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That Awful Fourth of July Thirst
Must Be Satisfied.
A bottle of delicious, sparkling Pepsi-Cola, the best and safest
beverage on earth, will satisfy that thirst when all others fail. A sin
frle bottle will convince you. Try it now! Pepsi-Cola is in a class by
tself. It does not try to imitate any other drink and cannot be imitat?
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because it was made right; it was made to drink; you can drink it
every hour in the day with no bad effect whatever.
There was a time when Soda Pop was the favorite among bot?
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drinking. They are sure it is pure, healthful and free from adultera?
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Bottled Pepsi-Cola makes the most profitable and satisfactory
drink business you can handle. No large investment.no waste, no
spoiled goods, no inconvenience, but guaranteed uniform quality.
It's simply a matter of putting a few cases in your ice box. telling your
customers it's there, and Pepsi-Cola will do the rest.
There is a big established demand for Pepsi-Cola. It is meeting
with phenomical success everywhere. By means of advertising the
demand is growing daily. If you are not getting your share you are
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growing demand coming your way. The merits of Pepsi-Cola will
hold the business for yen. Better order five or ten casei or any num?
ber today so that you will pot be disappointed in the 0 fourth of
July rush.
r : VlJ 1.^ , . wc Wl" =>M|P. prepaid
treight?thus giving you 6 dozen free.
cash 01
Ina by -v.-'Jm.'.m
"Called Home"
' Hi' Mill. weary foul, thine hour shall
also ionic; llchold, one evening, <ioil
shin ii-aii tbae Home,"
Itev . lt. S. Hose, of Hast Stone Gap,
Vn ii the sge of flfty-fivo yesrs, cloaca
a life* work of usefulness and entere lit''
Klerrial. "Tragic, his death," you ssyi
yes, hut how quickly, just like a horrid
dream, the unseen engine approaches,
and bis mangled body Is the result tblrty
ii?e minutes laier. The dream, a-, il
Meie, loses all its horror lo loin, lor he is
lisiklng Into the laee of his Master und
with a peaceful, Calm expression upon
hl* Isen we beat him saylug, "Lord, re?
ceive my Spirit.' and lie awakes forgetful
of the recent accident, for he Is home at
last w ith .lesus We are made to WOudci
"Is Ibis death)'' and the answer conies
bsek, "Look into his life, und as we
search there we find on every hand evl
deuce of a faitliful, loving husband,
lather and brother; a neighbor of the
?i.issi Bsmsritrn" type; a cltliicn ol
which his town is proud . honest, faithful
and true to the right as be saw ? ?> true
men,as tWOwho knew him well said of
bhn, "He is every inch a man His eon.
vernation was pure ami clean, lit for the
' ears of angel*;" but this was not auf?
fielen) If be were to fulfill the mission of
man. so he chose that ln-ttcr part a foi
tower of Christ a Christian,'ordained as
a llaptist minister in hum, he beostue ?
local preacher ami Colporteur, going Into
the by-ways and hedgns. telling out of a
full heart the Story id Jesus and His love
Only the flnsl judgement will reveal the
liarienl of golden grain gathered Irom
this man's house to house and heart lo
heart mlnUtry. His last two years were
spent t-s an sgeni for the singer Sewing
Company, faithfully, loo but oven in
that work he always found and used the
opportunities of working in his Master's
Ilrolber Hose was married to Miss Lyda
Robinett of I'aln-lew . Va To this union
were l>orn seven ehlldren, three of whom
preceded htm to the l?-tt?r land, One
son arid three daughtersremain to com;
for! and care for their widowed mot bei
t he llaptist church has lost nu active,
I he Pisoo thai is Ismou* with llie hest
Musicians and Collegea
Tin- Piano Player with a tono
that has no equal?caunot be
told from the linmau touch.
Old planus taken in exchange.
Kanv payments.
