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Celebration at Big Stone Cap on July 2nd and July 3rd, 1915
Final game of the Virginia Coal Field League for the championship' for 11)15
between the leading two teams of the contest now going on between Keokee,
Dante; 3t?neg? and Big Stone Gap. From $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 ia being
spent ibis year by the four teams. Each o( these towns of the Southwest arc de?
termined to have'the winning team, and the game ol ball on |uly 3rd will be the
greatest base ball game ever seen ill this section, and more lovers of the game will
sec tins Iuly 3rd game than lias ever witnessid .1 ball game in the Southwest.
Aviator Wi S. Luckey will tty in his aeroplane on July 2nd and July 3rd.
LucHey-is America's famous-aviator, Has earned this reputation in his Bights in
the United States and in Canada. I Iis crowning night being the winning of the
great American Aviation Race ov< t the course from Statcn Island over bay. and
rivers and around New York City in a 43 mile gale, against all foreign and Ameri?
can competitors.
The New York World says <?( the race: "Me Hew up the Hudson 100 miles
an hour." The New York Tribune says ol the race: "The lu'gli wind rocked Iiis
craft- the gale of 43 miles an hour made the spectators shake their heads as it
seemed that no craft could live in such a gale, but Luckey the last of the compet?
itors to go ..up?his too, horse power Curtismotoi roared defiance to the storm as
mcteoVlikd the big black car leaped into the wind;"
We have mam New York papers (hat praised l.uckev for this feat, and this
is the man we have to Hy for iitt on July and and July 3rd. We have investigated
36 of his Hights. I lave sent men t<? personally investigate, ami have letters from
many cities in this country, as well as Canada, where Luckey's Lime is known?all
say Luckey is fearless, daring ami Ins sensational living wonderful. His War
Maiioeuvers. His Aerial Bomb Dropping, His Passenger Carrying, His Dip ol
Death. His Ocean Wave. His Spiral Clyde (that dangerous feat at which so many
aviators have lost their lives), and that rocking Aerial Turkey Trot, all these have
made L?cfeey famous in the cities 61 New York; in Prcsscott, Ontario: in Detroit.
Mich.; iri Fast mi. Mtl.; in Smith Falls, Canada; in Berlin, N. M.jinCharlotte, N.
YV;in, (Sharlesldii, S. C; in Orange1, Miss.: in Harrisburg, Fa.; in Hammonds
port. N. Y. The Charleston Cornier of July ?ist, 101 |. says: ''At the Isle ?l
fines Luckey Hew too feet itb?y? the ground 00 miles an hour dyer the heads of
thousands of spectators. The committee told him one trip over the course would
be sufficient on account of the high wind, and only his nerve made him repeat his
dangerous dashes five times."
This is the kind of man we have employed at Iiis price to tiy at Big Stone Gap
on July 2nd and Jul\ 3rd. Different features each day. Thrilling and sensational
and we want you to see them. A treat that will hardly be repeated in Wist: County.
Under the supervision of the United States Government Department of Mini s
the lulu: demonstration of mine explosions will he a tremendous feature on both
days. We are constructing a tube hkj feet long and 10 feet high and will have a
realistic mint: explosion with black powder. After tin: explosion helmet work will
be given in the tube. Then safety powder tests in same tube will he demonstrat?
ed, livery safeguard will be taken by the Government hien, who are sent hcire
from Washington, to prevent accidents at the lime the explosion takes place.
This is not only a great educational feature hut a sensation that will long be re?
membered by those who witness it. Sec special circular On Mine Rescue ami First
Aid Work fur particulars.
All kintls of held sports will he contested. Any field sport in which there are
three or nunc entrees will be contested ami prizes oflcredi
Details of this feature will be given in special circular. Dr. ?xley Gilmer,
Chairman of Horse Show Committee.
