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?>L. XXI,
The Big Stone Gap Post
ffvic League
Clean Up Day.
Help the Woman's Civic Lea
H gue Make the Town
?Tili1 aim i>f the Woman's
(jivi!1 League is that Big Stone
iQ?p shall lie noted for bealth
yKwnesH as it is already for beau?
ty and progress. To realize
By this most important asset,
He*89 must bo ronstanly put up?
on ? for t he one is hut
the outcome of the other.
HnVo observe "Clean Up Day",
HR April of each year and as
(Story resident is vitally inter
.eaieil in health conditions, even
if; Indill'ereiit to appearances,
B wiinl to ask the eoopora
thin of every man, woman, hoy
npd girl in mir town to so coop?
erate with ns that wo will make
"Friday April 25th the most
Complete 'leaning l"p I>ay"|
!$lg Stone Gap lias ever had.
HtVc.oi I'/i not only your mm
premises hut any alley, vnc.tnt
lot. or gutter adjoining your
jjiroperly. Let ns lorget to eon
milrr who put the unsightly
Basil where it is, hut burn
Everything that can he burned,
?;Wid place all cans, tin,iron, iSrc,
Tp boxes and barrels in readi- I
ftHcss f.ir teams furnished by the
Dengue to haul away. Von will
gprotit as much by so doing us
t|io l.eagllo does. We are sure
f/wi.it all bouse.wives will gladly
eininace this opportunity and I
vfiave their premises in order
ivjjlti<t barrels ready for removal
gj We request Brof. Waller to
>3ba\e the children gather and
Burn ail paper on the school
grounds and outside t h e,fence, |
^vbu'I to have any other trash put |
)S|n barrels convenient to gates
. \\ lien the residence portions of i
Iahe town and school grounds i
Hue tn order, there remains only
,?fhe unsightly conditions o f tie
piiwn town distiict. As this
Smart of the town is the place in
Hvhieb the men spend more than
Hialfthe time, has it ever oc
Hburrcd to you to wonder why
?hoy >vho want everything spot-1
Bess at their homes, tolerate
wach conditions us oxist there?
ggWe know that they want their
Kurrouhdings clean and beauti
??I, as they have them at home.
RSo the Woman's Civic League
Swill furnish the team i and
\.\ ert.ee the work of having the
'?old '.loves, pots, bottles, till
JSeai.s,chicken coops, crates, etc,
i ? in. vi d if the men will eoop
lerdte with us by having vacant
?lots and gutters raked up, leav
Biug trash in piles, so as not to
Soonstiuiu too much of our lime
? and money in removing same.
Gentlemen, wo will expect
kj your assistance in this mailer,
3 as we know that the spirit of
8 chivalry for which your fore
S fathers were noted still lives in
9 your breasts, and you could
I not expect the "fair sex" to tiu
H dertake so much alone.
A day on Jupiter is said to be
I as long as (10,000 on this sphere.
I Nice, pleasant place to spend
I an evening with your sweet
| heart.
Loans and
The Standard Home
Company, Inc., provides
I home purchasing contracts with
a guaranteed investment, an
gt eement is made Whereby you
can borrow money to buy or
! build a home or pay off that
mortgage with interest at. live
per cent on yearly balances,
and your return will bo $7.60
per month on each $1,000 bor?
rowed. Rent receipts
never pay dividends. We
have put more than ten thous?
and people in their own homes,
and can put you in yours, *f
y oti will take our plan.
Assets over $1,626,000.00. Call
or write at once for information
C. B. Ramsey, Agent
OrHce?Over Postofhce
Norton. - - Virginia
Schedule Ar-|
For Coal Fields Base Ball |
League and Series Com?
mences next Satur?
A meeting ot the Coal Fields
Baseball .Manager, Wua held ut
Nerton, Virginia, on Saturday
April nun. Preaeut it. D.
linker ami O. F. Blanloti, of
Kig Stone Uup, Dr. C. B. Bow
yer, ol Stouega; T. \V. Meude,
uf Norton, und Kit/ Stevern*,
ol Wise.
