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3n?_Bitg Stone Gap Post.
No. 28
Special Meeting
Of The Town
A Special or Cnllpil bloating
?f the Toivu Council was hold
in ilie Council Chamber Thurs
ilay afternoon .1 nn?- -'.uh locon
niiliir and pass upon certain
matters of importance
|{. T. Irviite, represontin?;
Kelly & irvine, Oppenrod before]
ihr Council ntlil HllbwOll lliat
tli?y tire tbidoiivbriOg tu linuncc
the Htiirliiig of tlu> Itiir Stone:
Gap furnace hnt lliul ibey uro
n.it et I ? 1 ? - to pnu'iii.' .'Ii..(it'll
money tu pay nt Um present |
tun.' the lUilinijiient iiiid unpaid
i i \- h :i 14.1 in hi tii'd furnace plant,
the Haine being assessed in the
uttinii ?>! tin) Union Iron iV.
Sti ei Company init show .-Ii thtit!
ii in necessary linkt they should j
h;ivi- uletir tiih' 10 sni.l property
!,.it" the lien of tlin town's
ilelitupient tuxes. Ami the
('oiitieil IJi'i11K tif opinion that
ih.' ritiiriiiig of tin' furnace and
tin. inaiuifaelure of iron :il tln
nlnce will he of gi'Otil pecuniary
ytiluo to the town and nn-reuso
ihr revantii'of the town in the
inline, ami boliuviiig it to I"
the rufest and quickest sviij t..
reali/.u on said d0liii<|U0ui ami
unpaid taxes, il was upon mo?
tion of II. K. li'ox, seconded by
I' II Harron, resolv.?<! thai Ihn
liiwii aceepl. the joint note id
,1 \\ ? Kelly and It. T. Irvine,
li.'iuiiu: date jiily ist, titiii, ttiid
lieiirill? interest, from date for
? mih, vvhieli is a.pled i'1
lull as the amount of said de
11 in mi.' ti t and unpaid taxes; said
note to he neeureil hy collateral
ami the amount thereof In lie
piiid to the town one half there?
of two years from this dale
und (ho remainder three years
(nun this dale, hut with the tin
iliTHliiiiilinir tlint tile said Kolli
.v Irvine will make short-time
biinkublu notes, which, if dis?
counted, the town will procure,
lo lie renewed from time to
lime until the said two and
three yours respectively, and
ilie town will accept as eollaior
al nn rtnid notes stock iif Inlet
in?.nt Codi & lion tlorporalion
lit 6(1'.; of itn fitce value. This
resolution was carried hy a
uiiauiiiioiia vote.
I lie following oriiinanceH
worn introduced al tins me.-tine;
mill passed at an adjourned
nn .'line, held ill!lit) IKItli:
An ordinance to prohibit
gambling and provide penallletj
foi violation thereof.
An ordinance in empower ihe
Mayor to appoint a Collector of
ilt'liinpltilll and oiuitled luxes
mill to provide for his ciilllpen ill
An Ordinance tomnko the nn
initliori/eil use of aiiliimol.il '
or motor vehicles a misde?
meanor, and providing piinish
llient therefor.
An ordinanco to regulate tin
liiiniinir of autoniohiles, ami
other vehicles and conveyances
wIioho motive power is other
than animal power; to provide
for lhe registration of same; to
provide uniform rules rcgiiltit
ing lhe use ami speed thereof
llllil In prescrihe penalties there?
for in case of violat inn ; fur i lie
licensing of t:J mil (Tell rs; ami
further tn provide for iic.onaiii";
dealers und gurilgitit and for
riiniiiii>r motor vehicles for hire
and to proscribe penalties for
violations of this ordl|iutict;.
An.l lo make provision for Ihe
creation of u special fund for
tlie repair and maintenance of
macadam roads and streets
?'thin the town; and to roptial
nil ordinances and parts of
iirdinancoH inconsistent with
(Ida ordinance.
Dependents Will Be Con?
M?w York,.Inly II..Applien
Ilona for discharge by national
K'larilaninil who have depend
1 nt relatives will he granted,
ui'curding to orders received
from the War Dopartniont to
Jhj Major General Leonard
??notl, commander of ihe Do:
purlitioni of the Bant, I'. S. A.
