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W KDNKSDA V, M.OH. :J, 1915
Published Every Wednesday \>y ?he
lut .?r,,arate?t.
Ono Your,
Six Months.
Throe Months.
Kntetrd according to postal regulation* j
st tho . st P.lg Stone lisp s? sec '
nnd-elsas matter
SUBSCRIBERS are earnestly ro
quested to observe tho dato
printed on thoir address slips,
which will keep them at all
times posted as to the date
of the expiration of 'heir sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
Segregation A Failure
The following editorial from
the Richmond News Loader will
he of interest to Virginia tax
payers because advocates of se
grhtion nt the special term of
ihe Virginia Legislature in Jan?
uary claimed that their plan,
Segregation, had worked w i t h
great stieeess in New York and
(lalifortiin i
Governor Whitman has, sent lo tbc
legislature of New York the special mos
saga on slat, finances to which we re
ferml on Monda.v tl was. ,( anything,
stronger than the nowsinper forenuds
mid it w as I lie iXHIvicting count in Ilm
long indlotnirnl of the liscnl system of
the Umpire Statt It llkowisu disposed
of the clniin, wlvanced during tho ills
t-ttssfon of taxation Inonr own general
axselnl.lv. that tlie lew of new dlroct
laves in New Yolk was made nOCOHaur)
by (srent puMin works undertaken m
recent v ein s
The governor's statement shows ihm
th. state, lint ho argues fids s,, I,.di
its standing expenses, and that of this
aiuoiim. only $.v?.sxi .'j :i i an is- supplied
l?y isx-xeiit tuvex A total or $lo.si:',.;'.ii .
must foinu from new direct levies on
propert?. In addition to ilus the shite
must now put aside an additional
?fi.iHSl tK?l interest ami sinking fund
In true Itojmhlk'iin fashion, ttovernoi
Wliitiuiui attempts to place the hlutnt
for tiiis defleii on the preceding admin
IsirnUon lie holds that .it least
ift,0?0,00f1 of Ihe preseni hudgel is du.
to the failure of ihe Democratic legi*
littore to make aihxpiatc Unpropruttion
for the Institutions und public vvorks oi
the state bin he argue* this s,. hull
llilirteillv 11 111 t he ptHfticnlly Illinois lie
real faetx that the Democrats attempt
<xl tlie ho|s-less tusk of deriving from
the Itopiihlicun system ol MgrOgutiotl
a revenue sutlii ieiit for the actu-.d tux-d.
of the slate The democrats l as .,s :,i
Inheritance tin- lax -isinn the Itepuli
beans hud devised in a futile effort to
deceive the people Into behoving Iheh
tuxes were boliig winced
the Democrat* accepted that Inlicri
tuni-o hnnoxth . but they had nil impos?
sible tusk in fuiuncing the governnienl
Segregation in New Yolk, like segrogU
lion in every America)! state, failed to
produce CllOUgh revenue, and did not
eXpuntl with growing needs It was
hopolexxh tnehistii'. Seliguian. I'urdi
Pleydell ami their felkwv-udvocntes "f
Mgregatlou did their beat to improve
it They devis.sl un excellent inner!
(once tax. they made all possible up
peals for the 1 bit lug of tlie property, and
they established a supervisory Ixxlj
Bui none ot those expedient*. suhVcd
The normal ami Inevitable increase in
ihe expense*of tin- state far outstripped
the slow gtowtli in revenue The Demo
.rats made tho I S3? I of a hopeless sltittl
t inn. cut expense* to the Ismo and triixl
to live within th- state's income.
Th* condition of the sinking fund is
likewise directly attributable to the ?.i\
xvstem Now York has no arrangement
like that of Virghliu by which she is
I'll.I,,- d to make definite provision for
her sinking fund, Sb.- boa added toll
us she eonhl. and bus devoted lull the
annual surplus Hol with an inelastic
revenue, never ndi-piatc for actual
tiissls. she has lasen forced to curtail
dinvt appropriation* to the sinking fund
and lias had tm surplus to utilize. |i.
iiiands have pii.xl up until I bey must
Is- met, either by OM increase in the pub
lie debt or by the imposition of new
A lud situation, us we suggested sonic
time ago. bus been rendered worse lo
a \ysl-:ii ?hat makes Ihe State levy new
faxe? at a time when citizens are least
able to |siy litrtu. Hard times, which
ivsjtiiv tho incomes of citizens, r.stuo
tlie revenue of the state from ils indi
rvct tax.* and fons- It to lint,K>*o or.
property an unexpected und hur.li iMOtnt
Governor Whitman realise* this, and
he i.a-. U-eu .. .;? ... :; i to csiuple wit!,
hi* apponl for tho levy of an unproeo
dented tax a call for a rustic romo.iii
N'o appropriation bills, lie urge* tho leg'
isl'no,.' should Is? {<Wsrd except t..
