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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, October 21, 1914, Image 4

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Virginia Stomach Victims
Find Wonderful Remedy
A Quick Relief.
Sufferers Tell of Swift Results
From tlic use of Hayr's
Hundreds of Virginia people
nro needlessly suffering from
stomach sind digestive ailments
when relief is close :il hand, if
thpy wouldohly tuScQ.il Mayr's
Wonderful Stomach Remedy
linn u record of foal results.
Thousands and thousands <>f
people have taken ii with as
tmushing bnnofit.
I lere nie tin' words of 801119
Virginians who have taken it;
j, II. ROSEN RICK, Dante.
Va., writes: "l took your med?
icine and it proved to he just
what von claimed it to i> -. I
have I idt hotter since 1 tan I
have i'i fifteen years."
JR., Ki|ikain, Vu . writes: "I
was in bed vvhoil I begun your
treatment and t he doctor had
1.1 treat ing hie for fort} days
After Inking the llrst treOtmonl
of your medicine I got uii add
now am ubl ? In bo about."
Those are typical statements
from the peoplu wild Ii ivo tltik
on Mayr's Wonderful Stoinfte.h
Itomody, li gets results quick
The first dose provos- no long
.Mayr's Wonderful Stomach
Udmodv dears the digostivh
tract of mucoid accretions and
removes poisonous matter it
gives ? iitit*k relief to sufferers
from Rlom.ich, liver anil bowel
troubles. M thy declare it ins
Raved them from dangerous op
orations and many are sure it
has saved Uieir lives.
We want all people,who have
chronic Rtoniticb trouble or
constipation, no matter of how
long standing, lb try one dose
of Mini's Wonderful Stomach
Itemedy ? one cMso w II con \ ih.ee
you. This i< the metliclhe so
niuny of our pe iple have I.
taking with silrpfisiug results
The most thorough Rystoin
cleanser we over sold Mayr'
Wieelerfnl Stomach Itemed} i<
qow sol.I here b) the Mtltual
Drug Onmpauy and druggisi?
e ery w here. Adv
A Sorh'R lif meetings will lo?
gin tit tin1 Bnptisl church hero
this weck. Roy-, J. B. Gruft, .>i
ilit> Gn]<. ? ill conduct i Ii" ?er.
vices. It being tho first revival
lu'lil at the now church, rt large
Increase in membership Is ex
N. 1?. Chestnut, of Bristol, ia
OUt tills wool; tb visil Iiis MooBti
friends, which rir? ver,\ nuninr
aus in Appulachia now.
l>r. J, W. Uoskina, pnoofonr
Ichdltig dentists, is building a
line two story brick building
on maiti street, which will la.
liuishcd at an early 'i ite.
W. A. Johnson, snpci ihtt ud
Out of the Interstate, win has
been a resident of Appalnehin
for some time, is nov. moving
Iiis oflioes here, lie will oc
tippy the oIHcl'8 vacated l>\ l>r
1 los I; ins ami C R. Met critic.
Mr Itose, iho Progressive can
didnle for Gohgrt ? spoke Ihiru
on last Saturday night.
Edwin ,1 am.vi \\ d? .tu fn in
Miihlh'shoro San.lay ;.. visit hi.
The A ppaliiclilu Mtill i.rj
Baud will accompany Mr
Slciu|i to tirini.ly ihn lattt rpuri
of this week, where ho will
Bpeuk to Ins republican friends'.
Hon. B. Trtto Irvlno ti n. final
ly sot n date oh which he will
Bpoak hot.
s. j; Guhtlry and IC. F. Tata
returned from Philadelphia last
week, where tlioy attended the
groat "Bravoy" games, ami
both spoke, of tin- "brayea" as
being far superior to their field
.Miss Brow nit McKenzie -p. nl
Sunday in Meudot i with her
parents, and returned here yt
.Mrs Otia Mousor, Of llipGap,
was visiting Mrs B. Mouser
?ioful knit Krvloeabl? souvenir to
ladles only, can uat ?! M) tune* ami
approclated b) all. Worth Imylng
Kill out coupon OOUHKCTI.Y ilild
mall i"> !!? at onto
AI?, s.-n.i u.s luinr of say omi
irfiaUiig t" buy .? nlano 1101 uat
thw' already having on.'
