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The Big Stone Gap Post.
v?l- xxm' bi?" stone gAP7wFsE COU NTY, VA.7 WEDNESDAY. JUNE 2, 1915 -'--""no~22~"
Graduating Exercises of High
Wednesday night the thirteen
niors of tho High School hold
thoir graduating exercises in
t in* School Auditorium tit eight
thirty o'clock;
Tin' class colors nf silver and
lavender wiiro artistically car?
ried Kiit in ihn decorating nf
!in> stage, mi which tin- gratia
tilns wore Heated, by tall col.
ue'iiH covered with silver paper,
lavendi'r crepo paper streamers
anil crepe paper vvinlorin, the
class llnwor mi ;t high back?
ground <d mountain ferns. Ov?r
the ?tage was thoir inotto: "Wo
Finish in Begin," in silver let
Iura wit h a background <>f green
Tin' members nf the gradual
ing class vyoro Misses Tholinn
i'..ikcr. Mary Skoon, Kdnn Cat
um. Myrtle Nickels, Kathleen
Knight, .Miriam Taylor, .Malt
Itrowu, Urnen Long, Lillian
Wnifn, Ifnnnio and Louolhi
.liihiinon, who wiiro lovoly in
thoir pretty dresses nf white
cretly do ohone and lane anil
w ii i i a accessories,
The hoytt were Stralriy Kelly
and John Lane. Thin is the
largest ?dun?, and, ivo think,
?.f the heut looking, classes
thai) has over gradtlaletl in Wiho
< loniily.
following was the program
ni their oxei circs:
Chnrria?Yotcmof tin- W'.-hIs?Senior
I H i'. I'll/.' Raxa) Virginia Lead*
??ivliilatiii'v and Ktiiay Stndoy Kelly,
i i iHS History?Kathleen Knight.
Vnoal Duel Lite's lireani Is O'ci
M iij Skeoit ami Lillian Wolf?
I i> ?(iraee Loin;
i - I'lriplieo)' Kdn.i Cidrnii.
I hint invitation to Tim 1)41.Mary
Last Will mid Teaui.tit -Lillian
Valedictory- 'flui Heseniinlblllty ..|
K.In.- ai d People, in tin- foniiiitinlty?Mb
llov. J. B, t'raft awarded the
i l>. I', gold medal for the
best assay on Virginia Loads,
1.. Miss Adelaide IVttit. Prof.
\ .1. Wolfo awarded tin- U. D.
1'. tcholarship tnetlal to Miss
Liicilc Martin. linn. John W.
L'liatkioy then awarded the
gold modal given hy tho Chain
her of Gommoroo at Newport
? . wa, for tin' heat essay on
ihn American Merchant Marine
liy tin' High School pupils in
rginia, to Miss Miriam Tay
lor, and he also awarded the
i . i t ill elites and Diplomas to the
. piIh in the .seventh uraniinar
-.I.-1?t? ? who were promoted to
the high school. Prof. J. N.
111 Ilm.i n, of poohnrn, superin?
tendent of sohools for Wise
'Uiil v, awarded the twelve di?
plomas to tim graduates. Those
were all awarded with short j
appropriate,onjbyauloBpeectieS. |
Banquet at Monte Vista Hotel
Tin' Alumni Association of
the Big St?lln (Jap lliv.li School1
gave their Annual Banquet at
the Monte Vista Hotel Weunett.
diiy night after the Graduating
KxerettseB in honor of the thir?
teen new graduates.
Covern wore laid for forty
guests on one long table on
which were cut glass vases fill
ed with wisteria, und silver
cahdlelabras holding green tn
pers, in the dining room where
a delicious luncheon was served
in four courses.
Afterwards the oflieers for
the coming your wen- elected.
Mrs. I. C Taylor, (nee MIbb Ju?
liet Mulhewa . was'unanimous?
ly re elected president; Mikx
Mutt Brown, vice-president;
Miss lliiby Kemper, Secretary,
nint By ron Iflmuds. treasurer.
After singing Auld Lung Syne
the guests departed, each de?
claring they had never had n
more enjoyable time.
Those who were present were:
Missus <>l^n Horton, Mary
I Garnes, Bess Voungof Stonegn,
j Myrlii Cawooil, (lleHHie tlilly,
Kuby Kemper, Laura Darnell,
< Hud vs W olfe, Margnret lames,
(Iruc? Wolfe. Janet Bailey,
Matt Brown, Kathleen Knight,
Urace Long, Bdnn Catrnh. Lil?
lian Wolfe, Miriam Taylor.
Myrtle Nickels, Mary Skeen,
Tlielinn Baker, Knnnieund Lon
ella Johnson, Irma Orr, Uosn
Cole, I'.mma Duncan ami Nell
VanUordor, Mrs. \V. (i. Pain
tor, Mrs. I. t'. Taylor, Mrs.
Sudie Lnnham, I'rof. ami Mrs
A. J. Wolfe, Hupt. J. N. Ulli,
man of Oooburn, Jack Hyatt of
JonoHvillo, tiuv Pngh <>f St.