Ilm ottler also enjoins de?
partment commanders to in
?trnet recruiting offlcem to
avoid acceptance of recruits
?VllO have relatives depelldeii!
u|iun them for support.
tiig Stone (lap, Vti , July :t.
We, ihn undersigned, recog
tli'/.ing our desire and our ditty
to do, iu aotne manner and de?
gree, our part by otir country
in a grave and serious national
emergency, ami recognizing
the bravery ami patriotism of
the members of Ciunpany II,
Second Kegiiitentj Virginia In?
fantry, wiio have volunteered
for service in Much emergency;
iu consideration of lie- above
recital of facts and of the
mutual pled ({en lierehy made,
do berei))' agree eticli with the
other ami with I', ,1 I'n'ticbtl'
i'rentiurer of Oompttny II Ite
lief iCiliijl, tu coti|ribnth mich I
month for a period of niiit year
or for Hindi shorter period us
Haid Company II shall be iu
?ervice, unless within such
period the United StiiteH of j
\merieu shall have adopted nnd t
ncliutil) put into etfecl a snf
licient. pluu fur shell aid and re?
lief, the ?ums set opposite our
respective mimes, payable on |
thr dates and tin the banks',
there recited; and uutiibr'r/e
tlm naiil K. .1. I'reaeott, Treas
iii. r, tu draw oil us for shell
rtuni? ami Mich hanks to pay
Hi.- name mi auch dates Such
funds to he used and paid by
Haid Treuktiriir solely and only
for the aid and support "f de
pomlent wives and families "I*
tiH iniiers .?f -aid CVifnpany II;
ami only ttfipr due and proper
invest igul um of their needs by
a committee or eriiiiinitteos up
pointed or to he appointed hy
thus.' iu charge of said relief
I work.
Given under mir bauds this
aid littv of Jiiiyl lPlii.
ii i i.'iiiii
It. 1. Mill.
h k ii...
i ii
ll. T
i . V
II lldatl
\V .1
W i
i Oihiier
i r kiiii)
wo. r Uiii
11 M iioil?i!?
u ii \\ iis..i>
M s. \\ ampler
.1 I?. Wolle
w.s iioverle)
I' II llarrou
Kambien Ilm?
I IV Martin
Ii n Bayers
It K. Taggarl.
\\ \\ Taylqi
T. (? Hilly
.1 W. Kelly
tiouilloc I""*
ii P. Mason
A, I. Witt
J. II Waiimle
U i' lltrion
|? .1. Horum
.1 1. M.lorn
(1 S ? Kiilghl
Will (Uoei-ry
It A. A yew
ii, t: Cuoliwi
C. S. t arier
K. W?rge*
0. B. Oil!)
1. ii IVttil
w ii Polly
J. W. Hu?"
Ci 11. Southward
l im
1 00
tu 00
tu mi
W. J. Draiwr
WVG Cvuiia
A. I> Hums
W s I!.
.lim Vox, Jr.
II E Iteumlh
It. T, Irvlno
II K r..\
c it. Slump
M, v i n
.1 Ii I Mil
.1. K. i rill 1 ihi
Making :i total i>f r-,172 0?
per year which \yill ho available
for this must admirable piir
'I'll.- Company 11 Uoliof Fund
has ii,,. following organization!
10, .1. Presoott, Tronsiirbrid
Investigating Commit toe.
Mrs. Ii. K. ( loodloo,
Nii-h. (Mis Moiisor.
S|.iai ( htmiiiitlctj to look nf
ler Insurance policies, etc.,
A. I.. Witt, Cli'iiii
Kiliane?? I 'iitntnit I ve:
It. I'.. Alsover, t'li'in.
District Conference.
A session of lot; Slum' Ou|ij
district i loufereiico will hi- held .
at lite Southern Methodist
church in i! iiu'i'ity, beginning
Thursday al ii a. in In the
ah ieiie.il of a Kishup, I >r. I. V;\
Martin, I' K , will preside.
T.lto district covers territory
front Kingsport to Wiaii and
Itnchliuun ami from Norton to.
Cumberland < lap. Its twenty-1
one charges will have about I
Sixty representatives due, in?
cluding pastors,; delegates itmlj
othor ollieiuls, Perhaps about
hall nf those will I... present.
