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WEDNESDAY,' ABK. 12, 1910
rnblmlipJ Kver; Wedncmlay l>y tlie
Ono Yonr, - SI OO
Six Months. - .fit)
Throo Months, - .25
Kntorod ?reonllne so postal regulation!
*t tho iK?.?l o(tlco At ItlR Stulln (ia|i MUCO
?"Hit-class mutier.
SUBSCRiUTRs art- earnestly ro
quested to observe tho dato
printed on their address slips,
which will koop thorn at all
times posted as to tlio dato
of tho expiration of tlioir sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a groat deal of
Boundless Wealth and Com?
mercial Possibilities
No section hi this broad land
of ours has had tho advances in
values that tho country Btir>
rounding Big Stone Cap ha- on
joyed in the last few year-, nor
is there a section that i- so like?
ly to have a further advance
Now York City claims for it
ronlty values an advance of two
hundred per Conl in the last de
Cade. In the conjested business
distriel t Iiis is t rue ; but what
about the values of eoal laud
surrounding this wond?rfiil liltlu
city of ours? In issu thousands
of acres of laud Were bought for
a dollar per acre, ten years later
these same land- wer - held at a
hundred dollars per acre, it ml to?
day they cannot be bought for
four hundred dollar- per acre.
As the worth of these wonderful
deposits become known we will
see these values multiplied
The owners of those lands are
full well alive to (he high coking
qualities of their eoal beds, and
already around Big Stone flap
four thousand ovens give forth
their daily yield lb the iron
(inly a short distance behind
the coal fields come timber. The
virgin forests that surround Big
Stone Gap are being bought up
by the investing world, ami Ilm
clear headed financier, no mat
tor how astudo ho may he in the
financial world or in the fields
of commerce, could he possibly
leave n greater heritage than
that of coal and timber lauds in
this section.
Who can look at the report of
tho National Conservation Com?
mittee and doubt that iron ore
is i.of the host investments in
the world today. This rcporj
shows us that in 1S70 every man
used ISO pounds of iron ore, in
11)07 the consumption was |!MI
pounds per capita, and today tho
consumption has increased l Bis
per l ent since IS7U.
No wonder we fool rieh here
in this beautiful valley of ours,
bounded on one side by eoal,
and on the other by iron ore, and
on all sides by timber. No where
in the United States can iron be
made as cheaply. for from the
coke OVOUS cati In- had a twenty
live conl rate of freight : 10 per
cent iron ore be had on a 20 Cetil
rate, and limestone at the very
door of the furnace. Wo have
from this point a much lower
freight rate on iron that from
Thousands of tons of food,
supplies, etc., for the mine and
miner geographically (low
through this city, which makes
it a veritable commercial center.
Nature has surrounded Big
Stone tiap with resources that
gives us a bank account such as
no other sect ion of the United
States can boast of.
Man ha- contributed three
railroads, which open our mark?
ets to the world.
Tho Young People's Mission?
ary Society will moot at Hie
home of Misses Mary Blair and
Luojlie Martin on Friday after?
noon, April Hth, at :t::>0 o'clock
with Adelaide Pettit OS leader
Regular services at tho Meth?
odist ISpiscopnl Church Sunday
morning at it o'clock. A cor?
dial iuvitat. is extended to
Miss Alice BrilCO. who has
been teaching n! Dorchester,
left Tuesday morning for Wash?
ington, 1). <'.. where she will
enter one of the leading hospit?
als there and will undergo ail
Mrs. William Young, of Tur?
key t'ove, lins beeil very Hick
for several days, but l>rs Gil.
mer ami Pointer, who were call?
ed in consultation Monday
morning are very hopoful of her 1
speedy recovery.
Miss Margaret l'ettit, who is
teaching music in Rye Cove,
spent the week oild with lieri
parents. Mr. and Mrs. I,, t >. :
l'ettit. Miss Beryl Powell.
rvlin leaching Domestic
Science in tin- school al Bye
Cove accompanied her hoihn.
Mrs .1 C Prilohnrd, .lr ..m o
Miss Zollio Palmer') who has|
been living in North Cnroliiio,|
and sister, little Venus Palmer,
wdio has boon living with her
grandparents at Yllinn, in Scott
County, fire visiting friehds in
the ( lap Ibis week.
