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The Big Stone Gap post. (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, February 05, 1913, Image 2

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ruiiiuhrd Kvtry WadoeMUyr by thi<
OltU Your.
Sin Months.
Thron Mnntliit,
Rntered according t" poxUI regulations
tX Mmi pott-ofllCO At lll|C ?tODC GspMRCC
nuil-cla** Dititot
SUBSCRIBERS an- earnestly re?
quested to observe tin- dote
printotl on their odd roes slips,
which will keep tht'in at all
times posted as to the ilate
of the expiration of their sub
Bcriptioit. Prompt and timoly
attontion to this request will
Rave all parties a great deal of
An easterner committed siii
eide because he had lost hi - n|
petile. The jury probably
fotthd thai become to his death!
throng): hi:-, own carelessness.
The supreme cont i of (Oregon
thinks that 70(1 years is too
Idllg a sentence fur an\ crime,
still, it might ha\ o beon tho
proper tiling in the line- --f
A New S oil; woman is said |
to have found -.' 'o in a news
paper It is believed, ho wetor,
that the Story was started by
tlu> paper in question as a cir?
culation lio.istel
A self illuminating cdi puinl
has been devised whereby an
automobile Mil} he spot ted a
mile away. Al least, it - pOs;
Bible to say "There she goeB"
under Buch circumstances,
Says u critic, men do not
think enough. Of course, In )
refers to married men. The
bachelor has to do an awful lot j
of quick thinking to remain:
Tin. uuthoi Itied of a westoi n
university say thai farm boys
ate the pb \ steal inferiors pi
cit) b?) s ll. ie i s another
dear delusion --haltered and a
setback to the Crj of "Hark to
die fnrml"
\ professional baseball um
Pili- has brought Hllil for di
vorco because his wifi called
him names. Prnbublj hoi de
fense will be that she was train?
ing him preparatory t o tho
.IK season.
A soiled greenback is restored
to its original pristine glorj bj
washing and ironing al the
COB I of 1 .'|0 Cent. Hill 1 he |t\ el
age man worries not at all
whether Ii i s greenbacks be
Wo . all your attention to tho
notice of the annual meeting ?f
the Athletic Association, which
meets in the town hall on Sat;
I unlay night A full attendance
I is desired ami it is hoped that
jail who are interested in athle?
tic sports will be present at Ibis
' meeting.
A New York stenogrnpor
gave up typewriting to marry j
a baron, After the honeymoon
wanes, sin- will probably re
sumo it to support him.
A Harvard professor says'
that angle worms can think. If
they can. they must think that
all men are liars, basing then
deductions on Hie fishermen
they associate with.
The dentist who says that be
can tell from their teeth when
fashionable women are in the
habit of smoking cigarettes |
will probably mil gel a Second I
peep at t hose leetll.
A woman to make a hit on
the stage has got (o wear Un?
clothes of a princess or none
at all wort b mentioning
Overlook the mistakes of otli
ors as readily aH you do your
own ami y?ti will lind this old
world a pretty pleasant place
after all
School Ma'ams should n
lot l heir pupils com I i hem
is not fair to teach them
thing during school hours
then make tools of em a
tain that Mr. Liryail would line
ipn\ letihly refuse to accept tin
presidential nomination in lOifl
if (he proposition were presch)
ed lo him in a delicate and re
lined manner and couched in
proper a u d inolfensive Ian
More (hau a quarter of a mil
lion cattle fewer than in ioil
Were received in t ?liCUgO lilHl
year, but more than |k3,iKt0,00lj
in money was paid lor theln
than in |1>] 1. The total paid
out in 101,2 was about .,
jt)00. Three reasons are given
for lite increased price of beef,
I the falling off in production of
Ibe Weslet II stab s, t be ,.,,||; Hi
I population in the United States
i while the increase in the cattle
has hot kept pace, and the fall
i illg oil' III beef exports this \ eat
'owing lo the big home demand
The I M o beautiful home- I.e.
ing erected bv our townsmen,
j Dr. 0. W. Dingus and Mr. lioh.
er I j; are neat ing completion
I ami both which are modern and
uplodatc present a most beuuti
jful appearance The new home
j Dr. Dingus is Ijeing erect, d mi
his big Slabtowu farm and is
j two stones in height and con
To Our Friends and Neighbors
You know- ii1*. You know >\c would not I It ji I \w Lould not
afford to go back on our word. Nor can you afford lo ignore
thi** money-back-lf*oot*satl5tled offer on this splendid laxath c.
VTa honestly t>eliev* wr have the
k?wW remedy r\tr made tthe
most pleasant to laV*\ moil per
manently l-iirrn-ial laxative for raiei
frvm tri?? miarric* Mid dangera arming
(mm constipation.
