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TheBig Stone Gap Post.
/OL. XXI!,
No. 38
Since Itullctin No. 2 was is
ued iwo weeks iigo there lias
^pii ii very deckled change in
l Our peeple have been stir
n\ fniiii their sense of over
ooflileni'd und have begun to
r?li/,. Dial it in tlioir duty to
iork earnestly find persistently
rum uow until tin' night of
epteinher 22nd
2, The appeal <>f the last bill
,1m fin money with which t<>
P11,l out literature to correct
be falsehoods und misrepre
rotations of the Baloon lias
ceii productive of good results.
\, have received enough mou
?to enable us to make a ku<"1
luri and to send out several
mis of literature in response t>>
lie appeals from our workers
Hover the Stute. Hut thousa?
nds of dollars more should be
iveu promptly to complete
bit work.
i The effect of thedis
libutlon of this literature has
lieady become apparent. Our
(otkers have been furnished
uli answers to the falsehoods
[the Baloon agents; the far
ier>of Virginia who could not
bderstand how it could bepos
iblr for reputable citizens to
ive their names to the circula
ion of ouch statements unless
lie) weii' triiB, now begin ful
rtoreuli/.e (hut a monstrous
ifort lias beon made to deceive
?ein. They now begin to Bee
rom the signed statements of
rominenl V irginians that there
ill lie no increase in taxation:
iej see from the signed state
lenU of prominent nftioials,
overnors, Senators, judges,
DDgre8Btnen, ministers, educn
m, hankers and merchants of
'ortll Carolina, Kansas, lieor
ia, Weal Virginia, Maine, Mia
?lippi, Oklahoma und T?n
- *m ilial lii|iior advocates
ive published gross und will
;l misrepresentations concern ?
ig conditions in those states;
key iilsu nee that the leudors in
lii fight against prohibition in
irginiti are tin- paid agents of
> sal. interests, State and
ttioiial, ami that these paid
bbyiata have been lighting in
ralmsli behind Iho Virginia
?I H (lov.ernment uasooia
nil, autl have endeavored to
(Ceive the people of Virginia
! iho very audioy of theirmie
Ivetten tdtioniB,
llooil advocates li;ive
wreachod themselves. They
iw disgusted Bonsible, fnir
inded people, and haveurous
1 the indignation of the far
frstliui they should be count
; to lacking in intelligence as
'twallow thoso gross misrop
riie lines are being more
-urly drawn daily. Many
ml hearl really def it <?
? I inuance of the saloon
i. i. have been dodging
? and have been crying
m," "Tobacco," "Lo
? Option," "Lawlessness"
Weverylhing but the saloon.
ra ure of the Local Seit
?'eminent league bus furnish
? i these men and they
1 openly and boldly.
1 the miBrepresenta
the sab.on advocates
t'ebeeu pluinly exposed; thb
?n stuuda out in bold relief
'theouly issue. Shall Vir
?iadissolve her partnership
ith ilu saloon f
telligent man can bede
"*d any longer. Virginia
the saloon, she protects
'*?!< >n, she receives money
??the Baloon, hIio pays etior
ills for the pauperism,
^ncit'iicy, insanity, criminal
'?JiuiiKenneao and dogrudu
tion wrought by the saloon; not
simply in direct taxes but ton
timea as much indirectly.
Virginia inn! tin- Baloon are
now parting. Shall the part
iiurRhip continue? Shall the
Baloon contiuue under the pro.
t? fluni of iiu> |?w of Virginia,
?hall it hp declared an out
law, branded an a criminal,and
Hike us rightful place as an
enemy of society alongside the
gambling ileus and houses ol
ill fame, which thrive and fat?
ten most where the saloon is
most powerful:
'?The Trumpeter,"' a paper
published under the auspices of!
the Virginia Local Self-?ov
ernmenl association, will ap?
pear fur the fourth ?n?t last
time on Septembe*. :
last issue of the pa^r uu- ,.r*>a
printed for many dav>?, but it
will c.nne before the i.p!. ? ? ',
Virginia with the pretense of
giving out a forerun *'a little
more than a week from" elec?
tion day, ami it declares "that
a thorough and impartial ran
vusH showed that prohibition
would he defeated by about 18,
000 majority. Discount this
estimate by twenty-live per
cent to allow for error and
oyeiestimates, the reports indi?
cate a victory for the local op
lion cause by 30,000 votes'""!
