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The Big Stone Gap Post.
More Land
Will be Farmed in Wise Coun?
ty This Year Than Ever
We find in (raveling over the
county thai our people are
making a rone wed olfort to
farm during the coming season.
Many acres of land that have
heen idle for yours are boing
broken and prepared for plant*
ing. There are quite a number
of people who have heen on the
public works for years and are
now preparing to go hack to the
soil. I don't believe (hat a
normal person isver lived who
diil not at (tome time feel the
call to go hack to the soil. If
there uViVr was a time ol all
other liliH-s to heed this call it
is now.
We should not only be n self
supporting nation, living on
our own resources, but each
state, county, community ami
individual -.11011111 as nearly as
possihh- produce the necessities
of life. Wise county should
produce all the hay, corn,
wheat, meat and vegetables
consumed by its inhabitants.
It is doubtful if tl.utility pro?
duces OHO lliirtl of what she
consumes, To do this we mum
make iln- idle acres produce.
There are thousands of these,
many within sight of the towns
of the county.
If a saw mill has a capacity
of fifty thousand feel a day.
does it paj to operate the mill
and cm only live thousand feel
per dayJ If an acre of land can
he made to produce 7fi bushels
of corn or two ions of hay,
dues it pay to leave 11 idle, or
to work it in such 11 way ns tu
produce only 20 bushels of corn
or one hall ton of bay J
Wfl should make use of mir
naltiral resources, work our
land so as to make the maxi
mum yield and practice a sys?
tem of crop rotation that will
fesult in increased fnrtility. A
?nan cannot afford to farm his
laud so thai the yield will de?
crease any more than a man
?ian afford to cut nil' tin- source
of his income in any businesu.
A com tield should be s.led
lo a mixture of rye and crimson
clover at the last working to he
plowed under the following
spring ami seeded to a .-Ummer
buy crop, although corn may
bp grown again. Wheat or
winter oats should follow the
summer bay crops ami then
grass the following August
after taking oil' the wheat or
oats. Clover should he added
to all grass mixtures as they
are legumes and improve soil.
The grass may be left for three
years, or possibly longer, before
turning under.
A systematic rotation of
crops should always be follow?
ed, so that green crops are
turned under regularly. This
is the only way to maintain
soil fertility. In the older coun?
tries as Belgium, Holland and
Germany a farmer can tell yon
exactly what crop will b e
grown in a lieh) 20 years from
the present time. They know
what it takes to keep up laud
and they can not afford to less?
en the productive power of
their farms. Karmcra every
where must come to this way
of looking at things, and the
sooner the better.
will relieve your indigestion. Many
J>eople in tliii town have used (.hem
?nd we have yet to hear of iv case where
they have failed. We know the for?
mula. Sold only by u*?26c n box.
.1. ('. St 11.Ks.
Kelly Drug Co.
Of the Southern Railway Con?
fers With Business Men.
Prom 2 to I o'clock in the
afternoon, President Harrison
recoived visiting delegations
and Bristol business men who
called to pay their respects or
take up with the hand of the
Southern Railway important
propositions looking to further
developments in this region. A
large number of men called
during the two hours.
A delegation from Harlan
county, Kentucky, und Iti^
Stono (Jap cnnin over at the
invitation fif the Botird of Trade
to meet Mr. Harrison with ref?
erence to the extension ,,f the
Southern Railway from Kenkee
down the 1 'lover Kork of the
Cumberland River to Harlan1
(JourfhouRO, and thence up
Martin's Kork to its head. The
del.'tration consisted of Judge
J. A. Creech, H. K. Kelley, I).
!'.. i lornett, .1. L. Smith. A. I?\
Whitt'.eht, \V. s. Polmer, lohn
\V? Ohnlkloy, .1. I<\ I'.ullitt. V.
T. Holt, .1. i; Kempler and W.
t i. ( 'out ts.
All these gentlemen are in
to res ted in oonl lands mi Clover
h'oik. They made tptite an
attractive proposition to the
Southern Railway with refer?
ence to securing and y/iviue; to
the Southern Railway rights-of
way free of charge, ele. Mr.
