap. Va.
Capital $50,000.00. Surplus $60,000.00.
I his hunk, under new management, will continue the business upoc
conservative lines.
S M ETV: Our Motto. SECURITY: Our Password.
Interest Paid un Time Deposits.
Ii. t. IttVtNB, vr. T. QOODLOK,
hi n. klORISOH, 0. s. OAKTER.i
a. K. M0RIS0N. ,l. s. IIA vi lil.kn.
\V. \V. TAYLOR, J. W. KKl.LY.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent.
i Christmas Specials.
We wish to call your attention and invite you
to come and examine our Christmas lines of
Toilet and Manicure Sets, in tripple plated
Silver and Ebony Bronze Jewel Boxes,
Watches, Chains, Fobs, Bracelets,
and a full line of Novelties in
seasonable Small Jewelry.
Musical [nstrumenls and Supplies.
Jewelry from our store engraved free of charge
East Third St. and Wood Ave. BIG STONE GAP, VA,
Special for Christmas Month
Among the most sensible gifts for the hol?
idays is something serviceable that will give
comfort and pleasure at the same time.
I am snowing a line of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Notions,
Shoes, Sweaters and
Aviation Caps.
Candies, Fruits and Nuts.
n r< ?! i To ind
Free Silverware and Watch! -
era to pa)
cash wo arc going to give to the person trading the most with
us .for CASH in December, a beautiful 30-picce Silver Set
absolutely free. Also a ^old watch to the person holding the
lucky number among a dozen that we are going to give with
1.' select men's shirts. Ask at our store for full information
concerning these valuable free goods.
Big Stone gap, Virginia.

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