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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, May 27, 1914, Image 4

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Cheap Home Sites in
This Company has for sale, for small initial payment, bal?
ance on easy terms, a number of ideal home locations in all
sections of the City.
An especially desirable sub-division in the west end, con?
veniently located to the mining district and the city, with city
water, city lights, and public school advantages.
We also have for sale farm lands of from five to one hun?
dred acres or more, both bottom and hilly land, ranging: in
price from $40.00 to $100.00 per acre, terms to suit pur?
chaser. Bottom land adapted to raising any farm products
raised in this section, and hilly land specially adapted to poul?
try farms, truck gardening, orchards and small fruits.
Exceptionally good market for all produce raised.
With paved streets already author ized by the City, and
with arrangements for street car line practically completed,
property values are bound to increase in a short time.
Come and see what we have and what our land will produce.
Middlesborough has 8,000 population, three railroads,
churches of all denominations, the best public schools in the
state, good pure water, electric lights, good roads, factories,
good stores, good people.
Why pay rent when you can establish your home on such
advantageous terms as we have to offer you?
Railroad fares refunded up to a distance of 100 miles, to all
Address, or call on
Middlesborough Town and Lands Co.
2131 Cumberland Avenue
Middlesborough, Ky.
No Long Delay
Enlarged Facilities at Catawba
Sanatorium Permit Speedy
Reception of Suitable
Richmond, May 22, With
the now infirmary building at
the Catawba Sanatorium com?
pleted und occupied, the Slate
Hoard of Health anhourtcea
that suitable oases can be ad
mitt eil to the Sanatorium for
the present without long delayB,
The State'H facilities for the
treatment of consumption have
heretofore been so limited that
at some seasons of the year
patients seeking admission to
Catawba were forced to wait
for weeks. A long list of ap?
plicants has generally been on
Hut since the infirmary has
been completed, this waiting
list has been cared for and ap?
plicants for admission, if found
The Piano (Im I? faoieus uilh the best
Musicians tnd Colleges
The Piano Player with n tono
that has no equal--cannot ho
told from the human touch.
Old pianos taken in exchange.
Kasv payments.
Other pianos $226 and up. Terms
to suit. Write for catalogue and
Chas. M. Stieff
0. D. HOWEIX, Manager
Lynchburg, Virginia
suitable tor treatment by tho
sanatorium examiners, con be
received without delay.
The weekly bulletin of the
Board <>f Health, given mil to
day, urges those who are con
templating treatment to for
ward their applications with?
out delay. It anyh: "The opol
spring has led many consunip.
lives Id postpone sanatorium
treatment in tho belief that they I
will improve at homo. Within
a few weeks, the coming of hot
weather w'll cause a roaction
and will necessitate a change.
We shall then, in all probabili?
ty, he Hooded with applications
and will be forced to place many
IiiimeH on the waiting-list.
Those who expect to take treat?
ment should anticipate this
Stimmer rush by prompt appli?
cation, addressed to the resi?
lient physician, Catawha Sana?
torium, Vu. We cannot, of
course, promise that prompt ad?
mission will be guaranteed
patients who apply hereafter,
but those who forward their
papers at Ohce will, if they are
lit subjects for treatment, bo
given places without delay."
The Board announces that the
improvements to tho Catawba
road, authorized by the last gen?
eral Assembly, are now under
way. The convict road force,
which has been working in
Rpanoke county, has been
transferred to the Sanatorium
district und expects to complete
its work without further in?
terruption. Tho Bourd has
only sufllciont funds to improve
the worst part of the road but
It expects that this will be put
in excellent order by the con?
vict force. Tho trip to Catawba
will be rendered much easier by
these improvements.
Old newspapers for sale at
this ollice at 20 cents a hun?
Mexico Covers
Large Area
Washington, May 20.?Now
that Mexico is so much in tho
public mind and bye, some;
features of, that revolution- j
stricken republic, just, made
public here by the National
Geographie Society, are of un?
usual interest.