Harrison staled that the South
ern had its eye on this proposi?
tion lor Rome lime and thought
it quite attractive, but that
owing to fiunnninl conditions it
was not in a situation to build
the proposed line at tile present
lime. He slated, however, (lint
this would be the tirst u.-w line
of railroad thai the Southern
will build. Bristol Herald
('ourier, March 2Ulh,
The Cash Meal Market, one
of ihe flop's leading meat mar
kets and grocery .stores, is .it
trading much attention by a
unique window display which
I is on exhibition in their win?
dow. An old time ^jrint mill,
built ol smell sticks of wood,
which is propelled I y an over?
shot wheel, is an exact dupli?
cate of the type used in I he
early days and is situated by
the side of a real stream of
wafer, which serves as the
necessary power In run the
mill. Following, the course of
j the stream below (be mill it
I lends to a pond of water tilled
with gold lish and artificial
ducks, while on the bank can
be seen artificial frogs, lireen
moss covers the ground near
the.stream with an occasional
laurel hush. The object of the
display is to advertise their
I home ground Hour and meal.
The work was accomplished
Ithrough the etTorta of Mr
Sterline; Cation, the efficient
manager of the Cash Meat
Market, during a few leisure
hours, and he has received
quite a number of Malierin";
compliments on his splendid
art. Mr. Catron has received
several otl'ers from business
'men of the larger towns for the
! advertiseinent and lie will prob
Iably sell it Inter on.
Appointed General Freight
and Passenger Agent.
Mr. 11. 1,. Miller, president of
'the Interstate Railroad, has
announced that, effective April
1st, Mr. Abner I. ilnlton is
appointed general freight and
passenger agent of Hint com?
pany, with headquarters nt
Rig Stone (Jap. vice Mr. C, I,
Nash, resigned.
Farmers' Club
j T in- Kii-hmond District Kann?
en?' Club hold a very interest-i
ing meeting at the High School
building at Kaal Stone Gap on
Saturday, Marcli JTth, at 2:00
I p. m, 'I'hero was a good attend
once, one lady Miss Cochran,
lof Big Stone Gap) ?>? the audi?
ence, who.seemed lo be much
i interested in Hie proceedings.
E. L. Cousins, president of the
!club, spoke on fertilizers; .1. I'.
IStidbam and .1. C. Stnes spoke
ion how soils become poor ami
j how io improve them; W. I'.
Moore, district agent in the
I farm demonstration worl;, was
also present and spoke on the
corn crop, ami how to improve
! the same.
.Mr. Stiles brought along a
BubCOCk milk tester and sev el
IIII Samples of milk wen- tested.
(Inn sample brought by Mr.
CotisillS tested ?'??'>',, and one
|hrtiughi by Miss Cochritn tested
j A program was arranged for
the next meeting, the Ith Sat
I unlay in April, to he held at
tin- same place.
Alfred Slemp Dead.
Alfred Slemp, aged a
prominent citizen of T?rke)
Cove, died at bis home Sunday
at 12 o'clock noon, after suHer?
ing over a week of paralytic
Strokes, although he had been
in declining health for three
years. The deceased was the
lat her of our townsman. II. II.
Slemp, and the news of his
death will In- received with
profound sorrow by his many
friends here. Mr. Slump was ai
visitor to the (lap only two
weeks ago ami appeared to lie
I in fairly good health, lie was]
In devoted husband ami a kind
aitd indulgent father and had
often expressed his peace with
(iod ami a willingness to depart
and he at rest with Him.
Besides a wife, he is ?urved
by eight children II. II. Slemp,
of Big Slone Gup; Leonard
Slemp, of Keokee; Marion,
Luther and Maggie Slemp. ol
Ttirkey Cove; .1. II Slemp, of I
Mitldlesboro; Ii. I'. Slemp, of
Dryden, and \V. It Slemp, of
Sumier, i Iregon.
The funeral services were
held ai the home Monday after?
noon al o'clock. After the
services an unusual long (no
cession followed the funeral
cortege to the family burying
gr?tilld where the remains were
laid to rest
. _
t.iiiltl Metis With Miss Elliot
Almost the entire enrollment
of the Woman's Guild uf Christ
ChlirCll attended the Weekly
meeting til Mr--. L. T Winston's
hospitahle home on Thursday
afterunon with Miss Gertrude
Rlliot ucting as bosti ss.