Please?nmi er coupon. Vm.oi No
I Chs>. M. Slicil. 710 M?in Si. j
I?o you cx|K-ct to buy? .
When What A\\m\
Would yon lilo- to Ii4\c <tiir price
llat .?iiI catalogue
If you aiuiar thi* vyrlto on plain
paper, natno- ?ililatj plainly inj
l.>n?hburje. \ a.
Haw')on a piano!
Name, of It.
Miss Mar) Tote wit? ilow'h,
from Coohinh Und woekY visit
fug Ihm brother, 10. Ii. Toto.
Miss lleatrico ?obbh*. rif]
Itlnck wnnd, visited Mr. nuil
Mis. M. D. Collier ii fow (Inj?
last week.
.1 I'. Morgan Anderson, who"
lins for ?oiue lime been Work
Itig fit Jenkins, Kv., bus ro
iiti in i| fur a tow (lay*.
Mrs. W. H. Carrier Dead.
Mrs. W. Ii. Carrier, who wan
taken frum hero lo a I ,ouis\ din '
lius|iiial last Thursday night
ami who died al U o'clock Mou
ilay night, will ho bnried this
afternoon at llig' Stone <i \<
Tlo< funeral will he hold at the
LtnpiitH church at about l:;lop,
m., Kov. Smith, of Norton.. Olli,
The tli counted was I he inul her
of a large family, only thr.f
whom arc now living? Edna,
Margaret ami William Can ioi.
Jr., together with their father,
reside In lo and have the RVIII
jiat li> of all Who k II iw I hem.
She rail the j .III 1)03 of her
lite in IIH j ears. It i- a path I
marked with deeds (if kindness
and cheer, P luw< in, not tho ins,
sunshine, not shadow, did she
scatter ? n y w lie I a. With these
she was lavish. Truth was the
Inspiration of lo r hie and by
kiildnoss she exemjdilied its
greitt worth;
Let us, if possible, gather up
the e|. -incuts of the life (if t he
departed one und we?voVif I hem
> picture far lliu walls of mem.
or> Tho book of life VVtlH tip
ened and a liuiv name wa^ writ
(en tin rein hy the hand of love.
Soon would he the unfolding of
Lioautlcs of Hprilig.itino have
i harmed lier coining, Today
the eternal springtinii with
everlasting glories belongs tu
loved one. ([or life W08 a file
jewel, her spirit us gold reiincd
in the lire, read) for heaven.
Tb her tho i-t rilgglo and biir
den he nine; of earth- is ended,
and w e .- n i lenll v t rtlHt I lull
like one who awakes froin.ti
troubled droam she him'awnk.
eniU to see life's endless im.r'.i
ino break and khows herself at
homo with till llio vast tin . ..
of loved ones, iniss,-,| ft on
earth, safe about her Her
homo instincts Wore strong here
rn this fevered world of disap?
point mcr.:. H i affection for
friends and kindred was ten
der and iibiding,
Airioug as all she ranke 1 al
ways as a woman of culture.
rollitcmont, sympathy, a kind
I neighbor, devoted mot her and a
true friend; and with il a (VO
man of heroic, mould in brnvolv
lilt ? line, the stern rOvpiirontO It J
i and often disappoinimonts of
lite -Appalaohin Progressive
. - .
Candidates Make Agreement.
Big stone Gap; v.l., t ).-t. i t,
I. The following agreement
regarding the use of money in
the coming elect ton and corres
poudence on lite subject of
judges of election hits been giv
en out for publication from the
campaign committees of the
three parties cmc-rii rl:
We. tie- undersigned cnndl
dates for C !ti}j;t.'!is from the
I Do M Strain !
