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Bur Clover Is
Will Serve Excellently In
South as a Winter Cover
Washington, I). 0., Sept. 8.?
Bur clover is the cheapest le?
gume that will serve in the
South as a winter, cover crop
anil prevent the washing of
soil. The southern or spotted,
variety is the one best adapted
to conditions over the larger
part of this area. Among the
special advantages of bur cto
ver is the fact that good stands
can often be obtained from
year to year without additional
seeding. When once establish?
ed ou pasture lunds bur clover
will reseed itself indefinitely
provided the plants are allowed
to mature some seed nt least
?Very other year. Its use has
ulso resulted in many instances
in materially increasing the
yield of cotton. Farmers' bul?
letin 003 of the department of
agriculture gives directions for
inoculating the land and sow?
ing the seed and suggests rota
tionB in which bur clover may
be used to advantage.
Hur clover should always be
sown in late summer or fall. In
the cotton states the best time
for seeding is the month of Sep?
tember, but it may be seeded in
.August and seeding as late as
October ofteu give favorable
results oven as far north us
South Carolina. Seeding later
than October, however, are to
bo avoided whenever possible,
us but little fall and winter
growth is usually secured from
mich plantings. When the ecod
is sown in the bur, broadcast?
ing is the only practicable
method. To obtain a full stand
by this method from three to
Rix bushels of seed per acre are
necessary. After sowing a
light harrowing should be giv
on. In the regions, however,
which are well adapted lo bur
clover, it is much more econo?
mical as a rule to begin with a
a light seeding and to depend
in subsequent years on the vol?
unteer crop when this is practic?
In the cotton stntes lack of
inoculation apparently has of?
ten been the cause of failure in
establishing bur clover crops,
' specially when hulled seed was
sown, Usually when seed is
sown in the bur there are
enough bacteria in the dust on
the burs to insure inoculation.
H is desirable, however in
planting bur clover for the first
lime that farmers do not go to
the expense of purchasing a
large quantity of seed, but that
they plant a comparatively
sinall aroa, inoculating the soil
either by tho aoil-transfor meth?
od or, in tho absence of inocu?
lated soil, by the use of puro
cultures. When once a patch of
bur clover has been grown sue
? 'ssfully ou a farm the whole
f:irni can oasily be inoculated
by scattering soil from the
places where tho bur clovor
grew successfully.
l>r. Guy Munsey Naif aud
-MisB Eunice Hines were united.
marriage Wednesday after?
noon at 4 o'clock at Thomas
Memorial church, Drewryville,
V~a. The attractive bride is a
daughter oi Mr. aDd Mrs. An?
gus Henderson Hines. Or. Naff
ia r son of Rev. John E. Naff,
of Bloontville, Tenn. He is a
prominent young physician,
iracticing his profession at
?uiporia, Va. Dr. Naff and
bride will go to Blountville and
will be entertained as the
guests of Rev. and Mrs. Naff.?
Bristol Herald Courier.
At the regular couni'il meet
ing lam Tuesday, the 5th inst,
the town purchased the part of
the Bast Fifth Street bridge
owned by the Dummy Com?
pany, paying therefore$1,600.00
land canceling taxes and water
rents due from the company
amounting to, approximately,
$286.(K). 'i'bt> price asked was
; ?'. 100.00. Tlie bridge was erect
Iod in 1004 jointly by the town
land Dummy Company at a cost
I for the steel work of' $8,000, of
which the town paid at the
time for the wagon and wnlk
way $2,500 and the Dummy
Company $f>,50o.
Considerable hesitation was
felt by the council in making the
[purchase at this time because
of the ttha?Cial condition of the
town treasury and the action
taken was the result of appre?
hension that the Dummy Com?
pany's part of the bridge might
be sold and removed, a thing
I the council did not want to see
The side owned by the town
jisalO ton bridge, while the
I dummy Bide has a capacity of
I KM) tons and could be lloored
With concrete and still carry
heavy tonagoi
It is still hoped by some that
eventually a trolly line may be
built through the Hap, which
would make the bridge a vain
able link in the line, and this
is thought to be the main rea?
son for the town council taking
action to inaure its stay where
it is.
There being no funds avail?
able at this lime the council
authorized live notes of tho
town to be issued in multiples
of $300 each running i, 2, 3, I
and ."i years respectively at 0
per cent interest payable an?
Road Work.
Mr. (1. VV. Scott, of Norton,
County .Superintendent of pub
roads, was in town last Friday
and informed us that the grad?
ing of the back valley road,
leading from Minion's store up
the valley to a connection with
the main valley pike was com
pleated, and that the noxt
work will be that of Maca?
damizing about 1,000 feet of
road at Cadet that the county
had agreed to lo some time ago.
