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WKDNF.SDAY. (KT. _>l, 1011
Published Every Weitnesilsy by the
I i.ri.rporsteil
?ILBBRT N. KNIQHT, - Editor.
Uno Your. - - - SI.CO
Six Months, ... ,BO
Thrno Months. - .26
Kntercd scoonllnt: to ]>osUI regulation*
st the jiost oltico st Itle, Stone Qtp sssoo
ntiil-elssn mstter.
SliBSCRIBHRS sir.' oarnostlv re
quested to observe tbo date
printed on tiioir address slips,
which will keep them at all
times posted as to the date
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt und timely
attention to this request will
Save all parties a great deal of
Some wives never save whnl
they have and others never
have anything to Bavo.
Farmers are constant!} cry
ing for mote help and millions
of men are idle in the cities.
Something wrong somewhere.
The main trouble with some
Of the unemployed is that they
object to being employ, d
When you can see yourself
as others see you. you will have
reached the age of wisdom.
Civilization slowly omurges
from barbarism and hastily re?
turns from whence it came.
There's tremendous relief in
the statement of a woman writ
er "that the American govern?
ment needn't worry about an
army that every American
girl over Ifi is practiced in the
use of powder, and a call to
arms is all she wants."
The Kelly Drug Company, in
connection with this paper will
put on a contest for a trip to the
Pan American ISxppBitioti at
?Situ Francisco uoxl year. Pull
particulars will bo announced
BOOh. This will he a prize ?vorth
trying for, and will no doubt be
holly contested foi by a number
of candidates
The war in Germany is still
raging with all the (lercoilOBS
within the power of the oppos
iug nations. The Germans
have captured Antwerp, in Bel?
gium, and are having things
their own way in that country ,
but the contest in France is
stilt going on with honors about
equal on both sides.
Much of the welfare of this
country is in the hands of the
young men on the (arms. If
they remain there and prospoi
the country will prosper in like
manner But if they foisak.
the litdds and rush off to the
overcrowded cities it will he u
sledge hammer blow to the
weal of the nation.
An Illinois Methodist confer
once has unanimously passed a
resolution demanding interna
tional disarmament. V <? r y
good, if yon don't take the
trouble to think. Bui if the
Christian nations disarm who
is to prevent the Asiatics from
overrunning the rest of the
world, and who will protect the
women the churches send the
heathen lands as missionaries.
A few days ago October 4th
to be exact?millions of Ameri?
cans sent up earnest prayers
for peace. And the light was
resumed with redoubled fury.
And this inclines us to the be?
lief that the best thing for
America to do is to sit tight
and let 'em tight it out. Euro?
pean nations are like a btincli
of bull dogs turned loose in u
pen. They will tight until one
or the other is chewed up und
soundly licked, and outsiders
who attempt to interfere uro
likely to get bitten.
We AH Need It.
A class in physical training
would ho n splendid Illing for
the young people of this town
who have 'left school and are
entering upon the important
duties of life.
It would he of equal benetit
to ninny of us who are not so
young. It might well be made
a class for everybody.
Physical exercise does much
to develop the physique and
strengthen the mind and broad?
en the intellect. It is condu?
cive lo health, ami good health
brings pence of mind ami an
ambition to do things.
Manx of the greatest and
wisest men of the nation are
regular in their physical exer?
cises. The Strain upon their
mentality is so great that with?
out some diversion they would
soon collapse.
Hut exercise and st rung phys?
ical development serves to keep
them in the best of condition
and enables idiom to continue
unabated their Rtrehuoui pace
until late in life.
A By stem of physical exer?
cise would do much for the peo?
ple of this town. Its beneficial
reStiltS WOUld be seen ill 11)1111)
ways?in increased ambition,
in tangible results, uvynutliful
appearance in old age.
School children are not the
only ones who need physical
exorcise. We all need it, and
should have it.
Mr. Irvine on Temperance,
since this question came up
In the Ninth District, twenty
years ago, 1 have not foiled to
register my sentiment for the
issues favored by the temper
unco people. I supported this
cause in the legislative contest
Which elected met) WllO gave to
the poople of the Siate the
enabling act. I then supported
the men of Scott, Lee ami W ise
who voted for that measure in
Prohibition is a moral issue.
I have not hesitated to express
myself whenever the issue has
been presented. I stated my
position clearly in u letter pub?
lished in .1 uly.
I have no hard word or
thought for any man who op?
posed my view oil this question,
Kvei N man has the right of a
citizen in determining hisstami
upon the issues before the peo?
ple. 1 have no quarrel with
those who itid not use this issue
as I did. Let us have liberty of
views ami temperance in ac?
tion ami thought.