K. K. Richardson, auditor of
the Interstate Railroad, spent n
few days in Kiihxvilh) this
Mrs. It. Il.iri is an I l.abv,
Raymond, has reiurned from n
few days visit In relatives in
Knoxville. Mr. .Mid Mrs. II h
ris are now keeping house in
the apartments in the Toll ruin (?
Plats recently vacated by Mr.
und M i s t'. I. ('hapiuau,
large shipment of ladies silk
suits and dresses, also ti beauti?
ful line of I.idies mck wear
and crepe do cllino waists
(loodloe Brothers.
Rev, .1 li t raft left Monday |
morning to hold a meeting at
tireenliehl Church, m ar M-ml
ow View, Va. Tln re will be no I
pleaching al the Baptist Cliiireh
Sunday morning Re v. A It
Brooks, of Coebiirn, will preach
at night 'I he public is cordial
ly invited to hear Mr. Brooks.
The Mineral Motor < 'ompuny,
which recant ly established .in
agency at ibis [illiCo for dis.
tribut.iiig Kord Cars and sup
plies for a large territory rid
jacenl hereto, c. rtainly be
lie yes in advertising. J.m-i
week they carried 12 niche,- of
advertising in this paper and
this week they have about 1 1(1
inches, und t he w ay they are
selling Ford Cars ought In eon
vience any one I hut il pays to
hustle and advertise Mr. Co.d;.
the manager, is n practical bus,
uess man ami goes after bust.
Hess in the right wav and he is
hug.- shipment of ladli H silk
suits und dresses, also a beiiilti
ful line of ladns heck iveili
Book out for the Knoxville
Boosters tomorrow morning,
about ten o'clock, central time,
and help give tllC?] a royal re
ception. They are a tine lot of
fellows ami want to gel ac?
quainted w ith \ oil.
Hind's Restaurant
This restaurant is located on
Past Filth street and selves its
customers meals at all hours.
Mr. llurd is a Tonnosseoiiii, bit I
ha^ been living in the I lap for i
good many years and i-- well
pleased with Virginia.
Stockholders' Meeting.
To t!?> Stockholder* of Die Hi.- Stenn
(Up Und Coiuiuri)
The annual meeting of tho
stockholders of the Big Sionr
(Jap Band Company will be
hold at the oflice of the Com?
pany in the town of Big Stone
Gap, Wise county, Virginia, at
ten o'clock a. m.. on Wednes?
day, May 3rdj 1016, for the pur
pose of electing Directors und
transacting such other business
as may conic before the said
Camp Fire Girls
Wo are pleased to have in our
midst un organization of the
Camp Fire Girls which is com
posed of nine girls and their
guardian, Mrs. .1. I>. McCor
This camp was organized over
a year ago by Miss Jennie
Scheotz, of Bayonne, N. J ,
while spend ill LT seine 11 IOC III the
(lap with her uncles, W, 'I', and
|{. It. Ah'over. hater it was
chartered Comp Menge, taking
iis name froth an Indian chief
whose trail crossed the High
Knob. The stream, Beiige's
Brunch, fnnn which Norton gets
its supply of water also bears
his name.
The Girls are tn bo commend
ed on their work in helping te
beautify the neglected spots in
cemetery. The girls are now
gelling up a musical play
which will he given at the Ainu
zu Theatre for benefit of club.
Magazine Subscription
A small business which has
been built up in the 0ap and
ha- grown Htendly for the past
live > ears is a Magazine Sub
script ion Agency operated by
Mrs It h Morrison, who will
quote yoil subscription rates on
anything from the London
Tunes to (lie booster edition of
the Big Stone * lap Post, at a
moment's notice, either singly
at the regular annual rate or in
the most enticing of "clubbing
combinations," Sei- the next
catalogue she mails to you for
proof of Ibis statement.
