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The Big Stone Gap Post.
Coal Business
Mines All Busy and Demand
Harvest Since 1906.
In talking to a Bristol Herald
Courier reporter last week,
Charles W. Bondurant, of the
Bondurant Coal and Coke Com?
pany, of St. Charles, spoke of
the activity in the coal and
coko business in this section as
''Tho coal business is now
hetter than it has been since
IVOOj said .Mr. Bondurant.
"The mines tire all busy. In
Southwest Virginia tbe opera?
tors are fortunate in being able
to get plenty of cars for in oth
er parts of the country there is
a shortage of transportation
equipment. There is a splendid
market for coal and the present
outlook is most oncourging."
" Mr. Bondurant says that
every coke oven in Wise coun?
ty is in operation. The Stone
ga Coke and Coal Company
lias 5,600 ovens in Wise county.'
This company is mining about
2,000,000 tonsr of coal annually
in Southwost Virginia. The
Virginia Iron, Coko and Coal
Company and the Clinobfield
Coal Corporation are busy at
their mines and are making
large shipments of coal from
Southwest Virginia. The hulk
of the V. 1. C. ?fc C. coal goes
to Boston, to apply on the con?
tract to supply coal for the Bos-1
ton anil Maine railroad."
Early Shopping for Christmas j
Shopping for Christinas will
have to be done early this year,
or the store.', will be compelled
to employ a double force of
female help. That became
known Saturday, when Labor'
Commissioner Dohertyof Rich?
mond, called attention to the
fact that the ten hour law
would be enforced rigidly in
all parts of the State.
Thsre is jast one day when
female help will be allowed to
work in excess of the allotted
ten hours in any twenty-four
Saturday. The law iH plain j
and pointed, and there is no
option with the Commissioner
in seeing that it is enforced.
Shopping early will make tin
task easier to .the clerks, the
drivers and purchasers. Goods
can he gotten home at a reas?
onable hour, tho clerks will
have a chance to rest.
There is another thing. Those
who does their shopping early
will get the first pick of the
bargains, they will have plenty
of time, articles can he packed
away until wanted and there
need he no uneasiness and rush
at t he last hour.
Head the advertisements
every week in the Host, and
you will know where to go to
get tho best bargains a n d
On Thursday afternoon and
evening, Dec; 12, the Ladies of!
tin- M. H. Church, South, are
to have their holiday sale, con?
sisting of linens, Christmas
novelties, aprons, and fancy
articles. Ice-cream, cake anil
home made candies sold also.
Sale will be held at W. \V.
Taylor's Store.
Health Work
Sound Econ?
Anual Report of Health Com?
missioner Pleases Advo?
cates of Improved
Richmond, Va., Doc. 7.?
(Trent is tin- jubilation huro
among friends n? public lioulth
who have redd the recent re?
port of the State Health Com?
missioner aint have compared
the figures tabulated therewith
those printed four years ago.
The State Hoard of Health
was reorganised in 1908, and
was then given u much larger
appropriation than in previous
years. As the report just Hied
with the Govomor was the
fourth since thai time, compar?
isons were quickly made to
show whether or not the State'?
investment in public health had
been good economy,
The report for 1908 showed
that in rural Virginia approxi?
mately 12,000 people contracted
consumption during that year
while more than 14,000 were
victims of typhoid fever. The
report for 1912 shows these fig?
ures to he 8,000 and 8,000 re?
spectively, III other words, it
is pointed out that now only
eight persons have tuberculosis
where twelve had it in 1903and
that only s had typhoid fever
in the past year where I I had
it in Hins. In addition, statis?
tics show that the mortality
from diphtheria has been cut
precisely in half a n d that
where BO veil in the hundred of
those who had diptheria died
in 1008, the present mortality
is hut 3.61 per cent. As the
number saved from death and
disease thus runs into the
thousands, sanitarians argue
that their case is proved.
