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_The Big Stone Gap Post.
The White
Christinas Seals Used in Fight
Against Deadliest of
Richmond, Vn., November 28,
Almost simultaneously with
the opening on Thursday of the
annual Christmas aale of Red
' loss seals, with which to raise
funds to combat tuberculosis,
the State Hoard of Health is
sued the first complete statistics
for deaths from tuberculosis in
the State during the last year,
These show :t,.V.i| deaths from
the "white plague"?1,158 more
deaths than from organic heart
disease, the next most frequent
cause of death,
These figures are based on the
vital statistics act passed by the
General Assembly of 1012 and
? vor the calendar yoai lOl.'l.
\1I the figures have been care?
fully reviewed and checked up
by one of the I' n it till Mates
i 'eiisns Bureau.
According to these figures,
tuberculosis in all its forms
causes 12.1 per cent of all
deaths in Virginia and ranks
well ahead of every other cause
of death in the standard classi?
fication. The tuberculosis
death-rate in Virginia is 108.0
per 100,000 of population as
compared with a rate of 140.5
in those sections of the country
from which the Census Bureau
collects the statistics of what is
known as the registration urea.
A striking though not unex?
pected feature of the statistics
i- tin- appalling mortality of tu?
berculosis among the negroes
..f the Stab'. The white death
rate from all forms of tubercu?
losis is 11!'..'> while the negro
rate is 270.5 the 100,000 of pop?
ulation: The rates for con?
sumption', tuberculosis of the
lungs, are lu.'l.-l for the whites
and 21'1.5 for the negroes. In
ten Virginia cities, for which
complete statistics are issued
by the State Bottrd, tin? while
rate from consumption is luj.2
while the negro rale reaches
:ilf, Q,
"These llgures," says the
Board uf Health in its weekly
bulletin issued today, "give
some indication of the tremen?
dous demand on the people of
Virginia for a more extensive
fight against consumption.
Health officials are laboring
with limited facilities in carry?
ing on a popular campaign
against this disease hut they
need the help of citizens' asso
ciatlona in every part of the
State. There must be adequate
provision for the consumptives
and more institutions for their
care, else we cannot hope to
stop the ravages of this disease.
The negroes are dying from
conshmption as from no other
disease and are certainly in?
fecting a large number of
whites. The Virginia Ann tu?
berculosis Association, which
is raising funds through the
sale of Christmas seals is di?
recting organization in the
State, and deserves the fullest
measure of popular support
Kvoryono should use the Bed
i'ross Christmas seals if for no
other purpose than to express
sympathy with I he crusade
against the worst disease with
which we have to contend."
Married in Georgia.
S. S. Brooks, postmaster at
Appalaohia, Va., was married
at Columbus, (la., on Wednes?
day, Nov. 18th, t<> Mi*is Irus
Miller, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. U. Miller, of that city.
Phe wedding took place at the|
home of the bride's parents.
Rev, Sentell, pastor of the
Methodist Church, performed
the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks arrived
in Appalaohia Thursday night
and we join their many friends
in wishing them a smooth voy?
age over the sea of married
life.?Appalaohia. Progressive.
War is an outward expres?
sion of hate, which is an emo?
tion that Europo has been cul?
tivating for some time.
Belgian Relief.
Hin Stone Gap, Vn.,
Nov. J7th. 1914,:
Editor Post:
You will please publish tlio
enclosed letter and circular,
which uro explanatory. 1 have
appointed die following com
mittee to assist in collectingI
ami assembling <l " n a t i o n s:
.Missis..I. L. McCnrmicIc, klylol
Morrison, M. It. McCorklo, W, I
T. Goodloe, ami Miss Lula]
Previous to my knowledge of
tliu State enterprise, I had ro
coived a donation of $38 on from
Trinity M. E. Church, South,
which I forwarded to the Chris?
tian Herald Bible lions.- Belief
Let Big Stone (lap do her
duty in this worthy cause, us
she alway S does.
NY. A. Rakki:.
