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The Big Stone Pap Post.
No. 38
Full Blast.
The gutes of the Leowisoott
Fair were open yesterday to
the public.
Kxhibits of live Brock, poul?
try, fiinii products, domestic
science and fancy work arc on
exhibition and arc worth going
to seo.
A car load of race horses
were shipped here from Bristol.
The races will bo tin* hi st ever
?een in this section of the
country. These horses have
taken money at Bluefield.Knox
ville, Bristol and other places.
The big Midway Shows will
furnish entertainment to a
largo number of popple. This
i- the cleanest aggregation of
BllOWfl that have ever shown
Among the free attractions
to lie seen is the ballon ascen?
sion. Young Mr. Collins says
this is a very dangerous place
la make balloon usscensions,
as there are no places to alight,
without alighting in trcotops or
rock clilTs on the mountain
Everything will he open at
i.ight. One of tin; night free
attractions is a beautiful dis?
play of Pane's Fireworks.
Afternoon Tea.
One of the most beautiful
social events of the season was
the Tea given by Mrs. George
1,. Taylor at her homo Friday
afternoon between the hours of
four ami nix o'clock.
The reception hall on this oc?
casion, wore especially lovely, a
color mot if of pink being used.
The pink hangings of the win?
dows, the electroliers daintly
shaded in pink and cut glass
vases lllled with La-Franco
roses lent beauty to the
Greeting the guests at the
door waa Mrs. George. Taylor,
assisted by M rs.ll.A.Alexander,
of Imboden, and Mrs. I). B.
layers, who invited them to the
punch table, where a delicious
and refreshing punch was serv?
ed by Mrs. \V. G. Painter.
In the diuiug room, where
delicious ice cream, cakes and
Hunts, emphasising the color
motif of pink and while, were
served by Mrs. J. A. (1 ilmer
and Mrs. J. L. MoGormick. The
decorations were cut glass
V as,s of La Franco roses and cut
ulass candelabras holding pink
burning tupers. The dining
table was spread with a cro?
cheted lunch cloth and in the
center was placed a French
basket filled with La-France
roses, the handle being tied
with a large bow of pink tulle,
surrounded by pink tapers and
cut glass nappies of salted nuts
and mints.
Enjoyable music was played
till during the afternoon on an
Kdison Diamond Disc by Mrs.
Wi K. Peck.
Among the guests who called
during tile hours were: Mes
dailies AI. H. Gr?ber, \V. 11.
Polly, C. [. Wade, mis Mouser,
R. B. Alsover, A. J. Wolfe, C.
V. Camp, G. Bogard, 11. A. W.
Skeen, D. B. Pierson, M. M.
Smith, O. C. Long, W. S. Bev
irly, M. It. McOorkle, O. L.
Howe, L. T. Winston, A. D.
Owens, L. t). Pettit, W. T.
(loodloe, E. E. Goodloe, H. M.
! lenket and others. Misses
l lorence MoGormick, of Knox
villej Anna McCormick, of Mid
dlesboro, Katharine Peyton, of
Charlottesville, Eugenia Baum
gardner, Claribel Lockett, No
mo Vineyard,Mary LeeMaiden,
Winifred Mullins, Huby Kem?
per, Mary Lou White, Olga
ilorton, Flora Bruce and Janet
Seriously Hurt.
Freeling, Va., Sept. 15.?
Ooorgo W. Dutton, a hand ou
the lumber works near here,
was seriously hurt by a runa?
way truck. He was propelling
ihe curriage, and while on a
down-grade run he lost control
and was dashed against a of it,
stump, cutting several places
about his head and face, and
sovorely bruising bis hotly.
Medical attention was given,
and the patient is doing fairly
Old newspapers for sule at
this ofBce.
- .-? ^? ^ JU J.,
000 Damages
J. E. Buun & Company Wins
In Damage Suit Against
Dickcnson County.
An important decision was
handed down in the Circuit
Court ..f Appeals at Wytho
yille last week in this case of J.