The question of a rector for
Christ Church being at present
a it indefinite possibly, t he
Guild is constantly confronted
with a complexity of small
Imatters pertaining to the exi?
gencies of the work al this
Those present at the n eating
on Thursday were: Mrs. Wade
Barrier, president, of the Guild,
Mrs. .1. I. McCornnck. vice
president; Mrs. Mayo t'.tbell,
secretary; Mrs. Hobt. I). Morri
son, assistant treasurer; Mrs.
Kverett Drennen, Mrs. I). B.
Sayers, Mrs. Uro. L. Taylor,
Mrs. It. T. Irvine, Mrs B. K.
Bhoads, Mrs. L. T Winston
ami Miss (iertrilde Klliot.
Tea, as usual, was served at
I the close of the meeting with
'delicious cakes and stuffed
There will bp a box supper at
lOlinger Friday night, April
2nd. The proceeds to lie used
j for the henefit of the school.
'There will he lots of good things
lo eat. If you don't believe it,
come and see.
Waich Your Children
Often dill Iren tlo not 1.1 pr-rcnl-. know
they are lonsliput".!. T hey fear some
thingdistasteful, '1 hey will lika ttexall
Orderlies?it mild laxative Hist tastet
like au|tar. Wold only by us, 10 cents).
Kelly Druu Co.
Base Ball.
Tin? lirst base bull game of
the season was pluvial her??
Saturday nflernoon between
the high school team ami a
bunch of ohl timers ami such
other players a a couhl t? 0
brought together, which re.
sulteil in a victory for the high
school boys, i to 'J. atraloy
Kelly was on the innittiil for the
high school boys and pitcheil a
Splendid name, allowing only
four scattered bits, and several
uf the ohl timers were strike
out victims of Iiis strong arm.
The high school hoys failed to!
connect for but only three safe?
ties olT the string of pitchers
Use,I against them, hut they
won the victory ami expect to i
add several more to then credit
in tlie Wise County High School
League which starts next >at
tirdny, They are scheduled to
play the opening game at Coe
Here is Good News
for Stomach Victims
Some very rental kable results
tire being nhlnilied by . treating
stomach, liver and intestinal
troubles with pure vegetable
oils, which exert a cleansing,
soothing ami purifying action
upon the lower bowels, remov?
ing the obstructions of poison,
oils fecal matter arid gases ami
preventing their absorption by
the blood. This done, the food
is allowed free passage from the
st,,inaeli, fermentation ceases
and stomach troubles quickly
tlisn ppear.
George II. Mayr, for twenty
years a leading (Jhicugo drug?
gist, cured himself und many
of Ins friends of stomach, liver
ami intestinal troubles of years'
Standing by t his treatment. and
so successful was the remedy
he devised that it has since
I.n placed in lite hands of
druggists all over tin* country,
who have sold thousands of
Though absolutely harmless,
the effect of the medicine is
sufficient to convince any one
of its remarkable ell', ct I veness,
and within hours the sufferer
feels like a new person. Mayr's
Wonderful Itemed) is sold by
I leading druggists everywhere
with the positive understanding
dial your-money will he refund?
ed without question or quibble
if ON1 Iii bottle fails to give ych
absolute satisfaction, -n.lv.
Moonshine Raid in
Cumberland Mountains.
Two Kentucky d o p it t y
marshals, assisted i?y police
|inen 0 II. Uednian, of St.
, Ch.n les, ami \\. |{. Tucker, of
I IVniiingion (lap, m,nie a sues
Icussfiil rani on moonshiners in
the < umherhiml mountifins,
near the Lee county line last
j Wednesday. A moonshiner
I was captured, and a still of I so
gallons capacity , with 100 gal
Inns of hear, was destroyed by
the raiders. The officers had
some difficult) in making the
raid, as the moonshiners show?
ed light and several shots were
exchanged, hut i he latter
escaped hack into the moun
tains with the exception of Hie
one who was captured,
Given Twelve Years
For Shooting Syrians.
Kreeling, Va , .March ?..'"> - At
the present term of Judge
burns' court held at Clint wood,
John Hall was sentenced to
twelve years in the penitentiary
tor attacking und shooting two
Syrian peddlers about t w o
months since. Hall is about 2fl,
and married. There were two
accomplices in the case, one
i Willie Goode) of whom was
given two years in the peniten?
tiary, and the other Tolhv
Owensi was given a term of
thirty days in jail.
