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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, July 19, 1916, Image 3

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^^^^^^^ ^^^5?^? ^
%. ? Y vi/ (IIB
Our drug store deserves your trade because
we give you what you ask for and charge you only
n [air price.
Competent Registered Pharmacists compound
every prescription with skill and core. Pure fresh
drugs only being used.
We have the store, the stock, nntl the men to
give you the best possible service, nnd you can't be
disappointed when you deal with us.
Kelly Drug Company
Z/ic ftcxall Store
\\-, ftnic.: Mnv innl Mr. Dirk
',.(, .1,. iif .Inn.aVllle. rlj|fl(j
iiml iv in llii) < liiti,
M'iiilj S'iih Xiii|iT.4oii, Mis
,1,1,. i <,ain.'?. 11. \V. W.u..I
im) i iiri < ?Hhiiii iihnlbri .1 tloVy it
mm Norton,' Siiuiliiy uml look
:? I In- Mi? ?11Vista.
V. M. tliotiiiifi an.I son. nlj
I iluisim ' "it y , spent Monday in
I 1'.? \ ins, uf ('.ii'lntrii,
.va- in town Mi.inlay.
?I it ton, nf liristol. s]nnl
NUiidii'y in tIn- i flip.
I Kirk ?-nil* 11. nf Si iv N nrk
(lilv. i~ \ i-itlng ''is In nl lii'r. II
I' .'Slinth.Oh W.I Avi'ini.-.
Mis I. ,!.? Mn.r. of Aliinir
iliii), i ' \ tsi I im; M is-; .M at I
Mi- It If Smith lias heim
i| lit; i< I. for si'Vi'i al duys'i
'A'. -,, l iil.l. rsl. i v" has i.'.
nun ',1 :.i ilohtiiion i Ijiy uflor
Ktieiiiliiii; a fo\v days on l.usi
-. \ rhoi |i,., ,.f tin' Inder
1 y pnwrijhr ' 'ompany .
Ifii'liiiniuil, w.is in lowii mi
tilsilli'SS last week.
U V. Klanarv ami .1. M Al
iii Ho- 1 lap Saturday.
A M. Kiumird, ho will
tiliiwh insnV .in-.' man of Mi.I
Itaboro, was in- town last
Mri (; ji" Camp, ami Miss
Surivli l.ovidl aiii'inloil a pitrl.y
I'lO I.a- of Mrs. Low is at,
T un . Cri'i'.k;, Friday aftorooon.
, Missi lliiohcl Craft returned
rriil ly night from a two weeks'
Villi to i .'lativi-i in ( i itji t My
Hin gu.st i.f hi
Sliatl; h-fnnl.
The Llovil (.iiii'hl
with Mis. W. I;
Tliiihtt.rn ?f tiii? \vi
A i '..mptmi.
ihm. j{. T
of this i>Ii
hbtin:! hi <
Miamin :
tue intrantiv
Ii. WampUii
.1. Ii. I'riii'
spent Sun,In;
guest, nf I l ie;
??"> .>'/ j. -"ik M P ii b >?
Mutual Drug Company
TAhOUPBS,' quality Hub, f 1.10,
|n*r ?".rate Cash with order. .1.
F. Bay, I.nil iul.urg, N. C.
Miss Elizabeth A gee, of
\Ya<diingtnii. is the kucsI of her
irr.iodjiaiiMits, Mr. and Mrs S.
Poll l .
MW kuih Jones and two lit
lie broilers, I'. II) and (Maude
; .n ? n. Ivfl Sunday for Rtl<
sei Comity on a fi'v da vs' visit.
The Children of Hi Colit'ciU
er.iev will moot with Miss Fran
ces I.on..; oii Wednesday at foui
A I.. Helton, general freight
and passenger agent of the In.
lorstato I: iilioad Company,
s|iiiiit Sn in, |,i i in Knoxvilln on
Simon P. inks spent Sunday!
m I'.ristol v isiting friends
Monroe! idly v. as operated on
for appendicitis ,-u Fast Stone
l lap Satnril.iv niorniug hv l>r.
?I. A. ( lihheri of this plaee. and
is rapidly boni altisc.ing,
Mrs. .I C Mitchell and two
small rhildrlin spent a few (lays
' i-t we.i I; al Jasper with Mr
Mitchell, sytio has a position at!
ihat place.
Miss Inh Frances litoak left
I" relay morning t or her home
at dural Uotrent, after spend,
mg two wo, ks w ifli h.-r hloth
e'rs, h I; iiiiil Atitry Donk.