Your Eyes
^ by trying to read by \\
poor light. Why not J
I- firtd out what electric fj
> -1
> lights will cost? They ^
ti r I ^
t are safe, ? clean, no
! trouble or worry and !
* easy on the eyes. 3
? We will wire your
\ house on easy terms.
I Investigate.
I'invell Valley Ligltl
& Power Co.
Uif, Stone Gap and *
Appalaohla, Vn. -A
jtxfM i&j&i ?i-? t :rs ist? n^Ji
Ninitli Virginia District, tri the ?
? h oi Ion lo tin held 01) N"V> ni
l>of Ill) I, u>> hereby ngreit and j
pledge ourselves, ouch ??? 11??- i
Other, ll?al we will mil, d I n el 1 \
Or Indirectly, use ?iiy money,
whiskey, or dtiier iliiog ol \ ai
no, tor tltd purpose pi buyirig or
unlawful!) itilluonoing ??!>
voter, uithor bef. Hi- ility ol
nleoiinii, <>n ibli day of election,
or after said day; and we I'nr.
ilior Kgioe and pledge ourselves
io in o itll honorable moans wjtb
our friends, supportcis ami
aninmittfos to 11.ml cbtt t bone
shall directly or indirectly, in
our hidiulf, use any money,
?vhfskoy, or ol tier thing of vnl
tie, lot Buch ptlipose!
Witness ihu following signti
lures Ibis September fttlii, lul t
? It. T. lltVINK,
0, I!. Sl.KMI",
.I L ItosK.
Wasliiuglou, I). O.
r Sir:
I n connection wit h our >
omotit in t he use of iii"t! :
etc., in ih? present d mi?
ii. and coi)jirmiug in) re
o >nvcrsation with you, I 1
In s ay (liui I .dull reconi !
.1 to and uso all proper in
in' ai m\ commaml wit h \
electoral "hoarita of ibis dis
lo seh dt a republican judge
eletk of (lootion at each of
voting precincts iri the dir.
iroiil fi t of live names
0 handed said board within
aspnahlo lirito prior id said
?ion, b) (hh'rospi'Cliveednn
?..oiioi-toes of ydiir party,
1 tbrdugh its chairman,
Very tmlv vdiifs,
ti r.'iitviNK.
to i ) our friend tells you a
'. laugh! Laugh again, And
rb heart ily, Volt may want
to return the courtesy some
lioitki he* "nippiat in the
bud'*, fci il allowed to inn
unchecked, serious results
may I o 11 o w . Numciotis
cases ol consumption, pneu?
monia, and other fatal dis?
eases, cm he If.tced back lo
Scold; At the tust bie.ii of a
.old. ptotect youiself by
thoroughly cleansing your
system with a leu- doses ol
the old reliable, vegetable
ivcr powder.
Mr. Chas. A. Kagland, o
Madison Heights, Vs., says
I have been using Thcd
??lord's lilack-Draught foi
1 stomach troubles, indices
lion, and colds, and find il la
be the very best medicine I
ever used. Il makes an oldf
man I eel like a young ope."
Insist on Thcd'ord's, the
original and genuine, E-671
Members From All Parts of Unlteo
Stales Will Be in Nashville. Tenn.
on November 10 and It?Many;
Prominent Women Leaders Will Be
In Attendance.
BtltTniKlitS from till parts of the Unl
tr it Stales will arrive In Nashville,
Ti ... ? . mi Nn\wnhcr 10 ami 11, lor
ihn Forty-sixth Annti&l Convention oil
the National American Woman Sur- ]
fr.;.;.- Association, anil the delegates
win ropresent over sixty branches ol
the association which have been or'
gnrjjzcd In forty-Uiroo states. There'
Will be women jiromlneiil socially. In
ttie professions and Ih all kinds of re
form work. Some of the delegates win
come from equal lUttrilgo states, and
thfly will tell the ic .uli of votes to!
w omer. from personal experience.