Ol her pianos $ Js\'i and ti[i. Terms
to suit. Write for catalogue and
Chas. ffl. Stieff
0. D. HOWEU., Msnaccr
Lynchburg, Virginia
faithful member, nnd ihe nlhor Churches i
will keenly reel this, im 1?' whs interested
In thc.selvatlonof souls fvtr ihe iiersoii's
end Jesus sake rather than church ile
rtotniiiatlon. i>h bow the loved oho* of
Iii* own hearthstone, ?ml his beloved
sister, Mrs John Urothertou, of Appa
Ischls, inust tubs html None hut tlotl, |
the I'lithet, mn know of the heirtach*
liiief, nor pain, nor mix sorrow, rend th)
heart t>> Ulm linkuow u
lie today* and lie tomorrow ?raci Mil
cleill (jives Ills ow n.
Wife, children, sister and friends, lei ?
not grieve, because llrothoi Itose has
gone where his nut over strong body and ?
crippled hands can rest, bill lot nr n io i ?
ih.il he so llyed .hi earth that [in l. to
live wss Christ?to die was gun
East Stone Gap, Va . .lime ?O, IUI i j
KlvortOu laKlge No Bft7, i <? ?>. V.
Whereas (Jodln Ills Infinite wisd.
has ealled from his lalinr- on earth In il"
Celestial Lodge above, oui beloved
brother. It. 8. Hose. Mo has gOIIO, bill |
his life will never loose its power nor
his deeds their lull notice ami while we
mourn his loss, jel we humbly how to the
w ill of our I at her.
Unsolved: Thai this Lodge has lost sn
earnest, energetic worker and an honored
Chaplain mid the community a loyal,
IKttriotlc eittseil, whose nge was M years I
and who had beeil a number of the order I
nlNiut thirty three years. I hctvforc Is-Mt
Kcsolvcd: That this l.odgo oMciiil Its |
heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved reis
lives and thai copy of these resolutions i
In' sent tu Hit paper Inr publication and |
Ihe same he spread U|hmi our records
W. A. Jones .
J, II llarrohl C.milte ,
It I) Olli] \
As it is Impossible for nie lo sec and
thank each line personally, I lake this
means of expressing my sluccrc spprocls
ton of the many acts of kindness and the
sympathy show n nie and my family in
the death of my husband
Mus r.YIM lt.i-t ;
Many Glad To
Quit Calomel
Thousand'' Avoid Takinr. Ihe Orng and
L'se Dodsoa's Liter Tone la Its
I'lsce In Their Comfort and
Dodson's Liver Tone in a
harmless, reliable vegetable
I liquid. It is made to take tho
place of duiifo'roiiH calomol.
! Calomel in Inr^e ttosea in a
poimin. It is a ininornl, a form
of mercury. What it dors un
pleasantly and very often with
decided danger in cases of con?
stipation and sltiK^isli liver,
Dodson'n Liver Tone does for
you safely and pleasantly, with
no pain and no gripe. l>.,.lson's
does not interfere, in any Way
with your regular business,
habits or diet.
Dodson's Liver Tune is hack
od up by a guarantee of "satis
friction or your money bnck,"
as the Mutual Drug Company
will tell you.
i if course so successful and
so reliable a remedy has its imi?
tators, but this store lias Dod j
son's and will not deceive you.
Dodson never makes extrava
g n n t statements I nelson's
Liver Tone lias been made from
the lirsl to lake the place of
calomel. Il "livens the liver,"
overcomes constipation agree?
ably anil makes you feel good
ami if you are not satiafiod com?
pletely with il the Mutual Drug
Company will luiml back the
purchase price (60c to you
cheerfully, instantly without
quest ion.
Opportunity lo Hear liood
The Intormout Ghautnuqua,
to be held in Bristol duly 20th
lo August 1st, will furnish tin
opportunity to our people ^to
hear some of the most distin?
guished platform speakers on
topics of general interest. The
first lecture by Dr. It. I> Gray,
of Atlanta, Gat, on "Dixie and
her Destiny," is said to he
worth lie' cost of the whole
lecture course; "Making and
Mission of the Nfation," by K.
