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Cv7fcDNKSDAY, JAN.16, 1018.
Paltliuhrd Kvcry Wcdnoml?)- hy tho
Unu Yenr. - Jl OO
Six Mnnthi, ... ,SO
Throe Months, - .25
Kittend acoonllng t? postal regulations
?t tho po*t'OfB(M st IUr Btone Gap as roc
ond-elssi matter.
subscribers are earnestly r?
questcd to obsorvo tho dote
printedon their address slips,
which will keep thorn at all
limes pouted uk to the dato
of the expiration of their sub?
scription, Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
Bavo all parties a great deal of
Tho easiest thing in the world
to do is to make u p your
mind what you would do if
you were in some other fellow's
A western crank who argued
that all punishment for sins is
motnd out in this world, won
burned to death in a hotel lire
the next night.
They tell us that when peo?
ple get hack to the land living
will be cheaper. When we re?
turn to dust we won't care much
what the cost of living is.
There is so millions more
money in circulation now than
a y u a r ago, according to a
treasury report. The arteries
of business ought to he in pret?
ty good shape.
Cores) M. Runnels, for throe
years secretary of the Bristol
Board of Trade, has boon ap?
pointed assistant industrial
agent of the Carolina, (J?lich
held anil Ohio Kail way.
Ah egg loo years old has been
presented to the New York
museum. We lui.l heretofore
believed that a innsoum was a
place for exhibiting curiosities
and things a person docs not
ordinarily see very frequently.
Too Ullited States Steel t 'or
poration, pursuant to its profit -
sharing plan inaugurated in
1003, will offer to its employees
the privilege of subscribing to
preferred-and common share*
on the basis of $101) for the pre?
ferred and $06 for the common.
A year ago Iii? subscription
prices wore $110 and $65, re?
spect ivoly.
Joseph 1? Kggleston and R.
c. StoarnoB, tho outgoing and
incoming Superintendent of
Public Instruction <>f Virginle,
were presented with handsome
tokens of regard by members
of (lie department and ils allied
activities. A loving cup was
the present handed Mr. Kggles?
ton, while for Mr. Sioarnoa a
gidd hoadod cans was the por?
This county has practically
'finished the spending of $700,
000.00 on roads, and, by tho
recent election, will spend $'2GO
,000.00 more. This last amount
will nearly all be Bpend on tho
finished road, the macadam.
Out of tho first bond issue we
have built several miles of ma?
cadam road and it is good, had
and indifferent in quality. Am
eveiy one tdioold, we want val?
ue received in roads for our
dollars. Have we received and
are we going to receive it?
Tho State of New York ban
Bpent $50,000,000.00 o n good
roads and will spend another
sum as large. Their own com?
mission admits that a very
large sum of the first issue was
wasted, because they did not
have men who were experienc?
ed in the building of roads.
.Massachusetts has p a s s e <i
through the same thing. Nood
less to say, these two states
will not waste money in the
futuro, as it was wasted in the
past. Wo must all pay for ex?
perience, and it is a hard teach?
er, and these two states, as
well as several others, have
proved by hitter and cosily ex
porience, that the building of
good macadam roads is a sci?
ence. They have learned that
it is not money alone, hut men
who are qualified by education
and experience, that returns
t o the taxpayers a dollar's
worth of road for the dollar
Why should we pay as these
states have done? Perfect jus?
tice would say that we should,
hut we are spending our mono)
oil our roads and we want every
cent hack. Therefore, to pro
cure this result, we want men
to oversee the construction of
our macadam roads, who are
macadam men; men who re?
ceived their training where
they build roads for the future;
men who have gained experi?
ence in the ranks and know
what it is to construct a good
We must get experienced ma
cadam men, and to do this, we
must go east, and by this 1 do
mean the eastern part of tho
State, for the lime is coming
herein Virginia, ?B it lias al
] ready come in several other
states, when the State Highway
Commission will be taken out
of thc|hnnds of politicians, To
obtain the best of results, the
Commission must be composed
of Highway Engineers, trained
by technical education ami ac?
tual experience in the science
of road making.
I This is written in the hope
that the supervisors and tic
taxpayers will wake up to the
fact we are not receiving a dol?
lar's worth of road for our (161
? lar in money, and stand a less
'chance under the new bond is?
sue, unless we obtain the BOr
i vices of an expert in macadam
'roads it will cost us more
Janyary Clearance
Coats, Suits, Skirts, Overcoats
and Men's Suits
one voi
$30.00 gnrmonlfl at $22.50
25.00 " ?? I 8.75
24.<H. 1 8.00
22.50 " " I 6.88
2Q.6<. I 5.00
is.o. I 3.50
hth () V V ===
$15.00 garments at $ I 1.25
18.50 " " IO.I 2
13.51. 9.38
lo.oo " 7.50
7.50 " " 5.62
5.00 " " 3.75
Above prices good until Feb. 1st
Ford & McConnell's
Appalachia, Virginia
money in salary, but this will
only be a very sniull interest on
tho amount eventually saved.