The saloon advocates have
followed in Virginia the meth?
ods they have followed in every
Stale. .Misrepresentation is
their watchword from the be?
ginning to the end of the cam?
paign. And so this final woril
is characteristic; It is like the
attempt to use the ofHce of the
Secretary of the I'ommouwenlth
to deceive the registrars of Vir?
ginia. It is like the misreprc
Mentations concerning North
Carolina, ami Durham especial?
ly, which called forth the in?
dignation meeting of tin-citi?
zens of that city. It is like
their entire campaign, which
has been run by the National
Liquor Dealers' association, not
openly, but under (be cloak of
the Local Self-Government As?
So this forecast, giveu out af?
ter a "thorough ami impartial"
I!) canvass, is utterly worth
less, prepared far in advance of
the election, and il is printed
like (be other misrepresenta?
tions to deceive the people, to
inspire the saloon advocates
with hope, and to discourage
the prohibition forces.
Bell? ve nothing given out by
the saloon advocates from now
until September 23, especially
no statement made just before
election day, too lato for the
falsehoods to be exposed.
The tacts are that prohibition
sentiment has steadily develop?
ed in the towns and cities of
the State, and we believe that
tilt* vote to dissolve the partner?
ship of Virginia with the sa?
loon will be twenty-live per
cent larger in the towns and
cities than on the iirst of May
we had expected it to be. The
misrepresentations of the "wet"
newspapers printed at so much
per inch, were so audicioua and
sweeping that in the country
districts many honest men were
staggered and bewildered. They
were not used to "yellow" juiir
nalism, und could not believe
that newspapers would dare to
sell themselves so unreservedly
as to publish Hat falsehoods.
Doubts were excited, and much
questioning as to facts, even
our local workers wer?J them?
selves unprepared to give re?
ply. The voters who had al?
ways been favorable to the sa?
loon, took courage and began
to talk, and latent opposition
was culled out. Lack of funds
had handicapped the Anti-Sa
loon league in the printing and
circulation <if its literature.
Bulletin No. J stated the facts,
anil called upon our people to|
givo us the moans to print and
circulate replies. The "dry"|
people of the State have now
waked up, and from every sec?
tion of the Slate the battle cry
against the saloon is heard.
There is no question as to
the result, if our people do
their duty. Let us have the
money to press our literature
campaign for the next two
weeks We should have ul
least $15,000 to reach every sec?
tion of the State. Let our peo?
ple gather for meetings, for
prayer, ami consultation. Let
ever) man ami woman do ear?
nest personal work. If we do
:r duty the partnership of Vir?
ginia with the saloon will be
iinaolved mi September 22 by a
great majority.
.1 \ mks Cannon, Ju.
Superintendent of tin? Anti
Saloon Leugue of Virginia.
Richm.I. Vu . Sept. s, Ml I. j
London, Sept. 12. ? Nows of a
decisive character from east of
Vitry le Francois, where the
army of Saxony ami parts of
the armies commanded by the
Prince of Wuertemborg and
(len Von Bindow are fiercely
striving to break through the
French right and center, still
hangs lire, and the anxiety of
both forees grows keener as it
is recognized that tin- result of
the battle in this quarter is like?
ly to have a di oMs.Ifocl up?
on the whole line.
Might Turn French Line.
Should tin- Germans smash
through the center of the
French line in this district,
they would turn the line of
French frontier forts ami ser
I ioufdy endanger the rear of
Uen. ('astleman's Sixth army
'corps, already t nguged up to
the hilt with a corresponding
I host of Germans before Nancy.
It is fully realized here that
the driving back of the Gorman
right wing and right center in
no way is conclusive, ami that
as the Franco British forces
rallied after their long retreat,
so may the Hermans turn and
retrieve their present reverses.
Public is Warned.
The public is warned that
the present situation merely is
[the lirst phase of a great battle
and that the buttle itself is only
t the lirst stage of a titanic strug?
gle between the nations which
will continue so long as the
main armies remain intact, as
they are at present.
The latest unofficial reports
from the plains of Champagne
tell of considerably larger num?
bers of Gorman guns and pris?
oners being captured than were
Imentioned in the last official
i communication.
Reports from Belgium.
Belgian ollicial reports speak
of the rout of the Germans by
troops moving southward from
j Antwerp, but while there is no
t reason to doubt that the invad?
ers are evacuuting parts of Bel?
gian territory, it seems prob?
able that they are purposely
avoiding battle, as the main ob?
ject of their southward move is
to get in the fighting zone of
the Marne anil to relieve pres?
sure there.
