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IHK. tilQ STONK ?Al' l'UST;
WKDNKSDAY. Mi ll. s. 1010
Published Ever/ WedneMlar by thi>
diLoBBT N. KNIGHT, - Bdlloi
Orio Ycnr, - *?OO
Six Months. - ,80
Thron Mnnths, - .~S
Kntercd Nceordlnc io |>o?Ui resolutions
il the poii ofiiee il III); SUlOO t?jl ?? mv
bnd-cl&M iiiAttot
SUBSCRIUORS uro earnestly rp
quested ;<> observe the date
printed on their address Bllpn|
which ?-ill koop thoin at all
tilllos posted at. tu the 'lato
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt nritl timely
attention to this request "ill
nave all parties a groat ilonl of
The Citizen Anil The School.
No matter hew exalted or
humide a person may be, there
is one snored duty he owes tu
humanity and which it is im?
peratively' incumbent upon him
to pity. That duty is the pre.
teetioii and the fostetillg of our
public iic.ltti d si stem
We are living in nn ago of
education and advancing in in
telleclllal development. Illlll llltll
human mind thai is.lepriVed of]
the host jldvnhiugos ohtailiiible
will he hampered and hindered '
at every step ill life
It matters r.->' inlvt hi ight hot
how acute the infantile mind
In iv he, if tlllll lllitld is denied
the advantages .if education
then the child grow a to maturi?
ty will be retarded and liumiliiit
Oil because of its intellectual
dcticieueies. It will be a living
monument to the neglect and
the indilVeieuee of its parents.
It will be a marl; o( shame and
a blight upon the community
that reared it in its ignorance.
It will be ait object of jiiiy
where il should be one of pride
Kdnealien and t he ad vantages
of intellectual advancement
have mad.' America a gloat
country. And Ahlerica is even
yet in its infancy.
Our school system should be
encouraged and raised t,. tho
highest point of ellioiolio} ijie
instructors should be upheld
ami given to understand mal
they have tlie backing of a
united community, and that
the community expects; iih
factory lesiills.
If oar pres.oil buildings an
inadequate ami new ones ate
needed, then for the sake of en
lightened humanity let us spend
the money and get them. I,et
us make any oilier improve.
Ilietlts or new departures that
the welfare of our children re.
We have brought these|ehil
dren into the world, and in their
infancy and youth tliej art)
helpless. It ix'nur duty to give
them an education that wijl en
nl)lt> them to successfully cope
with the intricate problems of
existence that will confront
them later io life. To 'to less
won 1(1 l>e to neglect a sacred
duty, to shame the innocent
ones for whose very existence
we are responsible.
Let us keep our schools ami
our children in mind. Li t us
study their welfare individual
ly and collectively. Let us leave
no stone unturned that will ad
vanee their moral and material
Kor the man who homos his
otVspring is honored of hteii,
At a It.tint: of the Heard of |
tiovemors of the Hoard of
Trade, held .Monday aft er t.n
in Hi.' ollice of the president of
the Hoard. Mi If. H. Alspvefi
it was unanimously decided to
approve the plan of President
Harrison, of the V irginia ami
Southwestern Piilwuv, to ex?
tend its lines down Hie s'i uth
side of Poiveil's Knot ami luuld :
a depot minr 1 he present dummy
shed It is the understanding
of the hoard that Mr. Harrison
declines to cross the river with
the line and tool,I a ilelioi in '
plat Ihree as originally planned. '
A committee was appointed
to koeiiri a subscription to do j
fray the cost of right of way]
for lim load iil Pi ig the proposed
route, aioi also i u see t he prop?
el I v holdeis as to how much of
I he i tght .d w a\ will Io- don a
led and the forth.-ic si of siim.i.i
The action taken h\ the hoard
llieail's that Itig Sipiili 'nip i
iieurer having ihe railroad ipies
lion solved t hat at any tune
Mr. Will R. .lessee Weds Miss
The marriage of Mr. Will I; j
kaliierine (honstduirni., n t
Kieliihbhdj In . w Inch will i
come as ? surprise Io a large |
Circletil friends, was solemui/.ed
Insl I.ios.I.iv. rNibruiirj Hie
lievt A. 11. Htirrongdis, iil Hi is
Till! above was the i' 111 111 i 11 I
tioit of a romance, wdiicli w ie
liegun in Middleshoro. whole
Mrs. .lessee, for, I ltd past ii\.
