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Tfae Big Stone Gap Post.
No. 48
" I
f'lt's Efficiency
That Counts.11
The ability t'> produce tin
? t'dlext results along dcftinile
ihnen is the nionHure of the true
? v due of man, animal or ma
| rhino. The agricultural, in
! ? -trial, commercial and inili
lary activities of the world are
bringing the truth of this stuti
n .111 to our minds at the pre*
.?nt time as never before. We
5 have read the slaleim-ul from
- mo good authority that the
rage Aim -i-'ati Clli/ei) ia on.
, l\ SO per cent, efficient. That
? i- we only do one half as much
I. wo COUld and should do. it j
! would seem that the German
I citizen would rank fat bigliet
I ia the seale of efficiency since
{their solo object sei-ms to do
I what they undertake to tin to
; '-t.- fullest extent at w hat ever
I cost. I'.-rbaps in no other it -
( dtiHtry is this need of eflioieney
In iug felt more than in tin- lin?
stock industry. Stock men tire
I beginning to regard their nni
[ mala as machines for eonvorl i
nig coarse materials of reluti * e
' |y low value into something ol j
higher value. Wo use the lioi
: i convert bay and grain ill!
l ower ami we want the most |
eitlcient horse, the one Mutt will |
give the greatest return in
power for n certain amounl ol
feed. The small, high nettled
horse that expends a large p in
of his energoy in useless iuo> e-!
uionitt of the head ahd feet is
giving way to the large iVrcli-|
erone, who Uses biH energej
und weight in moving the load i
straight tO the destination with
; the fewest nuiubor of even
-'eps. We keep the hog for !
meat, the slieep for wool and
mutton, the d?w for meal and
milk, and with all these we
want the most efficient animal. ]
I he re/.or backed llog that WU*
formerly seen "stropping him
Hiiif" on the oak sapling is giv :
ing way to Iiis more elllcietil :
Herksbire and Dlirock c ousins
with broad backs and In aw '
liaihs and shoulders. The long j
lean, thin lleeced, light bodied
sheep is giving way to till)
lo-avier, thicker lleee.-d Shrop
'uro. Southdown and llnmp
The big homed, tony steel
that weighed Ten or son pounds
at live or six years of age is In?
iug placed by the Short Horn.
tlereford grades that weigh
1200 or more pounds at two
n ears of age The six quart cow
that barely pays her hoard is be?
ing replaced by the highly t-lli
Cient Holstein and Jersey cow
with a record of 13 to ;>?'? quarts
if good milk for every day in
the year. The seedling apple
treu that bore a bushel or two
if inferior apples at 15 years ol
age is giving way to the improv.
ed nursery tree that with pro; ;
are produces several barrels of
delicious apples at 13 or 15 years
of age. The organization ol tlie
Hereford Breeders Association
of Lee county and the Short
Home Breeders Associations of
itussell and Washington c?un
ties and tlie purchase of a num?
ber of pure bred sires in the
coal mining county of Wist are
responses to the growing d -
inand for efficiency in farm am
tiials. We have reason to hope
for and expect a further re?
sponse to this demand by a
great increase in the number
uui quality of the herds of
tieep on the rugged bills of
-Vise county, the establishing
?f a dairy to supply the mining
towns of the county with a
much needed wholesome food
and other enterprises that will
strengthen und stimulate farm
.uui home iife.
The building of good roads
in Wise county has done mticli
ti> incrensu tln> ollicieuoy of tlio
farmer ami business man. It
is possible from tlie county soat
to r'oncit almost any part of the
count) in two hours. Automo.
bile.s now dash along the routes
wliicli w? re not very long since
trnversed only by tlio rugged
mountain trails described so
beautifully by John Vox in "The
frail of Tlio Lonesome Pint)." !
fhe organization of boys corn
clubs und ib" matiy other phases
? ? f tb" Parin Demonstration
work in South West Virginia,j
is; doing hiuch to increase thed
eflicieiic) of tho farm and fan.i j
Wo hope to continue this
march of progress and make
' In i Mil Dominion a more olllci i
ent si." a more .Mir,,.,,,;
' nation.