Another saving disclosed by
the report, and om- which is
more readily computed in dol?
lars and cents, is that which
has resulted from the distribu?
tion of antitoxin and the treat?
ment of persons bitten by ra?
bid animals. In an effort to
procure antitoxin at a reasoild
iile rate lor all persons attacked
with diphtheria, the State in
1908 made arrangements and
since that time has distributed
antitoxin to all who want it at
very low rates. During this
time more than 18 million units
of this remedy have been dis
tribuloil. on the prico of which,
as compared with (he old retail
there has been a saving to the
families of diphtheria victims
of approximately $48,000. In
addition, the price of antitoxin
has been very generally reduc?
In treating free of cost per?
sons bitten by rabid animals
and unable to pay the charges
of the regular institutes, tin:
State has saved, during the last
year, a total of $0,4(10 to these
Another feature of the annual
report which attracts particu?
lar attention at this time is the
comparison of the State's facil?
ities for treating consumption
{as compared with the facilities
of four years ago At that
inn.-, (he State Karin and the
State Hospitals for Insane wore
I the only places where consump?
tives could be given the open
Christmas Specials.
We wish to call your attention and invite you
to come and examine our Christmas lines of
Toilet and Manicure Sets, in tripple plated
Silver and Ebony; Bronze Jewel Boxes,
Watches, Chains, Fobs, Bracelets,
and a full line of Novelties in
seasonable Small Jewelry.
Musical Instrument and Supplies.
Jewelry from our store engraved free of charge.
East Third St. and Wood Ave. BIG STONE GAP. VA.
I l SED t.> ?ralch for Santa Clause
With chUdeah faith iubllme,
Ami Ilaton in the snowy night
To hear hit sleigh hells chime,
rtcahla the door mi Christmas Eve
I put a truss uf hay
To feed the prancing, dancing steeds
That apeil him on Ins way.
I pictured him a jolly man
With hoard of frosty white.
Ami cheeks so fat,'hat when he laughed
They hid his eyes from sight:
A heart that overflowed with love
Eor little girls and Isiys,
Ami on his hark a lodging pack.
Rrlmful of gorgeous toys.
If children Ofn larger growth
t'oidd have a Christinas tree
from Father Time, one gift slone
Would he enough foi me .
l et others take the gems and gold.
Ami trifles light and vain.
Hut glvo no- hack my behalf
In Santa < 'laus attain'
Minna Irving
air treatment. At present thore
are in State, municipal nntl pri?
vate institutions, more than 200
bods for consumptives und this
Dumber is steadily being; in
The report of tho Health Com
missioner lias been forwarded
to the .Public Printer und soon
will he ready for distribution
to interested persons.
Ship Your Packages Early.
Mo. I. Ship your packages
j early, by today if possible. The
Express Company will give you
In small label to paste on the
package reading''Do not open
until Christmas." This will
insure the package reaching its
destination before Christmas
and the additional pleasure to
the recipient of the gift, of hav?
ing it Christinas morning.
No. 'J. l"so wooden boxes for
packing. It may cost a few
cents more, hut the danger of
loss or damage is very much
reduced. True, if the shipment
is lost or damaged, the Kxpress
Company will pay lor it, but
that will give your friend no
No. :t. Write the address in
full. -County, street and num?
ber?on the box with ink or
crayon, lugs are frequently
torn off and lost.
No. I. If you want to Pre?
pay the charges write the word
"l'AII>" in large letters on the
No.'i. Insist upon a receipt
and see that the amount paid
isj on the receipt and value of
tin- package declared thereon.
No. ii. Write your own ad?
dress in full some whore on the
package, following the prefix,
Krom ami enclose a card in
the package hearing your ad?
dress that you may Im notified
in the event of loss of consign,
ees address.
No. 7. Use strong wrapping
paper, not nowspagers, if not
convenient to ship in boxes and
tie with a strong cord.
No. S. If package contains
anything of Perishable nature,
write the word "PERISHA?
BLE" in large plain letters on
tht> box or package to insure
special attention for its deliv?
If you will observe these sug?
gestions you will grearly assist
in assuring prompt delivery of
your gift in good conditions.
Positions in Plenty.
