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WEDNESDAY, SEP. 20, 1010
Published Every Wcdnosday by the
tINDSEY J. HORTON. Ass't Editor
Ono Yoir, - ?I.OO
Six Months, - .OO
Thrss Months, - .26
Kntorcd accortllnij to postal regulations
at tho posl-ofllco at IHk Stono (lap as seo
ouil-olsss matter.
SUBSCRIBERS uro earnestly re?
quested to observe tho date
printed on their nddresB slips,
wliich will keep thuin at all
times postod as to tho dato
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
Tho man who persistontly
ignores improved methods of
farming is himself eventually
ignored by tho goddess of for?
The surprising thing is that
Mr. Hughes desires to become
the president of a country that
has got into such a miserable
It bus been demonstrated
from time to time that strikes
can be settled without compell?
ing the general public to bear
hardships in whose creation it
had no part.
Now that the crowned beads
of Europe have all boon to the
front, the next act on the dock?
et should be the decorating of
one another for conspicuous
gallantry on the field of safety.
Signs are, that Candidate
HugllOS will continue to he so
busy assailing President Wil?
son's policies, that he won't
have time to tell just what bo
will do if elected.
Try it for one day. G ivo a
cheerful word to every one you
see from the time you awake
until you go to sleep at night.
Then note the change in your
own feelings,
General Nelson A. Miles
thinks a federation of nations
would put an end to war. S?
do we. Put the trouble is, the
kings and emperors and other
potentates won't listen to ei?
ther Miles or us.
It is reported that English
women are likely soon to get
the right of vote, and in view
of the fact that most of the men
arc now at Hie front there
doesn't Beam to bo any way to
stop them.
Returning good for evil may
be like heaping coals of tire on
tho offender's bead, but be
who shows kindness merely be?
cause be thinks it will sting
and hurt, is only taking a mean
revenge, instead of winning for
himself a blessing.?Selected.
The critsis in the news print
paper situation, which already
has cut down newspaper profits
enormously, will not be reach?
ed before late October, when
contracts come up lor renewal,
according to reports received at
Washington from many sources
by tho federal trade commis?
If some live merchant will
spend au hour or two some
evening with bis Htore bPntls
drawn and install a handsome
and attractive window display,
something unique and out of
the orditiary, and then adver?
tise it in this paper, we venture
the prediction that ut least half
of the people in ibis communi?
ty will bo around to see it.
And many bf them will buy
just because thoy happen to be
there. Advertising will get
the people to a store that is
worth going to, but the mer?
chant and bis own goods must
do the selling.
Hon. K. Loo Trinklo. domo
erotic candidato for congross in
tho Niuth District, nrrived in
town Sunday niglit from Bristol
and was mot by quit" a crowd
of Democratic supporters. Mr.
Trtnkle and others went to Knst
Stono Qnp, Appalachia and
other places Monday, meeting
the voters, and wont to Norton
where he spoke to n large) and
enthusiastic crowd. A Wilson
Trinkle Club has already been
organised in Norton. Mr.
Trtnkle, together with Hon.
Ueo. C. Puery, of Tnzewell. will
address tho voters hero today in
tho Amur.u Theatre at 11
The Big Stone (lap end Knst j
Stone (lap high school teams
played a very interesting game
of base hall here Satbrday af?
ternoon in which the home
leant won hy the close score of
fi to I. Quite a number of new
coiners were tried out hy the
local sipiad who proved capable
of being really to enter the fray
next season. Ed Edens twirled
for the (lap team und did some
creditable work for a young?
ster, this being his first trip on
the tubber Bast Stone put up
a good game in the Held and at
the bat and no doubt will be a
hard contestant for the bunting
next spring.
Inning! I i 8 I 0 0 7 s u?It II K
H. 8. i!.. oi o n n ti :i i o .'. 8 a
K, B. 0...... 1 0 tt 0 0 0 1 ll-1 7 it
Klstterlcs - Kdens and Stomp. Turner
and lieu Ice.
Two hue lilts?Kleonor, Howies.
In our last issue, wo uninten
ttonally mittle an erroneous
slntcmont in a local about Mrs.
Kulu Young Morrison and lil
tlo son, Bob, who left for
Lynchburg on the 5th, They
did not make the trip in Mrs.
Morrison's car, and il is not
her intention to make her homu
in Lynchburg, but only to visit
Dr. und Mrs. James Morrison
en route to Richmond where she
will enter the newspaper Hohl,
Rob, however, Will remain at
his uncle's in Lynchburg, Dr.
