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I'ubhilirJ Kveiy WeUiiMday liy tin'
lor-oriMi ruled.
Ono Y?ar, - ?I OO
Six Months. ... ,BU
Thrio Month*. ... .28
Ktiterod ?reonllng to pottal rcgulatlou*
it the post office lit Big Stone Qftp M sec
3int-clws matter
SUBSCRIBERS ure earnestly re
quested tn observe the date
printed on their address slips,
which will keep I hern at all
times posted as to the date
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
A Firm Stand Tot American
Again has the United States
demanded that tin' German
government give assurances
that the rights of Americans he
recognized and that the lives of
iioii-combntutits, whether pas?
sengers in ueutral or belliger?
ent merchant vessels, not lie put
in Jeopardy by the unwarned
destruction of ships on peaceful
errands. The note sent to the
Herman government in answer
to the flerninn answer, is no
whit less firm in its demands
thuii tho original note and it
puts the matter in so clear a
light that there etui he no mis
taking its sincerity or tlie de?
termination of its authors.
Tho United States, in the
hope for a peaceful ideating up
of the situation, relies upon the
principles of humanity, the mil
v eibully recognized understand?
ings of international law, and
the friendship of the (lei man
nation. The United States has
es its demands upon right and
the note makes it plain to all
who read that the franters of
I he note ure sincere
in answer to the note there
nmuiiis hut for the Qermnit
Kovurtimelil to answer yes or
no. The German government
must either place itself upon
r.eord as Homing the humane
demands of this country or
must put a stop to the harbor
ons warfare for which the tier
in in navy has become infamous.
The avenues of in hit nil ion are
closed and the Germans must
So plainly does the note show
the rectitude of the attitude of
the United States government
that we cannot see room lot
further quibbling on the part ol
Germany. The note shows so
absolutely the wrong of the
German navy that we cannot
understand the deutle for fur?
ther continuance of the warfare
upon merchant vessels and the
murder of nou combatants.
Above all things, however,
the note shows the altitude of
the United Suites regarding
tlm rights of American ship
masters and American citizens
upon the high seas. There
must be no abbreviation of those
rights for which the patriots of
76 gave their lives. They tut?
among (he fundamental posses?
sions of the American citizen
und the American citizen is
ready to dufeiid them with Ins
In ibis time of stress ami tu
mult, when the average citizen
is appalled and amazed at the
carnage of Klimpe; when it hau
become the fashion to deplore
and condemn war und blood?
shed and all things which
might lead to war, the note
brings hack to the true Ameri?
can ihu realization of national
honor and the uatioiiul buinlli
uliou which would surely ensue
?f the goverutnent allowed, for
fear of war, tho curtailment by
oue jot or tittle of the rights be
sti..wi?j upon Americana by the
blood of the patriot fathers.?
Koanoke Times.
Good Coal Year
The production <>f coal in Vir?
ginia in 1914 was7,059,536short
tons, valuer) at $8,082'448. Thin
wan 808,638 tons less than in
1918, with a decline in value of
$920,206, yet tin- output wns
greater than in any year pre
vious to 1913, according to fig?
ures compiled by (V K. Loslior,
in cooperation with Hie Virgin*
ia Geological Survey, and just
mailt1 public by tin- United
States (ioological Survey. The
decrease in quantity was 0.8
per cent and in value 10.3 per
cent, and is attributed to the
smaller demand from tin' iron
business for coke, us show it by
lhe fact that the doorcase of
coal made into coke represents
7il per cent of the total decrease
for the State, and to the small?
er quantity needed to meet the
requirements of the railroads
and cotton mills normally sup
phed by Virginiu coal.
In the Geological Surye) bonl
reports for IU11 and 1912 Vir
giniu and other States of the
Appalachian I'rovinee were
compared unfavorably With oili?
er Slates as to the quantity and
percentage of coal shot off the
solid. A marked improvement
in thai respect was noted in the
report for 1013 and a furllll r
improvement is shown in the
returns for 1014. Ill 1912 the
powdortnined coal amounted to
3,741)633 short ions, or 17 7 per
cent of the total; in 101)1 to 'J,
870,108 tons, or 32 0 per cent ol
the total, and in 1914 to Only
2,420,601 tons, or 30.0 per (sohl
of the total.
fror auS eral years Virginia has
stood relatively high in the
quantity of coal produced by
each man employed, and 1'.'] I
was no exception to the rule.
