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rublished tsT?r/ Wednesday by the
OU.QERT N. KNIOHT, - Editor.
Uno Year,
SIX Months,
Thron Months.
Kntored according to ix>?tal regulations
st tho ]K>st-of!lco St Mr Stono Gap ss sco
outl-class matter.
SUBSCRIBERS nro oitrncBtly re?
quested to observe tlio dnto
printed on their address slips,
which will keep thorn at nil
times posted ns to tho date
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
pave nil parties a great deal of
The harmless and good old
Chriaiinns cuslomu of kissing
under the mistletoe is a peren?
nial source of discussion and
dispute, but have you any idea
how it originated? This is the
Knlder, tho Scandinavian god)
of poetry and eloquence?so
says the legend?sought im?
munity from the violence of his
enemies by extruding from
everything, in earth, lire and
wuter, a promise to do him no
hurt, Foolishly ho forgot to
obtain this nssurnnco from
mistletoe, and Loki, Isis great
enemy,on learning this induced
a hireling to shoot Balder with
an arrow made from a hough of
mistletoe. Now, tho other gods
ami goddesses on hearing of the
? lentil of Haider, who was a
great favorite with them, pray?
ed that out of the love they bore
him lie might bo restored to life.
Thus when this came to pass
mistletoe, instead of being an
cmhlcti of death, became the
emblem of lovp and as such was
given to the goddess of love to
keep ami guard, while every
one who passed linder the hough
she held in her hand was ex?
pected to salule her with a ten?
der kiss.
Make it a homo Christmas
for homo people with home
money in the homo town.
The most dillicult thing in
dealing with Mexico is to deter?
mine which one to deal with.
By keeping everlastingly at I
it some people eventually never
get any where.
Ool, Koosevelt is g.iing to the
Fiji islands, but will certainly
be back before 1020.
Tho woman who really knows
how to manage her husband
seldom tells others how she
docs it.
People who rush through life
in their youth invariably pull
back with all of their might at
lhe end of the trail.
Miss Haukin, the new cun
gresswoman, is receiving more
proposals of marriage since her
election than she can possibly
Jeanette Hankin, the Con?
gressman-elect from Montana,
spent only jOS7 in her success
fnl campaign, thereby selling a
good example for other women
aspirant for Congressional
honors, and incidentally male
men candidates jealous.
The report of the Treasurer
of tho United States, John
Burke, shows an increase in
gold for the vour in the United
States of $450,633,013. A stag?
gering sum, isn't ii? And yet
less than $5 apiece for every per
eon in the country,
Tho Mtssonary Society of tho
M. E Church South met in its
annual session with Mrs.Pettit.
The business session was held
by Mrs. Pattit. Reports of of.
ficers were made. Mrs. C. S.
Carter reported the subscription
to The Ludies Koine Journal
for Miss Ellusuo Wagner was
on its way from this society.
Mrs. K. VV. Fluuuiy, Mrs. Hatn
blon and Mrs. Taylor were ap?
pointed on a committee to se
cure the rest of money on
pledge. Mrs. Skeon reported
some monoy due yet on her
circle and asked all her mem?
bers to send it in. The ollicers
for nnothor your were elected
as follows: Mrs. Pettit, Presi?
dent, Mrs. Juliet Taylor, 1st
Vice President, Mrs. K. \V.
Flauary, 2nd Vice President,
Mrs. Malcolm Smith, Superin?
tendent of Publicity, M i s.Skeen
Superintendent of M isslOuStudy,
Mrs. C. s. Curler, Superintend?
ent of Social Service, Mrs. O is
Mouser, Superintendent of Sup?
plies, Mrs. \V. B. ICilbeurue,
Treasurer, Mrs. J. 11. Muthcws,
Assistant Treasurer, .\irs. .1. A.
Qilinor, Recording Secretary,
Mrs. 1). II. Bruce, Correspond?
ing Secretary, and Mrs. J. L.
Bust wie!;, Agent of Voice.
