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Pulili?li<*l Kvory WatlMMlST by the
I -i ? i.r [mi t , t r'l
ail-OKRT N. KNIQHT. - Editor.
Onu Ytar, ?- ?UO0
Six Months, - .50
Threo Monthi, - .28
Kliterwl accordlUK to pOllal regulations
it the poM-offlc,1 at Itlg Stone Gap a? ?<?<??
???I ??li?? inattt-r.
subscribers tiro earnestly ?<?
quested to observe the date
printed 6n their address slip-;,
which will keep them at till
limes posted ns to the date
of tlte expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to thin re.tuest will
save all parties a Kreut deal of
Sinking of the Lusitania.
Germany surely must have
gone mad. Tin- torpedoing and
sinking of the Lusitania, al?
though it was well known to
Uermuu authorities that liiere
were many Americans aboard
the ill fated t'unard liner,
evince tt reckless disregard of
the opinions of the world in
general and of this country in
particular a determination to
win by any met hods and at any
cost?only compatible with the
assumption that blood lust has
toppled reason from its throne.
It is true that Germany
threatened to do this very
thing, but it is true also that
when the threat was received
Washington met it with the
declaration that for ail Ameri?
can property destroyed and for
every American lifo taken, thet
Berlin government would bei
held to a strict accountability. I
So far as the dispatches yet I
have told the tale, passengers
of the Lusitania who were saved
owe escape to the fact the ves
sol's compartments kept her|
afloat until her boats could be
launched, and not to any mere)
or humanity shown by the ?fll
Cers and crews of the attacking ,
submarines, The liner's death-1
blow was indicted without re?
Kind fot (he safety of the neat
ly '-'."iJtl lives aboard ami de?
spite the certainty that a greal
number of these lives were
'American. How these 2,000
uoucombatants and neutrals
might BttVe themselves Was a
matter, apparently, to which
no consideration was given.
It was different, perhaps,
when British cargo boats wore
sunk, or when a British passen
ger vessel, plying to some port
in another part of the ompirc,
whs sent to the bottom In one
Stich CU60 ail American uitizen
did lose his life, but German)
may contend with sum,, show
of sincerity she had no special
reasou t<> believe that an Amer?
ican was aboard.
As to ilm Lusitania, there is
no room for such a contention.
The advertisements printed a
few days ago in many Ameri?
can ucwspapci s, under the au?
lltot Ity" of the < lermau embassy,
which warned citizens of this
country not to embark in Brit
ish liners, now gain a special
und sinister significance Al
the tune of their publication, it
was generally believed that
they were aimed at the Lusi
tanin, and portended n purlieu I
lurly desperate attempt lode I
stroy her, and this bel-.i-f now
becomes a certainty.
This government has never
recognized--as, of course, it
could not recognize Germany's
declaration of a war zone mir
rounding the British IslOB. Ac
quiescence in this impudent in?
fringement of neutral rights
was forbidden both by our own
dignity and by international
Through centuries of inces?
sant struggle, in 'he ascent of
the race front savagery, civiii
zation has wrung from war cor- j
tain guurante.es of thesano?ity|
of humau life. These guaran >
teeS are expressed in the code'
thai enlightened nation* rac?g
1 nise. They affect neutrals even
[more intimately than they do
' helliger.Mils, nor curt any bel?
ligerent, by its mere tone dlxit,
destroy the neutral's privileges
and rights.
1 Until a blockade of the Brit?
ish Isles is rendered effective,
American citizens have a right
to embark in British vessels,
with the assurance that inter?
national law protects at least
their lives. The ship on which
they sail may be destroyed, bill
not until due precautions have
been taken to assure their saf?
ely. That is the rule President
Wilson has said that be would
uphold, and that Germany
Honied when the Lusitailill was
That deaths were not more
numerous was due to excellent
discipline and a fortunate
chance, rather than to Gorman
intent. When n man lires a re?
volver into a crowd, the law
presumes he must have Intend
ed the natural consequences of
his action. The natural conse?
quence?however, h a p p 11 y
averted?of firing a torpedo in
to the hull of the Lusitnuin was
the taking of American life.
Germany so designed the bolt,
ami it is that design that tills
the American heart with loath
lug and bitter resentment. It
is for that intent that Germany
must answer Richmond Times ?
England's ships are no neu.
successful in avoiding torpe?
does than in avoiding icebergs.
? ? ?
Never was the schoolmaster!
more sorely tired than the able
one now in the White II- i ?
Fortunately for Mr. Humes,!
of New York, he doesn't need
that f.'.o.oi.o claimed in lie- libel
sail against Teddy.
