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The Big Stone Gap post. (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, January 15, 1913, Image 4

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Tl i e Kind Vow Ilavo Always Bought, and which lias Iircn
In iiso ftir over JJO years, lias bnmo ilio sl^naturo of
_? mill lins been innile under Iiis per*
/\t? . 'fy'^jy?.. sonnl supervision sine? Its Infancy*
^^vS'Sr. /?GttcAAM Allow no one to deceive yon in this.
All Counterfeits, IntltAtioiis mitt "<Ttist-ns-|;<HMl" are but
Kxperliueiits ilia! trllto with mid endanger the health of
Inlauts ami Clilldreii?Bxporleuco against iCxpcrliiteut.
Cnstorln Is n harmless substitute for Castor oil. Pare*
giii-le. Props unit Sootlilnp; Syrups. It is Plenum!. It
contains noltlicr Opium. Morphine nor other Knrcotlo
substance. Itu ago la its guarantee. It destroys Worms
ami rUluys l-'evorlslmcss. It eures Diarrhoen, ami Wllld
Colic II relieves Toothing Troubles, eures Coiistlpntloil
ami Flatulency. It usstniUatcH the Pood, rcirulntes tho
Stomach mid Uowols. giving healthy mnl natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea?The Mother's friend.
Bcara tho Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Aiitali Items
Mit .lorohlfl Wells ami -mill llaugll
tor, Rlsle, Miss l.illv Well* niiil Mini
Mabel Willis stunned ?vi i rm a rev
hours In'Appalaclila Saturday aflornooi
imroiito lo Btoiiegu
Or. W. H PotlartI wem .l.i? ii t,
Mtddlosboro Snturdaj night lo kpend .
lew ili?)* ? iili linmelolk?
Mr.ninl.Mis.il |' Smith have given
up lliulr hou^e In tin- lllomlell addition
nml nre lioardlng with Mi .mil Mb
Wolfe over the I liter moid Drug CNihipal
Mi- .' - Mel oiiuell and Mis. II. II.
Crlxei -prut Mouda) afternoon with Mis
Holly ut lutnao
Mi- i turtle itchi. im aiieul ill.' week
rnil ?Uli In i mother in Orydcn Mis
Orr had expected |o ait.ml lliv marriagi
ol her cousin; Mi- llortha May Flanary
nml Mr, Joseph i hm. i- In Dryrton Sun
day i.veiling, ror which extensive |>r?|w
ratloiu liail'lieoii niailo !?> the fiuiiily o
i hf In i.|r liut the young couple having
contracted stage freight quite!) ?tcp|>ei
away from tho lioniu or Hut bride Satur
Hay i veiling ami meeting a lulnlslri
ili.an lowii were married a fovi mliiutei
before tin. arrival or the ?i st Iwund trail
which thoj hoarded in liigh ?pirit? bourn
fur the groom's homo, leaving tliolr rell?
t|vc* and friends to enjoy iliulr rhigrii
as pleasant ?s possible
Mi- ilarkqr, ? Mcudot* ira* Hi.
guest of friend* In \p|Valachl? M..inlay
llei W 11 Wampior, of Rait Stow
Rap, will preach hi tlio M 1'. (Ih'ureh, al
tins place Suudsy iuoruthg,
Propricloi lliiiiy N llurko, of tin
Motel Wlndioii, celebrated in- IMy-soi
???itli birthday Sunday
MbuDorolh) 1'. !'?ms ami mother,
Norton, ?vre shipping In town Batiii
.1. M, Johnson, of Lynchburg, wai ii
town Saturd ?> and Sunday,
Mr. aud Mis 1) A Patterson, ? In
nun, attended Rptsco|Ml services al till
platv Snn.la) morning
I'r John .i Moyd, recuw of Chrtsi
? linn Ii HiStone Gap, held soretoca ai
thoM K Churoh, South, at (Iiis plaoo
? brings tin- llglil or other days
if, around ymi when you heai tin'
?S snri't strains <if lUUlIC from a
KJ ami m bear one is i,? wraht.onG
w Ui us ibow you what tin. ex
H peudlture of very little usuiey
E ?Hl do f.?r your hont?
Chas. M. Stieff,
?ry llratich Warcrooiim
ri1 Main st , Lynchborg, V?
C, W. Wiutmohi:, Manager,
Sunday morning, mid baptised little
Itobori Llmlley Morrison Mr. I.loyd
left, Immediately ?Her services for Nor?
