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?palacliia Items
Mr?. Betty Bobinsoi) and
daughter, Miss Huth, are guests
of Mrs. Robinson's sister, Mrs.
Allico Sullivan.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Tempelton
havo returned honio after
spending several inonthB on
their farm nonr JefTurson City,
Miss Lou Vonurnblo is the
guest of Miss Mary Duffy.
Miss Naonin Halo, of Clinch
port, spoilt tho past week in
Appalnchia tho guest of friends.
Mrs. Win. Huston, of Corbin,
Ky., was tho guest of her ninee,
Mrs. John Uiinttier, last Wed?
1<\ B. Clock left Sunday for
Norfolk and other oastorn cities,
whero lio will spend two woeks.
Mr. and Mrs. 10. C. Manious
entertained at dinner Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Toinplototi,
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hood und
children and Miss Naonin Halo.
lrvio Huff spont Sunday in
Alias Cordio Everago lins ro
turned from East Had ford,
whore sho hes boon attending
tho Normal.
Mrs. H. E. Benedict and
daughter, Miss Sophia, of Big
Stone Gap, wore guests of Mrs.
Chapman Sunday.
Hufus Johnson, of ('orbin,
Ky., was tho guest of friends in
Appalachia Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Fuller; of
Kingsport, wore tho weok end
guest of Mr. and Mrs. II. L,
Fuller, of this place.
East Stone Gap
Miss Evelyn Quails, of this
place, was visiting her uncle,
Elisha Quails, last week.
Kov. R. N. Begloy, of 1'owolls
Valley, visited Ills friend, Jos
8oo Gilly, Sunday.
Hobnrt Witt, who has boon
holding a position at Stonoga,
spont Sunday with his brother,
Thomas Witt, at this placo.
Shall they be determined by
Industrial Warfare or
Federal Inquiry?
To the American Public:
Do you believe in arbitration or indus?
trial warfare?
Tbe train employes on all the railroads
arc voting whether they will give their leaders
authority to tie up the commerce of the
country to enforce their demands for a UK)
million dollar wage increase.
The railroads are in the public service?
your service. This army of employes is in
the public service?your service.
You pay (or rail transportation 3 billion
dollars a year, and 44 cents out of every
dollar from you goes to (Ik- employes;
On all tin- Southern railroads in 1915, inrnn in c iiei ccm ol the
train employes carni'd these tvaijei (lowest, highest and average
ill all) as shown hy the p?yiolli?
Engineers .
Fire men
its 111
The average yearly ?ajjc payments to all Southern tram ein
pluyvs (iucluduij! those whu worked only pan ol the yen) as
shown hv the 1915 payiulls were ?
fattened f'rri^lll Vnrtl
hi ?kernen.1013
$1712 $1313
1488 1157
8G5 688
845 868
A 100 million dollar wage increase lor
men in freight and yard service (less than
one-fifth of all employes) is equal to a 5 per
cent advance in all freight rates. ?
The managers of the railroads, as trustees
lot the public, have no right to place this
burden on the cost of transportation to you
without a clear mandate from a public tri?
bunal speaking for you.
The railroads have proposed the settle
merit ol this controversy either under the
existing national arbitration law, or by refer?
ence to the Interstate Commerce Commis?
sion. This oiler has been refused by the
employes' representatives.
Shall a nation-wide strike or an
investigation under the Gov?
ernment determine this issue?
National Conference Committee of the Railways
?LI<>tlA LEE. CAoii
r. x tuuuin i, < <?< <
c l- lli>mm. C?1 ?.?i?,
\UM l>?? I'.,.- ? ILrllOlJ II.II,v.l.
X. U. COU'MAK, i -I1...i.
.v ?.. u.a..i.
a. I i ?>! ii n. <..-> i u*~.t?,
Til^S II.J..,.
r. ? ? i...?l? >. H.r..,- tu
K?M 1?! , u. i.. .j_
G. O. :?i ;i i... i Hu^w,
* ,.?. >, - lt., v K. !-., .
