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ap Post.
No. 18
J. F. Roberts
-..Tin- Bristol Herald Courier
gives the following account of
the killing of Mr. .1. K. Roberts,
cashier of the Virginia Iron,
Coal and Coke Company's
Mines at Ionian on last Th?rs
day afternoon by ISzra Craft, a
laborer. Mr. Roberts was well
known in the Gap and his un?
timely death is deeply regret
i'^J ames V. Roberts, a former
Bristolian and cashier for the
Virginia Iron. Coal and Coke
Company, was shot in the back
and killed yesterday afternoon
at I o'clock at Inman, Va , by <
Hern Craft, a laborer, of ill
years old. Craft was arrested
later in the afternoon after a
chase in the mountains by \V.
M. EIUfTmun, suporintondant of
the V irginia's mile s al llliuail.
Feeling in tin- community over
the tragedy was so intense
against, the murderer that he
was removed to Wise for safe!
'.'Tile tragedv resulted from
the refusal of Mr. Roberts to
approve a claim made .by Crafl
for accident insurance. As;
Cashier of the company Mr.
Roberts signified whether
claims of Ibis kind were valid,
and when be told Craft thai he
could not approve disclaim, tin
Utter became incensed and
abused him. Mr. Roberts mere?
ly asked Craft to go about his
business, and the laborer left
the otiicu. 1'crhaps half an
hour later Mr. Roberts left his
Ollice to attend to some bus)
Hess in the commissary. As he
entered the doorway Craft,who
Was inside the store, drew a
revolver ami with an oath point?
ed it at Mr Roberts. The cash?
ier, apparently forgetful of the
anger aroused in the lale rer
Oari er in the afternoon, turned
to Sy.stund er and remarked
, _ .iking tone of voice," What
do you know about that?"
With his back toward Craft, [
Mr. Roberts walked toward the
nian he had addressed when
Graff ii rid. The bullet entered
his back under the left shoulder
blade, and the bullet, a 32 cali?
bre, came out at his nose, lie
died in l"> minutes. lie was
ahuver conscious.
As soon at; Craft had tired
bis gun be ran from the store
toward the mountains. Mr.
Huffman, armed with a revol?
ver, pursued, lie gained rapid?
ly on the man, but .just as Crafl
was disappearing al the foot "f
a small knob, the superinten?
dent fired at him, Sooing that
the shot did not strike, Mr.
Huffman turned and ran around
the knoli, hoping to overtake
Craft before the latter could es.
cape down a valley on He- oth?
er side. Unreached tin- other
-.side, of the hill and met Craft.
Mr. HulTniau had his revolver
Kin bis hand. Instantly he cov?
ered Craft and the latter stir
B Mr. Roberts was :::! years old.
'( He was h native of Pennsyl?
vania. He lived in Bristol sev.
eial years ago and was married
;-' to Miss Klla Chiiders, a datlgli
I ter of Mrs. .1. 11. Chihlers, of 11 :i
Sixth Siroet. His wife, who
?' was ill, is almost prostrated by
I the tragedy, but reports from
Hunan stale that her con
edition is not dangerous. They
?H bad ono child, a hoy , seven
B years old.
Carroll Kttor, a hrothor-in
flaw, of Bristol, went to Inmun
I ut 5 o'clock yesterday after
noon. The body will bo brought
here today on the noon train for
[ burial; but final arrangements
r; will not bo made until word is
received from Mr. Roberts' poo
I pie in Pennsylvania.
I People in Bristol were shock
* ed by the news of the tragedy.
) Mr. Roberts was well known
? bore and popular, lie had been
{ connected with the Virginia
t Iron, Coal ami Coke Company
I. for ten years and was said to
staud high in the company's
The fellow who boasts of boss
j ing tho roost is generally as
j meok aa Moses when the roal
I boss is around.
Lee Gets The
O. Harris and Sons,of Harris,
Missouri, sold on March Ist, i 1
Hereford cattle for $7G,02?, an
average of fcl,24G per lie.el.