"mes-t some giave emergency, until wc-me
oniiiprrhensivo plini shall have lioen for?
mulated containing provisions f.w flu
m mal unavoidable requirements ol tho
stuto.'" Ho likewise urp -? Die enactment
of how tux laws and tl?- intrvvlui-liou
a scientific budget system.
Thus is inh).-.1 Now York to the list Of
those states that have tried, segregation
and have found that ? jofl theh in-titn
lions in need, th. it finances in chaos
unit Iheir rieveniHH in disorder, Cnllfor
r.ia, fi\'.-< -1 with a Ireiiiehdott* deficit,
will 1?- the next entry In this register of
fiscal disaster. Yet the system which
has failed in New York anil is toppling
in California is tho system io lio itltro
duced in Vlrginht
Nannie Juno Wax was lM>m Angus!
II. Isis, und died February 20, hilft,
agtsi r.ii years; months und I'- days.
Her {rnlndpnrcht* were I >? s-t. >i William
nulluni Whit.- ami .Sarah It Whit,
ami Itei i..it. in- wore Nathaniel Hicks
and Mulvina Itirtts. Her rather was n
brother of lto\ William Hicks, who in
his tiny was u great preacher ami u lead
or in tho ilolston (^inference; mid tin
nneloof Rov. W, \V. Hicks, who is now
a inoniborol this conference She was
born in Sullivan coillili. li nt: . anil bet
ancestors wert? among the oldest holders
of Kast Tennessee.
Mrs Wiix wits reared in a Christian
hoino nhil joined flic Mcthotlisi I'lmtoh
In her childhood Hp to tin- time lier
healthladed she wits an active worker I
in tho chnri-h. ion) for main year* lief
Itbiiiii was a homo f.-r the preachers j
Hhoiiml her husUiuil wot., their friends]
soul helpers, es|>eeinlly ..t the ybi'ini
preachers llovs Huso,,,, li.it.tw in. W
0, I-'iirris and Joseph Coiik ?.'iv Ulliiiiig
tin- young preachers the writer )u.
hoard Ibellt S|i0ak ..( a- tieiiig in (boll
home, and in her d.atli ill.- preacher
und his family los.. ,.>.f tlioir host
slio was married t" Samuel Wax in
Is;i. and to Ilium won- given six .in)
du n four giHs and two hoys' Th'etWo
eldest wort- girls and tli.sl in young
wuiininlKRid The surviving children
nhi Hiifusami William Wiix arid Mis
Malcolm Slhith. "I lliirSti.no tiap. Va .
mid Mrs frmik Seotl. .,1 Khnxvilie,
for a hiitnlicr of years Airs Wax Inul
lieeil in greitl ulilieiioa mid had snffcreiil
much, bill in it all she was path-ni mid
never complained. Her end was |>ouco
fnl nml she is bow at i. si Hoi mother
died .Immun ,jnsi.month lioforc
and ?Ii- \n yeiti - ? >til The funeral was
ColHbietisI by hoi- pistor. assisted I?
liot .1. II i traft, iststoi t.i tin- II?) it ist
?'Innrli The burial in (llmicoo Cum?
lor) was U-autifiil The max.- Wits
limsl with evergreens, mid when the
grave was lllbsl up. tin- little inoiiinl
\yns ebverttl Ovei >x n h evergreens mid
llowois. und resting under thi s.- em
blems ol purity ami hun.ot'tality, wo
left the IhhIj to llWttit the ic-ilri.-ctiim
ol tho just
Tho pill Km. !-- were Dr. I) V Orr,
in w \ Baker. I' vVoifo, .lohn
Hamilton, i; N. Knight, Dr, .1. W.
Kellv. lieu It A Vyors mid K .1
There Is No Question
hut thai indigestion mi l tin di-iu --? I
feeling which idwnys goes ivith it iitii
before and after each incoi. SSrj a I -.-.
Kelly Orinj Co.