C II. > ??> I ?..?> ."
I-..), i. I, b.. * H..i,.r **i\.?.
m. sr. cwrs. i* imi,
CV,..f.-?? ? Ulli IU-I..J.
A. a. OKI lb. 4M >?*...,.
Ct. ImIi a ttm I..... . i, vi,...?.
C V. ?nt >.?. CmI ?.uf?,
?... I., ? t*mu f ? K.ll?a;.
II. ST. M.MA.llkB. (,.?'!
-ih.ii., tmi i *v. i... u.a.. .a.
ft .!>. M 'ii hi
-...(. iv Ml ? MM K.IU.r.
i ? uu .....4. h.a...4.
sr. i. siuoux. >... r...u.<v>.
5..V .., j AU L??. 11.11. .7.
a. j, mum. ru~rrnu.n,
art. r.iL^.i
c. a. VAio. li.r,., acv?ikwm?mv
Press OrndulT and wife were
visiting friends in A|>|)alacliia
I Mr. and Mrs. D. SchciT Wollt)
and little son, Verndy, returned
last week from a visit, to rela?
tives at Ky'lesFord,Tenh. Miss
Pearl Catron catno hack with
thorn for a visit.
Mrs. Charles Dalton, of tho
valley, ia very ill at present.
Clurence Qu?lle was passing
boll Inst Saturday afternoon
anil got his linger badly injured.
The singing choirs of East
Stone (jap and Crackers Neck
motored to Lee county last
Sunday and sting several" good
songs for the farmers. They
reported a nice time.
Franklin Itigg? and wife are
visiting Jesse,. Gilly al this
place, who has boon very siek
for some time.
Kov. Amos Joiner, of Scott
county, visited the people in
Crackers Neck Sunday night
ami preached a lim' sermon.
Thomas Witt, of Crackorn
Neck, went to Crab Orchard
Monday ou business.
Way Littroll, who underwent
an operation, is aide to sit up
now. His friends will he glad
to hear that he is improving.
Worley Oilly ami wife at?
tended church in Crackorn
Neek Sunday night.
W. A Stidham has been very
ill with typhoid fever for the
past week, hill, he shown some
improvement now.
Young Lady
Stenographer In Commercial
Department of N. & W.
Railway Co., Makes In
tercslinj; Statement
Miss Imogen Avers. Glt-I Mar?
shall Avenue, K'oauoke, Va.,
employed as chief stenographer
in the commercial department
of the Norfolk N: Western Kail
road Company, makes a public
statement thai will prove of
genuine interest lo all her
friends and the public as well,
she said:
??Not very long ago I was suf?
fering from rheumatism, loss
of appetite, insomnia and gen?
eral breakdown, 1 felt tired
out and weaiy all the tune, had
terrible pains in all my joints,
couldn't eat, was extremely
restless at night and scarcely
knew what a full night's sleep
meant, I saw the various ad?
vertisements regarding Tanlac
and decided I'd see if it would
do me ns much good as it seem
ed to he doing others. I got a
bottle and it has helped mi
more than I can say. I no
longer have the rheumatic
pains, have a much better hp
polite and can go to sleep any?
where. I found Tanlac to he
all that was claimed for it?and
just exactly what was needed
in my pariiculur case."
If you are a BufToror, from
rheumatism, indigestion or any
of the like ailments go today to
the Mutual Drug Company and
gi'l a bottle of Tanlac and si e if
it doesn't prove to he just what
you have needed, -adv.
Va. State Fair Offers Bi?
Special Cash Prizes for
County Exhibits.
The Virginia State Pair As?
sociation is out in make tho 1910
Fair the greatest ever in every]
way and is making special ef?
forts to attract county exhibits.]
The following liberal cash j
prizes have been announced
for County Exhibits: 1st prize,
$500.00, 2nd prizo, $400.00, 3rd
prize, $300.00. -Ith prize, $200.00,
5th prize, $100.00.