During the past spring anil
summer the following roads in
tho Richmond Magisterial Dis?
trict have been re-surfaced with
a llrst class grade of asphalt,
and they aro now in the best
of condition: From Appala
chia to Stonega; from Appala
lachia to Black wood; from Ap?
palachian to luman; from Ap
palachia to Big Stone Gap, anil
from the mouth of Pigeon Creek
to Imboden.
Tin- work of resurfacing the
road from Big Stone Gap up the
valley to Norton will be com?
menced within tho next ten
days. This road was surfaced
with Tarvy last year, which
proved very unsatisfactory, ami
the district will now give it a
coat of asphalt, which will
make it one of the smoothest
ami prettiest roads in the coun?
The Cumberland Tennis Club
won a three sot match from
Dante last Saturday. Drennon
and Winston represented the
local club which play od at
Donte. The scores wore ? 6 6-3
0-0. On account of the late ar?
rival of tho Big Stone Gap
teams only one of them played.
Tho other toam composed of
Donald I'rescott and H. S.
Benjamin will play their match
Wiso has Bix sots to play Big
Stono Gap at Big Stone Gap
aud Big Stono Gap has three
sets to play Dunto at Dante.
Old newspapers for salo at
this office.
Will Be Held at Big Stone Gap
September 19th, 20th,
21st, 22nd and 23rd.
The management is pleased 1
with the co-operation of tho
merchants and farmers, as well
as others, in Big Stone Gap and
the surrounding country. This
will be an agricultural and live
stuck fnir. Large agricultural
exhibits and live slock are ex
pected and preparations are be?
ing made for stalls for horses
and cattle. There will bo four
large exhibit tents for mer?
chants' exhibit and agricultur?
al exhibit. Also ladies depart?
ment, where domestic science
and fancy work will lie display?
ed. The ladies of Big Stone
Gup uro very much interested
in the ladies department, The
most of them will enter fancy
work, domestic science, paint
ine;?, etc. Great many of the
merchants will have attractive
display of merchandise in one
of the tents which will be giv
on to the merchants.
Friday is children's day and
tho better baby show will be
held on that duy. All of the
mothers of Lee, Wise and Scott
counties are expected to be out
on this day with their pretty
babies For the best boy and
tjirI baby under two years of
ago, a beautiful loving cup will
be awarded to each with name
engraved on the cups, and the
medals will be awarded as see
ond premiums.
Next year the management
contemplates permanent build?
ings for merchants' exhibits,
agricultural exhibits, domestic
science, art and fancy work,
The premium list will be dis?
tributed two months before the
fair and the premiums will be
the largest offered any where in
this country. Look forward to
next year's Hig Tri County
Fair. However that don't
mean that this one will not bo
a big one. It will be one of
Southwestern Virginia's big?
gest and host fairs.
The management has arrang?
ed for racing, baloon ascension
and a number of other free at?
tractions, which will make'this
fair worth while. There will
he special reduced rates on all
railroads that lead into Big
Stono (Jap for the fair week.
Wednesday is Farmers' Day;
Thursday is Hig Stone Gap and
Appalachia Day; Friday is
Children's Day, and Saturday
is Miners' Day.
Assistant Secretary, P. 0.
(.looper, is here making prepar?
ations for this fair and is very
much enthused over Hig Stone
Gap's Fair. Mr. Cooper is As?
sistant Secretary of eight fairs
that are under Mr. O. P. Rob?
ertson's management, and ho
says that tho Big Stono Gap
Fair will be one of tho best
Miners' Duy is expected to be
one of tho largest days. Ar?
rangements are being mado for
interesting features for the
miners.. The management ex?
pects to have several promi
ment men to lecture on First
Aid Work. Un Miners' Day
there will be a miners' contest.
$15.00 in gold will be awarded
for the best suggestions on Saf?
ety First. For further informa?
tion communicate with Mr. Q.
B. Southward, Safety First
Contest Manager.
Several of the race horse men
will bring horses that were at
Bristol and Johnson City. Ev?
erybody wan pleased with the
racing at these fairs, and we
expect some very good racing
here during the week.
Premium list may bo obtain?
ed by writing or calling at Sec?
retary's office, Monte Vista
Farm Products
0. K. Btanton, Chairman.
II r. Stewart. It. K. IV No. I.
W. .1. Ilorsley, Town.
A. J, Hood, Town.
W. It. Wilsen, lt. V. P NO. I.
.1 1'. Stldham, It. K. I>. No. 1
Kmcrson llyalt, Otlngor. Vn,
.1 II Catron, It. V. r>. No. I.
A. 1". Mamillen. Olltiger, V?.
.1. .1. Wade, Ollneer. Vu.
Live Stock.