> ears was the Milliner in 1 irims
burg Hi pai tin. et Mose, ami Mr.
.lessee w as I.k;keeper lor the
New South lirevveriv and lite
i 'ompau v t h. re
The happy couple returned to
tai;.. belonging to Mr W. .1
Christian on Hast Kit t Ii (sircul
Mr .less.xiicets to oneii tii
in the
U. I). Gi Med in?.
Tile I'nited Diinghters of Hie
Confederacy will moot jo-day
i Wednesdai at :i ..?. lock . w it ii
Mrs. i f Long Hull call will
he answered with a Historical
ev. nt, >.\ Inch happened in
Mrs. Malcolm Smith, Sec.
South-West Insurance Agency
l iif, Life, Accident and Cusuality In
Kuratice. 1'i'delity and Other 1 Winds
Heal Estate and Commission Brokers,
i'?> in Int.Timm I ll.iil.liii>.- BIG STONE C.Ai>. V
Thursday, March 9th
A (.old Rooster Play
in 5 Parts.
by George Han McCutchcon, adapted from Iiis (a
mous novel ol the same name, and produced l>
Udward Jose, featuring GKORGIS PROBBR'l
supported by a Splendid east including 1'ania Mar
npff and Margaret Greene.
Mrs. K. Slochr and Mrs. S. R.
Lanliam Joint Hostesses.
.Mrs. Karl Slochr and sister,, j
Mrs. Sudie li. Lanliam, delight i
fully entertained a number of |
their friends on Saturday after- I
noon with four tallies of Bridge I
and on Men,lav afternoon with
three ladles of" Rri.lgo.
On Saturday afternoon Mrs. i
('has. Wade scored highest and !
won llrst prize, a beautiful sil- [
ver filigree hud vase. All the r
guests cut for tbo consolation, [
which wag ti box of stationery, f
and was won by Mrs. Oleil I
Southward. f
i >n Monday afternoon Mrs. t
t' K Itlantoii won first prize, jj
alsoa silver filigree vase, and I k
the consolation was won hy I
Mrs. |{, 15 Taggarl. which was n
also a box of stationary.
At the close uf both g ones [j
lunch clothes were placed on U
the tahh s and a delicious salad [i
course was served both after- t1
noons to t lie guests.
Those who wen- invited for t
Saturday altern..on were: Mes. j
.lames \V. B. I'eck. W. Ii r.
Rainier, 15. .1. I'rcscoti, Ci I. ti
Wade. M. I., (jruber, A K. fj
Moiison, 11. L. Miller. 0. L U
Hone, \V. II. Pollv, A. I), p
Owens, Wade Harrier. Li T. >'
Winston. II. A. Niorison, It, II. Jr
Alsovor, tli I'.. Southward, It. if
Rhoiids. Misses Clairbel\\(
I ...eketl. I'iiigijilia 1! a 11 in - ; i<
gar.lhei and Sarah Cecil run. ? <
Those v. ho wore invited to jj
play Mon lay all.moon were: i
MoSdiiines .1. t'amhlos. .1. f
!??. A \ eis. Ii. L. Parks, .1. W. \t
i hal'klev. H. I! S ,M-rs. II. 15. Ik
Knx, It, 15 TliggarL ?' P. Ithtii- \ \
toil, 0. C CochranJ15 Dreuiieil, pr,
W II itiihcrtson, Mrs. S. ,R }
l.'iuiidr.Vi of Stoheg.-i, and Mi-^
.1. I liilli'tl i j
Or HruhiHehl and Miss Ter \
roll, . f lie- Slate Hoard of j}
Health, \\ iil give a tri it lecture, j
Card of I hanks.
\V.? wish lo thank "the good :
poop!,- who showed US such
kindness and sympathy and
help during the illness and .
death of our hoy. i (liver;
\ i ? I'fppin and lnm.lv.
