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WEDNESDAY, SKI'. 27, 1910
Published Kvcrjr Wcdncmlny by the
Unn Yoar.
Six Months,
Throe Months,
Kntanxl ?coordlug to imibIaI regulations
>t Ibo i>of t oflleo ?t HIr Stone u mo
ouiI-oIom mutter.
SUBSCRIBERS are earnestly ro
quostcd to observe tlio (Into
printed on thoir address slips,
which will keep thorn nt all
limoB posted as to tho dato
of tho oxpiration of thoir sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to thiB request will
save nil parties n Kreut deal of
One Cent Postage.
Efficiency in the post oflloo
departtne-nt with n proper rend
justmcut of rates will permit
tho government to inaugurate
n ono cent letter rate within
tho noxt yenr, according to
Postmaster Qonornl Alborl 8.
This emphatic b to lemon t
made by tho postmaster gener?
al before the Nntionitl Associa?
tion of Postmastora of the Unil
mi Slntt'H :tt their.Inlv I'.'10 con?
vention, indiotitee that this im
portnnt reform in much nearer
realisation than most people be?
lieve mid thnl ii(>xt winter will
see radical steps taken toward
this end.
In add reBoing the postmasters
General Burleson declared that
they are giving the best postal
sorvioo in the world today, und
that is What the American
farmer und business man are
entitled to, for they pny for it.
Ho udvisod the postmasters to
spare no expense that means
greater efficiency.
"But tlilit dues not mean ox
trnvaganco" said Mr. Burloson,
?'Where is tin oftlcial who will
tell me that employees useless
lo the service should not bo lop?
ped ofTF 1 do not want to be
bard on pesttil employees. I
behove the government should
require only n certain number
of hours work, and Hint under
sanitary and comfortable eon
ditiotlH, nt a salary not only
adequate, but generous, It is
my purpose and your duly to
see that nil employees perform
un adequate service for the
money expended.
"Every dollar intelligently
saved can be utilized for the
improvement, development und
extension of service, resulting
in n reduction in postage for
those served.
"Plaue ore being worked out
for the solution of railway mail
service problems. They are bu
ing solved in a way that will
enable the United States to pay
the railroads adequate compen?
sation for service rend, red, and
pay only for service received.
With this result, if next year
we can make those using the
Becond class mail service pay ti
one-half purl of what they
should, we can go before con
gresu und take tho first step to
ward penny postage.
"The fact that this year wo
have a surplus of between $4,
000,000 and $5,000,000 demon?
strates that at last the postal
service is on a sttong business
and self-supporting basis. If
wo can keep down useless ex?
travagance, wo can soon in?
augurate one ceut poalngo in
this country."
This frank statement from
the postmaster general sub'
Btantiates declarations which
have been mndo during
tho past year or two by ofllciuls
of the National One Cent Let?
ter Postogo Association, which
has its headquarters at Clove
laud, that with economical op?
eration of tbo department and
a reaecnoble adjustment of pos?
tal rates, one com letter postage
could be inaugurated without
injury to tho fedorol govern
niont, ami letter users given
tlio benefit of a big reduction
over current ratos.
Nearly sixty bills wore pre?
sented tit the present session of
congress, calling for one cent
letter postage. Score* of repre?
sentatives nod senators haye
been closely studying the mat?
ter and have become united in
a conviction (bat lltu timo in
ripe for one cent postage, a re?
form BOUgllt f'ir many yearn,but
only recently brought to the
attention of congress through
the persistent campaign on the
part of the National One ('cut
Letter Postage Association.
At the present time letter
users of tho United States net
a profit to tho government of
over $75,000,000a year over ac?
tual cost cf distribution. At
the same time large magazine
interests arc securing distribu
lion of their product at cue cent
a poiind, which means a great
loss to the government anil to
make up this loss users of let?
ter postage are paying a profit
of 100 ("'! cent.
It is to correct Ibis threat in?
justice th.it tho postmaster gen?
eral and his hundreds of assis
tants throughout tho country
are now employed. From all
indications ono cenl letter pos?
tage promises to he one of the
most important issues at this
winter's session of congress.
