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~3rt yttzmoYiam William Wilson "Jinle?
The Board of Directors of Soi<tn?rn Railway Company
Having aaatmbltd In special mtetlng ihlt f.rst day of Of
urcbtt, 1*13, arKf btlng.advlstd Ol Uta deals, ?t hl? nom?
?i ?vashlngio-i on Novtmkir 21, 1?13. ot William WIU0.1
s rUty, Ijr Ih? pul l?ln yaars Prttldtnt Ol Soutr-arO
Company, adopts tht loilavor-u normt? to bo
? i. rid on tha ?< n-J* of lh? Company and to be publish*.!
in tht ntwtpaptra of tht South.
WILLIAM \V||_SON PINt.BV was born at Past
f.'hrU'.liu. .Mississippi, on September IMS, and en?
tered lulliYuy NTivice In New Orleans in l?T3. Outing
the sen-ceditu- twenty-two inrs l.r lutil a varied cxpr
tlenec. earning steady promotion a od a growing .-cpu
leOoo. In the traffic departments "f several railroads
and jln charge ?f traffic ???OClattotu, In the weal an,I
southwest. In 1893, noon after the organisation nf
Suuthcrn Hallway ('.unpuuy. he hrgmi. ns Third Vice
president In thara-r of traffic, hfl trrvirr for thl? Com
pany.ln trhlch, with an Interval ,if a few months in
ia*U, he continued until hit ilealh clKhtcen yearn later.
He became President nf this Company In December,
19C*, at n in."inrnt whru tlir work.of -rathcrlng In anil
wrltllttfc together IH lines Into a eoniolltlateil system
had l?ern dune. T'lie map hall been matte. There nre
no more miles of railroad Included in the Ijrftlriu I,.day
than their wrr- when he hemme Prrshirnt. Hit task
???? Iherefnre. c?nipl.in.-iit im t,. Iii? work already done
and the lilt tort ol the drvrlopmeni iif the property
during the past lev en years It tin- history of lnw hr
conceited and nccompltdwd tint lasti ,.f conservation
aiul progressive development During his adinlnbtra
fn?n the revenue- ..t the Company Increased 'JMS per
cent, (comparing ISIS with 1907), lud ?hat Is even
unite hit achievement, the holanre <>f Income available
I..i dividend (lint largely put hack Into the property)
increased 209.07 \ er cent.
I hU record of material success it in no tmall mras
me Ihr result nf Mr. Flnley's policy and practice nf
. heitdlng nud strengthening r. working organisation of
u,r C'uopaiiy to far at concernt personnel, lie inaug
."_?i ,ten and ttc.idfattlt rnforeed n rule nf prnmntlon
W*SII vacancies with'n the nrennl/atlnn. by recognition
( demonstrated merit, with the remit that hr leeiiretl
.ud conserved that loyal Identification with the Inter
.t nf the South nn.l of thr Company, and thai trier
?f personal responsibility In all ranks of the service,
alllch I- "lie nf the mntt saleable assrtt thr Company
ims today.
tin ihr public tide of hit responsibility Mr. Plniey
developed largely tlurliig tlir past srvrn years, Con
itnced of thr duty .if accepting thr changed condition!
mi renprct of the administration nf Industry Incident
in .ihr gftrrfrrmentnl pulley of rrgulallnn of thr rail
ways l.y puhllc authority, hr was nevertheless keenly Im?
pressed with the apparent lack ot understanding on
laic part "f thr public ot thr problems of railway man
rtrment. He. therefore, devoted much of hi- time to
Ihr dllCUMton nf such qur-tiont hrforr representative
audiences in all parts of the country, hut chiefly m
thr Smth. and the effect upon public opinion of In.
frank, straightforward and manly utterances and pa?
tiently Iterated doctrine has been long reeognUed, but
was remarkably demonstrated by thr impressions which
have been received since his death from public bodies
throughout the South. He did much in this way to
correct a sentiment from which all railway property
has suffered in recent year*?a sentiment which has
found lit expression in sn rrroneous belief that a rail?
way takes from the public more than it give-t. and Ills
effort In word and der.l wail to restore a just balance
of understanding of the economic necessity, to-every
cillren In his dally life, of a well maintained, honestly
administered and prosperous Irantpoitation system.