Among them will be .lane Addaras, of
Hull House, who Is now an Illinois vo
ler; jilrs, Mary C. ('. Uradford. Super
Intention! nl I'ublic Instruction of Co!
orado; Mips Helen K.'ker, of Kansas:
Mrs. Francos Munds, of Arizona, ami
Mrs. Catherine Waugli MoCulloimh. ol
Chicago, well-known us a lawyer had
justice of -lie peace. Tho'most Inter
sitting women vol. rs, because they w .l!
1>? briind, now ones, w ill eon; ? I mm
States Where suffrage amendments are
to bo vole,! on November 3d. Those
States are MOIlthnri, Nevada. North and
South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and
Ohio Mihi. Anne Martin. President of
the N'ev ida ICqunl Franchise Associa
t rni, writes that Bho can not miss the
National Convention, hut, on the other
hand, hOW <an BllC have Nevada until
nil the returns mo In, and It usually
? - - 18
iw, P.-;cident N,
Woman Sutlras
. ties; who are l lading the
?Igtta this year, will be Mi
ylOr Union, of Ohio; Mi
ill., of $.<!.!ask.t; M..-s Jf-.i
In. of Montana; Mis. ('la
?f North Dakota: Mr;. \yi
ii Hi 'lime just. l.'Bl
on ii" rclnllon between Stun owl
lion*! wok and --n Hie cainnnU;n4 Ii i Ih.
rirtslow and Slntfrotl amendments I? tr.
CVnsOtulWill of (he . nilcd .State? I ine
?.? '..a. wilt b* devoted to a lively con?
ference mi method* f.rfmnlstna und
emi:na<*nlng', In w-Mel, it Is cjcpfCleu that
all il.ltiiiitti will lak. part. The Nation
nl Tit.murer. Mrs Stanley McCormick,
will snf.nl th- budget for II... ruutltiK
\fsr. Mrs. Cyru? Field, of New York,
will report on (hi ttailunaj Buffi igi Pub
ItKi.mc ?'.> ? a nintfnwu corporation formed
10 ?ei't.O Miffi.iKe lit. i-ntiirc throughout
Ihe |-|ill!-?l fltnles, and offleer? for Hie Va
,...?.,1 \-??fl-u. n will he elected
..? Thurrd.1)-. S'nvv-nbrr I2. It Is cx
j.i i.,-. Hint lto\ W. II Moaner, or Ten
newte-i v.iv.-r lllllarv llnw-we of Vwnh
Mil ; y,,. Cioaler-Kien.h. l*rasldeat ?1
the Trow Mr* Sutfm;;.- Association, ?nd
Mm. Oullfurd Dudley. 1'realdent ol 'lie
Nimhvlllr Stirriu??; .MunicVatlon, ?IM wel?
come .the . enventlot l>r. Shaw will nuihe
the nnlui it ii-M.ei-a or. Ihn evenlnx, and
Hi . in cUon mil , clebtule the Novem
t>er 3.1 vt.'tuiles fur Winnen i?un*rinfe.
. 'Friday, November II, Voter'a KvtiiUm
will lie lul l under the ituaplcc* of the
Min':- I rurui for Woman ? undone, with
Mi Jainea Leea tuil.it in, or New York.
prealdluH. At the **v. mute meeting on
Saturday Inert will be a dla,-uaal..n ul
Ki n., mid Nnllomil eumunlRna, with Mm.
Carrie Chapman c.ili. ..( N'.-w v ,.? . Ml ?
