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No. 50
The Message of
Christmas Day
y-pvlKE mrssngc of Christmas day is intended for all men,
I I for nil times, for all conditions of existence. Christ
JL I alone of all religious founders has the courage to
say to his disciples: "Go tench all nations." "You
shall be witnesses to me in Judca and Samaria and even to
the uttermost bounds of the earth." Be not restrained in your
mission by national or state lines. Lot my gospel he as free
nnd universal as the air of heaven. "The earth is the Lord's
and the fullness thereof." All mankind are the children of
my Father and my brethren. I embrace nil in my charity.
Let the whole human race be your audience and the world be
the theater of your labors. These, then, arc in brond outline
some of the grand truths and consoling experiences which "the
glad tidings of great joy" reveal in their unfolding. Only by
stern adhesion to the principles therein contained can indi?
viduals and nations hope to shnrc in that peace which has been
promised to men of good will. To violntc them is to reverse the
order established by God. nnd disorder is the synonym for tin
and strife On the other hand, ns beauty is the splendor of
order, so pence is the tranquillity of order or joy in repose.?
Cardinnl Gibbons.
H Cbnetmas ?ymn.
By Ktchard (Uatoon GllJcr.
>rin$ lone, Ivm love alone.
anS lay M nl fyt? ftefl'
Cell me what lo tblo Innumerable throng
Blnglng In the heavens a loud angelic song ?
Cbese are they who come with owlft and shining feet
from round about the throne of God the Lord of Light to greet.
Oh, who are thcoc that hasten beneath the otarry shy.
Ha If with Joyful tldlngo that through the world shall fly?
the faithful shepherds these, who greatly were afeaved
?Shcn, as they watched their flcchs by night, the beavent?
boot appeared.
<Uho are these that follow across the hills of night
71 star that westward hurries along the fields of light?
Cbree wise men from the cast who myrrh and treasure bring
Co lay them at the feet of him. their Lord and Christ asd
OCihat babe new born Is this that In a manger erica ?
Near on her bed of pain his happy mother lies.
Ob. accl Che air Is ohahen with white and heavenly wlnga,,
Chla is the Lord of all the earth: this Is the King of hlnga^
Cell me, bow may \ loin In this holy fcaat '
Olltb all the hnccllng world, and i of all the leaet ?
fear not, O faithful heart, but bring what moat la meet:
Bring love alone, true love alone, and lay it at bis feet.
;. -Che Mfc of Christ |
_ v
fiy Charles Olchcna
What images do I associate |
: with tlie Christmas music as ^
? I sec tliesc images set forth on .i.
ii- the Christmas tree 1 $
? Known before all others, '$.
keeping far npart from the
;? others. * " ' An ingel, speak- ;:;
ing to a group of shepherds in ?
a field; some travelers, with ???
??? eyes uplifted, following n star; '}?
n bnby in a manger; n child in II.
.':! a spneions temple talking with
grave men; a solemn figure, ;:;
;?; with a mild and beautiful face, ;r
;:; raising n dead girl by the ;:?
hand; again, near a city gate, ???
'?? calling back the son of a wid- 'r
; ow on his bier to life; a crowd
.'{! of people looking through the
opened roof of n chamber gj
'?: where he sits and letting ;:;
; down a sick person on a bed ;:;
with ropes; the snmc, in a ???
?:? tempest, walking on the wa- ???
^ ter to a ship; again, on n sea- X.
Z shore, teaching a great multi
tude; again, with a child upon
his knee and other children !|
X around: again, restoring sight I
?\\ to the blind, speech to the ??;
??? dumb, hearing to the deaf,
.| health to the sick, strength to %
?\- the same, knowledge to the ig- ',!!
'.]'. norant;'again, dying upon a '?;
j,' cross, watched by armed sol- S
V dicrs, a thick darkness com- 9
*e 9
9 ing on, the earth begining to ?
??? shake and only one voice ???
??? heard, "Forgive them, for they S
',:! know not what they do."' li!
Mystery of tho Incarnation.
Tor the sun to fall from Its sphere
and !?? degraded Into u wandering
atom, for tin angel to bo turned out
from heaven und lie converted Into a
lly or a worm, lind not been auch
abasement, for I liny were but crea?
tures before, nnd so they would abide
still, though in an Inferior rank, Hut
for tho innnlte; glorious Creator of all
things to becorhu a creature Is u mys?
tery exceeding nil human understand?
ing.?John flu vet.
Hia Humble Life.
Wo bear now and then an Inslnua
tion that Christianity Is a religion for
the rich. Invented perhaps by tho rich
to keep down the poor. Hut would a
Saviour Imagined by the rich bo born
of a poor woman hi n stable? Would
be associate, not only with tho "sons
of tho soil." but even be kith and kin
of theirs, follow n trade, dwell among
thorn his whole life long? No, Indeed.
Read the Christinas uds.
Their Heavenly Viiion.