\V. Potent, President of Fur
iniin Univoraity; "Sensible and
Foolish Intepretaiiona of the
Bible," by Lincoln Hulley,
Presidenl Stetson University:
?? The M iking of Modern Italy/'
by Prof. S. C, Mitchell, Presi?
dent Medical College of Virgin
ia. These lectures and others
by the same gentlemen, to.
gelber with addresses and
lectures by Prof. .lohn H.
Snmpcy, Prof. w. o Carver,
Dr. George W, McDnniel ami
and several others, will furnish
an intellectual feast to those
who attend.
.lust now. at the height of the
building season, we want to call
the particular attention of our
renders to the advertising of
the Cort right Metal Booting
Co., Philadelphia, Pa., which
has been appearing in our
columns for several months,
telling of the merits of the
famous Cort right Metal Shingle.
The (.'ortright Company advises
US that the use of these goods
has grown enormously all over
the country and they can only
attribute this constant growth
to the splendid satisfaction the
[rooting is giving, We heartily
recommend tins Company's
product to anyone desiring a
perfectly weather tight, tiro
proof, ornamental ami durable
roof-covering at a moderate
cost. Messrs. Joshua and John
F. M u 11 i us handle these Metal
Shingles locally and are always
triad to quote prici sand furnish
any other desired information
concerning them.
Pr King's New LlfePUIs
Tho boat in tho world.
[Bill to Protect the "Dry"!
Washington, June2t>. ?A con?
stitutional amendment, ile
'signed to protect "dry" States;
was introduced in the senate In
Senator Dilliughnm, of Vi r
Instead of prohibiting the
sale for beverage purpose.- nl"
intoxicating liquor in the rutted
State? an the Hohsi>n-Slio|>|iaril
.?oust it it t ii in a I a m e n d m e n t
[tines, the Dillinghmn atneud
menl merely prohibits the
transportation into any State
'for sale or for use for any pur?
pose contrary to the laws of
such State. 11, purpose is similar
to the recent enacted Keuyon
laws, hut it would remove all
question as t<> the v alidity of
the legipiation emhrnccti in
those measures.
State <if Ohio, t ity of Told., i
I.urns County, \ f*'
Prank .1. Chenev Slakes Oath that ho
a senior partner of.tho.nrni ef-L.K Cho
ur> A; Co., doing business in the < ity of
Toledo, County and State aforesaid, ami
tlmt aald linn "will pay the sum of 0XK
IUNl>i;i:i> DOI.LAltS for cat Ii and
every case of Catarrh that cannot bo
oured hy the use- ?r II AI,1/3 CAT \l(t:n
I 'KA N K .1 < IIP.NKN. !
Sworn I" lieforu tue ?ml subscribed in j
my presence, this ilth day of llcccinlicr,
A Ii 1880
(Seal) A. W. OLKASON.
Notary Public
Mall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
und acts directly upon the I>!???I ?ml um- :
cons surfsces ?f the system. Semi
test linoidals, free.
K. .1. CIIKNKY ,V CO . Toiedri I >.
Sold by ?II Druggists, Jbv
T?ke flails family Wile for .Up? j
tlon ?adv.
The premium list Beems to be
starting out pretty well for the
j yjjo County Pair i<> I?' heir]
X- fall. The Norton Hani
I ' s-'oiiipanv lias conio for
i S\nd will offer n line Btoel
iv ' a premium in i lie cook
j !i,n?'J "s -tirienl j Thomas, An
US*. & t^i*??,wtl! ?ive n
, , r iwin s .IHlerson
V'""1 ,,f. ' r linns of the
?,our' otl".I tobnoui
county arc oxpec., .
with their premiums^ i nBfar y
i . < ? ? ? . i i , rair in
date, iioin to hold iiv..-, .
