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PcliliphMi Every WsdnesdSJ bjf the
UII.IIKKT N. KNI?HT, - Editor.
Ono YfcHr,
Six Months.
Throe Months,
Enten*'. nrcoriltnit to poM?l regulations
it tbo |n*t oflu-ti ?t tilg Stone <;?p ?soo^
Dtnl-eliut? mutter
SUBSCRIbT.RS urn earnestly PO
quested to observe the date
printed on their address slips,
which will keep them at all
times potted US to the date
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
snve all part ion a groat deal of
"Do Your Christmas Shop?
ping Early."
' The above slogan in the hands
of an astute business man,
changed the whole pructlce of
Christmas shopping and stimu?
lated holiday business as noth?
ing else could have done. This
man, with the nerve of a Bur
mini and tin- judgment of it
Wanamaker, grabbed t h e
thought from the public mind
and put it into lug BLACK
TYPE where "//< ru
rend"' in the newspaper! lie
backed a popular conviction
with his coin and nth ? rtisetl the
Universal belief that it would
be better for everyone con?
cerned if the inevitable Christ?
inas purchases were made at
once While stocks were fresh
and new and the choice was
wide and ample
The result not Olily paid tin
advertiser as it always does?
but the w hole country profited
This slogan lias since slipped
into practical U8o in every
corner of commercial America.
Excepting perhaps its fellow
slogan, "S.u.!;. Fi which
reduced the accident death rate
eiiormousU.it has done more
good in the world than any
business phrase ever coined It
has been the means of discon
tinning the linn- honored prac?
tice among lar^o metroplitnn
department and specialy stmes
of keeping open in the evenings
a week or two preceding Christ?
mas Kvo. It has enabled man?
ufacturers to prepare their
goods and till oiib-rn far enough
in advance to insure clear store
rooms long before the \ uletidu
candles were lighted. It pre
vented the disappointment of
millions of Christmas shoppers
who were wont in times past to
wait for the more attractive
novolticB which turned up at
the last moment. And not the
leaBt important, il saves the
heartaches ol neglected ones
wlio leant upon the broken teed
of mere man's, thoughtlessness
That phrase, "Dp y our Christ?
mas Shopping Early;" was m
stuutly taken up and Hashed
before the eyes of the World
through the medium of its .
}Ki)>,if. Just as every other
worth while things is told tili?
nation of readers by the over
present, constant, reliable, all
known morning, evening, w eek
ly, or Sunday newspaper.
Nothing the world does is done
without ITS knowledge, noth?
ing you want the world to know
can be made known without its
aid. Almost any national man?
ufacturer will tell you that
most of his fume and profit were
the product of newspaper ad?
vertising. No newspaper ad
vertiser who kept it up wisely
ever lost money.
The newspaper pays the ad?
vertiser. The latter merely in?
vests in|busines8 publicity. The
cost of advertising is like a
phantom Zeppelin?it never
lights anywhere, it is a bug?
aboo made of thin air and a
yellow streak. The common
supposition that advertising ex
Humor is likewise 11 fallacy.I
The fact of the matter is that
the non-advertiser poy? for f
out of the business he losos to
competitors who do advertise.
Advertising doubles output,
halves overhead, divides selling
cost and, by making two cus?
tomers buy where.QNLY ti.NK
1? IUGHT BEFORE, it dirWtft?
a hundred percent, increase in
profit?out of Which any busi?
ness man can well afford to ptl>
for his own advertising.
Mokai. Foil Mkkouasts: A?l
vertise in the Big Stone Qap
Post and do your Christmas
businkss early.
Tim state department at
Washington was advised that
tbe allies have decided to rOCOg
gnieo tbe Carranzu government
in Mexico. Recognition will be
accorded as soon as Italy pre?
pares tiie note on behalf of the
entente group.
President Wilson outlined the I
program for national defenseI
which he will place before the
next congress, ami appealed to j
the whole country for support. I
In an address before the Man I
hnttan (dub at New York, at its
fiftieth anniversary dinner, the
president expounded his plans
on preparedness ami his views
on other national question
Women suffrage was defeat
ed decisively in all three states I
where the question was an is
site ill the elections. In New
York the suffragists were snow
ed under by n majority of near
ly 200,000. Pennsylvania re?
jected the suffrage amendment I
by u majority of 226,000, In I
Massachusetts the mtnorit) was
Business conditions in this
country were never better, ac?
cording to an announcement
made at Washington by Post i
master Qenoral Bnrleson. I'usi
ollice receipts of j ;.;
Ootohor this year, he compared
to $12,761,040 for October, mi l
"Post office receipts always
have proved to he a triie baroin
? ?tor of business conditions,''
he said
Former Secretary of State!