E. Buun & Company, contrac?
tors, of Big Stum-" Gap, who
wen. sueing the county of Dick
enson, which resulted in the
contractors being awarded
damagos to ilie amount of *i4,
About, two or three years
ago .1. K. Bunii ?V- Company re?
ceived a contract for a consid?
erable amount of road work in
Dickenson County and it ap
l>ears that the contractors wore
forced to remove about 28,000
more yards of dirt, according
to tlie county engineer's
titfnros. than the specifications
called lor and consequently the
Contractors sued to recover pay
for this amount of work. The
county court rendered a ver?
dict in favor of the supervisors,
but the plaintiffs immediately
appealed the case which re?
sulted in their favor.
The contractors wore repre?
sented by Attorneys Bullitt &
Chalkley, of Big Stone (Inj?,
and Attorney Holiday Souther
land, of Clint wood.
Episcopal Church.
ChristChureh September 'J Ith.
Morning service und sermon
111 a. in. Holy communion.
Archdeacon Kniest A. Uicb
will bold services. Visitors
cordially welcomed.
Big Slone Gap Defeats Wise
Saturday Afternoon.
The Cumberland Tennis Club
won from Wise last Saturday
in two very interesting matches
played on the local courts.
PreSCOtt and Benjamin, Big
Stone Qnp, defeated Lipps and
Pillion, Wise, 8.6 G?2 0-2,
Drennen and Winston, Big
Stono (Jap, defeated Cheyney
and Anderson, Wise, s li i; :t r,.'_>.
The last match of Tlie South?
west Virginia Tennis Associa
tiotl.for this year will be play?
ed this week when Prescott
and Benjamin, of Big Stone
Qnp, meet Paine and Wolfe, of
Dante, at Dante,
The club standing as of Sep?
tember 1 stli, is as follows:
Played Won host Pot.
Mg Stono Cap ..83 28 lo .007
Dnuto.38 12 .0:17
Wise.30 7 20 .108
Injured At Furnace.
John QuTtman, a laborer,
was seriously injured at the
KurnaceFriday after noon, when
a gin pole, which was being
used in raising a large boiler,
fell on him breaking bis left
arni and three ribs. He was
making an effort to get from
under the falling pole but stum?
bled over a pile of piping and
was caught before be could
get up again. Dr. Baker was
called to render medical aid.
Made Along the Kentucky
Border and Several Ar?
rests Made.
Whitesburg, Ky., Sept. IL?
United Stales Marshal O. H.
Buchanan, of Dickenson, with
raiding possemon of Southwest?
ern Virginia, closed an impor?
tant moonshine raid through
the Indian Creek, Guests' river
and Pound sections, immediate?
ly over the Kentucky border
line, east of here, whore ihoy
cut and destroyed four largo
moonshine stills with complote
paraphernalia, including hun?
dreds of gallons of beer and a
quantity of whiskey. Two
moonshiners were arrested and
are being held for a preliminary
hearing tit Wise. Three others
escaped immediately iu advance
of the officers.
Moosinning is said to be in?
creasing at points along the
border of the two States, and
officers are kept constantly
ouoy seeing after the situation.
Friday Night at School Audi?
torium. Home Talent Pro?
duction. Auspices Civic
No moro interesting and de
lightful event in t!u> form of
pure and instructive entertain?
ment could be devised titan tho
forthcoming production of Gil?
bert and Sullivan's famous Eng
lish-Japaneso (!6mic (Ipora, The
.Mikado, to be given Friday
night at the High School Audi?
torium by a company of select?
ed homo talent sinners, under
the auspices of the Civic League
of Hig Stone Gap.
The music of The Mikado is
'of its kind a classic, the wit
contained in the lyrics, and
speaking lines of a high order,
containing a fund on continu?
ous "merriment" situations are
very funny, and have boenen
? joyed by more thousands of pa?
trons than any opera ever writ
Iten. The action of the opera is
spiritetl and vivacious to the
I extreme, not a dull moment in
the whole production.
The cast of characters has
been well chosen, the choruses
well balanced and effective.in
.singing and acting, and the
special numbers being done by
I children and misses from 0 to
10, are worth the price of ad?
mission, and have only to bo
seen to be appreciated.