If 1 go to Washington, I shall
act consistently, and if oppor
utility comes I shall vote for
nationwide prohibition. This
is my lift-long conviction on
this question. I shall favor
the submission of this issue to
the voters of the nation as a
whole, if such should be deem?
ed the most expedient way to
settle the question.
1 believe the Democrats of
tin- Ninth District, regardless
of whether they voted wet or
dry in the recent election-, will
come together upon the great
issues of the N o vein her election,
close up the ranks, and get be
hind wood row Wilson to sus?
tain the great cause of Demo?
cracy, so ably championed by
our patriotic president.
Wise County
Medical Association.
The Wise County Medical
Association will meet at [tig
Stone (lap, Va , Wednesday,
< ?einher 21 , I'M I al :i p. 111.
Committee ou arrangements
Drs. baker, Kelly, rainier, (iil
mer and Stoehr.
Query?Shall we join the
State Medical Society?
Keports of interesting cases.
Subject for general discus?
sion?The best way to secure
papers for medical society meet?
ing" . ? ,
Treatment of Kclampsia, Dr
Clinical report of cases of
typhoid fever, Dr. Peters.
What action should we take
in regard to the threat of the
State Tax Commission to rec?
ommend the repeal of the recent
license law?--Dr. Barkor.
The use of the Bacillus Bill
garills tablets in the treatment
of diarrhoea. Dr. Bowver.
.1. II. IIau'y, Pres.
T. M. CiiKtutv, ?cc.
Carl A. Jones First Local Trav?
eler to Drive Through
Coal Fields.
Mr. ami Mrs. Ctrl A. Jones,
Hiram O, Sanders mitt Hal
Harkrader, constituting a mo?
tor party, returned Monday
night from a trip thtoogh the
coal Held scotion of Southwest
Virginia, including Kussel),
Leo and Wise counties. This is
tin." first Bristol motor party to
take the trip from tins city to
that section, where approxi?
mately (2,600,000 lias been spent
by three counties, within the
past four or live years, in the
construction of modern high?
"The progress that has been
made by Russell, Wise ami
l.ee Counties in the building of
irood roads is remarkable,'* said
Mr. .I ones "Wise county has
spent $1,100,000 constructing a
net work of macadamised roads.
This is remarkable for an en?
tirely mountainous county. It
is a pity that this section has
not already an outlet to Bristol.
Now the only way it is possible
to got from Bristol to that sec
lion in a motorcar is by way of
Abitlgdoii and over through
Russell, I'he road from Abing
ilon across to Kussel I, including
the Little Moccasin section, is
frightfully rough. Once in
that section though the tourist
is juickly repaid for his incon?
venience in getting there, by
the wealth of | hysical beauty
ami charm of the country 1
toured last fall through the Al
leghanies in (he Pittsburgh sec
lion hut the scenery there \t
not to be compared to the south
west Virginia coal Holds. When
Ibis section is given a road to
Bristol. I believe that its scenic
grandeur will attract tourists
from all over the country. A
r?ad to that section will mean
almost as much to Bristol as a
tu w railroad would be worlh to
the city. The value of a mac
ndnmi/.ed road to this city can
hardly be overestimated. The
people of these three counties
have done wonders in building
toads, especially in view of the
tremendous expenses of build?
ing them, The problems work?
ed out by their engineers in
building illOBO roads certainly
furnished engineering nuts to
Mr. .tones was induced to
make the trip by reason of see?
ing the exhibits of Wise and
I. counties at the roe- 111 good
roads meeting here. Bristol
I lor.ild < lourler.
Mountain tiolf Club Notes.
The semi finals of the Open
Championship of the .Mountain
i lolf * 'lub wore plaj ed hist week
with the following participants:
Pirsl Flight J. w . Gaul, K.
Sto. br. U. K. Pox, J. K. Bullitl.
Second Plight .1 W. Lussi
ter, B. I'.. Khoads, M. 11. limb?
er, J. B. Ayers.
I'he winners of the first Might
were: K. SlOOhr ami 11. E,
Fox, while B. 1'".. Khoads and
M. 11. Qrnber captured the sec?
ond Might. The finnla, consist?
ing of thirty-six hides, will bo
played tins week, and much in?
terest is being manifested in
the outcome of each Might;
The Woman's Guild of Christ
Church will meet Thursday af?
ternoon at throe o'clock with
Mrs. Mayo Cabell.