William .1. Bryan, in a lengthy
prepared statement issued ;,t
Washington takes issue with
President Wilson's program of
preparedness. The action of
the former secretary was ac?
cepted in administration cii
as meaning the opening break
between the president and his
former chief supporter on mm
ters of national interest,
Here are the essential feat
tires of the administration's
military program as set forth
in a statement issued at Wash
ington by Secretary of War1
Garrison: Creation of a rogu
lararmy of 141,843; improve?
ment of the national guard; for
illation of a citizen army of
400,000 men. Finally, the or
gnnization of all the resources
of the nation in trained civil
ions to aid the army in time of
war. The military policy calls
for a total appropriation ol
000,000,000 by congress during
the next five years itntloi Lin
heading of the army.
His Sixteen Years'
Suffering Now Ended
I can say with the (rented >l
pleasure ll.at roley Kidney 1111? W( re
the only tiling tiiat gav%* me reitet
In rlKtc-n years."
Mr. a. w. llendereon ol Dingle;
Mlss_ says mum than tliut. too. lie
eunvrro \*nh eyatuta llnnaini
ur th?i Madden. It ?tut on .mill lit.
reached the point where h*> M-.i dltay.
weak epetle, Hti.i eomelirnee lie would
almost faint with pain, or course.
lie Uoi-toK.t. went orr i.. tlii mineral
springs snt* drunk water! ol different
kinds. whlcii altoKi-thi-r cost him >
Urtt. surd if ni.sun no p.-r
insnunt rcllei. Now cornea .i mend
who recommends Poley Ki.lt i
and after using half n dosen buttles
his pains are all Koni-, lit sleep*
soundly all night.
When kidney and blander ? trouble
cornea on you and you suffer the' pains
and aches It causes. i.av.> IrrearuJar.
painful srrrettons and a burning r. n
satlon. take Kolrv'.H Kidney Pills at
once and you will echo iti llendor.
* aentlments.
Mutual Drug Company
Miss Myrtle Cothrum,
ol Kussellvlllc. Ala., says:
"For nearly a year, 1 sul
Icrcd with terrible back?
ache, pains In my limbs,
and my head ached neatly
all the time. Our (amity
doctor treated me, but
only Rave mc temporary
relief. I was certainly in
bad health. My school
teacher ?dvised me to
The Woman's Tonic
I took two bottles, in all,
and was cured. I shall
always praise Cardui to
sick and suffering wo?
men." II you sutler lrom
pains peculiar to weak
women, such as bead
ache, backache, or other
Symptoms ol womanly
trouble, or II you merely
need :i tonic lot that tired,
nervous, worn-out leel
intf, try Cardui. e-?S
Ajplaclna Items
\l iss Itrowriie McKenzie spent
tlit! week-end with relatives at
Goobm ii.
Floyd Oie.ek spout Sunday
w nli lioinefoikH at St. Paul.
Mrs. \| V. Moll and Mrs.
1'iito Irvine motored to 1 >obanon
and bark last Tuesday,
r. Ii! tii vena, of Stonegn,
spent Btihdny bore.
Mrs, i>. i,. Maddox spout Sat
n< la\ it liininh with her mint,
Mrs. llurlowe.
Mr and Mrs. M. I?. Collier
Were at VySso Friday.
I \ Elliott was in Knoxville
several da) H last work.
From Seminary
Our Sunday School is pro
grossing nicely.
Uro. Craft preached a very
lul i - ina ? ? i inoh Sunday,
which was enjoyed by a large
I In re will be prayer meeting
at our church everj Wednesday
night. Everybody is cordially
iu\ ited to attend
Hurl Felts was a caller in the I
Cove Saturday.
Ulysses Clarke ton, who was
thought to be lost ill the "Wild
Cat.*' made his appearance Sat?
urday night.
Henderson Reusor was call?
ing at the home of Mr. and
Mr.-. Daniel Slump Sunday.
Mrs. J. H. Skeen has. been
\ <>i v ill for the past \veek.
The teachers of our BollOOl
i spent the woek-eihl with llbmO*
Mis II A. \V. Skeen and
I broiling Charles Punniugton,
I of Knoxville, spent the week?
end at Mis. J. H. Skeen.
