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WK ONES DAY, A IKS. 'ill, 1011
Published Every Wednesday uy lb*
Ono Y?ar.
Six Months.
Three Month*.
Kutcird accordluic to postal ivirulatloo*
st the pod offlrc at Stone (lap as sec
Bud-class matter
SUBSCRIBERS are earnestly re
quested to observe tho dato
printed on their nddrosB Klips,
which will keep them at all
times pouted as to the date
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save nil parties a great deal of
The man who is always
suspicious attracts suspicion.
Some people got to begrouches
from talking to themselves.
Your guess that was all wrong
yesterday may be all right to
There are sonn? things any
one can make?noiso. for in
Sunshine is tho groat purifier.
The sunshiny face always looks
sweet and pure.
Salt water is good for the
skin, and best when it comes in
the form of perspiration.
.Moments of success are never
so precious as when voll look
back on them from failure.
Bandits held up a summer
resort hotel a short time ago.
There is no honor among
No mutter how small the
home, there is always u big
place for father to (ill in the
It shows lack of appreciation
on the part af the men to twit
women about not being able to
throw straight. If thoj could
hit the murk every time a lot
of us men would be K"'"!;
around with bandaged heads.
Kd it or Post ?
1 have had novel al .{ucstions
addressed to me an president of
the Fair Flections Sooioty to
know whether certain things
would or would not be lawful
in the election to be held here
On August 'Jl'lh for the election
of a postmaster. I have looked
into this question and I am sat
istied that there is no law, eith?
er state or federal, covering
mich an election, and, there?
fore, the Fair Elections Society
will not take any baud in the
mutter whatever. 1 have made
this statement to one or two
parties interested, mid in order
thtil all may know, 1 request
tbut you publish this letter.
Yours truly,
"Merchants' Week" In Bris?
tol. August 25. 26, 27.
Beginning August '25 and
eontiuuing until the nigbl of
August '27, the Bristol Board of
Trade ami the jobbers mid the
manufacturers of Bristol have
arranged to entertain royally
all merchants of the Bristol
trade territory Thirty-five
liundrisd invitations have been
untiled out to merchants. These
invitations contained coupons
for Iii? rul free entertainment
for every merchant who visitH
Bristol on the dates mentioned.
It has been designated us "Mer?
chants' Week" iu Bristol, and
all wholesale houses have called
their traveling salesmen in for
the three days in order that
they may devote the time to
aiding in the entertainment.
Arrangements have been
made for a complimentary ban-'
quet, a theatrical evening, auto
! mobile rides over the city and
surrounding country and rides
on the lines of tbo traction com?
A reception committee will
meet all trains during the three
days, and bid all visiting mer?
chants welcome. The occasion
promises to be the most notable
event of its nature in the history
of Bristol. Several hundred
merchants have responded to
the invitations, and it is certain
that the Bristol people will
entertain the largest number
of merchants that ever visited
that city in a single week.
Board of Health Anxious that
Antitoxin Be Available for
First Appearance of
Richmond, Vu., Aug 21.?
Basing its warning on records
which show that diptherin
makes its appearance annually
in Virginia during August, the
State Board of Health today
announced the Continus.>f
previous plans for tho distribu
lion at wholesale cost prices of
high grade diptboris antitoxin,
As in the past, tin- Board has a
contract with a well-known
manufacturer, by which the
Hoard keeps in stock an abund?
ant supply of antitoxin, which
can be bad at any hour of the
day or night by those who
writo, telephone or telegraph
for it. Bill will he rendered by
the manufacturer.
In view of the extreme im?
portance of having antitoxin tit
hand when a case of diptherin
appears, the Board is urging
county boards of health and
druggists to purchase antitoxin
ami have it when? parents who
need it for their children can
get it without delay. Exper?
ience has shown that most of
the deaths from diptherin are
duo either to the neglect of
antitoxin or to failure to ad?
minister it during the earl)
stages of the diseases. A few
hours' delay tremendously in
Creases the danger of death;
prompt use will almost in?
variably prevent serious C0U80
The cost of antitoxin bought
through the Board of Health,
is, as heretofore, less than one
third the normal retail price.