Let us profit by the experience
of other Hintes. Let us get into
our stride and have the best
roads at the least cost; roads
that will be joy to the future:
roads that the coming taxpay?
ers, (who must also help us
pay,1 will say were well built
and the investment good.
"A Tax Payer."
The marriage c:f Miss Lillian
Loraine lioge and John Pyoatt
Marrs of Post City, was solmn
i/.od yesterday morning at the
home of the bride's lather, I.
L. I logo, in Knirview Park, in
the presence of only the rela?
tives and close friends. Dr. W.
D. Brad field pronounced the
ceremony. 'The bride was mar
ried in a becoming gown o"
white serge and her lloworf
w eie bride roses and valley lil?
ies in shower effect. Mr. and
Mis. Marrs left at noon for San
Antonio ami a visit to different
points in the State before going
to their new home in Post City,
Qdrzd County. The bride's
traveling suit was of dark wine
Blindes modisltly tailored. Al?
though so quietly Bolmnteed
tho wedding will ho of interest
t n many warm friends, the
bride being an Austin girl who
graduated with distinction at
the High School, and has been
especially popular with the
younger set. Mr. Marrs is a
graduate of both the law and
acadmic departments o f the
State University and made
ninny warm friends during his
stav liero. He is at present at?
torney fort'. W. Post and the
young CQliple will make their
home ai Post City, (larza Coun?
ty.?Austin (Texas - Daily Stale
The bride is a granddaughter
of Mr. .1. K. P. Barren, of
Turkey l ove, and a niece of
Mrs. (i. L. lay lor, of t his place.
She spent the .?iiinmer of 1011
with relatives in Big Stone Gap
ami I. County. Durin? her
stay here she maile many warm
frie ids who join in best wishes
for her future happiness.
H. C. Stewart Gets Busy,
Richmond; Vn., Jim. 8.?
Campaign headquarters have
been opened b\ Henry 0. Slew
art, of Uussell county, who is a
candidate for governor of Vir?
ginia tostici.d William Hodge
M inn, incumbent,at rooms 140
i 12 Murphy's hotel.
Just prior to the gubernato?
rial election a strong effort
was made by friends of Mr.
Stewart to induce him to an?
nounce himself for the pfticu of
governor and it was generally
supposed that he would yield
to the entreaties of his follow
ers along this line. TotllC legret
of many, the Hussell county
leildCr withdrew his name leav
ihg Harry St i leorgo Tin ker
and Gov. Mann (o contest the
It has been announced by
Mr. Tucker that his hat will
again In- in the ring for guber- |
hntorial honors this year ami i
.1. Taylor Kllyson, lieutenant
governor, ban nlsn bcoil mpn
tionctl as a possibility.
The light will he botwoen
Stewart and Tucker. Hal I).
Flood, congressman from the
Tenth district, is said to advo?
cate the candidacy ?>f Mr. Tuck?
er. The backing of Stuart is
very strong, although it is not
j beliOVcd that he will poll so
large a vote as he would have
done two years ago.
Laugh and He Merry.
That's what you may do to
your heart's content if you got
ami read t li e new copy of
"Fun," the log Weekly Joke
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day's Now York World. Six?
teen pages of jests, funny pia
lures, quips, skits, riddles, etc,
btc, You will also enjoy tho
Sunday World's BOperate Mag?
azine a 24 page volume, pro?
fusely illustrated, which will
present a score or more of ex?
clusive, articles of more than
ordinary interest. Have your
newsdealer save you a copy of
next Sunday's world. Tell him
I NIff.I> STATUS goal office and
courthouse, Ills Stone Gap, VA Office
of custoilUit, January nth, 1018. Seal?
ed 'pioposala will he received at this
building until - o'clock I'. M .. Saturday
January 85th, 1018 and Iben opened for
furnishing water, ice, miscellaneous iu|>
plies ami >, towels, for this building
during the I1m\?I year ending June 110,
1018, or auch portion of the year as m?y
be deemed advisable. The right to re?
ject sny and all bids It reserved by the
Treasury Department for blanka and
ioforinatlon apply at this offiet \V S
Ftoee,Cnstodlan Jan. li.it-i
Special Sale on All Shoes This Week.
Wear the
Red Cross Shoe
Absolute comfort?all styles
Wc have the Red Cross snoe in every style,
from the extreme common sense to the very fash?
ionable. Wear any model you want ? you get
absolute comfort.
Its sole is flexible, bends with your foot. This
prevents the horning and drawing caused by stiff
soles. It rests and relieves your foot in the way
you have longed for. Your feet never tire in
the Red Cross Shoe.
Let us show you the styles that will be worn
this season.
Ojford,, ^3. 50 ?ml l + ; High Shoes, tl ?nd fS
"Comfort and style combined. Just what I
?pas looking for."
"It bends with your foot"
W. W. Taylor $ Sons.
Death of T, H. John at Norton
Norton, Vn.. January 111,?}
T, LI. John, one Of tho oldest
citizens of tili? town, died at
his homo on Virginia Avenue
at 8:30 o'clock yesterday mom
ing from acute Bright's disease
Mr. John contracted o seyerol
cold about four weeks ago but i
Iiis condition did not become
serious until Saturday, when]
other Complications developed.'