My order of the Town Coun?
cil, all persons thai are in ar?
rears with their water rent will
tin cut olT by April loth without
further notice.
P. II. Barkok,
Radford Nor?
mal Notes.
The tliinl quarter opened
March with twenty tiv?> new
students. Many of these took
ii|> the work for the professinn
nl certitlcato, othera are pre?
paring to lake t h e review
courses for the state examina?
tions for.drst, second, nr third
grade cnrtiiicatee will he held
at the Normal School on Mav
28th, 29th and 30th.
Or. It W Douthat, of Mor
gnntown, \V. Va., who was
horn in Montgomery county
ami spun) his early youth in
that county,distinguished him?
self as a soldier, and later an
educator, delivered uu address
he fore tin' Normal School re?
cent ly mi I ho hat t lo of tiellys
burn, in which he was a cap
lam in I'lcki-ii's Brigade.
I'rof. Win. K Gilbert on lust
Friday night delivered an ad?
dress al Smart. Patrick county,
lief ore ilia teachers and the
School Improvement Associa?
tion of that place.
Dr. and Mrs. ,1 . I'. Mcfonnell
will go to Scott county early
next week tU tie present at the
golden wedding of the parents
of Dr. McConlloll, Most of their
other children, who are widely
scattered, will he present.
The Normal School has closed
a contract with the Deveraux
Company for a progran to he
rendered July 10 on the Normal
School grountln during the ses?
sion of the Summer Normal.
This is one of the uniqje fed
lure-- that have been provided
for the Summer Normal sui
I>r. .1. I'. Met ?otinell attended
the meeting of the Virginia
Normal School Board which
was held at the Kredericksburg
Normal School last Saturday.
Kx Governor .1. I logo Tyler
addressed the students and
faculty of the Normal School at
the opening of the third quarter
of (he Normal Tuesday morn?
The commit lee for the chau
tauqtlll, which will he held ill
Itadford next August, has or?
ganized, selected the site for
the eliautnuqun and done other
preliminary work,
Ity Uns
Many |tcople arc interctUed in tin- sllcnl I
drama Tin- hitniucaa la now Ioiir piiat j
? he experimental stage and i- |iaal the
point ?In n- tin' |wisse?jM)i of i few cheap
.cats, .i lii.ikrn ilown machine ami a ?ihm j
out lilni -ei \ ii i* .-an hope lor suc.-css It '
lias only lieou a levi short yearn since ihe
second i.ill picture show ul today was a
"HilsitiCKH getter," lint as Ihe Wtshoi* ol
the iHipiil.oc have advanced In I hell crj
for picture* of highei quality so the
manufacturer!* hive advanced Ihu quality
of their pnahicltona illllll li?w Ihn ?ilcnl
drama Is ntiUlrlpplng the -.peaking -
hy leap- ami hoilhilM. and it doc* not lake
.-lo-,- oh-.eit.ilUm id note that the manu?
facturers of nil of the high elans brands
of alma ate plittlll|l mi nothing hut the
yerj cleanest of play* The llrsl object
ol the management of Olir local theatre in
the best a* to quality of lltm and high
.gia.le Story, and iii these ilaVs ?hell a
motion picture theatre of the iii-t class In
an of as nttlctl nnporlalice to a town as a
newspai-er or any oilier public enterprise,
that town s people should by tli.it con.
tinned patronage sc.- that it maintain- its
If there is anything that tor?
tures an editor more than any?
thing else it is to (in I dish a f!... i ii i
or $20.00 obituary notice about
some old, prominent citizen
who never had the manhood to 1
take his county paper. Editors
frequently put in such notices
at request of relatives antli
friends, hut it grinds them to
eulogize a man to the skies who
was ton stingy to support his
home paper. A three line notice
j is all such fellows deserve.?
State of Ohio, i-ttv of Toledo, I
I.uea-. fount.. (
frank I Ctten?y nmki-n oath Unit hf la
?nnlnr partner --r Ilia thin of K. J. Cheney
8t Co . ilolni! birtlneu m lite Cits of To
Into, county und Stal- aforesaid; ami
tiiat ?al<l nrnt will pay lh.1 stint of ON;:
HUNDnen nOt.l.Ann fur each and ev?
ery can,* of Calarth Unit eannol In- rur.-d
hy Ihe ui>? of 11 V I.I "S CATAHUIt '-I'llK.
