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The Kelly Drug Company and The Big Stone Gap Post are sendingso.meone of thciij friends free of cost, to the Panama Pacific
Exposition at San Francisco.
This action is taken as a slight token of mir appreciation of past patronage and as a pledge that our services in the future will
remain up to the standard in all respects, fhe Panama Pacific Exposition is to he the largest ever held in any country. It starts
February 20th and ends December 4, 1915. The winner of this trip may 540 at any time after the termination of our offer.
hull details wili appear next week. Be <>n tin; lookout for them. Be Ready! Be Prepared!!
The Big Stone Gap Post. Kelly Drug Company.
High Cost of Living.
Why coroplaiu ?u much al ndt
the high '"list of living: Con?
sider what you get for your
money these days ;h compared
with a few years ago. The
telephone hau lidded to the
household expense, hut would
you do without one? The mov?
ing pictures furnish cheap
amusement. Would yoti do
away with the movies? The
automobile may he something
of a luxury, bill it has done n
gieat deal for the country at
largo. Surely no progressive
oitiseO would destroy the mot,o
vehicles. Electricity is far hei?
ter than the old tallow candle
or the ill-smelling oil lamp.
Who would exchange ami go
hack ward!1 Of course we are
paying more to live than did
our immediate ancestors, hut
are we not receiving far more
for our money and is life not
mure cheerful ami inviting?
So don't worry about the high
cost of living. Enjoy the mod?
ern conVi uioticee and live with?
in the income. As you have
some cash laid by invest it in
land. Land is not like stocks
dud bonds. Gambiers cannot
run the prices up and down
every few minutes ami freexo
you out of your land holdings
?Woman's' National Weekly
German Trade Kules.
Germany has 10 industrial
commandments for its people,
and with slight change they
can be applied to the "Made in
America" movements.
Here t hey are:
l ? In all expenses keep in
mind the interest of your own
J Never forget that when
t'uffiil ami ?errie<Mble anuvenlr to
Udlea only, ran 1h> med .VI tlinvs .tn.l
appreciated liy all Worth having,
Kill out coupon i oKHKCTI.Y muI
mail to ua at once.
Alao aentl ua name of any on,*
nantiiii* to buy a pktno not names of
thoae alrc*lly,having .mi'.
I'leaN" an*v\i?r coupon, Vos 01 No
Ch??. M. -Slietl. 716 Main St.
l.ynchburiE. Vs.
l'lcxse m-wI mi. gouvuuh.
Xamr .
Am :-..
Have you a puino?
Tfame of It . . Age
I >0 KM CJlHX't to till) t .
WlK-n Wlial Kind
vV'ouliJ you Ilk* tu have our priee
lint and c-a taint Ul?
li you amrar tn!? Write en plain
paper, name -addrea* plainly. IIS
5 Do Not Strain !
I Your Eyes jj
H by trying to read by ?J
U poor li^bt. Why not 3
v. |)J
iV find out what electric "
a 4
v, lights will cost? 1 hoy -I
are safe, clean, no
^ trouble Or worry and 5
k eusy on the eyes. a
tj a
i\ We will wire your ^
[; house on easy terms. 5
R Investigate. ?/}
I Powell Vnlh Liglil j
& Power Co,
p; Big Stono Gap and
? Appalaohla, Va ja
ujhuvaiai s -a> / R^^acsaKariS
you buy a foreign article > our
own country is 11??* po?ror,
:t ?Yotir money Rbould profit
no one lint I iermuns.
4 ? Never profane German
factories by UBiug foreign inu
,ri ? Never allow foreign eat
nblcs to be Berved til your ta?
tj?Write on German paper
with a German pen and use
German blotting paper.
7?Gorman Hour, German
fruit and German boor can
alone give your body the true
i |0i man energy.
s?If you do not like German
malt coffee, drink coffee from
t term an colonies.
t>?I'so only German clotlieo
for your dress and < lerman hats
for your head.
iu?Let no foreign llnttory
distract you from these pre
cepts; and he firmly convinced,
whale* er others say, that tier
man products are the only ones
worthy of citizens of the (ler?
man kathorland.
The Mutual Drug Company
reports they are making many
friends through the QUICK
benefit which Hig Stone Gap
people receive from the simple
mixture of buckthorn bark,
glycerine, etc., known as Adler
t-ka. This remedy became fam?
ous by curing appendicitis and
it is the most thorough bowel
sleanser known, acting on
BOTH the lower ami upper
bowel. JUST ONE DOSE of
Adler-i ka relieves constipution
ami gas on the stomach almost
1.MMKD1A I K\.\ .