We wouldn't iitf Ihli if we didn't
believe it to 1* trie We wouldn't
r.ik our reputation bv making auch
abatement* did we not feel aure yoti
Would find them true.
Our faith i* built bmh on the
knowledge of what Heiall Orderlt**
are made ?>f and on Observation of
very many atvere r??<?i in which they
bate pru\ rn il <-it plttrit
Try them at Our Risk
If U>e) do not abundantly prove
their merit with you alao?if you
are not entirely tatufled with them?
Wa will refund your money ?And w*
will do that on your mere say to.
Wa don't aik >ou to riaa a penny.
Isn't that fair?
Juat let the howeli fail in pfopafi*
doing their work- |u?| Im their
action ha delajred and Ii complete
and uSe ?ntira ayatem ami e\ rrr
other organ suffers. Wagtet tt at
tbotltd have t<eoD di? palled remain
to potsou the system.
Headache*. hilininne*e, nervous
nn* and other tormenting and eari
Otll Ult are leomtn?n when the t^owela
fail to a<*t daily as nature intended.
All thin may Is*, avoided, if you will
art r?% our advice.
tatt? juit like randy. They are
toothing and easy in action. They
do not ra'if griping, nausea, purg?
ing or eice??>\? looseness They
trnd to tone and t'.rengtheu intestinal
btrvaa and mut. lei They promptly
!' .'??? :i?iinalion. and help to per?
manently overcome it.
Recall Orderllei promote I-etui
ap.nta au-l bette? health. In all of
tf>e*e thing* they are vaitly aupeiior
to o'.d fathionrd, harah aalt? and
wiher p^rgaUvea. which arg not only
unpteaaant to uVe b n which, utuaUjr
trave the bowel* in ?orte condition
than before. \V? particularly reeom
mend Heiall Qrdrajia* for children,
aged and delicate persona.
Keiall Orderlies coma (n veat
poeket tin ??oie? 13 tahlata, tCoi
36 tablet-, 25?i SO labial?, 60a.
CAUTION: Ttaaa* l^ar In mind that Retail OrderMee ara not told by all draj.
?fUU You can buy Keiall i >rdertic* nr.iv at The Heiall Sto.-a
Xou can buy Heiall Ordtrtjee in Ihil ? < tumuuity oaly at our ? tore I
?10 stone gap The TWctCt Jrore Virginia
tp* il? iriiinw
Vettt u % R*i?!l f? fa Kmtiy }Wy t.'.B ?n.t fit)- In th? I'nllM !H?>?. C-?i,?l? uwl
Oral Urlt?lr. Tlw I? t illfl?t?nt Hritil Un.,.,lv fas Mll| rrtry <a.lluuy huinu, 111?
^?J, Mt3Mi.lt, iW^-i l >r ib? |>*~n<-ulfcf .11 for ^hlrh It b f*-?intn*r?JjJ
The Rcxnll ^^orc^ nre AincrUn'K OrMlMt Druit Store*
! taihe eleven rooms. That of
Mr Robert Lite Is being erected
?on the big Lits farm near the j
big palatial home of his father's
and is one of the finest brick
residences in Coeburn, steam
I boat and a lirst class system of
water works is being installed
With gasoline engine. This
beautiful home will cost Bevor
al thousand dollars when fully
completed and give our little
burg a city like appearance.?
(!oebtiru Journal.
Coal Miners
Better Paid in Wise County
than Elsewhere.
Statistics show that miners'
wages are higher here on the
Clinch Valley than any other
point in this entire sect ion.
In the Toms Creek, Dante;
Dumps Creek and Stonega dt?
irietfl along i he Norfolk <V
VVfl li rn. i ('.Vi i. and I. ,V
N. Railways the report shows
thai the average annual wago
paid to minors was between
seven hundred ami eight hun
.Ii id dollars Illinois only pays
an average ol gjilO 80; while
Ilidiuna and i ihio compare
\t several of the mines in
the above districts tire men
who earn froill J i 10 >?*> a titty,
of eight Or Him' hours.
The fact has been shown that
our miners labor under better
cnnlitons t h a II in I be CO 1
mini s ol Other states, i Rents
nel commissary prices here in
the Clinch Valley fields are
much lower than other sections
of t b e country ami taking
everything into consideration,
the Wise. Russell and Lee
count v cat fluids are the liest,
to he found and the Journal's
adviiiC is US spring approaches
and moving fever comes on is
to remain where you are at and
Kentucky Coal
Output in \l)l2 Estimated at
14.000,000 Tons.