Tennessee Of Heal Wins Long
.1. W Seat.in, Of I .i ndeil.l 'lerk I
ol the Ciioiiit Court of the
Iweifih Judicial Histricl of'
I . uiiess,was for years a ?nf- i
ft-rer from stomach troubles ?
in part a result of his confining
wolle. H.I tiled doctor after
doctiir. He triljtl medicines
Ith.nil ? nd.
?? \ .an inc.Heine is the host m ,
i he world tor any form of sidiiii
licit trouble. I am glad to s iv ?
i hat after taking t he full t roilt
ni- in I feel that I am well.
"I had very severe pains in
in \ stomach all the lime. < hie
I. lili- of y our medicine did me
ten times [is much good as all
. the doctors! medicine that I
' took fin two y ears. M y family
physician told me that I w ould
I never he any better? today I
am well 1 have gained twentv
I live pounds."
Mavis Wonderful Itemed}
gives permanent lesults for
stomach, liver and intestinal
' ailments I5iit as much and
] whatever y nil like. No more
distress after eating, pressure
of gas in the stomach ami
around tie- In-art. I let em- bot?
tle uf yoiir druggist now and
emona s
in the well known Georgia
Nlarbjes, the most satisf;lct6r\ ?
monumental stone ol tin- era. ',
Car.-lnlh M-le,-t,-.| stock and rv|.,-. l
? iiijiiiiilaetiiri! uuiirai.si
j. yy. .\i .x j-cr ivKS??*
j > i * tC Slime ?:..!,. V'11.
National Monument Company
ol CAN I ON. GA.
How's This?
We oiler ?ite Hundred I>ollnri
Reward for any rare of Catarrh
thai .ani . t be cured by Hall's
Cat.oili Cttroi
F .1 CIIKNEY A CO . Toledo, O.
>1V. .un<fcr?l({n?l. have known P. J.
, Ctirnd)- tor th<. Insi 15 year?, mul bellevo
him |.-t d-.-tiv lionoriiblii In all : imln. -.
transactions uml rtn.-in- tally able to .-..rry
, evil any ?i.ilu.iUoti? m.i.lf l.v 10? Ann
nation a i. UANK i - I' C< IMMERCK.
Toledo, ?>.
j ll,iir* Catarrh Cuie l< taken Internally,
AitOiK .llrr.-Uy upon tin- blo.i.l nml mo
com surfaces >.r in? system; Testimonials
?. in free, en. .- cent! p.-r buttle. Sold
Spring m 11 ih ery
The undersigned begs to announce the Opening of their
Spring Millinery season, which will occur on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
March 16th, 17th and 18th
t?^> livery ladv in this community is most cordially invited to call
jr\'\^ and inspect the new spring creations for the coming season.
We feel that they Will appeal as strongly and as irresistibly to
you as they did to us whe n We purchased our stock.
In all modesty, we desire t.> say that never in our business
'Hmfwy^ Experience have we seen anything so striking and pleasing a
i>Si"i?*?5y the styles that will he <>n display at our store. We have sc
T-?*.flt??.v i ui. il the services of Miss Stella Mai's, iih expert hat trimrric
MRS. J. P. WOLFE. Manager.
Goodloe Bros. Company
buy it early:
buy it here:
get the pick:
fay the least!
Hope to be favored by
your presence at their
March 16th, 17th and 18th
An exhibit of a splendid assortirierit of the newest und latest
Pattern Hats. Also a splendid line of Ladies' and Misses' Suits,
Skirts and Waists will be on display. Mis. J.M.Willis, who has had
wide experience in the millinery profession, will be at your service.
Help far Bronchial
Trouble and Cough
"rol?y'? Honey anil Tar Coiuiiour.il
ncta tuoro lllo a food Umu a mt-tliclnu."
Mr Will II. lll.liin.mil. Injrlr-wootl.1
>?!.:? -"1 ?Mi r.. ?tun ? nil
Ki li yl* Hohuy brill T..r Conipoiiinl tin it
I i >??. it|y bcndUUII in? for liriinchlal
ii.'ul.li- ntid cOUKh. Ii nets i u Ml .1 I .
harmony With imtiirt tlint It la more
f?i rotmliH. ool.ls. xp.iHinoilli: croup. ?