Crop Report.
Imtniniary of preliminary esti?
mates of crop production, and
prioi A for I he St i i ti of Virgin in
.nid fur tlio United States, com
plied by the Murcm of Crop
Hstimates (and transmitted
through the Weather Bureau)
iOjtl o bushels, Riia) oath
? last year 30,380,.; print
stimme thi
ishels, (iiia
Stille ?Estimate this year!
LO,1574,000 bushels, linal esti?
mate last year ll,27?;000; pricit
November I to producers 107
cents, > ear ago 111'.' cents.
l ulled Stales. I '.sl imale this
year i,200,00Q;000i)Ushol8, Itnal
Novohtber i price ilil.i cents,
year ngO !'..'2 cents.
i >ATS
State.? Kstiinate this year,
1,7-Js.ntMi bushels, Itnal estimate |
lasi year 2,9t50,U?O: price Nov?
ember I lo producers 57 cents
per bushel, year ago ,'iS cents. |
United States. ? Kstiinate thin I
year 1,517,.,000 bushels, linal
estimate last year 1,141,01)0,000; i
November 1 price :;.">.cents,
V ear ago | J I.nts.
Ki ? r.\ i i iks
State. ? Kstiinate this year
15,100,000 bushels, final esti?
mate last year 7^280,000; price;
November l to producers
Icents per bushel, year ago 72
Ftilted Slate. Kstiinate this
yeai B5l!,0CO,0O0 bushels, final
estimate last year 405,921,000 j
November I price fl0i8 cents,
years ago 62.8 cents.
State?Estimate this year
4,:ili0,000 barrels, final estimate
last year 5,100,000 barrels; price
October 15 to producers $1,00
per barrel, year ago $] 25.
United States.?Estimate this
year 7<),700?000 barrels linal esti?
mate last year 84,400,000 bar*
rials; price October 15 to pro?
ducers t11 per barrel, year ago
Male ?Estimate this year
444,000,000 pounds, final esti
: mate last year 1 13,750,000.
United State. ? Estimated tins
year 1,050,000,000 pounds, final
estimate last year 1,034,(179,000
Communicable Disease, Es-j
pecially Tuberculosis and
Typhoid, So Reduced
as To He Cause For
Genuine Thanks?
Richmond, Va.. 24. -When
the people of Virginia list the
blessings for which they uire to
return thanks tomorrow, they
indy include among thetn ?
larger immunity from prevent
able disease than the State iiafi
known in recent yours K*or
tfll i 16; tin- stui.? lionrd of
Health announced today on the
hasis ot tuli physicians' nipdrtAj
has been the healthiest your oh
record 1,1 Virginia,
In accordance witii its uhiiuI
?State Hoard
huartl lias been tiled witl
Governor, the exact figure:
not he given out, but it cut
-aid that public eooperatiol
tetitth work gave Virginia
i from communicable dis
>? low level, being noUceabl
precautions taken by tli
claimed a heavy loll in Virginia,
because of our largo colored
population, allowed a positive]
ilecllne during the j oar.
''Tlie general death-rate, de?
spite better registration of
deaths, will probably be slight
|v below what it was for the
previous year.