This average has nil other sales
of Hereford cattle topped, and
will go down in history as H??
hest auction sale ever held by
white-faced breeders.
Twelve states were represent?
ed in th(! buying. Virginia,
Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri,
Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming,
Nevado, Now Mexico, Texas,
Oklahoma and Georgia,
Old Virginia has the honor
of gelling the best cow sold in
the ring. DofonderV Lassie
2nd $385,300 was nought by
three members of the Lee Coun?
ty Hereford Breeders Cattle
Associationj for the sum of $2,
Thiscow the grand champion?
ship pri/.e ai the American
Royal Hereford show last year,
and she did it without the
trouble usually found ina show
ring. And outstanding cliump
iori is certainly shown in Huh
This fall, the Hereford Br.I
ers Association,of Lee County,
Virginia, will send a herd of I
1 while faces to the fairs of Vir- j
ginin, and along with the grand
champion cow will he i.n
many oilier Hen-fords that
will show just what is being
done in this great Sent Ii western
i louiity.
The Lee County I Lereford
Breeders' Association, was or
giiUi/.etl by the extentiioti work
of tin- V. P. I. and since it was
organized, the interest in mak?
ing Lee the Herefordshire of
i Virginia has rapidly increased.
?Richmond Souther Planier.
Sires have been purchased
from the best herds in America
to lead the Leu < louiity herds.
Cows have been bought thai
are second to none in America,
The SpiHt, Of cooperation is
with the Association and by
increasing the membership gul?
ling more llorol'oids, and shou
ing what the rich blue grass
pastures of the most roinote
Southwest Virginia county will
do, the state of Virginia will
feel proud that she has this
little corner ranked as a part of
the Old Dominion.
When you think of Lee Coun?
ty, Virginia, think of the Her,-,
ford cattle. They are here and
will continue lo come.
The Junior Class Entertain
( hi Saturday night, at eight
thirty the members of the Ju?
nior Class, who are Misses Mary
Baker, Nellie llor.-le\. Dorothy
Owens, Bruce Skeon, Ulla Ca
wood, Kala B?rdell, I'M it h and
Kthel VunGorder. Messrs.
Reginald Smith, Isaac Martin,
Baxter 1 loisley,! lerbert. Brown,
Wilbur Ifleonor and DeWitt
Wolfe, delightfully entertained
the members of the Senior Class
in one of the Music rooms in the
Public School Building.
The Senior t 'lass colors, which
are pink and white, were car?
ried out tastefully in the decora?
tions of the room with pink and
white crepe paper, dogwood
ami red -bud blossoms. N inner
ous games and music were play?
ed during the evening, which
I wore very enjoyable, al the
close of which delicious pink
and white, brick ice cream ami
icakes were served, followed by
salted nuts. Kruit punch was
i served also during the evening.
The members of the Senior
Class arc: Misses Mat tie Nick
ids, Nettie Willis, Eulu Tackelt,
I Eunice Darnell, Amanda Reed,
Alma Klanary, Huttie Johnson,
! Myra Ca wood, Lillian Head,
Janie Thompson, Gladys Lile,
Mary Gilly and Latum Mans.
Messrs. Lester .lessee, Peter
Wolfe, Jr., John Lane, Sidney
Mullins, Oliver Swan, John
Graham, Paul Wolfe ami Billy
Prof. 10. C. Akers, Miss Vine?
yard, Prof, and Mrs. A. J.
Wolfe were also present at this
enjoyable all'air.
High School
Norton and Big Stone Gap
Divide Honors in Base
Ball and Volley Ball.
In the opening game of tho
[ntorscholnstic Contest for the
championship of Wise Uounty
here baturduy afternoon Nor?
ton ami Big Stone Oup divided
honors, tlio latter winning the
base hall game l?y a score of '.i
to I while the furnier wen out
in the volley bull game.
The weather wuh ideal und a
good si/.eil crowd turned out to
see the lirst game "f the season.