Mr- John Parsons, who lives
hear the I, ,v N. depot, is visit
ing her sonst Climen In and I.oiu
t|e| I'hrsVns, in Tbjlis Creek.
this week.
Mi and Mrs llnheri Wolfe
and hiillv, of Coil.in. Rv . have
heell visiting Mis Wolfe's
hi 'Other, S11 h i I ii i is ( i i a ham , he
lou the I, ,V N. ,|, pot.
I'' ' I II l; K N P: Five room
dwelling, ill modern improve
meets, watet ami eloetricitv
i'o dm istei 11. F, i lillv ' pent
ejuii lay after.n at < islika v is
I i on SarYih and Katharine
. , .1. Of I 'ineinii.il I. w h" have
n spending -'"? ei' il days in
i i ip -..ill, fji i,-mis, left Sat
a s fol' I.. I?:i lion I ?, v isit relit
I.,- Kli .-trii' TransinisMoh
injijinV hits jdsl jnsialleii an
elrjie II tilge in Fill llarron's
slu|irti:iit on corner of Wo,,,!
? ? an,i Fast .Ml, r-t
i t Ttirviu \'. i- iim ing the
v. ii11L- ilieii r'roin Iviiiixvjlle
Sat Si John, of llristol, was
I!mg ,,n the irrtlle in the citv
lie!' Half of gold cull'
ink', iiv . 11 iduipcil . ill vil'itllty of
. lli'oliice1. Finill I V. ill I' eeive
.11ii.i tili- h-wiird nv returning
,:iin,- t,, I: F Bhodils.
Mi-s < ! Whit,-, of Ahing
Ion, >\ ho lias heon visiting relit
;11. st ,,t hot ???Hi-im.. Mrs W.
H fioii'er: hoi and M is.-i Margie
C. \\ hi'eheail, of Notion,
iv;in it1 business \ i il.oi in town
la't ueck.
[tri. Tyler is spending a
da5 ? ia the < lap mi husi
II. II. Itaskerv ill.-, of Hunts
man Pirns . Bristol, will a \ i-it
,,r in town last w. ,-k.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Polly
-pent Sunday with relatives in
Peiiuington .Mis. Polly ex?
pects i" remain liiert1! si veral
Pole-i t lmhoilell. of the V. ,V
S. \\ ., of I'o istoi; was III the
city on bnsint'Ss last week.
F, P. Scott, a well known
traveling man, was in town
Saturday on business.
Jilrt. A. Crocker, of Arm.,
was a business visitor in town
last week.
I >. W. I Inly Held was down
from Cm-burn Friday.
Ti P. Rich', of Norton, spent
Sunday in the < lap.
Mis Mary Jones rind Miss
Lassie McNeil, of Bristol; who
are visiting in Norton, Messrs.
Fred Stull/., J. S. Fleming and
W. B. Fleming took supper at
the Monte Vista Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. < !. T. Bogard
had as their guests for diniier
at tin- Monte Vista Sunday
Miss Adnie Byok, Miss Ruby
Benjamin, of N.-w \ ork, Mr.
and Mrs. II. S. Benjamin and
Mr. und Mrs. 1. C. Taylor.
Prof. Akers' Bummer School!
will close Friday. There has
been an attendance <>f twenty
or more, at Mr. Aken?' classes
nod much hna been accomplish
cd by the students. We are
glad to know that Mr. Akers
will hi' u member of the faculty
of tin- l?g Stone Gap High
School again next year.
1> E, Allen returned Satur?
day night from a business trip
t >'Harlan. Ky. Mr Allen is
still very lame from his recent
It, Title and W. .1. ('I rislian
left Monday morning with a
- imping outfit bound fur High
Knob, where they will spend
eighteen months Surveying the
imihenSe Hagau estate for Fox I
.V Beck; civil engineering firm I
at this place.
.Master George Howe hoped
to have 0 Birthday Party Sat?
urday in honor of his third I
birthday; hut it rained und i
ruined ami rained and little]
ti-'iirge was inconsolable
i His Mouser left Monday foi
a business trip south.
Mrs. A. II. Reeder and attrac?
tive daughter, Miss Betty, 'It-!
lived in tin- Gap Tuesday night I
from Washington, U C, where
they will spend the summer at !
the beautiful bungalow of Mr. I
and Mrs. II. Gilliain.
Mr. ami Mrs. Will (loOdloe
and live children returned I
Thursday night from Char I
lottesvilll'. Where they have
I.n spi miing the past month
visiting relatives.
Miss Clara H?cker, of Wash?
ington, is visiting her lister,
Mrs. Kai l Sloehr, in tin- i lap.
C. A. Johnson, Kx-dm lit v
Clerk', succeeds th- late Jnhief.