In other ways itl-n he gave expression to a brond
view of thr Indent!!)' of Interest between the welfare of
the railways and tint of the public. He lent active
co-operation to the chief educational, indiittrinl und
Commercial Interests of the South, and a moral support
to evrry movrmenl which it making for the Welfare nf
thr South, bid perhaps hit greatest service of this na?
ture was his tiieeetsfnl campaign for Ihr promotion nf
hrtter agriculture. -t
Gently born und gently bred, it wat Mr. Plntey's
fortune to Im- thrown upon his own resnureet at an
early* age and without Ihr advantages of a unlrcrslty
training and rsperirnee ic-ually enjoyed by his asso?
ciates: it was, Ihrrrforr, n peculiar satisfaction to him
ami to bis friends that in 1910 he received, with the
assurance that il teas no inrre decoration, n degree of
Doctor of Laws from Tulaue University nl New Or
Irant, the principal seit of learning in the community
where he had spent hit youth
tin Hie personal ?ulr. Mr Pinley was essentially a
gcbtleman: he demonstrated on many occasions the
Combination in his character nf those qualities which
may hr expressed by the words modesty ?ml courage
He was fair and just in nil hit dealings-, courteous to
all men, slow to anger, hut fierce In his resentment of
Injustice in others Partisan ill his love for anil hrllrf
in the South and its future and In the Southern Hall?
way at an import.Hit factor in that community, he con?
vinced his associates that he never allowed partisan
feeling Id colour his jiidgnichl to such an estenl that
he could not du o. - cc thr other side: hut a policy onve
determined he set about its accomplishment with a
Characteristic belief in thr potency of persistence ami
an unhesitating use of all the power at his command..
He had at all lime, the confidence, the respect and
the good will ol this lion.', mil of eterv member of
It. and in hi- death the Hoard ami every member of it
frrls the loss nf a friend of charming personal qualities
as well as an official.idle of commanding ability.
The 8ecrttary .? UOcctrd to opm, to the surviving
mtnibera ol Mr. F.oiPy\ family tht respectful sympathy
t>f tola Ooard and In transmit to thtm a suitably en
qr.nttd and atttattd Irjntcrlpt ol this minute.
From Roda, j
Mr. Skaggs, father of J.
il. Skujzgs, has bOAU visitingI
his son for the last few days.
Miss R?by Skaggs made a I
hurried visit to see lier brothor,
J, 11. Skaggs, at this place last
There was a special show
given of the mine motion pic
lures last Friday afternoon for
tho benefit of our ladies. Thol
house was full to overflowing,
Mr. Owens made the explana?
tion, which was well received
Mrs. Floyd Litton, of this|
place, is visiting her father
Hale Olty this wook
Mr. aud Mrs. Author Brown,!
of Osaka, was up to visit Miss '
Elizabeth Collins Bundaj
Uraudpa Sheppard. of Happy j
Hollow, who has been Kick for
some days is hetior at this writ?
Bev Flanary, of Big Stone I
flap, was up Sunday and helped
in band music.
Isaac Taylor and Mr. Chap?
man were up Sunday visitingI
friends in Roda They also I
took part in the hand practici
The Band went to Arno on
Hnturtlay night and gave a con
cert to a full house. Every
I Our Easy
I Plan
8) Many |*ople lu'sii.iir to liuy .1
^ piano l*ciuw t liny do not want a
cheap Instrument or dim of un?
known reputation and erv atmply
waiting until they ' .-an afford" the
beat. If you will writo tin. or . all
at our wererooius. ?r thiuk we ean
ahow you how you can ?tVoril
RIGHT Now t?. bay the rerj
liejt piloo in the world -
The Artistic
)>et ua tell you about our Ka*y
I'ayment I'ian.
Chas. M. Stielt;
Factory llran&h V. .:, .