Mrs. 0, S. Carter led the de
votional program. Mrs. Wag?
ner led in prayer. Mrs. Mouser
read an article on "Homeless
nnd Dependent tiirls''. Mrs.
iiilmur read on "The .New
Criminology''. Mrs. Skeen led
in prayer. Song and after some
dainty refreshments we wore
adjourned to meet in January.
Mrs. 11. A \V. Skeon,
Supt. Pub.
Soldier Boys Return.
Quite a number of Big Stone
Gap boys returned home last
week from Brownsville, Taxas,
where they have bean stationed
for the past six months, their
three y,-nrs enlistment having
expired a few days ag". Those
returning were: P. It. Ham?
mond, II P. Young, Joe Nick?
els, Urady Nichols, Tom Coch
ran, Jerome Wells, Carlisle
Skeen, Henderson llorsley nnd
Will Wax, tho latter having
stoppeil pit at Knoxvillo, but
will arrive here in a few days.
They were members of Com
pnny II, Second Regiment ul
Virginia National Guard, Under
the command of (.'apt. J. K.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our many
friends for the love and kintl
ncsti shown us during the sick?
ness and death of our beloved
Brother. We have been great?
ly encoUraged by their kind
words and help financially.
May God's richest blessings
rest upon you all.
Rev. W. S. Kobinette
and Family.
Monroe Gilly Dead.
It is with much regret that
we chronicle the death of Moh
roo Gilly, of East Stone Gap,
who died lust Tuesday night
after an illness of only one!
week from a severe attack of
pneumonia. Mr. Gilly was
about 37 years old and was a
son of .lessee Gilly, formerly of
Fast Stone (lap, but who how
lives near Wise. A large num?
ber ni" relatives and friends
were preset)t at the funeral
Thursday morning, the services
being conducted at tin- Method
ist Church by Roy. \V. H.Wum
The deceased had a large
number of relatives and friends
in this section, who will regret
very much to learn of his death;
He is survived by a wife and
live children,the oldest of which
is twelve years.
"I have yet to hoar of an ad?
vertiser who has persistently,
judiciously and intelligently
advertised for any considerable
length of time, and has sup?
ported that advertising in the
Anything Electrical
Will Please Her For
Our Price are Rglit Service Prompt
Electric Transmission Co, of Va,
" you
give nn
Ansco, you
start a chain
that begins
on Christ?
mas mo ru?
ing and adds
to itself
every time a
picture is
snap p ed
th rough
out the year.
The Ansco Vest-Pock?
et Camera is so compact
and lijriit you will always
want it with you. Fine
enlargements can be
made from its pictures.
Several styles ami si/c:, S7 up.
Other Aiiscb modeli an priced
Ircm $1 vp.
For Solo By
G. D. Jenkins
Hig Stone flap, Vo.
Thousands and thou?
sands oi women, who
have everything that heart
could desire to make lltcm
happy, are miserable on
account cl womanly trou?
ble. II you arc ol this
number, slop worrying,
and give C.irdui a trial,
it has brought health and
happiness lo thousands.
TIiq Woman's Tonic
*? Mis. Dclpltinia Chance
"''k writes from Collins,
J Miss.: "1 suffered terribly
?n from womanly troubles.
3d We had five doctors, but
? |j it seemed 1 could not get
cjj? any better. I decided to
% tryCnrdui. Allerl began
to* lo lake it, I got better
"B everyday. Now 1 feel as
-la well as 1 ever did." Try
Djj Cnrdui, today.
proper conduct ??>f Iiis business
in oilier direcliohb, who bus |
mil succeeded. Losa through
advertising is largely title
inadequate support, indifferent
useless extravugence, Your
business, like yoiir Boil, must
not be robbed, li is a law of
nature that where Wd receive
much, we much ?iv, something
in return. Your soil will wear
out if yo? do not fertilize until
properly care for it. Your Imisi.
ni'Vs will run down it' you >to|
hot advertise and keep it in
healthy state ol cultivation. It
is activity that causes growth
dilti development: in fact, it is
activity that makes us strong.