Music was furnished by the
hand all afternoon. In tho base
hall 14,tiim> Norton stinted oil"
with mi early lead, which they
niaintaine.il until the fifth in?
ning. Hero Lit/, the Norton
pitcher, win. had I he locals piiz
zh d for some time, begun to
weaken anil was hammered
hard. ICxtrn base hits in the
sixth CQUnled with a few errors
netted Big Stone Cup four
scores. 'I'he fiv.itiiro of tho
game wail Howard Lilu'B home
run drive to left in the eighth
inning. It was a hard line
drive mid would have been1 a
homer in most any name. Iiis I
work in center (iold was also
?ood, nulling down several long
Innings I !! :| I r, 11 t S ,11 It III
lllg Stone tt.ip 0' 0 0 i'!!'?) I I ij?0 ml
Norton I Ii I o o 1 o o I I 5
lint, ii. s Powell and l.aue; Lit/, and
llcnnett. Struck mit-by jlowell. tit
I.iU, II. Home Kim Lite Three ILse
I'lay began last week by lliir
t\ two members of the Moun?
tain (Iold I ?lub for the Spaliling
Handicap Cup. This is the
fourth tournament for the cup
which will be played for until it
has been won three limes by
seine member of the club.
There were a few who were
unable to play their tirst match
names, which were forfoitud,
and the remaining sixteen will
piny in order as follows: I) M
Hollges! ami Hay lor Rlniicliiird,
J, !?' Bllllitt and Lt. Miller,
M. II. (iraber and <i. I.. Tavlor,
.1. \V. Haut and John Vox] Jr.,
.1. B. Price and (>. C. Hell. Jr.,
10. Dronuen and It. I.. I'arks,
\Y. I. Aifrieniland I? 15.Savers,
K. Sioelir and II. 15. Pox. ' The
second mate It games are due to
be played by to-day (YVedtioa
day), and the third series isemi
linalsi must be completed on or
liefere May Uli)
A tournament will In-arrang?
ed at an eurly dale for tho inily
members of the club, who will
play for a cup to he given b}
the 1'rosidonl of the club, Mr.
.1 tili. W. I'halkley. There will
be ipiife a number of the Indies
who will participate in the teni
Act Like Dynamite on a Slug?
gish Liver and You Lose
a Day's Work.
There's no reason why u per?
son should lake sickening, sal?
ivating calomel when 5? cents
buys a largo bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone?a perfect substitute
for calomel.
lt is a pleasant, vegetable
liquid which will stare your
liver just as surely as calomel,
but it doesn't make you sick
and can not salivate.
Children and grown folks (tan
take Hudson's Liver Tone, be
eotise it is perfectly harmless
Calomel is a dangerous drug.
It is mercury and attacks your
bones. Take a dose of nasty
calomel today and yon will
feel weak, sick and nauseated
tomorrow. Don't Inso a day's
work. Take a spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone instead
and you will wake up feeling
great. No more biliousness,
ache, coated tongue or sour
stomach. Your druggist says
if you don't linil Dodson's Liver
I Tone nets bettor than horrible
calomel your money is waiting
for you.?adv.
Cemetery Day.
Tuesday, May !?th, lias boeo
set aside by the Civic League
for clean up day in the COIIIC
tory. Every citizen in town in
earnestly requested t<i lend aid
of some kind for the cleaning
up and beaiitifyirig their lots of
the dead. Come yourself ami
bring your tools, or if not pos?
sible to come, send some one in
your place. Clean up your own
plots or else clean op the
neglected grave of some one
who has no one to look after it.
We have many strangers in
their last resting places hero,
can't we keep these spots green
ami fresh as an act of love. The
ladies will meid at the cemetery
at nine o'clock.
Good Roads
Win Out.
Scotl County District Shows
Its Love for Guod Roads
in Substantial Way.
date City. VoY, April 2tt.?A
road-bond election was held in
Floyd District of Scott County
Tuesday and resulted in a
majority of eighty-eight for
the bond issue. The amount of
the bonds will lie ; i;l,?oo, Klnyd
is a small district and adjoins
Wise County, in which good
roads have already been built'.