Mrs .1 J, Wade spent Sun.,
duj with Mis. S 11 Davis.
W e are glad to learn Of Miss
Norn Youelt'a recovery from a
severe burn
License For Auto Drivers j
Detroit. Nov. 12. -Conserve-1
jtionot life, limb, health, *:\-id '
property in the i lilted States!
and Canada was the keynote of i
the closing meeting of the I
Safety Fust Federation of
(Vmorica here this afternoon, A'
unlfoiin Cod.- to regulate tratllc
throughout the country was.
adopted. Most of the resolu-I
lions embodied in the code were'
directi d at the drivers of auto-'
I mobiles and at the machines j
t themselves.
One of the principal resolu?
tion?, adopted by the Fodertlnn '
urges every State and Canada
to pass a law requiring tho
licensing of automobile drivers,
owners as well us chuuifeura. j
T-bij resolution recommended
the licensing bo based on the
strict examination of moral.
of the applicant. Other resolu-l
Hons adopted, include:
Enactment of laws prohidit-l
ing the eule of dangerous
weapons and explosives.
Prohibition of the sule of fire
arms exbept uoon presentation
of n permit from the police de?
Prohibition of common drink?
ing cups und roller towels, spit?
ting in public places and pin
sidewalks: establishments of
public baths by cities and med
ical and dental inspection of
school children.
Esserville, Va., Nov. u.?
Delia Hamilton, aged 6, daugh?
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest
Hamilton, was bit and run ov
er by an automobile, run by
Mr. Isom, from the Pound,
Tuesday morning of last week.
She had gone home at recess
for her drinking cup and was
returning to school, when a
wagon was passing, and she
waited for it to pass, then
started across behind the wag
on, when tbe enr, which was
running by on the other side of
the wagon, hit her on the houd,
knocking her unconscious,
from which she never regained
consciousness and died Friday
morning. Rev. Win Kobinette
preached the funeral.
Contractors itre notified that
sealed proposals will be receiv?
ed at tin-Mayor's office,BigStone
<iap, until n p. m., Wednes?
day, November 21th, IMA, and
then opened, for the erection of
a shed for the road machinery
belonging to the town. The
lumber to he used will be taken
from the old stockade, the old
pest house, the stone bin on the
Qap toad and old bridge floor*
and assembled by tbo contrac?
tor on the ground near the
stockade, where the shed will
be erected.
Bough plans will be furnish
ed by the undersigned to in
tending bidders.
The right is reserved to re
ject any or all proposals.
W. S. BOSE, Mayor.
1 will be at the following
places for the purpose of col.
lection State, County ami Dis
trict taxes for the year 1016.
Big Stone Qap, at Monte
Vista Hotel, Thursday Novnm
her IS, HI 16.
Appalachia, at Squire Strong's
office, Friday, November 111,
Norton, at Mayor's office, Sat?
urday. November 'ill, 11)161
Strong Imagin?
Said To Be Valuable Asset I
To Golfer
New York, Opt, 18 ?' Up t" a certain
point it strong Imagination tin- goiter's
I rrKMt valuable a&aet; beyond, tliat it is as
apt to ruin n, to afd Itlin. There never
?van a really great golfer who lacked im
Iagination, hut neither has iin-ro erei been
la xtvAt one who allowed his Imagination
I Ui work into Iiis game. There ran Im- no
j golf ut all without It, and no conslatent
j golf with It. wai tin- Bubatanoe of the
oxpreaatoM of a number of golf proa who
j were ilisowsVutg lrn> point a lew days ago
"Before tin- player can luooaMfulty
make a ?bot ho must first imagine tbe
rhol,' said f. W. Singleton, tin; BtwaoOy
pro. "In hw toind'e oye he must see the
?light of tlie ball, must nee it ax It clears
!or dodge a loirarl suit an runs along
!?te ground after completing Its carry or
aa tt fallt dead. He must Imagine juat
ho? a certain Mroke of the club, applied
iu a particular u-^?,ner, will aftVct the
lllgbt of tbu hall. itUtUrerc his imagina?
tions must stop working and he must be?
come the mechanical, Instead of the men?
tal tiring.
? l!o must dismiss from his mind c\ery
thought e-tve that of making a particular
effort in a parlk-ular way. Kite another of
the four or nee different shots which he
may have thnsghl of on hie way up to ifco
ball will bo made instead of thn one he
fully intended to mahn. Or a Us>ught
entirely foreign to the making of a ahot
will overcome tum. and whether the
stroke Is a success or failure will depend
entirely ou lurk.