An active a'dvei Using; campaign
I will make your business heul thy
[and strong", Bays Krank H.
White, Managing Editor, Agri?
cultural Publishers Association.
Epworlh League Gives to
Tho Epworlh League of tho!
M. E. Church, South, donated I
|qniio a number of articles, con?
stating of food and clothing, to
the local Associated Oharities
Sunday night to be distributed
among tho poor during the holi?
The Charlotte Observer, pub?
lisher in the In art of the chief
cotton manufacturing section
of tho South, undoubtedly rt>
llocIS expert opinion in the fol
low.iug statement: "The belief
is generally prevalent among
those who are usually best post?
ed that cotton is going to bring
20 cents by the first of Decem?
ber, if not sooner." it adds
that some are predicting 25
cents.?Tho Progreeaivo Farm
A Healthy Christm
A Joyful Christii
Our Holiday Goods Insure it By
Their Popularity in Design and
Economy in
For Xmas Health: For Xmas Joy:
We call attention to our line of
Penslar Remedies for general family
use. These are not patent medicines,
but have the prescription on each pack?
age so you can know exactly what you
are taking.
We offer a large assortment of
Manicure Sets, Toilet Requisites, Cut
Glass in elegant designs, Jewelry,
Nightingale Chocolates and a fine line
of Cigars. There are many things we
haven't mentioned here, so call and see.
Mutual Drug Company
Bio Stone Gap, Virginia
Useful Christmas Gifts
To Be Closed Out At Any Old Price
These suits will positively be closed out at and below cost.
In selecting a gift for the family you should not overlook the fact
that clothing is far belter than anything you could possibly get,
especially a nice suit for your boy. We have many other useful
articles for each member of the family, so don't fail to visit our
store when Christmas shopping.
Our line of Dry Goods maintain the same old prices despite
the fact that they have generally increased within the past year.
You will find many Christmas Bargains at our store.
Candies and Fruits
D. C. WOLFE, Big Stone Gap, Va.
Olingcr Honor Roll.
Roth Olingor. 90
Emily Olinger. 90
Ethel Payne. 92
Carrie Olinger. 1)1
AltaOlinijer. 90
Mrtlisttie Roasor. 90
He Removed the
Danger Signal
Frank W. Sherman. Laconla, N. Y.,
writes: "listiffercd with kidney trouble,
had a tired feeling In my back, did not
havo any nmhltlon and felt all tired out.
I used Foloy Kidney rills and In a few
days began to feel better, and now I
have entirely recovered and havo had
no return of my painful symptoms."
One cannot help becoming nervous
nr.d feeling tired and worn out when
(he kidneys fall to niter and throw out
of the system the poisonous waste mat?
ter that causes icldnoy troubles and
bladder ailment-.
DacXache Is one of Nature's danger
signals that the kidneys are clogged
up and Inactive. It In often followed
by rheumatism, annoying; bladder or
urinary disorders, puffy swellings un?
der iho oyca, swollen ankle* ana pain?
ful Joints.
Foley Kidney rill? get right at the
source of trouble. They Invigorate tha
Kidneys to healthy action nnd when tho
kidneys properly perform their func?
tions the poisonous waxte matlor Is
eliminated from the erstem.
' Mutual Drug Company
Big Stono Cap, Va.
Bring the Children
To see our splendid line of Toys
We still have plenty of Xmas
Toys for the Children and if
you have not completed your
shopping yet, don't, fail to visit
our store. All kinds of Me?
chanical Toys, Sleds, Dolls,
and many other articles too
?numerous to mention. Also
gifts for every member of the
Toy Guns and Pistols.
W. W. Taylor & Sons
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
South-West Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Accident and Casuality In
surance. Fidelity and Other Bonds
) Real Estate and Commission Broker?.
Offloj in Intcrmoat Building. BIG STONE CAP, VA,

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