Wise riuinty:- Sun-. V1,k,>
Wise Virginian.
"Thedlord's Black-Draught
is Ihr best all-rouuJ medicine
lerer used." writes J. A.
Steeiniaii, ot Pattonville,Texas.
"I suffered tcuibly with liver
troubles, and could got no relief.
The doctors said I had con?
sumption. I could nut work at
all. Finally 1 tried
and to my surprise, I got better,
and am to-d.iy .is well as any
man." Tb e d t u r d ' s Black
Draugbt it a general, cathartic,
vegetable liver medicine, that
has been regulating Irregulari?
ties of the liver, llomach and
bowels, lor over 70 year*, (let
a package today. Insist on the
genuine?Thedlord's. K-70
M _ 3
in 1913 I
l iii k!
n ?=-a.
Y Last year the manufact- a
?i 11 '
? urcrs were unable to sun- ??!
K ply our demand for f(ec- ^
C trie fans. A
j*j If you were one of the ja
many disappointed among ?V
S our customers, place your ^
Jq order at once for the sea 5
t> son of 19.14. ff!
g We also sell M azda v|j
U Lamps at an astonishing .'^|
low ligure. <
I Powell Ma Liglil
; & Poivcr Oo.
65 B1r Stone Gap and
K- Appalachin, Va.
Cost of Panama Canal, in
Sinci> tin- beginning of work,
in I'.mii, iii.. Panama < '.mal has
com 12151 lives, through acci?
It..nr.- ?ml llniiplheks u'o U mil I
ll'ilicrc. Hi liny mm piece whei
money in well ?mm, it Is in
It veil have, some, plnce in nun
Hint yoii have Ih-cii wnt.l lug lei
home, lidopi our plan ami lei otltt
Illing*: u.iii Your home slioiihl Ii
11 rat.
I..MIIS III 'i |icr*i cut |l.i \ :i b 1
\VriiO or eellfoi iufor instlnii.
???eis. JI.WMI.IMM INI
Loan*, o?ei S2.Son.iHKl.Oll
C. B. RAMSEY, Agenl
Onice: Park Ave.
Notice o fitting of Special
.lohn., SS*LV
Caroline II riiotntoii
Notice is lierebi (jivi
slgueil. S|ieetnl * i
hilmiimil 1.1 the ii t dim <
in the nhovo ciuisi .1: I
C iin of the Cii. nil i'm
IV, nppolnl|ti|| him s|s
lor tin- iniriMi.se, sn .11
IUI .v nhnlkley, in |
M.hup, Vlrglnin 1
SJltll IUI I. i.ir Hie 1
evhlonee anil ru|niiiiu
ol'ihe b.lai \ ul Ian
Ulis eeuse. 11 ml the i
e.ieh. ami I hi' rcspeelh
proceeds of?nie u?.?
(.liven iimler my Inn
of .lone. IUI I
.1 III!.'
llea.l Of Public .S I.1 System ol I
llia'.mitmi.s i s uki-iii ?i.sii I
Colleie, liroitiiaic. Law, Medicine, I
to tleseiving sluileiils. ?10.00 envois ul!
eosts to Virginia students In tin \.
ileinlo Department*, Scililfori
111 ,H Mil. \Y|S-,..\. I.'.n|i;, ?
4-in-8ni I nlviiralli . V .
May 10; 19:4
I.K.WK NOHTii N?i5:l.1 a. ln. fl)r
Lynchbura anil IdtermedL-ito
Hons. Pullman sleeper lllucfleld i .
Philadelphia \i.? llagerstoirii, ,?-,
Pullman sleeper Itoannka lu
mond and Norfolk. AlsoOonni
nt Minefield with trains \YestOmm.|
Pullman shs-pei to finclmuti au.l
t loluuibua.
I.K.WK XOKTON?3:?0 p. m. (or points
North, Hast und West.