"The Mikado" A Great
"The .Mikado" the Comic
Opera, which was given heroin
the Public School Auditorium
last Friday night by local lul
cut, tinder the direction of Mr.
Alben Baker, of the Willis
Music Company, of Cincinnati,
was one of the most successful
plays over given in the (lap by
local talent.
Kvory member of the efficient
cast of characters did their
parts exceedingly well. Special
mention should he made of The
Mikado, who was John Jones,
about whom some of the audi?
ence remarked that he rivaled
ill I .\h k ados they hail seen in the
larger cities, also of Yum Yum,
Miss M.unmet 1'etiit, Kutisku,
.MissuWua Horton, Pitti Sing,
Miss Mabel Willis, Pbep Do,
Mrs. W. Jones, Too Malt, II. J.
Burtnott, and Pish Tush, Los
ter .lessee, who never before
have appeati d in public in such
difficult parts and of^lisa Mary
Ramsay, Pianist to his Itoyal
Majesty. Tho Fun and Flower
Oirls, The Cowboy Girls and
the Lilliputians Drills which
were trained so well, were one
of tho most beautiful fealulcs
of t he w hole l ipera.
The members of the Japanese
Ladies chorus which made such
an attractive hack ground for
the main characters during the
whole play rendered their parts
very gracefully who vveru Mis
sen .Mary Qilly, Ruby Kemper,
Claribel Locken, Lorraine Tay
lor, Nemo Vineyard, Nellie
Horslby, Adelaide Pottit, Hetty
Heeder, Virginia Maker,
Dorothy Owens, Bruce Skeons,
Sophia Benedict and Janet
Saturday night the Mikado
accompanied by the Japanese
Ladies Chorus and Kau an?!
Flower tlirls went to Stonegn,
whore they played to a vor) a) -
preciativo audience at tho
Theatre ami Tuesday night
The Mikado accompanied only
by tho Japaneso Ladies Chorus
October 5th to 7th
Points on Appalachian
Soutliern Railway
Tickets sold October 4th,
5th, Gth and 7th inclusive.
Final limit October 9th.
D. P. A.
played to a largo audience in
tho Princess Theatre at Appula
chin. .
Tho Civic League for winch
this plav was given realized
over a hundred dollars from the
Cook with Electricity.
Aged Man Dies.
Froelini?. Vu . Sept. 22 ? Ab
rain Miillins, aged apparently
about so years, died at his home
near Baden, this (Dickenson)
county, on Thursday. He lout
been ill for several months, and
had undergone an operation,
from which be never fully re?
covered, lie came to this see
lion from Kentucky about forty
years ago. since which time be
had resided continously at the
same place, lie leaves a wife
and several children, besides
extensive family connections
over Southwest Virginia and
Bust Kentucky.
Acts Like Dynamite On a
Sluggish Liver and You
Lose a Day's Work.
There's no reason why a per?
son should take sickening, sal
ivuting calomol when .'it) cents
buys a lurgo bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone?a perfect sttbsti
lute for calomel.
It is a pleasant, vegetable
liquid which will start your
liver just us surely/ as calomel,
but it doesn't make you stek
oiid can not salivate.
Children and grown folks can
take Dodson's Liver Tone, be?
cause it is perfectly harmless.
Calomel is a dangerous drun
It is mercury and attacks your
bohos. Take a dose of nasty
Calomel today and you will
feel weak, sick and nauseated
tomorrow. Don't lose a day's
work. Take a spoonful of Dot!
son's Liver Tone instead and
you will wnko up feeling great
No more biliousness, constipa?
tion, sluggishness, licnduclio,
coated tongue or sour stomach
Your druggist sa>s if you don't
lind Dodson's Liver Tone acts
butter - than horrible calomel
your money is waiting for you.
And Others Spea' lo Large
Audience at East Stone
(In Monday night the 25th
ex-secretary of the f. S.
Treasury, Leslie M. Shaw,along
with Congressman Slemp ano
Col. David l<\ Bailey, spoke to
a huge audience at the School
Hall at Kast Stone Cap. Senator
.). M. Goodloe acted a.-- chair
man, lirst introducing .Mr.