I There will be a chorus of
j Japaneso Maids, Lilliputians,
I Cowboy Girls, and a group of
Pan ami Flower Uirls in special
acts, which are unique and
delightfully pleasing, and are
all along the lines of general
culture and full of merit of their
i Cast ok Cu.wt.u rr.iis.
i Mikado.Mr. John Jones
N.inki Poo.. .Mr. Charles D?nn
Ko Ko.Mr. Albert L. linker
I Pooh Hah Mr. II. J. Ktirtnott
! Pish Tush .. .. M r. Loslor .1 essen
j Yum Yum .
Miss Margaret l'ettit
I Pitti Sing. . ..Miss Mabel Willis
1 Katisha.Miss Olga Horton
I Peep Hoo.Mrs. Will Jones
.Miss Mary Itanisey, flanisto to
illis Royal Majesty,The Midako
The performance of the Mika?
do is in every way worthy of
patronage by the good citizens
of our vicinity, in an artistic
sense, and deserves a well tilled
house, along the lines of encour?
agement for things beautiful,
at the same time, aside from
? fact that it is being given
under the auspices of our Civic
League, which has for its at?
tainment continued live issues
in the betterment of conditions
relative to our community and
city interests.
A prize of $5.00 is to be given
to the holder of the lucky mini
her ticket, to bo drawn from tho
box at the Friday night per?
formance. Some one is going
to get this prize. It may be
yourself. Come and see tho
opera; get your money's worth
in a good show, and possibly
draw the prize.
Saturday night will bo Chil?
dren's Night, and the price for
children will be 25 cents, with
a chance of a $5 00 prize also.
A large number of revenue
officers were dropped from the
service in Virginia during J lily,
and recently the few remaining
officers received an order from
the internal rovenuo depart?
ment that henceforth nothing
would bo paid informers for
showing up illicit stills and
that nothing would bo paid
possemen for going with ollieora
on raids. This action was tak?
en, we suppose, because Vir?
ginia is going dry, and as there
will bu no bonded distilleries or
saloons in tho Stato tho Gov?
ernment wilt have nothing to
protect in the way of revenue.
This virtually moans that the
Federal authorities will aban
tlou raiding and as a result we
may expoct within the next
year to see tho smoke from
hundreds of stills making
spirals toward the clouds.?
Clintwood Moon.
Carpenters, Wanted.
Ten good carpenters am
wanted at once to work at Exe?
ter, near Imboden, Va. Apply
to L. L. Pierce, Imboden; Va.
Win In Maine
Slump in Republicans Vote
Good Sign for Democrats,
Says Daniels.
Portland, Maine. Sept. 10.?
Maine Republicans reinforced
b*y returning Progrosives, won
at the election Monday. They
elected a Governor and an
Auditor, two United States
Senators and four ropresoutu
tivos in Oongrose and wrestling
control of the House from the
Democrats, will be able on the
joint vote for the legislature to
elect the other state officers not
chosen by popular vole.
The vote was heavy as ex?
pect, d for the campaign had
been waged wttb a determina?
tion not seen in recent years.
The country was searched out
for speakers of National promi?
nence and a number of the e
battled on national issues. The
light was particularly hot for
the t wo D. S. Bonntorships and
the four places held by Maine
in the Lower House at Wash-;
Danville Lady
Tried Tanlac.
Mrs. B. A. Cook is Now in
Better Health Than She
Has Been in Many a
Mrs. 1!. A. Cook, wife of ihn
popular Union Street Grocer,
Danville, Va., said, "I suffered
from a week nervous run down
condition and a constant tired
worn-out f, cling. My .stomach
troubled inn a great deal and
indigestion even more, anil 1
have bad terrible spells at
times. I was restless and could
not digest properly anything 1
ute. Then 1 saw this new modi
cine advertised in the paper,
and tried it. 1 recomoud it my
sidf now because I know it has
helped mo and am quite sure it
will help others who sulfer as 1
did. 1 now have a good ap?
petite, my nerves arc better, 1
sleep hotter nights, feel better
all over in fact and in better
Health now than I have been in
many a day. 1 recommend
Anyone troubled with stom?
ach trouble, indigestion, head
aches, nervousness, loss of
sleep, energy und appetite, or
troubled with any stomach,
kidney or live ailments may
vory wisely uivo the through
trial recommended by Mrs.