IMino Kesotie inul I^ll-sl <Yi<I W'oi'lt
Details of tliis feature will he given 111 special circular. The United States
Government spends a gn at amount ol money annually in the interest b( Mini'
Rescue and First Aid Work, and all judges will he men from the Department at
Washington, as the Department ol Mines is co-operating with us to make this fea?
ture of July 2nd a sue. ess. The prizes amount to several hundred dollars in value
to lie contested for by 30 teams. See special circular.
Have contracted for 34 amusements for young and old, ? two Brass Bauds and
three riding devices, and are open to accept any good amusement feature that \ve
1 in locate. Amusement committee arc adding new amusements every day,
j]jSJy;%i^rt^^ a
Result of Games Played in The Virginia Coal
Fields League During Past Week.
Won Lost Pet.
'D'antc. ... o 5 .'6931
Big Stone Gap. G 6 . 500
hUonnga. 6 7 ,462
l,\eokee. ; 8 ? vss
liig Stone bap W ins in Ten!
Inning Contest.
After losing five straight
gun es the home team linnlly
copped another victory by de?
feating baute hereSaturdu} at ?
ternoOn In one <>f the hardest
i. .?in and most exciting iran ? ??
til the season. Knut tlclding
\m?s in evidence throughout
lie- game, and nothing but real
hard and timely hitting could
put a runner across honte plate,
For three innings both sides
v.riv retired In order. In the
fourth the locals broke the spell
when Kotier tripled tb deep cen?
ter und scored a minute later
on Khrig's swat to left. An
other tally Was registered hi
the liflli when Kipp walked and 1
a.I sauced to second on (Jhiol
McCall's grounder and sc.I
on Fetter's single
Dante immediately overcame
I Do Not Strain ]
J Your Eyes
^ by trying to road by 2
? poor light. Why not y
f. find out what electric jj
l lights will cost? They A.
y ^
are safe, clean, no A
Y. trouble or worry find 5
* easy on the eyes.
?? We will wire your A
5 house on easy terms. *
g investigate. \
5: _ ?
I Powell Valley Ijghl |
k Power Co.
Big Stone Gap and
Unnolo/ihiu Un
this Iriaii in the sixth Mc( '.ill
(Unified and A, Taylor walked,
both scoring when rVibxahder
tripled to ecu tar. Dig Btone
tied the score ill the eighth
frame and the game wohl intri
extra inning-- although with
two men on liases in the ninth
itig Stone tiap threatened to
win the game Bibb, Dante's
pitcher, was taken out here and
Pebbles went in and checked
the rally. Danle failed to score
in their half of Hie tenth Kipp,
McCall and Potter, the lire!
men up for Big Stone, got in
Held hits ami Kipp scored the
winning run when Corwin hit
to t llornmei e
Thi-game was witnessed by
the largest crowd that has as?
sembled tit the hall park this
year, fully 11)00 being present.
All It II I'D A i;
i i 0 I 7 0
I I I ? I ii
?J 0 -.' ii ? I?
:i n n i a o
ii a a i n o
at a o vi; t.i 9
Ulli Inning int bj 1 ,n,,I
shim. OAP
All It Ii PO A K
I II I, 1 II I
a i > I 10
:i o in i 0
.1 1 3 1 0
?? Ii I J ?-? 0
ij ii ; u t) a
8 a 1 1 a n
B.'ii) i a
.1 ii ii I ! 1
at i lu -iv ? -1
lunJngi . 0 B i t ii : s ii in it ii i:
Dante n (I u ii 0 8 ii a a a a u ?.'
tilg Mum- o 0 n i i n ,.i 1 n i I Ml ?.'
Umpire*.?1-\ Kui); ?ml II s?jii..
Kanicd ruin, Hann-, 8 It"* >'.1 lap
Stolen baaea l> r-ayW, Vdama, Jtnd
kiy , Kipp, Hall
Itaae on IwilU od Mo In tire 8; llilib, I
Tides baau hlti fbttn Mexaoder.