Among those ox|.tod will;
he representatives of our
schools, I'hiiory ami llenrv,
Martha Washington and Hi
wassei', ami some ehuirinen of
certain ('i inference Hoards. We
shall likely have uniting us Dr.
.1. M. Moore, of Chattanooga,!
and Dr. Kreuch, of Main Street
church', Hristol.
Sessions! morning anil after?
noon ami preaching at il a. in
ami nullit. Public <;nriiially in
vi led.
Wanted to Enlist.
Kichinoml, Va... .Inly s -Coll
A. II. Williams, um- of the best
known newspaper men m Vir?
ginia, appeared at the military
camp here Tuesday and asked
tn he enlisted as a member nf
the Virginia military, lie suc?
cessfully passed the examina?
tion, but wits rejected On lie
count nf the ago limit, the
Colonel giving his iigtj as ill.
W hen his application was re?
fused, he announced that, ho
would go to Washington and
ask President Wilson to use
his inlliionoe with tue War De?
partment tu have him enlisted,
lie also said he would deposit
money with ihe government
to pay bis funeral expenses in
ease nf death ami waived all
pension rights. Colonel Willianis
recently sold bin interest in a
Kichinoml afternoon paper.
Mild it wan generally understood
that he was dump; press work
in Washington, I >. C.
Clint wood Man Dead.
li'reeiihg, Va., .Inly .".. ? Wil?
liam M. Duturnnj aged about
80, of Clint wood, iatload, lifter
an illness of several weeks. His
wife passed uwuy some mouths
before him, but he leaves six
children. 'Ihe ih.n? od was
originally from Kentucky, hav
iui; been among the first to in?
vest in town property when
Clintwood was founded more
I than thirty years ago. Delias
been i.letiiitie.l with many im?
prove incuts of the town and
Miss Nannie l.in Anderson,
daughter of Kev. 1. S. Ander?
son, D. D , of Kose Dill, Va..
was married on Wednesday of.
the past week to John Kinkead.
The bride is a graduate of
Stonewall .Jackson Institute, at
Abingdon. Sin- is quite well
known in the Cap and is ad?
mired for her lovely traits of
character. The groom is a
prominent young business man
of Dee county.
Jiibi W. chalklev, Ch'rn ;
II. K. Fox.
Mrs. .1. IMcG'ormiek,
K. .1. Present t,
P. K Tnggiirt.
Radford Nor?
mal Notes.
Tito Fourth of .Inly at the
Normal School was celebrated
with various oxoroim'R. At the
chapel porlotl patriotic Minus
were sunn. The Declaration of
Independence was road by <!ov.
criior Tyler anil tin- Hol: was
saluted by (bo faculty and
students, In the afternoon
regular work was suspended
and a intime of base hall was
played liy the faculty and the
yoking men sttiilents of the Nor?
mal School, after which follow?
ed a number of contests which
wore hol.I oik (lib campus inelml .
liig potato 1 noes, sack races,
egg races, and a hut Ion sewing
I'rof. ,1. II llinford, of Rich
specialist on Rural
School I'rot.lcms closed a week's
lectures al lhe Normal School
last Friday.
Mrs, Lewis, of l.yuchhurg,
llist Vice I'resideiil of the Kqutil
Suffrage Lea 14no id Virginia,
-pol;,-ni Ihe chapel oil Monday.
Miss Agnes Randolph, rcpre
?eutiiu; the SYiito Hoard of
Health was at lhe Normal
School Monday and Tuesday
speaking to the various classes
and a uuinher of citizens of the
city who came out to hour her.
I>r .1 I' Mct'oiinell made a
iVourth of July address al Niek
olsville in Scott Lotility.
Miss Willie < i. Allen, Secre?
tary ami Treasurer of ihe Nor?
mal School recently spent ten
days at her homo in Kssox
< 'oimty.
t ?llford I levereu \ and his
('ohipuny ol twenty live Shake?
spearean I'layers will give (hi)
"< lomoili of lOrroi s" ami
" Twelfth Night" oil tie' eatn
pilt , -I illy lOl h.
fl'hn Story-'l'elllng under the
direction of Miss lllanclle Ibili
faut, held hi twilight on the
lawn 111 front of the A d minist ra?
tion Hiiildilig (.8 attracting a
large ullihher of si udunis.