A'yoarago an elect ion in the'
Same district resulted iii it de?
leal, of a bond issue by a
majority of I wo.
There are seven districts in
the countv, and four of thorn
have voted bonds Kslillville
District, ; 1i".'\oih>; Johnson Dis?
trict, ;l",.: Kulkerson Di?
irict'j &17i<KMJj and Wloytl Dis?
trict, fll.?on. About ,sixt\
miles of road was grtlded last
year ami ten miles of macadam
pill down. A convict ton.t
lifty is kept busy on the Storni
work, and several miles mote
will be graded in the Kslillville
District. Johnson District also
will finish ihn sections, making
a through load to Washington
lOleutio.hs will he held this
year in tie- remaining districts
of the county.
The Odd Kollow Lodges of
i Ins place, Appaiaohiu, Kast
Stone Clap, Imboden and Ston
t'gfl, eompii-dng Rig Stone flap
I ilslrici No. lij, met at Appala
chia on last Sunday afternoon,
and, after inarching in fall re?
galia through the principal
streets of the town, wont to (.lie
Southern Methodist Church,
where they parlieiapled in the
celebration of the 07th anuiver
sary of the order. Tin- anni?
versary sermon was preached
by Rev. .1 W. \'aught, pastor
of the church. Over one hun?
dred Odd Kollows hostdos a
large number of people of Ap?
paiaohiu and adjoining towns
attended this service and ex?
perienced a most enjoyable
To lite Progressive Party of
tin: 9th District of Virginia.
Pursuant to tbo call issued by
our Seile Executive Committee,
and by virtue of the authority
vested in mo ns Chairm.in of the
Ninth Congressional District,
you are hereby requested to as?
semble at Roanoko, Vd., on
May 12th, 1010; for the purpose
of electing delegates and alter?
nates to the National Conven?
tion of the party to be held tit
Chicago on Juno 7, 1916. < ?n
the same day, at the same
place, (Roanoke), both District
and State Con volitions will be
Verv respectfully,
Town Council
Discusses Repair of Macadam
Roads and Streets.
The town council met last
Thursday in called meeting to
discuss the question <>f repair
ami maintainance of macadam,
roads and tlio question of pro?
viding a fund to he devoted ox
elusiveh to that purpose.
The Mayor submitted figures
showing that the town had ex?
pended nnnunil> for the past
live years an average of $3t)l?G..
.">7 on roads, streets, sidewalks,I
bridges and culverts, all of
which are properly ehargihle
to the road tax. which or
dinnriallv yield an average of
about ?2,000.
The town has been receiving
abotil $140.00 annually from
persons operating automobiles
for carrying passengers for
profit, which sum made tint u
poor showing toward providing
means with which to repair the
Action was finally taken at
the meeting by levying a license
lax upon residents of ttui town
owning or operating automo?
biles of twenty horsepower or
less of ?lLO0 per aniieiii, and
for cars of over twenty horse?
power ? 10,00 per annum.
The license tax was further
amended by levying a license
tax of ,'..oo additional for tin'
privilege of Operating the small
cars in livery and Of $10 00 for
so operating the larger cars. In
other words, the placing of cars
in lii-fery just doubles the tax on
such cars.
It was .also provide,! that for
everv dollar raised by the li?
cense of aiitomotdlcti the conn. I
Uli would appropriate an equal
amount out of thh general fun.Is
of the town, and in this way
ereilte a fund to lie used for the
purpose of repair and maintain
mice of macadam roads and
streets ami for no other pur?
It was evident that a fund
was necessary for the purpose
named and the methods adopt?
ed was believed to be probably
as fair as any that could b o -
been devised.
These license taxes ate due
and payable on the first day of
Ma> eaeb year.
Washington, April 28i?It is
tint belief in political circles
here thai .1. Norinent Powell,
of Wytheyilie, will be the
nomiu.f the Ninth district
Democratic convention to op
pose Congressman 0. Bascohi
Klein p tliis fall.
Powell can have the nomina?
tion without much dillictllly if
be desires it, it is said.