I 'ii ii I. Strale> Kelly,.lohn Lane.
I By ron IthoadBj B.W. Lussitcr.
Dan Itiuhmoiid of h/wing and
I'rof. It. H. Akers
I On Thursday evening, not?
withstanding the downpour of I
rain, a large audience was pres..
eut at the very delightful and
I entertaining recital given by
Mrs. Bailey's music pupile. I
Owing to the inclemency of the
weather several of her most ail
vat.cod pupils wore unable to be
present. Notwithstanding this
the program rendered was ex-\
COlletlt. The pieces were all
rendered; especially tllOSO of the
younger children who had only
taken 111IIdie for the pa?l session.
All of her older pupils showed j
marked improvement over last
year. The Milk Maid Drill and
i hinese Umbrella Drill were es?
pecially enjoyable!
The parents of all of the chil?
dren were very much pleased
and grntilied at the progress
made during the past session
und feel that great credit is due
to the indefatigable industry
and untiring energy of their
teacher, Mrs. Bailey. Mrs.
Bailey has taught with splendld
success here for a number of
years, the past year being one
of the most successful of her
teaching. Both parents and
children are very fortunate in
having the services of one who
is so capable, thorough, ener?
getic and industrious.
Music Recital
Sensational Flying ^ Dip of Death
War Maneuvers ? The Ocean Wave
Aeiial Bomb Dropping j . ^ ^ ^
Passenger Carrying
.u!s.,u- su.tii.u- win '. _ I Aerial Tm key Trot
What the Newspapers Sny of
W. S. Lackey's Flying.
Pilot? i?ll-hOr?opowei ' inn>. biplane]
to victory In sttoug wind over tho Hudson I
Itiver. iri the Ihm American Aviation
Derby Port Washington t'oihl i- lliu
?aim*; point in America !i?r Aviators.
The race wan tun in a Northwestern
u m.I New s "ik Herald of ' hit 1 nil
\V > Uekey Won tho S,? York
Times aviation '"'?' arounil New York
City in hin lOU'horsepower furthw Hi
plane. All five eittrlen hail to light the
win.I high 1I1.'i.- Manhattan Island.?
New York ttloi.r??t. 18, ltd 1
Kegardleaa nf threatening weather,
Aviator l.nekey was the hig feature >it
Ilm Ihl. Pinea 011 July 2iat. The
llighth of the I lydro-Aeroplane certainly
iliil ui.iki' the ilay .1 aiicccss.?Charleston,
S 11. Now* ihm) Courier.
W. s. i.nckey made Iiis nights despite
tin- increasing wind .mil monopolized the
attention of the tpoctatori by hla fancy
slums in the way nf dips and ill veil
Buffalo Kn<|uirer of Sept. nth,
No exhibition has over boon given in I
llarrislnirg ihnl has brought such vol-l
minis of commendation as those Of A via .
tor l.uokoy. The universal opinion,
throughoui llarrU'ourg is that laickoy is
no.Iva capable avlatoi as well as a
i In ring otic, but is more than doing hull
pari i>f iliu performance un schedule
Unto. Otiee otllrlally aunntiiicoVt tut to
tin' time tin' Itiglit* ???ulil be in ui. . Aria<.
. Lit l.u. key In-Ill to tin- schedule to thu
very mlnnlo.?llnrrlsburg Telegraph of I
Sept. 20th.
I.uckey, in Iii? biplane, cover* OiJ mill's |
in Yi minute* ami 41 ?cconds, in fro.I > i
Itl-inlle wltitl, which was bitter coltl.l
I.uckey wins the Times nrlto of^Wi.Vi.OO.
New York Times.
Despite a Northwester blowing l:t|
miles an liour laickcy wOu the. aeroplane 1
.Msrathou yesterday in the most midair!
dramatic siieciai In evei witnessed by New
Votk. It scented thai no crnlt coubt live
in the gale. The llml. was Iho hont?
stretch ami Lhckcy ea. towanl (In hay
at a spee.l of moro than a hundred mile*
an hour Stlirenetl to the bona ho wasI
hall dragged, hall carried to shcltbi where I
Mrs. I.uckey tuet hint "How high did |
yon POt" she asked "Dh, about a'ltsi
feet" chattered tin- winner New v..rk
Tribune, Oct. 1 Ith.
Utickey Im? contracted to llj
at Iii? Sit mi-'. iii|> mi July j and
3, and Ii? will lly m> matter
what tlie weather dondi'.ii tin
are. The contract is fur L?cke}
to personally lly in his aero?
plane, ami lit) will visit the (lap
shortly lo determine whether
hu will nst> a monoplane ?r n
biplnno. Ho will use an air?
ship that is used in the Kurope.
tin war. Full particulars will
appear in tliis paper in thu next
toil days.