Atter discussion it wan decid?
ed to open tin- Coal Fields
Baseball League on Saturday,
April 25th, Uli.'), and play time
('.?) match games. The follow?
ing teams entered: Big Stone
<iup, btonega, Norton and
Fach team will be allowed
lit teen (16) players, and tho
names ot such players imist be
sent to the President of the
Athletic Association, Big Stone
Gap, Va., on or before May
tfittl. No player will be allow
ed to play on tiny team unless
i lie name of Blieb player is Bent
in on or before that date.
The following schedule wan
APRIL 39th.
llig St.me Oajl VS. StOliega. at Uig
Stull? I lap.
Norton vs. Wise at Wlso
MAY :ird
Hit; stone Hap vs. Wise at llig Sinne
Norton vs. Stoncga at Norton
M A V ioth,
llig Stone I lap va. Norton at Not toil.
Wise vs Htoitoga at Btonega.
MAY 17th;
llig Stone (Jap vs. tjtoncgu at Stonega. J
Norton vs. Wise at Norton.
M A V a Ufa .
llig Stone pap rs Wise at Wise
Norton vs. Stonogs at Stouogs
MAY lllst.
llig Stone Onp vs Norton at llig
stonega vs. Wise at Wise,
JUNE 7il.
llig Stone t?.i|i vs. Slonega at llig
Stone Osp,
Norton vs \\ ise at \\ is.
JUNK mil
llig StOIIO vs. Wise al llig Stone (Sap.
Stoncga va. Norton at Norton
.it Nr.nisi
llig Stono (lap VS Norton at Norton.
Wise vs. Stonega at Stonega.
June36th was left open for the playing
of tie games or postponed gahtes
May Get To?
Ninth District Democrats to
Recommend Bailey's
Hon. II. T. Irvine, of Big
Stono Cap, a prominent Demo
erat if lender uf the Ninth Dis?
trict of Virginia; was in Bris?
tol Saturday. He stated that
the Democrats of the district
would probably get together at
an early date and recommend
the successor to Col. I>. K. Bai?
ley, of this city, a s collector of
internal revenue for the sixth
coilection district, with offices
ut Abiugdon, Va.
Mr. Irvine said that be did
not think the Democratic lead?
ers were in any great hurry to
oust Oolooel Bailey, in view of
the fact that lie was appointed
during the closing months of
President Tuft's administration
and has therefore held the
office only u short time. Un?
der the law he holds during
the pleasure of the President.
Some months ago the Demo
cratif district committee an?
nounced that it would decide
the matter and make a recom?
mendation to President Wilson,
but a dozen or so candidates
were soon in the Held and the
committee refused to make any
i recommendation.?Bristol Her?
ald Courier.
Dr. I. P. Martin, of Big Stone
(lap, was a visitor to. Toms
Greek Sunday. He was accom?
panied by Kev. Stewart French,
of Nashville, who gave a lecture
ut the church in tiie evening.
Dr. Martin will preach for u?
here next Sunday night; we
I hope there will be a large
crowd out to hear him.?Coe
j burn Journal.
Big Movementj
A movement which gives
j promise ?f tho most t ar r?*.>?? 11
ing resul'S of any thing that bus
ever beeu undertaken in Har?
lan was instigated at the Com?
mercial ('lull meeting nil last
Tuesday night. In our appeal
to tho citizens In last week's
issue we intimated the meeting
was to be of unusual interest
and importance to every resi?
dent of Harlan, but it even sur?
passed our most sanguine ex
peetations?it will effect the
people inn only of the town of
Harlan, but lie' COUIIty of HuM
lau as well.
A UiJ fur the Southern.
Thu nature of this important
movement is a bid to the South?
ern Knilway to enter Harlan.
While this may seem a Heren
lean task for so small a town
as Harlan, \ et it is not an im
possibility?on the contrary it
is a probability, tihd (be way
the boosters of Harlan are tak
ling bold of the movement lends
encouragement to the task. A j
movement was started to raise j
a large fund to exploit I be great
wealth of this section and bring
it before the attention of the
country, to this end a $200.00
subscription w a s raised t ol
provide ii banquet and get tin
expert organizer from New
York City iwhiph shall start a
campaign for the raising ol
$t6,OQQ.OO fund to be spent in
publicity for Harlan. A large
cash bohtiH beside oilier induce?
ments will be offered the South
ern Railroad to enter Harlan
and thus give us direct outlet
to the south where .1 l u ge and
stoudy market awaits our coal
products, In this Work the!