Virginia Commission on Bel?
gian Belief.
?i. iV, Wynnr, Moinubr fruni Ninth
Pulnski, Va.', Nov. _!i.
Dr. W. a (taker, tilg Blond hap, Va.
Mr. .lulin Itoherta, Norton, V?.
Mr .1 N llllbnaii, Coeiiuni, Vn
Mi? It ii ii.-II. v Apiwlaclila, Va
Mr, liny i. fngh, st. faul. Va.
Mis Win Kill ton, u Lao, v..
Mi .1 folk Wolfe Uauto, v i
I Mr. KO Uuft'cy, Slonogn, Va
I wit h to ask > Oil all lo act
as a County Committee for Wise
County in the matter of an or
gdnisied olTort lo collect food
[and clothing for the relief of
the starving Belgians. I at?
tach'hereunto a memorandum
which further explains what is
wished. Itrnsi that you will
! take an active interest.
.1. b\ Wvsok,
Member t loininission
Ninth District.
Suggestions anil Information
to Committees.
It is the purpose of the Com?
mission to send a ship load of
provisions and clothing from
Norfolk just as soon a.t the ship
(Mil he arranged for and the
cargo collected,
As the member Of the Coin
mission from the Ninth Die
trie! l am endeavoring to have
the matter brought to the at?
tention of the people and have
written an appeal which has,
or will he, printed in all the lo?
cal newspapers.
In order to have u practical
head in ea.di county 1 am nam?
ing ten or more persons in each
county as a committee to take
up the work in connection with
moves already on fool and to
start other elTortH for collec?
I will notify the members of
the Committees of their ap?
pointment by letter, upon which
a mooting should he arranged
without delay ami a chairman
The collections should be in
the form of money, food or
clothing. The money can be
sent, to me, or proforably, direct
tu .Mr. 11. M. Boykin, Chair?
man <>f the Commission ut,
Richmond, Va. Tho food
should consist, of wheat, corn,
Hour, meal, bacon, ham, lard,
potatoes, beans, peas, canned
fruit, or anything which will
stand shipment. W arm cloth?
ing, either new. or second baud,
in good condition will he very
Arrangements should be
made al the proper places to
store the food and clothing
pending shipment. I will fur?
nish the shipping tags upon ap?
I trust that active interest
will be taken by those named
on the committees so that the
Ninth District will send a K''ii
erous consignment to the Vir?
ginia Relief Ship. An account
will be kept showing the dona?
tions from each county.
J. V. VVvsoti,
Member Belgian Relief Com
mission?Ninth District.
With characteristic precision
Japan has accomplished the
part assigned it in the honor?
able scrimmage ami now wishes
to know what next its illus?
trious allios desiro.
Big Blaze.
Thin place was visited by an?
other big fire on last Friday
morning at about 2 o'clock
when the general merchandise
store of. J. M. Willis it Com?
pany burned down at Cadet,
which caused a loss of about
$7,000 partly covered by insur?
ance- The Cadet postoffico,
which was in the building was
also consumed. The fire was
not discovered until the whole
interior was ablaze, and there?
fore nothing was saved.
It is not known how the lire
originated. Mr. Willis states
that he left $18.00 in silver and
a bunch of keys in the cash
drawer and after the lire a
search was made for the money
but only the keys could be
found, and it is thought that
probably the store was robbed
and set on fire to cover up the1
The building belonged lo the
Big Stone Fxtraot Works which
was also partly covered by in?
surance, and it is said they will
rebuild at an early date.
Acknowledged Receipt of
Relief Fund.
New York, Nov. 27, 1914.
Trinity M. F. Church, South,
Big Stone (lap, Vu.
I leaf Friend:
We thank you for you gen?
erous remittance of $115.00 which
we have applied to The Chris?
tian Herald Belief Fund for the
Widows and < Irphnns uf the
W ar in Furopc, according to
your request.
May the blessing of tiod rest
upon the giver ami upon the
gift, as also upon those in whose i
behalf it is to he expended.
