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The Big Stone Gap Post.
Stuart's Hat In
The Ring.
Hon. Henry Carter Stuart is
emulating the curly bird in his
attitude with reference to the
nomination of the Democratic
party for the governorship of
Virginia, an honor to be bestow
cd this year. He Iiuk just open?
ed headquarters a t Murphey's
hotel. Richmond, from which
ho will direct his campaign,
perfect his organization und
endeavor to organize the Bonli
inent throughout the Stale fa?
vorable to his nomination. It
remains to ho seen whether he
will have it formidable opposi?
tion for the honor he seeks.
Hon. St. Qcorgo Tucker, who
aspired to the nomination four
years ago, is again an unnouu
cod prospective aspirant but
has not yet opened headquar?
ters. 1'erhaps he may do so,
but we anticipate that he will
he selected by President Wil
son for cabinet honors or for
some federal position congen?
ial l<> his taste and talent and
which would be an honor to
hi in.
Mr. Stuart was a large stock
raiser and farmer from Russell
county before he entered public
life. As a member of the State
constitutional convention and
later as a member of the corpo?
ration commission, he showed
breadth and soundness of view
and high capacity and churac !
tor. As a candidate for eon-!
Kress in a strongly Republican
district, he inndu a brilliant
canvass for the honor and failed
of election by a few votos.
Though generally regarded US
being inclined to what is known
as the "anti-machine" faction
inStale politics, having been
appointed it member of the cor?
poration commission by ?ov
emor Montague, then the head
ofthat faction lie has hover
bpon actively identified with'
partioian politics, also has fair
and reasonable in his attitude
tow; r.l both faetsons. Cense-i
quently all elements of his par-?
tv supported him cordially for
congress two years ago. Whoa
Mr. (Ilassaud Mr..Jones aspired
to the senate two years ago
against the incumbents and1,
ran us "ami machine" candi?
dates, Mr. Stuart announced
that he would support them,
but would take no active part!
in their canvass. And yet to?
day we lind Mr. Stuart as cor-;
dially supported by one faction
as by 'he other.
Under such conditions it;
si enis to us that Mr. Stuart can |
be regarded as the candidate
of no faction, hut as an rispi
rani for lh? governorship on
his merits. Mr. Tucker in his
aspiration for governor in 1909
made his canvass as au ahti
machine candidate ami inci?
dentally he was active and vig?
orous in his criticism of and
attacks upon the organization
on "machine" faction, as the
dominant element in the demo?
cracy is dubbed by Its oppo?
nents, the minority, - I ndoi
these conditions we do not see
how. Mr.. Tucker can renftonn
bly look to the element lie has
'so vigorously antagonized for
support. He must therefore
draw his chief following from
the minority known popularly
as the anti machine faction.
But since Mr. Stuart has as
good a claim upon this as has
Mr. Tucker and a better claim
upon the organization or ma?
jority faction's support it WOll'd
seem that Mr. Stuart lias the
bettor prospect of nomination,
even in the event Mr. Tucker
made au active campaign for
the honor. For these reasons
We have felt and we have
steadfastly predicted 'lull with
Mr. Stuart in the field to stay,
Mr. Tucker's prospects are not
Buflioiently promising to invite
him into an ex pensive and ex?
hausting campaign.
But we shall soon see what
we shall see.?Danville Uegis
Beverly J. Wysor Dead.
Richlands, Va., Jan. Hi, 1913,
?Beverly J. Wysor, one of the
most prominent anil highly es?
teemed citizens of K us so II
County, died Sunday morning
of diabetes at the home of his
son, A. A. Wysor, of Richlands,
Va., und was buried near
Swords Creek, Va.
Eight Good
Roads Facts.
I. Every first or even second cUma
country of Kuropa It:*-, bettor public
highways than the United Statoa Eu
ropcan countries spend more money on
tiieir roads and spend it to bettor ad van ?
tage than wo do. Every mite of Improv?
ed road in most countries of Europe lias
some one to inspect it each day and keep
it in repair If our roads wore as good
as the roads ol Pratice the farmers would
s.;\e 1311,000,000 n year in marketing
th.'ir cropa.