Inn over the Interstate. ll> will con
iliict services at tills place overs second
Sunday In reoh month
Miss Kilirl (Iravely passed iIir.m>r 11
Appalablil* Monday enroutc lo Slolicga,
Mrs. 11. L. Sill frage, of Stonega, was
Shopping in town Balurtla)
Miss Mlhnlc llarlowo, of East Stone
<<ap. spent Saturday and Sunday as llio
guest of Mis W II 1 'airier.
Mrs. V. M Fccny and son, Irvine,
iintertaliied at dinner on Sunday Mr. awl
Mi- J S MoConnell, Mr and Mi- A
Klanary, Miss Kathcrn t leek .1 M
Johnson, of Lyuchhtirg ami I'. lt. deck,
From Stonega.
i 1 llatleubcck and John llrosecloso
inallo a flying trip Surida) by way of
u Isu and hig Stons Qap
Mrs 0 Mitchell, of l?g Stone flap,
ilstlcd hor husband hero a f.? .lays the
past ?n k
Mi- Jerome Wells, Mis- Mulde Willis
and Mis- l.lllle Wells, of HI? Stone (tap,
rtslted rdend< m m.>ga Siturda)
Howard .lessee, the piano iilayet at the
Stai Theatre, visited honiofolks in Itig
Stoiie (tap Sunday
Tin- I literal ae llallroad, has received
Mime "t Ihcli steel ears, oi Ihe onler for
Are hundred w hich wait placcil last fall.
They arc of the largest and liest built
type or cars made,
The moving picture slum at tins place
is getting along nicely,
tlrorge An,Iis lias returned from a
vacation In l.ce bounty, and npoits a
line time rating Turkey
.1 11. Fcaglus, the beaut)' snalcher,
was in town Olio day last wr?-k p.iving off
clalnis for sceldenti
I 11 Metcalfe, who has been In Ken
lucky for the past three years building
bridge* for the I .. A E . passed through
here last Sunday, on route for his home
in Shelbyvlllo, N. U,
Fielding Morton and wife vislled
friends in the Gap Sunday.
II N Collier wollt to Scott County the
Hist of the ? < ck on business
.lames Callahau went r> Kcofcee lasl
Mis .1 K A ring ton was a visitor ti>
Appalaohla one day last \\,,-k
Itev p, K Anderson who has been in
tilg Stone Gap assisting in., revival was
up Sunday and reported a vcrj succesful
s C Durham Is not over bis scare yet
hul the tree ha*, N eu moved out of Ids
barber shop thai slid off the hill one night
last week.
Miss Heute Young was up from Itij.'
Stone flan Sunday visiting her pan'its
Mr. and Mrs. .1 M. Young
II It Price. Sr . of Philadelphia is
v Itltlng Ins son. Harry, al this place
llev, Celeatlne went to Norton Friday
on inuduess
Krank hilts, the insurance man of
Notion was here on bualllO** out' day
last week.
II. .1 Addlngtou was up front Appa
larhla Monday morning
lice. 0. I". Anderson returned to the
Qap Monday morning
The Sunday 8chool* at tni.s place ire
still Increasing in attendance
Mia* Mary Itatstou is one of our cen?
tral girls now.
K. C Young is on the sick list al this
Tip Horn,of Hoda, wmIn town Mon
There are many thing* we
nil wish wo knew and many
nioro that we wish we didn't.
From Roda.
Bar. E A. King filled his regular ap?
pointment at Roda Sunday night.
James Klaimry. who is connected with
tin1 Pennlngton Rleotrlo Company, spent
Saturday and Sunday with his hrolhcr.
0 0 Kunary, at this place.
Mi- Q, VV. Itrooks. who has liecn ill
for some lime, Is still on the doctor's Iis?,
of patient*. Ilermaby friends hope for
her a s|>ec<ly recovery.
From Osaka.
.1. II. QroHMdose ami Miss Kli/ahclh
Itichmond visited Appalaohla Sunday.
.1. \\" Kllgore mid family, of Arno,
visited 11. .!. Culbertaon Sunday.
Suporlutoudcni Mullen and Dr, Hell
visited tho town of Wisdom last week,
ll**v Bhuler married a couple lust
week Mr. Sexton to Miss Stanford.
It. .0. Morton, of this place, was visit?
ing relatives in Stonega Sunday.
