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REMEMHKR! The (Johlen (Sate ('outest will close tonight at II o'clock and if y on intend to help vom'
candidate to win yon musl do so today. The winner of this popular contest is uncertain and il is our belief
thai the one who does tho most hustling from now until the close will win. This office will he open until the
hour of closing: to receive subscriptions and issue votes. The Kelly Drug Store will also be open until thai
hour iind will issue votes to all who pay their accounts or buy due hills.
WKDNKSDAi . A PK. 7, Iwlfi
PntilMihrtl i:\orr Wliliultdiw ?i\ the
I...... ,...,?...i
UtLuBin n. KMuii r, - Editor.
On.. V.im.
?On Month*,
I I.? of Months,
SI or.
Ktiterud rtuvnrdluii to p..?Ml regulation!
at tin. poll otBce ?t Hie. Mom- (Hp . ..
I>hil-claaa matter
SUBSCRIBERS an- earnestly ro
quested to observe the date
printed on tbi'ir address slips,
which will keep thorn ut all
limes posted as to the ditto
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt ami timely
attention to this roquost will
save all parties n great deal of
Pel baps the income tax will
show whether the formers or
the speculators got most of the
profits in wheat.
Any woman can keep on ox
penso account but not more iban
one in a thousand can make it \
tally with her cash.
Despite the bombardment ol
iho Dardanelles un eighth of a
hamII of flour still costs the!
A mericuu cunsdmoi t
The wink of replacing the
ships that have been destroyed :
may do little toward solving
problem" of unemployment,
If all of the laud now . above '
sen level, 25,uO0,lXKIcubic miles,
were spread uniformly over the
globe, it WOUld form n sh-ll
about ' oil f...-t thick
Trees usually wail until they
receive certain assurances of]
spring before permitting Utah ,
sap to rise, hut the human sap 1
head is always on ihe job,
It requires a bale of cotton to :
make the smokeless powder foi
? me stil'l from it fifteen inch]
gun, hut probably the south!
would ptefer to sell cotton
Cheaper to make gingham
aprons for pretty giris.
Ktr.uts in New York to raise
the price.of tuend to t) cents u
loaf were defeated by the small
er concerns which presisted in
stilling for a nickel. After this
I here should be uo doubt that!
competition in still u potent in?
fluence in business.
Historic Cumberland Gap is
to be marked by n splendid
monument', iho gift of Daugh?
ters ol the American Revolution
in Tennessee, Kentucky, Vir?
ginia ami North Carolina. Dur?
ing {the fourteenth annual con?
ference of the North Carolina
D. A. It , thi? project wan pre
".etited, and the convention vet !
?T$tOO toward tho marker, t>
Nature's Reliable Guide For
Garden Planting.
Natura furnishes guides for
garden planting vyhlc.li are e> on
more rnliiiblo than thocnlondttr,
according it? the department's
garden'specialist, t'hh ohl rosi
? louts of the soil such as the
maple, dogwood, ami white oak
ate thri bosl interpreters of nh
litre's moods in siuiiig, and
quickly reflect them, so that
the gardener who follows their
silciil suggestions may arrange
kite planting of his vegetables
Wlinil the silvoi maples hegin j
to put forth their leaves^ and
the "catkins" appear on the
willows nod pophtrS, nature i
indioating tiial the season is
right for the planting of such]
vegetables a-- lettuce, mustard,
onion seeds and onion sets, I
parsley, I ho round'secded peas,
early Irish potatoes, radishes,
spinach, and turnips. This, of
course, is provided that the soil
is in good order, which can he
determined by taking a hand?
ful at a depth of : or I inches
from the surface, compact it in
the hau.i by dosing the fingers,
and if. upon opening them, the
ball of earth gradually falls
apart, il is ready to he spad'd
Manure should then be buried
a full spade depth below the
surface and the soil should bo
made tine and compact with an
even surface.
Not until about It) days after
nature has set the date for the
above mentioned vegetables
should such garden truck as
beets, carrots, and kohl-ruhi be
planted. A second sewing of
peas can also he made at this
The dogwood and the white
oak begin to show signs of
awakening at u time when oth?
er vegetables iuay t>e planted
These include bllr.ll and pole
beans, sweet corn, cucumbers,
miiskmelonS,and various kinds
of squash. The gurdenei and
housewife will rarely plant too
early if they but wail for na?
ture t<> tell them u hat to do.
Cut Tliis Out ?