San Francisco is ready to
provide all I he diversion l11 11
American tourists need this
A neutral nation niny have
to he exceedingly alert to avoid (
lieiiin used merely as a pawn
in the big war game.
Peace must be near ill En-1
rope when Mr. Taft and Mr. |
Roosevelt actually shook hands
with each other a day Or two
Everybody w ill now concede
that to elect a presid.-nt costs a
lot of perfectly good money. |
The Syracuse case hns proved|
this for the amazement of pos?
Just when the sanitary indi?
vidual drinking cup is coining
into its own, Missouri gets up
and makes an impassioned and
poetic plea for tin- restoration
of tin- old fashioned gourd dip?
per. The old gourd w..s a
source of joy all right.
We are in receipt of V olume
i. No l, of the Wise County
Republican, published at Wise,
with Mr. C. A. Vance as editor.
As Us name implies, the Re?
publican will advocate the
principles of the Republican
party and will, no doubt, prove
u success, both as a political or?
gan and as a local newspaper.
Wo gladly welcome it to our
exchange, table and wish il suc?
cess on ibo ?eu v?f journalism,
Working One's Way.
"When my lather was work
ing as a boy on bis father's farm
and complained that the corn
stubble burl,his bare feet, my
philosophical grandfather ex.
claimed: 'Stomp 'em down.
AlphoilBO; slump 'em down.'
And when my father, as a
grown boy, after a year or two
in the A in burst Academy,
tramped down the river to New
Haven to save money, and
worked hard at Yule, he got
something that was worth
while. He remembered his
Greek and Latin 1 forgot
mine. Hoys backed by papa's
check book do not get the most
out of college "- Ex President
[Judge McDowell, of Federal
Court, to Try Test Case.
Abiugdou,' Va., May '.Uli.?
Hon. Henry C. McDowell,Unit?
ed Stau'? Judge of the Western
District of Virginia, lias agreed
in try one case as a test in the
ejectment suits which litivel
been instituted by Jeffries and
Jeffries, attorneys, of Norfolk,i
1 Va., involving tin- title io over
[one.hundred thousand acres of
vulunblo timber and coat prop?
erties in Buchanan county.
Oeo. K. Pann, Jr., of White,
Penu,lind Penn, attorneys, of
\ in n gd on, representing some of
the defendants, returned today
from a conference held in
Lynch burg, with Judge Mc?
Dowell, and Hie counsel for the
plaintiffs, stating mistest ease
would Ii" heurd at the,Septem-1
bor term of Federal Court al
Lynchburg. Tins litigation!
promises to lie the most inter?
est tug dealt with in years. The
tight of the Qeueral Assembly
tif Virginia to repeal a law.
which was in force for Buchau-;
tin county at the tune the
plaintiffs acquired rights they
may have in the property that]
will be attacked. It is general
ly known that titles have be?
come badly mixed and involv?
ed in Buchanan county ami the
Ooncral Assembly enacted a
law in I'.'l'J making it lawful for
persons to produce certified cop
ics or originals of deeds prior!
to IS'."?, where these had I.ii 1
lost or destroyed in the records,
in an effort to establish a cleat
title. The General Assembly |
in 1014, by an act approved
March !s. repealed ibis act ami
the right to do this is question?
ed in the e jectment suits. These
suits wore brought by the Nor
folk attorneys in the name, of
Virginia and West Virginia I
Coal Company , and it is said I
some fourteen or tifteen linn-,
di ed persons are involved as de- i
fondants, some of them have
lived on the properties for gen?
Flying Spark of Hoi Steel
Pierces Eyeball.
N i(, llensley, who lost his!
right oyesighi by a Hying spark I
oi red hot steel winch penetrat?
ed II.yeball while lie was
hammering on a hut bar all
Osaka. Wise county, Virginia,
several days ago. returned to;
his home from Bristol Th?rs '
day afternoon after having the!
eye removed by Hi. Tom Stalny
of ibis city, 'j'lie patient came
to Bristol list Sunday and the
optic was removed by Dr. Stil
ley Monday. Since that timei
lie has remained here for treat '
meat. Before the eye was re?
moved Mr. llensley suffered ox
crucinling pain which imme
diately left him. lie stated, when
the ball was taken mil. The
tiny particle of steel, which cost
him the loss of an eye, >vas
found lodged al the back side
of the eye, (he hot piece of met
al having ploughed almost on.
tirely through the ball. It was
staled that had he delayed hav?
ing the blinded eye removed it
would have affected tlie other
optic, winch he might have
lost, thus putting him totally
blind. Mr. llensley is an em !
plove of (he Slonega Coke ami
Coal Company and was work?
ing for that company when the
accident occurred. Samuel
Wax, ot Big Stone Qap, re?
mained with the patient while
in Bristol, returning home with
him Thursday afternoon.- Bris?
tol Herald Courier.
i Appearing Prospcsotis Pays.