The number of men employed
in the coal mines of the Stale
increased from 9,102 in 1013 to
0,183 in 1914, unit the average
working time decreased from
280 days to 235, The average
production per man in 1913 wns
904 toiiB and hi 1914 was 808
tons. The average daily pro
dtictioil per man was greater in
I'M I, being 8.59 tons against
8,44 tons in 1913.
runniest Dougherty, who is
employed by the \ irginin
Wholesale Company, .it Appu
lachia, and Miss .Nannie tiled
sue, an attractive young lad)
of Kast St. Utip, eloped to
Cumberland (lap last Wednes.
day and were married A host
of friends of the contracting
parties wish them much happi?
ness in married life
Ten Young Men Admitted To
The Bar.
Ten of the IIfteen applicant*
sii.ssflilly pass,mI the Stale
Bur Kvaminatiou WedmiSday
and were admitted n> Attor?
neys und sworn in before the
Supreme Court With the lillr
ty-uine graduated and admit ted
at the Uuiverait) Law School
this makes 49, just lacking one
of half a hundred now lawyers
The ten who ii ere admitted
Wednesday moirhing ? ere:
Leon w. Harris, of Oconee;
Paul Hemuhill, <d Chester; Men
jumin 1). Hodges, of Sumpter;
Harry It. Hughes, of Wulla
halla; Onail A. Uydriok, ol
Orangeb?rg; Lester S. Larsons.
Of Columbia;Thomas M. Kons,
of Chester; James Orlando
Shepherd, of tStlgofiold, Joe A,
Smith, of Benuottavillo; and
Frit/ William McKay Woodrow,
of Columbia.?Columbia (S i?.)
T. U. Morris, a prosperous
farther living in valley above
East Stone t?ap, was in town
lust Saturday and gave us n
pleasant call Mr Morris is a
scientific farmer and lias one ol
the best farms in lint count).
He has three-quarters of tin acre
in alfufa and lie cut from it last
Wiek -1 loo pounds ,,f hay. and
it Will be cut two or three time*
more this year, Ho used great
earn in preparing Ilia ground
before sowing 1 In-seed 1.1 i ,
and he is convinced that alfafa
can be grown in this country as
well as any whore if the proper
euro is Used in preparing the
ground. Mr. Morris is prepar?
ing to sow u live acre field, and
he is con?dont he will have no
trouble iu getting a good stand.
Worn Out?
No doubt you are, il
you sutler trom any ot the
numerous ailments to
which aa women are sub?
ject. He .dache, back?
ache, sidcache, nervous?
ness, weak, tired feeling,
are some ol the symp?
toms, and you must rid
yoursell of them in order
to Icel well. Thousands
of women, who hove
been bcnelltcd by tills
remedy, urge you to
Car dui 8
The Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Sylvania Woods,
of Clifton Mills, Ky., saya:
?'Uclorc taking Cardui,
I was, at times, so weak 1
could hardly walk, aud
the pain in my back and
bend nearly killed me.
After taking three hollies
ot Cardul, the pains dis?
appeared. Now I feel as
well as I ever did. Every
sultcring woman should
try Cardui." Get a bottle
today. li-GB
Check Book Accounting.
K?rrners w ho .In most of their
business by check ran, with lit?
tle effort, keep a very stilisfac- !
tory account of the total farm i
roceipts und expenses. Two'
things are essential for the sue-]
C *-s of this met boil:
I'n i. All iiioiiny received
from any sou reu, whether in i
cash or by check. should bo de?
posited in the bank. By doing
this the record of deposits will
give the entire faun income,
Most important of all, it insures
against any mono) s being spout
without a clieck or stub to show
for it.
Second. W h n n ?! r a w i n g
! checks, care Bhould btfusadto
state for whut purpose drawn,
lit this way the cheek stub will
give an itemized account of the
farm expenditures,
i I'tnler this s> stem, clu cks for
I money for personal use are
Idrawn in the same way ns lor
any other purpose. At times
the purchase of minor articles
for farmi use will require cash
when (he amount is so small
thai it is not desirable to use a
check; therefore, to have an ex
net record a memorandum of
the farm items which arc paid
out of the money checked out
for personal use is needed.