We could have had airnion
! who would have agreed to IIV
for less than tho contract price
ttgr.I tu pav I.uekey, but tho
Athletic Association wants to
guarantee a ihght and have paid
the price to have a matt nf na?
tional fame who has made good
in great American event*, and
we ipiote from papers as ahove,
such as New York Herald, New
*i Ork l imes. New York Globe,
Charleston Courier, llarrisbnrg
Pa. Telegraph, and New York
Tribune to show the public why
the Athletic Association tain af?
ford to guarantee an airship
llight Ih's year, by ji man who
lias won the Aerial Herhy over
the tni'st d illicit It course in
America against Mnrvin Wood
in a Moisnnt Miinoplane,
against titty liilpatrie in a
S Ina tie 1 >??),! id n.ss in Monoplane,
and Tony JnnntiH in a [totiouist
Track Ulplailli. This is going
to he a treat well worth walk?
ing many miles to see, and one
that will long he remembered
by those who coin," to l?g Stun.'
i iap for the celebration on July
2nd and SrH.
It is the chance of a lifetime
to see I.Itckey. We have inves
1 tigutcd hin record und ho has
always made good. The Aeso
[elation has letters from many
cities telling of hia success and
Iiis racing with uutomobiles
'und motorcycles; his war ma?
noeuvres, auch ua Ariel Bomb
Dropping, t'aasenger Carrying,
The Dip of Death, The Ocean
i Wave. The Spiral Olide, The
Ariel.Turkey Trot, and many
other tents which show his dar
ing. We cannot give you here
the full letters from cities where
1.in-key has exhibited, but give
you the names of Associations
and parties w ho endorse Iaiekoy
as nn aviator, in letton the As?
sociation has on Die as a rcaltlt
of its investigation:
Mr. loo IS, Danean, Secy, t.'i:nil>er
laud. Mil. Pair Mill Agricultural Asats'la
tion I*. 0 I. Krney, Sco'y, Prcaaoott,
) oi \ >>o?"i.itich, l'i,'v**'.iH. I lutario. Can.
Sir Luther Klltaou, ?eo'y, l_inca?tcr, S.
('. < hamber of (?oumii'ivt'. Mr. C. It,
: ^CAruoroilgh; Seo*y, llorry County Fair
i \.latlon Couway, 8, 0. Mr. Oeo. II.
Kowler, See y. Stoueboro, I "a Pair Asso
I. iili..ii. Mi John Winter*, l'nn , Lake
Orlo? Navigation Co, Detroit, Mich.
Mr 0. T. ItUhop, Mgr., t uloii lUnk of
Canada, Smith Kall?. Ontario. Mr,
Tbo* It Jacoak*, Hee'y, Kdgooornb*
Fair Association, Tarboro, N. O. Mr.
K A Dcikmnu. Mgr Interuatluual Pa?
per Company, llerlln, N . II Mr. Kliucr
I i Walters Mgr Ontario Deaeh Park,
' harloUo, V V Mr. Jamas SoUlU,
I Vice Pres . l?lo ..i Palm?. Obarlesion, S.
C Mi \\ I ' ?...)> MK'i . Uruokalde
I Park, Olallgo, Mass lt*rrl?hurg Hoard
;..| Pi I'l... llarrlaburg, Pa. The Curtis
I Exhibition Co., Hammonds Sport, N. V.,
I ? Aviation School)
I he Association lias four
Mights contracted with this
man who has never missed a
date or failed to My. Ilia tirat
tiighi may be the Dip of Death,
or it may I e War Manocuvera,
maybe the Wonderful Spiral
Cllido. It has not been pro?
grammed as yet when each feut
will be taken, but you hud bet?
ler plan to Bee all four ilights.
Mr. Luokoy will not agree to
give the Aerial Turkey Trot but
once, and he cannot tell until
he gets up which Might he will
Turkey Trot. The t-hunce of a
lifetime tu sc? the famous
American Aviator.
Memorial Services.
The M. in..rial service* of Mis. Mary
Ami Hum* Couch will he held ill the
Leather Wornl Cemetery :n Perty county.
Kentucky, Sunday. .Itiiictt. IU1?
a beautiful monument of MouUna man
tilt- has Isen erected hy her husband and
. hildrcit, .mil will la- unveiled hy her
little giauildaugbtcr, Dora Lee Parsons
of Virginia.
Mis. Couch was born and rtsml In
Owsley county, Kennte!./. but was a res?
ident of A ppalaehla, Virginia, foraoum
bet ..I years, aud has mall) telallvch and
friends, who ls>w their heads in sympa?
thy w ith the husband and children in
their irrcpaniblo l"s? el a lining wife
.nid tu.ither. for many months ere her
mortal goitt^ out. she realised the lltul
latlotts of bet terrestrial existence, and
planned daily for her eternal abode It
w;is inspirational to all to sec her won?
derful s.nity, and to hear the beautl
Iill expression of he.' faith in Uotl,
Watch This Paper Next Week B
For Full Particulars About The |
Big Celebration at Big Stone Gap H
July 2nd and 3rd.

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