A certain aristocratic bonti,
who was know n to tie habitual,
ly "broke" was asked at one
tune, "How da you manage to
wear those nobby clothes?" to
which lie replied. "Hv stopping
a! the best hotel." When ask
ed how he managed to stand off
tin- hotel, lie replied, "Why.
that's simple! By wearing
pretty dollies and appearing
prosperous." This, of course,
is not a good rule to follow, yet
there is a lot in looking andap
poaring prosperous ami up-to
If you aro writing letters to
prospective customers fin plain,
cheap paper and with a pencil,
you don't look prosperous and
hp-to date.
I know of nothing that pays
more on the investment than
attractive stationery, ink, foun.
tain pen and a typewriter.
Tim increased orders will soon
pny the price of such things.
Try and see.?The Progressiv?
[Keep School and Civic Lea?
gues Active During Sum?
mer Months.
Many of the Sou School and
civic Leugues in our state have
formed the bad habit of "going
I into summer quartern" by hot
having regular meetings dur
ing this season. It is to be
hoped that this unwise custom
will bo discontinued by the ma
jority of the school leagues this
summer; for there is so much
that can be done during these
vacation months. It is n
splendid time to use the local
talent in some good plays and
entertainments fur the young
people will bo free from school
duties and can give time to
practice. The boys and girls
that have beut) away to college
will he at homo so you can have
their assistance for this work.
'I bis would add greatly to the
social life of the Community
and place some money in the
The "Health Committee etui
be very active by keeping up a
live interest in screening the
houses, fly swatting and clean
up days: (or these are the
months that we need to put
forth every effort to keep clown
typhoid ami to prevent diseases
among infants. The building
and grounds committee can
keep Illings attractive about the
school and have all needed re?
pairs made to building and nuf
buildiags, so that everything
will be in readiuess for the
opening of school.
By keeping up these regular
meetings ami activities of (be
league you will takeaway that
lonely appearance of the school
building for the summer months
and thereby make 11 what
it should be, an attractive
place all the \ rar around. Let
us hear frnm you saying that
your league will keep up its
active work all during the sum?
mer then von will have a good
reporl in November as well as
in Ma v.
Executive Secretary,
('(?.operative Education Asso?
If You
are troubled with heartburn, Rasos run I
a illatrcaictl feeling after eating take a
before and after each meal alul'vou uill
obtain prompt relief. Sold onlj by u*,26<i
Kelly Drug Co.
Tennessee Official
Wins Long Fight.
.1. W. Beaton, of Linden,
Clerk of the Circuit Court of
ib.- Twelfth Judicial District of
Tennessee, was for years a suf?
ferer from stomach trouble:, in
part a result of his confining
work. lie tried doctor after
doctor. Ho (lied medicines
without end.
i Inn day he look a dose of
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy. He
"YOnr medicine is the best in
the world for any form ofslOlu
ash trouble. I am glad lo say
that after taking the full treat
men I 1 feel that I am well.
"I bad very severe pains in
my stomach all the lime. One
bottle of > our medicine del me
ten times as much good as alt
I the doctors' medicine that 1
I took for two yours. My family
physician told me that I would
never be any better?today I
am well, I have gained twen?
ty live pounds."
May r's Wonderful Remedy
gives permanent results fpl
stomach, liver and intestinal
ailments. Eat as much and
whatever you like. No more
distress after eating, pressure
of gas in tin1 stomach and
around the heart. (Jet one bot?
tle of your druggist now and
try it on an absolute guarantee
I?if not satisfactory money will
I be returned. - ad v
Dyspepsia Tablets i
Will Relieve Your Indigestion i
K?Hy Orua Co.
Kor Washington, .Scott und
Lee Counties, Virginia, who is
acquainted with tin- general
: store trade in '.his territory.
j Apply at once. A. W. Dnitsrii,
, Mauager, S. F. Bowser iV Co.,
Inn , 2?7 Kvans lildg., Wash
: ing. I?. C. 18-10-20
K. W. Klunnry has sold out
j his dry goodR and will hereafter
{conduct a grocery store and
meat market only.
South-West Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Accident and Casuality In
surance. Fidelity and Other lionds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
Oetue in Intermout Building big stone gap, va.