That ia, these items should he
I charged to the farm, but they
tire really paid out of the pock?
et money which is charger on
the check hook to the personal
A memorandum of produce
!exchanged for groceries is also
, necessary, as there is no cash
transaction in such cases
In using this sy stem it is bet?
tor to have a large hook of
checks, winch, if the farm bu?
siness is of moderate size, tin'
banker will gladly fur ish with
'the chucks numbered and the
owner's name printed on them
A check book of this kind will
generally last tor a year, Ilms
the advantage of hav iug all the
accounts in one book. This
check-hook system as an aid to
keeping financial accounts on
the farm is very simple and
will prove valuable to a large
number of men whose business
is adapted to it.
.1. W. I..issuer, of this place,
held the lucky number, HS7,
that drew the new ITnrd OUlO
nii bile given awny by the Hase
Hall Club at the ball park iin
lest Saturday afternoon.
If-you want job work done
promptly, neatly and artistic?
ally, send it to the Wise Prilli?
ng i' tmipnny.
Km incut scientists are to
reopen a discussion of I'oary's
discovery of the pole. They
should wait until after Knropo
has calmed down.
I'n the votcis or the Second Senatorial
District Ciitu|Mis?"l "f tlie Couillioa of
i i.ec. Scott and Wlaa:
I hereby announce my candidacy fnr
Senator iu said iliatrict, subject to the
will of the Republican Convention! I
desire t<> stitti' that it nominated and
elected I will Servo the whole people of
ni* district to the beat tit' tnv ability.
Tue atiii|>ort nnd Inlltienco of all N moat
earnestly solii jted
J. M (iOpi)l t)R,
Hit; Stone tl l|>, \'n
Our Atlvitu Is: .
When yoti feel oht of sort from cousti- I
putioii, I' i us say that it
do nut relievo you, ?*e n physician, I
becaliac no other I.nine rciuc.lv \wll. .
Sold only by us. 10 rents.
Kelly Drug Co.
? >bl iiflWRpnunrR for sfiio tit
this oflico.
In the District Court ofttui United
States foi the Weaterit Dl*t tin ol'Vir?
In the matter of William I: ? bun it
bankrupt In Bankruptcy.
To the Honorable llciirj < MclJowell .
Judge of ihe District t.'ourt ol the]
( nltcd state, f..i ihk Western District
? if Virginia:
William It ( hutch, ol Itiu Stout
flail, in the coiirily of Wise hud the State
of Virginia. In said District, respect full) .
represents that nn the "ith day of May I
laut past, In was duly adjudged
bankrupt under the Act* of Congress]
lclatitm i.i bankruptcy j that he halt
duty surrendered all his propcrt) ami!
rights of property, and ban fully" coin
plici with all the rcajulictiicuta ul said
Act? mil <ii the onlci* "i the Court !
Lructiitig hin flankriiptcy
Wherefore he pntyn thai I"' m a hi"
decreed hj the Coral to have a hill ills-!
charge from all debts provable iigAlust I
in- catnte under said bankrupt Al t', t
except such ilehl. a- are nxrcptiil liy law j
frotn such discharge
I'it. il tills 7iI? day ..r .luiic A I?..
W II I bun I: bankrupt :
Western District of Virginia "
i in ilti- I tl til tttly "i .1.?. \ I'
l'.il'i, mi reading tlie rorcgoblg |? lit Inn il
is Ordered by the i ."in ih n a hearing he '
hml upon the same mi tlie-tltlt day of
.luly. A 11.. UUn. hotoie italtl Court
at tilg Stoitc (lap lit raid District, at in
o'clock In the forenoon; anil that notice
tlterehl published in the lib
flap I'..-I a i..-v\ -1.11r printed in -aid I
District, and that all known creditors anil ,
any Ibey have, why the prayer nl uiil
petitioner almuM not be Knitted,
Ami it I? further ordered liy the i mm
tint tin- Clerk ?hall rujnd by mnll tunn
known creditorscopiei <>r saht petition
ami tills littler, addreeacd to tbeni at tin |(
place? ul resilience a* stated.
Kxtkh: IIKNKY C> Mi UOWI i i
District Judge,
Foregoing are true copies of the I' t
lion of lUukrupt tor Discharge
tliu Unter ot Notice thereon
witness niy IihuiI uuil ilie rural ?>:
Court this l&th il.iy of June, IIIIS
Stanley M Marlin t ? k
l'i r V.C, Cocbran, 11 i
(Seal of Ihn Court |
VlHCilNlA In the Clerk's bffii i
thr Circuit Court of the Coniily ol v
the suii ii.ty or.inuo, IWW.