714 Main St.. I.ynohbunt, Va
0, W. Whitwoub. Manager.
body was well pleased, as they
always uro with tin- Rodn hand
Wo had u packed house last
Thursday night whon the mines
were brought before the oyus
tlx' people, by motion pictures
Tin' pictures wore very abl} ex
plained by Supt. lt. R Taggurt.
Mr. I). It. Went/., president of
the Btonega Coko and Coul
Compauy, accotnpained by Mr
Mousor nud Mr. I!. K Tnggart
visited Rode Plant Saturday.
Work is prosperous a t this
plant and all are looking for
ward lo a bright future
Wo nro druggists right hero
in your town and make a living
out of the drug business, but .
is because people have to hav
drugs and not because we lovi
to see people sulfer?we don't.
Our duty is to render the beB*
service we can. and when some
one is ailing, we are interested
in seeing them take the best
medicine there is for their pat
ticulnr trouble. Wo don'l re?
commend "cure alls", as we
don't believe there an- such
things. We don't waul yon !<?
spend more than you have to
Some of you gel small wages,
and when you are sick, none at
nil, and you should got (he
most you can for your money.'
We recently came across a
new remedy f 0 r increasing
strength and building up peo
pie who are run down and eihn
elated, We know that a slight
trouble sometimes glows into a
serious one, and lo stop it in
the beginning, will save von
money in the end. This how
compound is called Rexall > Mive
oil tCmulsion, It is the liest
remedy, when you ate run
down, lired out. nervous?no
matter what i h e cause 11
doesn't merely stimulate yon
and make you feel good for a
few hours, but lakes hold of
weukness and builds \ on up to
a healthy, normal condition.
It is a real nerve food tonic and
builder of good blood, strong
muscles, good digestion It
contains liypophosphiles.w It Ich
tone the nerves, and pure Olive
Oil, which nurisht-H the nerves,
the blood and the entire system
Pleasant to take. Contains no
uleohol or habit forming drugs.
We promise that it you are not
perfectly satisfied with it, we'll]
give back your money as soon
as you tell us. Sohl only at the
/."Hu l?'xall Store?, ami in tili?
town only by Its. ijit.OO- -Kelly j
Drug Company, Big Stone Gap, I
Vn adv
Musser- Sattcrfield.
A quiott and bountiful homo I
wedding wait solemnized nt the
home oj Mi s Jennie Smith, in
the valley above town, Wed
noRdtty .lanuary Isth. Mr.Milton
tleiskul MuBser, of Abingdon,
was married to Miss Ann Do:
btlflk Salterlleld, Mrs Smiths
oliartning a n <l accomplished
grnndaughfer, the Rev. I. P.
Martin, Presiding Rider, of
Uig Stone (lap District,official
; ing. The t i l oom is a promi
I mint, anil well known contrac?
tor and builder of Abingdon.
.The bride i> recently from
Mar* ha Washington College
'inl is prominently identified
with social ollaiis in Abingdon
and Big StonoQnp They each
haven host of friends, whose
good wishes will follow them
. through life.
0,011. Miles says married men
mnke i|ip best lighters: but look
at the experience they've had.
Mayr*s Wonderful Stomach Remedy
Is Recommended and Praised By
Thousands Who Have
Been Restored
lieh man tat
full treatment
1 took it accvrdin* to
and pai
krine I >
don't feel any ill effect*, I
Keinvdv to ?II my fr?
r hiitneM prauw. B.
Sufferertof ftiotiiach. Liver hi \ Inteattnal
Ailment* are not a^ked to take Afayr'e We>?-Jer
fat Stem** h rlfitJv fur week?? and months
before they ferl benefited. Just try one do*e?
whkh ah uhl ? ?? <? ><>u feel better in health,
convince- ynu that you wll goon be* wril and
strong.free you from pain und suffer hg and give
you a sound rtd Stoma.li. a* il hat
done in th'Hiiands of other ca-c* Wherever it
U taken you will hear nothing hut the highest
prals*. Go to your druggiM -**k him about the
treat result* it hat been accoraplkhmg in catea
of people he k row* or tend tO<MO II? Mayr.lMg,
Cnemfit. 154-1 Vk Whiting St., Chicago, ill., for a
Ire* hook on htomgcfl Ailment* and many grate*
tv. letter* Uutr i-vov'e who t..ivo beta restored,
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Our mercantile friends are
beginning to buy fertilizers to
supply our farmers for the com
in gseoson und we might begin
to think whnt kind of|fortilizei*B
we most need.