On Russian Borders.
The situation along the Rus?
sian borders is growing as ob?
scure as are the western opera
lions. Berlin reports that the
victory of, Qen. Von Hinden
burg will clear Knsl Prussia of!
Russians, but military experts
at Petrograd declare that it is j
incredible tbut the Russiansi
??buiii.I give Up the investment
of Koenigberg Unless sutfering
greater disaster tbau tbat w bicb
has been reported.
In Russian Poland the Itus
sians still seem to bo successful
while operating against the
Austrian* alone, but they are
making less impression on the
combined Austro-Germnn arm?
ies on the Vistula,
The stand being made on the
Vistula has caused several mil?
itary experts at Petrograd to
assert that (ierman reinforce?
ments from France are being
sent to Qalicia instead of Kast
Prussia, as was at Hrst report?
Do Not Rely on Austi ians.
This is done, according to
the opinion of these experts,
because Germany feared that
an Overwhelming disaster of
the Austrian forces might lead
the dual monarchy to conclude
pence independent of Germany, i
Other expert observers inj
Petr?gad are equally firm in!
the opinion tbut the German
veterans from the Heids of
Belgium anil France have been
sent to Kast Prussia, where
their presence is believed to
account for the Russian check.
Most Substantial Gain.
The most substantial gain by
Russian forces within the past
twenty-four hours has been the
capture of Tomasxow, which
probably clears the way for
the advance of the Kassian
center on the Austro-German
forces on the V istula River.
Woman's Missionary Society.
The educational meeting of
the Missionary Society was
held in the church, Thursday,
Sept. at :i o'clock.
The mooting was led by Mrs
L. I). I'ettit, and wasopened l.\
reponting the Lord's Prayer,
scripture lesson, and a song,
?'Sweet Hour of I'rayer" was
sung. Uro. Wagner led in
prayer. Mrs. BailO) read a
poem, "A Mouse by the rddo of
tho Load." Mrs. Kilbourno
rend, "Plans for cooperation
with negro women." Mrs.
Skeen read a leaflet on "Intem?
perance and tho Law." Mrs.
Smith answered a question,
"Describe the South Carolina
dispensary system, and what
are the weak points in that
method of controj?" Mrs.
Mathuws read an article, "The
Curse of Alcohol." .Mrs. Mous
or read "Virginia under the
Mann Liquor Law." Mrs.
Benedict gaveall the arguments
she could to prove that stale
wide prohibition is the best
method of control. Mrs. Skeen
followed by giving the argu?
ments of the local option con?
trol. Mrs. (>rr answered.the
question, "What are the State
Legislation Regarding the Lrug
Stores?" Mrs. Wampler read
the Federal laws ia regard to
sailors, etc. Mrs. Wagner talk?
ed on the subject "To license
an evil is to encourage it."
Dr. Martin gave a talk on the
subject at this time uppermost
in all our minds?the state-wide
prohibition, Bro. Wagner also
gavo a talk, after which Mrs.
Skeen sang a solo, "Why Stand
Ye Here Idle." Mrs. Carter
announced a "Tug Lay" for
uext Thursday, the proceeds to
go to a school building at the
Industrial Home und School in
Greeneville, Tenn.
All who were willing to help
in the light against saloons reg?
istered their names to send to
the president of the W. C. T. U.
and u resolution to tbat effect
olTect was carried. Twenty
three were present ut this meet?
ing. Business meetiugs will be
held the 3rd Thursday of each
Mth. IL A. W. Skeen,
Pub. Supt.
Clinch Valley Baptist
The Clinch Valley IUpU?t AmocUUoh
Diet In the new Uapttst church at Appu
lacht*. Thursday of laat week. It ??
in several iui|tf>itaut rcspcels oue of the
Isal sessions in tin- ?'>? years of Iis his?
The attendance was g>*sl si every set*
klon, and unite Urge it untst ufthciu.
Increase in tin* inembcrslno of the
churches, ?ml gilt? to the missionary ?-?!'.
lerprfsea of tin- demonstration, were
gratifying, Mr Herring, from I'IiIim.
111.4(1? ,i nmst interesting sddrees on that
Interesting country, having been :i mis?
sionary Ihere for '.J'.' yearn.