"An instance of the latter may be re
culled by those who saw ono of our great?
est aiuateure win his tlrat uatioual cham?
pionship aoma yearn ago. This player,
Dr. Edward L Giiy; flic Kjc Si|hl Specialist,
Will bo locatocl at
Johnson's Jewelry Store, Appalachia, Y;>.
Evary Tuesday and Wednesday ol each week comnn
November 23rd, where he is prepared to make examii
correcting errors <>f refraction, scientific adjustment of
Examination l^i-eici?;:
readied ? stage where thu holing of a
pull which w .is neither exceptionally dlf
Acult nor particularly easy, w <>nI<t mean
the championship He ialid afterward
iti.it .is hi- dri-w back his pntti-r to make
Ida stroke tlu-t thought suddenly llashod
upon him, Iff hide Ibis putt I will he the
amateur champion of the United States.
"Immediately, he has Bald many times,
that player liirV sight of his clnbhcad, Idal
sight or the bull, lost all consciousness ol"
the fact lb si he was making a shot. Kv
crythlng Waa an absolute blank to him.
It waa not until after lie had, uncoil
aolottaly a* it were, holed the putt that
he e?mc out <>t Ida trance and realised
thnt the greatest hope had been realised,
Had he lost that match, and ivttli it his
tili?, his imagination alono would have
been to blame.
' In this ease an imagination almost
cost a player the reali/alion ol his most
cherished ambition; yet without it the
pame ptsybr could never have Been fur
enough into the cause* and offcctS ?fgoll
to have mastered Iiis slu-is :,s In- had to
to roach the Championship grade, lie
srouhl have been Something^ Itko .1 pupil
with whom Herbert Strong played not
long ago
"As Strong and his pupil played up to
wlt|dn sight of a hole, the pupil asked
tin- pio to estimate tin- distance Tor him
and suggest a club Strong measured oil
the distance with Iiis ei 6 and .oh Isct! the
use of a inashlo-uibllc. The pupil, bow
erer, figured tho distanco at something
like in yard* more and decided to use iu
ordinary mashlo. As it lisp|H liisd lie ^ ->
right SS 10 dlnlancc, but though ho played
his shot perfectly, In- missed tin liolu by
jnany yards, while Strong's effort camu
to rest w ithin three or tour feel 6l the
"The professional lias ylsuiiliaed the
lligbt Of bis ball. He did not know the
distance within 40 yards,hui Iii Ids imag?
ination he saw himself making tin- shot
as it should lie made, ami make lt. I he
other knew only that the distant o call? jl
for the use ?f s. particular eliib, and hl
thougbt process carried no further than
"1 believe it is the man'sgrcatilinagl.
nation which usually makes lif him a
mote dltlleult pupil than a women A
woman starting out to play toll has iio
imagination to s|?:ik ol Slie has no
(also" Ideas of hor own ability; she does
not see herself tearing off iloti-yard drives
to the admiring plaudits ol her friends.
She simply ili.es what the instill, toi tells
her to do, and in a surprisingly short
time has mastered a swing which in a
great niarioilty of, asca i- much sujiorlor
to a man's.
'?Hut a man goes Into golf with tho idea
that he can do great things right oil the
reel, and if ho happens to gel on* a goeal
.drive at the start is more than ever con
vlnced that the 'form' idea is a vastly
overrated institution. As a result lie
looks upon a lesson us an idea devoted to
trying to hit an Inslgnlftosilt-tooklllg lit?
tle hall some 'JOO or 240 yards
"The perfect golfers will combine Im?
agination and mechanical ability in just
the proper proprotions ami will lie aide to
stille his imagination whenever the oeea
stou deuiaiids."
Why Go To Church?
Because the Church is the
mightiest agency oh earth for
the realization of human prog
It is tho efficient advocate
and alloy of every great reform
of the day.
It stands for the highest
thinking and most sacrillcial
It pr.-sents the noblest ideals
of life and points the way to
thoir realizations.
It furnishes the motive ami
the incentive for the expression
of sympathy and compassion.
It is the Bumpreme character
making institution in the
world. It is the only organiza?
tion under the sun doing busi
nose for God exclusively .
It is the divinely appointed
antl accredited agency for the
realization of the kingdom of
Hod on the earth.
It is the avenue through which
men and women walk up the
heights to (lud.
it relate munkiml toQod sav?
ingly and Satisfyingly and to
one another in joyful fellow?