This is determined by the
kind of soil we have, the crop
we ore going to plant or have
We buy fertilizers for three
plant foods generally ? mtrogt n.
phosphoric acid ami potath. The
name of the fertilzer does not
always mean very much so we
thou Id be guided by the figures
an the sack.
A gooii corn fertilizer should
sonthiri from '_' to :i per cent of
nitrogen, 7 to S per cent of
phosphoric acid and 2 to :i per!
Berti of potash. We should put
>n 300 to 600 pounds to one acre
troudcasl and harrowed in beforeI
planting. We should not put |
fertilizers tu the rows Or in I
?onlaei with the seed as the
feed are apt to bo injured
liy the fertilizer and the rootsj
ivill make little growth, so that
t drouth will injure the crop
ind the yield shortened.
Fertilizers should bo broad
?ast for small grain, corn and
grits* as I be roots will then
iiinke tin even growth and the!
SrOp will not be injured by n|
In.nib. A mixture of 200
pounds of bone meal. 2001
pounds of acid phosphate until
50 pounds of mil rillte of potash,
making a total of 160 pounds to
one acre, make an excellent
coro fertilizer. Anyone can
mix these by pouring tog- ther|
on l be Hour or dry ground and |
mixing with shovel, Itouej
meal is a good fertilizer at the'
ran- of ?Joo to 500 pounds in one
acre for corn, small grain or
lmmss hut is slow, more effeol
can generally be seen the 2nd
year than the lirst year.
Kor potatoes we should have
a fertilizer with more potash.
2 to i per cent of nitrogen1, ? to
S per cent of phosphoric acid, I
to 8 per cent of potash. This
should be put on ill the rate of
400 to soo pounds to one acre.
It may I?1 applied broad cast or
scattered over a row about I*
to ?_' feet wide ami mixed with
lie' soil before laying oll tlie
row The fertilizer should not
be put in the rrtw in contact
with the potatoes. For wheat
and oats we ought to sow about
200 pounds to the acre of acid
phosphate when we sow the
grain und in the spring when
the leaves ate d or I inches
long sow about im i oi- 200
pounds of nitrate of soil ( to 1
I acre. For grass about inn to
200 pounds of nitrate of soda
per acre sown in the spring just
Iii-tote of after a rain giveH ex?
cellent results.
For vegetables we want a
high grade, stung fertilizer ami
we apply it freely as we wan'
our vegetables to grow fast, and
be tender A fertilizer contain?
ing 'J to -I per cent of nitrogen
and s I" per cent of phos?
phoric acid and II to ft per cent
of pottlsh is a good vegetable
fertilizer. We can put on ,'.",i
to lOOO pounds tootle acre, the
truck farmer.- around Norfolk
I use several Ions to one acre.
Unless a soil has a fair amount
of vegetable matter in it, it is
useless to apply more (ban
about 300 pouns of fertilizer for
any crop. That is if the. soil is
very poor indeed, don't use
much fertilizer, not more than
about B00 pounds to one acre,
until the laud is improved by
manure or cover crops.
We cannot improve or main,
tain soil fertility by the use of
fertilizers, we sow crops and
turn them tinder: This is (he
billy way to improve laud un?
less we have manure or some
Other vegetable matter lo add
direct to the soil. Fertilizers
are used to help out and to help
get 'i Mtand of Homo cover crop
as grass, clover, peas, etc. For
Positions Recently Filled.
Mr. .lohn Howard. I'ledmnnt Pre- f
pared. $"<a stotio. Please accept
my thanks for ??ettliiit mo such a
nice position." Mr. 5t. U. Hutlcr.
Piedmont Prepared. $50 bkr. '.'Be
Here he nil) make a good man"
Co. Mica Maori T. Diamond: :
mont Prepared, law office ateno.