It U Garland, of Richmond, made
two fun? rwtdreiieeii, one on itate missions,
one on statewide prohibition
l>n Sunday morning, Kev Joseph T,
Wait?, of Klchinond, preached a really
great gospel sermon; and more than ?J-m
wa? quickly raised on the church.
Ttie new church is. without doabl, one
of the prettiest in this entire section of
The remaining debt wilt not be Imrdeu
tome, hut can ami will he handled by the
uo ng rogation.
the help given on the ohuroh by the
l>eoplo of tilg t-kone Uap ami Norton,
tuna up Into the bundled* of dollars
Much of this money w.is given by tncm
bors of other denominations.
Itio pastor, Mr, i rait, ami lila brave
little band, are deeply grateful to ail who
have helped them mi gemrouaiy.
Company H Has Target
Practice and Hike.
Company II. liuder command of-Ca|i?
lain .1. K. Ilullltt, left the Armory last
Saturday anemoon at .i .:?> tor the target
practice ground, ?dich is just above Um
Woolen .Mill, nut t" the river. (."apt,
Ilullltt had the boys tiring steel jackets
at a target .100 yards dUtant. Kach
Hplad, which la 0oiu|>0sed of eight men,
tinil by volley Spiail '1, which ?a?
composed of corporal -stoohr, Kox,
Soiirs, Haul, Wallace, llcaiiiau. Smith
and Oremler, made the highest score
Then the company all tirol by volley,
Itrlllg live shots Osch, Th? liov* then
matched baek to the Armory w here they
were Isaucd rations foi one meal, About
10 n.ctl were prCSCttl
Cap) Ilullltt then marched the tum
|>auy to a place neu lohn I'ursoita, be?
low town, when- each man cooked his
own supper. Allthe boys enjoyed this
iiivsl Hue It w>s the Intention of the
boys to havo a IbX chase, hut for some
unforeseen circumstances, they failed to
I'd enough huuuds in lime ami it was
poalpoued flu- company returned hi
the Atmoty at 10 p in.
A I S, army uRioor will be here to
night to iuspcet tin* company, 'the next
meeting after Inspection will be the see
nml Saturday in October, at which time
t'apl Ilullltt may take the boJB In High
Knob to speii,1 a night.
I?y llus,
The llrat of thia season'* large stilus
lions Ui appear at the Amuxu will be
presented on tonight, At..MA Where l)o
Vo? Live, aftoi UK) capacity ntghuiai
Weher'* New York theatre. Tbl* musi
oal ..'iiu .lv In- the uuiqu? experience of
having Ih'i'U limit' for t m itMin in I'.irii.
then taken Ui iierllu for a yearand Dually
reaohed Now York through the medium
of the tlerroau management. The faaoi
iiatlng i|ii.tlity of tli<! miislc attracted
llu- ttttt'iiliiiii .*l .'II Nrvi Wik unit it v,ah
then thai .loo Weber purchased the
Anierii an right* and decided to make mi
Kngliah version. Oiui fact whioh added
t? Iii? iVuierlcan success of the piece w*.i
tin! it hai never yet readied IamhIou,
Imi Pronoh farceado not a* a rale bono
lit by coming via the Kugliah capital,
We are mostly of the Kngliah race but
our idea* nl" humor ?10 far apart, and the
farce i- generally too il*t f<>r mir audi
once* that takes well with our Kugllah
brethren, Alma If rich 111 iniwlo, there
Im Iiik niiiuletm nmnl?:ri, .?II full of the
brilltauce of the composer, Jean Briquet.
Seyoral new awl original Parialau dance*
bare been lutioduced, inolndlng ihc lat?
est T*ngos and Hesitations M lea Cella
M irla, the comodienne, bate the title role,
supported by Alex Lottos, lt??< Header
Mm and 11 thoroughly 1 ?|>iitilo oaat of well
known New York players* Korprlcee
ami other details see the ailverti-oment
in thi? laaue, This la the Hrst, but by no
means not tlu* lea*! attrsoUvo ol the big
attractions fur thi? season and a targe
audience la ejcpected to be present and
fiifinl an oveniiig of enjoyiuunt.
The rulers of Europe are ull
linked together by marriuge,
which is proof positive that a
family jar is nb-out the worst
brand of acrap on record.
U. D. C. Meeting.
The Ii . Sto?? (lap Chapter, of tbo
Unite, I p.- ,;:?>.?. of th'c Confederacy,
was delight fully entertained at the bow*
of Mm II A. Alexander, at Imbndrn,
Ya . Wednesday afterrHsin. Sept. lib.