He came herewith his family
from Pennsylvania many years
ago when tho coal Heids in Wise
County were lirst opened up, he
himself being a miner and cotll
In th? Dlftricl Court <>r the Untied
Statca for the Wettern District of Vlr
glnln. In lltnkropti y
In tin- mallei of
Madison M. Itakor,
j To lbs ('tv.lii.irs (i 1" Madiaon M
llakrr, of Ills Stone Uap, Virginia.in the
County of Wisj and ,!i-,t ri, t aforesaid, :i
Notice It hereby erven lhat bit tlio lOtli
?lay i.r.i.itnurv, A I).,1U13, the tald Mad?
iaon M. Raker, ?.is duty adjudicated
bankrupt, and the Aral meeting ol the
creditor* will be held ;?t Uig Stone
Gap, Virginia.In the United Slates Coiiri
House on the Sttb day of >lanuary, A.
1>. 101?, .it two o'clock In" th?
nflcrnoon, at which time tin- s.iiil
ctedttora may attend, prove their Claims,
appoint a trusted, uxamlno the bankrupt,
and transact auch other bnalndati a> ihsy
pruin'rly i.?? lid'oic saiil niccting.
M Wo (' Mil.I.I ,
liefere? In llunkrupt
.lamury tilth, 10i:t.
Piano Contest.
T Ii o following candidates
have entered the contest for
tin- l'ittnn given nwny by S. A.
Horton (V Company and the
Big Stone Qnp Boat, full par?
ticulars of which appears olSO
where in thin issue, and at the
Counting of the votes Monday
received the following
Miss Comic Qlillam I9,ft2?l
Mis .1 A Munis IA,905
Miss Rosa Sprolea 49,178
Mi, II M Kdons 10,888
Mi-s Kittla Horton 80,940
:MIks Vfrgle Masters .... 31,871
Miss Wco Sword I8.43S
Mlaa Kllen Wax 33,504
Msn litttle iicirtnn i;'..;i7r
Miss Ora Click 20,800
Miss Alice Archer 81.800
Mis- iteaalc Palmer _ 14,700 j
Mlaa IC tit It Jones 19,0001
Mlaa Kannlo Johnson . 87,088
Mis. T E. Sturglll 80,8511
Mlaa Cora Colvard 80,4001
Miss Vlfgle Jones 81,008
Miss Ethel Hemm .. 85,700
Mi-s Amanda Lambert ??'.(*?>
IllO STONE GAP?K. V, 0? So. 1.
Miss Imoglne Ueaman 80,360
Miss Haiti? Kaylnr 18,150
Mrs Will Hammonds 33,115
Mis O. 1*. Mason. 80,310
lilt: STONE CA I" It F, l>. N.> 8
Miss Octava Paraons. 81.838
Mrs II. I. Howls 7,686
Mrs W. M Pippine. . 4? 786
Mia* Myrtle Smith.. ... 41,100
Miss lVarl Cowan. 39,860
Beverley, Witt & Co.
SuccHsso's to BAR RON At WITT.
Irirc, Life, Accident and Casuality In?
surance. Fidelity sind Other Bonds.
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
Olli..-in Intoriuont Building BIG STONE CAP. V
m ami \w\\:\
ii proparp fur Bookkeeping, Banking, SI rl
hand, Tyjxnvritlng Statesmanship mill < Svll Son ico position* ao? ???it
In? then in bunks, business bouses und offices, and in gxivoiiiiiieni wi
\ i. v Positions secured for who prepare for office work or all tuition i> fun
? il Wo hovo more rails fur ofrlcd help than wo can supply ami tho ilciiuuul fot
mir graduates is Increasing.
[UQTIT IS till: TIME To BEUIN A BUSINESS COURSE. Mid-wlntrr term open
IN W VV jIMlrv (ii,. Write or call lit onci for our Special Kates
Chattanooga and Bristol, Term. BigStonoGap, Vu. Annlston, Ala
i Hinrloston, sc Winston Salem, NC. (lartersvill? ami Itoino, i In
I tic South s Highest lindorkcd ?nd Muni Progrmglvc lluslnem Collcfc.
Is the must perfect plow on the market today,
take a l<x>k at it before buying*
Prices: Bottom Plow $11.00, Hill Side $10,
j It's the lij;ht weight champion pi
I the wiu ld. In a f;iir and open fight
I tlie sturdy Ford has won its title?
II and holds it?betaust? it has more j:
I I strength for its weight, and t an de
j liver more power for its size, than
j dny car in the world's arena.
j Every third car is a Kuril, (lot demonstration
I ?new car on hand. New prlcea?ruiiatiout
I f52S touring rar (600 delivery car (?J.'i?
J J town cor?(800 with ull equipment, f. o. b,
5 I Detroit. We i-arry a full line of repoirsnnd
\ \ s|ark plugs. Oot particulars from
Ford Sales Company
^ BUjStono Cap, |

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