In the fulled States there are 3,
350,000 miles of public roads, more than
00 per cent, of which are nothing more
than ways, uusurjaccd, bad at all times,
snd during certain |KirlIon* of the year,
Impaaaablc, We spend ou our roads
more than tlBO.OOO.OOO yearly, the sad
thing being tlial tho greater part of this
vast sum is wasted.
:'. New York has the greatest mileage
of Improved highways u ..,i i-> s|Hinding
more money "ii il- roads than any other
Stale of |he ITulOII. During last year
the Kinplre State's road hill will amount
to twenty million dollars.
I In 15 Ohio counties that have good
roads the average value of land is (115.70
per acre, while In 111 counties where the
mads are not Improved the average value
is only (45.50 per aero. Heal estate
agents experience uoditllcnlty in selling
tat ms situated on g60d roads. A farm
near Proderl^kburg, Va., was offered for
sale In 1000 for (5,000. M that time il
\i ai on it i.,, 1 road, hill since then a mag
nlileoht road has heen built hy the place.
In lOlil this same farm was sold for (13.
,"?. One of the best means of improving
ordinary country roada is by the use ol
Um split log drag. In using this toad
Improver a supervisor or a road clitb
must havo patience, since results cannot
be obtained fromoiioor two draggiuga,
Nie best way lo handle the split log is
for the supervisor to make ., contract
with some roVpoitsiblu parly for the rcgi.
idar dragging oi a definite soot Ion of the
mail ?fiel euch tain or at the rcqucat of
the supervisor
ii. I'oU Mill,i '? /'..ki.iim Hii.i
V....,. Mi M?h l says: ? tine day
with sonio friends I w as drtvlug bver a
terrible road, Our horses wero exhaust?
ed, our clothing literally coVerwl with
ihiid, and our harness h.el broken several
times, making 'i liccoss?rj for us to o,.t
nut and repair II Near Rundown, as our
team was making every ctVoit to pull us
through the mini, 1 was surprised to sec
In the i.m I ahead a silk hat, When I
alighted ami picked lip (he hat I received
the surprise of my life when I loumt, un?
derneath tin' hat. a man burled in the
mild, except as to his mouth, eyes, ami
hair Aller .i hardcllort we succeeded
In extracting the unfortunate m m from
the mil,- He was profuse in his thanks,
hut in ii moment a shadow came over his
face, that Is, over the parti thai via- nut
caked with mud, ami he said, "ticntlo
men, If you havo time, I wish you would
help me gel my mule out ofthat hole. 1
was riding a mule when I sank in the
mire and he is now down them in that
same hole out of which you pulled me.'
7. Thocouutry load which waa good
enough yesterday for the horse, laden
with the fanner ami bis grain hag, with
the grist in one end ami ,i s'ouc In the
other lias gone w ith yesterday, ami yes
tcnlay'a farmers and yesterday's ways?
highways ami low w.u.- arc gone for
Yesterday s roads were i.r bocnuse
yesterday's people were poor. They bud
a wilderness to |ieuutratc, the stumps ami
roots to obliterate, the turf of a million
i years, to plow ami cultivate, so how could
they make oootl loads' They built as
goo.1 roads as they needed.
Today we have enormous cities to feed,
villages everywhere growing into cities,
and today's demand is for roads that will
permit a four-ton load to im hauled to
town before breakfast. We live in a
different world from the world of our
fathers, a world with whirling automo?
biles and the world of today demands
not only the iron tail traversing the con?
tinent, but a hard sm faced n ail going by
? ai b fanner's door.
S. In Virginia, from January l~t to
April 1st. the farmer crawls into Iiis
hole und pulls the hole after him The
' miserable roods make it impossible to
keep up the social life of the community.
All organized community life is at a
standstill. Yet this Is the very reason
when woik is slack on the farm nml
when the social life of the community
should be most active. Our ehurobos
and Sabbath schools adjourn for a more
convenient season ami the public schools
suffer in attendance because the roads
are so muddy that mothers hesitate to
send their children over them.
If our public roads were hard surfaced,
farmer's wives could esohange friendly
visits, the school ami civic leagues would
lie well attended, ami our churches and
lliblo sehisils could run the year around.