The developmoi.ls in what is
known as I he Klkhorn coal field
in Boutheaslern Kentucky
which have boon actively push?
ed during the last two years,
are expected to be in full run?
ning order in the spring of 1913
and will swing the major pro?
duct ton of the State from the
western to the eastern district.
; l"p to the present time the larg?
est pat t of the product ion has
I beeil derived from the western
j counties, ami in 1912, out of an
i tons, the western counties have
Contributed over half, or say
? 7i.',oo,ooii t o u s, as compared
? with l'..'.,.i tons from the
l eastern counties. The whole
Stii'.e has suffered from car
shortage ill 1012, hut it was es
: peeinlly fell in western Ken
? tlickj . ?v here in December the
(Mir supply on the Louisville
Nashville Railroad was only i;.">
, pel Cellt Of t he Heeds, allll ol)
the Illinois Central Railroad
l| ireh i ? per cent (from April
(l to May Ifi an agreed suspen?
sion id minitig occurred in the
i organized districts of western
I Kentucky., .\ hieb affected about
Large Coal
I'lt. ie ate coal mines in
the I nited States which are
producing mote than 200,tRXl
short tons ,,t coail each alumni
ly In I'll, according to a
statement l>? Edward \V, I'm
kor, the coul staiiscian of Hie
United States Geological Sur
yej , 200 bituminou.8 mines ami
108 anthracite mines m IVnn
sylvania produced in excess of
tins amount T h e average
production of these i'elinsyLn
um bittiiiiniiioiis mines was
rV'.l Ions and of the ailtliru
cile mines 144,007 tons. The
I n gOBl ant hi ncite mine had a
pi? dm lion of I,u2o,42o long
ions 'I 112 s?o short ions). The
largest bituminous production
fn in one ihinP(a PuniisyIvania
operaliou was 1,280,48'! short
lOlis I'llirtj anthracite mints
product (I iver half a million
ton-each. Illinois wassecoml
t i Pennsylvania In large mines,
having 92 mines which produc?
ed mote than 200.000'tons;West
j Virginia was third, with &JI;
and Ohio fourth, with 38. The
total production of these 73.S
lirst class mines was 263,469^
08(1 tons, or '?! 7 per cent of the
I total production of the country.
Africa Greatest Gold Pro?
The world's production of
sjold In l'.'ll was estimated of
$407,449,1500, rocoiding for the
united States Geological Sni
vey. Africa was l.y for i he
greutoMt producer, with $192,.
91)2,100: the Unit? ?! states came
second, with $9G.-:W,50H; Ans
tralatdu third, 559,l?7,900j and
Mexico fourth, $29,190,1.
Other large producers wore
Russia und H*iiil md, r-1
China, $10,000,000; British IikIi? I
110,403,200; and Canada, ? "
702,100. Son ? Ii \ nier e i as a '
whole produced uearh fl7.?00,:
The uverugo cost of the army
ration as issued in the United
States las! year was 211 70 cents, i
lie you know tltere'k lota of people, sett in
round In every kowu,
Orowlln' liken broody chlokcn, knock In
ovory e..<?d tiling tlowhf
l/oifl you bo that kind of entile eins?
tlioy Bln'l ii" um! nil i Ulli
<ii ...mi growllu'. evcrv dav, sliit-n their
Inn;; forgotton birth
They in-' ?eil t" try SIM UK I I.A. mul
?heu I hoy iln they're going te shout,
Hofause they've beat tlie other Mlou. l
mul got the von l?e?| thing<wt
ll vnii wollen nr. .i SIMIlKl.r.A, lloll tl
hold back anil wall an I see
If your Tolk* and husbands wllllii' Mill
rieht in. tills countrj fti >?
So uiic's go! i, mortgage mi i*. It's yoursI
.mil her il a*.h is ins.
Ann ?heu you ?am In buy i i i
surely is nobody s 'iflZ
Aderyou |iut ?n SI'IIIKI.I. \ und ilitjy
see Im? Hire veil I.ulk.
the Wim, ,,, DIhIi
I nil . M l.ni.
il.iv.it l'cbuury.A l>. III!!), the salil.laniti
.mit]., ?
Irom kuoIi illsoliartrc
\S i >i. ii> i ilstrl. i of Virginia ?
is Ordered by the t nun (toi ., |)ririiiu l?
Mandl. \ Ii., im:: lietofesaht Coiirl
at AliiiiL'ilmi in said District ?I In
? ? flock in Hu- Inrxnooni and Tli tt null..
tli. rrui' Ii,. puhli-hcd in IIa Itig St.