Slemp, who talked about 30
minutes, mainly in answer In
some of his opponent's state?
ments; The party hud just
came from Abingdon, wie re
Mr. Slemp bud delivered the
opening speech of his campaign.
Colonel Bailey closed Hu?
mecting in a humorous talk of
20 minutes in which he said lie
h a d preached protection
in this valley long before a
town was thought of around
Secretary Shaw spoke logical
ly and ably for his party
and urged a strong protective
policy to save American indes
tries after the end of the
European War.
The huge room was filled lo
seating capacity. The BigStone
Gap Band furnished music.
li has been generally assum?
ed that the stock of the rail?
roads of tho country is owned
by ;i comparatively few wealthy
people, when as a matter of
fact it is just the reverse. Re?
ports tiled with the Interstate
Commerce Commission, as re?
quired by law, ohow that the
majority of stockholders are
people of comparatively small
means, and that this stock is
held in comparatively every
walk of life. The Illinois Cen?
tral, one of tho smaller roads,
has 11,000 stockholders; 12,000
people owns stock of tho At
oliison, Topeka & Santa Fo;
jtho Pennsylvania in owned by
jO'J.OOO poople and other roads
lore in proportion, Tho intor
It'Bfn of these people, stud of the
greatconsuming p?blio, should
also ho considered ia any set?
tlement that is dually HTeoted
in the dispute between the
roads and their employ os.
Be A Booster.
Do yon know there's lots of brothers
Silin' 'round in ovisry tow n,
Qrowllii liki> a broody bhtckcii:
Knooklri'orory k?xmI thin;; dawn!
Roii'l yen In tli.it kind '?> grouch.
Caiim they ntn'l no use on earth;
You just In- :i booster member.
Crow shd boost tor all you're worth.
If your bulge needs boos tin", boost or
l)oh't bold back slid wait to see;
If some oilier follow'* wltllii'?
S.iil rieht in this country s free,
No Olio's got a mortage on it.
It's just yours as inueh as bis;
If your lodge is short on I.liters,
Von eel in lb' boost! Ii' Id/..
If Illings hi lodge don't sconi to seit you
And the world seems kinder wrbiig
What s the matter with n boostllil
Jus) to hol|> tho thing along;
Cause if tilings shoiilil stop a "oiii".
We'd be in a sorry plight:
Youjiisl keep Hint horn a blowlu'?
Hoost'er up with all your might.
If you know some loot hers fattln's
.lust forgol bciii. 'cause you know
That fellow's got some go'od points.
Them's the ones you want to show
l ast yours tpavca out on the waler?;
They'll come back a say In' true,
Mavhe", loo. thev'll eonie len k buttered
When some teller boosts for you
When the war in Kumpe is
nver there will he one grout
Bcrnmhlo by the nations at
strife in an efTorl to regain the
commerce of the world which
tboy have lost to the United
States while engaged in the
doubtful pastime of slitting
each other's throats. Desperate
measures will he devised by the
STATEMRJCT of the ownership, man?
agement, Ctfl , of the Uirx Stone Qap t'dal
published w eekly at Dig Stone flaii Vs .
required by act of August 81, lOlS."
i'ubllslicr?Wine Printing Company.
Kdltor Ollb?rl X. Knight.
A Ml I..liter-l.iudsey .1. Ilortutl.
Ilushlcss Managor Ollborl X. Knight.
Owner?Gilbert X. Kiiiglit.
' Gilbert N* KnighX Kdltor.
Swornto and subscribed liefere me this
Wild .lav of September, llllii.
.1. li. VYampter,
Xoiarv Public for Wise County, Va.
(Seal i
My commission expires Dee, ;i, HMO,
p "'line
Is Busy"
Nine billion telephone calls were
answered last year in tho Bell System.
It is not surprising that some telephones
were found to bo busy. )
When a line is busy it is not tho
operator's fault. Some one else is talk?
ing to th( >rty to whom you wish
to talk?or to some one else on his line.
BoHovc tbo operator when sbc says:
"Line is busy."
When you tolephone, smile.