Tan lusc bit* .'.il?.u?
llltaot! Melutlro, 6; UibW ; l"e*ble?
a. plti-bu'i; to ? mea in mb and lotb ln
, Struck out by Melutiie. H; )HM>, '.'
Hit by pitcher--by Mclutlrv,. 1
Irtuible piay? Potter to VYtcibaui
Time?1 hour*.
Ii, ,1 Mi' ill
Ii. Taylor, o
A 'layltir,
Adam*, *b
i lenirin i h i
?lllner < i
Rodke). u
Pieeblee p
PUber, ll
KJpll m
McCall n>
Potter, ? i
Corwin, 4b
i ihrig, c
Hall, if .
WSckhaii?, 8b
Mclotlre, n
Hie, Stone Gap Loses to Keo-;
kec Again.
Much t<> tin- disappointment!
of local tuntt who hint hoped
thai the homo team would tinnl-;
ly break their losing; streak, [
tin y lust tu Keokee here Wed?
nesday tifteruoon l?y a score of |
.'. i" \V hito pitched it sterling j
game ami deserved to win, but
old hind luck wait against him,
errors heing responsible for nil
of Keokee'H scores lie also
futitutod With ii clean home run
drive in the Hecond inning with
a man on base, after two hit?
ters had boon retired, Intt was
CtlllCil out for not tOliching see
end bast
Keokee made all their scores
in the tiftlt frame, uf ter the bus?
es were tilled tiy u pass anil |
two errors and hits followed ?
with the deciding results
Sandfonl worked iu the box
for Keokee and wus very effect?
ive, However, he was taken
Olli in tie- ninth when the home
team started a rally, getting
two inch on buses. Dncey went I
in and finished without heing
scored on
II I'o A K
li S ii ii
ii ii I ii
ii !! n ,|
il l Ii ii
I 1 li
3 ii .' li
ii I 1 n
Alt II
ItHtiiliHUdh, If . I 0
Moiinaii all I t
Kilbhnau.llh -t 1
Salver*. II. i! il
llardiu it . t ii
lUlCkles.c li I
Tt. ist i I
Suiulloril, e i i
i On ? in, til
MeCall ll>
IJIiHg; if
l-Uidicr, i I
yVlckliam 8b
Swan, o
U kite, )?
; ?lauen
','U :t H 'i; IA -i|
?Batted for Hall In ninth inning
lulling* 1 9 :t t "i it 7 s D it II K '
Keokee 0 >> i> '.0 o n "? 5 t !
B|g stone 0 1 li o n i' '.' 0 :i rt V
t'nu.ire -II. Swain.
jutnuxi runs Keokee, u. It S (1 ; 8.
Stolen baae? Kipp, While
Ii*,?'.in liallnoll Wliite, :t. Sall.lf.ml it I
Struck ant bj White, I Sandfonl, 9,
Double plat WlilU to Wickhaui ti>|
Keokee Loses To Slonega.
The Stonege Keokee game,
which was Scheduled to he play?
ed at Stonegn, was played on
the Appalachht grounds H'riday
aftornoOlt, in order for fans to
see the game at big Stone Hup
Stonegc, by overcoming a six
run loud iu the eighth ami
ninth innings, won the game'
by a score of 8 to 7. Straloy :
Tale curried otl the batting hon-1
ors, gutting live hits out of five
trip* to the plate. Turner, of
Keokee, got h home run drive,;
the ball going under the fem e.
ru?K OAT
Alt Ii II I'o A i.
I II 1 il n II
- 1 e I S I
I 1 1.8 10
II ii l II ii il
l a ii 1 ' i II
s l l ; ii n
ii u ?.' :: u
i ii i l i 0
9 n 1 ii 7 il
1 Ii il li tl 0
Dante Defeats Stonetja.