News of V. P. I.
Blacksburg, Va., October 28.
< too mouth of tliu session
t!(| I I". Ill ih?- V. 1*. I IK now
over and tho attendance is a I tout
I fitiiul to the accommodations
in tin- harracks and classrooms.
With the beginning of tho pros
???11 term fourteen units were
required us an entrance re
lUirement, the result being that
the nu n came bettor prepared
and more than the Usual DUtn
|bor brought certifioatea from
the preparatory schools of this
and id her slates.
Five nton from ihe agricul?
tural college left Monday for
Raleigh, N. t .. where they will
meet a team from the North
? arolina A. and M. Qollege for
the Aral stock judging contest
ever hold in the east. l'rof.
Hunt of the department of ani?
mal hushandry hopes to make
these contests a permanent
feature and to enlist the eo op?
eration of other schools to that
Members of the faculty of the
college of agriculture have beOii
very busy this fall attending
the various fairs in Virginia
and report (he attendance at all
of the fairs ahove the average,
despite had weather at some,
ami the display of agfjcifllUrttl
products and live stock credit
aide to each section of the State.
The new athletic house is
Hearing completion and will be
ready for use early next month,
work on the now shops build?
ing is progressing satisfactorily
and the construction of the sep
Itio tank is well tinder wuy.
'I'hr athletic house is being
limit by subscriptions from the
alumni ami students, with tho
.fee required from each endet
, for instruction in physical old''
tine, while the money for the
shops, to tnkp the place of those
hurtled in June 1013, and the
tank was provided by the last
legislature. The latter is de?
signed to further safeguard tin
water system of the college.
The Home Paper.
Kx-l iovernor Francis once
said the following of newspa?
pers: "Each year the local pa?
per gives from $600 to $1,U0U,
in free lines to the community
in which it is located. No other
can or will do this. The editor
in proportion to his means does
more for his town than any
other ten men, und in all fair?
ness hp ought to he supported?
not because you like him or ad?
mire his writings but because
its the best investment a com
inunity can make. It may not
he brilliantly edited or crowded
with thought, but financially it
is of more benefit to the com?
munity than the preacher or
teacher Understand me, I do
not mean mentally, und yet on
moral questions you will lind
most of the papers on the rigid
side. Today the editor of the
local papers do the most for the
least money of any people on
In Bed For Month, First Dose
Puts Stomach Victim On Feet.
Virginian Is Restored by Won-!
dcrful Remedy After Doc- |
tor Labors For Forty
William M. Stewart, Jr., of
Kinkaid, Va., was sick in bed
from stomach troubles. l-'or
more (ban a month a physician
treated him with no success,
according to the patient. Then
i Mr. Stewart took a dose of
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach
Itemedy. Wight away he got
up and began eating. He
??I took the sample treatment
I recoivod from you and it did
me a wonder of good. I was
in bed when I began your treat,
incut. 1 had been dontored by
a physician for forty days with
out relief. After taking the
first treatment of your medicine
1 got up and am now aide to be
about Before I . couldn't eat
SO] i hiug without ierrible pains.
Your medicine is simply won?
Thousands of others in nil
parts of the country have found
just Buoh relief with Mayr's
Wonderful Stomach Remedy.
The lirst dose convinces?no
long treatment
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach
Remedy clears the digestive
tract of mucoid accretions ami
removes poisonous matter. It
gives quick relief to sufferers
from stomach, liver anil bowel
troubles. Many declare it lias
saved them from dangerous op
orations and many are sure it
has saved their lives.
We want all people who have
chronic stomach trouble or
constipation, no matter of how
long standing, to try one dose
of Mayr's Wonderful Stomach
Remedy one dose will convince
you. This is the medicine so
many of our people have been
taking with surprising results.
The most thorough system
cleanser we over sold. Mayr's
Wonderful Stomach Remedy is
now sold here by the Mutual
Drug Company and druggists
everywhere. Adv.
i Nervous? J
fa? Mm. Waller Vincent, af/S
of Pleasant HUI, N. C, E2,
jkJ writes: "I or Uve? sum- "^8
aw' mers 1 sulltred trom f\i
?\ nervousness, d r t a d tu I I?
pains in my back and
ffi)? sides, and weak sinking [?
gtj spells. Three bodies ot i' ?