E. n. MILTON, Local Mariaa?'.
^Norton, ^^f^*
shrewdest minds of i lie world
in their campaign for commer?
cial self preservation, and to
meet this united onslaught
the flnnnciors and manufdc
tun is and other powers of tho
business interests of our own
country should be even now en?
trenching themselves and build?
ing a bulwark of protection
which even time Itself will find
indestructible. We cannot hope
to retain the advantages we
have gained unless cxtraordin
ary measures,are pursued, and
any relaxation of vigilance now
or in the future will result in
commercial loss and eventual
disaster;? Kx change.
Episcopal Church.
Silmlny, October 1st, Sunday
school at 10 o'clock, morning
prayer and sermon al I 1 o'clock.
Visilors are cordially invited to
Cook with Electricity.
Stones* Conor- ami fliers 61 Oie
Stomach ami Intestines, Aut"-loi.\.
ion. Yellow Jailllilieo, A|?]K!lllllL'llU >'ul
lotlioi f.iiiil nltmcnti r^.-ult from Slou Ii
Trouble Thou??n?lB ol Stomach Suffer
rrs owri their eoiiipleta roeoyery to Mayr'i
Wonderful Itomcily, Unlike any otlioi
tor Stoinnoh Allineiits. for wile l>y ilrttg.
1 f;l*t> everywhere.
mM 3 S richmon?.VA.
PbV Ei fioL
BIGGER AND GRANDER from every standpoint. Larger and better exhibits Agriculture,
Live Stock, Poultry, Women's Work, Boys' and Girls' Work, Etc. Wonderful showing
of newest improved Farm Implements, Machinery, Etc. Finest Morse Races ever hold
in Virginia more entries, larger purses. Wonderful array of Amusement Features every
day and night?ALL FREE! Greater and better Midway Shows, World's Finest Fireworks,
Etc. Just a hint of what's in store for you during the whole week of fun nnd instruction:
Kntlicrlne Stlnson
The flying sensation of 1916. This
dainty hole 20-year-old miss defies
,dl laws of gravitation in her powerful
Rae Biplane, eclipsing in her daring
flight* the achievement! of the world's
foremost in.ilr aviators. Miss Stiiisoh
loops-tliC'loop and accomplishes oilier
hair-raising feats thousand* of feet
in the air! Her whirlwind race with
a hie.li power automobile is thrilling,
startling. At niglit her biplane is
lighted with brilliant fireworks, Miss
Stlnson will positively fly twicodally.
Tnsrnanlan Van Dlcmans
Aerialtsts extraordinary, who captl
vatc the eye and bewilder ttie mind
with (rats of hazard and daring.
15.iltle of Constantinople
One of the features of ihc gorgeous
pyrotechnic display with which the
Fair uiil close each night. Entirely
new, sensational, startling. Many
other wonderful features.
The Six Wntcr Llllies
America's Aquatic Wonder- beau,
lifully formed diving girls,in new sw im
mine, strokes and nigh diving feats,
headed by ^perfect" Klma Meier.
Mile. LaBr.llo & Dare Devil Hurley
Mile. I a Helle leap, the gap and
loops the loop (turning a back somer?
sault, describing a complete circle) in
her automobile. The greatest thriller
ever exhibited in the open air.
Alhcr'j Polar Bears
Wildest in capllvUy. A thrilling exhi?
bition of man'? mastery over s.iv?i|fv
brutes. See Albcr'l dealh grapple with
I be giant King of the North.
Nettle Carroll and Company
Called the "Venus ol the Wire,"
with her own select company of wiru
artists, assisted by the great and only
Jack Moore.
M.uvel his Midway Shows
lly long odds and "in every way the
greatest Midway over seen at any K.iir.
Some of the features are Wild Ani?
mal Show. Wild West, Pony and Dog,
Ten-In-One show, Autodrome, Crasy
llouie, Athletic Siiow, Motordrome,
Diving Girl, Trip to Mars, etc., etc.
Magnificent Display of World's Finest Fireworks Every Night
j^Don't Forget The Time and Place-Richmond, Va., Ocl. 9-10-11-12-13-14
Don't Miss This Year's Fair Arrange Now to
Attend A Richmond Wclcomo
Awaits Youl

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