I These prizes uro over and
above the usual Fair proiniuniB
and ure offered as a special in?
ducement to the counties to
make a good showing at tho
1910 Pair. Some of the coun?
ties have stood hack in the past
because it was thought another
county hod a better chance on
a general exhibit. There is no
excuse for doing so this year as
the prize list is so arranged as
to give every county a good
The Hoard of Supervisors
ought to get busy at once ou
the C??nty Exhibit and see
that the County is properly
Ample Typhoid
State Board of Health Will
Supply at Wholesale
Prices Those Who De?
sire Immunity.
Richmond. Ya., July 22.?
Despite the unprecedented de?
mands for typhoid vaccine with
which to immunize the Nation,
al Quart), the Stute Hoard of
Health today announced that
it had an ample stock of tins J
prevent it ive on hand for stile at
wholesale pi ices to those who
desire immunity from typhoid
The vaccine is takeli in Ihr. o
hypodermic injections, leu days
apart, and usually causes little
discomfort. In most eases, a 1
low fever for one evening and
a slightly sore arm for two
days after each injection eon-:
stittlte the only reaction The
three treatments are sold in
separate sterile syringes, ready
for injection, a 00 son is for the
three. Those who desire to
have the vaccine Injected with
their physician's syringe can
get the vaccine in ampules at
110 cents.
The vaccine, which must be
injected by a physician, is re?
garded as especially useful for
those who are forced to travel
and for those who live in neigh?
borhoods where typhoid fever
is prevalent. All officers of the
State Hoard of Health are im?
munized with it.
Coming lo the Front.
No matter what our beliefs
may he in the matter of wo?
man's suffrage, candor compels
the admission thai the feminine
cause is making strides toward
the ultimate achievement of
their goal.
A fi'w years ago the mere
idea of a woman voting met
with ridicule upon every hand.
It was Cousinen d a dream and
a joke.
Today, however, every party
has its etrong and powerful de?
fenders of woman's right to the
franchise, ami neither party
cares to risk going radically on
record against it.
Politicians everywhere con?
cede a little and diplomatically
slide over the rest Many hun?
dreds of them droail to he plac?
ed upon record as irrevocably
opposeil to suffrage for women.
Those who believe in tho
cause of women should take
heart. It is moving along, and
the pace is by no means slow.
A Woman Holding Governor's
Job.) SS-^i^
Raleigh', N. C, .Inly 17.?
Floods today practically .made
Make the Best Remedy at Home?128 Teaspoonsful for 50 cents.
If everything wan sold In as liberal and
(air ;i mannrr M the below named drujt
gists aie telling Schiffroann'i New Con?
centrated Expectorant, absolutely no
cause tor complaint or dissatisfaction
could possibly arise from anyone. These
druggists say?"Buy n bottle of this rem?
edy and try it for Bronchitis, Whooping
Cough, Severe Cough, Croup or any
bronchial Affection, and \vc will return
your money, just the same as we do with
Schiffmann's famous Asthmador, if it
does not give satisfaction, or if not found
the best remedy ever used for nny of
these complaints." Why not take ad?
vantage of this guarantee and try this
medicine, and get your money back, rath?
er than buying another purely on the
exaggerated claims of Its manufacturer
or on the *tiength of testimonials from
others and run the chance of getting
something worthless and also wasting
voux money? ?
In buying litis remedy, besides secur?
ing an absolute guarantee of its efficiency
front these druggists, you also get about
eight limes as much medicine as you
would in buying most any of the old
fashioned, ready-made kinds, which over?
age frum 20 to 32 tcaspoonsful, because
50c worth makes a whole pint (128 tea
spxmsful) when mixed at home with
simply one pint of sugar and one-half pint
of water. This remedy positively does
not contain chloroform, opium, morphino
or any other narcotic. It is pleasant to take
nnd children arc fond of it. You will be
the sole judge, and under this positive
guarantee absolutely no risk is run in buy?
ing this remedy. Druggists everywhere
are authorized to sell it under the same
guarantee as Schiffmann'o famous Asth
mndor of **Money Back'^if not perfectly
satisfactory. K. J. Schiffmann, Proprietor,
Saint Paul, Minn. Guaranteed here by
Kelly Drug Company
Miss May F. Jonen governor of
North Carolina. Mist? Jone? is
Governor Craig's secretary.