Hall pitched n great name fur j
Dante' last Wednesday and eds
ily defeated his opponents by a |
score of ?'? in 0. Jones, the con
ter Beider, pitched a goad ganin
f?u Stonegn, hat was given
poor siippart at tin- proper time,
For unknown reasons the
Stonegn correspondent failed to
send in a tabulated score, hence
its failure to lie published
Exhibition Game,
The Big Stone Hap league
team weiil to I'ennington flap
Friday to play lite ainatetirs at ]
that place. The result of the
game was a very one-sided af?
fair, Mig Staue Hap winning
hy a snore of 17 to ?) Wicklmm
slurred at the l)at for the hoine
team, getting a home run, a!
three bagger and two doubles, i
two <>f which were made in one j
inning, roller ami Met'all also!
were credited with extra baseI
clouts. Baseball fans came I
from all pari? of Lee county to
see the game,
Innings 1 3 II 4 5 II T s Ii Ii II K j
Uli; Stone, S II n u 6 it 1 u I 20 ?>? |
I'enulngUiii.o n o a o a o n o a .*? a II
llattcrlea fisher ?n?l I Imp i ;r.ili.mi I
Siruok out la t'Uliir. 1; tlrahain, I |
I v,,. base hits -\\ lekbain, 'J . Mel 'all,!. I
I'liree-bate hUa Pottermul Wiefclism.
II,,mi' run IVIekham
llase ,mi ballsofl Mam . 1 lirabatu, .*>.
I ntplre) MoInUrc.
FreellngJ Va., Jnne U,? Dr. |
W . II Heed, of I'lint wo,,d, wast
hen- on professional business
? luring the early part of the
vi eel;.
t iotavila McFall, ol Bolocninp,
is visiting his mother. Mrs
Mary McFull, of this place.
F.dgar B. Beverly, who has
boon taking a course of study,
at Kmory and llenory College,
has just returned Imme.
James M. Buckley and Bich
anl Bruiilutrh, hoth of the good,
ly town of Clint wood, have been
trying the fisherman's luck in
the waters of Found Itiver.
These gentlemen have m>t yet
reported, yel your correspond,
eut is justified in saying thai
.1 im always guts 'em.
Mrs. Sarah Taylor, of lsom.j
is visiting relatives at Frueling:
Mr. and .Mrs. Andrew founts,
have been culled to Artrip on
account of the serious illm-ss of
the hitter's mother.
Mrs. Corn Countiss, of ?is
horn's (lap, is tile guest of Mrs. ,
Lily McFall.
Mrs. Millie Krnnham is visit?
ing Mrs. \V. Li. l'hipps, of ncur
Albert N. Mnlliiis is visiting
relatives near C'liutwood.
ii . Schedule in FflYct
Nov. 88. IUI I.
I.KAVK NjOHTO N riiin a. in. fin-1
Lyuchhurg iiinl intermediate ?I*
lion*. Pullman deeper lllnollclil to I
Philadelphia via llruteratowh,
Pullman *lee|iei Itottuokb tu ltlch-1
.i,l ?ml Norfolk Alan cohncolliiiiH
it llluefleld with train* Wcatbound.
Pullman ?lecjier id i InclUiiatl 1U11I j
i tolumbiis,
I.KAVK NORTON j 1(0 |? I'm iNtln.li
North, Bant mill Went
I.KAVK IIKISTOL liilily H I.", i in
I..i Kam Itadford, Uoanoko, l.vmrli
burgi Petersburg, Richmond and
Norfolk Pullman Parlor ? m f
Richmond Pullman itlecper Una
UOku to New! York via Hageii-iow n I
ami liarriaburK.
8:0u p. in i'oi Norfolk .mil Intermodule
point*, I'tilliitaii Sleeper* to Norfolk I
trains mV it pnllniati s.. epetsM U a*h j
Ington, I tltunon Philadelphia ami
New York via l.ynuliuiirg. I look ntil I
18:15 p n dally to ill points botwe*r.
Uriitol ami I.ynchburg. Connects ai
Walton at .'? id \>. in. ?Ith the St.
Louti Kxpretui for all point* weal and
null hut Hi.