Morrison being his legal guar
A curd received here stales
that John Gilly, son, of Mr.
and Mrs. G. 10' Qilly , of this
place, is now located on the
border at the city Nodales,
Arizona, with the hospital cm ps
of Unclo Sam's army, lie
seems to be well pleased with
his new position and enjoying
good health
Ah a result oi a dam soon to
be constructed across the Hol?
sten river the Bristol Traction
Company will have one thou
sand horsepower for the opera?
tion of its electric cars, ll is
intimated there is good pros?
pects for the early construction
of interban line between Bristol
and the new industrial town of
K ingsport.
In the recent canvass for
funds for the rebuilding of
Stonewall Jackson College, at
Abingdon, thirteen men of af
fairs, residing wuhin twenty
five miles of the institution,
pledged thirty thousand dol?
lars. This was independent of
tho general subscription, which
number more than four hun?
dred persons, with a present to?
tal of more than eighty thou?
sand dollars.
Picnic At Natural Tunnel.
Last Sunday morning a mer?
ry bunch of young people, well
chaperoned, went over to
Natural Tunnel, where they
spent the day very pleasantly
plcnioiug, kodaking arid climb?
ing around over the Tunnel.
Those in the crowd were:
Misses Addie Floooor, Arkie
Witt and Julia Cox, Messrs.
Kueben Banks, Dan Hill, Alec
Bean, Mr. Sttiot/., of Hoauoke,
Mrs. Wiley Witt and Mrs. S. P.
Wednesday afternoon from
three to six, Mrs. Bon Sewoll
was hostess to about forty in?
vited guests in honor of her
house-guest, Mrs. Burrow, of
Knoxville, Tenn, Delightful
refreshments were served and
quiie an enjoyable afternoon
was spent. Mrs. Soweit is in?
deed ti lovely hostess.?Jones
villa Star.
Mrs. W. 1>. iTall, Jr., of Nor?
ton, spent a few days in the
Uap visiting Missis Conuorlnst
Carpenters Wanted.
Ten good carpontors are
wautcd at ouco to work at Exo
tor, uoar Imboden, Va. Apply
to L. L. Pierce, Imboden, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Connor
motored up to Russell County
and spent a few dayi last week
with friends.
Mrs. Thoo. Lvttle and little
daughter, of Middtesbore, spent
a few days in the Gap last
week with Mrs Lyttle's por
enls, Mr. and Mrs O. (). Van
A full account of the meet?
ing and luncheon of tho Civic
League in tho Monte Vista
Sample Room Tuesday will ap?
pear in our next issue.
-_.- ?
Last Sunday week at the
home of the bride, Miss Maxie
Tumlin8on, the oldest daughter,
of Mrs. Nancy Tumlinson and
Mr. Fleet Strong, of East Stone
dap, but who ban a position in
store at Osaka for the Ston9ga
Coke ami Coal Company, were
married at four o'clock in the
presence of a few friends anil
relatives. Immediately after
the ceremony a delicious dinner
was served to the happy couple
and those present, were
Mrs. Nancy Tumlinson and
children, Mrs. P. M. Renror,
Mrs ? rover Barney, Mrs. \V.
T. MahallYy and daughter,Miss
Lulu, Mrs. Sis Lane, Mrs. .lohn
Johnson and children, Mrs.
Nannie Harrison, Mrs. Adkins,
.Mrs. and Mrs. Jim Quails, of
Scott County.
After dinner Mr. and Mrs.
Strong went to Roda in an
automboile where thriy will
make their future home.
Pltaroali Turned 'Em Loose;
So Did President Wilson
The following is an extract
from a speech made to a bunch
of Parts, Mo , negroes by a
colored Democrat of that town
at the railway station in that
town one Saturday night re?
cently, lie was silling on a
truck beneath the stars and do
livered himself in this fashion:
" Lawd said; 'Pharonh, turn
my people loose,' and when he
didn't do it, the Lawd euid
again. 'Pharoh, turn my peo?
ple looso,' and when ho didn't
do it, the Lawd tuk Pharoh
down to tbelted Sea and chuck
ed him in. That what Mastah
Wilson he say, 'Karanzy, set
my niggers freo,' and when he
didn't do it, that Mistah Wil?
son, ho suy again, 'Kuranzu,
lurn my niggers loose, or Pse
comin' after 'em!1 Still lie
don't do it, and that Mistah
Wilson he say, 'Karanzy (urn
my niggers loose?bring 'em
light home yoself?or tha't go
in' to be hell to pay'. An'
t next day fo' million white men
with the big dogs and Hal ca's,
started for Mexico. You know
what happened? Afore they
got there, old Karanzy done
turned them niggers loose, give
'in a palm beach suit of clothes
an' and a bottle of 'mule'
apiece, pul em on a Pullman
car and s oil "em home. An' on
the way they met M,stall Wil?
son, an' ho says, 'Hoys I wiiz
jes' comin- to git you if it
till; every white man in the.
