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VIIK lllll STuNK <JA1' I'UST.
rulilmhwl Every Wcittio?<lay by thti
OILBEnT N. K NICHT. - Edltor.
Ono Your,
SIX Mnr-.ths,
Tin?? Month*.
Guter?! .rchus to |~>sial regulations
at the poM ?? at Hin Stone <>?]> a* net'
ourl-oloaa matter
SUBSCRIBERS (ire earnestly re?
quested to observe the date
printed on their address slips,
which will keep them at all
times posted as to the date
of the expiration of their sub
ncription, Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
How Much Typhoid
Does State Want?
Health Authorities Say Stim?
mer Scourge Will be in
Proportion to Care?
Richmond, Yn.. .March 20.?
llasing its question on the
statement that Virginia will
have much or little typhoid this
summer as the people are care ,
lest or can I ions, the Si tt I e Hoard '
of Health m its lirst clean up
notice of the spring, issued to
day, makes i b o somewhat
startling inquiry, how much
typhoid does Virginia want in
I ill 6.
"This quostion," the board
continues, "may s.n hypo?
thetical hut within certain lim?
its, it is practicable for the
State lo determine its typhoid
rate. The means of preventing
this disease and the channels
by which it is spread are so
Well-known that by the expun
diture of reasouablu money and
energy, ihe typhoid appearing
in a given yoiir may bo decreas?
ed to a negligible factor.
"Seven years ago, from Octo
her, IVOS, to September, 1900,
there were 14.U96 L'Slilhbted
eases of typhoid fever in Vir
ginia, primarily because the
people oi the State were unfa?
miliar with the simple methods
by which the disease could be
controlled. In the same twelve,
mouths of I'.iI:t-!l there were
but 7,-l3o estimated cases of ty?
phoid, or but little more than
half as many as six years bo
fore. The reason was the appli?
cation by the people of proven
use moasuri s
"There is uo reason ?vhy
seven years from now",-Or ill
nvqn a shorter time, the ty?
phoid rate will not have declin?
ed as much again m proportion,
provided the people are willing
to exert themselves and tu
spend m little money in project
ing themselves against it.
"Typhoid fever Is primarily a
quostion of sewago dinposu).
The genus that cause the dis
east, in any person come in ev
cry instance from 'be body of
someone who has or has bad
"in this climate, the carriage
of typhoid Is rendered easy by
tbo bleeding of Hies, which
make tlu-ir appearance early
and remain until the late aut?
umn. It in necessary, therefore,
to begin precautionary meas?
ures in March.
??The Virginia farmer or resi?
dent of a small town who wish?
es to protect Iii? family from
typhoid can usually do so by
providing against the scattering
of tilth by erecting and using a
sanitary outhouse. This will
keep the tilth from. Hies, vvii!
protect the woll or spring, in
large measure at least, and will
in most instances solve the ty?
phoid problem so far as its
spread from that particular
farm or bouse is concerned."
Tbe Hoard of Health, in an?
ticipation of tbe general clean
up movement for the prevention
of typhoid is preparing its liter?
ature and making in* arrange?
ments for the investigation of
outbreaks. Detailed announce?
ments of its plans tire shortly
Kvcrv month ti thousand1
children the in the I* id ted Slates
from mensles, Twonty per
cent, ol all the children under,
three years who contract mens
lea die. In Virginia; measles
killed 310 people lasl yoal
more than died from scarlet
fever and whooping cough cum
Please read the above puia
graph again and gitisp Us -u;
oificance, It probably upsets
the ideas of every reader. Most i
of us have beeil taught to lie j
lieve that measles was a neces
srtry ill of childhood and that
it was no more to be feared
than a bud cold- Some of us
may remember parents who
even expressed the hope thill
their children would "have
measles and be done with it."
The i ruth is I hat measles i
OIIU Of III.' must serious diseases
of childhood, li is the most
contagious of a I I diseases,
Spread'.* very easily, and kill-,
many children, especially those I
under three years of age. Worse
Still, measles is very often fol?
lowed by serious and fatal com.
plications. Hundreds of eases
of broncho pneumonia in chil
drcn are due to measles Ear
troubles and weak eyes in llllll
tlreds and thousands ol adults
date hack to a severe cusu "I
There are more than u million
cases ol measles every \ ear in !
America a million anxious
mothers, a million suffering
children, a million disordered
homes and thousands of dollars
loss Twelve ihusuuds little
lives are sacrificed to a disease
that should In- only a name, j
How long will we neglect our
children, when care and precau
lions will save many from the
disease and most of them from
serious effects?
There Is No Question
hut that ljuligetlron ami tin-.Intos-.-,l
feeling ?loch iilniivs goon voil^ it etui
he [iniinirtly relieved by taking a _ j
^&*joSI!L Dyspepsia
Jy^^ Tablet
before nndnfter each mctU. SSe n lsn
Kelly Drug Co.
To Whom This May Concern.