In the first place, few people
realize that the area of Mexico
is practically as large as that of
I the I) nitod States between the
Mississippi River and the At?
lantic Coast, the Great Lakes
and the Gulf of Mexico, varying
in altitude from sea-level to
10,000 feet. Its climate is
affected by these elevations and
by a range of IS degrees of lati
, tilde, Twelve hundred miles is
'the distance traversed in pas?
sing, south from Juarez on the
northern boundary to the ciipi
tol, and '.>oii miles more to the
southeastern boundary. The
Gulf of Mexico and the Carri-j
bean Sea coast line extends fori
1,700 miles while the Pacific
ocean and the ( hilf of California
'touch 4,000 miles of Mexican
The average density of popu?
lation of Mexico approximates
20 per square mile, the most
thickly populnted portions, out?
side of the federal district being
the States of Tlaxcala and Mex?
ico, the former being smaller in
area than Delaware and of
about tho same density of popu?
lation. The State of Mexico is
j nearly as large both in popula?
tion and area as New Ilamp
Tho form of government
! adopted by Mexico follows that
in general of the United States,
having executive, legislative
and judicial divisions. Knch
of- the 27 States is represented
) in two houses of congress, com?
posed of senators and deputies.
j Congress holds two sessions
each year for limited periods.
I Each State has its governor and
' legislature and is sub-divided
into districts or counties, over
which n "jefo politico" is |
placed, the districts having
subsidiary municipalities with
magistrates, presiding officials
and councils. The so-called
autocratic feature of the gov?
ernment may be largely due to
the fact that governors hold
ollice with the approval of the
president, that jefo politicos
have similar relations with the
governors, and that the officers
of the municipalities are gen?
erally controlled by the jefo
Tho church and state are in?
dependent, and congress can?
not puBs laws prohibiting or
establishing any religion. (If
the r-.,oiH),nlM> inhabitants, two
fifths claim descent from
ancient tribes or families which
are accepted as the basis of
Mexican history, two-fifths are
of mixed native and foreign
blood, the remainder are classed
under the foreign appellation
of "foreign."
The city of Mexico, 24(1 miles
by rail west of Vera Cruz, and
2,700 feet in altitude is reached
by two rail routes, climbing
from the hot hinds through
difficult mountain passes, one
of which closely follows the
trail taken by ('ones in 1510,
by Qeneral Winfiehl Scott with
American troops in 1817, and
1 in 1913 I
K Last year the manufact- j|j
E urers were unable to sup- m
R ply our demand for elec- j
Srj trie fans.
rj If you were one of the 3
many disappointed among ^
E our customers, place your
jjj order at once for the sea- jjj
wj son of 191.1.
H Wo also sell M azda U
Lamps at an astonishing ?|
^ low li?ure. 1^
i Powell ValTcv Liglil jj
i' Power Co.
Ej Big Stone Gap and H
j Appalacliia. Va.
CK JiM i" ? A' i" iI.K:iiX Ii 2i2i iW ? J3
over which fifteen years later
the invading French troops
Valuable Timber Tract Sold
for $60.000
Bristol,Tenn., May 22.?('has.
V. Hagan, trustee of the estate
of his father. Col. Patrick
Hagau, has sohl to the Sulphur
Springs Lumber Co., a timber
tract in Stroit county, Virginia,!
for $00,000. The timber will lie
manufactured into Lumber,
Twenty-seven Years Ago
tho first Cortright Metal Shingles were put on.
They're still on- still in rock! condition, und
the only attention they've hud is an occasional
coat of paint.
In addition to the laaUng qualities, they're
Fireproof, Stormproof and inexpensive,
t Kor Sale by
Joshua and John F. Mullins
Conraotora and Builders
Big Stone Cap, Virginia
The 1000 Acre Payne
Tract of Land
in any size tracts desired, Prices reasonable. Terms one
third cash, balance in one and two years.
H. E. Fox & Company
Real Estate Agents
Bit; Stone Gap. - Virginia
Beginning Saturday, May 9th
j Wc will make a specialty of the following Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables, lu-st grade, at Rock Bottom Prices
Now Early Hose Potatoes, por gallon 35c
Or eon Beans, per gallon 33c
Now Cucumbers, onch 15c
Fresh'Strawberries, per quart; . 20c
Tomatoes; por lb. I4<:
Spinach, per |b. lie
Lotuico, nor ib. . 16c
Make your order early and place with us for yoiii Sunday dinner, l'riees will bei
cut down each week ss the market ?rill justifyi With the proper encouragementI
we will Is- side to meet VOID demands throughout this season and At lowest possible
prices. Our stork will Ik- kept upon s.11 other goods, and we want your patronage
E. F. BURGESSj Phone ?>:J
South-West Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Accident and Casuality In?
surance. Fidelity and Other Monds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
ice m Interment Building BIG STONE GAP, VA.
Special Summer Credit Proposition
We will take your faee for 17.1 or tlOuon the cost of complete scholarship and
you ample time to repay us from your salary. We pay railroad fare from home
and guarantee to place yon upon graduation ?Hi to ?78 start, students enrolled
from instates Seven calls Irom four States In one day Six students accept jsisi
llons from four stales same week A course with us will double your salary. Von
e?n make back the total cost in fsi days. Write today for Special Summer t'redit
Piedmont Business College, Inc.. LynchburjJ, Va.