The Guild ladies expect to
have their annual holiday aale
on the afternoon ami evening
of Hollow,- en. i let. 3l8t.
An interesting and unusual
feature of the sale will hi- live
booths representing the Five
Ages of Woman. In addition,
there will be an art booth in
charge of Mrs. Irvine, where
some very beautiful genuine
etchings on real Japanese silk
tissue, reproductions of famous
painting, will he offered at a
great bargain.
Mrs. KaJph Taggarl will be in
charge of the refreshments dur?
ing the evening
The J. L Wells farm, situal
ed on Walh-ns Hidge, about two
mites from town, was sold at
public auction last Saturday,
('. F. Blanton was the highest
bidder, the price being $1,250
The tract contains about 100
acres and is considered to be a
valuable piece of land. There
is also a lino orchard nml vine?
yard on it.
La?ds Wilson.
Speaker of House Says Presi
dent Will Be Known in
History as a Great
Atlantic City, N. J., Oct. 1(1
?A tribute to President Wilson
as a peacemaker and expression
of a fervent hope that the war
in Klimpe might soon end,
marked the first speech of
Speaker Champ Clark in the
fall campaign, delivered here
tonight in advocacy of the re
nomination of Beprufioutativu
J. Thompson Baker,
''Perhaps?who knows,*' said
the speaker, '?when President
Wilson has Hulshed his course
as chief magistrate of this
mighty republic and when his?
torians come to assign him his
place in history they will pass
over the great domestic meas?
ures of his administrations such
as tariff revision, currency leg?
islation, etc., and declare that
his efforts to keep the United
States out of war i.ttlituto Ins
clearest title to the gratitude ol
his country."
Mr. Chirk Haid Americans
had both a national ami s. If
roason for wanting peace.
'?President Wilson," the
speaker declared, "expressed
with great felicity the senti
meets of all true Americans
when he tendered Ins kindly
Oflices to the beligerent powers.
(fortunate in his coign of van?
tage, happy in the confidence
of a powerful people, let us
hope that he will succeed in
his philanthropic endeavor and
that upon him will rest the
blessing vouchsafed to the
peacemakers in the sermon on
the Mount.
We soil many good medicines
but we are told the mixture of
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
known as Adler-i-kuj is the best
we ever sohl. Big Stone (lap
folks astonish us daily by loll?
ing how QUICKLY Adler i ku
relieves sour stomach, gas mi
the stomach ami constipation.
Many report that A SINdl.K
DOSE relieves these troubles
are glad wo are Big Stone Gap
agents for Adler i ka. Mutual
Drug 1 ompanv
A Delightful Social Event.
The office force at Black wood
delightfully entertained Satur?
day evening in the hotel from
8:30 to il o'clock. The parlor
and library were tastefully dec?
orated in a profusion of chrys?
anthemums and pot (lowers,
and the color scheme was effect
Ively carried out in red ami
yellow. The evening was spent
in playing various games and
music Misses Beatrice Gobble
ami Glossio Gilly presided at
the punch bowl. At II o'clock
palatable refreshments wore
served consisting of oyster
cocktail, salad course, ice
cream, cake and coffee.
Those present were: Misses
Beatrice and Marv Gobble,
Myrtle Wolfe, I Bessie und Ed?
na Gilly, and--Messrs. o. K. Al?
len, K. W. and C. B Bnbinsou,
Newborn Davidson, J, W. Cor-1
nett ami II. B. Adams.
Stop! Listen!
Everybody's doing it! Doing
what: doing to the Village
Cafe for HrBt-clasa service.
They can fully supply your
wants in all the delicacies of
the season, as they have an ex?
perienced cater who has spent
a number of years catering to
the elite. A shipment of fresh
oysters ami tish received every
Tuesday, Wednesday, Th?rs
day and Friday nights. All or?
ders given prompt attention.
Located on K Fifth Street, next
door to Amtizu Theatre.?Adv.
Floyd Day, Eastern Ken?
tucky's hading financier and
who owns much of the finest
standing timber in this section,
was here several days the past
week. -Mr. Day started work
on his six or more miles of nar?
row gunge railroad up King's
Creek last Monday. ?Whites
burg Eagle.
Governor Stuart has received
the petition of IIS members of
the general assembly' asking
him to convene that body the
second Wednesday in January
Two Hundred
Newest Hat
Just Received
All Fashion's Latest Fa/ls
and Fancies
"Z)/ic Quality Shop"
Radford Nor?
mal Notes.
Ex-Governor J, (logo Tyler j
mi Tuesday, in chapel hour, de
livered u very interesting ml-1
dress to the students and facul?
ty of the Normul School. Gov
erhor Ty ler will deliver mini her |
address at an early dale.