TheStrttO No'nial S^-li'x'l l'?>r Women :?l Itndfurd in open forty.ei^ht Weclutat.
year. The Summer Nurm.il opena .lime ,14. Oourte* for Summer School l'roft?.
atonal Certificate; fm the renewal or extension uf cortlflcatea; ami for Klrat Seeonj
or Third Orado t'crtifirato. Tuition I.? free. Kadford Is In the pleasant : i.|tJ
Keoimiof Virginia, I8U0 reel above the mm. tor catalogne'anil full inh.nmii?
?rite, J. p. McCONNliLL, East Racltoril. Va.
Tn the. Voter* of liij; Stone Gnp: ,
I take lliia method of announcing my
notTii caiultdata for the pfllce of Town
Sergeant ui the election to Ik- hohl Tuen
? lay. Julie sin I k|>|u'.ii in nil lln-voters,
regardlessof parly, for Ihelr support;
especially to those win* me anxious to
see out lawn justly ami Impartlsllj on.
foroctl. If Intrusted ?Ith IhU office I
Khali certainly jterforni the ?!niiliercol
io ihr vrry best pfuiy ability.
\ our obedient servant.
\t iftsn M i BKl.t III i:
'l-o the voters of die Second senatorial
llistflet i-otnposrtt of the Counties of
IScnlt mill Wise:
I hereby announce my candidacy lor
Henator in s.-ihl illstrlct, subject to the
will or the Republican Convention. I
itcsiro ??> slate thai if nominated ami {
elected I will serve the whole |.nlc of
nir district to the best of rhy anility.
Tin- Miptsirt and lulliiencc ol ali i- most
earnestly solielted.
llig Stone flap. V? j
? ?hi now8pn|wrs for silo ut
this offlce.
Indi&na Man's Kidney
Troubles Disappear
"After suffering many months from
kiiinev trouble," wiii.m W. It. Kox,
<if N'oblesvllle, I ml- "on.! after bov?
ine, tried many remedies and iirem-rip
Hons, I purchased a box of Folcy
Kidney I'IIIh. They not only ill.I
tui' more good Ihuii any oilier remedy
l Lad ever imed, imi they positively
lit my kidneys rieht. Other .m
i>ers of mv family have used same
(.?Ith nlmlltir rcsUfls."
Krom every slid.- In the Union eoino
unsolicited letters leiinm ol satis?
factory it-KiiliM tram K?.l>>v Kidney
fill*. When the kidney,, become
Clogficd n|?. tret ?l(iKirif.h. and nll.-r
and so jln mil of ii,.. blood only part
of the poisonous ?raste mutter, the
balance i.-mnliw und circulates
through Hi- system, uric a.id forms,
und ?wollen, i>uiuiul Joints ami mus>
? us in. ili>- reiult
l-..|. . Kidney Olli? . lean*, and lone
up I lie kidneys, ihm backache,
rheumatism, sore muscles, uchlnu;
joint*, nnnoyinn bla.l.l. i disorders
au.l IrreirulsrilMii nn dlW|>|H)St.
Mutual Drug Company
Bin Stono Gap Va.
, Stalcmenl ol the Financial Condition
iif niK
Interstate Finance & Trust Co.
l.ucaU-il at l'.u Sinne (i:ip. in the County
of Wist, Stale nf Virginia, al the
close n( business. Ma> Ist, 1915, made
io the State Corporation Commission.
Loans slid Discounts f 0U,1!tft.3?
| Overdrafts, scoured, :
nnstwnretl, (477.01 177 01
bonds. Securities, etc . owned
including jirnraiunl on
furniture .mil fixtures I l .'i do
i Ithei . ?sh iii iu- 1:1(1 Oil
Ha. In.in National Hanks I,HS|.:|S
Paper currency Slkl 0o
fractional paper currency,
nickels ami cents I*.1:!.-'*:,
i odd coin IQd.fiU
Silver (..in ;0:l.0.">
llovonuc Stamp- 11.00
Total. iiOi.Ojii.&l
Capital sto.-k paid in f .ii.iiooini
L'lidlvlded proAts, less amount
paid for interest, ex.
|tehses aii.1 tuxes ^ii s-;
ln.liviilu.il deposits, including
savings deposit- 1.9,137,11
TIllMJ certificates of llepullt - ?'?'<'. Ml
Certified checks 1,011
('ashtet - ohocks oulstandlhg 1)1.00
1 mo In .National Hanks 3,1:1:1*0
I nie tu State Hanks, Private
Hankers, a n d Trust
Companies i.l.lt.".