"No grave epidemics have
visited the State during the past
??A now city, Hopowell, of
almost 20,000 people, was built
during the year ami, though
crowded with inoil living ttnder
condition that might have
spread typhoid, escaped' with ?
virtually no tilthborne disease;
"This saving in human life
and this reduction in the mass
of human woe has been achiev?
ed because the people of the
State;, aroused to the possibil?
ities of disease prevention, have
in increasing numbers installed
Check Off Your Purchases.. Any?
thing Left? Buy It NOW!
in their homes tl>" sanitary de?
vices necessary for health. Tlio
reason for the reduction in
disease, is, therefore, scarcely
less a cause for congratulation
than the reduction itself. Vir?
ginia can well afford to give
Norton, Va., Nov. 25.?A
marriage of especial interest, j
owing to the prominence of the]
contracting parties, was cele?
brated Tuesday, November 2jt,
at 1 o'clock, at the home of Mr. j
and Mrs Kotiert M. Fleming at I
this place when their daughter,
Vnne, was given in marriage to
Hoben spotiH Qrahain, son of]
s. fj. Graham of Tazowell.
Decorations w'ere in white,
yellow and lavender chrysan?
themums, The ceremony took
place in the largo reception
hall, where a temporary alter
of palms and ferns had been
erected, the Rev. Dr. Dabney
I 'arson, of Chatham Mill, V a .
bei tig t he officiating clergyman.
The bride, gowned in white i
channelise draped in chilfoti I
and silver iare, wearing hand-!
some pearls and carrying a
UoUqitet of lilies of the valley 1
and orchids, entered wtlh her
father, win. gave her away. I
Mrs. .lack Dawsotl, in while
with yellow chrysanthemums,I
was matron of honor. Miss
/.ollie Martin, in yellow with
while chrysanthemums. was
maid of honor. t he brides
maides were Miss Fleming's
cousins. Misses Chdistine and
Annie Harniuaii, in lavender I
with chrysanthemums of the
so mo color. Mr. Qrnham was
attended by K. M. Flannry as
liest mau. and < leorge Ksser and
William M. Wray as grooms
l ie- guests, numbered several i
lliihdr?d,, were received by Mes
dumes R, M. Fleming, noughts
l'alterson and Scarborough, and
Misses Jessie M. Qrnham and
Maine McColgan.
Following an extended \v6iL
ding trip, which will include
Richmond, New York; Havana,
and a visit to the groom's
father at his winter home at
i ?ty Point, Fla , Mr. and Mrs.
1 i rah a m will be at llOlllO in Nor
ton, Va., al ter January 1.
tiitesis from a distance in
eluded Mr. .lames Addams.
Sharon, l'a.; David Fleming,
11reensboro, l'a.: .1 tidge and
Mis. S. C. (iraham, la/.ewull;
Mrs. t' M. Kelloj , Lynch burg;
I'. M . I iraham, < i raham; M. S
Keinnierer and Mr. and Mrs.
Decker, New York; .lames II.
Allport, Bnrnsb?ro, l'a : Mr.
and Mrs. f. f. fctayatt, Rich,
lands; II. ('. Crockett and
Robert Moore, 'l'a/.-w ell, and J
keep-Your-Face-Straight- !
Adelaide, the little .laughter!
of Mr. and Mis. 1,. T. Winston,
entertained a number of bei
friends Tuesday afternoon in 1
celebration of her sixth birth?
The rule in' the party was. of
Course, lo keep your face i
straight, w hich proved a diffi?
cult task when (he guests ar?
rived in funny costumes con-]
coded at home. The small {
hostess hail transformed Imr
self into a kitten, the addition'
of a little tail and a ribbon Lit d
around hor neck in a huge bow
under one ear.
Nuineroiis games were play
id. Such as bachelors kitchen,'
sand piper and hide and seek;
after which the guests retired
to the dining room to partake
I of a most delightful repast.
I Ralph Taggart was awarded
a prize, a box of candy, forhav.
ing kept the slraighest face.
I ho-.,. invited were: Evelyn1
Alsover. Frances Sayeis. Janet
tillmer, Jane lYck, Louise
Nickels, Margaret Kelly, (Cath?
erine Barrier, Luoile Taylor,
..ancy Southward, (Catherine
Painter, Margaret Wolfe. Frank
Sa>ers, Robert Alsover, Wil?
liam t'abeil, Karl Stoehr, Lewis
McOormiek, Rub .Morrison,
Ralph Taggart and Jno, Kullitt
(.'balk ley.