Extra Copies
We have a limited number of
Extra t'opii's of this week's is
sue of lb,' Post, which we sell
at live cents each (let a few
copies ami s. ml them to your
friends. 'They will appreciate
a copy ami besides you will In
helping advertise Pig Stone
Gap and w ill assist us in meet
ihg the expense incurred in
puhlitdiiug ibis large Booster
Notice of Stockholders'
'The annual meeting of the
stock holders of the East Big
Stone (lap I,and ami Improve,
men) Company will he held at
the ollice of the Company, Big
Stone Gap, Virginia, April 20,
11)10,' at It) o'clock, a. nil
C. L. Hamblen
Itiipri s.'iiiin^
The Southern Underwriters
iitli i.||iei [.'"Mil rjti- Insitmiico roinpii
nli'.s. Call mi hint wlicn you
iiinl liiMirAlico
East man Kodak and
Koilnk Supplies
tVtliomoor in ramp. wnlking or
motoring yon mis< linlf tin.' fnn if
you go without li Koilal;
Our Ith? Is ci>uipl?to from O
llrownie, $r.'.">. i" :' H. Kiililhijj!
Pocket Kinliik. fciVOO.
Semi your films here. We develop
iIhmii tree with prin 1 ordersj
In this a> in other lines \vc
have confined ourselves ?hlv to
articles o( highest grade. Our
prices on these articles arc
based on iti commercial and hot
a jeweler's profit'.
Elgin, Wiiiih.-im nml Howard
Wniclio. SS.uo lo $100.00.
Kings, Lnvellicrs, Bracelets,
Pins a n il novelties. Kvevy
article guaranteed.
Spalding's Athletic Goods
Spalding's Base Hall. Tennis.
Ooifiind Athletic Grinds. Get
our catalogue today. Mailed
on application.
Tennis Rackets SOi Id $10.00
Base Balls Si Is $1.25
tliovcs mul Mills Z5c lo Sit) mi
??Itiigcn" Drivers $.t 50
Base Ball and Tennis Shoes.
Sethi us your order today and
the Postman will deliver it to
you tomorrow.
Bvisry article of Spalding's
make stands for superiority!
That is why everybody uses
Baton, Crane and Pike's and
Symphony Lawn Papers. Tab?
le ts. Envelopes, Tally Cards,
Score Cards, Birthday Cards
and Polders.
Always Fresh
Huylcr's. Nunnally's and
Morris' Candies. The best from
the Bast,the best from IheSouth.
80c and $1.(0 the pound In packages j
of 1-2. I, 2. 3 and 5 pounds.
Smaller packages tflc up.
A man is judged by the Candy
lie sends.
Waterman's Ideal Foun?
tain Pens
Our most complete assort?
ment of I best Pens enables you
to always get just what you
want. The Ben that has always
been the leader will give you
absolute satisfaction. Wc carry
all style points?coarse, stub,
medium, fine, stenographer's
and bookkeeper's. Every Pen
unconditionally guaranteed.
Prices: S2.50, ?.00, SJ.5?, SI.00 and
$5 00. Ask lor llic -New Sell Pillcr."
VUnncn's Talcum . ISc per can
Colgate'! Violet Talcum ISc per tan
Colgate's Monad Talcum ISc per can
Uylnp-is .ISc per can
William's Sli.i\iiijj Snap . . 25.
William's toilet Soap 10c, 4 for 2Si
Sylvlan rollet Soap . . lite, t for Z5t
Air float T?lCURI 0c a can
Castile Soap. 10c n cake
Pears' Uun?ccnicd . 13c a cake
Pears'Scented l?c a cake
JCutlciira Soap 21c n cake
[iMpplcs, Sc. All alyleSi 6 lor 25c
Renew Your Old Hat
It will make it serve
another year.
SI raw Hat Dye.25c a bottle
In your summer Toilet wants
you will find everything here .it
the right price.
(Inr Puhher floods arc all guaranteed,
We prepay Parcel Post on all shipments provided amount does not
exceed IO per cent of the retail price
Kelly Drug Company
Zt/ie J/?exa// Store
Big Stone Gap, Va.
CT -~ 1 ~ ~ sail
Compton's Livery Stable
E. A. COMPTON. Proprietor
Horses find Gciri'iojges For 11! re
Qoator Corn, Oats, Chop, Hay and Coal
Kindling Wood at $1.50 per load.
Phono 105. Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Why pay $1,000 for a ton of junk when you can buy a light, durable
FORD FOR $390 (RuMK?')
Big enough to do the work and light enough to hold down
gasoline and tire expenses.
Let Us Prove It To You.
Service ~ Parts - Cars
Big Stone Gap, Virginia

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