< lov-riior .1.1'. T\ lor spoke lo
the students of Ihe Normal
School ai. the chapel exeieisi!?
Tuesdii) morning.
Fatal Accident.
A distressing accident with
f?kal results occuied almo.nt di?
rectly in front of Kennedy's
store late Saturday evening a
week ago when lillis Stewart,
iliii f. Itrteen \. tie old Son of Mr.
iklld M i s. .lue Si.-w.irl, chasing
a llyiiig sipiirrel with a ntlmhi r
..f ot her Ism ? , climbed a tall
beech in e A limb broke with
the I.ol precipitating him to
the ground and killing him al
most instantly.
Lev. .1 M. Smith conducted
funeral services Sunday tiftor
llooh at the Stewart home near
lhe V. ,V S. \V, I he h. leaved
parents have the heartfelt
sympathy of (he entire com?
munity .
A man usually has to change
cars several times on Ihe road
lo success.
Stop Using Dangerous Ding
Before It Salivates You!
It's Horrible!
You're bilious, sluggish, con
slipated ami believe you need
vile, dungorblia calomel lo start
your liver and clean your
IL re's my guarantee] Ask
your (IruggiRt for a 50 cent bot?
tle of hndson's Liver Tone ami
lake a Spoonful tonight. It
it doesn't start your liver and
straighten you right up bettor
than calomel ami without grip?
ing or making you sick 1 want
you to go back to (he store and
get your money.
Take calomel today and to?
morrow you will fee! weak and
sick and nauseated, lion't lose
a day's work. Take a spoonful
of harmless, vegetable 1'o.lson's
Liver Tone tonight and wake
Up feel|llg gn at. It's perfectly
harmless, so give it to your
children any time. It can't
salivate, so let them eat any?
thing afterwards.?adv.
Convention to Name Con-i
gressional Candidate Will j
Be Held August 12tli in
Itristol, Va., July 10.?With
till members present ami voting;, j
tlii> Democratic committee of
the Ninth congressional dis
iriet of Virginia met in the
com thotiso hero today ami lix-l
ni Saturday, August 12, as thoj
(Into for holding a convention
in nominate a candidate fori
Congress to oppose Ituprcsontu
live I*. It. Sli'inp, i?r whoever
may be the Itoptiblicuti nomi?
nee. Many prominent Demo?
crats Wore piestillt aside from
the committee, ami lite senti
m ait m favor <>f nominating a
sitting man to carry tbii banner
of Democracy in tins district
was Unanimous. Talks wore
made by proiniiienl Democrats
lauding I'resident Wilson ns tlib
national standard bearer of the
party and appraising tlio value
nl such leadership in the otTort
Iii win for Democracy in Ibis
? list riet.
Basis of Representation.
The basis of representation is
to he one veto for every twon
tv live votes cast for Wilson in
im:, which menus that the
convent ion gives promise of an
unusually large at (einlaufe
Prnmiliolil aiming the men
whoso names uro mentioned us
suitable tu imet (he demands
as regards It probably winner
in the congressional contest uro
former State Senator It, K.
Di ii-) i.? ii ii ii, of Marion; Herbert
il Peters und Judge John W.
Price, of Bristol; I. Trinklo,
of Wytheville; and .1 udge Krau?
el-. I; 11 in ton, oi A biugdoii,
I he convention will he held
in Itristol, ami most of the dele
gates ate Cxpccted here for pre?
liminary conferences on Krida)
evening, August il. The Con?
vention will moot at. lo a tu. in
order to complete its wotk in
time for till delegates to leave
in ihe afternoon.
The district committee re
organized by tlio re election of
Dr. .1. D. Ituclianan, of Mat ion,
as eh'iirmau, and .1. I''. Wysor
aSBei'iotan The other mem?
bers are: .1. II. Smith, of Kits
sell cotiniy; ('litis. W. Bohdur.
ant. of Leu county; and Herb.-it
i i. i'et.-i S, of lit ist..1.
Rev. Allied M. Burrouiihs
Passed Away Last Niijlit
At Bristol.