Positions in plenty are waiting for the
young fu.111 or woman who can measure I
up to requirements. Throughout the
year the Itoanokfl National Bnslncss Col
lege rocolves in<|lilrca for pupils iiml I
places graduates in positions. At times i
Ihedemand far exceeds the supply; inI
fact, the School hies been unable to till
more than fifty per cent of applications
received from business men. Such is the
confidence the public has in that institu?
Business mew know they arc getting
just the kind of help they need and the
host that up-to-date methods in teaching
and training can produce. The school is
careful to ascertain from the prospective
employer just what he expects from the
pupU< The college Is just a? careful to
recommend only such applicants as it
feels confident can live up to tiies? expec?
All it-s students who become reasona?
bly competent'can readily secure posi?
tions The college make no ctutrgc to
uilhir the employer or applicant for Its
Services in establishing a mutually satis- ,
1 tetory connection.
The winter session opens January 1st.
I >esk room is reserved in the order In
i w hich application!! for entrance are re
'ceived. Those contemplating a course
should make arrangements early.?adv.
Local Items,
II. B, Price, Jr.. of Stonegn,
spent Sunday in tbe Clap.
N. 1?. Bauchman, Jr.,of Bris?
tol, was a visitor to tho (Jap
I>r Thomas K. Stalr-y, a pop?
ular specialist of Bristol, spent
Friday night in the (lap on pro?
fessional business.
W. T. Bay, of Spartanburg,
S. t'., was a guest at tho Monta
Vista, on last Saturduy.
IS. I.. Moore, of Knoxville,
was in town last week.
Sam Wcatherly.of Louisville,
is visiting relatives ami friends
in the (lap this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse,
who spent about ten days in
tho (Jap visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Horace K. Kox, returned to
their home in New Mexico last
If you want your job work
done promply, neatly and artis?
tically, send it to the Wise
Printing Company.
The January term of United
States Court will be held in the
new Federal building at this
place, which is one of the nicest
a u d most up to date public
buildings in the south.
The little folks aro getting
ready for Santa Clans.
Miss Lain Mahaffoy is serious?
ly ill at the home of her broth?
er, \\ . T. MahatVey, at this
Miss Kdua 0 Illy returned
Saturday from Stonega, where
she spent ten days relieving
.Miss Carrie Kveridge, telephone
operator at that place, who has
been otf on a vacation.
Houston Begley and family,
formerly of tins place.hu: who,
for the past three years have
been located at Anderson, Ind.,
have returned to the (lap to
make this their future homo. m
Mrs. (1. M. Brown, who has
been in a hospital in Bickmond
for some time, where sho un?
derwent an operation, is rapid?
ly regaining her health and
returned home Sunday night.
The man who keeps his eyes
on tho face of the clock will
never see the wheels go round.
.Miss Aleen Maddox, who for
the past two seasons has had
charge of the millinery depart?
ment in J. M. Willis* store, ro
t ii rued to her home in Newport,
Kentucky, last Saturday morn?
Send the Wise Printing Com?
pany your orders for engraved
cards and stationery. Cur
prices are right and the quality
of work can't be beat.
General R. A- Ayers and son,
11. .1. Avers, spent a few days
last week hunting on the Hoi
Messrs. Hugh, Alf and James
Taylor are soon to have pub?
lished two books, one entitled
"Bob Taylor's Life and Career"
and the other "The Best Litera?
ture of Bob Taylor." -Bristol
Herald Courier.
R. Counts, who has been in
the operators office at Appala
chia, has accepted the agency
at the V. & S. W. depot here,
succeeding W. J. Draper, who
has resigned and gone back to
his home at Gate City.
Horace E. Fox, of tho engi?
neering firm of Fox, Pock &
Sampson with offices nt Harlan
and Ui? Stone ?'>up, was in the
city Tuesday enroute to Iiis
homo at Big Stono Gap. ? Mid
dlosboro Record.
Masters .lames and Cuiupboll
Edmonds relumed Sunday
night from Big Stone Gap, Va.,
where they spent several days
with relatives. ? Middlesboro
In making up your list of
presents for Christmas do not
forget t h e poor and needy.
There are many homes in this
section where tho children do
not know Santa Claus.