.1 R, Ityau, ono of our aoeonimodatlng
stoic clerks, is oil'on a ten days vaca?
tion with honiofolks in Conicsvillo, Va.
It,i Shulcr tilled his regular appoint
???? ill at this place Sunday.
'I'lio fjidooiis have placed
more than 150,000 Bibles in
hotel rooms in this country,
This kind of work should ho
Just Apply ZENO on that
Maddening Itching?
That'll Prove It.
'I'ti;,! Itching that drives \oii nearly
W.lhl, that cCXOIlia or skin hlotnh, will al!
solutely vanish as you never before In*
li,\c,i it possible, by the use of the bow
remedy. /. v. M < i
ZKMo will bo a aurplsu t" youjusl as
It has been a surprise to thousands who
have already tried it Your first use of
ZKMO will lielng Instaul relict, pain ami !
itching, prickly heat, pimples, black
heatls, dsiidrull', sklu Irritation or Inlla
liiatloli will stop.
limi t mis- it for 25 cents. When von
have piov, n with a 2-Voont bottle how re?
markable ZKMO is to your own satisfac?
tion, then you cm buy a ?1 bcittlo, which
contains m\ times as nnich as (lie cent
/.I.MO is s.-ld at drug stores in '.'.'i-ccnt
and jl bottles, ur sent illici t on receipt of
price, K. \V. Hose Medicine Co . St,
l.ouls. Mo The *l bottle contains sl\
tune- SS much as tile '.'.*ie IhiIIIc.
Sold and giiaiantecd ill Hig Stone (lap
by the Kelly I Img Company and Appa
liiohiahy lute.itOrugCompany sdv
Piano Contest
Piano given away by
100 votes with every dollar j
piireha.se, and 2Q0 voles on ?hl i
accounts. With every dollar
paid on Subscription to The Hi? j
Stone (Jap Post ibOO votes will
be Blyon.
Contcsl Closes April 30. 1913.
Standing ol Candidates, Jan. It, 191.1
Mis i Mallmut >v Iii 11)7,000
Mis (j \V Kino . 103,000
Miss Verllo Tiller. ?08,800
Miss Violet Thompson :itt,7,'ii>
Miss Mnlinda I luff I.S00
Miss Malimla Monis 81,500
Miss Nettie Morris . ll.nOil
Mis T, P. Itobbins... 77,7i?o
Mrs Nellie Marzure. si. jfuj
Miss Maude h'lcouor.81,050
Mrs. T. X I.egg 17,0.10
Mrs George Qlbsoii tl.ioo!
Miss Kdilll < o, loan 0,100
Miss Nellie Flotchci i.1 850
Mrs. John I'.dcns S,B00
Mis* Ithoda Ion, - ;,,:.-,?
Mis.s Meilen Palmer . :;i n00
Mis- Kthel Monis . 80,1130
Mis- Mary Prater 11,000
Mrs Nellie Uvius ?7,950
Miss Kthel Itcrron 07,850
Mls? Arkic Clark ;,7oti
Mi-s Kppic Motiis 3,100
Miss Audtia King' 0,160
Mis., Mary Coopoi . .13,100
Mr- i. Tcague 11,250
Mis- Mollio Uno 38,800
Ml?? Maltha Dean 8,750
Mrs. Chas Swackci . 8fi,8tM
Mis .1 Ii Claj 1,550
Mivs llazel lllovlns 31,050
Miss Anna May Clonk :). I0o
Mi-s tlrace shepherd 3,000
Mi s Sude fogg I7.:??i
Mrs It I' Culbertaon .;,siO
Miss Harriett.- Dotaou . vijmo
Miss Myrtle Day :i.:'..'><>
Mist Stella i llbaon S,.Vs?
KKOKRK, S A It p. [)
Miss Una Collier . 7,600
Miss Maude hauniogbani . 0,500
Miss Alice Roblna 7,000
Mrs Hertha Colliiisworth ?.700
How Wonlfl tliis Look in Your Home
Wo paid $360 for it. Yours for nothing. Want tIiih piano?
K belongs t? the person receiving the groutest number of votes
in our VI ITINi ?' C( INTEST.
$1330 in Prizes Five Piano Prizes.
F'lRST PRIZE to the person rocoiving the highest numbor
of votes, n Lyon-TaylorUprighl Piano, worth $.150.00.
SECON D PRIZE?a duo bill for {.260.00 to apply as payment
on a Lyon-Taylor Piano.