May 10, ID],
LEAVE K?ntO N- 6:4a ?. 'a .!
LynchhurR ami Intormadiit,.' *
Hon?, Pullman sleepp. Illuoii-ljt
Philadelphia via 11 ?gorst??n J!
Pullman sleeper Hoanoke t? k..,
mond ami Norfolk. Also iviinecttota
at llltictlcld with tralna Wrubaml
I'nllmaii sleeper to < iiieinrmi 7m
i 'iilumbua.
l.K.WK N(?KTON_5::l0ji.ni C,KWa
North. Kast and Weal.
LR AVE BRISTOL?Dally, ii is , .
tor Kast Itadford, Roanoke, Ira*
burg, Petersburg, Rlohmotid tu
Norfolk. Pullman I'arlur t \, j,
Itlohmond. 5'utlman t.lii-j?.r it.
noke to New York via lliRtrstun
ami llarrlalinrjr.
t:10 p. m. foi Norfolk ami iiitonncdiaa
|Miiut?, I'till man Slcc|wrii In Nuito
1:33 p. m. ami 7:80 p. m. (limited. | So(u
trains with mjllnun alerters to lYst?
iti(411??>. Ilallimorv. Pbilailil|,hu u
Now Vorn via l.ynchhurg. \io?t
make local Mops"
13:10 p. m. dally for all points Uu^l
Bristol and l.ynobburg. t'ona?nrf |
Waltoaal 5:40 p. m. with th? k '
Louis Kinross for all point.. Ktl
If yon i.ru thinking of taking . ...
Y< >I want quotation*; cheapest urr, ,1
liable and correct luformatlon, ??' (,
routes, train schedules, the most oosdorl
able and quickest way. Wriie ami \U
Inforinatlon is yours) for the aaklag,
one of out complete Map Polder?,
\V. ( . S vcMiiaci, U. P. A
W. ?. IlKVtl.l.,
Pass. Traf, Mgi
Ostoopathic Physician
Bristol. Va.Tonn.
Graduated'undor Dr.'Andren TajW
Still, Pounder of Ilm Science. Kirk-iril|(,
Mo, All elastics of disease tmM
Special attention given lo lleidschej
Affrotlons of the Throat, and all Xenon
Suite III-11 Interstate Ihiildinr
Sixth Street - . Bristol, Tens
Civil und Mining Engineers.
Big Slono Gap. Va. Harlan,K>
Reports and estimates on Coal and Til
bor l ands. Design and Plana of Coil ul
Coke Plants, land, Railroad ami Miu
Engineering, Bleotrld Blue Printing,
Big Stono Gap, Vn
j^Wagon and Buggy work A Specht}
Iriavt- an Ip-to-datc Maeldne forputtuf
on Rubber Tire?. All work given proaa
at lent inn.
Attorney at Law,
Intnrmont llldg. Bid STOKE QAI\Tl
D. F. ORR,
Office in Polly Building.
00 ie lloim? -i to III a. m.; 1 lo .. . i
Tronts Dlaonana ot the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Tbroat
vVill bo In Anplaaclna Third
Friday in Each Month.
ma,H SS-1
H. E. Fox & Co.
Real Estate Agents
Big Stone Gap. Virginia
I reals ilises-es of the Rye, Ear. N*
and Tbroat.
Will bo In Appalaohia ITItsT PRID.t)
in each month until :l P. M.
Office on Pirst Floor Intermont Butl-bef
Big Stono Gap. Virginia.
-'!.>?? AtttaUoa lo Cullccttona aod Hrooibl S?*tn
A, Cll.um.M.II. \V. A. I1.KI? ,M >
Gilmer & Baker,
Physicians and Surgeon?
Offices in Willis nnllilltiu.
bi? Stonn Gap. Virginia.
All calls answered promptly
. +\kiAAA - OVER 06 ye AM
-tJiaWlMaVBSESaK. experience
CoevnioHTS Ac
Anrr,naaandtiig a Mrlrh and daaerlj't
.>-??> (!?? ??<
llaM ittu-tir c.,ii(idamial."
lut. klr ai*-*rr?iii
la probably I
iT cliOOCIitt_?
?fiit froa, OHeit asaticr tor ae< anas 11
I'atanta tatan tbn.uari Munn * Co.
rr.-i.llt.0f If/, without cjiaria. id Iba
Scientific American,

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