.Many druggists, however,
are conforming to the scale of
prices set by the Board and are
aiding in the general distribu?
tion of the remedy.
School Faculty.
The Big Stone (lap public
school, which begins on Sep?
tember 7th, will lie conducted
by the following very able
Principal A, .1. Wolfe.
First Qrado- -Mrs Lanhnm
and Mrs. ttrnpor.
Seuond tirade-- Miss Rottn
Third Qrade Miss Ruby
K einpur.
Fourth tirade-Miss (> I g a
Fifth (! rude-Miss Finma
1 Hincan.
Sixth (Irade Miss lima Orr.
Seventh (irade -Miss Sarah
High School?R. II Akers
ami M iss Vant (order.
For Sale
Having decided to move from
the state, 1 will sell the follow?
ing articles ut a bargain: 7
Plows; 1 Harrow; I Two Horse
Wagen; 1 More; 2 Cows; 1
Yearling Heifer; Hogs; i Set
Harness; 1 M a u ' s Saddle;
Household Furniture; 18 Acre-:
I of Corn, $10 per Acre. Terms
Neap V. & S. W. Depot,
Big Stone (lap, Yu.
Guy Pugll, of St. Paul, spent
Sunday in the (lap.
R. G. Morton, of Maysville,
Tenn., has accepted a position
as clerk in 0, S. Carter's store,
which was formerly held by
Put Hammonds.
Rev. James M. Smith will
preach at Blue Springs on next
Hunduy night ->t early candle
light, und everybody iscordial
.y invited to attend.
The- Guild of Christ Church j
will meet Thursday afternoon
tit four o'clock with Mrs. (1. VY.
Albert Page, of Kookee, spent
Friday and 8atunl.iv in the
Gap visiting his cousins, Roy
ami Reuben 11,inks.
Pat Hammonds has resigned
his position us clerk in C. S.
Carter's store and will leave j
she lirst of September for Rich
tunnd, when- he will take a
general business course in the
Mnssce Business College.
Mrs. VY. (]. Hanks is at
Abingdou this week visiting j
her son, 0. F< Hanks, and un?
dergoing treatment at the lies
Wiley Morrell spent Sunday
at Btonegn visiting friends.
w. a. .Ionen, of Appalnchia;I
was in town Saturday.
Misses Cora ('oilier ami Vir?
gin Neeley, of Stonega and |
Osaka, respectively, were
town Saturday consulting our|
popular dent ist.
Hr. John .1. Lloyd and son,]
Jack, of Cntawba, Va., are
visiting Mr. Lloyd's mother
ami brother, Mrs. John .1.
Lloyd, ami Rev. Ilubard Lloyd.
Rev. Ilubard Lloyd will
preach at Christ Chinch next
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock
Bishop Tucker will lie in the
Cup on Thursday, September |
3rd, but as yet no lime has be.
set for the services. All are |
invited to these services.
Attorney A. K . Morison spent
a few days last week in .lohn,
son Oily On business.
Misses Mnriam and EIbIo
Taylor went to Toko well last
week, where they will spend
some t ime visiting relatives and
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. P. M.
Iteasor on Monday night a hoy.
Dr. Culborsou and wife of |
Coeburn, came through Wise
bed Sunday stopping long]
enough to take Mr. and Mrs. .1.
W. Dougherty aboard their
auto, going from here to Big]
Stone Gap where the merry
party spent a most delightful
day.? Wise Virginian.
.1. I'. Mullins, a popular guurd ]
at the State penitentiary at !
Richmond, spent a few days
last week in the Gap visiting
his parents, Mr and Mrs.
Joshua Mullins. He went from |
here to Wise, where he took
some prisoners convicted at the]
last term of court, to the peui
Mis. .1. P. W.dfe and son,]
Petit, Jr.. and Miss Maude
W olfe left Thursday morning j
in their Kord touring car for]
Petersburg, Va., when- they
will spend a few days with rel?
atives before going to Haiti
more, when: Mrs. Wolfe will
buy her fall millinery goods.