Aller stun, lil.iekwil. if Itontnn. editor
ol Ihe Worn in'* lournaH Mrs. AnfolliolU
Kunk, ol Chleund. mi,I Mm tllenna Hmltli
Ttnntii, ..r Wuahlnct. n, among ti"' apeak
ura. Muta SCotta Uule will rr.id u new
Prlendaulp Village awry, with u auftrage
mi Sunday afternoon them will b? a
in iss iinetli.--. u? wlilili tin- apeakrra will
I.. Mlaa j:m. Ad.hoiix. Mr*. Uoalka
Schwimmer; uf nudnpeat; Mm Itayi.t
Itublilns. of Chicane, .ort Mrs. Iirahu
llrecklnrl.lge Mm Schwimmer is Sec?
retary ol the International Woman But
.'iu>!^ Alllance, and la a moat nett? work
? r tut iii, cauee in iiirDsarj*. Rh* la new
.-n.ikiiiK i apmktni tour In Ohio, white
lor audience,-! lite in..ai enthualnalle pvci
bei eliM|iiener nnil wit. Aim. Itnyniutid
Itubltlna I- well km.wn ai the I'realdent
ol tin National Wpmah'a Trade Unlo
I ??.e.o. und Mm. llreoklnrldse. uf coilra.
nreda no Introduction tu nuitlorn uudl
Sunday evening Itu bUlcera of the Na
lional Asaociuiion will k-ivi n i.'-nttun to
delegate* nnd tii.n.l.-. On Monday ? v.
nine it'." Krenl new moving pletnrc auf?
trage piny, v..ur Ulrl und Mine." wilt be
prcacnlcd. This play come* uut und?
the Joint nuaplcea ..( Mm. Mt.1111 Mi-iNn
mlck nnd Mr. Wllllnin N. R. IIk. who, be?
sides lictnK ene of the liirt.-t producer*
In the moving picture, woil.tl la wild te
n imivlnee.l HiitiiiiiilM aa well. Mm. ....
? ???inil. I. and Mr. In: have financed the
Mits.Janc Addatria; First Vice Pre
dent National American Womnn Suf?
frage Ar: Delation.
yVvnillr.i,,. Mi- . Kith,.in.- Ka.-lr. d. Ii.nl
.lnhn Ion.
Kali w.?.
nli. North
Southern or
r.i nnd enthn
con(i.i.lt.i i!?.
b? freemenlly
men. In fact,
WiinhlnKton [,,
>f ?<? ninny
Hell win the IT
nlali n warm wrtcoi
The prom-am f->r the Convention In in
charge ..I lite following Commttto. tu
im.. Howard RIiiiw, Moylnn. f.i . chulr
inan: Mm. Mary Wnr? n.-nnrii, Roc Hrth
avenue. New Vork, Rrer.tary; Mi.- Stan
ley McCormlrk. noaton: Mi-. Ida Clyde
Clarke. Naativille; Miaa .Iran ttiirdon New
nrleaiia; Mis., rilnoi llyina. New v.'uk
Mr* Rroeat Thnmpaon-Setnn, or Cn
nretl.'iit, Ifi the National ehalrinitn of lo*
i-.il .o i.itierteents. and Mi .i ,Ti:l.n .v k n
ny. .if Naahvlile, la Tennrsaee'a cbolntian
..f I.....I arrt'tureineals. Cinvriillon 'i^.nl
<joart?ra ?!" be at tha [lermtUtte Itotrt.
May 10, IUM.
I.KAVK N IHiT" N?B:l.i ft. ,? .
r.yuehbnrg anil liiiirmcdlate
lions, l'ullmau klecber IlluclU'Kl I,.
I'l lladelphla via lugeratowii
Uuiliiutu sleekier Knmunc in || . ,
m..ml mid Norfolk. Alsoi.i.
?t MuetH-ld with trains WcMb,
l'ullmau sleeper to Oliiuhinttl
i 'olumliux;
I.KAVK Nt.MtTON?S::10 |i f ir p.,
North, Kast mid Wtal
LEAVE ItltlSTol.? Hilly. 0 tr, ,
t..r Kant Itatirorrj; Uoauoke, I
Imrg. Petersburg, Itlchniouil
Norfolk l'ullmau I'arlur i .