THIRD PRIZE--., duo lull for 1260.00 to apply as above.
FOURTH PRIZE a duo bill for $240.00 to apply as above.
FIFTH PRIZE o duo bill for $2110.00 to apply as above.
How to Obtain Votes.
With every $1 00 purchase 100 votes will he given, and with
every dollar paid on old account 200 votes will be given. With
every dollar paid to The Bi?; Stone Gap Post on subscrip?
tion lono votes will be given.
Everything Carried in a First Class Slorc.
Men's and Ladies' Suits a Specialty.
II.Iii inbro, Catarrh In this section
of tho country than all other dlneasi - |>ul
together, ?ml tinlll Iii? Iaal fe? yean wan
supposed to bo Incurable, For a great
iiian) doctors pronounced ii a loe.tl ili
Rcaao ami prescribed local remedies ami
by constantly falling tn cure with locil
treatment pronounced 11 Incurable. s'i
once has proven Catarrh to hen constl
l?tlon?t diaeaso anil therefore rcxiilrea
constitutional treatment. Ilall'a Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F I lienoj ,v
Co., Toleda, Ohio Is n.dy Constitu?
tional eure mi tho inarkel it I? taken
Internally In dosea from m drop* tn a
tcaapoonful It acla directly on the blood
ami mucous surfaces of the system
They offer one lunulreil dollar* for any
caac. lt fails toi run . Send foi oirculani
ami testimonials.
Address I ?!. ' Ill'.M'.H .V CO.,
Toledo, i>
Snlil by llrUKgidt*, 7 r
Take Hall h Family I'llls tin e..iisti|u
li.in adv
VllKllNIA: lu the Clerk'a Office of
tlm Circuit ('burl of tin- County of
Wise the 8th day of January, 1018,
Horace Johnson, Plaintiff
> -
Kva I.. Itlrehhold Johnson, Defendant.!
IN ell ancfh Y
The object of this soil is lo obtain a
divorce, a Vlnculo Matrtinoiili, for the
plAintlfl from Hie defendant. Ami mil
offidavil having been niado ami tiled thai
tho defendant,Kva I. Illrohfield Johnson,
is a noii resident of the State of Virginia,
it is ordered that she appear here within
fifteen days after due publication of this
order and do what Is necessary to protect
her interests in this suit Ami it is nr.
?lend that a copy hereof he published
nin e a week f,?r fom successive a*cek? lu
the Hie, Stone Cap Post, ami that a copy
lie posted al the front door of the Court- |
house of said county as prescribed by
law. And that a copy of this order Ihm
?nailed to the said defendant, Kva 1. ,
Ittrohfielil Johnson,at Cincinnati Ohio,
her last known posl office address
A Copy Teato:
W 11 Hamilton Clerk
W S MatHKWS, p, q. Jan 15-H Ol
Miss Lillio Weiht, from Rig
Stone Gap, Ims Inen visiting
relatives here for tho past week.
? Norton News.
Imbn i in.
MINERS wanted hy
Stonegap < 'oilier) t !onl
pany, Glamorgan, Vn. steady
work. Highest price tier ton
paid in the district. Healthy
camp. Excellent watet . 8cho i!
and church facilities.
Stonegap Colliery Co.
30. J. S. CHBYNBY, lien. SnSpt
For nil formo of
Lumbago, Sciatica, Gout, Neural
Ola, Kidney Troubles, Catarrh and
Given Quick Rollof
ll Mein Iii" nein * ami pains, rn
inn<s awolleii Jolala ?ml nuiHohiti
?actsnhiiu-t litiii luairie. Pcstr-ors
the , ir.-.i uric net l.ii<l la quick.
aafa and sura In n i raanlts. No
I.Hier remedr Ilka it. Sample
Iroa on roquoat,
Ono Pol hi r per bottle. Or Bant tiro
imltl iiinii ri ccuit of eric If uot
[ obtalnablu lu yuur locality.
IS8 Lake Slrttt
Boat Romody for
'Con sti pot Ion, Sick Huadaoha,
Sour Stomach, Batoning And
Llvar i? .. 2sc Per
Box at Dru^slota.
tCJllsti, ACNE, PIUS, HlaPltS, SCALOS.
WORM, tic, culcklr heated fry uilsi toe
tec Pit Bun at Oruiilat]
PrBsbyterian Church,
Bi>, Stone Gap. Va.