Cook and a thousand others
elsewhere who have taken Tan?
lac und been wonderfully re?
lieved. Tanlac the now medi?
cine is now on sale here at the
Mutual Drug Company:?ndv.
The home of Mr. ami Mrs. J.
W. Flippen, of Alpha, Va., was
the scene of a beautiful marri?
age on Saturday evening, Au?
gust I2tll, when Miss Lillian
Bird Guthrie became the bride
of Mr. John Gray, of Richmond.
Va. Promptly ul 7:o"0 o'clock
the bridal party entered the par
tor to the beautiful strains of
the Lohengrin Wedding March,
played by Miss Lee Harris, in
the following order: Miss Lizzie
c'lippon.of Richmond, with Mr.
John Jamison, of Dillwyn; Miss
Mury Adcock, of Dillwyn, with
Air. S. T. Harris, of Clifton
Forge, Va.,nnd Miss Sadie Har?
ris, with Mr. Dau Wade, both
of Alpha, Va., und were met at
tho altar by the Kev. J. E. Dan?
iel, of Dillwyn, Vti., .who per?
formed the coremony in a most
beautiful and impressive man?
ne. The brido was handsomely
attired in a lovely white dress
of sheer embroidery and car
ied a shower bouquet of white
ohrysanthomums and ferns,and
the groom wore a handsome
dark blue suit. The three
bridesmaids were becoming!)
gowned in white, light blue
and old rose silks. Tho parlor
was beautifully and artistically
decorated for tho occasion.
Among tho guests present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Moss, of
Gctavia, Va., who are au uncle
ai.d mint of the bride, nine Mr. '
Ullas, D. Moss.
The presents were numerous,
handsome mid useful.
Mrs. Gay is a daughter of the
late Mr. George Guthrie, of Big
Stone Gap, Va., and is one of
the most attractive and popular
voting ladies that has ever vis
I tod in this section of old Vir?
Mr. and Mrs (lay will make
their home in Richmond, Va.,
where Mr. (lay has a lucrative
position. --.lames River Clarion.
East Stone Gap
Misses Alice Wells, Ksther
Stewart ami I'earlie tiallaway
were shopping in Big Stone
Gup, Saturday afternoon.
The has,- ball team of this
place wont to l?g stone Gap
Saturday afternoon and gave
the "H. S. t). Punch" a very
liol game Rut our team, ow?
ing to lack of practice, was
finally defeated by a close score.
The score being .'i to 1.
Mr. and Mrs. t iains Carter, of
Stonega, are visiting friends
and relatives near town this
Franklin Kiggs, of Osaka,
was visiting relatives at this
place Sunday afternoon.
Nelson Uluntou, better known
us "Huge" Ii Inn ton, who has
been working in the mountains
near Norton,was visiting home,
folks Sunday.
Jess Klkins, Ora Buchanan,!
Nelson Blanton, Misses Alliol
skeeii, Dorothy Buchanan,
tlraco and < Irin'n (Silly, Mr. and
Mrs. Worley Gilly and a few
others, attended church at Dor
ton's Chapel Sunday night.
T. G. Morris was visiting in
Big stone Gap Sunday evening!
Rev. James Smith It I led bis
regular appointment at Dor
ton's Chapel Sunday night and
preached a most excellent ser?
mon. A large crowd attended.
Radford Nor?
mal Notes.
Miss Grace M. Jewett has
been appointed Head of the
Piano Department to succeed
Miss Fay James who has resign
led after three years of success?
ful work as head of that Do
partmnnt. During these three
\ ears M iss J nines had establish?
ed her reputation as an UllStlal
ly successful teacher. Miss
James will on September 2 itli
he married to Superintendent
Guy F. Carr, of Gray son coun?
Prof. J. F.. Avant, of ; lie De?
partment of Education is idsi'tr
ing friends and relatives in
Kaleigh, North Carolina. Ho
will return next Monday for
the opening of the Session on
Sepcembor r.uh.
Prof. W. F.. Gilbert of the
Department of History has ro
COnlly delivered several ad?
dresses in Southwest Virginia
in a campaign for bettor Rural
Schools and better living con?
ditions in the country.