We take this method u f
thanking the people in general
who contributed to our cause
Saturday, March 27lh, known
as tog day throughout Virginia,
for the purpose of building a
negro sanatorium for tubercu
lar patients We especially
thank the white people who]
gave so liberal for tills cause
The amount raised was f2n l_
Tllifl March !|0, I'M...
Mrs, i lit) 1 tykes,
Prof. Johnson,
II Martin,
The Sanitary Dry Cleaning
ami Pressing Company hnvi
[sold then establishment to
Huck Ii. r Ac Slash, who will
Conduct ! he business under (In
same name as heretofore They
solicit tin- patronage of the
public, promising to i|6 first
cla^s work in every particular.
Easter Service
There will be Kastei service
at the Christian Church Sun
day night The pastor will
give a brief history of Kanter
and will dwell on its signifi?
cance. There will also b e
j special muflia to harmonize with
I the occasion. Subject, ''The
I Kiseil Kord." Public is cordial?
ly invited to attend the service
Circle No. l of the Woman's
: Missionary Society of the M. I-'..
Church, South, will give i
["Jonquil Tea," Friday, April
2ndj from :i to ti p. in., at the
I name of Mrs. J. H. Mechows.
There will he a program and
' refreshments will he served.
9 1H
When People Ask Us
what is (rood f?r nervea and lost weight,
i.,r id ? ays recommend
Olive Oil
ccrais*.^ lf>J*./*?isA.'<*
food loi.lc and Crsae builder.
Kslly Drug Co.
Notice Tennis Players.
There will be a meeting; of
line Cumberland Tennis Club
on .Monday night. April 5th, in
, Air. Dranuon's office, AIT mem
bora of the club arc requested
to be present at this meeting
All persons wishing to join the
club this year are also invited
to bo present. ?.
Sick headache, biliousness, piles nnd
i ,,| breath arc usually caused hy innc
livo Iniwcls. Get a box ot Itoxnll
Orderlies. Thoy act gently und effec?
tively. S,,ld only hy us nt 10 cents.
Kelly Drug Co.
Kjjgs For Hatching.
I breed Hurrod Plymouth
Kocks. Have a Select |"'ii of
lions innteil to a cockrol ordered
from A. ii. Ca low ay, of Louis
villc, Ky . thai cost $0.110.
Eggs packed in patent shipping
boxes at fl.oit for i.". Address,
Mlts. .1. D. Johnson,
10.1:1 Drydeu, Va
KOK SALE:?ltbod? Klan,I
Keils tind Turkey Eggs. Apply
to M i s. .1. 1?. Wolfe.
Mi s .1. w. Kelly left Friday!
night for l.ouisviiie where liar
daughter, Maty Elizabeth, was
operated on in one of tin-hos?
pitals for appendicitis Saturday. I
She stood the operation wellj
and is getting along nicely.
Mr and Mrs. \V. Sherman
Keverly left Tuesday morning
for Kichmontl where Airs. Bev?
erly will undergo an operation
in the Johnson-Willis Hospital
there in a few days.
M. I-'. Kuril has heen very ill!
for several days at his home in]
Easl Stone 1 lap.
A lire alarm watt sent out from I
the residence of 11. I''.. Kox yes
tordny afternoon al 5:1)0 o'clock; I
The volunteer lire department
was oil the scene early, hill on
investigation it was fouild liool
had caught lire in the chimney
which caused an Unusually
amount of smoke.
T.i 1 lie Vutcr* of ilia Stoiio Oiip:
i take thi- iiicIIumI ol siaiotiuclns my-j
self a , .< oil iii ale fo| i lie Ofllco of Town |
Sclgoaul til tin- election to be hulll 'flies
? laj . -iline sili i appeal lo all llicvolcr?
rcgauilcxsof paity, for their support
|... i .11\ to ilios'e who are sii.x'tous'ti
-, ?.1 laws justly ami Impartially en
fol. e.l. II llllntslell With lliis olilee I I
sh.tii. 111iiiuiv |M-i foiin U10 duties thereof |
to ib.- vtirj best of my ability.
loin obedient servant,
M VKSl'l M l lli:i.i lll-.l;
To 1 In- V ..tets ot i tig Stone Onjii
i lieieliy aiiuoiniee myself a candidate
im ilic oll'n e of TioMtrer of Ihn town of I
llie, *i.tiap, at tin election 10 1st held
.linn-Sil, i carnc-lly soil. It the support |
of all voteis regardless ol party alllha.
lions l! elcclc.l to this ..nice I-will ell
deavoi to 1* it,Mill the duties tliereot 1.1
the hest of my ability.
\ .nits vcrj trull.
P 11 ki:\m:ii\
It Viui Are Losing Weight
iiiui youi' nerves tire in had condition,
wo recommend
t. rood and nerve tonic prescription.
? Kelly Drug Co.
should be "nipped in the
bud", for if allowed to run
unchecked, serious results
may follow. Niimcious
cases ol consumption pneu?
monia, and other kd.il dis?
eases, can be traced back to
a cold. At the fust sign ot a
cold, protect yourself by
thoroughly cleansing; your
system with a lew doses ot
the old reliable, vegetable
tver powder.