Harlan Commercial Club will
be joined by the like organiza?
tion of It g Stone (iap. Va..
which town would be benefited
by getting railroad shops loca?
ted there in even the plan is
carried out.
It has long been known thai
the Southern road has cherish
ed the desire of geiling illti I
this territory and till ev prCBsion
of this kind b y these two
towns will be received ? Ith lip
probation. Harlan Enterprise.
Seed Corn
Too much stress can not be
laid on the necessity of having
good seed corn to plant this
spring, and when we sa\ good,
we Ineun not. only a good breed
or variety but more so of germ
ination and vitality Some
selected ears look perfect but
when the test is made for germ
ination many of them should
be put aside. The only way to I
prove their growing quality is
to test them; arrange the e?rs
in a row. n?tltbi reach one, lest
a dozen grains from each ami 1
prove their soundness. The;
testing can easily he done
by using shallow boxes of moist 1
earth or sawdust or by folding .
the grains in a dampened cloth,
A few iluys will tell the story.
Keep plenty of moisture and;
warmth around the grains, then
discard all ears that are not per
By paying careful attention
to Selection and testing of seed
the yield of 11 field may he in?
creased from live to ten bushels
per acre -Our Country.
Tax Payers of Richmond Dis?
N'ou are hereby notified that
tho time for collecting 1912 tax
es is drawing to a close and you
must settle at once, in order to
avoid forced collection and
property being returned d? lin
F. q. Skken,
116-17 Deputy Treasurer.
Great Coal Re- Swat the Fly.
Twelve Billion Tons Estima?
ted Amount in Four
Fields in Colora?
When iho total production of
coal in the United States, groat
aii it is, is compared with the
known tonnage to the ground
it sinks into relative iiisigtiifi
educe. Thus, four recently de
scribed coal fields in Colorado
are estimated by the United
States Geological Survey to
contain more than 12 billion
short tons of coal, or three
fourths of the total amount of
c <al that lias been milled and
lost through mining processes
in tlie United States since the
beginning of t be industry
These are known as tie- coal
fields .d" theGram)Mean and the
West Klk Mountains, CoiorutlpJ
and are discussed by Willis T.
I. in Bulletin 510; just issued
by the United States Geologi?
cal Survey. These Heids con
stitufo parts of t he Uintu coal
region; in the Rocky Mountain
province, and lie partly in west
central Colorado and partly in
??astern Utah; The part of the
Uiu.ta region described in the
bulletin is divided into four
more i b'ss distinct Holds,
called Grand Mesa; K lorestu
Mount Carbon, and Ciested..
The investigations described
in the bulletin extended over a
period of three years and were
made for the purpose of ascer?
taining the geologic relations'
of the coal-bearing rocks to
other formations, of classify
ing tin* land by legal subdivi .
-ions as coal I a tid and honcoal
land, and of deierillilling tin
value of ilioCOiil land by ascer
eoul beds, i Ii ? c !i it ucl ? r and
quality "i ihn coal, us uocoSsi
tniitt with reference Hi topo
graphic features, and its louii
trauspori at ion.
Becutil.f the unceiIainty
in m.iti> places as to the num?
ber of coil bOds and lie' still
greater uncertainty as to their
variations i n thickness; n I)
tields. However, a COinptltll
tiou based on inoderatu eati
i im mi 111 of recoverable coal in
the < i rand Mesa and West Kit,
Mountain Holds.
A copy of Bulletin fill) dati be
had on application to the Di
rector of i lie Geolog icat Survey
Commissioner Koincr s rarin
Bulletin For April.
.i pi acttcal manner.
r-t not only in Iiis own farm, lint is also
Interested in I lie uplift Ol Ins . .immunity
The Ini|Kiruinec of Sowing More ?.biv
The Grasses liest Adapted to the Soils
of Virginia. There'Is money in Uraxlrig
and the importance of improving the pas?
ture Dobia.
Profits in using l if Sil...
Tho Orchard, spraying tlio trees and
hiiiking ipray solutions
Protlts In ihe Hog Industry
Tho discussion on the biggest part in
farniliig la a valuable one. Also on..