I'util We get good roads our country
districts will always remain dreary and
lonesome during the winter mouths.
Counties Are
On Banner
All cities and more than a
Score Counties File Sat?
isfactory Death Cer?
Richmond, Va , January is.
?Computations made by oili
oers of the Federal Census Bu?
reau and received today by tho
Stain Board of Health, give the
first definite information re?
garding the operation of tho
how vital statistics law and
slmw that tho local registrars
of births and deaths in twenty
live counties are performing
thoir duty in a highly Satisfac?
tory manner.
Since the vital statistics laws
wen! into effect <>n Juni- 14, the
fifteen hundred registrars scut'
torod throughout tho State have
ii>'.'ii fin-warding monthly, as
required by law, the originals
? if ail birth and death certifi?
cates Hied with them. These
have been arranged and bound
and haw recently boon examin?
ed in detail by an export sent
by the Census Bureau. His
calculations, Showing the death
rate in all tin' counties mid
oities, am regarded by the
State's health officers a s u
working guido for tho future.
The Suite rate has not yot
been determined and death cer?
tificates are expected which
will materially increase the
present showing; but twenty*
four counties of the state are
already reporting deaths i 11
such numbers ns to indicate a
careful enforcement of the law.
Those counties, widely scatter?
ed over the State, includeinan\
which are'sparsely settled ami
which present practically all
tho problems of registration.
Pliu full list of counties on the
banner list of the State is as
follows: Biunswick, Chester
Hold, Dihwiddio.Eliz ibetlt City,
Hanover, llenrtcO, Henry, Isle
of Wight, James Oily, Kin?
George, King William, Lancas?
ter, Loiidoun, Luenburg, Mont?
gomery, I'age, Prince George,
Richmond, Boanoko, Shouan
dotlh, Southampton, S ti r r y,
Sussex, and W'trwick,
?-lu .some pf these bounties,"
said an ollieer of the Board of
Health yesterday, the showing
is most creditable, In Lancas?
ter county, for example, the
registrars seem to have procur
ed report of practically all the
deaths, and in Henry, during
July and August, the showing
was equally good. In Uinwid
?lie and James City counties,
tho registrars have done their
duty, but the high death rate
charged against those counties
is due in large measure to the
insane asylums located there
Our registrars have done splen?
did gwork and deserves t h e
thanks of the State We hupe
that with tho next review of
the records, the number of
counties reaching the State
average will at least be doubled.
"All the cities of the State
are reporting deaths most sat?
isfactorily. Their rate is ne
cessarily high in view of their
large negro population hut they
are filing records of the ut?
most value."
Search For Wolf In Cumber
I?'reeling. Va., Jan. 1C.?A
party of Canadian woodsmen,
who are cutting out a body of
oak timber in theCumberlands,
have found that a large wolf in?
fests tie- mountain fastnesses.
Some sheep are missing, and it
is supposed that they have be?
come a prey to the wolf. An
effort is to be made to rid that
section of the pest.
You Should Have $34.72.
Washington, Jan. 18?Tho
latest estimate of the population
of the continental United States
places the figures at 00,490,000
on January 1.
The figure was used by tho
Treasury Department experts
in determining that of the total
monay in circulation in tho
country on that date, the
amount per capita was .j;:iL7'J.
Last Week At
Lynchburg, Va., Jan. 18 ?
Monday, .Minn Fannie Foster,
of Appoinatox County, began
Bubstituto work in thiH city;
M issWilsnn nfCniiipbell County
accepted a position in the Clerks
Ofllce at Rustburg; Mr. L. O.
McGlathlin of Buchanan Coun?
accepted a position as stenogra?
pher with the American Slat
tress Company of this city.
Tuesday, had a call for man
stenographer from a Virginia
Cotton Mill. Recommended
Mr. Brady Sutherland, Kussell
County hoy and u late graduate
of National Business College
for this position. Wednesday,
had a call for a$00 man sten?
ographer from 11 Manufacturing
concern in this city. Becom
mouded Mr. Deishor, a former
Roanoko Student for this posi
tion. His application lias been
accepted. lie will 0 O 111 O to
Lynohburg today. Wednesday,
had a call for a man stenog?
rapher from South Carolina.