If yOll own stot-k anil poultry,
Volt shotlhl see thai they ate
proper IV cured for during the
cold Weather. We sell nil of
the u.I brands ol Stock ami
Poultry Foods and Remedies
Mutual Drug Company
Misses Nemo Vineyard, (Iraci
ami Frances Long were in Ap
palacbin Saturday.
Though it is excellent to think
affectinnnti ly of the land of
one's birth, it is not wise to
carry sentiment to the extreme
of abusing the land of one's
meal ticket.
Tin' Italian vvritoi who in iki>s
the statement that immigration
to the United rs'ates froin Eu?
rope will not In- resumed for a
generation, is playing a pretl)
safe bet \\ Uli t he neu of a I
most every nation of Europe
being killed and maimed in the
most horrible and senseless wai
of history and with the women
and children being reduced to
starvation, there appeals to he
little opportunity for them to
avail themselves of the oppor
Utilities of freedom and the en
joy mem i>f iifa winch is ofTered
them in iIns country,
will relievo your indigestion. Many
people in .Ibis town have ie-o.1 them
nml wobsvo xet to bear of a nafo -a la re
they have failed. Wo know She- for?
ms) x. Sold onlv by Us?w.riC ? box.
Kol!)' Oruij Co.
Missen Gertrude, Bertha and
Carrie Jones spent Saturday
and Sunday nl Imboden visit
in!,' relatives and friends.
il I". Young arid little son,
II. I'., Jr.. .1. B. Dangheriy and
I Ian v c. Wallace w ere in A ppn
lachiu Sunday.
Mrs. II IV VonUl< and Mrs.
Fret! OiUBOii and children re
turned Saturday night from a
visit to relatives at Bichmnnd,
There will be services at
Christ Rpisedpal OiiUrcli Friday
nighi ai seven thirty o'clock.
Tin' public is cordially invited
to attend
A I'. Crockett, of Cooburn,
was in town last week on blisi
Miss Ad.lie Ditto has return
ed lo her home in Louisville af.
ter a visit to Mis. I! L. Barks
at the Monte V ista.
Simon and Buuben Banks
spent Sunday in Gate City vis
itllig friends
I'-. It. Dalit, hf Ihe Sparger
Mill Company, of Bristol, spent
several days last week in tlie
(lap mi business.
lion John W. (Jhalkloy is
spending a lew days this week
in IIa//.ml, Ky., on business.
Mr. ami Mrs. John .1. Beasor,
Dr. ami Mrs. (i C ti timer. Ma |
rinn (Jlarkstoii and family, Mr.)
ami Mrs Green Itousor, Mrs
Corn shuler and daughters,
John Gill) and daughters were
among those who attended Ihe
funeral of Mrs. Skcen. in the
Gup, frottl the Cove, W'edllcS.
day .
M?*s Corrie Long spool a few
days til W ise last week, visiting]
the Misses Addington.
Mr John Fox, Jr., of Big]
Si..ne i lap, \ a , the well known
nillhor, was host at a dinner
p it i v I'm.lav evening at Hotel
Bristol, when his guests were:
Mis Kirh) . of New York; Mr.
.1 c Scott, Mrs. s. c. VYaddellj
Mrs. A. S McDowell and Mr.
and Mrs K I Iri nnen, of Big
Stoiie Gap, Va ?Bristol Herald
Ohas. Wax ami daughter,
Margaret, of Norton, attended
the funeral of Mrs. S. W. Wax,
lit re Sunday
The I ognhii v monthly meet?
ing of the Woman'-. Missionary
Society will he held at the home
of Mis. Wagner on Thursday,
March lib Visitors are cordi'
ally invited and members are
nig. d lo he present at :t p. in.
J. C Fuller, v. ho returned
las! w.ek from Little Bock,
Ark . where he has been engag?
ing in the mercantile business
for some lime, was taken to
Richmond Saturday, where he
will undergo a treatment in a
hospital fot stomach trouble,
i it.in winch In- has been au Her?
ing for ipiitO awhile.
Mi- Samuel Carter Waddell.
of Bristol, who is instructing a
lancing class in the (lap, is a
guesl at the Monte Yistn.
Mis. w. II. Polly vory de
lightfull) entertained a few
friends at Auction Bi idge
Thursday afternoon in honor of
her guests, Mrs. Webber, of
Uoanoke, ami Mi>ss (?rr, of Ben
iiington Gap Those who en
joyed Mrs. Polly's hospitality
were Mrs .1. B. Avers, Mrs.