In its advocacy of civic und
social righteousness it does
more than all other organize*
lions or institutions combined
to make crime ditiicult and
virtue easy.?Christian Evan?
Old newspaper* for ?als ?.!
I Evenings f
Will Soon
Be Here
Why not enjoy them |jj
raj by reading with the best si
raj li^l't in tlie world '
M I lave your house, wir- [?
|jj ed for electric ligl
151 now; we will gladly fa
[ra make an estimate with j|j
[gi out obligation.
I Powell Valley
I Ligiii & Power Co. 1
[f?i fl^Mv? *r? pl!5 i^^Ejr^Bjfgi'^
Virgini i: In the Clerk's Olilee o| tin
Circuit i .um of tho County of Wi-e the
iilh ittj uf S'oTuinbei. l'.'l.v
Interstate I'iti.-mcu .V Trust Cninpam
. I'lniilutlff,
It; I. Itrown mill l.nua I llrowh, lie
11.bjci!t ol this suit is to attach ittii)
tii rent or Mill eerUtin real estate belong
.in.; to the defendant, Laura I llruwn
for satisfaction of a certain Jutlgoun
iluo to the complainant lor the linn el
Two II.ititl Hollars (f'.IXt.OD) with In
incut mill Thirty l-'oiir Oollais mill ti}n
cents ({ill in.si anil attorney'* icesi
Tho real estate to bo attached, ojri i I
by the defendant Laura I. Ilrown,
situated in the town of |tiK Stone (>ap
Wise Comity, Virginia, and more jner
licularly Uckciib?d?? follows, town
Heilig l.ols Nos. 9, 3, 4, ft, il. 7. S, n,
in 11. 12,81, S? ail aiid :;l of Hhsik N ?
l "i nig st. (lap Improvement < oiii
pauy's I'lal .No I of said Town.
Arid It appearing.from aflldavll on Iii'
in said Unite thai lt. I.. Ilriiwh and 1 mm
I. Ilrown, his wile, defendants in ? ? I
suit ,.r.- nol residents of the state ..i \ Ii
ginla; it is ordered that they ap|ieai beri
within lilteeu days afl?i duo publication
of this order and do what Is ncccasiirj In
protect their interest in this siilt.
Aud.lt 1? further ordered thai a copy
litre ?! be published oricc a week loi foil
siiceessliie weeks In The Iii? Sonc 1,1 a|
l'ost und that a copy be posted at the
fr?nt 'I. Of the < omt liotise .'I tlih
County as prescribed by law.
A t.'opyt Teat:
\\ it Hamilton, rjiork
Morlson, M orison A Kobertsoii, p .|
Nov. in- It. IS.
\ llt(:I.\TA:-ln the Clerk'? Oflti. i;
the Circuit Courl of the County of Wise
the Ufith day oi October, 1015.
Williams II. Nickels, IMallltlu
Knocli Hoggs, et als, Defendants.
Tho Object of this suit is to have tin
partition mudu by the heirs of James
Itoggs, tin-cased, Iii and to a certain tract
of land on founding' Mill llranoh, Wist
County, Virginia, continued To re
move the clouds and <|iiiet the title to
Seventy three aeeis owned by W. II
Nickels To enjoin defendants from tres
pawlllg arid committing ?aste on said
S; kola tract.
Anil it appearing front affidavit oil fill
in Mid Office that William K. Sturglll.
William McUeorgo, Martin W. Dlxon, I?
0. ColdlrOU, Knooh Hoggs, Itaehel Hoggs
Munro Hall, William roots, Klltabeth
foots. Klislia Hoggs. Kllzabotb Itoggs.
1. cvi Hoggs, Susan Itoggs, Jesse UoggS,
dofentUnu in said suit are not rcslden|?
of the Stale of Virginia, il is ordered
that they appear here within fiftoeu days
aftdr duo publication of this order and
do what is necessary to protect hi- In?
terest in this suit.
u i. further ordered that a copy herd I
be published once a.week for lour suc?
cessive Mi cks in the l?g Stone Gap Post,
arid that a OOpy be posted at the fronl
disir of the Court house of this county a*
prescribed by law.
A Cony Teste:
W. .1 IlOrstey, p. q. Oct. 27 iJ-nt
When in need of carnations
or other out ilowers, ftuierul
designes, etc, patronise homo
trade, nnd buy them fresh
from the green house.
John K. Horseman, Florist,
West Norton, Va.

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