Two other prominent Ninth
district Democrats who in ad?
dition lo Senator it. P. Buchan?
an, b ivo been spoken of as pus
sible candidates, are Hon. Lee
Trinkle, of Wytheville, now in
tin- Slate Senate, and I). A.
.Ionian, of Dublin, a member of
the Virginia House.
Trinkle, it is learned, has al?
ready been approached and
tentatively ottered the nbmiha
lion, nut declined it.
Senator Buchanan stated to?
day that he has no intention of
making the race for Congress
from the Ninth district. He is
a candidate for Lieutenant
Governor now ami does not
wish to have too many irons in
tlm tire.
Ktforts are being made by tho
Ninth district Democrats to got
I Mr. Powell in run for Congross;
it was stated today b> a man
prominent in Southwest Vir?
ginia politics. The prospects
for defeating Mr. Stomp, this
man?said,are by no means hope?
The visitor then wont on to
explain that Slemp is not so
hard to defeat as many believe,
and reviewed the majorities by
wliieh he has defeated hiB op?
ponents since 1900 by way of
"In tue last campaign made
by lion. Campbell Slemp,father
of the present Congressman, ho
defeated "Dob" IJ nice in 1900
by 13,708 to l l,77?, a majority
2,011," said this Democratic
visitor from the Ninth district.
"In 1908," ho continued,
"Bascotn Slemp defeatedClaude
Byars 15,093 to 11,592, or a
majority of 4,101.
lo 1910 Slemp bad a narrow
escape from defeat at the hands
of IIenrj U. StUurt, who polled
10,731 to Sletnp's 10,958,.cutting
tho Itoptlblicau majority down
to J27.
"Bascom Slemp defeated
General Kufus A. Avers in 1912
by 14,808 to 13,3.57* a majority
of 1,011. In the last contest
Tille Irvine was defeated by a
majority of 1,17s. Irvine did
not make what some people
thought was a very groin cam
paign and the people over in
the Ninth still believe the dis?
trict can he reclaimed."
Ii was admitted by the speak?
er thai to make a respectable
showing against Mr. Slemp
would require a well organized
campaign and the expenditure
of considerable money. It was
recalled that Governor Stuart
was reputed to have spent about
$63,000 of his own money and
$5,i 00 subscribed by friends
when he cut Slump's majority
low n to 'JJ7.
The speaker opined that if
events of the next few months
turn 1910 into a good Demo?
cratic year ami J. NormoiU
I'owetl is nominated and makes
the race that is OXpeutod of him,
there \b a chance of Mr. Slemp's
J. T. Castlentan Finds Hope
Fulfilled After Passing
Threescore Years.
.1. 'I'. Caotluman, of Dyer,
renn . suffered from stomach
derangements for forty years,
taking all sorts id' medicine, fol?
lowing all kinds of medical ad?
ln ail the forty years, bo said,
he never had a real good day?
Until be tried Mnyr's Wonder?
ful llomedy. Theu he discover?
ed >oiie tlung. Let his letter
tell about it
"The first dose of Mnyr's
Wonderful iiemedy caused gall
Atones to pass front me. I am
feeling tu ich better than I have
ever before. 1 am 04 years old
ami I had. never before enjoyed
one whole good day.
"I would not give the ono
bottle you sent me for all tho
drags and doctors' medicine
that is made."
Mnyr's Wonderful Remedy
gives permanent results for
stomach, liver and intestinal
ailments. Kat as much and
whatever you like. No more
distress after eating, pressure
of gas in the stomach and
around the heart. Got one bot?
tle of your druggist now and
try it on an absolute guarantee
-if not satisfactory money will
; be returned. - adv.
r Special salesmen for the fol?
lowing territory: Leo, Scott,
Washington, Smyth and ad
j joining Counties. One familiar
with this territory preferred.
SI ttb age; experience anil line
gold, A. W. Dorsch. District
. Manager, 200-7 K.vaus Buildiug,
1 Wushiugtou, D. 0. 18 1?

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