I It VNK .1 .'-MKNTY
Sworn to before re? und subscribeil la
mv presence, thia Sih day of liecemtwr,
a n itw.
(Sesl) A W. OI.KASOS*.
Notary Puhtlr.
Hall-? Catarrh Care I? taken Internally
ami acts directly upon the blood an.I mu
? -.am mirfa. c-. of lite system Send for
lestlmonlate, free
f J. CHUNKY * CO. T.d*do. O.
Sold 1. all l)rua-*t?ta Tie.
'. Takt Hill. Fatally Pill? tor sontllDcllo*.
??I.i Scheda!? in Effect
Nov. >i 1814.
I.K.WK NORTON??:li t, in for
l.ym hhurg mit Intermediate ?ta
liana, I'ullman .? Itlttefield to
Philadelphia via II :nu si' "in. am!
Pullman slcciwr ::. . ??. ? to Rlch
Mii,ml ?ml N'otfolk. Als? conucetlon*
at llluetlcld with train* Wcatboiind.
Pullotau *le<|*r to Cincinnati ami
t olunihuH.
I.K.WK MiHTON?J Wi p for taints
North, Kaat ami Wtat.
LEAVE IIKISToL? Dully, Q 18 a m.
for Kaat Radford, Itoaiiokc, Lynch
biit|<. Petersburg;, Itlchtnoml anil
Norfolk 1'iillman I'arlor Car to
Richmond, Pullman ?leerer Boa
uoke to New York ?la llageratrmn
mid llarrishur?.
.Von p. in. for Norfolk ami lutcnrjrdlatc
points, Pullman Sleepers to Norfolk
1 :!.'|i in and 7 Vi p. m (llmlled.) Moinl
trains wiih pullmati sleeper* to Wash.
Ington, Halt iiwore. Philadelphia ami
Nun Yoik via l.yiichuurg. Pocannt
make local atop*.
19:14 p hi, daily lor all point* betweri.
Bristol and l./nehburg. Connects at
Walton at .1:40 p. m, with the Ml.
Louis Express for all poluta west ami
If you ate thinking of taking a tri|
YOlJ ? am iiuotatlona, cheapest fare, ic
liahle and correct information, aa le
mitten, train schedules, the most comfott
able and quickest way. Write and the
Information is yours for the asking, with
on,- of out complete) Map folder*.
W I S vt'Mints, W. I*. A,
W. B. ?KV/H t
I'aas. Traf Mgl.,
Ibsancke. Va
V. & S. W, Railway
In Etlccl ? -Mn if. 15th. I'll
2 daily l' .o? a. m. for llrlstol and in
Icrmcillato points. Pullman ?leaner
Louisville to llrlstol. < oums-U. with
n AW for points Ea?t aud Sou. 11
foi |M>lllta South and West.
:t dally, except Sunday. 11 Ml a.m.
r?i m. fharle*. and lute r med lat e
i dally.. except Sunday, BtVJ p. m, for
llrlstol and Intermediate points Con?
nects with N. A W. for |?>liits Kast
Connects at Mbocaston <;ap with
train No. 8 for Hull * Hap, Hogers
rille and inlet mediate point*,
or additional Information apply to
ireal tgerit or
W K, Al.l.KN.
General I'aaaeugei Agent.
RrUtoT, Temi
II.h Post Kloor InUnmvnt Uuililitiit
oiK Stono Cap, Virginia.
D. F. ORR,
Office in Polly Building,
Ottia Hour ?I to PJ a. m.j I to p, in,
Trents Dlsaasoa or th*>
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
vVili bo In Anplanohia I'hird
Friday in Each Month.
Your Eyes 1
Dr. (i. C. Honeyeutt
tinico in 11 tills Building over Mutual
Hrllg Mole
? 111 be in i llnchport ever] Saturday
jr snrsr ?r ?r t izirxxsac sc sac
\ Do Not Strain \
? by trying to read by (
V poor light. Why not .^J
y find out what electric jl
y A
^ lights will cost? They A
^ are safe, clean, no
j^i trouble or worry and 2
tri easy on the eyes.
t We will wire your
house on easy terms.
I Investigate. ^
I Powell Valley Liglil 1
y. k Power Co.
y Big Stone Gap and y
Appalaohia. Va. a\

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