I.K.WK BRISTOL?Dally, n i, .
for.Kast lUdford, Itoanoke, I ,
burg, Petersburg, lliohmoiid ,,?;
Norfolk. Pullman Parlor t'si
Kichmond. Pullman deeper Una
noko to New York via llagerstoAii
and llnrrlsliiirjf.
Iil5 p. in. for Norfolk .nid Interim,i,,
points, Pullman Sleepers to Norfoll
I :!I3 p. in. und 7:1IS p. in. (limited.) Solid
Mains with iiullmsnslee|iorsto\>
iuutoii, llaltimoii'. Philadelphia ?i
New York via (,yneliburg< Ii.i ii.i
make local stops,
I-M.'i p. m. daily lor all points bctvwri
Bristol mid LynCbbtlrg, Connects .
Walton nt OttO p. in. with tin Si
l.ouis Kxpreas for all points jteal u
If yon an- thinking of taklni; .
YOlf Wahl i|iioiallolis. i ii< apt >t ii.
Ilabio an.I ...m.t Information, as
r.niti-. Irain sohcdulcs, Ihr most coinfni
tide and quickest ?way. ? Wrllc ami i
inforninlioii lsj;>:Qursi for t Im asking. ???
inn of oui complete Map folders,
W. ? . SXi'M?i:ns,.?J. I'. -A.
W. II. IlKVII.Iy .
1'asV Tmf. Mi;. .
Koshckc v ,
on. u. m. ircHbLs,
Osteopathie Physician
Bristol. Vn.-Tenn.
<Jtadmited under jir. "Andrew Tiiytoi
Still, rounder of tin* HClciico, Km!,-.
Mo. All . Ii-ms oi' disease treated.
Snccial attention given to llcadacl ?
Ail'eetion, .>i the Throat, ami all Xenon?
Suite 10-11 Interstate liuildinv;
Si Mit Street ? . Bristol, fciin
Civil and Milling lin.14ir.eers.
131 }f Stone (Jap. V.l. Harlan,K\
Kcport* aiidofttttoatOflon COal ami Tim
ber t aints. Design ami Plans of Coal anil
> ?ka Plants, I .and, Itallrosd and Mine
Knglnecrltig, Klcctrio l|lrib I'rliitlOg.
Kid Stoim Cap, V.l.
J^yVsgoii .?ml tliiggy woik A Special!)
I liavuan I |i lo-dalo Machine for pulling
on Itubln r T ires All work given |ii"ie| i
Attorney at Law,
liitcrmont Itldg. Uli! si'oNKilM' i 1
D. F. ORR.
Dfltec in Polly Ihitldiug.
Ulli e II..or?- 1.. 19 a. in.; I In ."? |i. m.
Tronin Dlneiifloh ot the
Bye, Kar, Nose and Throat
tVill bo in Anpluacl'.ia I'hiirti
Friday in ??ch Month.
nisria ?s-l ?
! i. E. Fox & Co.
\ Roal Estate Auonts
Big Stone Gap. Virginin
\ Ref ractionist.
< ilisenscs u< the Pye, Par. No-,
and ritroit.
, \io Appalavlii* I lltsT KRIDA\
'?' 'Aeaeh month until P. M.
Any roof tlint will lust 27
is well worth looking into.
Thnt's th<> record behind
?rs nnd is still in goo 1
There are thousands of houses all over the country, many of
them in this state, from the owners of which this statement
csn be verified:
4 For Sulc by
Joshua and John F. Mullins
Conractors and Ruililors
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
South-West Insurance Agency
r'irc, Life, Accident and;Casuality In?
surance. Fidelity- arid Other Bonds .
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
Office m liitormont building STONE GAP, VA.
ist t'ioiir interment Building
(tono Gap. Vlrttinia.
CollKltOM ?L.t Hromul BtSltl
yter & Baker,
tans and Surgeons
Iis UlilMlnK.
ono Cap, VirKioln.
.msv/drtiil promptly.

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