The governor is marooned m
Ashoville and ail-wires between
the two cities are down. So
with the advice of members of
ihe council of Statu Miss Jones
has disposed of many important
matters aud is prepared to hold
down the job till the Hoods sub?
side. The waters are reported
to be receding.
Base Ball
Wednesday, July 20.
Norton at Appalachia
Keokee at Big Stone Hap
Stmioga at Dorchester
Saturday, July 20.
?tig Stone Hap at Appalachia
N ortoii nl 1 hu ehester
l< nokeo at Stohogn,
Wednesday, August 2.
Dorchester at Uig Stone (lap
Stonega ;\t Keokee
Appalachia at Norton
Saturday, August o.
Keokee at Appalaehio
Uig Stone Qap at Dorchester
Norton at Stonega.
Wednesday, August!?.
Appulitcltia at Uig Stone (lap
Dorchester at Keokee
Stonega at Norton.
Saturday., August 12.
Stonega at Big Stone (Sup
Appalachia at Dorchester
Keokee III Norton
Wednesday, August 16.
Dorcliostor at Appalachia
Norton at Keokee
Uig Stone (itip at Stonega
Saturday, August tili
Norton lit l?g Stone (lap
A ppalachia at Keokee
DornhoBter at stonega
Wednesday, August 23.
Stonega nt Appalachia
Kookce at Dorchester
Hig Stone (lap at Norton.
"Thedlord's Ulack-Uraughl
is the best all-round medicine
lever used," writes J. A.
Steelman, ol Pattonville, Texas.
"I suffered terribly with liver
troubles, and could get no relief.
The doctors said I had . con?
sumption. 1 could not work at
all. Finally I tried
and to my surprise, I got heller,
and am to-day as well as any
man." Thedlord's Black -
Draught is a general, cathartic,
vegetable liver medicine, that
has been regulating Irregulari?
ties of the liver, stomach and
bowels, for over 70 years. Ott
a package today. Insist on the
genuine?Thedlord's. E-70
Gall Stones, Cancers and Ulcers of inn
Stomach ami Intestines, Ant..-Intoxica?
tion. Yellow Jaundice, Appendicitis aud
other ratal ailments rssult from Stomach
Trouble, Thousands of Stomach Suffer?
ers owe their complete recovery to Mayr'a
Wonderful Romcdy Unlike any othei
tor Stomach Ailments. For sale by drug?
gists everywhere.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Bin Stono Gap. Va. Harlan,Ky
Reports and estimates on t'oai anil Tim
Iber Lands. Design ami Plans of Coal auil
t'oku Plsnls, Land. Railroad and Mlun
Engineering, Klectrin lllue Printing.
How's This?
We oiler Ono Hundred l'ollart
Reward for any ense cf Catarrh
that cannot bo cured by Hull's
Catarrh Cure.
P. J. C1IKNET A CO., Toledo. O.
? Wo, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last IS years. anJ belleva
him perfectly honorable In nil buslneia
transactions and riuanciAllr auto to carry
out any obtlnnitona Ina.I,. t>? his Arm.
Toledo, O.
Hall? Caiarrh Cure It taken Internally,
nciinc dlrrcily upon the blond and mu?
cous -urfacs or the ?ystem. Teotlniontal?
?ent free, l'rlce ;& Cent? p?r bottle. Sold
by all Druffulrts.
Take Hall* I jj.-jiv fills for cooiUpatlou.
LEAVE NUIiTON-0:15 a. m. for
Lyuchburg and lutermedialo ala
Hons. Pullman sleeper IllueOeld lo
Philadelphia via tlagerstowii, am!
Pullman sleeper Hoauoke to Rich
mond and Norfolk. Also ouuueetloni
at Bluc?eld with traius Westbound.