On the northeast side of Bethlehem
Is a deep valley, the bottoul and shies
pt wblcb afford rich and abundant pas?
turage for sheep and cuttle. During
the night In which Mary's ihlhl wiis
bom the shepherds of licthlchcni. ?Ith
their flocks, occupied this vulley. Not
n sound broke upon the silliness of
nature except the low voiced conversa?
tion ?i Ihe shepherds in they sat In
groups und cheered the hours of watch?
ing with simple dialogue or rustle sto?
ry. While they were tints employed,
not dreaming of the vision that was
about to break upon their senses,
finch music sweet
Their hearts and ears did isrci'l
Ah never was by mortal fingers struck.
Ami Immediately an illlgel of Ilm
Lord came to them, mid the glory of
tho Lord shone round about them.
In the presence of this heavenly glory
tho simple shepherds were It ruck dumb
wlih surprise and four. They knew
not what tin- heavenly vision meant un?
til hi soothing tones the lingcl said to
them: "Fear not, for. behold, I bring
you good tidings of great Joy. which
shall be to nil people. For unto you
is born this day In the city of David
a Saviour, which Is Christ tho Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye
shall Und the babe wrapped In swad?
dling cloths and tying In a manger."
And before the wondering siiepherds
could recover their self kossesslon
there suddenly
Surround? their sight
A kIoiju of circular Unlit,
Ttnt with long beams the shaiuefoa'd
iititht array'd:
The' helmed cherubim
Ami swarded seraphim
Am seen In glittering runks ?Ith wings
Harping In louit ami solemn choir.
With unexpressrre notes to heaven's new?
born heir.
Such music, ns 'tis s.il.l.
liefere was never made
Gh.re when of old the souks cf morning
While the Creator great
Ills constellations s.-t
And the well balanced world on Mages
And rest the dark foundations duep
An?! hid tho weltering waves their wiy
channel keep.
Now Lei in the Spirit of Christi
Cod pity the men nnd women who
shut out of their hearts the spirit of
Christ at Christmas time, even as ho
was shut out of the Inn at Bethlehem.
And the spirit of self and of selfish?
ness Is, more than anything else, su?
premely antagonistic to the spirit of
Christ. Cod help Us to exorcise the
spirit of selfish greed, essential sin. the
tyranny of personal desires anil of the
Unhallowed will, tli.it deaden the mu?
sic of Christmas and nil. the year
through mar the working out of Clod's
plans In us final wtth us. Oh. to billig
our own hearts fully Into tune with the
angels' song!
Our Christmas cheer will seem tho sweat?
er mill
When wo an empty cut* with kindness till;
Urins- needed aid
To licht a shade.
Or .warm n breast that feel* the wintry
Tills will accord with Uethlehem's primal
"Good will to men" ohculd never pass
Its truth sublime
To end of time.
Borne as tho motto of our Christmas day.
The Spirit of Christmas
T* I HAT the spirit of Christmas is upon us one need but walk
through the shops these days and be convinced. Visit
the toy department of nny store and learn that Christ?
mas, with its kind old Santa Claus, and, in fact, the
whole Yuletidc spirit lie deep in the hearts of the children.
Pcrhnps there arc among the grownups some who haven't
noticed that Christmas dolls and rocking horses and skates and
such delectable things arc ever so different from the common or
garden variety of the year round. Miss Bessie, the Christmas
doll, for instance, is not to have her silk clad body and waxen
curls swathed in brown paper and delivered by an ordinary
delivery wagon. Most emphatically not!
The spirit of Christmas is abroad, and he whispers of Santa
Claus and reindeers that pull the jolly old mnn and his sleigh
over the snow covered roof tops nnd stand prancing nnd pawing
at each home while Santa slips down the chimney.
For it is in just this way that the Christmas dolly, the Irish
mail, the rocking horse nnd even the big toy automobile are "i?!
transported from the show rases and windows of the depart- V
mcnt stores to a place beneath the Christmas trees of eager lit- :sr.
tic girls and boys on Christmas eve. If any one doubts this let fi
him ask even the first little girl or boy he meets in the toy- W
lands.?-Washington Stnr. IK
In the Peart of JMai'V
et X K
Hnntf "Jobnoon flint tn Httanttc Hontblv.
Mother of Sorrows, I?
But my babe to on my breast.
P>c restetb quiet there
CClho brlngetb the weary rest;
fie Ketb calm and still
ttlbo brlngetb the troubled peace,
?lbo openetb prison doors
Hncl glvctb the sad release,
for there reacbeth htm yet no sound
JSfo echo of cry or moan.
Coday, Uttle Son, little Son,
Coday thou art all my own. ? * a
Mother of Sorrows, I?
Hnd the sword shall pierce my heart
But today X bold b(m clooc
from the cruel world apart.
It waits with smiting and gibes,
mith scourging and hatred and scorn,
(tilth hyssop and wormwood and gall,
Che cross and the crown of thorn.
"Che nations shall watch him die,
Mf ted up on the tree.
But today, little Son, Kttle Son,
"Coday thou art safe wltb me.

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