If yon are thinking u( taking a mi
YOI want iprolalliiiut, olicajK-at fare, re
liable aii'd correct Information, us tc
route*.train schethihisj themosl comfort
able nntl ipilokeat w'aj W im- anil the
Infiirmatlnn is jours Ibl (lie asking, witli
.fouroumnlcto Map Koltlew,
IV. f. S.vt NliKlut, <i. P. A.
W. It III.Ml i..
Pass, traf, Mgr.,
Uoaueki V i
To those wiin have not paid]
llinir Itli-i taxes, Thoy will
have to settle ut onco or 1 wl|l
collect according to law, which |
will ridd extra cost. The time |
is now for mo to foroo collection.
F. (i. Skkkn.
June 30. Deputy TreaSurhrl j
Attorney at Law,
lotermonl lu.lg. UK) RTONEOAPVA
Doctor W. A. Baker
Big Stone Cap. Va.
fiffice in Ilm,Mm (irotlinni StOri
Residence Phone Office Phone M>
Ref ractionist.
I real* di-eascs u| the Eye, Kir, N?"r
and flirnat.
Will be in Appalai-hiii h i i:>-'r FRIDA1]
in each month until U I'. M.
D. F. ORR,
lilt! STONE GAP, - VA
?toee in Polly llnllding.
tnU.e lhnir-?H to HI a. in.; I III .". p, m
Head ?I Public Si hoc I SyslCM of \irginla !
Ill I'tHI UKVfS ItKIUtC-KN I 111,
Colittctlraduatc,Law, Medkfae, t n<.....r,...
to deserving slodent* $10.00 cover* til
costs to Virginia ?Indern* In the v,.,
itamle Department*. 8end fur catalogue
Howard Winston Registrar,
May 12 3m tjnlvertlty, V?!
General Blacksmith
Repair Work.
HoIIim ami MachineKejiAlrlug. lini<
KlllVl ii,- , hlHMllaUj Wagon ami lln
Wnil. All wnii. given pruiupt unit i ii
(ul addition.
BIk Stone Cap. Va.
Dr. (i. C. Honoycutl
Drug Store
Dr. J. A. G?nter
Physician and Surgeon
I ii K Over Mutual I>iiiU' Shu
Bit* Stone Gap, V t.
Uik Stono (Jap, Va
Wagon anil lluggy ?Ork a Speniali;
i have an i |i to-ilat? Machine lor ptiiiiui
mi Kulilii'r Tire*. All work given pi
TrnntH DUonuus uf the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
vvm bo in Anplanchia I'hird
Friday in Each Month.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Stono Gap. Va. Harlan.Ki
Itenorln and ealintatca on Coal mil
heir I anda, Dealgnaiid t'lansol Coa
COkb I'lanU, hand, ituilroad ami Mil
Kngiucerhig, Klootrlu lllue I'rlntln
\ eterinarian
!i.n Kir. t floor liiternuuit lluil Im
uik stono Gap, Virginia.
... Attntlba in Call.iBtaari .1 '
V. & S, W. Railway
In Ellert Februar) lain, I'll.
tl.KAVKS mo -Ii?m: i.ai
Nil'.'ilaily ?.> <>."? a in. for lirlsto) a'"'
teniHxIlato polnla, Pulhnan ?leeji
Louisville to Itrmlol: Con neon ?
v a W. for point* Ka.it ami Sou i
foi nolnta South ami Wca(
So it dally, exoept Sunday, 11.11 a i
lor st. Chariot ami tilt e i iu ad i >'
No I dally, oxoept Sunday, !i:17 p in 1
Bristol ami lutenhcdiate point* 1 o
niii? ntth V .V W. lor |M.iut- E?
Connect* at Moccasiou nap ?I
. train No..8 for Hull's (lap, M?ge
I villi-.in.1 Intermediate poiutn.
I'or additional information applj
I nearest Agent 01 '
W. k allkn.
Citncial l'aueiiye.- Agent
Bristol, Tei

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