It Is Worth Money
Cut out II.I* advcrtlm m. ut. cncloee
6 cents u> r\ile? t* Co- tttl Shaineld
Ai. . i i ?? a|.... lit, nritirg >otti name
und addre? clearly. You will re
retvc in rvturn a trlnt package con
I talnlnir:
I I i PMey'i Honey and Tar Com?
pound, tha MAtotard r.itnlly remedy
for ...UK'in. colds, cioup. >v hopping
' rt.urli. tlxnlnefa and nir*ncM In
I ch. at. Krlppo and broi.chlai coujfhs.
! <;?) r.ilcv Kidney Pitt?, Cor ovor
?anked and disordered kidneys and
bladder nllmenta. pain In aides and
Lack due to Kidney Trouble. a..ro
muscles, ntiff joint*, backache und
<*> Koicy Cathartic Tablets, a,
?rhetraoma and thoroughly cleansing;
I ..,'!...i >! r i eels ". comforting to
. ,K :t p?r*OtlS. atld a pUrgntlYi- nerded
1 by a re ry body with ?iiigKiafc bowel?
gl .1 torpid liver. You can try the**
I three family remedies tor on'./ (c.
Mutual Drug Company
8?t? Stono Uan. Va.
W. U. simnk. superintendent
of (In- power :iml mechanical
rlepui tpieni of i Ii o Stohegu
Coko and Coal Company, has
returned from n business trip
iiv Pittsburg,
K. I! Casper, the newly
elected president of the Athlet,
ic \8soeintiou, spent Sunday in
II. A. Johnson was up from
Pcilllillgtoti tlap last week on!
W. li. ('outts has secured the '
heating contract for a large
modern school building at I
Clinchpori VV. F. baker is the I
architect for this building
Mr. linker is building up it nice'
reputation for his school plans.
13, .1. Prescott, comptroller ol
the Stoticga Coke and Colli
Company, bus returned from a
business trip to Washington
.1. I; Simpson. ,.f Middles.
Iioro, was a business visitor to'
the (lap l he past week.
W. I". Allen, general freight
ami passenger agent for the!
Virginia and Southwestern,
Railway, was a business visitoi
tp t he (lap last \\ eek.
Mrs. W. II Folly has return
ed from ?> visit to relatives at '
Pennington <!ap.
Henry Bullitt, after a visit to
homefidks in the t iap. left
Sunday for Andover, where he
is attending school.
.1 W. Itusii, the hustling
representative of the Puritinn
< i rape .I nice Company, arrived
in the Cap Thursday night
from C..I ii ii i hi a, South < 'urol inn,
and -pent a few days here on
rotitu to Graham, Virginia, on
iitisinesH for hi- company, from
' which place he will return to
Columbia ami other points in
South Carolina and Georgia.
? (ine four-cylinder, seven
passengei Studohukor Touring
( it. 1111 I Model, full electric
equipment and two extra tires.
1 ' ir in excellent condition, only
run i',,o.mi miles. Nn reasonable
! oiler ret used This is the best
bargain in the territory. 11 ark
ruder iV Jones. Agents, Cadillac
Eight, Bristol, Vti ? adv.-hi I?.
It You Are Nervous
nn, 1 ..i<- losing weight, wc recommend
The ! I o'clock service Sun?
day morning will he devoted
entirely to''Foreign Missions."
Besides the sermon there will
ho special music and a pretty
exercise by the children. The
following program will be ren?
Song, congregation standing;
invocation; reading of Christ's
last commission, live intermed?
iates; prayer, pastor: song,
junior clinir; bilde drill, junior
bible class; offertory, selection
by Miss Vineyard; baritone
solo. Jerome Wells; violin duet;
"Thetl ispel lo the Whole Ore
ation," Dennis C. Myers, pus
lor: communion; soprano ami
tenor duot; benediction, Chris
i tiau Endeavor at the usual
1 hour. There will he no preach
I ing Sunday night.
tlmt v. hi take
ind women's feet are ti
Fashion calls for short skin-, very short
spicious; consequently must be dressed becomingly. The
nmsi consider Economy as well as Style. Therefon
"Patrician" <>n account <>i its Honest Value and Honest
are exclusive and away from the ordinary.
As To See Our Malba Pump.
Tj/ic Quatiii/ S/iop
De con
wo recommend
Price. Desicnn
1 he Dancing Class.
Itciily' Slop it lively now,
lli>|> mil skip anil kivl;,
I'lvol twice upon your ii.
Turn a hantaprliig - i'|iilek!
Kntt Mint' rartnoi in tint rllwi,
Hill' llllll in (he eye,
[land him one upon the cai
Swiftly lltdlng by
Take y.>ut root Into your baud.