W. ti. Painter, Mrs W. It.
Peck, Mrs L, T. Winston, Miss
Caroline Blionds and Miss Jess
Bev. .1. W. Thompson, of
lOoeburn, is assisting Bev. W.
IN. Wagner ill the revival ser?
vices ai the Southern Methodist
Church Ibis week. Rov.
Thompson is an able ami inter?
esting preacher and it will do
I you [rood to go out ami hear
: him.
Flower and Garden Seeds
At K F. Burgess llrocery
Store Sweet Pea ami Beet seeds
; in hulk, s cents per ounce. Seed
BeailS in bulk , Tennessee (I reen
I pod. Fairly lied Valentine .and
Kentucky Wonder, IIA]cents pei
qunrl or $L2A per gallon. Also
seed Poia'oes. both Irish and
Sweet, can he had by placing
your order with its in lime fot
ins to get theyStotsk in hand;
Phone or ?rdeV by mail, state
.variety and /tpinntity wanted
I Price* will /ie strictly in line
with the market.
Watch Your Children
Often c!.ili|
tliey f?r
ren do not let parent s know
nstipate.1. Thev fear Roinr
llui'iK.lislaf'-fid. They will like Itexall
Onl?rlie*?fc mild laxative that ta?(e.i
like niji,?r.( Sold only by us, 10 cetit?.
Kelly Drug Co.
m ,
Fullers! Fullers! I Fullers!
New rititsi
Fullers Fullers Fullers
Steps Are Taken For Build?
ing New Highway.
Another important st p Ith ?
been taken to assure tint coin
plot ion of the Bristol-tO Coxing
ton (Ky.) highway within the
next two y ears;. The people ill
Bull county. Ky . having in
yiow the construction of then
link of this important highway .
Iiavo j.ist voted b\ a majority
of aboiti twelve to one to issue
hoods in tue sum of Ji'2fiO,0(M) for
this and oilier highway work
This means that the Bell coun?
ty link, which is nboul twenty
live miles in length, will be
limit during the present year.
The county adjoining Bell, in
which Barboursville is located
will vote on a bond issue foi
this same purpose on the Oth el
March, ami seeing what has
been done in Bell county, it i
not at all likely that the propo
Bitinti will fail.
The work uf building the Vu
ginia links is in progress. Con?
struction has I.n in progress
for a month in the Clinch
Mountain section. From Men
dota to tin- top of the tnouutaii
on the Bristol-Coalfields road
The work is being done by pri
vnte subscription from Montlo
ta to the top of th i mountain,
and the Bristol people uro aid
iug. .lames I''. Sutten, presi
dent of ihis highway, ami L
I) Crawford, vice president,
are in charge of this work.
A movement is now on fool
to begin work on a section be
tween Mendota and Bristol
within the next thirty days
Thus the work of connecting
Bristol iv|th the V'irgiaiu coal
Heids and with Kentusfty terri
tory over a macadam highwa'
is progressing most satisfactor?
ily. Henry Roberts, the Bonn I
of Trade's good road man, has
Ins eye on the work, and is do?
ing all in his power to nhcour
nge it. ? Bristol Herald Courier.
Who is going to swat the
first iij:
[tendered Harmless by Folcy's Honey
and Tar Compound. It Maslerj
ihii Terror of Childhood.
j Of eoaiaa ii .rare* jou t.. t,i.nr that load,
hcwiat. eroapy eoogh. Y.?<i Lorn* Uta Imi?.
i ifcnialuallch(ikoiloi?ao(llli?iaA|iina.atranii
i llocflght for l.rnaOi matt bonol|iodat oaco
"Oh, kul Out Foltjr's Hooey and Tar i? a
woadtrfol Ibinf (or troop. Thank ileatcn
I had it oa hud."
FbLSt'? tlOXKl .?Kt>Ttr.<'??!s.l M. j ,c?>.
? ,? , i
ttinlhroat. It ecu ov.nraii.l clearsciot the
? tw:. : Ihrel-<.nn?Tin. and tick
Nu mora liMi.fl tnni.iliir.c,.ui:tiii.fr. ii*. K', ?*
ice, ttrangliuc SrIiI for brcalb, but peaceful
br.-alhliitT on.t <|ui.>l ro-.t.