C a r d u i, the woman's f^ji
(Sj Ionic, relieved me entire- '^L
ly. I leel tike another ff-q
(j?)J person, now." [(g)
JrJ? TAKE a<^
1 HI?
The Woman's Tonic
4?J ):or over 50 years.
W Cardul has been helping flQ
<g)| to relieve women's un- |?
ISy necessary pains and rf?
^)| building weak women up f/9f
jSi to health and strength. *^
Jr~ It will do the same for fVl
?J you.il givena lair trial. |?
So, don't wait, but begin fgR
@| taking Cardui today, for [dT
?*aJ its use cannot harm you,
sKr' and should surely do you
<9)\ good. E-72 I?.
& ^ ?*<!
Schedule in Effect
May 10, 1914,
LKAVE N () HTO X? 6-40 a. m. for
Lynchburg mid Intermediate sta
duns. Pullman aleeper Rlne?eld to
Philadelphia via llageritown, and
Pullmau al?eper Roonoka to Rich
mnnd and Norfolk. Alsoconnectioiui
at llluefleld with train* Westbound.
Pullman sleeper to Cincinnati mid
I 'otttihbnil
LKAVE NORTON 2:80 p l?>i polilU
North, Baal and West.
LI?AVK BRISTOL?Dally, 6:15 a. m.
for Rail R?dford, Boanukc. Lynoh
bunt, Petersburg, Richmond and
Norfolk tollman Parlor t ar to
Richmond, Pullman ?leepor Boa
noke to New York via HagcrstOWU
and I larrislmrjj.
6:15 p. in. for Norfolk and iuic-riindiato
points, I'ulbnau Sleepori to Norfolk.
1 ::!?: p. in. .mil 7 M p. rii (limited Solid
traina with pulimau sleepers to Wash?
ington, llallimoiv, Philadelphia und
Nuiv York via Lyncpburg. Does not
make local stop.-.
19:10 p. m. daily lor all point* betwoM
ltristol ami Lynchburg, Connects at
Walton at 5:40 p. in. with the St.
Louii Kxp'reaa fur all points west and
If you are thinking of taking a trip
1 YOU want .pi.nations, otfoapott fare, re
liable and correct information, aa te
routes, train schedules, thu most comforf
able and dnlokoal way. Write ami the
information is yours for the Baking, with
one of our complete Map polders. 11
w. r. dauadkm, ti. P. A.
W. II. ltKVII.I..
Pass. Tnif. M|;i .,
ltoaneke Va
|. a.?ili.?HM,M.i>. W. A, Ba*** ,m.i>
Gilmer & Baker,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oftcc? In Will? Itultdlnjf,
Bin Stone aap, Virginia.
All calls answered promptly.
D. F. ORR,
titlioc ln^Polly Italtding.
Omca llnura?8 In 19 n m.j l to 5 i>. m
Treats DIboosos or tho
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
vViii;t)o in ?npla?chla Third
Friday in Each Month,
Dr. (i. C. Honeycutl
Office in Willis lluildlng over Mutual
Drug Store,
Civil and Mining Enginoers.
Bik Stono Cap. Va. Harlan,kj
Reports end estimate*ou Cos! and Tim
bor lands. Design and Plans or Coal ami
Cokjo Plante, l.snd. Railroad and Mii?<
Engineering, Electric llluo Printing.
Bin Stono Gap, Va
Wagon hihI lluij^y \\?>ik A Specially.
I have hi Up-to-date Machine for putting
? >M Rubber Tires. All work given pmmpi
Osteopathie Physician
,,, tOfHco, Now 818-A Old 37
i nouca j K^j,),.,,, N(>w gpa.]!.
All classes of disease aWccasfnlly treated,
sjHvial attention given i<> still Necks
lloadachcs, Indlgoali?n, Adenoide, llron
ehltki, Touallitis aud ill nervous trouble*
10 II Interstate Building
Bristol. ? - - lennessee
Ref ractionist.
Treats diseases nl the Eye, Kar. N?sr
and Throat.
Will bo In Appalachia first FRIDAY
in esoh month until ;l P. M.
Office on First Floor Interment Building,
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
* . >?? Atteolloa to OlltrUou, tud Prompt R,mlt?u*
Attorney at Law,
Intermont Bldg. lttti 8T0NH oaf, va
I (Mile murks ?i?t m,., rlatiuobutncd or no
'.v t**nS rrv.W. .k.-i- or rt**0* **? d.
rri|?i~> for FREE SEARCH ??d W>1
>n {Wik i
ri ?i? ii ? w wwi
L303 Seventh St., Washington, D. C.

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