The meeting was called to order by Mrs.
L. O. I'ettlt, the president of the< hap
ter. After the Installation of the uew
ifficers, the reports of the retiring officers
acre gl/cn In full, for the past yetr. A
rising vote of thanks was given them for
their faithful and efficient work
Aflcr the reading of the liy-l-aws by
the Secretary, tho following committees
wore apiaduted for the year.
Music. Mrs Harrier, Mrs Lloyd Mrs.
Skocn. and Mrs. W. T. tioodlce.
< otumittec on Education: Mrs Coch
ran. Mrs Alexander, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs
Committee on Kellef Work: Mrs.
Skoeu, Mrs. .lohn UOOdlOO, Mrs .1 1'
Wolfe Mrs. J W Kelly, and Mrs .11.
Met ormick
'I'he n>ll call and residing of minutes
closed the busincea ot tl>e meeting, Than
Mr- MoCorkla read -The Captain's
Story by Mark Twaiu. Mrs. Lloyd
^aw a \ery iuUTcaliug reading. "Meek
ms I'winsis by I'r llaaby. I'hii was
followed by a solo b] Mrs. Bailey, Mrs
Barrier read "The Ballad of Bosnia Bain
son" by John Yrotwood Moore This
poum Hives a true, picture ot the braver)
of a Sinthern girl. In the Olvll War. A
sonn, '.1 uiuit.i, sunc, by Mis I'ctlU
coudiuled the program
The hostel served a dainty ami deli?
cious salad COtirSC
The following Is a list of those who at?
tended the meeting, the entire patty Im
iug conveyed from the (Jap in automo?
MeadameaCsMhrso, I. 0, i'ettlt, Hkeen,
.1 I. McConnlek, If t In me, K V.
Goodloe.J. M. Uondloe, 3 A llaUey,
W T. (loodloe, U I. Taylor, Malcohn
Smith. J. !? Wolfe. I. u, Hagy, J.J.
Lloyd, Waile Harrier. 0. U, Ismi?, M R
M. i orkle, Uroseclose, Walker, Misses
3kaen, Oufd, ami UcCormiok,
Itacording Secretarv.
A good game Of ball wua
playoii bore Saturday afternoon
between the Rig Stone (lap and
Kast Slum- Clap high Hchool
teams. They had to struggle
for eleven Innings tu decide the
buttle, which ended it\ a victory
for tbt> Last Stbno boys.
Although hits worn very
scarce anil errors in abundance
?tome long drives figured heav
it v in the scoring.
Kasi Stone got two men on in
the first inning and BoWlea
tripled to Center, scoring a min
ute later himself, Stride)
Kelly and Hanks done the
heavy stick work for Big Stone,
gelling a home run and ihn u
bagger. Kelly was also verj
effective in the box, but bau
support was the cause of his
defeat. He tanned fourteen
batters and allowed four bits.
Indications are that these
learns will be strong contend?
ers for the championship of the
Wise County h i g h school
league next spring. New ma?
terial has been mbled and they
will put up a stilf name.
Innings '. 9 ;i 1 ?"> 8 7 8 ? 10 11 Ii II
K. s O, 3 it it u o I u ii a a i t
it. s i; i i a o 0 a o a a o ?> 4 i
ItaUerles Kuril, Uilly and Howls
tUraley Kelly end John Kelly.
Struck out by? Hunt. 0; Gilly, 3;
Kelly II Threo-bmw bits, Uowla aud
Hanks, Home run, Kelly. Umpire,
Blsine UeOorkie
Miss Rhodes Entertains.
Miss Caroline Rhodes enter?
tained very informally, u few
of her friends on last Thursday
morning, at ten o'clock, with
three tables of Progressive
Miss Maude Ould, of Norton,
won the prize - three beautiful
linen handkerchiefs.
Nrs. C. L. Nush assisted Miss
Rhodes iu serving u delicious
salad course on the card tables
after the gume.
Those who were present
were: Mrs. K. Brennen, Mrs.
H. K. Kox, Misses Ksther South?
ward, Melb.i Maddux, of Louis,
vill, Maude Ould uf Norton,
Virginia Beverly, Jessee Mc
Corkle, Murgaiet l.'ettit, Anna
Agee, .Miss Brown and Miss
Mary liamsey.
Whether tho Kaiser will reach
Paris before the Czar reaches
Berlin is still on open question.

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