"Am cctting along finely." Miss
Qrsoa Sutherland. Pledmond Pre?
pared, ateno. First National Hank.
Hoiiakcr. Va . Mr. 0, E Miller.
Piedmont Prepared, ateno, B. W
King Co. Ilristol. "Appreciate ef?
forts Much success." Mr. (loo
II, Greene, Roanokc National, N".
t' law firm. iflO start "it it with
the ^re itest of pleasure that I look
back upon the time 'spent at Pied?
mont " J. M. tlendrieka. Central
Biisluees College. Stir Milling <'?..
Taxewell. Va.. ateno ??VI to start
" Am ectttui* nlong finely. Accept
my thanks." W. t\ Pegeln*.
Charleston, "Oood salary, Like
work." Itert Hanklns, Piedmont
Prepared, strno. Ilorderland Coal
j Oompanv $60 start, "t am under
many obligations to yon for vonr
kindness Bort'a father. Mr. M.
M. Sister Addle Ins * leOsteno i*.
sition in Welch Miss Ceoruie
Harris. Mr Hai v.-v l.nvelaoe. bkr,
Wlnglna. V? . Mr. <U?rl V White,
aker, Itiistol Ituslneas College,
?This laan '8fi position, If it had
not boon for Piedmont I would I
have lieeu in a much worse position
Two calls last week front banks In
Virginia and North CrirOllna, and a I
third call for a MM dollar man stc |
nographer w;is lo^t
sTl'UKNTS onrolied from N'ew
York to Florida, Nine states rop.
resented, full wshool. Select class
Others coming Kaetilty Incrttascd.
Olilce forito doubled. Congenial |
home like atmosphere Willing
helpfiit spirit ilutinok most prom- ?
Ising, share mir blcsalnos We '
will help you--will ten,! you mon?
ey on scholarship and pay your 1 (
railroad mir from home Von I
will like <iet .uir oilei ll will
please yon. Write imlay for cat- |
alogno, terms and contract I
Piedmont Business College ||
Incorporated V
lilizers cuii generally be bought
ready mixed to suit mir differ?
ent cropshul unless ty?i know
what we wan' wo will hardly
know what wo got.
When one is going lo use
about n ton or more of fortlizors
it will pay to buy nitrate of
soda, acid phosphate and
muriate of potash and mix them
to suit the different crops.
1 will be glad to answer
querries about fertilizers or oth?
er things of interest to the fann?
ers in these colums or direct to
the inquirer.
J. C. Sill,KS,
Karin Demonstration Agent.
$100 Reward. $100.
The readers of thispaper will l>c pleased
to learn thai there Is at leasl one d rinded
disease thai sclonce lias beet) able to nuru
ill all ils stages, anil thai is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the "ui> immHIvo
cure now know n to the medical fraterni?
ty. Catarrh being a coriatitutlonal (real
iiictil Hall'sCatsrrh Cure la Inken in?
ternally, acting dlrectcly ujioii the blood
and iuu< oils surfaces of the <ystein,
thereby dealoythg the foundation of the
disease, aiid giving the patient iitrengtli
by'buttoning UP the constitution and as
suiting nature in doing Its ?ork. The
proprietors have so mm h faith in ils
curative powers thai they nlTei Onii Hun?
dred hollars foi any case ihut It falls to
euro, Semi for list of testimonials
Address: V .1 CHUNKY A Co To
lortn, It
s.,1,1 by all Druggists, T.m
'lake (laH's Family l'iits Ii.istipa'
ion adv.
No More Gas on the Stomach or Sour j
Stomach! No .More Heavy Feelinu,
After Meals or Constipation!
We, want everyone In llili lowd who
hns stomacli or bowel trouble to Just
ii, mm: bottle or simple buckthorn
?Hirt?. Btycerlite, etc.', us compoumt.'.l
In a.n. - l-k.i. Von will be surprises!
Th. VKUV riltsT liOSt: shows re
suits am! a sliorl treatment with
Atller-lika may make .you iwi bettei
than yon have fm years.