Klchinnnd; l'ullmau ilcojier It.,
noko to Now York via llagut
ami llarrisburg.
.1:1.", p. m. lor Norfolk and Interim
points, l'ullmau ?lfcopera to \. :
I:B3 p. m. ami : ;IW p. ill. (limit, u
Iralua with pUllman ?|oe|iem to \>
Ington, llaltlmorC, Philadelphia
.New Vorn via l.yiichlmrg. llo?
make local slop-.
13:16 p. in. ilally fur all points bctaei
Uristol ailo Lynchliurc. Coutiei
Walton al .">: HI p. m. u Ith Um
Louis i:\piess for all points west ,
If yon are thinking or taking a
VOtJ want limitations, eh, i| .-i i,
liable ami correct liiforuialioii ,
mules, train schedules, the most Clinton
iible. ami quickest way. Wrfte
information is yoiiri fur the Asking,
one of oui i'omplele Man Koldois
w. c Saunokiib, 11. I'. A.
W. II 111.Ml I..
1 ass. Traf. Mgi ,
Ko.UH ke V ,
v. i.u.m.,,,.M.i,. W. a. 11, , ,\j
Gilmer dt-^akor,
Physicians and Slirgooiu
um, , s o, \\'iii,i,ii?ii,iiiii.
Bin Stono Cap, Vlrshiln.
All c-tlls atinworod promptly.
Refraction ist.
(real- diseases ol (lie Bye, i;?r, Nose
and ritruat.
Will I,., in AppslanliU lllfST Kitt IIA i
in eai.li month until I) I'. M.
ii....... i n.i Kiikit Iniurinont liulltiu
.Big Slono Gup, Virginia.
D. F. ORR,
stone cap, - VA.
Office in.Polly Building,
1? Honr.?i lo 1-' n. in.; I lo 5 p, in.
or: r. morae lchuls,
Osteopathie Physician
i i Mlil o. New ItlM-A i lid '.'l
" t Kcsidcnt, New HOU-II.
classes ofilfai-nHu suis essl'tilly in it
.-la! attention given In Still Nrs
.d i. h<' InillgcsTloii, Adenoids. Hi
is, Totiatllilri and all nervous tiei.li
10-11 Interstate ItullUlnf
Uristol, - ? fchneMce
Treats ois??n?i#tR of \ hp
Eye, Ear, Nose and throat
vVHi b? in Anplan^iVia I'lttrti
Friday In Each Monthi
Dr. (i. C. Eloneyeutl
Olli, e in \\ Ulis lliiilillng over Mutual
1 >rng More.
Civil and Mining Enslncei'j;.
ill:; Stone Cap, V.i. Harlan,Kv
Iti I no 'tii and estimates on Coal ami 'I ?'"
her Lands. Design and IMans of Coal ami
Coke I'lallUl, Land, llailro.nl and Mini
Engineering, Klcctrlc nine Printing.
Big Stone Cap, V.i
i'llgon and lluggy work A Spin..!..
11 have an Up-lo-dalu Machine for puttlui
on Kid.I.er Tires. All work given pion-i
I attention;
Attorney at Law,
j liitermont Kl Ig. lilt; STON K OAI'.
i'l^iV?d* pVtH ?? YEARli
tj .-fZI^it^ t..;t-L..IL..C
TnsoE Manr.d
CorvmcHTS A .
i.llnff a ,fceleh ftn.1.1r,crlpti.?n Iii??
hi.hi lr?o ??**' 1 ?' ?
IIANtiDOOK ?"i'1',",';',""
' .uucni a i? i. wi??
Scientific American,
* hanowiwarr ulnstfatad w?*ur. Mr??? etr
??lull-.? ie.T s-.He I .UM,?I. JSW.II'
ir.sr- l-.-.r .... ...In, ;.. oolJ bysll ne??d,'ii!i-r'
Hrtnch or>lc?. .w * ft- WMblcsluii, l'.C

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