(>!d new spapers for sale at
' his office.
Golf Notes.
Quito a number of tlio Mom
hers of tbo Mountain ' iolf < 'tub
accepted the invitation extend ?
ed them by the Bristol Country
(;iul> to a tiolf Tournament ami
Auction Bridge Tournament typ
last Friday and Saturday. I lie
following ladies from (ltd Gup
played bridge: Mrs J. u .
Chalk ley, Mrs. It. L Parks,
Mrs. K. Drennen, Miss Dronnun,
Miss Fox, Miss Slemp, Miss
Cochran and Mrs. Ii. K. Pox.
I'ltO Bristol ladles won tlie
tournament by a score of 1251
and wore awarded a beautiful
cup given by Mrs. W. < >. Canto.
The bridge tournament was
played at the Country Club on
I'Viday afternoon On Friday
night Hie ineiiibers were all in
vited to the Club House where
a dance was given in honor of
the visiting pldj ei -
< >n Saturday thC I iolf Tour?
nament was played. Mountain
? iolf Oiub won four out of the]
seven matches played. Those
who pl.ived were: 11. K
P..x lost to M. A. Stull, J. F.
Billlilt lost to Dr. Kreuch, Jno.
Fox lost to U, L. Armstrong.
While I). I!. Savers won from
Kd; Backniftii, Paul lloriiu won
from i leo, liacknutn,.). W. tiaui
won from Pulton Smith and F
I >ii nn.lufeated t luy Ilarst.
Tliis marked tlio closing of
Tournaments for the season
and was the liiosl succcssf?ll]
and delightful of them all.
Satin day at the Country Club.
The Country Club of Bristol
during the week of Thunksgiv
ing has been wonderfully gay
and festive Willi mahy golfers
and auction players on the Iiuks I
ami at the club house during
the last three days of tlie w eek.
I Ii t he all-day toarmimeiil
Saturday the mini's team from]
l?g Stone Gap won one match I
over the Bristol team, and the
women of Bristol won two I
matches over the women of the
Big Si one (lap team.
In the afternoon. Misses Ida
and Nellie Rowley were the
hostess,- at tilt) Weekl* meet
mg of the Country Club auction
olub, when the mil of town vis
itors joined in the game, The
prise -a hand made desk set -
wits won by Mrs. M A. Stull,!
who made the highest score. |
For the second best score, MiSs ?
Susie Brown was presented a
dozen mammoth mauve ami i
w h He cl, iv an'' mtllils, which
she g.-n>-i<>usi -st rib II ted
among the vis. . ft on a dis
taiice. In the cm for tie guests'
prize, Mis-. Rhnuds, of lag Stone
Gaipj capture.I the split) brass
The part) was a beautiful oni
and thorough It enjoyed by the
cluh and the visitors, .lust be {
fore the guests from Rig Stone I
Gap lefl oil the live o'clock
train, lovely refreshments in
two courses were erved by the
hostesses to all of the golfers, |
auction players and visitors ut
the club house. Bristol Herald:
Miss Edna Cation Entertains.
Miss Kdua CutrOll was tile de-]
lightflll hostess of a very en 1
joy able party to a large hum j
ber of her boy and girl friends
at her home SaturiL.y night j
from eight thirty to eleven i
thirty o'clock.
The evening was spent in
playing numerous old fashioned
names, ami at the uloso "Ye
GUI Virginia Reel" was danced. |
Miss Kate Rrown furnished the
music on the piano, which was
one of the most enjoyable f' i
turns of the evening.
Delicious refreshments, con
Sisling of salmon salad, lettuce
and pimento sandwiches, pick?
les, olives and hot chocolate'
were served.