The number of students tak?
ing the Domestic Science! 'nurse
in constantly increasing in this
institution. A large number of
the best public schools are now
establishing Department of
Domestic. Science and some
work of this kind has been done
in ijiany of the smaller public
Episcopal Church.
OhristOhurch September 2 Ith.
Morning service and sermon II
a. m. Holy communion. Ar
chededcon Ernest A. Rich will
hold services. Visitors cordial?
ly welcomed.
How's This i
We offer Ono Hundred Dollari
Reward for any case of Catarrh
that cannot bo cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CI1KNEV A CO., Toledo. O.
We. tIi*- underalgned, havo known K. J.
Cheney for the lust IS years, and believe
him perfectly htinoratif.-i In nil business
transactions and financially nble to carry
out nnv obligations made Ov his firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taksn Internally,
acting directly upon tho bloel and nu
rous stirfac.' i of tho syatem. T<"' Imonlal*
sent free. Price 75 cents p. . r.ottlc Sold
by all DrunUte.
T.iV= Hall s Family Plus > oniUpttloD.
In Agriculture and Home
Economics at the Great
Koanokc Fair.
Perhaps the most interesting
oxhibit ovi r seen at a Virginia
live stock fair will bo seen this
fall when the hoys ami girla of
Southwest Virginia place tboir
yearling calves iu the show
ring to compete for bouors.
Fi ft} calves weighing between
900 nnd l2tK> pounds will show
themselves in the show ring of
the Koanokc Fair and each calf
will show a gain iu lloeb from
2J to :t! pounds each day since
their feeders, the Baby Beef
'.'lull Work in live of the South,
west Virginia counties and tho
0X00080 of making the calves
gam has ranged between t anil
IS cents a pound.
'The calves will be sold to
Kastern markets and if prices
are received usually gotten for
baby beef the young Virginia
cattle feeders will receive a
liberal profit for their work
which has been valuable to
them in many ways.
The Baby Beef fJlub Work in
Southwest Virginia has been
under the supervision of tho
Animal Husbandry Specialist
in the Virgiiiu Extension Work
of the state Agricultural Col?
lege. From this Specialist in?
su actions for feeding the chives
have come to tlie County
Demonstration Agents who
come directly in contact with
i be Um s and girls that are
feeding the calves.
Cut The Weeds
The following from the Bris?
tol llonild Courier aptly applies
lo every town und community
iu the country and the advice
should he complied with by
every family:
There arc too many weeds in
Bristol. They are nourishing
iu vacant lots, back yards and
gardens, They are attaining
rank growth here, there, und
almost everywhere. They
blight to be cut to the ground.
W eeds should not lie allowed
tu grow to maturity and go to
seed because they disseminate
aisease germs, hike dies, weeds
formerly were regarded merely
as a nuisance. Flies were kill
. .1 ami homes were screened
against the n .because they
i\ere a pestiferous insect, and
when weeds worn cut it was
because they were unsightly,
lint suieuco has demonstrated
that both tlies and weeds are
not only nuisance, but menaces
to health, and is t ime the public
realized that unrelenting war
should he made on both.
The responsible authorities in
many cities, alive to the im?
portance of such matters, are
requiring the people to cut tho
weed si The responsible authori?
ties of the two Bristols would
make no mistake in taking like
action. Whether the law ex?
pressiv invests the .Mayor of
any city with power to compel
the cutting of weeds is u qiies
iinn upon which we are not in?
formed, but common souse sug?
gests that a .Mayor may take
the necessary stops to ab dish
any recognized public nuisance
or menace to the public health.
The season is hero when
weeds begin to get in their
work. From now on until the
frosts kill them they will bo
throwing off the germs uf di?
sease. The city authorities
should require that Duty be cut
without delay, whether they
are growing in yards or gardens
or vacant lots. And the authori?
ties should take the load in tho
work by cutting tho weeds in
some of the streets in the roei
deuce districts.
Voting man, the road to
wealth and fume does not lie
through idleness on street
corners. Successful men aro
never found there, and men
who have made names and for
; tunes for themselves were not
found thoro in thoir youth.

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