Mr. Clias. A. Ragland, o
Madison Heights. Va., says:
'1 have been using Thed
lord's BUckrDratight for
stomach troubles, todiges
nltioi! and colds, and find it to
be the very beM medicine I
ever used. It makes an old
man feel like a young one
Insist on Thedford's, Ihe
original and genuine. l.-t.7
Mr*. S A Bailey . . ISi.lOO,
Mlaa Cora Malunoy. IIT.trtlj
Mla* CorrloLour . ItVW.)
MUa Margaret < arm-a 1:.?"'"
.Miss OcOrg'l* Host wick ... l?.l(H)
Miss Thclnu Baker . . II ?001
.Miss Ulailys Wolfe ? 8,160
Mlaa Mattle Brown 5,100
Mi-s Between Wado,B I li.Xo.3 ?,000
Miss Bcaaie Skccn. li.l'.D No I ?.II00
Mb? Kannte Johuaon ? 1,000
Mit* Klora Bruce I.00U !
Mlaa Addle Klcennr i .?kk? [
Miss Krina Cat roil 1,1100
Miss Mary Klllioiiriir l.liOO
Miss Clailya Lylc I <?mi
Mis- Ail,.. Win ciuk)
Miss .lull;. Itilllltl 1 nun
Miss Olivette Hilton i oik,
Mlaa Grace Gllly, II. I'. 0 Nir.S l.iHRI
Mlaa .Molllu lluol tfl.Hop
Mis- Kdna Klonttrl |,00i|
Miss Bessie Tut.- 1,000
Miss X'irni,- N.sly. i..
S i l IN M; A
Mis- It.-ss Vnuil". !!n,|IQU
HIhk Cora Colltel .. I;0W
Mlaa Com Davis ; s:.n
Miss Itomile Barker Cnoil
Contest Closes April t
11 o'clock p. m.
Next iMiittitinjf nf votes will
tnke plucu on Thursday morn',
in?. \ |n il siii.
.Mr. an,I Mis Addison Morris
and children lefi Thursday for
Jasper, where they will make
their future home, Mr Morris
has a prominent position with
the Lovelhdy Lumber < 'ompnny
at that plan-. Their beuiitiful
home has t>eon routed tu II I.
Milh-r. president of (he Inter
stnto Kiiilrotid, who will move
his family herd from Knoxville
this week.
Cut Flowers l or Easter.
Carinii inns. Roses, Violets
Sweet Peas, at
.1 V.. llottsM \n. The florist;
West Norton, V'h
Phone Norton,
We will exhibit Forty-Five Exclusive
and Authentic Patterns for Spring
and Summer Woar com?
Thursday Morning' next
You are Invited to Attend
Fuller Brothers
7j/ic Qua/t'ti/ Shop
Big- Stone Gap, Va.
tliu Sliito No'nuil Sei.1 f"i Wonwiml Itiiiilortl Ik i>|kui r.uty.,igl,t wcok?Mcli
year Tho Shimmer Norm?! oiH?n* .lime H Courecn tm Kiiiiiiuoi Siiw.nl I'rofe*
>i.ih.il < 'ortlAcatc for 11?' roiiew .1 <.\ t (tt union ? cei i locate*. ntltl for KlrM, Seeon. I.
or Thin! (irailc Certificate. Tuition I* free Itmlfonl is in the |il?Mkkti1 lliilattil
Itcjjlmt of Virginia, IKtkl feet above the iea Kor calaluiruo anil full Inforiuattoi
write, J. P. McCONNELL, K.i^t Racifoidl Va.
to r,i; CLOSED on1 at cost
. .. . . -, ? ? -?- SALE STARTS - ? ? ?==
Thursday Horning April 1st
Nothing reserved or kept back. Everything must go at once. Be the
first to come on opening day and get first choice of the wonderful
bargains. My store is well supplie t with General Merchandise and
this Special Sale will surprise everyone in this section. Easter is
near and you should prepare for it by buying of my new spring stock.
Don't wait a minute. Be ready when the doors open on Thursday
morning, April 1st._ _
Calico, per yard - - - 5c
The most elaborate values yet-?the very
latest Sprint; styles and at prices that will
surprise you. It will pay you to look over
ibis line.
Ladies' Men's and Children's
on sale at record low prices.
of every description included in this sale.
Men's Pants
t.i be closed out regardless of cost. Some
great bargains in this line.
Gingham, per van! - - 8c
The very latest spring models. All size
and colors at prices to suit the most ecortom
ical. Also a oice line of Straw Hats.
Our low prices will astonish you.
All Oil sale. Come and look ibis line
over carefully.
You Will Save Bip, Money.
Ribbons. Laces. Handkerchiefs,
Buttons, Pins and Spool
to go cheaper than ever before.
I have failed to ritehtion sonic of thc.real values that 1 am going to oiler you during tin
Special Saie. 1 just want to surprise you when you come ti> my >u<n-. Be sure to come
NOTICE. - Everything will be sold strictly for Cash.

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