Very cordially yours,
Tin: Christian Hkkald. |
Good Crops, Considering The
The following yields have
been recorded by the Boys' Po?
tato Club cd" Wise County. The
yields are small, but the
season has been a very bad one
for potatoes, and these youth?
ful farmers deserve praise.
< lladovillu District:?Irvine
Scott; 121 bushels oh : acre.
George Jesse, 101 bushels oil
'- nere,
Kmorson K.isterling, 10 bush?
els on i acre (unofficial).
Boborson District:? Fd ward
Miuuick, 01 bushels on ! acre.
Richmond I listrict: ? Harold
DortOh |2I bushels on -' acre.
J times Stewart, II bushels on
. acre |unofficial i.
Willie Hood, 7 bushels on i
acre (unofficial).
ttay Bobinetto, i; bushels on
I acre | unofficial).
Brent ice Robinette, 31 biish
ide on l acre (unofficial).
Wo have not yet received all
the reports from the boys' corn
club or men's club. George
Buchanan, an Fust, Stone hoy,
made 08 bushels of corn on
oiu" hill side acre. II. C. Stew
art (adult) harvested 93 bushels
of corn on one acre and has a
better aore to gather yet; His
;?;t bushels cost him not more
than Hi cents per bushel.
T. (J. Morris, of Fast Stone
< lap, cut :i two-horse loads of
aifalfa hay from ; of an acre
just 00 days after sowing the
alfalfa seed.
J. C. Stilus,
Farmers' Club.
Fast Stone (lap, Vu., Nov. 2S.
?The Richmond District Far?
mers' Club met at Fast Stone
tiap this afternoon ami an in?
teresting round table discussion
on crop yields occupied the en?
tire tune.
A committee composed of
John W. Chalkier' O. F. Blab?
toii and Andy jllood was ap?
pointed to solicit pii/.es for the
hoys' and men's clubs. It was
retpiested that this be done tin
Monday the 30th, so that the
results of the canvass could bo
put in this week's issue of The
Among other things, this
country must learn to stand
firmly on its own. financial feet.
Radford Nor?
mal Notes.
Kov. T. S. Pridtly, pastor of
Methodist Church, addressed
the faculty and students Wed?
nesday morning on "The Worth
of an Education In the ordinary
walks of life".
Tin citizens of Itndford have
signed a contract for a chuu
tamum course next Bllinmer.
This course will be given un?
der n largo tent and will con?
tinue one week. The eost of
course is guaranteed by a
group of it ad ford citizens.
Recently a school Peace
League was organised in the
Normal School. Its member?
ship includes all the faculty
ami the greater part of the
student body. The purpose of
this League is to inspire in the
children of the public schools a
hatred of war as means of set?
tling international difficulties
ami to promote good will among
people of all nations.
Dr. A. P. Bourlund, Score-1
tury of the Conference for Edu?
cation in the South, will visit
Ratlford next Saturday as the,
guosl of I?r. .1. I'. McConnetl,
He will leave It ad ford Sunday
for the South.
Several members id the Nor?
mal School faculty will attend
the State Educational Confer?
ence in Richmond next week.
Professors Avon! and Gilbert
each have places on the pro?
gram, Miss Hand will read a
paper before the Department of
Music Teachers.
Dr. .1. I'. McCounell will de?
liver ah address before the De?
partment of Superintendents on
'?A Square Leal for the Normal |
SollOOl in a System of Public
The Chicago Glee Club will
give a program in the auditor-1
111 in of the Normal School Tues-1
day night. The Lyceum course
offered tho present session isI
tho highest grade and most ex?
pensive over brought t<> this
section of the country.
Mr. A. Stuart Robertson, of I
Staunton, Secretary-Auditor of |
the new Normal School Hoard,
ami Mr. W. W. King, a mem?
ber of the Hoard, spent Thurs?
day at the Normal School
looking over the building,
grounds ami the work of the
Mrs. F. A. Butler Gives Views
on Suffrage.