Divine worship oil Sec,ml anil fourth
Sunday of each month at II On a. m in
Christ i hapcl.
A Cordial Wokomn t All.
Phouc 80, Acting Pastor.
Bltf Stono (Jap, Va
Wagon and buggy work > jpcolalty
[havoan 1;-to-iba,.Maehln, orputtlng
on Kubber T in s 1 am assisted l>y J, C.
Niel, an ex perl in lluhber Tire and liug
y work. All work given prompt atten
Ofllca on First Floor Intennont Banding.
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
Clott Mttnllon to CoIIkUodi tod Promt! R?tnluv j
attorney at law.
Folly Iluilding
Bit* Stono Gap, Virginia
Notary Public.
Troats Utnensos of tho
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Will bo in Applaachia Third
Friday In Each Month,
a. tua-i
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Big Stono Gap. Va. Harlan,K>
Reports and est imates on Coal fend I
bar Lauds, Design anil I'taus of Coal u
Coke Plants, hand. Railroad ?ml Min* 1
I Bngli.riii);. Klectric Hin? Print inc
Civil and Mining Engine* r,
Fully Building. 1110 STOM: OAP, \ \
lixaminalions and Reports, Survey)
Plans and Designs.
Eye, Ear, Nose and
Eyes Examined for Classes,
Office; Pile Hid. over Minor'I Dm- Si
Big Stone Gap, - Virginia
i Iffico in Polly Uulldlug.
OrricK llooits ? ? i" IS. i to 8,
Treats diseases of the Eye, l:Hr, N6s?
and riirnsl.
W1? bb In Appalaohla Flit ST FRIDAY
in each month until II P. M.
Office ii lutormnnt Building.
Big Stono Gap, Virginia.
D. F. ORR,
i mice in Polly Building.
Office limit-1 to pi a. m.i 1 tii r? p. tn.
JudgeT. M Aldcrson, Wise. Va
Judge <;. \V. Kllgbro, Wise, V
Alderson & Kilgore.
Wise, Virginia.
1 'diet's H.us 7 and s. second Moor, In th
JOIIXSON-MlLliS-llIlUOK m il l
I SO, opposite the Court lloiiae.
J Meek Wolle. M. D., D. S.
Osteopathie Physician.
In Hit; Stono Chip Tin s lays uml Tim: ?
ilnya of each week beginning Tiiesdnj
Jnnmiry 7th.
Attorney at Law,
Interniont llldg, llnl BTONR GAP, V
n i i Schedule in Effect
May 30, 1013.
I.K.W F. N 0RT? N 7 on a. in i
Lynchlmrg and Intermediate ala j
lions. Piilliiiau slee|Hir lllucliehl I"
Philadelphia via llugcrstowii, ami E
Pullman sleepei Itoanoko to Rich
moml and Norfolk. Also connections j
at lllucliehl with trains Westbound I)
2& Pullman slee|Hir to Cincinnati and jj
< 'olumbna.
I.KAVF. NORTON -3:30 p. m.for points
Norlh. Fast and West
LBAVK ItltlSTOL?Dally, it 15 a. in |
forKasI Itadford, Itoauoke, Lynch ;.
burn, Peteislniri;, Itieli'.iioiul m
Norfolk. Piilliiiau Parlor Car lo I
Klehmond. Cale Car Roauoke and I
llsgorstown. Pullman sleeper Roa
lioko to New Ymk rta llagenttowii I
mid Ilarrisburg.
5:15 p. in for Norfolk and intermediate
points, Piilliiiau Sleepers lb Norfolk
; 1:32 p. in and IM p. m (limited.) Solid
trains with pullllianslee|>et.s to Wash
Ington, Baltimore, Philadelphia ami
Ni m York via Lynchburg, Does not
make local slops.
I 13:11 p. m. daily lor ?II points betwd
Bristol and hynohburg. Conuectaal
Walton at 5:40 p. in. with the Si
Louis F.xpress for all points west ami
If you lire thinkine, of taking a tri|
VOu arant quotations, cheapest rare, re?
liable ami correct Information, as to j
routes, train schedules, the most comfort j
able and quickest way. Write and the .
Information la youra for the asking, with j
one of our complete Map Folders.
W. 0. SAUXDBIUt, U, 1*. A.
W. 1?. Bri n.i.,
Pass. Traf. M?r.,
Roanoke, Va.

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