Geo. E. Roebuck is preparing
to issue a monthly magazine
called 'The Rhododendron,"
the lirst number of which is
expected to appear about Jan?
uary f>th.?Wise Virginian.
J. E. Lanningbam, of St.
Charles, was a business visitor
tu the dap one day laBt week.
A Nice Christinas Present
OU could not send your friends a Christmas
present that would be appreciated more than
a copy of the Big Stone Gap Post during 1913. To
those who desire to scud the Post as a present to
their friends we will make the special rate of
50c. for the Entire Year,
and will also, it desired, notify the ones to whom the
paper is sent that it is being sent by you as a pres?
ent. This does not apply to persons desiring to sub?
scribe for themselves, and no subscriptions at this
special rate will be accepted after January ist. You
can send the paper to as many as you like at this rate.
Help advertise this section by sending your
friends something they will appreciate and remember
you for every week through the whole year.
One thousand votes will be given in the
Piano Contest with each year's subscription.
The United Daughters <>f
the Confederacy gave u very
clover and uni<|tie amateur per
formanceat the Amu/.u Theatre
on last Friday night. The rog.
ulur moving pictured were
shown, with living pictured
taken from ancient history mid
several of the modern Gibson |
pictures were well acted. One
of the hits of the evening was
"The Latest Scandal,'* which so
cleverly portrayed the typical
village gossipers that it was en?
cored several times. "The
Bachelor's Dream" was very
effeotivo, showing his old sweet
hearts from>the school girl to
the bride. The U. D. ( "S wore
well pleased with the large and
appreciative audience, from
which the net proceeds of ? i
50 was realized.
T. (I. .Morris, a prominent
and prosperous farmer living'
above Last Stone Gap, was in
town Thursday, ami brought
some lino specimens of apples
for display in this office. Mr.
Morris has a line orchard and
raised several hundred bushels
qf apples of various kinds this
year; The!samples of Arkansas
Black, apple of Commerce and
the Champion wore about as
near perfect specimens as is
generally seen in this section,
antl anywhere, for that matter,
Mr. Morris is also in favor of
the bond issue to complete our
system of good roads, and is
doing all he can to make the
majority as latge as possible.
Kmmit Stone left last week
for Lexington, Ky.. to attend
the Bible College at theTransyl
vania University.
W. T. Morris, <>f Lexington.
K.V., representing a Cincinnati
clothing house, spent a few
ilaya in town lust week in the
interest of his company.
\V. s. Moore, representing I).
It. Ryland & Company, tho
Lynchburg Jewelers, will bo in
Bristol, at Bristol Typewriter
I otnpany, for tho entire month
of Decombor, with his beauti?
ful Christmas stock, which is
new ami the best ho has over
shown, He requests your or?
ders ami a call from you when
in Bristol.?adv; 60-61
Lots For Sale.
Some ,if the most desirable
lots in Big Stone (lap aro lo?
cated in Imbodnn Addition.
I'lal 2, and are now on the mar?
ket at very low prices, and lib?
eral terms. For particulars sou
or address tho undersigned at
Big Stone t lap. 19 1
yVi S. BkyBRIVV, Agent.
MINERS wanted by
" Stonogap t lolliory (!om?
paiiy, Glamorgan, \'a. Steady
work; Highest price per ton
paid in the district. Healthy
camp. Excellent water. School
and church facilities.
Stonegap Colliery Co.
J. S. CHEVNEV, fiefi'l Supl.
AT THIS SEASON of the year most people are
planning and some actually worry about the
selection of gifts for friends?a thing wholly
unnecssary in this age with practical, serviceable
presents all the rage. You can please the most
fastidious with a selection from our store -we have
Carving Sets.
Scissors, all kinds,
Safety Razors,.
Lap Robes,
Toy Wagons,
Manicure Sets,
Kitchen Sots.
Sewing Sets?
Pocket Knives,
Riding Whip3,
Roller Skates. Ice Skakes,
and a full and complete line of hardware espec?
ially suited as gifts because of its quality, which
gives long life of service to the article selected and
thereby welds an everlasting link of friendship be?
tween the parties interested.
Hamtalen Bros.

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