Amanda I lick man, I'lalntin
i icurgo lllrkiiiau Defendant
IN i II \.N< I'.IIY
Tl.bjcci ol' tlii- I? to obtain adtvui ,
? a Vlnculo Mntriinoiilt' bj the plaim ?
from tbo defendant on tin- grounds ?
Ami it appearing rrotiialHitayli on Hin
In raid ofllct-that tin- defendant (iei.i i
lllckiiian. la nul a resident of lite Stal,
\ Irgltila, ii is unlered (bat In- appear hen!
wllbbi nrtecii ilays aflei due puhlie ? .....
of this tinier and ilo wliat is uoceimat v ? ,
protect Iii? intcrtail in this suit.
It is further onldrotl that a copj In
In- published oik en week I'm ton i
lire vM i'ks in the nig Stone tlai* t'or-l i
tbat a copy be pOsltsil it the rroni ,|....,
ol ilu ttourl hourto of this i.my. nul
that a copv of this order Ire maili'il i
the tlnlbmlatil .?? ?? lUcknmn, m
Spriuglictd. Illinois. Iiis la-i Kli?wi
oi' abode
\ i nin Teate:
?'.. lt. (lA?tli.'rox,
\\. I llnilgi'iis. p <| .lunc U '.'.i .1
Sanitary Dry Gleaning
ami Pressing Company
THOM AS ItCCKN'Klt. Manugi'i
Altering and Kepitii
Work. Frone).
(!1 on hing
lhii> ui nil kinds Cleaned, 111,., In |
and KelriiiuiK'd.
?e.1 I ml
I 'hone No I I '.' rings
l?/' i* St Lt j hifanf o/
Wi/uc and Qual/tu
From Maine to California
Everywhere this summer you will meet Americans seeing Arileric?
in the P.nut- "Six-46." Touring westward to the great Exposition:
on tlic coast?winding through the beautiful Whit.- Mountains
west, rast, north ami south Americans of sound judgment am
good tast.- are already beginning those Family Outings which meat
a Summer 1 loliday of health-giving pleasure and a winter of deliehtfu
And they arc taking tin- l-amily in
tin- big, powerful, beautiful Paige "Six-46"?
everywhere -anywhere; ?because-r
They .in' proud of it. The beaut)
and omanneu ?>( the Paige "ltig Six" have
liiaile it a distinction to own and drive the
Paige "Iti^ Six." Also; lire tremendous popu?
larity ol ll?' "Six-4?" has established i( as the
choice of disci itninaitng Amu i, ans,
They are sure of it , They know that
the excellerw e ol ii - design, ol its matei iah. ,ii
its construction means safety and uninter
rupted service -on mountain rood or drm-n
They are Mire of its comfort. They
know tluit rhe seven passenger roominess, the
velvety Cantilever springs, the Cray \ Davis
lighting and starting systems, the tremend?
ously i?oweiful and devil,lc Paige-Continental
motor, rhr Kaytichl carburetor anil .Jl saieh
features ot Ultra-tenement mean supreme
.rrinc luxury under all conceivable luolw
And. hed. thej .ue sure of the Real
Economy ol the Paige "Sbt-46." Not only is
the price $1395 unprecedented and un
equaled tor snrh Quality but the Paigi
Design means il*- minimum ol ni?thtenance
and Operating < orj.
That?ina nutshell iswhyyoiiwill
meet the Paige "Six-46" everywhere this
Stimmer and ulwav . filled with and driven by
Amcrlcans'ol sound judgment and w*\ taste.
It is again ihe Story o( Paige Quality un
prcceiieiued Qualify thcQuaiit) whicliinfive
months has heen u* uhivcj lally i '?> oghlxi ,1 I,-.
tin: American people, tli.it within this period
I he Paige "Six-to" has won ami easily holds
the l eadership o( all Sixe-. -regardlcjs ol
And that price for this epoch-mak?
ing car, a* you know, is f l.lU.s.
Let y<air dealer ulsrw >isi why the
"Stx-t6M bus won the Arutas Au nuxurduui in
five short months.
-I. .1. WBlMi, Agciil
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company. Detroit. Michigan

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