Itnii along ilir Iloor,
I lopping ?mewlap while I rounl
Otii'. two, three, mill Ibtiri
llooal yotii partner oil \.>nr back,
Wall/, lilm on Dm rim,
Twit I ii'kiii yoiir t liurnba, .0111 stop:
?^.i ihn lesson's iloiie
IA ?s'|' Poodle dog, v ?? r y
largo, Color, white with few
brown spots, Missing since
Sunday. Wears leather collar
with chain. Liberal reward
for its return to Mrs. .1. (,.
: To the Voters of Uig stone Oap:
! I tike Ihia'nietiiod of aunoiiiiofh|r.niy
KUlfa caudklate for the oflJcc of Town
Sergeant hi ilie eleettoii to Is' lu-UI Trie*.
day, .Inno -ili 1 ?pjteal to .ill thavolera,
I regailUc** of party, tor their support:
e-i???el.illy lo those who uro aii\foUaU)
! sro out I:oi> justly mill hnpiiriialiy cn
Ibnicdl Il Intrusted with ?tila oroco I
[shall certainly |ierforni tlio dutiesthoirol
? in the very heat of my ability.
Your obedient servant,
MA USD M.I. IlKl.i II Kit
To the Citizens of Big Stone
Gap and Vicinity.
for fully t?lity.flve(831 yean, tin- I. A
M. Si mi Mixed IScal I'aititn have been
extensively used throughout the I11il.1l
Slates and also in South Anoii... The)
h ive therefore been subjected to the tests
of every eitnutie condition* moat sue
oeatfully?thereby proving their ext.. mc
I durability anil superior value
! ?vc our advertisement on other page.
I lelliujr property-owners how to uiake
ih. n own palm. Hi:<l thereby SAVti sixty
I < ein? a gallon 011 every gallon used. *
jO-e-o w. I'alnt Makers, Now York.
Seminary School Closes This;
Tin' public school at the Sem
narj in Turkey Covoiyvill have
its clotting exercises on Friday]
and Salitiilav nights of this!
week. On Friday night the'
feature of tint evening will bei
th.mtcats for the Dr. Pierce
and Iii . nilmor medals, anil on
Saturday night tin- featuie will
i?' a dm ma entitled "The black
Hand." and the awarding of I
medals. Hveryone invited to I
attend these oxercises.
You Can Enjoy Life
Hit what yoti wnhl linrl not be troubled
with indigeaUon if yml will mke ;i
before arnl uflor each inc:il. Sold only '
: by us -2So box.
_Kelly Drug Co.
fT A) 1 . :1 1 . ' .
| IWt you I-sin ni'n*
I las ' " 1 ;
iRrrfS. M Ii ..? ?; i i I ?
'.:5oks>? H ??In; ? the
r-r^\i'? BS ;tiul p.niiu and rr.
^WgffiW ? III." v.,sill luin.: .
tSSH 1 ? ??? K'>c? 1,1,1
/SSSKS* 3 direct! na i r i
? placool it Auydrua
tfUt can aupply you. If you live too
Iioin a drug store semi Onn Dollar
Swansea IIlieriniatic Cure Co., Ne.-\s. fc.
Ohio, and I??IIa of 'ttDrons" wW Do
tool ' ?? "
You will save 5G cts. per gal.
Buy ?! gals L. & M. Semi-Mixed Real Paint.
at S2.10 per gat ? - $ 8.40
And 3 gals. Ltnsccd Oil to mix . with il
.it estimated cost ol 2.10
You then nuke 7 gals, ol pure pair.l for $10.80
it's only $ 1.51 per gal.
Anybody can mix the Oil. with the PAINT.
Whereas, il you buy 7 gals of ready-lor-use painl in
CANS, you pay S2.I0 a gal. or S14.70.
ZINC inj UNSr-ED Oll.. ti-? St, I know* pthH nultmll for 10O ytux.
i pal. out ol any I.&M. PA (NT you buy and il nol the best
?? ?tie. return lhcoo,r?' | i -i AM, your money back.
O. C. LEE. Jonosvlllo
Rlade in a ten. minutes
The .State N'o'nml School fpt Women it Itildfonl
I year. Tho Summer Xorinal opena Juno 11 1 'oitrsea
open forty-elffht vteelca each
for Summer 8cl:oo| l'n.fes
I atonal t'ert locate: for the renewal or extension of certiflettca: am', for Klrst, Second,
br TMld O^o Certificate Tuition in fr<r HnWorxl I? lu Ilm plenFant Cptaml
I 15e?iou of Virginia. ISOU feel above tho ma. Kor eal-alogne and full iurnrwallon
j ?rite, J. P. McCONNELL. East Ratlford, Va. ,

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