This is the fourth call received
from this Company. Thursday,
received a call for a $00 lady
stenographer to r Law Ofllce
position; same day received
call from city for an oilier man.
Mr. Reiser of Roanoke was re
commended for this position.
Friday received a call for ofllce
man from Southern Railway
Company. Mr. Elmer Martin,
of Washington County, left
yesterday to accept this posi?
tion; call for holy stenographer
from the Overtoil Adjusting
Company of this city, which
Miss Hicks of tills city accept?
ed; received cull for $50 mine
clerk from a West Virginia
coal company. This is t Ii e
third call recently received
from this Company. Two $60
no il have jiii.t been placed with
them. Saturday, wo received
a call through a friond in city
for n $60 man .stenographer
from West Virginia. Mr. I). M.
ED" and an oxj'OrieTicod Bton
ogrnphcr of this city, left vos
terday over the C. & 0. to" till
this position.
A number of now students
from several counties enrolled
last work. Mr. \ (J. Bran ham
another DickeilBOt) County boy
came Saturday night. A num?
ber of others are expected thi-i
woek. Tho outlook is promis?
ing f?>r a most successful year.
South west-Virginia is w e I I
represented in Piedmont. Many
former graduates from this sec?
tion an- holding responsible
positions. The excellent band
of students now with us from
ibis section are well pleased
with our advantages. Wo are
in close touch with a number
who arc expected soon. Oth?
ers who am interested should
write us at onio tor tin- liberal
terms of the SPECIAL CARD
PROPOSITION, which gives
them a thorough, practical bus?
iness education at a saving of
lime and money and gilarau
tees a position upon graduation
pitying $000 tn $'.11)1) the tirst
i ED TO PLEASE, Would you
bo preferred?
Sam .) ac k Mi sick , Mult.
Piedmont Business College, Inc.
Virginia Convict Contrucl
Richmond, Va., Jan. 18.?
Award of contract for the em?
ployment of the convict labor
of Virginia furtive years from
October I, l'.'KI, was made to
the Star Clothing Manufactur?
ing Co., which employs the
prisoners in the Missouri peni?
tentiary at Jefterson City. The
price is 85 cents per day for
men and 60 cents for woman,
applying to 500 men and all the
women The contract was a| -
proved by Qov, Mann and the
secretary of the State Board of
charities und corrections.
Tho cheaper grades of whis?
key are bejng used in motor
engines in place of gasoline.
The motor engines seem bound
to keep going from bad to
Senator Swan
son Wants
Introduces Bill For Improve?
ment of the Country's
Washington, D. t'., Jan. I*.
? Congress today was asked to
appropriate :-?''.<.,1 I 0 fur good
roads in a lull introduced hy
Senator Swanson, of V irginia,
ami referred to the Senate com?
mittee on post roads and pest
offlces. As the money is to be
expended only for the constuc
tion, maintenance and improve,
men! of highways used by ru
ral mail carriers and by star
routes, Sehator Swanson will
make an effort to taek the lull
0 n postotliee appropriations
measure as a rider. The bill
provides that the Slates or the
communities in which the rea ls
are located, shall pay one-half
of the cost of Improvement and
the national government the j
other half.
Senator Swanson'r. hill is re?
garded as the opening of the
light which the good toad.', ad
vocates will make m Congress
for a national highway im j
provemont fund. This tight
will bo squarely placed before
this session of Congress. If it
is, it will be made au issue in
the next Democratic congress;
The good roads advocates in I
Congress are becoming morel
militant than ever. For the
purpose of mapping out their j
campaign for Federal fund-, ,
Congressman Borland, of Mis?
souri, today called a meeting!
of good roads advocate-, foi
Friday night. Mr Holland do*
cided that the time has now
COine w hen the Inland highways1
shall have their share of Hie
Federal appropriations and that
the rivers and harbors shall not
have all the money, lie makes
it plain that a tight w ill be made
for a division of the funds.
Heaviest Hog in Virginia.
James A. Wright, of RpX
bnry, tells of a porker, eighteen
months old, killed near that
place a few days ago, which
weighed more than l,00Upounds.