?jap l'nsi. ., iiewap?itor |iublUthcd in -aid
I"istriet, ami that all known, rotlitor* intl
ml,, i |iert>on| in Interest may ?npeni .i
said time and plalo ami show raus,' il
aiii Ihey have, ?by Ute pray, i
petitioner should not lie grautet]
Amt it is iniih, i pfilerud b) lliet mitt
that the Clark khall send by null to ?li
kuuwn creditors copies of ? aid pt-ti'tloit
and luU order, addressed to them at tluir
placoa of residence as suited
Witness the Honors be Id mu (' Mi
it..? iii. Judge i>r said < ourt me seal
thl-ruof, at Abiugilon in tin- said l>isiri,t.
on the itrddai of h'ebruary. \ Ii . I OKI
II I'avtOn fiflav, Dcput) i lerli
The foregoing arts true copies "of ihr
Petition ol Itanknipl for Discharge .Mid
of the Order of Xotiec Thereon Wit
ucss my hand ami seal ol tin ( .i tjiii
.'.id day . t' t'ebuan. Idly
Si tstit\ IV, M on i\. i lork
Per II ins (.km, I) i
Seal ni l S l)i>tmi i ourt
Presbyterian Church.
131? Stone Gap. Va
Divine worship mi So.,..ml and Konrt.ll
Sunday of each inmilli at U Oil a m hi
Christ Chapel.
A Cordial Wnlcomo to All.
Phoa? 90 Ac-tine I'astoi
M With the Parcel Post system of delivery, trie m]
[g] large manufacturer and consumer arc brought closer 15]
(e?J together. In the mean time, while the steel trust [gj
> In iu^ HI STl'.D. l:'offer direct from the mill in raj
ats ?>! > squares.*, delivered p. ?. B. BigSto'nc Gap, El
Painted Galvanized rgl
V Crimp with sticks $2.63 $3.70 gl
ra Corrugated - - 2.62 3.70 [5>l
10x14 Tin ShitiRles - 4.15 5.90 l?d
[cu Down Spout Gutter and Cornice at Low Prices [{=!
raj On the pest guaranteed prepared roofing, con
iSl taining ho tar, in rolls ()| i,>s feet, with natls and l?|
cement. Igi
la i Ply - $1.55 Kone Better
H 5 Ply - 2d 5 Some Cliedper raj
[Si Order quick before I he trust islmsted and prices }|]
fr]j arc advanced. 151
(51 Manufacturer's Agent
t:i<; STOXK < : \ l WV,
Carpets and Rugs
Von can't imagine tine
Great Bargains
\ve are now offering in our Carpel
and Riig line unless yon sec them.
Call and inspect thein before buy?
ing rise where. We also have a
large and complete line ol
that will go at reduced prices.
;;f W. Vayioi & ;
Beveiiey, Witt & CoT
Sucoo8SOr? in DARRON .V WITT.
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
,'ein Ii.i.ini..in IliiililiiiK BIG STONE GAP. VA.
it 113
Is the most perloct plow oh the market today.
Prices Bottom Plow $11.00. Hill Side $10.00
Vllttil.N IA In the (ink - Office ?>!
tin- Circuit Court "I (lie County "f
Wi-r tin- -III (to) 0< .1 anuary, till it
Morafc .toliiiHon. I'laliitln
KVii Ii Ulrehllcld Joints. Ilcfendalit.
l.\ C'ilANOKKY
Tlio object of t his ?tili in to Obtain a
divorce, a Vlhcnlo Matrltiimili, tor tin*
plalnllfl i."in ill,' defendant Ami in'
oftiriaTlt having been made aud llieil thai
the tluTundant.Kva I.. Bircbllelil Jdliiiaorl,
is ,t non i' bWchI of the -"tat?-??r Virginia1,
It 1? orilcrod IhHt *Ihi appear here within
illiecii daya aftof due publication "f this
order am) do what I? ueceaaat) lo protect
in i intru sts in tlii- Milt, And it, i- or
der?! that a copy' hereof be published
once .1 week for four successive weeai In
the lllg Siohe Gap Postj and thai a copy
be potted at the front iloor of tbo ( i>un
lioiiH? df.*?ld rouniy a> presortbed bj
liiiw And that a copy ol thin order be
mailed to tin- laid derendant, I'va I
jlirehtletd Johnson, al Cincinnati Ohio,
herlaat known i??"*' "iiii ,i addrtiaa.
A Copy Tcalo:
W U llainllton Clerk.
\\ S. Mm in.m>. p >i .Ian 16-8-0
MINERS wanted by
Stonegap Colliery Com
pnnyjGlamorgan, \'o. Stehdv
work. Hi?liot*t (>rico per ton
paid in tin- diRtrict. Hoalthj
camp. Excellent water. School
and church fncllitma.
Stonegap Colliery Co.
:\o J. S. CIIEYMKY. Gen Snijr'

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