P.ristnl, Va., July 5.?Death
ended Mid.hnly this evening
the loin into'career of Itov. Al?
fred I Ian nun burroughs, of
Bristol's (trotna Green, after
the aged man bud married 5,-1
i (2 eloping couplets at. his hotel
for young lovers. Do was
found dead in Iiis garden at -
o'clock ibis evening where In
had gone to work after the sup
per hour. Although S.l years
of age, he retained his physical
powers in a remarkable degree,
and kepi up Ilm practice from
v.-ar tn your of mooting all
trains in order to ucciunnduln
young people eloping from the
Virginias to In. married.
Inn eareer nf twenty seven
yours as a marrying parson be
had married young people of
all ranks nu:l stations in lifo,
and so famous had be become
that ho was known throughout
America ami in Mil rope. lie
originally hud no intention of
I performing marriage cere?
monies us a business, but the
young people Hocked to bis
hotel in.such unceasing Streams
that be frequently married two
and three couples with one cere?
mony. 'Ihe greatest number
married by hint with a single
ceremony were six couples.
The increase caused him to
elect a hotel exclusively for the
entertainment of young people
seeking marriage, and in this
hutel nf twenty-two bridal
chambers Ins business gained
steadily until in recent years,
when il began lo decline fol?
lowing attacks ley the local
i ministers' association and by
tho city court on the Virginia
side of Bristol, which recontly
deprived bim of the privilege)*
of performing the rites of war
riage in Virginia.
l>r. Burroughs was ti native
of Bedford county, Yu., and a
civil war veteran, lie came to
Bristol soon after the civil war.
Iii? wife diod a few years ago.
1 i.- is survived by one daugh?
ter and two sons. One sou,
William Burroughs, resides in
New York City.
< lontlemeu of the Ninth dis
trict Demooracy, how does the
proposition strike jou? To us it
seems the Bcnsiblo thing to do.
Vor years, Captain Joshua P.
Bullitt has lived among us and
demonstrated his manhood and
his merits. His record is as
clean as the untrodden snow.
You recall the llgttl he has
made for the purity of the bul?
bil. N'ou recognize his nusur
passnd ability. As a speaker he
Can hold the banner of his par
t\ above the heads of anyone
the opposition can put into the
Captain Bullitt stands un
eintivocnlly for the rights of all
for the rights of the fanner,
of the miller, of the merchant,
of the mechanic, of the minor,
of the manufacturer, of the
mother in her home, of the
child in the school. He knows
ihe law in the statute hooks
and the law that should he
.lust now. Captain Bullitt is
leading a company of splendid
Southwest Virginia soldiers to
the border of Mexico. He did
not plead the limitation of age,
hut like a brave ami patriotic
citizen, responded promptly to
his country's call.
If tin- war is an actuality,
which seems certain when this
is written, Captain Bullitt will
he in Mexico during the con
gri tisionul campaign, defending
In-, country's homes and up?
holding its honor. This fuel
will send a thrill through the
district that will mean bis
i rilimphaut election.
Since the above was put in
type the Mexican ruler bus
coine across and war for the
present is averted. This, how?
ever, puts no change on the
avuilahilit) of Captain Bullitt
as tin- Democratic nominee for
Congress. Lot the banner he
placed in his hands. If he is
here he will hold it aloft him?
self. 11' lie should he called to
Mexico, the sturdy yeomanry
of the district will hold it uloft
for him.
Bullitt, say wo, for Cnugres!
i into City Herald.
Visit National Guard Camp.
Richmond, S'a., July 9.?
1'ive thousand people cume to
Richmond Tuesday on excur?
sion trains from various parts
of the State to v isit the national
guard camp, and their presence
was the only feature of the
fit; s celebration of the Kourtli.
i Mlicial and business houses
closed, but there was no jiro
grum of celebration. The
parade of the Virginia troops,
which was to have been held,
was called off.
Full Time Health Officer.
Portsmouth, Vu., July Hi.?
Norfolk county's board cf
supervisors has decided to in?
troduce the full time health of
fleer plan in Norfolk county,
following the leud of itenrico
county. The employ moot of u
whole time health officer was
strongly urged recently by Dr.
Roy J. Klannagan, of Rich?
mond, assistant state health
commissioner, who recently ad?
dressed the supervisors on the
Charlie Chaplin is getting so
much money that his admirers
fear he may become unfunny.
Money is a serious thing, be?
lieve us.

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