Rev. J. T. Fru/.icr will he
Hig Stone Gup tonight (Wed?
nesday) on his way to camp-]
meeting at Jom-sville, and will
preach at the Methodist t'hutch
nt 8:16 p. in Let everybody
come and hoar "the gros test
natural preacher in Metho?
dism," as Bishop Boss said of
should be "nipped In the
bud", lor it allowed to run
unchecked, senous rcsulU
may follow. Numerous
cases of consumption, pneu?
monia, and ether latal dis?
eases, can be traced beck to
a cold. At the lust sign ol a
cold, protect yoursell by
thoroughly cleansing your
system with a lew doses ol
the old reliable, vegetable
liver powder.
Mr. Chat. A. RagUnd, o
Madison Heights. Va., says
"I have been using Thed
tord's Black-Draught tot
stomach troubles, mdlges
lion and colds, and find It to
be the very best medicine I
ever used. It makes in old
man feel like a young one
Insist on Thedloid's, the
original and genuine. E-67
Second Week in October 1914
October 5-6-7-?-910
Pronouncedfor )ears "7he?es/^ir/n//ie Souffi
virginia state fair association-rICHMQNdTv?"
The members of the Mountain I
Golf? Club finished hiHt wr-okl
the contest fur the beautiful |
cup presented bv the president!
of the Club, Mr. I). B. Say era.
Mr. II. E. Pox was die winner
making for thn eight rounds a
net average of forty two
On liiHt Saturday on the links
was phiyod ;i mixed fori-some
bv iti members of the Club,
Miss Sarah Cochrnn ami II. L
Oumutihgs winning with a net I
score of 17. Miss Rhodes and
Mr. Home, Mrs Blanton, Mr.
Sayers, Mr. ami Mrs. H. K Vox
wen- tied with a 54 score for
second place. Refreshments'
were served on the links by the
lady members of the Club.
Commencing this week 28 <>i
the members were Haled and j
rehandicapped for the Handi?
cap Spnulding Cup, which has]
been won once this season by
Mr. Bulliltand was agreed to
be played for again. This cup
was presented by Spnulding <V
Co., and the one winning this
Cup three times will keep it.
Miss l'nrilee Biokley returned
last Wednesday from a visit to
her sister, Mrs. R. 1,. Brown, at
M iddlesboro.
Grace, the little I year old tot
of Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. 1''. Ma
liaffey, fell and broke her left
arm Sunday aft' ritooil while
playing with some other ehil-J
dien at the home of her uncle,
W T. MaholTey. Dr. Baker
was called and rendered the'
necessary aid and she is gutting
along very well at this writing, 1
Hon. Ultra T Carter, a prom?
inent democratic politician, ami 1
wife and baby, of (late Cilv,
spent several days last week in!
town visiting relatives Mr.
Carter says Scott. County is
strong fur Hon, R .Title Irvinol
for Congress and that he he-1
Moves he will lie our next Con- 1
gressmnn. Mr. Carter will take
the stump later on in behalf of
Mr. Irvine.
Tuesday night of last week
Worley Carler und Miss F.lh-n
Cress eloped to Cumberland I
(tap, Teiiu., and were united in j
tho holy bonds of wedlock. Mr.
Carter is a sou of Mr. and Mrs. i
K. B\ Carter, of Arno, \'n ,
formerly of this city. Miss
Cress is a daughter of Mr. and j
Mrs. Win. Cress, of Appalachia.
The young couple will make
their home in this city.- Appa?
lachia Progressive.
Merchants of Hast Stone Cap
and elsewhere are warned not
to lot my son, ItoSBa Smith,
have tobacco or harbor him in
any way. JaMKS K. Smith.
The Haute ami Gary base ball
teams split even in a two game'
series on the Dante grounds last
Saturday and Sunday. T h e
lirst game resulted in a victory
for the West Virginin boys, the
score being .r> to 1. Smith was
on the mound for Dante and
struck out twenty men but he
was touched for nine hits all of
which counted heavily. Dye
worked for Gary ami held his
opponents to two hits.