Pullman sleeper to Cincinnati and
LEAVE NORTON?2:80 p. for point
North. East mid West.
LEAVE BRISTOL?Dally. 0:45 a nj
for East Hadford, Hoauoke, Lynch,
burg, Petersburg, Richmond and
Norfolk. Pullman Parlor Car to
ltiehmond. Hoauoke to Hagerste..vu
rullmau sleeper HagcrxtOWU to New
5:00 p. iii. for Norfolk ami Inturinedialo
points, Pullman Sleepers lo Norfolk
1:82 p. in. and 7:50 p. in. (limited.) Hol Id
trains with pullmaii sleepers to Waal'
Inglou, Baltimore. Philadelphia and
New York via l.ynohburg. Docs not
make local stops.
Ifl-.lb p. in. daily for all points between
Bristol and l.ynchburg. Conueouta!
Walton at 5:411 p. in. with the Chi
oago Kxpro&s for all points west ami
If yon aru thinking of takui); a tri)
Yitli wantquotntloua,cheapest fare, re?
liable and correct information, as la
routes, train sohcdules, the most comfort,
able and quiekest way. Write and the
Information is yours for the asking, will,
one or our complete Map Polders.
W. 0. Saunokiis, <i. P. A.
W 1?. RkVu.i.,
Pas?. Traf. Mgl..
V. & S, W, Railway
In Bflecl Pcbriiary 1Mb, 1914.
\o. 2 dally BtO? a. m. for Bristol am! <?
tennettlale points Pullman sleeper
Louisville to Bristol Conuccls with
N. A \V. for points Baal and s.m. it
lot points South ami West.
No. a daily, except Sunday, 11:44 a. m
lor SI. Charles ami Int o r m cdial <?
No. I dallv , except Sunday, :I:I7 p. nt, for
Bristol and Intermediate poluta, Con
necU with N A W. lor polnta Kiel
Couneels at Mnceaaton 'lap win.
train No. 8 for Hull's (lap, Rogers
ville ami intermediate points,
por additional inforuialiou apply to
nearest Agent or
W. E. AI.IjBN,
Uouoral Passengor Agent,
Bristol, Teoti,
Um Stono Gap, Va.
Wagou and Buggy work A Spqolalty
I have ?u lip-to-dnte Machine fm putting
on Rubber 'Iires, All work given prompt
Head ut Public School S> stern nl VirjtItila
Die tu i Mi.N rs 111.en im.s no.
College, Gtadttate, Law, Medicine, Eogineerlng
od.rvlng student-. |10.00 covers ull
costs lo Virginia .students in the Aca?
demic ll.'partiuenls. Send for catalogue.
HOW A hi) WINSTON. Registrar,
University, Vu
General Blacksmith
Repair Work.
Holler ami Machine Repairing. Horse
hhiH-iug ia specialty. Wagon and Hiiggy
Work. Wo make a specially of putiiug
on rubber tires All work gWon proiup
ami careful attention.
Big Stono Cap, Va.
5 ^tri5* CA' 9 "ist
Treals diseases of Hie Eye, Par. Ho?t
and Tlirnat.
Will he in Appslaehia KIRHT PHI DAI
in each month until 8 P. M.
Dr. J. A. Gilmer
Physician and Siirgeon
OFFIOE?Over Mutual Drugstore
Bitr Stone Gap, Vu.
d. F. orr,
Oluoe in PoRy Building.
Omen Hours - ?? l > j'i * in.; I lo 5 p in
Dr. G. C. Honeycutl
Office In t\ Ulli Building over MuttU.
Drug Store.
Will be in Clluuh|iorl ever) Saturday
C. L. Hamblen
The Southern Underwriters
with other good I'ire liiauranee Cnmpa
nies. Call on him w hen you
in '.-.'. Insurance.
!dr. g. m. peavler,
Trents maoases of the
(Eye, Ear, Hose and Throat,
Will bo In Anpalnclna Third
I Frlrluy in Each Month.

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