Union as I l.-j.itt y Clerk. Mr.
.lolinsiin is a man of energy, in?
tegrity and ability, and will
?-in- tin- pi 11 die sat tnf act or v id I
all. -Wise Republican
Mrs Raymond Harris return I
i d last week from a two weeks' I
: visit to relatives in Kndxvilhi.
M.tss Maude i Mild and broth?
er, T'.ug' iie, of Norton, spent ti
f.w hour.-, in town 'Thursday
with their cousin. M rs ' lilo H
Mrs. W .1 Hrapur and three
children, l.ttcile, Irene and Hi
|r:im. l.fl Thursday for Hol
[Spring-, Arkansas, v. bent they
j will spomi a few* weeks mi lie
Cunt of Mrs. Iirapoi-, who bus
heejii sniveling with rhtiemaiism
! for some tiine.
M rs i ' F. ('amp is spi tilling
a few day- in the Gap with Inr
aunt, Mrs .1. H McCormick.
Mrs. ( imp has just r.-turned i
froill a few Weeks' \ isit to
friends al Canto and other
! .1 A. Wilson, of Rig Stone
1 (lap, called Monday to pay his
I recpeels', and also his Huhscrip
I tmii. in the Republican. Mr.
I Wllnoil is um- of Rig Stone'
leading young men. and it
gives us a marked degree ot
i pleasure to include hi- mime on
our subscription list Wise
i Rudys, the two and a half
] year old little daughter of Mr.
iiud Mrs. Oliver Orr, tnce Miss
Pearl Pippin . .lied last Mo day
after a short illue>s of whoop
nig cough and spinal Inenigilis,
at the home of her parents at
Cad.-t. The little remains wore
interred in (ilencoe Cemetery
'Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Janet Bailey loft Sunday
morning for lltinlsville, Ala.,
where she will spend a few
days visiting Miss R.-ss Wig
toii. Front then- shn will go to
Memphis, where she w ill spend
several days visiting .Mrs. Clar
| eiice F.lam, who was formerly
(Miss Pearl Rush.
Private Herbert Brown, of
Rig Stone (lap, doing patrol
dills on the border, had an ex?
perience oil the I Ith, which was
worse than being chased by
tbo greasers. The lightning
.-(ruck his gun, tearing it nut of
bis bands and demolishing it.
Herbert write* that the elec?
tricity played al! around him
for a few minutes.
Lj >ST ?Bunch of keys be?
tween J, C. Fuller's residence
and Mi C. Bostic's Store. Please
return to Mrs. J. C. Fuller.
Notice to Tax Payers of
Wise County.
'The local Board of Review for
Wise County will meet at W hi
on July 21th .liul continue from
lime to time for tbo purpose of
adjusting till taxes and matters
legally brought In-fore them
C. F. Kilgore,
July 10, 1916. Chairman
May We Have Your
No man who is human can tail t<> appreciate high qual?
ity in GLOTIIING' when .it is sold at modest "r me
thum pri< cs.
We arc st (ling summer clothing "f the finest quality at
extremely low prices, and you can not help a feeling .of
elation when you buy ""<? i>f them, liverybody who
gets them do< s did nearly everybody gi ts them from
us. Our Hats, Underclothing, Collars, Cuffs, Ties,
Hosiery, etc., an- al! sold oil the same low price basis.
When you want anything GOOD, come to us. You
always conic out ahead when you buy clothing and fur?
nishings at ill!- st< >n .
W. W. Taylor & Sons
It's So Easy To Be Sine
Dow often vou hesitate u1k>uI doing
lomolhinf because you have not tho
(acte?because you are um-t-rtain.
There is a way to get absolute infor?
mation about things and that is tlm
telephone way.
Don't to on living in uncertainty
from day to da\ when a little thing
like a telephone tulk will do away
with doubt and make ?uuhb cloau.
Ask our local manager.
Till. chesapeake and POTOMAC
telephone Company
E, U. IttUTOM. Local Uuuw
T?< woo
Here's Sonic Good News For You
Vou cati spend a dollar tu wonderfully good advantage
at nut store. We make it mir business to serve our pa?
trons economically ami efficiently, because we want
them back again. We want y'oui tun.
s s i slum' (s(i]>, Vn.
? .?. ?-:>.-:>~&ei-*i4&kl uses m
Work Galled For and DeUuered
The Royal Laundry
R. P. BARRON, Proprietor
Phone No. L13. Big Stone Gap, Va.
South-West Insurance Agency
h ire, Life, Accident and Casuality In
surance. Fidelity and Other Monds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
Ouice in Interuioat Building BIG STONE CAP, VA

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