In the second game Dante
turned the tables on Gary, de
feating them by a score of li to
1, knocking one pitcher out of
the box and pounded the relief
pitcher very severely. Fred
Baker, of this place, pitched tor
Daute and his work was of big
league calibre. He held the vis?
itors to four hits ami punched
fifteen men, and also done some
good work with the stick, get?
ting a three bagger and a sin?
gle. Bob and Allen Games,
who formerly played with Big
Storte Gap, are playing in the
out field for Gary ami it is re?
ported they are putting tin the
fastest work of their career on
To The Voters in The Postoflice Primary
I iske ilil? way of annouiictna to
the voter* of the lit-f Stone 0?u
ami Itnral Di.striri my eeutlkUej
lor the poatolHce of Hii< Stone (lap
I mk your l.in.I eoukkleratlon of
the umc
I know I am tliorotlglit) cinupe.
tent n> lill dm poaltl.in.) ii n?u
nred by your vote ? Hl ciuleavnr n
all time* to give the patnuii "i ibe
nfllru bntli fultliful anil courleoui
I believe my election Will rcatora
|ieace anil harmony to tlie Demo
oratio ranks, ami I pledge inj faith
fnl service to the Deniooartlc parly.
To all brother* of tin- Independ?
ent Older Of odd Fellows, I freier
natty asl; your support. I mi -uir
that my pait year's work as I'resl.
iteulofllu] itebekkah Assembly u
Kiill'n Ii-nt proof to yon of my . 11? i?
Sincerely mid Kralemelly,
Cora Hi hi i?ii I
South-West Insurance Agency
l-'iio, Life, Accident andCasuality In?
surance. Fidelity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
>Mco m Intormont Building BIG STONE GAP. VA.
l>aid Right Over Wood Shingles
i\u Dirt, iVo Bother? In n very ahmt timo any ImiMing can have iti fur
trap lovcring turned into n, modem Jiff proof, iloim-proof, lightning pivof
r?ol nt a very moderate co?l?? r?ol In?! will l.?*t as 1-u,: as the L. ,; .f ,
und novel need repairs. ^
For SoU tU
Joshua and John F. Mullins
Conrnotors and Builders
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
p A Few More Men's, Women's 6
taj -2
and Children's Oxfords
left which I will close but at
Uelow Oo^it
l lits will he your last chance
(?]Ei[S[^[.'J[sj|,'! ?j i?W,] Q- J GT][? Lsp Csj rd Ej [3 Gfi3 IgpHg rzHsTlSl gHs] rdEjr?]
Radtord State Normal School For Women
Second aoaalon opem September tho 0, inn. Kirery course leads to ? \ Irgtuui
Certificate to teeoli. free tuition to ?II leachera and those promising to lea n
Offera all courses uaually given In a flnl-claaa Normal School, Expenses i'WJ
moderate. for cataloguo, booklet of viewa ami lull Information write?
J. P. McCONNELL. Piosulont. East Badford. Va.
Kentucky Coke Production
I Coke is manufactured in Ken?
tucky from eoiil mined in both
the eastern ami western parts
of the State, but although the
coals of the eastern counties
are in a large part among the
high-grade coking coals of the
Appalachian ?eld, most of the
coke, until the last two years,
has been made in the western
district, which is part of the
Illinois Indiana field. Since the
recent extensive coal-mining
developments in the Elkhorn
district of Pike and Harlan
counties, however, coke ovens
have been built and the princi?
pal coking activities have shift
ed to the eastern part of tli>>
State, mid Kentucks is now as
Burning some importance as a
coke manufacturing State. The
production hns increased from
less than 50,000 tons in 1908 to
101,663 tons in 1912 and to :u7,
084 tonsin IDlS. During 1913s
plant of .'.t Semet Solvay by
product ovens and ?u new bee?
hive ovens were constructed
and by a coincidence 101 ovetJ?
were abandoned, so that tl'?
total number in existence :il
the close of 1913 was the same
(1,049) as at the closo of 1912.
< >id newspapers for sab'
I this ollice at 20 cents a hun?

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