Mrs. E, A. Butler, mother of
Mrs. It, L. (laut, of this city,
gives her views on woman suf
frage in an interesting; letter lo
a Bristol relative. Mrs. Butler
whs for thirty-three years edit
orofthe Woman's i\tis3ionnry
Advocate of the Southern Meth?
odist Church and although she
is now over eighty years old,
her mind is still vigorous. Sin
is a daughter of tin- late Thorn
asStringfield, one of the pin
neers of Southern Methodism,
ami has for years been on.- of
tho best known and most be?
loved women in the church.
Writing f nun her home in N ash
ville, she says:
"Tim Woman SulTruge con?
vention is going on in town al
this time. I take no interest in
it and fear they take more in?
terest in "Who Shall be Kirst:-"
than in any other question that
may come up. If the men
would be just to the women in
making the laws there would
be no necessity of women's
votes. If all men were as wise
ami gootl as President Wilson
there would be no trouble about
it. There are so many other
gruud things that might he
done that whether they vote or
not is a small mutter. The old?
er I grow the more plainly do I
see my own ignorance. I be
wuil it, too, and wish daily for
strength and opportunity to
grow more ami more in the
wisdom and knowledge of
God."?Bristol Herald Courier.
Like mercy eurly Christmas
shopping is twice blessed, bless?
ing the shopper anil tho sales
person, to say nothing of so?
ciety in general.
By I tu*
Captain Alvarez wan shown
to two large and well pleased
audiences at the Amu/a last
Thursday. The picture wusl
not only much onjoyed by all
who saw it but the grantor m i
jority of those present were
very frank to express them?
selves as thoroughly well pleas?
ed ami glad to boast of the fact
that they do not have to leave
home in order to see the latest
and best that's going in motion
pictures. While the Special
Features shown at the local
theatru are extraordinary the
regular program must not he
overlooked. It is pronouueed
by the traveling public who
SCO what is put on at the Itig
Theatres to be just a little bit
better than the average picture
programmes shown in the lurg
or cities and in the larger
theatres tu t hose cil i-'S. Nothing
in tin- day and tune does more
for the gouornl good of a town
than a first class motion pic
tu re theatre. It is now a com?
mon saying that a town with
out a good picture show is not
much "punkin" of a town,
when ju-t a few years ago a
picture show was something
which the smaller towns knew
m". Since a town is almost
invariably judged by the qual
itv of tin- pictures shown at its
theatre it behooves the popu?
lace of Big Stone tiap to stand
by the AlllUZU with good pat
ronagu and koop it among the
foremost motion picture houses
in the i Md Dominion.
State Board of Health Regards
l( as Best Reason for
Richmond, Va., November Js.
" I he lu st reason we can give
why ib.- people of Virginia
should return thanks for good
health," said an officer ? ? ? the
Stati- Board of Health today,
"is that in the report soon to be
submittedI to Governor Stuart,
the Hoard will show that the
white people of Virginia dur?
ing the past year enjoyed a
very low death rate ami had
greater immunity from typhoid
fever .than at any time during
the records of the Board. There
mn) bo profound regret at the
Buffering of the world from
war at a season when all should
rejoice, but there is profound
gratification in the fact that
i le -1.pie of the Commonwealth
' are enjoy mg gootl health."
Skeleton Identified.
Php skeleton found at Rube?
llen on a burning slate dump
was thai of .lohn West, of Bine.
Knot, Ky., according to his
father, who came over to view
Voting West left his Ken
lucky home in company with
his brother, Burl, and Cole Cof?
fee, and was last seen alive
with them at I 111 bode n, Where
the other two men are and how
John West met his death, is
Unknown at present.
.1. K. .Moss, of Appalaohia,
and officers at Ini.boden are due
great credit for solving the
mystery thus far, and will no
doubt land the guilty parties
behind the bars in the near fu?
ture.-- Appalachia Progressive.
Good Times Club Entertained
Misses Kdi.tb ami Kihel Van
(?order entertained the Good
Tun- s Club at their home near
the extract works very delight?
fully Friday afternoon from
three until six o'clock.