Those,! present who enjoyed
Miss Outrun'.-* hospitality were;
Misses Theluia and Mary R-ik
er, tale and M itt Rrown, Vor
git- Rounds. Lnuna Mans, Ger?
trude Jennings, Margaret
I 'arm s, t 'oi no and t i i ac- Long,
? Ftinicu and Laura Darnell,
Oladys, Myrtle and Grace
j Woife; Messrs. Rrown, David
'son, Adams, Tip Bosvyell and
I.eland Smith, of Roda, Pearl
Smith und John Bwiiig, of
Osaka, James Johnston, Robert
! Ingle', Pat Hammond, Herbert
Rrown uml Walter Nickels
Radford Nor?
mal Notes,
Beginning <m Sunday, No
vembor 28, i)r. S. IL Qoidon,
the well known lecturer before
young men nod women, will
begin n series of lectures on the
tomptations of the young men
and women and the life work
of students.
Dr. W II. Morrel, pastor of
the Motb'odisl church in I'ulaski
delivered, before the students
I' llie Normal School on Mon?
day, i -tr.oio; address on the
importance ol college students
affiliating themselves with the
local church while away from
home, and of grow ing in know?
ledge of their church's coter?
ie i-. - while in school.
A very strong Lyceum Course
lifts been provided for this ses?
sion. The Second of the series
was given Tuesday night by
the Hampton Court Singers. In
addition lo the Lyceum Course
Me- Normal School authorities
have arranged for a series of
leetlirrS on various subjects
valuable to the students, by
protninenl men and women,
rliese lectures will run through
tlio ?V Il de session.
Mrs I K. Avent, and Mrs.
V\ l'. McCttrly, teacher of
Violin, letided a reception to
the faculty Monday night. 'This
reception was held at the homo
of Mrs, MeCarty on Grove
All the students remained at
lie N'.irmal School for Thanks,
giving duy. On Thanksgiving
night .1 reception was held in
the parlors of the new Dornt!?
The first ipiartor of the Nor*
mill School closes December 17,
nid the second quarter opens
.1 attar*, i I lie Christmas va<
itions is the longest vacation/
given in the normal school dur?
ing the ) ear. The schools is ill
session all summer.
Enjoyable Parly.
Muster Onle Barren ehtbr
tamed a few of his friends
rhiirsday night in honor of his
fourteenth birthday, at the
!c.of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs lt. I'. Barren.
Mrs Ii. I, Lane, Mihscs Mar
; m i Barron and Elizabeth
Sprinkle assisted the children
in their niaiiy eojoyuble games
? luring ihn evening, at the close
of which the) were ushered in?
to the dining room, where sand?
wiches and hot chocolate und
cakes were served.
Those who wore present were:
I lenriettn Skeeii, Maude (Irowd*
er, Bonnie Cutroh, Hazel Eicon
or, Margarel Hilly, Ruth and
.lean Marrs, Ruth ami Kultier
ine Barron The boys were:
Curl anil Victor Baker, Lloyd
M thnifoy, Kufus E'ottit, Wil?
liam flood loo, William Long,
Tot I \S ill ami Karl Morris.
Would Benefit By This Bill
to Be Intorduced Into
Congress Soon.
Krankiort, Ky , Nov. 27.?A
'bill appropriating $25,000,000
annually aid tin-State in road
construction, which would give
K(lnttick) ; 760,1 00 annually has
been drafted by the American
Association of State Highway
officials, and Commissioner of
K Kids R C, Terrell has given
In- approval to the bill, which
will bo introduced in Congress
at the coming session.
The bill appropriations the
mono) according to population,
il h i and miles of post roads in
a Statt, and provides that the
< lovernment will pay half the
expense of road construction
with the States. Kentucky
white the county and State
i share the expenses equally and
the Siate raises $?l)0,000aiiit'jal.
ly lhe available road fund, not
including county bond issues
v.imid be $1,800,000 a-.iritially, if
Congress pusses the bill.

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