Mr. Wright says the hog was
raised Iva farmer who lately
came from 1'eiinsylvaina, and
was fattened oh scraps from the
kitchen and corn Dealers in
Bichmond refused to handle the
pork, and the owner was com?
pelled to reduce it to lard, $20
pounds being obtained. The
cracklings were sold to a soup
factory, the whole yie'diag
(130 00. This is accepted as be?
ing the biggest hog killed ill
Virginia.- Marion Nfews.
Missionary Institute Appala
chia, Va. Beginning The
Night Of Jann-ry29.
liettiui; the pvople to Church. ? W. C.
rbotopcoa, J S. Ilenloy.
Observance Ol the Sabbath, and It*
efleot On the aoelal and religious life of
the community.?J. K l.owry. I>. M.
Mc< 'outsell,
te a meana of teaching Cod's word ?
D 8, lleamn. a. M Quails.
\j a* ino.in* of KvangelUatioti -B. 11.
Col.., K. IS Suavely.
I'arenu and the Sunday School?W.
\ Wagner,\Y N,Baker.
1'he Sunday School and the Church
icrrtce w. I. SorreB, O. O Ganoway
Iteachlng th? community for the Sun
day School?d M Moreland. K U. Mc
(iur mtaaton to the rural section?W.
VI. Bill*, a. It Moore
To the new town .1. 11. Wagner, .las
jK-r Sage.
'Io the mining town ?W. M. Shuler,
K II Cole.
To the whole world?D S llearon, Z.
It Kaudall.
lion to Increase Intereet In missions?
.1 I. Scott.
ll"? to raise money without depleting
the soil ?I I". Martin,
bring as many aa two laymen. Send
names of delegate* and when they will
arrive to Itcv .1 II. Wagner. Appals
.hi.. Va
Stockholders' Meeting.
The annual meeting of the
Stockholders of The Virginia
Coal ami Iron Company will tie
itoiii at The Fleischmao House,
Aloxuiidrin, Virginia; Wednes?
day, February 10th, 1013, at
twelve o'clock noon, for the
purpose of hearing annual re
?, electing u Board of Di?
rectors and transacting suoh
other business us may properly
conte before the meeting.
H. B. IPkior,
Jan jj-s 7 Secretary.
Stockholders1 Meeting.
I lie annual meeting of tho
Stockholders of Interstate Rail?
road Company will be held at
I'he Flioschman House, Alex?
andria, Virginia, Wednesday
February 10, 1013, at 12:30
o'clock P. M , for the purpose
if hoariug annual reports, elect?
ing a Board of Directors and
transacting suoh oilier business
as may properly come before
t \\o meeting.
Ii. B. Prick,
,1 tin. 22- 1-7 Secretary.
Mr. Robinette a Candidate.
Jonosvillo, Va., Jan. 18.?
Hon. L. M. Robinette, Demo?
cratic comity chairm in of I.ee
county, has announced himself
a candidate for the ofliee <?f di
v ision superintendent of schools
for I. County, in opposition
to .I.e. Boatright, the incum?
WANTFn- By January 30, 1913. Five
"V / ?IN 1 l__ . Competent Young Men and Pive
Competent Young Women to accept positions paying
$40.00 pur month and tip.
W A N T F n ? By May 30. 1913. Ten Corn
? v * ~ * ' ' ? j., teiit 1 oiirig Men .mil ten Com?
petent Young Women to accept positions paying $50.00
and $60.00 and up.
WANTFn- BV September I, 1913.
vv * < *-/ ? fwenty Competent Young Men
and Twenty Competent Young Women to accept posi?
tions as Principal of Commercial Department of Nigh
Schools, Least Salary offered to date $85.00
per month to Beginners.
V n 11 n o" Foll<r* v"" ireno* qualified to fill
I KJ U I 1 g Fwirv. one of these Positions, write
us at once for full particulars and enroll with us by
January 6th. 1913, or as soon thereafter as possible.
We must fill these important places,
Write at once, addressing,
usiness College,
Bear Building, Opposite First National Bank.
phone ur,8 Roanoke, Virginia.

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