Notes ami hills re-dlxouuted 7,ltS.1.00
Hills payable, including cer
( lincatCI of deposit le.
presenting money hr>r
hiwcd 38,4)00 l>0
lloaorvcd fur accrued Interval
on (lupoMt" "i.:vj;
Rcacrved for accrued iutereat
I on certificate* of deposit IHJ.JO
Itnaeivta] fur accrued taxca AtKMiu
Intal. $16j,l?:8.8l
I, !(. I*. Harrain, faahier, do solemn
ly iwear Ibal iln, above if- :t true state-1
I mom of too financial condition of Ute In
Iteralate Finance and Trust Company, In-1
Scaled at Big StoneGap, In the County ofj
Wim-, Bute of Virginia, at the clnao ot'
| busiui? <>n the 1st ilur Of May. 1910,
I' io i lie lies! of my knowledge ami belief,
ft. I*. ltallHON, Cashier.
I'. S. Cauii ii. .
II. Ti luvixi, '? Director*.
\V. T...viK, )
statk <i>- Viroixu, County of Wise,
Sworn lb aul tubacribed before me by
It r. Barron, Cashier, tb'.k lath day of
May, I Ii IV
.1. II. Wami'I.i.ii.
Notary Public.
My COromtmlon expires December Sid,
mm. '
Ref ractionist.
[real? diseases nt ihe Eye. Ear. No,,
and Throal.
Willi?, in Appalachla Ultsr PKIDa)
in each month until :i I'. M
D. F. ORR,
Office in IVlly Building-.
0(B?e Hours?i to ilia, m.t I to ? m,
-,-.. . T^j
Dr. (i. C. Bonoyfeiit.
Ohle? In W illis Building over Mutual
I ?itie sioii
Wilt ho Iii Ollueb|Mri ever) Sathnlaj
Dr. .1. A. Gilinor
Pbyalclan and Surgeon
OKKIOK Over Mutual Dm ?
Bit? Stone Gap, Va.
Doctor W. A. Baker
Biff Stone Gap, Va
Office in Hamiden Brotoer? Sinti
Residence Phone 72. (Hike Phtiat 1?
Big Stono Cap, Va
Wagon ami lluggy work A ?poeUlly
I have an I' |>-to-<latc Machine I'm |.,iuu!c
on Itubbcr Tlreai All work given pronipi
Head of Public School Syrien ol Vtrglela
Celleie,Qrae!a?tc,Law, Meelclat, loii.iccriat
to ilcaervlng aliulcntai 110.00.
??osts to Virginia student* in the All
dcnilc Department*. Send for cala .
I In want Winston. Itegial
Mayl'.'-Hin Ulllvcri
Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Hi
?in iht jolltni im \i Inni, ..ill >n?ini SI Ali
caiu. r?.I...i. - in i!.. i i .
i i Oll. ITIIi. ?ml. ijlli. l|ll. s. 11.1I..1I..I I ?
I'..11.. .. (i|, I.. l!..- Sl.ilf a i I.AItl.l i.
.pimiiitiiii-nltcat.) frrr l.i.lr.1 mill Inill.i A:-;
I 1.I1. ni..11. .I1.111I.I I-.- n.lili.'MU-.lli.ltic.111.1. ? ?.?"'?!
V. & 8. W. Railway
tu Effect Februar) ISlh, lun
I t: WKs inq STONE i. \v
No. ?> daily i':o". a in. lor llrlafol ?
tdrmedlatc point* Pullman "i"
i.oilUvllln in Bristol. Connects uilh
N. ?V W. lor points East and Nut ?
tor points South ami West,
No. U daily, excopt Sunday. I! I
for St. Charles and Inter 111 cil
No. I (biily , except Sunday, it.I. p in. f"'
Bristol and intermediate point- Con?
nect* with N. .V- W, for point. I
Connect* at Hoecotkm Gap ?H*
train No. 0 for Hulls Oap, II -"?
villv ami lutenuodtatc polnta
? I'm- additional information apply '"
nearest Agent or
Ooneral Paaaeiiger Agent.
Bristol, 1 eiiu
Sanitary Dry Gleaning
and Pressing Company
rilOM \s B?CK NBR Munt?! -
Altering and Repair
Work. French
Hats ol all kinds Cleaned. Ulm kc?
and Relrimmed.
All (foods called for and delivered
1'hone Ni> 41?3 riiijp<
Corner East tili St. und Wood At '
To tlin voler? of lllg Stone I lip
I hereby announce mytclf a eandMsM
for the office of Scrceaut. of the low ?
Ulg some Cat), at the election t? be b*k
JnneHth I raroeatly solicit tho siipi?""
,il everyom , pniiQisjiii;, II elected, to I*'
form M'e duties of the ??nie? to the v?!
iH'st of my ability.
N, ours \ely tllllv,
Oi V. Md.llAN

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