.1. .\. Qllmcr, Chairman)
T. t). Morris, It. K. D, No. l.
K. I. Coualna, lt. V. I> No. 3.
Uradley Ycary, lt. V. I). No. I.
\V. II. Klkins. It. f. I). No. I.
Win. Nltcholl, Hortons Summllt,
J, J, Heaaor, Ollugcr, V?.
licit SVamnlcr, Olhigcr, Vn.
W. W. Minion. It. V. 1?. No, 1
J, llathptou Crizorj Appalaenln, Va,
II A. Alexander, Imboden, Va.
I). B. Allen. Chairman.
W. S Mathews.
lt. I, Wade.
Mrs. A ma Blcmp,
Mrs. fi, I.. Cousins.
Mrs Caatloton Wade.
Mrs. J. A. Younll.
W. 8, Mathuwii,
.1 I. Parson*
(iwen W?lls;
.lessee Olli)-,
.loo Morris.
Klheri Johnson.
G. N. Knight,
Domestic Science.
Mrs. C. C. Cochraii, Hin Stone (lap.
Mrs. M. IL Collier, Appatabhia.
Mrs. ,1 It. Skcori.
Mrs K. B. Ooodloc.
Mrs. II E. Bcnccllot
Mr,. K A Complon
Miss Minnie fox.
Mrs It. E. Taggart.
Fancy Work.
Mrs. .1 1.. .Mel'onniek.
Mrs M. I.. St.illard.
Mrs. .1. M. Collier.
Mrs. (!. l'\ lllaitton.
Mrs. Jno. W. Ch.dkley.
Mrs. A. 1'. Hamiden.
I Mrs. tl. I.. Ta\lor.
Miss Madge Muucy.
i Mrs. Isaac Itlchmond.
Find Strange Corpse Al
Funeral of Father.
To be called home to attend
the funeral of their father, but
to lind ou their arrival that the
corpse was that of a stranger,
was tho experience this week of
Smith, Daniel and I). Q. Chris
tian, of Church Hill, Tonn.
Tho Christian brotbeis, em?
ployed in mines al Ihman, Va?
received a telegram Monday af?
ternoon Rtating that their fath?
er, James C. Christian, 5t years
old, had died at Lyons View
sanitorium, and to come to
Church Hill, their home, to at?
tend the funeral. The boys
went as quickly as trains could
carry them and on their arrival
at Curch Hill Tuesday morning
found the box supposed to con?
tain the body of their father on
the station platform. * They
opened it anil in tho features of
the corpse saw a stranger.
Communications by wire with
the officials of Lynn View dis?
closed that a mistake had been
mado in giving out the name of
a man who died there and that
instead of James (J. Christian
the corpse had been James
Britton, formely of Greeneville,
Tenn. .Mr. Christian is still
alive and fairly well at the san?
Ho is a brother of Mrs. J. H.
Harkleroad, of South Bristol,
and has many relatives in Sul?
livan county.?Bristol Herald
Radford Nor?
mal Notes.
Tho regular session of the
Normal School will open Sop*
temher 10. The members of
the faculty who have been at?
tending higher educational in?
stitutions this summer have
closed their work in these in?
stitutions and are gotting ready
for the opening of the session.
Prof. A vent of the Depart?
ment of Indication has spent
tint summer at It ad ford. Ho
will spend the next week at
lldloighj North Carolina, visit?
ing friends and relatives.
Prof W. IS. Gilbert, Secretary
of the Appalachian School Im?
provement HVuiidulion, is plan?
ning exteie-ive and helpful stlg
gostious in regard to School Im?
provement Leagues, Civic
Louguee,Mothers' Chilis,Health
and Good Heads Campaigns to
nil who are iu need of such lit?
erature. A large number of
speakers are available for ad?
dresses. g|.ches, and enter
tuiuiuont without any compen?
The Young Women's Chris?
tian Association otlicers are
tending out theYouhgWomens'
Christian Association Hand?
books to the prospective how
students. Tin, Association is
very active in receiving new
students and assisting them iu
arranging their work at the
opening of the session.
Dr. .1. 1*. McOonuoll ill livered
an tuldresH before the teachers
of Washington County at Ab
ingdou m Thursday and on Fri
day will deliver an address at
Bristol before the Holsten Dis?
trict Convention 6f the Chris?
tian (iliuroh.
K?st Stone Gap High and
Qrummnr Scbo?l opened Mon?
day September I, with one of
tho heaviest enrollments in
years. The pupils came front
all sections of the community
ami finally it was found that
230 had answered to the call of
the first hell.
The teachers fur the present
Session for High School depart?
ment consists of Prof. 10. 10.