Get the Manure out "n tin- Land
Profit Iii I)dry i ows
There Is a niost interesting article in
the llnllollu on "The I arm ihn best place
t.. live And other articles on Poultry.
Home Convenience, The Iniport&uco ol
Qood Farm Sanitation oto,
'file Commissioner will send this to
any one desiring it and any f irmer who
J docs not receive it should send his name
j to Conimlasloner Keiner.
WA NTED.?At .losephine,
Va., miners, coke pullers and
loaders. Work easy and regit
I lar. Wages good. Intermont
' Coal and Iron Company. 14 IT.
Now Is The Time. Say Health
Officers, To Get Protec?
tion Against Ty?
Richmond, Va., April 19.?
Conmared with (he results inj
July ?> r August, spring lly
swntting is h hundred to onel
investment, according to the
State Board of Health, which
today renewed its admonition
fur it general BpHng'Cleoiiiiig,
Millions of flies survived the
winter, Bays tin- Board, and
fliese will begin to Increase
their families at amazing rates
fr.im tins time until the end of
September. As each female
il> i-. tin- mother of at least 200
Hies, all of which are fully
grown in two weeks, the in
crease in tie' offspring uf a sin
gle lly is in u geometric ratio
sulllcient to stagger a matho
"A nnlil winter and many
spring flies in d a h typhoid
fever,*' reads the bulletin of
t Ii?' Board. "Last summer,
with a favorable season and
extensive precautions we were
able to record the lowest, ty
phoid rale Virginia bad known
in years, But Ibis standard
Cltniiot he again attended unless
i he people are willing to take
the necessary precautions. A
general clean up of nil premi?
se- is of prune importance in
thai il w ill destroy the breed
ing-pliiccsbf the Mies, and of
eipial importance is the proper
care Uf all outhouses. We can
have tins s e ir as little or as
much typhoid as we wish, and
we can assure ourselves that
ibis summer scourge can b?
greatly reduced by mir careful
i ti d concerted efforts. The
clean-up weeks arranged for
Uichmoud, Petersburg and nth
cities are in bo commended and
sliiiul I be adopted in all the
cities and towns. ICquul pains
should he taken tin tile farms
where neglect generally results
in a n outbreak o f typhoid
which in iv sweep the family.
We are not very hopeful this
summer anil do not anticipate
a favorable season but the
danger will bo greatly reduced
if ..in people swat tbi' lly and
Care fur lite Children,
'Talk ahbul cleaning up day
? me i.l I lie best moves ever
stai t.-d in this country . but I
venture to Bay the lluliygeniu
conditions of the mouths of the
children,''aml sumo grown ups"
cause more disease and sick
ness than all things else com
Tho history of the movement
fin dental inspection of school
children shows that educators
and hvgenists all over the
world have been awakening 10
a n ah/ ilibu of tin- truth of !>r
Osier's words. "There is not
one single thing more impor?
tant in the whole range uf hv
.letie than the hygiene of the
ii onth. Ii 1 were asked to say
hi ther mute physical detona?
tion was produced by alcohol
of di f< ctn t, ut|i I should say
del,,-live teeth."
Look at and study the record
jtis.i a moment. The work in
Cincinnati was begun in 1900,
and since that time, 28.1 11
chiltti bit hat o been examined
The total number of defects
found was 1)5.!:-12, of which
number 51 00? represent cavi?
ties, in the Ii i st molars, and
II 77!' cavities in Other teeth;
children having no defects
number 2,833; unclean teeth
were the rule.
Now listen: Just what de
fi i .it letli and unclean mouth
means to a community finan?
cially niaj be gathered from
the fact thai it requires chil?
dren in v ing defective teeth at
I- ist six months longer to com.
I plate the school course than it
does for children not so affect
Dit. < Irk.
Miss Lyde Tynea returned
S iturda) from a visit to friends
in Norton and Big Stone Gap.
s? Tarewell Republican.
(let ready for cleaning up day
Nice Play.