Newuitud Slates to do it. No
man kin lock my niggers up 'er
pose on 'em an' not hear from
me. Uome on an' get some
watermelon. Ever hear of a
Republican (loin' anything like
dut? Nttw, you didn't. That
Mistah Wilson is a sho ntilf
white folks. Republicans ain't
got no use for a nigger 'cept on
election day.'' ? Exchange.
National Business College,
Roanoke, Begins Its 28tli
Session With a Large
In a loiter Juki received from Prof. K.
M. Coulter, president of the College, he
states that the College opened with one
of tho very largest initial enrollments in
the history of the Institution, Tho Col?
lege opened promptly Tuesday. Septem?
ber Mh. Students were in attendance
from every County of Southwest Virgin?
ia. Many enrolled from West Virginia
anil other neighboring states, and some
from as far as Toxng. New . lasses were
organized in all departments, and this
well known Institution began its 88th
Scsstou with llattering proKpccta. .Stu?
dents have been enrolling every da) since
tin'opening ami will continue to enroll
dining the Fall ami Winter months.
II'I'he aohdol U so conduoted that stu
Young Ladies, Young Men and
School Children
First Fall and Winter Session
Shorthand School and Business C?lbe
Wood Avenue. BIG STONE GAP, VA,
Stenography. Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Penroan!
ship. Business Spelling. Office Routine^ Ad
Writing. Journalism. Letter Writing,
and Grammar Grades.
Taught Thoroughly nnd Quickly al Small Cool In our Modernized School or
Alail. Typewriting Instructions "From Sight to louch" a Specialty. Ha) tM
Night Classes form at all times. Positions procurable when properly qu.ililitd.
Special Reduced Rates to the First Ten Charter Scholars
Enrolling Before October 2nd, 1916.
remiss in their.studies carefully coached iudiviilm!
.utile Weekly or Monthly in Advance. For r.it,^ am) ,K\
Public Sellout Scholara
in.il rales. Tuition Pay
ttculari address
1. kirk smith. Principal Smith Brothers Shorthand
uritt. F. smith, Business Manager. School and Business College
p. o. box 145 big stone gap, va.
dents may ontor at any time ami lie pro?
perly classified,
The past year was most successful. The
Reboot had twice as many calls lor gradu?
ate* as BtudouU enrolled. All graduates
and many undcr-graduatea have been
placed in position tlurlug the past year.
Surely there is no surer and quicker
way for young men and women to attain
success than to complete a course In
some hightoncd business college sncti ns
this Institution is known 10 he. No
doubt there ire many young people in
this M i l ion that would do well to take
a course In this institution. It is not
necessary to have a High School or Col?
lege education to make a success of a
Uusincai training.
LOST.?32 Smith oc Wesson
special pistol, between Taylor's
store and school house on Tues?
day, September 10th. Finder
plraso return to Isaac Belcher
j and receive reward.
I Did newspapers for sale at
I tins office.
With the regular nrmj and
the National Quart] on the l?ir
der protecting us from Ihu raids
of a horde of blood thirst;
bandits we can not refrain from
remarking that this is a might)*
inopportune time for capital
and labor to come to mips.
I Patriotism and common genie
should prevail until we are free
; from the danger that menace!
j us from below.
Gall Slums, fJnncora ami Ulcen bribe
Stomach ami Intestines, Auto-Intostes
Ion, Yellow Jaundice, Appendicitis slid
other fatal ailments result from BtoraMh
Trouble. Thousands of Stomach Staffer.
its owo their oomplcto recover) to Msyi ?
Wonderful Itemed)-. Unlike any Other
lor Slomaoh Ailments. Kor ?lo by drug?
gist* everywhere.
1 September 28th, 29th and 30th f
lj - -?-? -,- - |j
P Grounds Lighted by Electric Lights, Fireworks Display Each I
Night. Base Ball Each Day, Good Racing, Good
Shows and Plenty to Eat.
? Exhibits can be entered up to and including September 27th '$
1 You Should Not Miss This Immense Day & Night Fair
Every Precaution Will Be Taken To Prevent Accidents.
Write For Catalog.
Admission 35 cents. 1

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