Dr. .1. ii. Johnson, superin?
tendent of the (Jhurloltesvil|e
city school system. Bpc'nf Wed
nesday night at Badford as the,
guest of Dr. .1. 1'. McCouucll..
He spent.one day looking over
the Normal School and its1
.Miss Blanche Bulifant, Super?
visor of the Training School,
spent Monday and Tuesday at
Harrison burg observing the
work of the Training School of
t h e Harrisonuurg Normal
Hon. 11, K Byrd visited the
Normal School recently. Mr.
Byrd has been deeply interest,
ed in this institution from its
Rev. Jos. K. Wolfe and wife,
of Princeton, W. Vn., visited
their niece, Miss Burr Wolfe,all
the Normal School Tuesday on
their way to the annual Con-'
ference at Bristol. Lev. W?lfel
Conducted the chapel exercises!
ami briefly addressed the stud-:
en is.
Hr. ti.B. Kager, of Baltimore, I
recently gave u very interest?
ing lecture in the Normal School'
auditorium on the war in Eu?
rope. Dr. Eager was in Europe!
when war was declared and ex-j
porienced great difficulty in]
getting transportation to Amer?
A high grade Lyceum course
has been provided by the Nor?
mal School for the coining year.
No other lyceum course will bo
offered in the city. This will
insure very large support for
this course.
Russell Cattle Moving.
The Stuart Land and C.itth
Co., of Elk Harden, Va , is now
engaged in the shipment of their
thousands of line cattle to tin
New York markets, and sever
al car loads have been shipped
within the past few days.
These cattle were formerly ex
i ported to Liverpool, but for the
past few years the New York
market has been yielding bet
I ter returns, and owing to the
war situation in Europe this
[year few, if any exports will be
I shipped. From 2,000 to 3,000
cattle are shipped by this large
Company, of which Governor
II. C. Stuart is president, every
year and they are said to be the
choicest to he found in the
country and command top
{prices in the New York market.
[This compnny owns about 80,
000 acres of finograzing land in
the heart of the blue grass
region of Southwest Virginia,
ami it seems that this method
of fattening results in a pocu
liar davor in the market beef
not otherwise obtained]? Blue
Hold Telegraph.
Driver of "Bear Cat," How
ever, Knew it Wasn't
Although his ear had "Hoar
Cat from Wise County" paint
ed on tin- hood in large letters,
no one paiil any particular at
tention to it last night on state
street as ho circled back ami
forth between Lee and Fron I
streets. However, they were
coon given a thrill, for the driv?
er of the "Hear Cat from Wise
County" suddenly turned his
car about ami headed it straight
for the open door of a saloon
He took the curbing on a jump
and in a moment hail idsOngiuu
throbbing at the swinging
doors. The doorway was not
wide enough to take the car or
he would have undoubtedly run
it inside.
The noise of his approach a'
tracted the negro porter of tie
saloon and a large crowd.
"Lookey here, man, you can't
do that," exposulated the m
gro, as he saw what the driver
of the "Bear Cat" was attempt?
ing. "Whaddaye think dia is?"
"Why, ain't this a garage?"
asked "Hear Cat's" chauffeur
in surprise.
"Naw, dis ain't no garagi .
dis am a barroom."
"Oh, excuse mo; I thought it
was a garage."
The "Hear Cat" was backed
off the sidewalk and surround?
ed by an admiring throng.
"Say," the driver of the
"Hear Cat" began confidential?
ly to the crowd, "I knew it
wasn't a garage all tho tine-,
but just as soon as I lint) a sa?
loon door wide enough, I'll
make everybody in it think it
! is. ? Bristol Herald Courier.
James Kovach, Hungarian,
Roda, Va., has lost or strollen
away, one milch cow, weight
850 to '.mo pounds, red and while
spotted, muly, with bell, age
'six years, and ox pec tod to be
i fresh about October 11 til. An)
one delivering or giving Infor?
mation as to this cow will re
coive a reward of $5.00, adv.
A choir from the Baptist
Church at Kast Stone (lap went
to Cadet last Sunday ami sang
many songs at the Methodist
Church at that place. At two
o'clock Kov. Hevorly baptized
two ladies ami four men, the
choir furnishing the music
This means several new mem
hers for the Methodist Church
jat Cadet.
j Kov. and Mrs. C. E Paintet
iof Athens, W. Va., are spend
ing a few days in the (Jap this
week visiting Mrs. Painttr'fl
I parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.

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