(livens, principal, Newport,
Va., 'si assistant, S. It. Hall,
Hickory, Va , and 2nd assist
ant, Miss Anna G. Dtintel;
Grammar und Primary gruiluo,
Miss Stella Keynolds, Sinking
Creek, Va., 7ih grade; Miss
Nannie Lou Help, Klk Creek,
Va.,i>th and 5th H grades; Miss
Kate G?tlirio, Dublin, Vn , 4th
and 5tll A grades; Miss Itutli
ilurd, Pulaski, Va., 2nd und
:inl grades, and Miss Kehn Orr,
Dryden, Va., 1st and primer
At tho close of the lirsl week
the enrollment had roadbed 250
pubils anil with the starling of
the school wagons iu the near
future there is great prolmhili
ty of the enrollment reaching
the 3?!1 mark or more.
. Aildingloii-I'iilton.
An unusually early morning
marriage was solemnized this
( Wednesday) morning at 5.15
when Misa Aigin, daughter of
Sheriff W. H. Addington, be.
came the bride of "Bird'' Ful?
ton. The ceremony was per?
formed at the brides home in
the presence of ;t large number
of friends; by the Kev. Denn,
after which tho bridal party
and friends motored to Appala?
chia to catch the Southern for
Washington and eastern points.
Mr. ami Mr*. Fulton will muko
their homo at Toms Creek.?
Appalachia Progressive.
Mrs. Wade Miles is reported
ill. Her little hoy, who has
been ill several days, in doing
nicely under the care of Mi?s
Conic I.otig,professional nurse,
of Pig Stone Gap, formerly
with tlu-Johnston Willis Sani
itariumut Abingdon and Itich
linoud.?Wise Republican.
Frooling, V.o., Sep. 0.?Mrs.
Surah llylton, of Wise, is tho
guest of her mother, Mrs. Mary
William J. Vauover, of Shel?
by Gap, Ky.i ia visiting roln
i ives neai Froolingl
Jackson Bryant) of near Nor?
land, was at this place during
the week.
Men Yanover, for whoso nr
rest a reward was offered for
the charge of striking Htnmett
Fleming on tho head with u
rock, has been apprehended at
some point III West Virginia by
I the Baldwin detective agency,
according to ad.'ices received.
1 illlcer Hau kins has gone aftor
t'barley Slnss, of Skeetrook,
is visiting relatives here.
It iti foiirod that corn crops in
this immediate section are iiDt
as good as wits hoped for. Con?
siderable foddering is being
done this Week.
The lumber interests are quite
active in this section.
Noah Li Yanover has return?
ed from a visit to his brother,
William Yanover, ?f Crnneco,
W. Va.
Was Jealous
Of Neighbors
Norfolk Man Could Not Sec
Why They Should Have
More Enjoyment.
Mr. A. I. Elliott, Jr., who is
employed by the Yiulen Grocery
stote Corner of N Ork and Bote
tourt, sis., Norfolk, Va., relat?
ed his return to health US fol?
lows: "I was considerably both?
ered with indigestion. I had a
tired, go?d-for'n?thipg feeling
and seldom felt like ge'ting up
tip in the morning, (las form?
ed on in)' stomach after eating
a id my appetite was vory
"! read in the papers each
day ol someone else returned to
health by using Talilac and I
decided to gel some of this
health loo. And I tried Tanlac
with excellent results. I am
n >t li oubleil with idigestion and
I hav.- a good appetite. It in
such a pleasure, to be able to
eat without fearing the after
effects, I now sleep line and
gut up feeling refreshed and
full of energy. I know it is
worthy of tho praise so many
Norfolk citizens have given it
and I also wish to recommend
this grand medicine."
Surely you wtl give this new
medicine a i rial if troubled with
any of the like ailments, after
reading Mr. Elliott's statement.
Tanlac can now he secured here
at the Mutual Drug Company.
? adv.
Resigned Position In Bank.
Uobt. I'. Karron, who for the
past twenty-one years, has
been cashier of the Interstate
Finance and Trust Company
Bank of the Gap, with the ex?
ception of tho four years he
was Treasurer of iheColinty, re?
signed his position in the Bank
September the first, in order
that be may give more time to
the interests of his laundry,
The Royal Laundry of the Gap.
J. B. VVamplor has succeeded
Mr. Barron and is ably assisted
by I.C. Taylor.
We hear some complaint that
the macadamized roads in vari?
ous places are being torn up
considerably by tight-locking
lilt; wagons so as to make the
wheels slip. Wo call attention
to the fact that it is a violation
I of the law in Virginia to draw
I the brake sufliciontly to make
j the wheels skid on a macadam?
ized road. Tho grades are not
sufficient anywburo to require
this. Let the people who are
getting tho benellt of the im?
proved roads try to take care of
I them'?Gato City Herald.

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