Friday night th? High School present -
? 1 ? V Case of Suspension" to a highly
appreciative houae at tho Arnum Thea?
tre. The scene of Ihr play was laid in a
college tflrl * room and In order to give
thu setting, the ttngn ?u tastefully
decorated with peiunta and college pic?
tures The play was the story of three,
college glrla entertaining as mauy boy*
friends in the <ir!s room. As lhl? was
Strictly against faculty regulations, they
experienced great difficulty in tarrying
om their plans; how the faculty caught
Up with them and at the same time got
caught formed the greater portion of the
play. The threo college girls were well
Chosen hi Milsoa Miriam Taylor, Kessle
Young and Florence Mot'ormlck, who
showed all the .?xuDetrftnce of eoltege life
.in-1 spirit Likewise no l>etter atueluur
college sporta could have been found,
t h i n Willie Maker, Byron Kh.stds
and I tit!Mathewa Thoy did their
puts In a perfectly natural manner and
added much life to the performance. The
part of tho Celtic maiden was well prc
icnted by Mi? lamella Johnson, who
showed herself a mistress of mimicry In
i all D dialect and manner. "Jones" im
personated by Mr Waller, proved the
fun making part of the play, keeping the
audience in a constant state of laughter.
Probabl) no oharactera wen- better
brought out than those of the lady princi?
pal acted by Miss llustara t'artoni, ami
professor Kdgorton sctisl by Mr Akens.
For the success of the play great praise
Is due Mtsa llutlltt and Miss Orr, who
were instrumental in staging the play.
Immediately after the last act refresh?
ments were served by g\rU attired lit
Putiian costumes.
Garden Seed.
Washington, l>. C . April, IS, ti?i:t
K.lltoi Poet,
Ilia Stone 'lap, Va.
My l>..ir Sir:
I have advised the Department ol Ag.
rieulturii to send you UNI packages of
garden seed and packages of dower
secil fur distribution among your neigh
I have tried to send a package of gar
,i. n , | to ei ,-ry Olie In my district out
my lists are not correct ami I doubtless
h ivo missed .i great many.
it >.ni will be good enough to dlatrl
bule these to those who hue not received
thorn, I will appreciate your kindness.
Yours very truly.
<? ii Si tutr
We have received the packages aliove
referred to and will be pleased to hiive
tbosowc desire gpveromenl seed ami
have not received any this year to call at
tho office and get a package.. Kd
Poor Roads.
A writer In Farm and Fireside declares
? itonl) I8.OW.0W out of the 28,000,000
children of the I idled States go to school,
1 his leaves 7 1X10,000 children without
the advantage of the education that we
boast i- free to all.
Half of these 7,000,OW children who
canw..i go t,. school live In tho country,
and the principal reason they cannot se?
cure in education i< ? bad roads " That
i- the worst indictment yet made against
the pool roads 61 this country, The
lohoola are there, the teachers are em?
ployed and yel 3,500,000 children can
nol sei ore that nio-t important thing of
..II sn education
? M.my i llicit, n. say- the Magazine
writer, are killed each year walking on
the railroad tracks to school. Why:
I liei have lid roads to walk on
? Many children each year hav?.
schools to go to Why' Tho roads aro
no had there Is no profit in farming, no
money for schools, no progress, no growth
no smbltlon. ?
"Hundreds of thousands of children
yearly line lo ko with a little schooling,
a little part of a term at school-why.
Itccause. father needs their help on tho
farm he Isn't making money enough to
spare bis children's time for school days,
because he has to pay so much for haul?
ing his .Tops to market he has no profit
loft for extra hired help '?Kxchange
What The Painters Say.
"White I ca.i and Oil make* good paint
Um add Zinc, and It's better '' Thai's U,
ifeM.Semt-Mlxed Real Paint It hides even
? black surface. It wears for years The
cost of painting is reduced, because the
useradals three quarts of Linseed Uli
i .'sting only 48 ceilta to every gallon of
the i. .\. M Semi-Mixed 'iteai Paint
to make I iM gallons of the best pure
paint ready for use. You get thee quarts'
more paint for the I.', cents.
Add by Kelly Drug Company, llig
Stone Gap Ya.
MINSKS wanted by
v Vr Btonegap Colliery Com*
puny, (Hamorgan, Va. Steady
work, Highest price per ton
paid in the district. Healthy
camp. Kxcellent water. School
and church facilities.
Stonegap Colliery Co.
J. S. CIIlYNEV, flen. Snspt

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