URS. ). N. Illl.l., Hnnior. O,,.. write
1 "1 Bud Four's; Itoxi , AX? fab h .. i fall
incure oiir Bottens hid colds, and , n r.:.: I
. nej|k I ran : .t .-ajr top mucli for il."
HAROLD IIITIIO, Mn-., Mlcb., write I ""Wo
rlfaPourt'a IIokkyaxd T.\ * to our el Mr?
for troop at,.| it sltvaj t act< Qatcalj."
A ?-?od iir",rtl.| I. (fad to nil ToLCT't
UoNKT ami. TAI Com.-, .boeao >Uta taj
best vMulolao for ein: .I .throat
aodtuox !>!'...? .. e il re? to/,i ..j
contains 04. oplnUM. P, ii CJmi^ss
**r* CVtr.V L-.: :i;ia.
Mutual Drug Company
Big Stone Gap. Va.
The Kabo Corsets
arc famous for their comfort,
tit arid style", and you arc entit
led to o< t wliat you pay for.
We have a large assortment ol
tins brand and it will pay you
to rail and examine it.
Dickels Bros.
Big Stone Gap. Va.
(it'iieral Blat-ksinitli Uepair Work
Boiler and Machine Repairing. Horseshoeing a Spec?
ialty. All work given prompt and careful attention."
Shop On Corner E. Stlt St. and Clinton Avenue.
Free Trip io the Panama Exposition at San
Francisco at the Expense of the Kelly
Drug Company and The Big
Stone Cap Post.
Shu 8. \. Ralloy
Mis> t in i MaltatToy
Miss < .in?? Long
Mi-s Margaret i '?i lien
Mis- (ieorglh Itostwlok
Miss the'lina llakct
Miss tiladyn Wolfe
Mivs M.itti.' Ilrown
MIm liobecea tVaito.lt l I) \.
Miss licasic Skceu, It.K.I). X...
M is- Faiiitle Jnluiaoii
Mi-s Flora lliucc
Mi? A.l.lu- I In li...
Miss Kilna t 'iitrnn
M uy Kllboiihie
Mls? OlntlvH l.vl.
Miss A i Iii,- Witt
.Miss .Inli.i lltillltl
.Miss Olivette Daltott
Miss Grace (Silly, lt. r
Miss Moll I.- Mi
Miss Ktlna >ii
Miss iieasie r
Miss Virgil- X.
2,000 j
l.00o| Miss
l.tHMJ Miss
Mis, Cora Hi
Miss lioiinle
i'olho voii I- of (ho Second Senatorial
DIM rial composed of the Counties of I
l.ce. Seotl in?! Wise
thereby announce my caudldacy fur!
Senatorin said district, subject to I lie]
will of the Republican Convention, I
desire to slate llial if nominated and
oleded I whisorve the whole people of
my district to tlio beat of my ability.
'I'M support hud inll?ouc? of all Is mos.
earnestly solicited.
Iii? Stone, flap, Va
To The Voter* of Wise County:
I hereby announce myself .1 candidate
for tiu* office of Commissioner of the
llorontto for the Kasteru District, subjts 1
to nomination by tho \VIso County tti ?
publlcau Convontion, If nominated and
I elected, I promise to discharge the du tic I
1 of the office to the best of luv anility.
licspcctrully. .
Genuine Rhode Island Ked
oggs for hatching, for note 111
*i..M> per sotting of fifteen,
;Thoroughbred stock.
Louise N'm-kkls,
Phono No. :i.
& U FFEREfk &
usin* ?
I [amOII iii
? Kit mm
in, l.umbni;?- uott:.
laticn, N.-v-r tlpia
11 kindred troiibli?
lt goes ri^lit t? U'-j
l, stops tin; lieh? i
aiul pains end m.?u i
liic ?vorth liv trip 1 ?< i
a bonlo ol "?-Pror* '
today, A booklet v.it'i
f.uh ImiiiIc givva 1
directions for Ufe.
Pon t ck-l.iy. lVemw?!
I Iflops" Doq'I Ul -
; ccpl anything eise in
place ol it. Any ?Irue
?nt can ?upply you. If you live 1
Icotn a ilriif; sinn? send One l>oll.ir *o
S< in""i Rncnmaltc Cbee Co., New It.
Ohio, and a \? ol,. oi ".Vl iroi?" w" ?e
old nevyHpapern for ?uio at
tili? olliro

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