? ?.?<!. I>. I ^ Itrlnt? .1 nil l.ron- j
.1 I i ? ii 'i- liOarMin. ??. Ilrlillnt:
?.Hroiil ami tluffy wlitny briiutlilnit,
II ...Malim no ...|>l .i'-'. anil i - n<!Ue|>?ubi<i
l<> tliii mom r-'ii -itlvu moiii.i. Ii
ft -'. rivrry u??r to a frlonc-.
Mutual Diu? Ctunpaiiy
llif Stone Hap, Va.
Bowling Tour?
Saturday night nt in (dlliysJ
of II. K Bonediijt it ? Bristol
V, M. I'. A. Howling I. im jivcrc:
tint guests of tlio Hig Si,.i'-.i; .
liowling lautri in a S man tCaii) i
ntUtcli. Quite it large and en
t iuisitic crowd were present rind
saw the home leant iylii the
inaicli, taking three straight
go t ries.
'I'hi! Hig Stone (Jap team,
with Mr. A. 1. Ilolton as t'aj.
lain, ami the Bcord each man
made win e as follows:
Jtwii Itiillill, il'r.i t"'*i. lillt, i i
.i r. Homo. iso l' -. i i:l
i; U Morrison, l.vt. I!t?, 212.
Hi >?,..,In, j5l, 1 IT. lift
U t; S*ycr?, pih itll, lsi
The Bristol team ami t In- score
ench made were:
T. o. Smith. . l Ii?, it-. ?II?.
I a I,. s,-.,rio,. tu;, i-:. ir.ii
li. a. Tlitope. iks, lin f.'s
Prank Winston. liw |ao; 161
S. N. ClirlMlnn,.Iii, 113, lJi.
After the tournament the
guests wer.- given a smoker at
the Hotel. The Bristol team ex
pressed themselves ill the high
est terms of the treatment they
received at the hands of du
Hig Stone (lap team mid ex?
tended an invitation to the hoilli
team for a match mi Bristol
w Inch is to he arranged later.
Walch ibis space for
announcing date of the
Opening of our New
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Lecture on China
At tli ? s-let ?! i 1 ili, Sunday
t-xen iilc ill S ??'<-!.I;, M irc.h 12,
liy Win A Unimex, n mission
?ry with wide experience in
that country. Kv.-ryb uly wel
come. Adjtuiftidon free;
A two story six roomed dwell
inj? house with hot und cold
wliter fully equipped hiith room
hot water boiler and kitchen
sink. Located upon a large
lot adjacent to 0 s. Carter and
the Methodist parsonages' on
j VVyaodotto Avenue. I" r ic e
$25.00 per month pay able
monthly. Appi\ to K A.
; Alois, Big Htonn Oiip. V'a.
tf. ii. J. Ayi r.s.
Hcrc*s Speedy Relief
from Kidney Troubles
?Tolcy XtiAney Pill? huvfl dono ni* a
, lioap ol tfood." A. V. Uartlott, Brock?
ton, Maas.
Som? days It neema nfl If you can no
longer bear the pain and inlaery you
buffer from kldm-y and bladder trouble
i !.. ho acroaa your back growtf worso
with every move you inakfl? and with
every step you take. It not only rob.i
you of all your .strt.-m;th and energy, but
it affeota the other Important or^an* of
, the body ns weit Ncrvou.nuuyi. head
:.. h? , disordered stomach, liver trouble,
bad bycalcht, uro only aom? of tha cop
dltlong that follow kidney trouble.
Foley Kidney Pllln help tho sick weak
kUfneya to regain tto-lr normal healthy
, utate .\nd activity. When they nro a salt,
able to do their work effectively, your
nyatcm la no longer ehoked and hiorked
with poleqnoua woate matter. Your
aymptoma clear up, your wcarlne**.
natn. mliiery and weaknebu ko away.
Foley Kidn.v Pllla Can do you also '*-.
heap or goo4>
Mutual Drujf Company
Big Stone Oap, Va.

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