This remedy lends to antlsepttrlae
tl.e intestinal iroei and n> ilraw oT
the Impurities. a sixhi.i: nosr.
usually relieves iras mi the stomach,
?our stomach or constipation QUICKt/Y,
We .in not hesitate to say ?thai
Adler-l-kn Is the lu-IST bowel nn.l
stomach remedy we have ever aotd!
Mutual Drug Company
1. AiOlLUas.M.D. W.'A. HSsss .M i
Cilmer & Baker,
Physicians and Surgoons.
Unices in Tolls It.il.liiiit,
Di? Stone Cop, Virginia.
All anils answnred promptly.
:ns?UH3 in tire
May S; ?18,
LRAVR NOKTO N?7:00 a. m. for
Lynchburg niiii Intermediate Ma
;ions. I'nllmau sleeper Ulueflcld to
Philadelphia via llagerstown. and
Pullman sleeper . Iiotinoko to Rich
lnnnd and Norfolk. Also connection*
at llluclleld with trains'Westbound
Pullmansleeper to Cincinnati olid
LRAVR NORTON?2:30 p. m. for points
North. Rast and West.
LRAVR HKISTOI.?Daily. 8:30 a. m
for Rast Radfurd, Hoanoke, l.yneh
borg, Petersburg, Itlchniund soil
Norfolk. Pullman Parlor Car to
lilcliuior.il. Catc Car Koauoke and
llagerstown. Pullman sleeper It.
noke to New York via Hngerstown
and Harrlslmrg.
ftllG p. in. for Norfolk and intermediate
points, Pullman Sleepers to Norfolk
1:89 p. m. and 7:86 p. m. (limite<l.) Solid
trains with piillinau slcupcra to Wash?
ington, Hsltimoro. Philadelphia mill
New York via I.yncbhtirg. Docs not
make local stops.
l9itBp.ro, daily for all points between
Bristol and l.vnehburg Connects it
Walton al u?:40 p. m. with the H)
l.ouis Express for all points west snd
If yon are thinking of taking a tri|
VOtl want .imitations, cheapest fare, re
liable and correct Information, as jc
routes, train schedule*, the most, comfort
able ami quickest way. Write ami the
information is yours lor the asking, mil.
on,, litoui cunph'te Map Folders.
W t' SuMii.ii., <.. P. A.
W. It IlKVli.t.,
Pass Tmf. Mgi ,
Itoancka, Va
Civil and Mining Engineers.
8i? Stone Gap. Va. Harlan.Kj
Itvports and estimates on Coal ami fin,
her Lands. Design and Plsns of Coal ami *
( oke Plants. I .and, Itallroad and Mm,'
Knglnecritig, Rlectric nine Priming.
ll\H Stono Uap, Va.
~Wngbtl and liuguy work A Specialty
I havuau l p-to date Machine for putting
on Hublier TlroN, All work'given prompt
allein i, in
Trents Dlaousos of tho
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
vViii iiu m Anplunchia I'hird
Friri..y in Each Month.
Attorney at Law,
Inteimoni lildg. itlti ston k U A1', v a
Treats diseases ol ihe Eye, fiar. Nn*c
and Throat.
Will be In Appalaohla FIRST FRIDA,
in each I.Ith until 11 P. M.
D. F. ORR,
i Ifllco in Polly Building.
Oul e Honrs?H in PJ a. in.; 1 to .'> p. in
.1. Meek Wolfe, M. I? , IV. t).
Harry Scmones, h. (I
Wolfe and Semones
Osteopathie Physicians
Oflicci in Ncwcomb Bt'd'g l:ronl Si.
Big Stone Gap; - Virginia.
Office over Mutual Drug Store
Oppiok IIoukb?9 to 13; I to .1.
utbro un Kir.-ti Pioor Interment lluitdliiti.
BIr Stono Gup, Virginia.
Clou AtltaUaa to C*U?ctloai tea Pratae! IUiati??i
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llig Stono Gap Post together for one
year fot'tl.ftO. Send all orders to The
ilig Stone Gap 1 ost, Iiig Stone tlap, Vs

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