Four tables were engaged in
playing Progressive Rook dur
mg tin- afternoon, after which
covers were laid on them and a
delicious salad course was serv?
ed, followed by black cotTee.
Those who were present were:
Misses Fannie ami Lotiolla
Johnson, Mary and Thelnia
Baker, Corrie and Grace Rung,
Matt Brown, Mary Skeon,
Gladys Lyle, Clara McCorkle,
Kathleen Knight, Mary and
Margaret Garnes.
What of The South?
While we uro sending ship
I loads of Christmas presents) to
the orphaned children of Eu?
rope, nnd contributing millions
for the Christianising of heath
en lands, lot us consider mat.
turs a little nearer home.
A great section of our own
country is face to face with the
possibility of financial ruin. A
gallunt people are making a
heroic stand in the face of
overwhelming odds.
The south is not able to mar?
ket its cotton crop because of
the war. And for its ready
cash it depends largely upon
that crop. And without cash
it will be ruined.
There are many millions of
dollars in the north waiting for
profitable investment.
What better could the north
do than to aid the south by
buying its cotton and holding
it unt il the markets of the world
are again opened?
It would be a legi: un ite in
vestment - doubtless a profit?
able one?-and a brotherly ac?
tion by a prosperous section of
'the country in aid of another
I section in distress.
It is not charity, The south
docs not want that. Its pride
would not consent.
Hut it would be good business
sense. And the south would
welcome that.
fjr.<r ?r.?r ?r ?r .t .t .t.t t <r .t ?t .1 r?r.?7>
; Do Not Strain 1
j Your Eyes j
l l>y trying to road by
V. poor light. Why not 3
vi find out what electric ?
i* A
tj lights will cost? They 'A
are safe, clean, no v]
Y trouble or worry and
bj easy on the eyes.
tvi A
t> We will wire your A
\} house on easy terms. 4
n Investigate. yj
I Powell Valley Liglil \
& Powtsr Co.
V, A
V, Big Stone Gap and \2
jjj Appalaohia, Va. ?
? Srhsdul? in Effect
n-.v sa, ton.
bHAVK No It To N 9:18?. in for
Lyuchburg ami iqtersnodlptp Ma
lions Pullmaii sleeper lllueHelil to
Philadelphia via llaK.-rAie.vii. and
Pullman sleeper Itoanoke lo Ilten.
in?iid and Norfolk. Also connections
at lllueflold with trains Weatbound.
Pullman sleeper to CluolnuaU and
t tolumbua
bKAVE NOKTON?2:80 p foi points
Noitb. Kant and West.
LEAVE BRISTOL? Dally. 8:115 a in
for I..ist Itadford, Itoauoke, Lyuohr
burg, Petersburg, Itlohmood and
Norfolk, t'ullnun Parlor car to
lilobmond. Pullman sleeper ltoa?
lioko to Ni-w York iia liagerstovyn
and llarrlaburg,
i ??i p in. for Norfolk and Intermediate
potutsj Pullman sle.-js.-rs !<? Norfolk
l;32p, in and i ?">?"? p, in (limited.) Solid
trains with pullraan tleepcni to Wash?
ington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and
New Yoru via Lyuchburg floes not
inako local Stop*,
18:15 p in daily tor all points betweet
Itristoi ami Lynohburg C.leota Al
Walton al 5:-|0 p. in. with the St.
fouls Express for all points west and
If you are thinking of Ulung a tnr
Ytll' want quotation.-*, rin-apcat fare, re?
liable and correct information, as U'
rollte?, train schedules, the most comfort
able and quiekest way. Write arj the
information is yours for tho asking, with
OOS of our complete Map K?hler?.
IV. ?'. Bausdbks,O. P. A.
W; 11 Ib.viiA.
Pass. Tmf. Mgl.,
Koancki-. V a
Big Stono Gap, Va
Wagon and Buggy work A Specialty.
' 1 bare an l'p-to-date Machine for putting
on llubbur Thea. All work given prompt

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